Good Wife's Julianna Margulies: Alicia/Kalinda 'Reunion' Is 'Just Not Going to Happen'

good wife season 5 spoilers alicia kalindaJulianna Margulies has put the final nail in the coffin that is Alicia and Kalinda’s friendship.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, the Good Wife Emmy winner declared the once-solid relationship — which self-destructed two years ago when Alicia learned that Kalinda was among the many notches on hubby Peter’s belt — irrevocably broken.

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“I think that’s kind of played out because of circumstance,” she said. “I doubt she’ll be able to trust that friendship fully. I think Kalinda’s character seems to have gone in a different direction.

“What keeps the show interesting and sort of satisfying is to see other people come into [Alicia]’s life to open her up,” she continued. “She needs female friendship, but she needs to start from scratch. She can’t be pouring her heart out to someone who once slept with her husband… It’s just not going to happen. It doesn’t seem realistic.”

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The dynamic served a purpose during the CBS drama’s first two seasons, Margulies acknowledged, “because Kalinda is such an independent, sort of suffragette woman — it helped Alicia to see she didn’t need to be a wallflower housewife anymore. But I think there have been too many twists and turns there. To bring it back would be going backwards instead of moving forward.

“And there are only so many scenes at a bar you can do,” she added with a laugh.

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    • pecola says:

      Yes, let’s talk about the importance of going forward instead of back when the entire premise of the on-going love triangle revolves around Alicia and her law school boyfriend.

      • Rrrrrr says:

        And her lying, cheating, son of a bitch husband. She cant trust Kalinda (who didn’t even know Alicia when she slept with Peter) but she intends to renew her vows with that snake Peter? Sure.

        • andjuliesaid says:


        • Jeri says:

          Doesn’t matter if Kalinda knew Alicia when she slept w/Peter, it’s something that would be in Alicias mind every times she saw Kalinda. I like Kalinda, she is my favorite character on this show, no judgements against her, just understand Alicias point. Alicia did not betray her vows – her & her husband were “on a break – as Ross would say” when she slept with Will. I’m glad she did but I do like how the story line is going, I didn’t think I would when She & Will split up but it seems to have been a good thing afterall.

          • Darian Harder says:

            Come on Jeri, does the fact that “they were on a break” really matter? If Peter had pulled that line on Alicia, she’d be asking Will or Diane to represent her in the divorce hearing. But we are supposed to accept that from her? Sorry not good enough

          • nanrad says:

            Darian, the difference is she and Will were separated when she slept with another man AND Peter had Alicia under the illusion that he was faithful. There is a difference and even disagreed with Rachel for holding that against Ross.

          • curl says:

            she’s an adulterer no matter how you slice it.

        • blancaster60 says:

          And how many times has Alicia’s “lying, cheating, son of a bitch husband” been unfaithful to her over the last 2-3 years? None that we know of, although he has had his chances and rejected them. Of course, I’m not saying he is a saint for not cheating or that he wasn’t scumbag for what he did to Alicia and his family. I just think the guy is at least making an effort to be a better husband.

          As for The Good Wife’s “saintly” behavior during that same time, remember when Alicia had her brief makeout session in Will’s office and then went back for more but he wasn’t there? I guess when Alicia had her tongue halfway down Will’s throat, that wasn’t really cheating, right? And when she found out that Peter had slept with Kalinda before she even knew her, Alicia threw Peter out for (I guess) not telling her about it. Why would he tell her, thereby ruining a friendship and possibly creating a situation that could force Kalinda to quit her job (which she almost did)? Then everyone would had been on him for telling Alicia instead of letting it remain in the past.

          Then came Alicia’s hot romance with Will only about a week after giving Peter the boot. Oh I know, “…but they were on a break!” How convenient for her. For it to have been so innocent an affair, she sure didn’t want anybody to find out including her husband or her kids, and it wasn’t just because of the fact Will was her boss either. Now Alicia is making out with Will again and she will get a free pass – again – and Peter will continue to a “lying, cheating, snake-in-the-grass, son-of -a-bitch” for what he did almost 3 years ago. No, Alicia’s illicit behavior does not come close to that of Peter when he slept with the hooker multiple times or with Kalinda. But for many fans to virtually ignore what she has done and much more recently, or even worse, excuse it, appears to be a bad case of gender bias.

          • george says:

            No one knows what the self-absorbed, amoral narcist Peter has been doing – except abusing the public trust (and funds) by using his office to settle scores, blackmail schools into admitting his children, etc.. They were separated and going for divorce when the brainless, witless, no nothing Alicia took up with Will who in the end appears to be the only character with any real character or feelings not up for sale in this Ibsen style misogynistic Ibsen style drama that has or will devolve into a nighttime soap opera not worth the time of any intelligent being.

          • nanrad says:

            I’m sorry, but the severity of the situation is why his cheating is held against him. It was not one, not two, but multiple women including one he watched her become best friends with. Alicia flat out asked him if there were any other women and he said no. It is better to tell the truth than be caught in a lie. Peter is not a man of his word and doesn’t even treat Alicia like an equal. He sees her as a resource to do well in public office and redeem himself through her.

            The situations you aren’t comparing aren’t even on the same level. This season, Alicia is wrong for kissing Will, but kissing is not nearly the same as sex and having a full blown affair. The other instances, they were separated and that does make a difference.

            As far as her affair goes, it was in reaction to finding out about Peter and Kalinda. If that didn’t happen, they wouldn’t have separated. Context is key here. Alicia kept the affair quiet because she just wanted to have some fun–it was not a relationship that she saw going anywhere. Why would she broadcast that? This has nothing to do with gender bias, but Peter being scum and not overly judging Alicia because of a *gasp* kiss.

          • k8 says:

            Thank you for expressing my thoughts!
            Except ‘gender bias’ part, because it’s not gender, it’s bias pro main character.

