Exclusive NCIS Photo: The [Spoiler] Aftermath

And now… we, and Jethro, wait.

CBS’ NCIS sent 17 million jaws to the floor on Tuesday night, teeing up its imminent May sweeps run/dash for the finale with a devastating, made-you-jump-off-the-davenport car crash that slapped a question mark on the fates of both Tony and Ziva.

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In this first-look photo from next Tuesday’s episode of TV’s most watched drama, titled “Revenge,” Gibbs is camped out at the hospital with Director Vance when McGee arrives to present new, critical intel on his phone.

NCIS Tony Ziva Car Accident

How bad of shape are Tony and Ziva in? (Factoring in that Cote de Pablo is not yet signed for next season?) And will the episode’s titular revenge be attained? As showrunner Gary Glasberg previously told us, “I think people are going to be really blown away by how things unfold.”

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Watch a clip of Tuesday night’s episode-ending OMG moment:

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  1. Lillian says:

    I wonder how many people are going to ask what a davenport is. Not Canadians. Can’t get too worried, there are three episodes left!

    • Stacey says:

      fortunately this american knows what a davenport is..! it was one of my dad’s words for that particular piece of furniture..

    • Laura says:

      My Nonnie called t a davenport until the day she died :-) I’m 43 and American an I know what it is! Of course, I also live across a river from Canada…

    • rebecca oliver says:

      We elder folks knew the comfort of a davenport way before the sleek sofa moved in. I think the couch came in with the potato attached. I am a 63 year old All American from out Californy way.

    • Theodore Neuhaus says:

      This one is not in Iowa!

  2. Carrie says:

    NCIS is the best and most entertaining show! I cannot wait until next Tuesday!!!!

    • Mila says:

      It was. Now, it’s tired and unoriginal. You can tell the actors are just there for the paycheck because they phone in their performance

      • Youareboring... says:

        Well, to quote Shawn Spencer from Psych, “SUCCCK IT!” and if it’s sooo, “tired and unoriginal” why are you even watching it, much less commenting on it? Sadly, your comments are tired and very unoriginal.

        • Jake says:

          Please, everyone knows Psych is just a rip-off of The Mentalist…

          • Guvna says:

            Psych is a rip-off of The Mentalist? Hmm…Psych started in 2006 and The Mentalist started in 2008.

          • S. says:

            Of course. Psych is a rip-off of a show that premiered TWO YEARS after it came on the air. The producers must be psychic.

          • Brandon says:

            You should seriously get your facts straight. And don’t bash the two best shows on TV. It you don’t like them you have horrid taste and you don’t have to comment.

        • Auntie Ralph says:

          Okay, while I can’t speak for Mila, I would like to point out two things:

          1) Don’t like, don’t watch, is flawed argument, since it can first of all be hard to say if you’ll like something or not until you, you know, see it. Plus sometimes people get stuck reviewing shows even if they don’t like them. Then there’s you not liking the show but your significant other or friend or whatever does and as a way to hang out with them you suffer through it…

          2) Commenting is a way to vent. People complain. It’s a cycle. I’m now effectively complaining about the complaining about the complaining. And so on until someone goes cross-eyed.

        • katie says:

          LOVE IT!!!! Love Psych and have just started getting into NCIS (I just finished season 7). So i don’t know you, but i think you’re SWEEEET!

      • meme says:

        Oh my God, you’re RIGHT! All it took was this comment from you, Mila, to make me see the error of my ways! No actual evidence, just YOUR opinion is all it took! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Whatever will the 17 million people who watch NCIS every week DO without you to try and make us feel stupid?

      • Guest says:

        Very true, Mila.

      • Duffy English says:

        Huh? Did you get distracted and change the channel? Are you sure you are watching NCIS? Maybe you got tired of the show and not the show that got tired.

    • Elyse says:

      Carrie I agree :) love it!

    • Kim R says:

      Totally agree. :)

    • Carol says:

      Neither can we in Canada…………..they got a gasp out of me for sure

    • El says:

      I think ziva is not coming back.

  3. Mila says:

    I kind of hope Ziva dies, so the moment will be more shocking

    • meme says:

      If she dies, they kinda have to stop killing all the women on this show.

