Smash Series Finale Moved to Sunday; Two-Hour Adieu to Include a [Spoiler!] and a [Spoiler!]

Smash Finale DateIt looks like Smash will go a little less gently into that good night.

In an effort to give the musical drama a more high-profile sendoff, NBC is giving the show a reprieve from its Saturday time slot and has scheduled its two-hour series finale for Sunday, May 26 (9/8c).

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There’ll certainly be plenty of action packed into the installment — titled “The Tonys” — according to showrunner Josh Safran. “Someone is pregnant! Someone is arrested! There is a kiss between a gay man and straight man — who kisses back!” he teased while spilling spoilers for TVLine’s “May Sweeps/Season Finale Scoopapalooza.” (Click here for even more intel.)

Smash kicked off Season 2 on Tuesday nights, but the show opened its sophomore season with just 4.5 million total viewers and a 1.1 demo rating, plunging 25 and 39 percent from its freshman finale and both marking series lows. A few weeks later, NBC made the decision to move Smash to Saturdays beginning with its April 6 episode.

Excited about Smash‘s Sunday sendoff? Or were you getting used to fresh episodes on Saturdays? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Chicago Dan says:

    Smart move by NBC – burn it off on one of the lowest rated Sundays – Memorial Day weekend, rather than stretching it on two more Saturdays.

    • Josh says:

      Ha didn’t even think about that! It’s true though.

      Not even true I want to see a “Tony” special where we’ll hear about how amazing Safran’s “Hit List” project is compared to Bombshell. Remember everything Safran created has been amazing…in the world of the show. Opposite people act like normal human beings and hate everything.

    • Simon Jester says:

      @Chicago Dan – And not only a holiday weekend, but safely after ‘sweeps’ are over, when it can do no more harm.

    • sands says:

      NBC please don’t cancel one of the best shows on TV!!!!!! Love the chemistry of all the actors and the nuance of getting a show onto Broadway! Love, Love Smash!

      • Patricia Mullane says:

        I totally agree…I hope Smash isn’t cancelled…it is truly one of the best shows with wonderful entertainment and no one being murdered or slaughtered…it’s a breath of fresh air compared to all the crap on tv!

        • Jim says:

          I know. I am so tired of the blood and the vomit and the eye gouging and the bullets and the just plain nasty characters. We need this singing dancing bit of fantasy for refreshment. I’ll be sad if Smash is cancelled.

          • Cathie says:

            I really like this show. It’s so nice to hear the music and the backstage of what it’s like to star in, produce and direct a stage show. It seems real to me, not sure if it’s like this in reality, but it sure has entertained me. I too am tired of CSI, zombies and vampires, law and order, and reality shows claiming all sorts of battles with the judges..

          • MLO says:

            I kinda like the eye gouging.

        • Shirley says:

          I love this show, too, and agree with your comments.

          • Zoe says:

            Smash is the first show I’ve been completely into for a decade if not two. I also agree with the above statements. Smash is a welcome and refreshing change to all the stuff the put on the air of late. I can’t always watch when it’s aired but I watch recorded or on NBC site. I will even admit I’ve seen every episode at least twice because there is no other good programming on. I hope all the dedication of fans has caught the attention on NBC and the will keep it on.

        • Chester says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more but sadly all that crap sells…guns…violence…explosions, its a no wonder why society is the way it is. Seems like all that is on television is cop shows…legal shows…and reality TV. I love smash and want it to stay! Maybe NetFlix will pick it up but unless there was an announcement it is likely too late but here’s hoping :-)

          • Melinda Granieri says:

            Sadly I think the train has left the station for the TV show “Smash”. Too many of the principals are doing other things. Debra Messing has made a pilot for another series (although Smash can go on without her) and I’m sure others in the show have moved on to theater, movies or other tv shows. It’s sad because it’s a show that makes me happy. I’m tired of reality shows where everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. It’s old hat and I’m tired of zombies and vampires. Here’s hoping.

        • Wish they had allowed this show more time to find its audience instead of shuffling it off to the death slot. Something this unusual often takes awhile to gain a foothold. Big mistake to take the axe to “Smash”, NBC. You had a gem … and screwed it up.

          • Kathy West says:

            Absolutely agree! We need quality entertainment and this is TRULY a remarkable show. It has been a long time since we had anything even approaching the calibre of this program.

          • jen says:

            I agree. I hated the move to Saturday. I loved it after The Voice my kids were in bed and my husband was leaving for work, it was my time. My husband is home on Saturday and either wants to go out or spend time as a family, which I love, but leaves Smash as a hulu replay later in the week.

          • tiggre says:

            I agree! Why do the arts always get shoved to the back?

      • Natalie says:

        LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I’m going to be so upset :( Please don’t cancel!!!!!!!!

        • J. Q. Moon says:

          I totally agree. If they are not counting the fact that this show has been taped by most and watached later, they don’t have good ratings info. Anytime a show goes up against other shows that are favorites, people tape it and watch it later. Smash has had too many time slots. they even changed from 9pm to 8pm on Saturday onece making people miss it. It should not be canceled, it’s one of the best shows on TV. What a shame!

      • Sonja says:

        TVline headline says series but below says season. Sunday would be a better night for smash but hope NBC is not stupid enough to take off this show!

      • LC says:

        No, let NBC cancel it. They never gave it the love it deserved. Instead, I’ve love to see Hulu pick it up and take it over as one of their originals. It’ll never happen, but hey, a girl can dream!

      • debi says:

        NBC – don’t be stupid and cancel Smash. It is the best program on TV. If you cancel Smash, ;you can kiss your stations goodbye. only other program worth watching on NBC is Days of our LIves….Television is HORRIBLE…except for Smash and Days!!!!!!

        • MJ says:

          Boy do I agree with you. I’ll watch Nascar and Smash. I’d rather go to bed with a good book. TV stinks anymore. What happened to love in the afternoon? Night time isn’t worth watching anymore except for Smash. I watch it over and over on Xfinity on Demand. They don’t care what we like, we asked ABC not to cancel All My Children and One life to Live and they did. We got cooking shows which I don’t watch at all.