          • sallu says:

            Its true. Alicia is more Wrong than peter,how could she hold him against on something that happened ages ago yet she does the same thing. She is using Will to get what she wants and keeps hurting Cary (The Hard worker) and Kalinda the hood friend!!

        • nanrad says:

          No, but she asked Kalinda did she sleep with Peter and Kalinda said no. Also, Kalinda isn’t an open book–it makes it hard for Alicia to completely trust now that she knows the truth. I do agree that she should leave Peter, but she stays because of the kids and, despite the bad, she believes she would be abandoning her marriage if she were to divorce.

  1. Do the two actors not get along off-camera? This seems to be the third interview I’ve read on this topic and Margulies is always negative about it.

    • JTP says:

      Would you happen to remember what interviews those were? I’d never read anything JM had to say on the subject and your comment has made me curious.

    • dude says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised. Julianna is known for being “difficult” to put it nicely. She seems like a diva.

      • Chris May says:

        I’ve never heard anything bad about her. Quite the opposite.

        • dmac says:

          No, she is extremely difficult to work with. My brother working on ER and she was to say the very least not very pleasant. The crew had a going away party that she wasn’t invited to when she left.

          • Nancy says:

            She also seems not to nice to her fans. Apparently she made the comment once that her fans had no lives because all they did was talk about this show. Ouch. I don’t know her in person but maybe time has changed her? on Er she seemed more relaxed and happy. But on this show she seems so uptight. Notice there are NO bloopers for this show. I find that odd. Every show I know of has some bloopers. ER had tons and she was known as “Ms. Giggles” because she could not stop laughing. What happened?!

          • Stephen says:

            Considering that there are photos of Julianna at her ER leaving party, I highly doubt this.

          • canadian ninja says:

            I have five brothers who all worked on the ER set and they said Marguilles got along fine with everyone except this one jerk.

    • Shelley says:

      She said something similar in Entertainment Weekly.

      • Jeri says:

        Nancy – you seem to be repeating or making up stories, are you one of those bloggers that judge others but hide themselves?

    • Em says:

      That wouldn’t surprise me. She gave an interview a little while back, and JM was giving off the vibe that she didn’t like AP. It’s a shame because the Alicia-Kalinda friendship is more dynamic than Alicia-Peter and Alicia-Will.

  2. JTP says:

    That was almost unnecessarily harsh. Doesn’t seem like Margulies was all that attached to that relationship in the first place.

  3. Dani says:

    i see her point, i understand it, but i refuse to accept it.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      Pretty much.

    • Carrie says:

      Acceptance is the first step in recovery.

    • Devon says:

      I tend to think JM’s distinction as producer has her operating beyond her depth. After the revelation that Kalinda slept with Peter in season 2, fans wanted to know if they’d ever be friends again. The Kings said yes, but that the relationship would be on slow burn. JM was going around, anytime she was asked at press junkets, saying no.

      I smell her influence here—and I don’t think it’s a good thing. She views this as a show revolving around her character while the Kings have written it such that—and the fans seem to view it as—it plays as an ensemble based production revolving around her character.

      I have heard that there was some jealousy concerning Archie’s appeal. JM never does an interview where she isn’t asked about Archie / Kalinda and the on screen dynamic between the two. After the 1st episode of the 1st season, the show was a runaway success and with Archie as the fan favorite—not Marguilles.

      The Kings must bring this show back in line stat! I tend to agree with @silentj in that the show peaked at season 2. Seasons 3 and 4 have been largely JMcentric and the show has suffered.

  4. sara says:

    So, we’re stuck with this boring Will/Alicia/Peter thing and have jettisoned the only interesting relationship on the show? BOOOOO

    • dmac says:

      She does like being the center of attention and what is better than two men fighting over her…Ugh Twilight for adults.

      • Evan says:

        Puts the Vampire Diaries fanfic scene from a few weeks ago in a whole new perspective. LOL now I’m convinced Diane really wrote that stuff.

    • grace2552 says:

      I’m going to choose to take comfort in the fact that JM isn’t on the writing staff and as such her opinion is just that. I think Kalinda’s friendship meant more to Alicia than one transgression (a transgression that, however major, happened before they’d even really met!) and it’s a lot more nonsensical for Alicia to forgive Peter and NOT Kalinda.

      • Jeri says:

        I wouldn’t want to be friends with a woman that slept with my husband, even if she didn’t realize I, her friend, was his wife, she knew he had a wife, apparently it only mattered if she knew the person she hurt & betrayed. It’s a sign of character, not a grudge but it would be equally correct both ways.

        That said, I like Kalinda & I trust the writers, producers, etc. to keep the show being as wonderful in the future as it has been since the start. They’ve kept me happy thus far.

  5. K says:

    Julianna seems so insufferable and pretentious in real life lol

    • haley says:

      what makes you say that??

      • dude says:

        Everything she’s ever said. Her reputation for being a raging b—-.

        • Alice says:

          ONLY FUNNY YOU SAY THAT … everyone says otherwise … and everybody say actors and actresses who work with her and know.

          • dmac says:

            I don’t know where you get “everyone” no one and I mean no one that works for her says anything nice about her. You will not be able to find any quote to back your statement up.

          • Alice says:

            Well attest to what I said … read interviews of ALL guest actors .. and cast members … Cristine, Cris N., Josh … They all say the exact same thing … I will not post one by one here..All these say that it is great to work and live …

  6. Dizzle says:

    It makes sense with who Alicia is – especially who she’s become this season – but that isn’t going to stop my heart breaking into a million pieces! Devastated’

    • K says:

      Makes sense? She’s also going back to her cheating husband lol. Alicia seems very hypocritical and Julianna is holding Kalinda and the husband in two different standards

      • Jessica says:

        Exactly! She can forgive and go back to Peter, but she can’t even talk with Kalinda?! I do not like this interview, especially since I like the Alicia/Kalinda friendship. Alicia may not care about having a relationship with Kalinda anymore, but when it comes to Kalinda she is very protective of Alicia and always will be, in my opinion.