      • Dreamrose says:

        Good heavens, yes. Kate, Jenny, Shannon and Kelly, Paula Cassidy, Michelle Lee, and that’s not even all of them…! Just wow.

        • Brandon says:

          Totally agree but to be fair Sasha Alexander quit the show so they had to either kill her or kick her off the team.

      • Tom says:

        Good point. Let’s hope Cote de Pablo’s agent points that out.

      • Nicole says:

        I wonder if thats the ending goal. This is disgusting.

      • I am not going to keep on watching it next year if Ziva won’t be in it!!!That torturing on Tony must at some point end!!!They should either kill him alongside or let them both live…I would bear those two not getting happily ever after(not really, but for the sake of the argument) but never another heart break on Tony…after all, if they are trying to make him “Gibbs junior” they should at least let him have children first (with Ziva or with that girl he used to spy on for a bunch of episodes)!!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    ziva cannot die! There’s been enough death on this show. First Kate then Jenny! My heart can’t handle this lol

  5. Elyse says:

    Ziva :(

  6. Teshia says:

    There are spoilers about Ziva in the next episode (Revenge), but nothing about Tony.
    So Ziva will not die, but what happens with Tony???

    • What are the spoilers??? O.o I need to read them!!!! Please??

      • @Teshia (Cont. from my last post) What about Tony????? I need thost Ziva spoilers as well as Tony’s!! PM please???

        • Teshia says:

          The Ziva spoiler is: “that gets us to the next episode, which is aptly called “Revenge,” and really gives Ziva fans an opportunity to see a strong, determined, relentless Ziva David that they haven’t seen in a while.” But I can’t find anything about Tony. Sure Tony has signed on for the next season, but Mike Franks died and still shows up in some episodes.

        • sofia says:

          “It wouldn’t be unlike NCIS to let the mystery bleed into next season, but nevertheless, there are more shocking moments on the way, she (Cote) said, including a few between Tony and Ziva, for whom she teased some “messy” times ahead.” I don’t think any of this can happen with either of them dead, which is why I’m a lot more calmer then after watching the episode last night. I hope they don’t surprise us later or I might have a heart attack.

        • lily says:

          MW posted a photo about a plastic surgeon awhile ago on Twitter (with a nose thing), and from the promo it looks like DiNozzo hurt his nose in the crash, so I assume he is alive. :)

    • Meg says:

      Michael Weatherley is signed through season 11, so I wouldn’t worry too much about Tony’s fate.

  7. Debra says:

    I hope they don’t kill off Ziva right when she and Tony look like they are going to finally get together. It took awhile for me to get into the two of them as a couple because of how much I loved Kate and Tony but now I love them. I can’t watch another ship end because one or both of the characters die.


  9. Katie says:

    My theory (and that of my 5 year old niece who said that ‘she’s only pretending to die to get the bad guy’) is that they are going to make it appear that Ziva dies to try to flush out Bodnar

    • Gina Newton says:

      I hope that is what happens!

    • Caitlin says:

      Dude your 5 year old!?!?! Get that kid in advanced placement! That’s a pretty mature brain he or she has, and thank you both for that idea, that makes me feel better about how the episode ended now!

  10. Nora P.Cambó says:

    NCIS is our favorite! We watch it every Tuesday at 8pm and whenever they have episodes, even
    if they are repeats! We hope NCIS doesnt follow the same fate as the Marlins – they dismantled the team and now its not even fun to watch them play! We love the team, w/ Jethro, Ziva, Tony, Leon, Ducky, Abby, McGee – ALL OF THEM! My husband mentioned: if they kill Ziva in the program, we are not watching it anymore……..Nora & Juan from Miami

  11. Barbara says:

    Please Ziva, dodnt leave the show sign that contract Tony need you i love this show and i like all the cast crew to so please stay….

  12. Frank Wisor says:

    I sort of figured Ziva and Gibbs would be the thing.

    • Irena Gallo says:

      Gibbs is her American father figure and mentor/guide. He’s never demonstrated a romantic interest, only a paternal one. All older men don’t necessarily fall for a Ziva onscreen or in real life.

  13. Ziva can not die her and tony are perfect for eachother !!!x

  14. Barb Swank says:

    ziva and tony are hurt but i think ziva will go undercover, and play dead so she can find her father’s killer

  15. Jack D. Wahl, Jr. says:

    Whoa, what’s with the hate Ziva rap, Sugar?