          • Colleen says:

            How do you get Xfinity on Demand. Time Warner doesn’t have Smash on Demand, and Netflix only has the DVD’s it sends out. I went to the Xfinity website but it doesn’t explain exactly what it is or how to get it. I would LOVE to watch SMASH OVER AND OVER!!

          • Mary says:

            TV is mostly reality shows now which are terrible. People get famous and paid to be complete idiots and those people that watch it are even bigger idiots. Smash is a wonderful show and I like the direction it has taken. If NBC wants to drop it, I wish some other network would pick it up instead of constantly playing idiotic reality shows that show how deprave our society really is or constantly focusing on as other mentioned, horror and blood and zombies or vampires constantly. This show was normal for a refreshing change and i hate how people always take to heart what critics say as if their opinion has to be everyone else’s opinion too. People need to start thinking for themselves. I will be very upset if smash ends and no one picks it up at least.

      • Shirley says:

        I love this show, too….I look forward to it every week, it is one of the only three shows I watch. One of the others is The Office and that is leaving, too!!!

        • KyKim says:

          NBC is absolutely out of it’s mind to cancel this show. I agree with you. I watch Dexter…. show is ending. The Office… show is ending. Well, they both had great runs. But Smash! It wasn’t given a chance, NBC didn’t market or promote the show enough (most of my friends only heard about it through me) and then the change to Saturday. It’s truly a shame that NBC cannot, or will not, nurture quality programing. They panicked when the numbers came in and pulled the plug on what could have been the highlight of their dismal programing week. So much for finally enjoying a show one one of the networks. Goodbye Smash…. it was a pleasure to see such talent in an otherwise abysmally talentless television world. Seems that NBC is destined to kill anything that resembles intelligent entertainment.

      • Tracy says:

        Agreed. I love this show!

      • Francesca says:

        I too love the show…I have to come [know] these people as friends I would hang with…too bad it wasn’t a hit…

      • Melinda Granieri says:

        I’m so sad that Smash won’t be coming back. It’s a blast to watch even on the nights when it’s a bit unever. It’s been spectacular lately and I’m looking forward to the next new episodes and the finale. At least Parenthood is coming back so NBC is some what redeemed. I wish Smash could find a spot on another network.

        • Tony Armelin says:

          I agree that it has gotten better, and I’m saddened that it hasn’t gotten the committment it deserves. It is zigging when all the crude violent shows are zagging. They should keep it on. Or maybe HBO could pick it up and raise the bar even more.

      • ellen says:

        don’t be ridiculous! this show started off with great possibilities in season 1 and then sunk to awful juvenile plots and subplots. for example – terrible chemistry between karen and jimmy. zero chemistry!!! he looks like her little brother. the story line was unbelievable, that a wouldbe broadway star would leave a show on broadway because she had the hots for the unlikeable, child Jimmy. Give me a break. and then, to appease the gay agenda we had sotry after story of same sex love alliances. boggles the mind! this show sunk to incredible lows and had such potential. a shame.

        • GayJames says:

          @Ellen – “story after story of same sex love alliances” you say to “appease the gay agenda”. Interesting. I’m as queer as they come and no one was groping that Tom was gay and out and as obvious about it as Elton John or Harvey Fierstein; no one was upset that in Season 1 there were no constant “gay couples.” Stop making everything so hateful that they add some storyline that introduces an alternative lifestyle and saying it is to appease the gay agenda. You don’t see homosexuals saying that all of these hetero relationships are to satisfy the accepted paradigm of heterosexuality that is forced upon us by conservative society so stop making everything so hateful. Just my opinion.

          • Becks says:

            As a straight girl I have to say I agree with James here…I adore SMASH. Maybe I’m more open than other straight people, but I didn’t even notice a difference between gay/straight. What I think Ellen’s bigotted little mind can’t grasp is that this is how gay and straight relationships SHOULD be represented. On SMASH we have as many gay characters as we do straight. So ok one minute we’re watching Tom on a date and the next we’re watching Ivy and Derek, if anything, I can name many more straight couples on the show than gay, but they have evened it out so that there is a balance and that’s equality. And come the hell on, it’s a show about broadway…I’m shocked any of the guys are straight LOL. I have a lot of gay friends and we love this show because it’s something we can both watch together because it appeals to both of us…the straight person and the gay person. There needs to be more shows like this. Call it a “fairy princess” (i refuse to say that word that rhymes with hag), agenda. Because this girl loves sitting down watching SMASH with her gay friends it sure as hell beats trying to watch a romantic comedy that my gay friend is bored because it has a token gay in it that isn’t even believable if you actually know a gay person, so then we switch to a gay romantic comedy and I’m bored because there isn’t any straight characters (Not to mention it would be nice if not ALL gay film was indie…it’d be nice to see this mainstream too).

            I agree with you James, there is no gay agenda. It’s about equality done right. As for Ellen, stop being selfish, not everything on tv can cater to a straight audience, and the fact that one of the major deciding factors of what turned you off from SMASH is the fact that they didn’t cheapen the gay relationships but gave them the same respect, recognition and screen time that they gave the straight relationships.

            PS and thank god they managed to make the man whore the straight director and not Tom. Although Tom has his romps, they didn’t give him the gay man whore stereotype. Not all gay men are whores. If it offends you that gay people aren’t put in their neat little stereotype boxes then that is a reflection of you…hunty.

          • Becks says:

            Typo correction:

            I meant to say:
            I agree with you James, there is no gay agenda. It’s about equality done right. As for Ellen, stop being selfish, not everything on tv can cater to a straight audience, and the fact that one of the major deciding factors of what turned you off from SMASH is the fact that they didn’t cheapen the gay relationships but gave them the same respect, recognition and screen time that they gave the straight relationships, SAYS A LOT ABOUT THE TYPE OF PERSON YOU ARE. Learn acceptance and love.

      • Joan says:

        I’m with you! It is the most enjoyable show. Love all the characters, the music, the talent. Its so different from all the other detective shows. It will be sorely missed. PLEASE TRY TO KEEP IT GOING!!!!!!!

      • Nona says:

        It’s a shame that NBC is canceling one of the best shows they have Smash. It seems they always cancel the best shows this is why I don’t watch NBC cause as soon as you get hooked on a show they move it to a different time slot or cancel. No big fan of NBC their programming is awful. You would think they would at least try to keep viewers.