      • S says:

        I agree 100%! You can forgive your husband but not your friend who didn’t even know you (didn’t break the bond and trust that she should have had with Peter – her husband)!

        FYI – Once a cheater always a cheater – It’s only a matter of time.

        Will and Alicia should be end game!

        • Chris May says:

          Don’t like Will!! Alicia is being a hypocrite. When she thought she got caught the last time, she was agonizing about the kids finding out. Now she’s thinking about doing it again. Why in life when good meets bad, bad always win. I like Peter a lot more than Will. I do believe he is truly sorry. I also believe Will is a major league cad, and will do anything to get what he wants, no matter who gets hurt. Please have Alicia return to her principles and not become a sleezebucket like the rest.

          • J. Anderson says:

            I agree w/Chris May…Alicia n Peter are good together and should stay together….can’t be the “Good Wife” and a whore wife at the same time. The show is watched by many, (especially women) because it’s called the Good Wife…..a woman who was betrayed by her husband and humiliated and could’ve divorced her husband, but instead chose to forgive and stand by her man. And Peter is a good example of how, nobody is perfect and we ALL make mistakes. So find Will another love interest who is a 6 when it comes to looks, because Peter who is a 10 is better suited for Alicia who is about a 9…..

      • Dizzle says:

        But there’s history and children that’s kept Alicia and Peter tied together even when she reviled him, and that has in turn allowed her time and opportunity to see what she perceives as a new, changed Peter. She doesn’t have that with Kalinda, so there’s nothing keeping her even remotely invested. The way I see it, their close bond before is the reason they don’t have one now – Alicia’s “take no prisoners” attitude would not have developed to the extent it has had Kalinda not been a part of her life.

  7. Lucy says:

    Ops. Looks like someone is not a big fan of Kalinda. And If Alicia is not going to leave L&G with Cary that new firm will be just their way to sideline Cary’s character for good.

  8. redjane12 says:

    It’s kind of weird to me that she can’t be friends with Kalinda for sleeping with her husband (once it was I think) but she can get back with the husband who cheated on her with an array of colleagues and strippers. It would seem to me it is easier to get over Kalinda’s faux pas esp. as Kalinda did not know Alicia back then…

  9. alwayshappy says:

    As much as I enjoy the Kalinda/Alicia dynamic I must agree with Julianna. It wouldn’t be realistic to be ( best ) friends with Kalinda again. That trust is completely gone. And yes, that may be hypocrit of her seen she stayed with Peter, her cheating husband. The difference? She has known Peter for MANY years and was married to him for MANY years. She has her kids to think about. If they wouldn’t have been around I’m sure the situation would have been handled differently. Alicia has always been portrayed as a ”housewife” who values her children. She tried fixing the friendship with Kalinda, but after all the Nick stuff it just wasn’t worth it anymore. So fits her character.

    • Nancy says:

      Okay but imo this has NOTHING to do with Peter. Earlier in the season after Nick left, she and Kalinda were doing great. Having drinks and having fun. It was when Alica took Partner and stabbed her friends in the back. THAT is what changed. it has nothing to do with Peter anymore.

  10. Saint Alicia says:

    Someone clearly believes their own hype. Even as the titular character, other shows’ namesakes have shown a lot more class and humility regarding their roles (see House’s Hugh Laurie, Castle’s Nathan Fillion). Where to begin…
    JM’s perspective on the Kalinda/Alicia friendship couldn’t be more off base, and frankly, biased. Alicia can forgive and potentially fully trust Peter again but not Kalinda?
    “She needs female friendship, but she needs to start from scratch. She can’t be pouring her heart out to someone who once slept with her husband.”
    Is that so? ~Saint Alicia can’t be absolving & magnanimous to a friend who made a mistake BEFORE they even met?
    “I mean, it’s just not going to happen. It doesn’t seem realistic.”
    Oh really? Is it unrealistic because you just don’t like the idea of Alicia getting past it/letting it go?
    “To bring it back would be going backwards instead of moving forward.”
    Actually, for many it would mean continuing a valuable and compelling relationship.
    “And there are only so many scenes at a bar you can do. [Laughs.]”
    Because that’s what you’ve reduced the relationship to??
    “It opened up a world to Alicia where she’s going to realize she needs female friendship. In a certain way, having Dallas Roberts’ character on the show — her gay brother — gave us an inkling, sort of a moment into that.”
    No, it didn’t. Gay men are not just like girlfriends.
    “Having Stockard Channing come into her life allows us to sort of see what her life was and how she was raised and why she is the way she is.”
    Except a mother-daughter relationship is entirely different as well. And If we’re completely honest, the only female friendship of Alicia’s that’s had any depth or stirred any ardor in fans, is her relationship with Kalinda.
    I really can’t with this entire interview… and if this is gospel then TGW has lost a viewer.

    • Kristal says:

      Hugh Laurie humble and classy? Please don´t make me laugh.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        While I have a bitter taste in my mouth over how things went down towards the end of House, when regarding his fellow cast mates HL was always generous and deferential. Same for NF; both of them are/were always reiterating how their shows are an ensembles/teams (even though they are the eponymous stars).
        To the contrary, JM highlights the fact that SHE is The Good Wife (listen to her talk in The Hollywood Reporter 2012 Emmy Roundtable) and can’t seem to emphasize enough that the show is about HER and how much work SHE does. Never mind that 4 co-stars have been in the same number of episodes (90 to be specific); guess that’s not ensemble enough.
        I guess with that attitude it’s easy dismiss Kalinda as just some character in her ~orbit and undercut the meaningfulness of their friendship. Hell, every other character is probably interchangeable/replaceable in her mind as well.