  16. RON says:


  17. AuntieMM says:

    Neither will die. Can’t make jokes about McGee and Hanks’ son’s as lookalikes as previously mentioned if either dies. So guessing that Gibbs goes and kills Bodnar and goes on trial (thus the need for the previously mentioned lawyer from JAG). Just wish McGee would do the killing for once instead of always Gibbs. Also guess that TIVA will happen and Gibbs will have to get over it.

    One more whine on my part (sorry)…..could we get Abby and McGee together??? That was the best part of the 200th episode other than Gibbs with a beard.

    • D says:

      I suspect it will happen for the series finale. McGee and Abby always made more sense because they have a history.

  18. NCIS has the best “family” of characters ever and the positive part of me is sure neither Tony or Ziva will die (please???) I watch all the reruns (USA channel) own through season 8…can’t get enough. Just hearing their voices makes me feel at peace. Keep up the truly appreciated work!! A fan

  19. Lindsey says:

    Thank you Matt and TV Line. You guys are awesome and we can always rely on you for NCIS stuff. For right now, all I can says is: DON’T DIE, ZIVA.

  20. RMA says:

    I can’t believe how many people actually think they’d kill of Ziva. They can’t kill of McGee who has less than 15 minutes of airtime (if that), why in the world would they kill of a top three favorite?! It’s the #1 show, they aren’t going to mess with success.

    I, for one, do not a believe a single word out of Gary Glasberg’s mouth and am so tired of all the TIVA teasing. Either put them together, or don’t. But every single year-end it’s “Oh, TIVA fans will love this!” and then nothing happens. Enough already!

    • RMA says:

      *off. Apparently, I don’t like double ff’s. LOL! Sorry!

    • Nicole says:

      So, SO true. The TIVA teasing is annoying. And I’d be ridiculous to kill Ziva. But part of me wonders if they’ll pull a soap opera- “Her face was totally mutualized in the crash, she needs plastic surgery, and she may look different.” Then you see a whole new actress claiming to be Ziva. That’d be almost as bad as killing her. But Cote de Pablo hasn’t signed her contract yet. But who would be so stupid as to quit the most popular show on TV? Part of me thinks that Pablo signed her contract months ago and that this is a huge publicity stunt, and that they’ve got all NCIS episodes for the next 6 years written already. I JUST DON’T KNOW!

  21. N.A. says:

    Great first line there and so true. It feels like so long till we have to wait for the fallout of this episode and the fallout that leads to in the final episodes for the team. I hope Cote signs soon. It wouldn’t be fun enduring summer not knowing if she’ll be back or not. Thanks for the photo too, Matt. You’re the best. :)

  22. Tom says:

    Welcome to the Downton Abby era of contract negotiations. Cut a deal or there’s a fatal car wreck with your name on it.

  23. Pennagirl says:

    Totally NOT happy!

  24. cookie13 says:

    The BEST show on television. Don’t kill off anyone please. If it “ain’t” broke, don’t fix it. Not interested though In having Gibbs’ a love interest. Like him like he is.

  25. PPPG says:

    I’m wagering CDP did sign and they are making it seem like she didn’t to add an extra dose of ‘anxiety’.

    • Mitchell Gray says:

      I completely 100% agree with you. They could be holding off just to make the cliffhanger at the end of the season seem groundbreaking. For example I was never afraid that Ducky was going to die last season finale, because earlier in the season he signed on for two more seasons. Thus he was safe. So if you do not come out with that information no one knows what is going to happen. I have a feeling that in the season finale Ziva is going to get shot or resign and we are going to be left asking questions if she is going to come back all summer. I feel Gary Glasberg is defecting Ziva questions and playing the I do not know card for that reason. He is the showrunner, he exactly knows what is happening with contracts, etc.

  26. I only watch the show because I’m waiting for Tony and Ziva to finally get together. That would suck so bad if she didn’t come back.

    • TIVAwillhappen says:

      That is the only reason I stick to it too… getting tired of waiting.