      • Pam says:

        I just found out my favorite show is being cancelled, I’m so sad, why didn’t they move it to a time slot more people could have watched.

      • Mary says:

        So true! I love the show…I don’t care that you moved it to Saturday. I look forward to the show.
        Please don’t cancel it.

      • Kensington says:

        Sorry guys, but sadly it is cancelled. NBC confirmed it…. I really liked the show too. Me and my mom loved that there was a good show on Saturday, we watch Revenge, Client List and Army Wives on Sunday and don’t need anymore stuff on Sunday!!!!

      • Claire says:

        please keep smash going its a show I love because of the great singers and broad way also katherine McPhee has a talent of singing as a character that sings named Karen

      • Judy Gaul says:

        Boycott NBC and let them know how U feel about Smash being cancelled.

      • c pace says:

        Smash is too good for TV!

      • Rosana Thomas says:

        I love Smash. It’s only one of a few shows I can’t miss.

    • SteveR says:

      When NBC cancels Smash, I am canceling Revolution. Birds of a feather and all that.

    • Dayla says:

      Smash has amazing talent! Hope the show continues. I look forward to the season finale and to next season.

    • Eileen says:

      The writing was compelling in Season 1. Don’t know what happened in season 2, but the writing was corny, trite, unimaginative, predictable. Loved the girl who played Ivy & hope to see her again.

  2. Smash Fan says:

    Just don’t cancel the show, i don’t care about the day. I wanna see more seasons of this amazing show!

    • PutAForkInIt says:

      what part of “SERIES FINALE” didn’t you get?

    • There’s a reason it say “Series” finale.

      • Ryan says:

        Technically it hasn’t been officially cancelled yet… Just 100% likely.

        • Moving a show to Saturdays is a definite cancellation.

          • Annie says:

            It really isn’t, sorry.

          • TV Gord says:

            It really is.

          • Gillian says:

            Yep, it is. Last season’s The Firm is a perfect example (and was a great show).

          • Annie says:

            UGH. NO, it isn’t. It 100% SIGNALS an impending cancellation but is NOT a cancellation itself. What’s so hard about this to understand? Words matter, kids.

          • The Corrections Dept. says:


            Oh, Annie.

            UGH. YES. Yes, it really, really is.

            There won’t be, for many mostly sily and/or political reason, an official “cancellation” announcement precisely because it is being burned off. It’s a way to weasel out of taking it off the schedule, which, for reasons largely of Bob Greenblatt’s vanity and hubris, is not an available option here.

            If NBC were to use words here, and please recall Greenblatt re 30 Rock at upfronts last year, those words would be meaningless. NBC PR is especially bad, as you should know. Optics matter more than words here and the optics 100% signal a 100% chance of a silent death during the morning of May 13th, and that dear Annie is why we are saying here that it’s cancelled. It is cancelled.

    • Like2watchSMASH says:

      Oh, please don’t cancel the show. I LOVE SMASH!!!! <3

      • Harlemrican says:

        The only good shows on NBC are Chicago Fire and Smash. I can deal with Deception and possibly Revolution although that seems to be getting more idiotic. Smash is great entertainment, Revolution is pure garbage, yet it has been renewed already. Maybe if NBC didn’t wait until February to bring back Smash, it would have generated more interest. You wait 9 months for a show, you can lose interest.

    • Kelli Samson says:

      I agree! I adore Smash. I’ve watched every episode. Its such a dynamic show. I can’t believe a network like NBC can’t see that! Please save SMASH!

    • JT says:

      I agree, don’t cancel, the music is the B-E-S-T!

    • Carrie says:

      Sadly we are a small group and I don’t think NBC really gave this show a fair shot – first the pilot being available online in advance of it airing which resulted in lower ratings, then there was a huge wait for the season to start, not a great timeslot and this weird anti-Smash vibe from a lot of media outlets (Huffpost in particular was very negative about this show). Yes there are some improvements to be made but I too love this show – pity NBC did not see it for the gem it could be and I think its probably going to be cut :(

      I dare Andy Cohen to persuade NBC to give it a shot on Bravo. Could become a cable TV success story that the netwoprks simply do not understand.

      • Nancy says:

        Great Idea…Bravo would be a great venue! I am almost ready to give up watching new programs…Every one I get into and hooked on gets cancelled! I LOVED this show and all the talent on here. I guess unless it’s about violence or reality it’s pretty much a no go anymore. Sad state of our “entertainment,” This show WAS entertaining in many ways.

      • Connie says:

        Great idea. I think it could be a sucess on another network with some re-tooling. I think the changes they made actually worsened this season. I enjoyed lat year best but still like the characters so I keep watching.

      • Mike says:

        I agree the anti-Smash vibe is overblown by the critics. Not sure why the media needs to bully this show. More raw emotiive moments in the show would help; an explosive Derek, a vindictive Ivy, an overwhelmed Karen, a jealous Julia, a vulnerable Tom, etc. Let the emotions shine and let the characters live in the raw moment.
        We need and want Smash on television. There isn’t any other show like it with the drama, music, choreography and rhythm. Let it stay.

      • Chris says:

        Oh, please. “I don’t think NBC really gave this show a fair shot – first the pilot being available online in advance of it airing which resulted in lower ratings”
        Plenty of pilots have been available online first, and the shows are often successful. Recent examples include Grimm and Once Upon a Time. Next lame excuse!

        “there was a huge wait for the season to start”
        Plenty of time for the show to get promoted rather than lost in a flood of new fall shows. Next lame excuse!

        “not a great timeslot”
        Are you referring to how it premiered immediately after an episode of The Voice, a huge hit that funneled very high ratings into Smash? The Tuesday slot where Smash then regularly aired was previously occupied by Parenthood, which did reasonably well there. Not a bad slot by any means. Next lame excuse!

        “and this weird anti-Smash vibe from a lot of media outlets (Huffpost in particular was very negative about this show).”
        The show got very good reviews for its pilot. From Wikipedia: “Review aggregator Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 of reviews from mainstream critics, calculated a score of 79 based on 32 reviews. Maureen Ryan of The Huffington Post called it one of the strongest new shows of the season. The Huffington Post writer Karen Ocamb praised the writing and the creativity of the series.” Next lame excuse!