  11. CW says:

    I’m really disappointed. Their friendship was such an important part of the appeal of this show. Seeking redemption and offering forgiveness require both courage and sacrifice. This could have been a truly compelling storyline. Instead we’re left with bitterness for Alicia and emptyness for Kalinda. That’s really sad…and such a waste.

    I wonder how Archie Panjabi feels about this. She always comes across as such a class act. It’s got to be hard to play the only character Julianna Margulies doesn’t care about.

  12. Aha says:

    The good wife hasn’t been the same without kalicia… Its not nearly as interesting as it was and based on this interview it’s not going to get any better. Shame.

    • Babygate says:

      Wow! I have noticed that Kalinda seems to be MIA most of the time with very limited participation. I just thought it was a temporary thing. But perhaps they are getting ready to write her out. If that happens, I can truly say, I am out…

      • niyati says:

        may be they should give kalinda a spin-off show of her own. she definitely is a far more interesting character to watch than alicia.

  13. nikki says:

    Wow. Julianna Margulies probably had a bad day or something because she sounds like a bitch.

    I can understand her attraction to two morally bankrupt men who sleep with everything in a skirt.

    But the writers really screwed up with the Peter/Kalinda “twist”. It was unnecessary to the characters and the show and, frankly, beneath them.

    I wonder if something might have happened behind scenes between Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi.

  14. Babygate says:

    Wow! Harsh much? I started watching this show because of Kalinda. I have never, ever liked Julianna but because the show is in fact, excellent and because of the rest of the cast (Christine, Archie, Josh, Matt), I continue to watch. I even love Dallas Roberts more than I like JM. And the way she’s talking about the friendship makes me want to tell Kalinda, “you can do better”. JM is being awfully graceless. There is no credibility when she talks about Alicia moving forward when she is now in exactly the same spot she was at the end of last season: trying to decide between Peter and Will. That triangle got old a long time ago. This just puts a bad taste in my mouth for this show. Her attitude stinks. She can’t forgive Kalinda who didn’t even know Alicia when she slept with Peter but she can go back to the muck of Peter’s universe time and again? For sex! AND while she’s in love with someone else? Self-righteous much? Man, I wish this hadn’t been posted. It’s going to be hard for me to respect her work now. And as a producer, she has a say in this so I’m assuming this is her doing…

  15. Lea says:

    Well, I somewhat see their point, but it seems a bit harsh to say it would be “going backwards”, since Alicia, as was pointed out, is doing the same in her love life. And her other attempts at female friendship? Maddie Hayward, and we all saw how well that went. Laura Hellinger? I have this feeling that she’ll fade into the background now that she’s no longer with Will. As for other female characters, Alicia actually has a strained relationship with many women – Nancy, that federal prosecutor played by Audra McDonald.So, having an actual female friendship outside of “Kalicia”, that’ll be interesting, if it ever happens. ;)
    Also, how much of a crime is it that Kalinda slept with Peter without knowing she’d one day be friends with his wife, compared to the things Peter did (and I’m not actually against those two reuniting, as he is atoning). Kalinda has tried to repair this friendship. This statement seems like a redundant swipe…

  16. Why are people taking this interview so personally? You do realize JM and Alicia are two separate people, right? (PS…one is fictional). JM was asked a question and she gave her opinion…no need to judge her character based off it…

  17. tee says:

    all of you guys are saying that it’s ridiculous for alicia to forgive peter and not kalinda because she didn’t know her when she slept with her husband…….okay. but what about the fact that she spent ALL THAT TIME smiling in her face? Kalinda had ALL the power in their (alicia & kalinda’s) relationship. i think she should have forgiven her yeah but to be close like they were before? in reality i don’t see something like that happening.

  18. Josh says:

    I hope she’s wrong…The Alicia/Kalinda relationship was the best on the show and if she can forgive Peter, I don’t see why she can’t forgive Kalinda.

  19. Josh says:

    Also given the negative reaction to her comments, I don’t see the writers siding with Juliet on this one

  20. silentj says:

    My guess is more that the writers wound up in a corner. They have acknowledged that they made a mistake with the storyline of Kalinda’s marriage. Not a single element of that made any sense to me. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Three years of amazing and subtle character development erased in half a season. Argh. When they dropped that storyline, it changed how the rest of the season played out for Kalinda, so I think that’s more to blame for the character’s absence than any potential animosity between actors.

    The Kalinda business coupled with Lockhart Gardner’s annoying tendency to win every freaking case (often by some legal heroics on the part of Alicia) are really bumming me out. This show seems to have peaked at season two. It now feels incredibly repetitive and formulaic. I hope the next season marks a positive rebirth.

    Also, I totally get what Julianna is saying — it is fairly common for people to get angrier at the person with whom their partner cheated than with their partner. People do reconcile after infidelity but they don’t befriend the other man/woman. Though I am of the opinion that the Alicia/Kalinda friendship and dynamic is an essential cornerstone of the show. This is the perfect opportunity to expand and explore the dynamic in a new light, and not necessarily one contained within a bar, to boot.

    • C says:

      ^This. Yes. I think the point in telling the story is not to tell the obvious. Anyone in their right mind would say that a friendship based on a lie/infidelity of this magnitude can’t be recovered. There isn’t a story in that. But people change and grow. And the more interesting question then becomes – what if it can recover? How does that happen? What has to happen to these two characters to build that dynamic back up? I’m pretty sure the Kings alluded to this a year ago so I’d really like to know WTH happened…

  21. Chris May says:

    I like Kalinda, and I liked their friendship and I hope it will return. I started watching this show because of Julianna, I have always liked her, still do but I wish she would return to the scruples she had before she went back to work.