      There is a good chance tiva happens IF Cote de Pablo is NOT returning for season 11 (which I read she might not because she wants to do other things). It would be a nice story line that she got her revenge but her and Tony got in major trouble for it. To be on the giving end this time, Ziva resigns to keep Tony at NCIS since she feels she owes him so much and they have a moment where they spill their hearts NCIS style (so not much spilling :)) and we are left open interpretation that they did or did not get together, again NCIS style (trying to please the crazy tiva haters too!).

  27. Peggy says:

    I must watch too much TV (which I do) because that ending didn’t surprise me at all. So many shows do the same thing, main characters sitting in car and as they go through an intersection a car comes speeding along and hits them. What would surprise me is if one of the main characters in the car didn’t survive.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Thanks. This puts my mind more at ease. I’m still anxious and a little worried but as Mom and I are both trying to do, we are both trying to not think about it cause all its doing is making me loose sleep. I’m watching funnier eps of NCIS to help put my mind at ease. I love both Tony and Ziva and don’t want anything to happen to them!!!! I’m hoping for the best but expecting the worst right now-cautiously optimistic. I’d like to point out that I e never been more upset or anxious about the aftermath of a show as I was for last nights episode! I never cry..only in movies…..and the car crash had me crying for ten minutes saying: nooooooooo! They can’t die! They won’t!! If this had been the season finale…..I would have felt like jumping off the nearest bridge!! It’s just too much for me to bear right now! Hopefully things will work out and they’ll catch this bastard!

  29. JBC says:

    Love, Love, Love Tony and Ziva and NCIS. They will survive and this fine show and cast will continue to bring us the best in television. Thanks writers, actors, producers, and network.. Keep those great episodes coming!!!

  30. Glenda says:

    Ziva deserves to have her revenge and get the guy—but, I am not sure she can take it—so, let Tony shoot the guy, or Gibbs or whomever..maybe Vance…but give Ziva some “joy”…she has earned it! I hope she returns..so pay her whatever!!!!

  31. Jake says:

    The characters on this show ought to stay in during the month of May – it seems at this time of year (every year) one of them is injured, killed, has a heart attack, etc…

  32. Keilworth says:

    Keep Tony and Ziva alive… This is truly a good show and they need these characters. The deaths of Vances wife and Zivas Dad has drawn this crew tighter . Also what about Palmer? Where does he fit in?

  33. Ana Rubio says:

    This show is gonna be the end of me, really. That scene was amazing and then CRASH, I was crying and yelling and almost had a heart attack, a cliffhanger like this in the final season and i don’t know what I would do. They need to be OK and alive and together.

  34. sjack says:

    How are Ziva and Tony going to get together and still work together? Think Gibbs is going to “bend” rule #12, even for them? I don’ think so!

  35. Shadows says:

    I don’t think either of them will die. We’ve got Ziva spoilers and it would be a dumb move to kill of Tony, I’m fairly sure viewer ratings would plummet if they did that

  36. Naplesfan says:

    Gibbs also had Rule 51,, “Sometimes, you’re wrong”. I see plenty of spoilers about Ziva for the next episode, but not anything yet of Tony.

  37. kirads09 says:

    I don’t think either of them will die or be off the show. I know – Rule 51 – I can be wrong.
    I also realize the accident was the big deal of the episode, but how awesome was Marina Sirtis ♥ – even though she is kinda the “enemy” now.

  38. Craig says:

    I think Bodner is the fall guy for killing Eli David, with the real mastermind being the new head of Mossad. That lady lies about way too much stuff, and Bodner even tells Ziva, ‘Things are not as they would seem’…

  39. RchBtch says:

    as much as i love the show..i was not shocked….i knew the whole episode that someone was going ot take a shot at Ziva….why would they want her alive..someone as dangerous as her..avenging her father..im surpirised they waited till not to get htis plotline going..but not surprised they used it as a clifhanger…and if you look at the ending as the truck came towards them..the driver turned the headlights on…you could see the driver was targetting them and it wasnt an ‘accident’..wont stop me from watching ..still a great show..

  40. Jodi says:

    My husband is wondering what happens to the Diamonds? Ziva is holding them when the accident occurs. Are the diamonds going to disappear during the moments following the accident? Ever notice it’s always a Black SUV that hits the good guys?

  41. tasha says:

    please don’t let ziva or tony die!!!
    they should be together and get married
    I love NCIS and will never watch it again if either ziva or tony does die!!!!