        Smash crapped out because viewers lost interest, plain and simple.

        • Jennie Harley says:

          I love Smash and haven’t even had a chance to watch the second season yet. I can’t afford Foxtel anymore and when Prime 7 aired the first season in Australia it was on so late people weren’t given a chance to appreciate this amazing show. It wax so very frustrating. I read all the posts and am so frustrated that the videos aren’t available in Australia. I wonder about some of the changes I have heard about as well as Deborah Messing leaving the show

        • dan says:

          Agreed! Viewers lost interest during season one because the storylines were all over the place while “Karen is Awesome, Ivy is Evil” was the mantra the fans were told to believe. There were decent episodes during season one, but overall the poor writing and inconsistencies in story turned off lots of viewers. Season two started off with a very good episode about retooling “Bombshell” then we had three episodes about Jennifer Hudson’s character and the mystery boys Jimmy and Kyle which totally threw off any momentum the season two premiere had offered. The show has finally hit its stride the last few weeks, but it is clearly too little too late. Although it hasn’t officially been cancelled, I think we all see the obvious writing on the wall! And showing the two-hour finale on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend? Talk about ratings failure! That is a disaster waiting to happen (and will help NBC justify the inevitable cancellation).

    • O-town says:

      Fan fiction is a nice way to continue the series, far away from tv as possible.

    • Cheryl Gallagher says:

      THIS is why I’m always reluctant to get involved in a network program. Cable shows are a WAY better investment of my time AND emotions! I’m predicting that within a short few years, cable shows will dominate the ratings ALL over the country and the networks will be left with only reality shows and their coveted demo of the 18 -49 yr olds….or is it even younger than that? We baby boomers are VERY used to getting what we want, because there’s so dang many of us, and yet somebody seems to have forgotten that WE spend way more money than the precious demo of the networks. If I see ONE more cop show, ( no matter what the catch is ) I’m going to start blocking network shows! I don’t watch anything in real time, except maybe the news or a football game.. Who has time to stay up and watch 10pm shows AND the fourteen hundred commercials? Not me. But I love to watch one of my favorite shows with breakfast OR lunch when I work from home. ALL the boomers record their favorites. I mean look at HOW successful the Hatfields and McCoys was? What was the demo on that? I LOVE Smash and am so very sad that this wonderful show that was like indulging in a huge piece of dessert, each week, will be gone. ALL the women I know are SO happy to watch this program. What’s wrong with catering to US, huh? I don’t get it.

      • Bob says:

        I AGREE 100%! I started boycotting new ABC programming when they started canceling programs I invested in especially my soaps! I can do the same to NBC! They have canceled a few shows in the last year some only lasting 2 episodes! There are only 3 shows i watch on NBC besides SMASH! The BEST on TV. Let’s hope a cable network picks it up!

      • Debbie McAndrew says:

        What you said Cheryl! I second that…..I am so sick of that demographic crap….I have two kids in that demographic and they are not even watching network TV – they are watching cable sports! And as for then spending $$ sorry but it’s me that is the shopper and spender….I am sick of Network TV and refuse to get vested….I am watching very few Network shows and have taken to cable…I would much rather watch a rerun of a retro show then get attached to a show that will be pulled in a few weeks but the suits….

        • Had Enough says:

          I completely agree. I have 3 kids between 30 and 24. They hardly ever watch TV and I’m the one with the disposable income. Tired of reality shows and crappy laugh tracks. Only watch 4 shows on NBC – Parenthood (Love this show), Smash, Chicago Fire and Grimm. Sometimes I watch SVU – although it’s not the same since Elliott left.

      • Peg Dunn says:

        I’m with you, Cheryl! And I’m much older than a Baby Boomer. I record the shows that I like, and SMASH is one of my favorites. The ONLY reality show that I watch is So You Think You Can Dance, and I record that also so I don’t have to watch the commercials. Boo Hiss at NBC.

        • Denise says:

          I love Smash & I don’t fall into their cookie cutter demographics. They have superb music & storylines & wow it’s not a reality show with unknown people & ridiculous stories. However it can stay on I so hope it does.

      • Melissa says:

        I 100 % agree !!! And I’m not even 40. I’m too tried to stay up late with two little kids. I DVR everything and I hate reality programs and the blood and guts shows. I LOVE this show. You can tell they are trying to speed things along now. Which ticks me off !

    • Joann Vensky says:

      Please don’t cancelle the show. It is a great show and we all love it. All of my family and friends watch it and we love the show. PLEASE PLEASE DON’T CANCELLE!!!!!!!!

    • Smash Fan says:

      me too, i LOVE this show, if NBC is hell bent on canceling the show i hope cable will pick it up. Looks like violence wins ratings these days

    • Steen says:

      YESS!! I TOTALLY AGREE! I’ll stay up any day of the week to see this.

    • paula young says:

      Thank God we have a DVR – its the only thing that can follow what night our favorite show, “SMASH” is on! MAYBE it the flipping network(s) would stopp moving nights and showing 1 or 2 episodes the take off 3 weeks and run another and so, show would have a pretty shot at survival.

      • dan says:

        Glad your DVR can keep track of “Smash” changing days and times. My Tivo still has “Smash” being recorded on Saturdays at 9:00 pm even though NBC has moved it to 8:00 p.m. I’ve now set the Tivo to record both the “Voice” rerun and “Smash” on Saturdays because I’m never sure which show will be aired in which slot. Tivo is supposed to pick up these scheduling changes so it may be something NBC is doing from their end. I’ll watch to the end (when once again “Karen is Awesome” will be celebrated at the fake Tony Awards and I’ll gag on my snack) because I want to support this show, even though I can count on one hand the number of “good” episodes they have produced.

    • a very disappointed fan! says:

      I was shocked to hear that this show was being cancelled! I love it and look forward to seeing it every week. I guess they forgot to contact me when they were doing ratings! So many terrible shows remain on the air, so why do they have to remove this one?

    • Swedge says:

      Agree with you 100% !