  22. C says:

    Ausiello – Can we please get the Kings take on this in a post-season wrap up??? I beg you. Pretty pretty please. Someone ask them this question! We’ve all been feeling the Alicia/Kalinda back-burner, but this is crazy talk! You create a central relationship for two seasons, make your fans invest in that relationship, tear it down, and then not only refuse to build it back up…but kind of sort of stop addressing it altogether? How much sense does that make? What was the point? Why make us invest in BOTH Alicia and Kalinda’s points of view if the conclusion is simply that a lie/infidelity that any right minded person would think is too big to overcome is in reality too big to overcome? And oh yeah – you knew that already so we’re just going to move on to other things. SAY WHAT?!?!?!

    • silentj says:

      THIS. Yes, please! And while we’re at it, can we ask for more Diane? She’s an amazing foil to Alicia and Will, and such a fierce character. I can’t believe all these storylines around her cropped up at the very END of the season. No fair!

    • Sad Good Wife viewer says:

      Awesomely stated. This IS crazy talk. There was a clear narrative going on that’s been disrupted. And what JM doesn’t seem to get is that Kalinda was no ordinary friend that could interchangeably be replaced by whatever guest star they entice onto the set–they had an instant, intuitive connection. The Kings have called them friendship soul mates, and that’s just about right. You might forgive your soul mate for things that you wouldn’t forgive a colleague for, for instance. That interview makes me what to scream!

  23. rachelle says:

    HYPOCRITICAL to the max! Why would Alicia consider renewing her vows to Peter, who knew and “loved” her, was married to her, and made the conscious decision to cheat on her, but not making amends with Kalinda, who didn’t know her, had no attachments to her, and owed her nothing?? Why forgive one cheater, but not the other? In circumstances similar to Alicia/Kalinda/Peter’s, I don’t get women who hate the woman their man cheated with, but not the man himself. Hello! Only one of those people really owe you their devotion and it’s not the woman. Kalinda didn’t make a conscious decision to betray a close friend; Peter, however, did make the decision to betray his wife and the mother of his children.

    For the writers to have Kalinda and Alicia’s story play out this way is beyond retarded and hypocritical.

    • silentj says:

      I agree with what you’re saying about the importance of Alicia and Kalinda, but I disagree with Kalinda’s perceived “lesser” betrayal than that of Peter. It’s more about the ground being pulled out from underneath Alicia again, after she’d been so vulnerable — she grew to care about Kalinda as a friend and to trust her, while the entire time, the friendship was doomed by what Kalinda had done. Alicia had already gone through the hell of being “the scorned wife” in a public arena and thus this was a betrayal on top of a betrayal. The infidelity ruined the entire foundation of their friendship. I think it’s worth nothing, though, that a normal person would not seek out and befriend the spouse of someone they’ve slept with. This is what is so interesting to me — Kalinda, who is guarded and distanced sought out Alicia’s friendship regardless. This should absolutely continue to be explored, not dropped. Boo, hiss to Julianna’s belief that it shouldn’t be!

      The nature of marital relationships is very different from that of platonic ones. Spouses often stay together when one partner has been unfaithful. It’s about the commitment made, the emotional entanglements and the fact that two lives have been intricately entwined for whatever length of time. It’s ever further complicated by children. And in this instance, with political ambitions. I’m not condoning sleeping around, nor am I saying that Peter and Alicia belong together. The whole point of the show is to address what you do next, when your husband has cheated on you. It’s not the same nor is it cut and dry for all people.

      • C says:

        I think that’s the crux. It’s not cut and dry. And while I don’t necessarily view Kalinda’s crimes as “lesser” – I do think there’s merit in saying that more responsibility lies with Peter than with Kalinda. Kalinda made a choice that eventually backed her into a corner and had unexpected and unfortunate consequences. But at the time, there was no directed intent. It was careless and flawed, but completely within her nature. And Alicia can’t say, that on some level, she wasn’t aware of and accepting of her nature. When it didn’t affect her, the good qualities in Kalinda far outweighed whatever judgement she might have had over Kalinda’s flippant attitude towards sex. With Peter – he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew exactly who he would hurt. He did it anyway. From that perspective, that does make Kalinda’s crime lesser. Both situations are awful and horrible and heartbreaking. And I don’t mean to negate the responsibility that Kalinda does have in all this – because obviously she is not innocent. But I think if it were me…as angry and hurt as I would be…in the long term, I’d have a far easier time forgiving and trying to rebuild with a friend who made one mistake years before we met than a husband who knowingly chose to hurt me.

        • silentj says:

          I’m saying that the betrayal is not so much the act, as the fact that Kalinda elected to build a friendship with Alicia and lie to her about the nature of her relationship with Peter (way back in seaosn one, when Alicia found out Kalinda had visited Peter in jail). The issue is more that Kalinda had done this to Alicia, and fully aware of it and in spite of it, worked to gain Alicia’s trust and friendship. That’s the bigger problem to me. Two years spent building a relationship with someone you’ve cruelly betrayed before you’d ever met one another. That is why I think Alicia has a hard time forgiving — because the entire friendship is built on top of a pre-existing betrayal and a lie. There aren’t years of history between the characters to pre-date the indiscretion, so the emotional attachment between the characters isn’t as high as that between Peter and Alicia. It is precisely the fact that Kalinda befriended Alicia in the first place that makes Kalinda so interesting to me.