    • Heather G says:

      I completely agree! I don’t care what day or time you put it on (I DVR it anyways) just PLEASE DONT CANCEL SMASH! I am and have been hooked on this show since the very first episode! It has a GREAT cast and an awesome story line plus the writers know how to leave each episode on a twist so you feel like your going to die from anticipation for the next week! Also, (SPOILER) if it’s true that someone is pregnant HOW can you cancel in the middle of that, we HAVE to see the end!!! LOL PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAVE SMASH! <3

    • Smashlover says:

      AGREED! Please keep this show going! It just keeps getting better! It has a great script, fun songs, and great singers! Give them a chance and put it back on a night when it can be successful. This season was even better than the first season!

  3. Fans of the show cling to the fact that “Smash” does reasonably well when DVR and online views are figured in. Couple that with the creative strength of the second season’s second half, and do we have even the slimmest of reasons to be optimistic about a third season?

    • Jay says:

      No, you do not. There is absolutely no chance whatsoever this will be renewed.

      • N says:

        Nope; there is still a chance. Of course.

        • Annie says:

          Of course there is. About as much chance as the real Hit List ever seeing a Broadway stage (now sure as shootin’, some idiot’s gonna argue with me on that point). BUT it hasn’t happened yet – the cancellation is very, very likely, but calling this a series finale at this point in time, without an official pronouncement, is sloppy reporting.

        • JustJoan says:

          The same chance a snowball has to survive in Hell, perhaps. And let’s not forget what is on on Sunday nights: Mad Men. Game of Thrones. The Good Wife. The Mentalist. Unless we all run out and buy the Hopper, nah….

      • TK says:

        And you are who exactly, Jay?

      • Kelli Samson says:

        And who are you? Cagney and Lacy was once up for cancellation, and it was turned around. Reversals can happen you know. Sorry if Smash doesn’t float your boat, but it does float many others. Guess you must go for the more shallow, non-cerebral stuff…..too bad

        • Lorena clary says:

          I agree. There is always hope. I love this show – though I loved it more last season. Nothing like two divas competing for different interests ( love and job). Besides I need my weekly Derek fix! Lol

          • dan says:

            The show is very expensive to produce. It films in NYC which is more expensive than LA and the cast has some A-listers who command big salaries (Debra Messing and Angelica Huston topping the list). Unless NBC moves the show to one of its cable networks and reduces the cost of producing each episode (relocate the show to a less expensive city, cut the cast in half) there is almost no way it can be renwed for season three.

        • Robert Marar says:

          Sorry Kelli, but I had to chime in on this argument. Your right, Cagney and Lacy was given a chance to survive and so was Cheers and Seinfeld and I could prob give you many other examples of classic tv shows that were left on the air to find a loyal and large audience. The unfortunate reality of today’s networks, is that NO show is given the luxury of truly finding its voice. If anything can be said about Smash it is that it’s been given at least a full run and a second season with a finally tie’s up the story lines in a pretty two hour bow. Most shows get the boot if it doesn’t deliver in the first 3-10 episodes and networks rarely leave a show running with less then 8million viewers.

          But in light of all this isn’t it interesting that most of the best programing and most innovative shows are on small cable stations or pay networks, many of which have incredible artistic freedoms and cost less then some of the crap the networks produce (excluding the cheaply produced reality drivel).

    • erin says:

      Most TV ad buyers (myself included) buy off of Live+7 Day ratings to take into account a week’s worth of DVR viewing after the program airs live. Even with those numbers counted in, Smash is woefully underperforming, as sad as it makes me. I just finished looking at projected Smash ratings vs. delivered for a young adult demographic in Feb & March and the show didn’t even deliver 20% of the originally projected ratings. No hope of a season 3.

      • Winston says:

        What say you about Hart of Dixie?

        • erin says:

          I don’t really buy much on the CW, but I think that’s still one that could go either way… I’m very hopeful it’ll get renewed, though! The CW can be so flukey with things that it’s just hard to predict!

      • Maira Isabel says:

        Hi Erin, as you say you are a media buyer let me make a direct comment to you. I agree that you should consider the ratings of Live +7 and DVR but also remember to look into the times the show was watched on the NBC website.
        Saturday’s are horrible for me. I am a mom, a chef (also in the media) and a wife and Sat. nights are the worse day for me to watch any tv. Usually I forget to set the dvr so my only chance to watch it is online. I was grateful and happy to be able to enjoy the show at 3am (when everyone is asleep and I have some “me” time).
        Also, I will hate to see the show cancelled. It’s crazy for me to understand how Glee is still on but Smash is about to be cancelled. I agree this 2nd season was not as good as the first but if they do go back to the original plot the show might have a show.
        All the best!

        • Phlash12 says:

          Maira, I agree. For some reason, my DVR is refusing to record some shows, including SMASH, so I have to watch on line (I’m not home Saturdays, usually). Amazingly, Seinfeld had “horrible” ratings for the first few seasons, but that didn’t stop NBC.

        • erin says:

          The biggest issue is that the bulk of ad dollars are spent by retailers, so usually their ads are time-sensitive. When the typical retailer has a one week sale, they can only factor in Live +7 because anyone that watches after that time period is probably seeing ads that are no longer relevant to the advertiser (which can create major headaches when people ask for sales that are over because they watched a show two weeks after it recorded–happens all the time).

      • Please explain to me how anyone knows what I am watching or most of the country? I have never known anyone with a neilsen box. How does it fairly represent who is watching what? I think its more the fact of cost of producing a show and not ratings. This is why we are fed endless hours of “reality crap” because it costs a fraction of a scripted drama.

        • Karina says:

          I have no clue how they figure ratings either, But I LOVE SMASH and always do my best to promote it and let the world know it’s my favorite show!

        • erin says:

          Nielsen is imperfect, but it’s all that media buyers have. The sample sizes are small, but representative of the population of each individual market. That being said, most stations also do significant research, for which they pay a LOT of money, to supplement the Nielsen data. Additionally, there is research through Scarborough and other media research companies that can be taken into account as well. Ultimately, it is a ratings game. There is certainly a cost tradeoff involved, but advertising dollars speak just as much, if not more. When a show underperforms, the networks have to provide free spots to make up the difference in the promised ratings. My local NBC affiliate had to run me multiple free spots in The Voice–a program that they could easily fill with paid spots–because Smash underperformed so significantly that it was the only way to make up the ratings in a short period of time.

    • thereasonsy says:

      This show is dead. Dead. DEAD. It is horrifically sad because it is actually really good but programming killed it.

      • The newbies and horrible scripts killed it! They tried to fix what wasn’t broken.

        • TV Gord says:

          It was broken from the start, but you’re right. The scripts killed it. There was no real “drama”.

        • ariana says:

          I agree. The newbies killed it along with the horrible writing. Why could they use the ”real” actors more? Like Messing,Huston,Borle,Davenport and Hilty.They show would make much more sence.

          • Mike says:

            I agree. The writing in S1 was better, crisper and wanting for more. Let Davenport, Hilty, McPhee, Huston and Borle ‘loose’ and show some of their creative energy. They are the core of this show. Better writing, more rivalry, less newbies, more drama and conflict between the main characters will revive this show. The music is awesome. Let it flow.
            Maybe Davenport can give us a soliloquy; speaking alone to himself. We need to know more about each character; what brought them to Broadway; what are their fears, wants, jealousies, etc. This show is worth reviving.

    • Tom says:

      Zero chance, the show costs way too much. They cancelled Harry’s law with the same demos and triple the amount of viewers

      • KansasGuest says:

        Isn’t this because CBS is the #1 broadcast network, & expects much higher ratings from its shows to stay on the air. They rate shows against their *own* stable of hits, not compared to other networks. NBC is the lowest-rated. You’d think they would be more flexible & willing to take risks since obviously they have nothing more to lose.

  4. John Berggren says:

    I do enjoy this show. While it could have had better writing and story development, I’ve consistently found a place for it. It’s too bad it couldn’t be the hit it needed to be.

  5. Toia says:

    Cuz Sunday’s are completely void of good programming? It seems to me like they really didn’t think that one through too well. Basic and premium cable sort of rule Sunday’s also PBS doesn’t do to bad with programming I mean Masterpiece is a Sunday staple (on most PBS Stations) I have a feeling that it will be DVR’d or watched on Hulu. I know I am watching in later now cuz it’s on opposite Doctor Who and nothing comes before the Doctor.

    • erin says:

      The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend is consistently one of the lowest watched TV days of the year in prime, so this is one of the only Sundays of the month where this move might actually work for them. Sweeps will have been over for a week and a half by then and most top summer programming will not have started.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Glad you have your priorities straight!

  6. Nicole says:

    I am not surprised that this went dead by the time that FINALLY season 2 had started because people started losing interest and watching other things during the incredibly long wait.

  7. George says:

    Does this mean there will be a couple Saturdays between now & then where episodes won’t be shown? My understanding was the finale was originally scheduled for the 25th, and there weren’t any two-parters thrown in there.

  8. Megan says:

    No 3rd season, this will the series finale guys. :( It was good but not great, it fell flat to often.

  9. greysfan says:

    Why do i get this bad feeling the show is going to end with so many loose ends. I would love a season 3 but the chances of that happening is close to zero. Glad it will be given a Sunday finish.

    • dan says:

      In the most recent episode “Opening Night” I thought the show could’ve ended after the duet between Ivy and Karen. Basically we had Bombshell open successfully and the two actresses who were enemies in season one were brought together in front of a large crowd (containing the whole cast) for a big finale number where they seemed to reconcile. I would’ve been satisfied if that had been the end of the show. As for Hit List? Don’t care. Seriously. I started watching this show for the creation of Bombshell and now it has opened on Broadway with the correct actress in the lead role; the show supposedly got good-to-great reviews. Ivy and Karen are “friendly.” Show over. (Of course, I’ll keep watching to the bitter end because I’m loyal like that.)

  10. Danielle says:

    Frankly, it doesn’t matter when it airs. By the power of DVR, everyone gets to watch on their own schedule. Like many, I am just terribly disappointed that this show will not be coming back. While it may not have been perfect, it is perfectly entertaining and much loved by those who call theatre “home.” Sigh…

  11. Brandon says:

    I wish they would have kept this as a pair with The Voice. It was possibly the only chance it had to stay steady ratings-wise.

    • Meg says:

      Based on what the show did when paired with season 2 of The Voice I don’t think it would have made much of a difference.

  12. PutAForkInIt says:

    way to hold an audience
    move the show around several times

  13. Cindy says:

    Love this show. Sorry it won’t be back.

  14. rebecca says:

    So sad about this show…music was wonderful…a lot of talent that got lost somehow

  15. isabelmonca says:

    I stopped watching the show…it was great the first season (does anyone remember the remarkable pilot??) The show’s come a long way since then, but in a bad way. It got boring in my opinion..I love Katherine McPhee, but it’s too painful to watch

  16. Amanda Murphy says:

    I think the demographic is wrong. I don’t think thet 18-30 are watching this (I’m sure the cool ones are :)), its probably more like 35-65 yr olds. Whatever, it seems it doesn’t matter anymore:(

    • Veronica says:

      Amanda, please don’t talk about demographics which I saw listed as 18 to 49. Now it’s 30? Don’t trust anyone over 30, eh? :-D I’m 66 yrs. old and LOVE Smash. Drama, comedy, music and dancing and a great cast. What’s not to love??

    • Nick Secor says:

      Im one of those cool 18 year olds! :P lol tried to get my college drama club friends interested but no luck! :/ im really going to miss Smash!

  17. So does the mean there’s no more new eps until the series finale???? Sucks.

  18. Jeff says:

    I really enjoyed it. People need a smattering of mindless fun TV in between all the intellectual dramas.

  19. Ben Mitchell says:

    Sunday night is a great night for this show. I love it and wish it could have more seasons. There is so much potential with the plot. Any chase of HBO or Showtime picking it up? It could be even better on those networks without those pesky censors.

  20. really enjoy watching this show after it airs because I am busy with the family in the evening and do not have time to watch shows then… except on Saturday nights when Dr. Who is on… don’t like the Saturday move. don’t like that millions of ppl watch and its not good enough ratings to warrant more seasons… is there anyway to petition or maybe another network can pick it up like The Game?