          • C says:

            No see I agree with this. I think you’re right that the betrayal has far more to do with her decision to build that friendship. But I also think that for someone like Kalinda – who was a little bit hit upside the head with the fact that she liked and respected this woman she once callously disregarded as a ” just a housewife” – it wasn’t a conscious choice. It happened over time. You start off helping someone because you feel guilty, you realize you like them, you know that if you tell them the truth about a past indiscretion it’s going to hurt them so you say nothing. How do you tell someone you have to work with that you once slept with their husband? That isn’t a conversation you have. I don’t mean to make light of the betrayal – or to say that Alicia shouldn’t have a hard time overcoming it. She absolutely should. But I think with time and perspective, it’s easier to understand how Kalinda’s choice (to not tell her) manifested in the ways that it did. It’s easier to understand WHY she made the choices she did. But with Peter – how do you understand a direct and knowing betrayal like that…

          • tee says:

            peter like most cheaters knew what he had but he didn’t consider what it would mean to lose it …. because the jackass didn’t think he would get caught. season one was just a taste. he didn’t really understand/experience what it meant to be without his wife until she seperated from him and started hooking up with Will. with will and alicia FEELINGS have always been involved as opposed to peter just being selfish and slipping out on the wife who probably didn’t have time to be a vixen for him… since she was too busy raising his kids and standing beside him at every press conference.

            with Kalinda it was the same thing. she undervalued alicia. dismissed her as just another associate, a boring housewife with no backbone that she had to work with. their friendship snuck up on her and when that other investigator threatened to expose her she understood what she would stand to lose once she found out. it wasn’t about sparing alicia’s feelings. it was about to not losing the friend she never thought she’d want/need.

    • C says:

      And just to add to this – Alicia knew Kalinda’s nature long before she found out about Peter and a little bit admired her for it. Wasn’t it in the pilot that Alicia sat in awe of Kalinda as she opened her blouse and said “These are better than subpoenas?” The writers staged it so that Kalinda was a character fairly open about her flippant attitude towards sex. And they alluded to Alicia’s knowledge of that attitude several times. So to think that a woman – who didn’t know you at the time, who has been cavalier about sex since you met her, and who was fairly obviously crushed when a decision she made before the two of you met destroyed your friendship – is less forgivable (or at the very least less worthy of your consideration) than the man you married, who promised you fidelity and then slept with a hooker 18 times (and god knows how many other people) is just absurd. ABSURD. I get anger and resentment. And I get loyalty to family. But I mean seriously.

      • silentj says:

        This is one area of the show that I think the writers have handled very well — that Alicia is so reserved about sex and tries to compartmentalize sexual relationships. As her brother was pointing out to her, she ended a potential long-term relationship with Will before it could become long-term. She was going to have to find a way to introduce this relationship into her life and it overwhelmed her. It is easier for Alicia to stay with Peter — she doesn’t have to admit to her feelings for Will or have to attempt to rationalize her attraction to him to the people in her life. (I loved that after almost giving in to temptation with Will, she abruptly turned around to sleep with Peter back in season one. Hah.) Staying with Peter is complacency; it requires no explanation because they’re already married and it outwardly makes her out to be oh-so-noble to forgive his transgressions.

        I totally agree that Kalinda’s allure to her was her blatant, aggressive sexuality. She admired it, and I think was jealous of it, precisely because that’s not her attitude at all. Learning that she slept with Peter was like a slap to the face for her to snap out of it. It prompted counteraction from her, as she then acted on her feelings for Will, but she couldn’t sustain it and ended it.

    • tee says:

      she DID make amends with Kalinda. it doesn’t mean they’ll ever be where they once were. how would you feel if you became close with someone and came to trust and respect that person only to find out they screwed your husband? regardless of whether she knew you before (sidebar: that whole i don’t know the wife so it doesnt matter mentality is awful) she built a relationship with you without being forthcoming about her indiscretion. that’s worse in my opinion

      • rachelle says:

        The gist of my post is this: it doesn’t make sense to forgive one and not the other. Whether or not Peter is more at fault is subjective. Either way, both he and Kalinda are at fault. Either forgive both or forgive neither. For Alicia to forgive Peter and slip back into a “relationship” with him is hypocritical when she’s barely forgiven Kalinda and hasn’t cared to maintain a relationship with her.

        • tee says:

          i get where you’re coming from but she’s not forgiving one and not the other. alicia forgave them BOTH. if you remember she told kalinda point blank “no more secrets” or something to that affect and on the last episode she said pretty much the same thing to peter before accepting his proposal. she forgave Kalinda… it doesn’t mean she is ready or ever will be willing to be completely vulnerable with her again. i don’t see why that’s considered hypocritical. the heart wants what the heart wants. if she still loves her husband (who i think has been humbled by all that’s happened these past two seasons) why can’t she stay with him and not be BFF’s with the chick that built their ENTIRE relationship on a lie.

          BTW kalinda’s the one that kind of distanced herself, especially when Nick was around… for her protection

      • C says:

        I think you can argue this ten ways from Sunday. I’m not saying that mentality isn’t awful – I just think that it was very Kalinda. And the fact that she went about life in that manner makes sense for who her character is/was. It’s not hard to understand how someone as cavalier as she is about sex would think that way. It doesn’t make it an admirable trait, but it rings true. And the great thing about all of these characters is that they’re flawed and we still like them. It’s what makes them interesting. Let’s not forget that Kalinda did want to find a way to tell her – to have her not find out the way she did. It doesn’t excuse the lie – but its very easy to see how someone could withhold that information knowing that the truth would only hurt everyone involved. It was clear from the get-go that Kalinda’s relationship with Alicia was out of the norm for her – what started as an attempt to help her out because of guilt, slipped into friendship because they liked each other. For me, that makes her far more sympathetic than Peter. He cheated on his wife (multiple times), was caught once, lied about there being others, was caught again. In all of those situations Peter had a direct obligation to her. Kalinda didn’t realize that she did until it was too late.

  24. Lipstick Socialism says:

    So disappointed! Truly. Ugh.

  25. Emma says:

    I hope Diane and Cary finally get together next year…

  26. mia says:

    I find that really disappointing. She was able to forgive Peter. Kalinda didn’t know Alicia then and she slept with Peter because he kinda blackmailed her into doing it. I’m sorry, but the coercion thing bothers me more. And how Alicia is able to forgive Peter for coercing desperate women to sleep with him………….

    • rachelle says:

      Ha! I completely forgot about the coercion. Peter really is something else. Alicia has forgotten a lot when it comes to him.