  21. Bear75 says:

    I am a little gutted about this show :( I absolutely LOVED the pilot and anticipated it would be more like a ‘Glee for grownups’ – you know, with fantastic musical numbers but without the weekly preaching ‘acceptance’ storylines. Unfortunately, SMASH’s problem was, it didn’t pay enough attention to the development of its characters. I loved the idea of backstage bitching and catfights, alongside strong women at the helm; but making Karen the protagonist of the story was an epic mistake. I’ve nothing against Katherine Mcphee but she just wasn’t strong enough to lead the show. Her character had so many inconsistencies and childish strops (not to mention a pop voice that wouldn’t translate well to the stage), that I constantly found myself rooting for her nemesis Ivy – and apparently I wasn’t the only one, as the writers gave Ivy’s lifelong ‘win at any cost’ personality a total u-turn (and thankfully, a lot more screen time).

    Like many other shows headed to the dreaded summer graveyard; SMASH failed to identify its REAL audience and tried to pander to too many demographics. From everything I’ve read; Broadway, the West End, etc can be pretty cut-throat and I thought that’s what we’d get to see in an adult portrayal but instead, the ‘villains’ were almost farcical in a pantomime sort of way, with the show practically apologising for them weekly. I am really sad at the failed promise of the pilot and that it didn’t capitalise on some really great songs… I also really hope they release Bombshell as a musical – with Megan Hilty as the lead of course! :)

    • Michael Hamilton says:

      Thats what I was really hoping the finale would be. I was hoping for a full viewing of “Bombshell’ The Musical. It would have been a great way to go out since it HAS to go out. NBC was stupid not to put more into the second season than they did.

    • mar says:

      McPhee was NOT the protagonist — MESSING was! So you can’t blame it on McPhee!!! In fact, Messing already has a comedy lined up on another network!

      • dan says:

        Messing’s character may have been the protagonist, but McPhee’s character was definitely the ingenue who was supposed to captivate the audience and have them rooting for her. That was just one of the epic failures of the show.

      • Bear75 says:

        Messing was supposed to be the principle character?? Jeez, then the writing was even worse than I thought! #sadtimes

        • ariana says:

          Messing and Huston were used for their famous names. The producers’ main goal was to promote McPhee, for whatever reason. She certainly wasn’t capable of being this huge star she was supposed to be. It’s really sad because this show could have had so much potential. They chose to give more time to the newbies and less time to great actors like Huston,Davenport,Borle and Hilty. Messing is also good but her character is really unlikable.

          • Bear75 says:

            Thank you! :) I was always taught that the protagonist is the focal character (not the most famous or popular actor to sell the show); it’s the one that links all the story lines together and the inner voice that guides the audience – and that was clearly supposed to be Karen. Karen’s character was the one we were given the most background on within the first few episodes from friends and family to her life-long love of the stage and it was through her, we were introduced backstage and to the other main characters of the writers, director, producer and budding Broadway ensemble cast. The other characters were developed over time and it would seem, developed in line with how the TV audience were reacting; which is becoming more common of late due to how these shows are scripted and always a mistake, as it can draw unrealistic inconsistencies. A protagonist has to be engaging and charismatic – they don’t have to be cherry pie sweet (Dexter – case in point) but they DO have to have the audience rooting for them, and the character of Karen, whether it be the writing or McPhee’s portrayal of her, was just not strong enough to make me believe that she had what it took to headline a Broadway (or even off-Broadway) show. As I said before – that’s not a nasty attack at Miss McPhee’s talent as a ‘POP’ singer – I was cheering for her on American Idol, but just not cheering for her on Smash… *just my opinion*

  22. Ettie says:

    I’ll miss the show terribly. I hope Bombsell makes its way to Broadway for real. Despite the creative ups and downs of the series, Bombshell has emerged with the best original musical score in ages. Universal and the dolt who runs NBC (forget his name) are pretty big in broadway production and I can’t imagine them letting such a powerful property just die.

  23. smashy says:

    All I want to know is will Cartwills ever happen?!

  24. CarolH says:

    I love this show and putting the finale in that Sunday night is a terrible idea…not only is it a holiday weekend it is also the night of one of Nascar’s biggest races…leave it on Saturday please!!

    • Annie says:

      Seriously? UGH. I mean the least they could do is not put it up against some other huge draw. NOTHING’S on Saturdays.

    • Ettie says:

      I’m going to guess there isn’t a whole lot of NASCAR/smash fan base crossover. In fact, there may be just one. You.

      • Nope, there are at least 2 :)

        • arilyn says:

          and definitely 3….. I love love this show. Those mindless reality shows are for idiots who have no life and don’t recognize terrific musical talent. Too bad the youth of today can’t be exposed to this type of musical. They are probably starved for classy performances. Please try to save this show. It’s like the performances in the old movies that everyone loved and still enjoy on classic movie channels. I KNOW there’s an audience for this show and their wonderful actors. It needs to be allowed to have people find it, instead for falling asleep watching reality garbage until the 11 o’clock news comes on. NCIS had a rough beginning too until people found it. Give it a chance instead of burying it while it still alive.

  25. Fabe says:

    I’m guessing Jimmy and his gay friend, Kevin?, will kiss.

    • Elliott says:

      Fabe, I think Safran is referring to Tom and a new character who’s meant to be a Hugh Jackman type actor. He’s being played by Luke McFarlane.

  26. Donna says:

    Hated the move to Saturday, but can’t believe they are cancelling it!

  27. Joe says:

    All u guys bitching about the cancelation do something and try to save the show, it’s a long shot but u got a chance

  28. tracy says:

    Its sad because I have never cared to watch NBC and was always a CBS and ABC fan but first there was Mockingbird heights that i didnt think i could stand to watch after original munsters and than really liked it… and they were stupid enought to never make it…and than Smash started and I thought id give it a shot and was very entertained, especially the last few episodes…and they cancel it… well i guess the peacock will be absent from my tv…

  29. Ted says:

    Monday nights with The Voice followed by Smash were the best nights of tv for a long time. Why does TV always have to take a winning formula and mess it up?

  30. Joel V says:

    The show has SO much talent on it and further potential, it’s a shame NBC’s going to trash this for some crap. Praying to the TV gods that it gets a reprieve on one of the cable networks.

  31. wmjindsm says:

    I think the reason the final two episodes are on Sunday is because starting Saturday, May 25 for the next three weeks NBC will have NHL Playoffs. They want to burn the show off now instead of waiting a month to bring back the last two episodes.

  32. Beverly says:

    So sad, and perhaps they over thought their age group, I am 55 and love the show as do my friends. Moving it to Saturday evening didn’t help as that is when we have our dinner parties or get togethers and not gathered infront of the tv. Will miss it, there is far too many reality shows on, and you are putting it on the May 2-4 long weekend up here, it makes me think they are hoping it fails so they can say…. “see we told you it doesn’t work”

  33. Joe says:

    Can’t wait for the season finale, I hope for Season 3

  34. Cleveland says:

    Yeah, I always watch the show on Xfinity: On Demand. I hope that helps them.

  35. Vadarie says:

    Smash should not be on the cancelled list – it should be on the needs new management list. A really good show has been terribly mismanaged this season. Bad management/direction does not equal a bad show!

  36. Sarah says:

    I don’t want a season finale about the Tony’s. I want them to play out Bombshell from start to finish. I want to see the musical in its full glory. I have the soundtrack already which is amazing, but it’s not good enough. I want to SEE it!

  37. cynthia welch says:

    I love SMASH and think that Sunday would be a great day for it, I miss Desperate Housewives and this would be awesome in that time slot. Just don’t keep moving it around, that has to be the worst thing you could do for the ratings.

  38. me says:

    Josh Safran should never be allowed to watch TV again, never mind be involved in it in any way.

  39. Phlash12 says:

    Sigh, while the show hasn’t technically been cancelled, at least one of the primary actresses has moved on (although she’s one of the least likable characters, so no great loss). BUT the handwriting is on the wall. Plus, it doesn’t help that NBC has no clue how to market the show, or the show’s merchandise (seriously, no SMASH or Bombshell posters???).

    • Michael Hamilton says:

      I know! They really blew it with the merchandising on this. No posters, playbills, lobby cards, programs, anything typical of a broadway show should have been available to buy, but NBC isn’t really very serious about their merchandising I don’t think. Heck….I could do better seling it than they’re doing.

  40. t says:

    If they wanted to save the show maybe they should not have waited to long to put the 2nd season on once season one was done. And they don’t take into consideration about those who watch it on DVR or on their computers.

  41. Key says:

    I think that they keep moving Smash so that the can move it out. I like SMASH and I wish that they would just leave it alone!

    • Key says:

      I believe that that they did not advertise the show enough. When the show began, all you saw was advertisements, it made me curious. Now, nothing….I didn’t even know that changed the day and had to watch it on Demand, which does not let you forward commercials.

  42. sarah says:

    Ivy will be pregnant with Derek’s child, and Karen will take over the roll of Marilyn! Kyle will kiss Jimmy. Not sure who will be arrested, maybe Adam?

    • Phlash12 says:

      It would be much more interesting IF Julia was pregnant (that was hinted at at the end of Season One, IF Tom kissed Derek and he kissed back, and IF Karen Cartwright was arrested. THEN people would want to tune in to Season Three to see what’s going on!

    • Robert Marar says:

      I agree Ivy will probably be the pregnant one with Derek’s child. Jimmy’s probably is the one who’s getting arrested (remember he changed his name and was laying low from his drug dealing life). As for the m/m kiss it’s most likely Tom kissing someone… maybe burring the hatchet with Derek, so to speak ;-) LOL wouldn’t that be a funny little twist Ivy/Derek/Tom triangle.

      Kinda looks like Kyle is dead from the last ep. The writers seem to be mirroring the path of Rent and how it got to Broadway when it’ creator died before the big transfer to the great white way.

      More then likely Kyle will posthumously win the Tony for best original musical. Tom will get the surprise win for best Director “Bombshell” (That’s probably why he ends up kissing Derek lol). And the winner for best leading lady in a new musical, the Tony goes to… Ladies and Gentlemen this has only happened a few times in the history of the Tony awards, we have a tie!

  43. monique says:

    keep the show going! DON’T cancel it! THERE ARE ALOT OF US THAT FOLLO THE SHOW! also, please try to put it back on to the weekdays!!!

  44. Malynn says:

    I love the show and it’s two leading ladies Megan Hilty and Katherine McPhee. McPhee’s voice is amazing!! I am not a Glee fan and happened onto this show by accident and have been hooked since. I do think the plot needs a bit of tightening but feel like we’re just really getting into it. I can certainly understand why the fans are plugging for a 3rd season what I’m confused about is all the ridiculous and negative comments from folks who don’t watch it (or do and just gripe for something to say). Do they not have other channels to watch? If you don’t like it, watch something else. Simple solution for simple people.

  45. Claudia says:

    They took too long to air season 2. The character Jimmy doesn’t work what a whiner and I don’t buy Karen falling for wimp. I wish they’d bring back her old boyfriend and let him sing and dance or just let her get with the darn director already geeez. I would love to see Bombshell start to finish just once before it ends!

  46. scorp_cat13 says:

    Well, if it is cancelled, I guess I’ll be watching ABC and CBS…..

  47. Lorena says:

    Take a break and come back stronger. My heart would be broken if the show gets cancelled.

  48. Jen says:

    2nd season hasn’t even been shown in the UK yet!!! I have watched it online and think its amazing. Please don’t cancel the show

  49. Marcus says:

    I am actually happy to see the show go. Season 2, to me, was boring. There wasn’t much to get hooked onto. The series had a chance after the Pilot and it just failed, miserably. It’s too cheesy and to me, the similarities to Glee just made it worse. Also, Katherine McPhee is a HORRIBLE actress: he face never shows emotion and her voice never does either. She may have powerhouse vocals, but seriously, come on. At least make an EFFORT. I also hated Tom and Sam’s relationship: there was no spark and rarely any interaction between them. Come on NBC…are you afraid to make a gay couple have a profiled arc? Oh, let’s not forget Julia…….Debra Messing proved to be a MESS in this show. She could have given alot more, but I don’t blame her completely: the writers of the show have probably never ever seen a musical in their life. Derek was…okay. However, he just got annoying after his second or third tirade. Eileen…….I have nothing to say. Crappy performance. I could go on for days about how terrible the show got, but I have better things to do.

  50. James says:

    What I really don’t understand is that everyone I talk to watches this show. so how can it be soo low in the ratings. My question is why? Is this because we record it on the PVR and watch it later?