      • tee says:

        it wasn’t coercion. Kalinda Sharma aka Bad-ass in leather cannot be coerced into anything. she saw him for what he was at the time. a son-a-b*tch that couldn’t keep it in his pants for the sake of his family. she slept with him as a quid pro quo because like yall keep saying…. kalinda is very nonchalant about sex.

        • rachelle says:

          I was under the impression that Kalinda only became badass/sexually liberated around the time that she met Peter who helped her with the situation with her husband. Previously, Kalinda was weak, which was why Nick was able to basically own her before she ran away from him. It was possible for her to be coerced at that point in time.

    • H-Bomb says:

      I always thought there was going to be some kind of big reveal that Kalinda was a prostitute before, and somehow Will helped her out of that life. And that being a prostitute was what led her to sleep with Peter….

  27. Brit says:

    As a viewer, I would love to see the Kalinda/Alicia friendship return but if it was real life, I’d probably never be able to forgive Kalinda either. Kalinda should have been upfront about her night with Peter as their friendship was beginning. That being said, I loathe that Alicia has forgiven Peter. Who knows how many women he cheated on her with, in addition to Kalinda and the prositutes. I was hoping after this last week’s episode, Alicia would realize Peter’s “love” for her is mostly about his political ambitions. Sigh. I prefer Alicia with ANYONE over Peter.

    • C says:

      See, I agree that in real life it might be hard to forgive – to overcome this. But I think there are exceptions to every rule and every situation. So this goes back to the narrative approach for me. Why tell *THIS* story? Why place so much emphasis on both Alicia and Kalinda and how this huge reveal affected both of them if there was never an intent to make them the exception? Most people wouldn’t forgive. Most people wouldn’t come back from that. So if there wasn’t a story to tell beyond that – why make us invest the way they did. And even if the conclusion is that they can’t recover – shouldn’t we get to see that play out…see how Alicia just can’t let her back in even though she’s tried? It feels more like abandonment then a resolved conclusion.

      • Sad Good Wife viewer says:

        Yes, exactly. I’m sure there always WAS the narrative intention to rebuild the friendship stronger and better than before, and something (someone) derailed it. There’s lots we’ll never know, and that’s frustrating.

  28. Kay says:

    Wow, she sounds like a bitch and hateful towards Kalinda. What else is new.

  29. darby says:

    I can understand the complete loss of friendship with Kalinda. It makes me think of that Castle episode when Kate catches Castle being smooched on the couch by a female reporter…Kate said she couldn’t get the image of the woman’s breasts in his face. Every time Alicia sees Kalinda, it must feel like the woman had invaded her underwear drawer…after all how much more invasive can someone be then to know there husband every bit as much as you know him yourself.

    Although I side with JM’s analysis of the fictional relationship, I believe the interview came across as unnecessarily harsh. The moment those writers came up with the stupid idea of making Kalinda a past love interest, they had to have realized that AP would eventually be relegated to a lesser role, so, I don’t know why JM would rub it in her face…just seems incredibly catty.

  30. darby says:

    …also I like Alicia with Will much better than with Peter. It was nice that the writers got rid of Will’s choir boy image..just enough to make him human. Whereas, Peter just creeps me out…I just don’t buy into his reformation.

  31. Mayra says:

    Julianna, why u so mean?

  32. DTR says:

    There is problem with saying if Alicia can forgive Peter she should forgive Kalinda. And the problem is they are not even close to being equivalent relationships. What you tolerate from a spouse/life partner/parent of your children is much greater than anything you would put up with from a work friend. Furthermore, the fractures are different. Peter betrayed Alicia, but at one point there was love and trust. Kalinda essentially defrauded Alicia. Shortly after they met Alicia asked Kalinda if anything ever happened between her and Peter. Kalinda said no and the friendship developed after that. If Kalinda told the truth the friendship wouldn’t have developed.

    • rachelle says:

      I was thinking about how it makes sense to put up with more from a life partner than from a friend. But alternatively, you should expect more from a life partner than from a friend. The people we love and are closest to hurt us deeper than someone we’re less emotionally invested in.

  33. demmygoddess says:

    This has completely sucked my anticipation out of whatever might happen in the finale or next season. Whatever else was happening in the show, what invested me the most and held me in breathless anticipation was how Alicia and Kalinda were going to find their way back to each other. Kalinda has risked everything, including her LIFE, for Alicia, and I watched for the moment that Alicia realized what a true friend and gift she has in Kalinda. Being told that this moment will never happen? That all that build-up was to a fizzle? Can’t care anymore. It’s not good storytelling, and it leaves little to the show except for a tired triangle and a slew of guest stars. Sorry, JM… consider me alienated.

  34. Amanda says:

    I’m also a little bit disappointed with the series because of this. I remember a interview of JM at Ellen Show, when she said she could not marry actors cause that was too much… I think this is personal, and it’s a real shame, cause Alicia and Kalinda friendship is one of the best things about this show. And what about what Kalinda did to her husband to protect Alicia? This relationship can’t be over!

  35. Ella says:

    I see her point but this seems needlessly harsh. Never say never and moreover, never say it publicly. This makes me wonder if the two ladies don’t get along off-screen and honestly, makes me lose a little respect for JM, who I have always liked since her days on ER. The sad part is, I LIKE Peter. I LOVE Kalinda. And I think they have bot done A LOT to make up for their past behaviour.

  36. S1 says:

    I really hope this is just Margulies making imprudent statements as she often does. If the relationship between Alicia and Kalinda (however one chooses to interpret it) has been truly side-lined it’s a terrible decision for the show.

    It’s the most interesting and complex relationship the show has. It’s completely original. The characters both light up the screen when they’re together. And even viewers who are heavily invested in other relationships can see that.

    I see so many comment about the tired retreading of the love A/P/W love triangle. I’ve never seen someone complain about too much time spent on the friendship between Alicia and Kalinda.

    If the writers have let Margulies have their way on this one, it’s a terrible decision and they have inflicted a horrible injury on their own show because their lead is a diva. A diva with terrible instincts about narrative direction.

  37. Kate says:

    I just think we need the Kings’ opinion on this as they once stated that Alicia/Kalinda was the fundamental relationship on the show. If the friendship has been scrapped for good, they’ve wasted a lot of time with Season 3 or 4 because I thought they would naturally become close friends again.

  38. Nancy says:

    This is the same thing that happened on Hawthorne. Jada Pinkett let her husband write on the show and he completely ruined it in one season and killed the show. this is what happens when you let actors take control. They get a swelled head.

  39. Andrew Beck says:

    I, too, miss the Alicia/Kalinda dynamic. It was a lot “cleaner” and believable than Alicia’s relationship with and attraction to the two bad boys in her life, Peter and Will. It would have seemed more believable that Alicia pulled a Jenny Sanford and the show focused on how that relationship with the recurring Peter worked out, while I find it odd that the scrupulous Alicia would condone and overlook the many questionable and ethical lapses that Will readily embraces. Alicia has to know that she can’t completely trust Will, that his true and only relationship is with Diane, since his vocational and monetary future depends upon the success of that relationship. I would have liked to have seen Alicia get together with Will after she dumped Peter, in a really public way, damn Peter’s undeserved political resurrection, and seen how she dealt with his ethical shortcuts that have sometimes even shocked her, who has admittedly been wiling to stretch the law (and take some questionable background action) in order to win a case.

  40. jm says:

    I did like Kalinda-Alicia friendship but I understand Alicia´s point of view. Kalinda did know who Alicia was. She didnt come clear at the beginning. She might not have known Alicia when she slept with her husband, but as when she met Alicia, she knew she slept with her husband.

    I do think Kalinda care for Alicia, but she managed all the situation extremelly wrongly. It is difficult to open to a person after being betrayal… therefore, Alicia must feel very stupid everytime she met Kalinda. Kalinda should have told her at the beginning… “Hello, I am Kalinda, and I slept with your husband, Let´s start to work”

    About possible female friends… what about Carrie Fisher´s character? She is fun and clever.

  41. Sunny Gee says:

    Love the show, but Alicia has become pretty much intolerable. I hate when that happens to a show I loved, because it means ‘jump the shark’ time is just around the corner. :(

  42. Emily says:

    Sigh, what is this? Now that Kalicia is no more, and to give Kalinda character development, the writers may be heading the Cary/Kalinda direction, which I have mixed feelings for. Give Kalinda some girlfriends please. I miss badass Kalinda.

  43. Mary says:

    I love the show, but I miss the Kalinda/Alicia friendship. However, I do agree with Julianna Margulies in saying that I think that friendship is beyond repair. I think that even if Alicia could forgive Peter (and she has a strong motivation to do so), I don’t think she could forgive Kalinda because their friendship was based on trust (which was broken when she found out Kalinda & Peter slept together). I also think the writers took an enormous risk with the Kalinda husband storyline and it didn’t pay off – which is why we see less of Kalinda. In the future, I think we’ll see Alicia and Kalinda together, friendly but not as close as they used to be, which I will still miss.

    Lastly, I don’t think we should judge the actors for their opinions on their characters, etc. It’s just their opinions; it’s not reality and it’s not important. It’s like this arguing with each other over this – it doesn’t matter. Truth is – the Kings write the show. What we, the audience, or Julianna Margulies, the actor, think is irrelevant, to an extent. I also think we’re reading way too much into this interview – as far as anyone knows Archie & Julianna get along well.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion.

  44. There are some interesting points in time in this article but I dont know if I see all of them center to heart. There is some validity but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well

  45. monica says:

    oh please, people! i first saw JM on broadway and was blown away. since then i’ve seen dozens of interviews by her and about her and it’s unanimous: she’s a great colleague. everyone sings her praises.

    the writers are on record saying this is a show mostly about alicia florrick, but JM usually emphasizes it’s an ensemble show. so the opposite of some of your comments!

    also, when AP won her emmy JM was one of the first persons she thanked and it seemed so heartfelt. i didn’t sense any bad blood.

    over and over guest stars and the cast themselves comment on how friendly and welcoming the set is.

    this is just one interview, edited to cause controversy. it’s an opinion on a character (kalinda), not an actress (AP). and most women in alicia’s shoes would feel exactly the same way. there’s no way in hell i’d forgive even my closest, oldest friend for such a betrayal!

    also, all you MEN who want alicia with peter… OMG, so biased!

  46. The good wife fan says:

    I know it’s probably not personal just an opinion on JM’s part. I would agree with her too on a rational non fictional universe, But damn, this hurt. Not what she said, just how she said it she just does not get why we love that friendship and Kalinda.

  47. The good wife fan says:

    This hurts if you’re a good wife Kalinda fan, Kalinda’s friendship or love for Alicia is what redeems the character and Alicia ability to forgive is what redeems her. It’s not what Jules said, it’s how she said it that makes me thinks this might be personal.

  48. Carltonc says:

    Its a shame an entire show can be held to ransom by a jealous egomaniac. The reason you no longer see julianna and archie in any scenes together is that julianna refuses to do scenes with her. Its one thing to have a ‘personality clash’, quite another when it is allowed to fester and become destructive. Why should one person’s unprofessionalism be allowed to bring the integrity of the show down to her level? CBS, what does this say about your values and ethics?

  49. Kim says:

    Let me know when The Good Wife is about more than Will vs. Alicia. I am getting tired of this line and over and over and over ad nauseam!

    • I was thinking the exact same thing last night while I was watching. The whole Will and Alicia hating each other thing is such a tired story line. Also didn’t buy it when Will told Diane he wasn’t upset about Alicia leaving. That was such a lie, otherwise he wouldn’t be trying to poach her clients, and trying so hard to go up against her in court every chance he got. It’s getting old!