The Voice Recap: Lost in Translation [Updated]

The Voice - Season 4 Battle RoundsI went into tonight’s installment of The Voice expecting newbie coach Usher to do something crazy: Use his last remaining ‘Steal’ on one of his own team members. Throw a Knockout Rounds-bound contestant back into the waters when a fresher catch swam by. Maybe even play his trump card and pull Justin Bieber out from beneath his coach’s chair — in much the same way Blake Shelton uses his ACM award — to lure a vocalist onto his team.

And my an-tici-pay-shun wasn’t based on a mere hunch: NBC’s promo department has been promising Major Knockout Round Drama from the “U Got It Bad” singer for a whole week now. (Wait: Congress didn’t go and pass some act making it legal for TV networks to make false promises to the audience, right?)

Perhaps even more disappointing, though, the final Battle Rounds telecast of Season 4 gave us a paltry trio of full performances — one of which found Shakira getting duped into thinking her most shark-eyed contestant is sweet as cotton candy. I mean, this chica couldn’t even be bothered to learn a Shakira song before her rehearsals — and she’s still weeks away from competing for America’s vote. (Shudder.)

Anyhow, enough kvetching, it’s time for me to weigh in on the night’s proceedings: I’ve ranked each individual battle from least- to most-promising winner, as I often do:

Team Shakira: Mary Miranda (booo!) defeats Cathia on Shakira’s “Antes de las Seis” (Usher steals Cathia) | Call me crazy, but I prefered Cathia both in terms of voice and attitude. The chick has a big, expressive instrument and didn’t seem to miss more than a note or two on the live stage. As for Mary, she carries just a whiff of entitlement that makes it impossible for me to connect. (That whole “I’m so young, therefore I didn’t have time to learn my Shakira song before rehearsals” bit really stuck in my craw, and her post-win tears seemed a bit too…theatrical?) So either I’m on to something, or I’m trying too hard to create a Season 4 villain to add some intrigue to this very sweet, kumbaya season. (It’s totally the former, methinks.)

Team Shakira: Shawna P. defeats Brandon Roush on Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” | I worry that, as the oldest contestant left in the competition, Shawna might turn out to be mere Knockout Rounds fodder. But if Shakira pushes the country-blues rocker into more current territory (think Jack Black, for one), I could envision her making a run at the finale similar to Season 1’s bawdy Beverly McClellan. Which would actually be kind cool. Brandon, for his part, just didn’t seem ready for prime time. And neither did his heinous red hat.

Team Adam: Sarah Simmons defeats Duncan Kamakana on Lady Antebellum’s “Wanted You More” | Sarah definitely has a lot of great gears in her voice — and I love that break that occurs when she really digs deep in her lower register — but it seems a little early for Blake to be labeling her as one of his favorite voices in his life, no? That said, she’s definitely a major Top 10 contender this season, though I suspect the competition will get stiffer than the striking but somewhat mushy-mouthed Mr. Kamakana.

Also advancing (but only shown in snippet): Michelle Chamuel over Chelsea M (Team Usher); Amy Whitcomb defeats Agina Alvarez (Team Adam); Justin Rivers defeats the Morgan Twins (Team Blake)

On that note, I turn things over to you: Who were your favorites from Night 4 of The Voice‘s Season 4 Battle Rounds? Were there any decisions with which you disagreed? Were you let down by the lack of Usher drama? And I’m not crazy about Mary coming off a little nefarious, right? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. kavyn says:

    That’s the second time in a row they montaged Amy! Yeesh.

    They also montaged Michelle and Grace. I don’t understand the editing team’s priorities…

    • Kristoffer says:

      Agreed. If they would stop showing the persons original audition (or just show less of it) or stop showing what we are going to see after the commercials or what we just saw before the commercials they could squeeze those folks in.

      • ES says:

        Honestly, they could’ve fit all the battles into the 4 episodes if they stopped recapping what happened before the commercial break and stopped previewing what else is going to happen in the episode. So annoying.

    • Kathryn says:

      I completely agree.., to montage anyone twice is just not right! You’re not giving them much of a chance to win America over.

    • Tedatbent says:

      they might be skipping Amy because she already had an entire season of screen time as a member of an all-girl group on The Sing Off.

      • kavyn says:

        I actually think they’re doing it because she looks a lot like Cassadee Pope. I doubt it has anything to do with the Sing Off.

      • Lindsay says:

        I think they montaged Cassadee Pope during the blind auditions and battle rounds last season, but I can’t remember for sure. I know she was montaged at least once.

        • Marta says:

          I just looked this up….. Showed her audition (“Torn”), montaged her battle round. :)

        • kavyn says:

          They definitely didn’t montage her blind audition, I remember how much the editing pushed her performance for turning all four chairs. I don’t remember if she was montaged in the battles though.

    • Melissa says:

      Seriously!!! Amy is so great! she deserves to be shown!

  2. Kristin D says:

    So pissed that they skipped Amy Whitcomb & Michelle Chamuel respective battles as the few seconds we got to see of each were fa more enjoyable than the highlighted battles.

    • Dan says:

      Crazy, edgy Michelle was what I needed to get through the night. Only a snippet was not enough! >:(

      • Trent says:

        SO agree! I’ve been waiting to see Michelle since the Blind Auditions! They could have squeezed her in, plus Justin sounded fantastic in the snippet we saw. I don’t remember the Battle Rounds being this short last year — have they reduced them this season?

        • Leah says:

          Trent, last year each team was “supersized” with 12 members pre-knockout rounds. This year this realized how ridiculously long the season went before actual live shows/voting, so they’ve reduced to 8, I believe.

    • Jayda says:

      I also wanted to see the Justin/Morgan twins battle. This one and the two you mentioned would have made for a great show!

      • The Beach says:

        I would have liked to have heard that one too. From what little I did hear, Justin was pretty damn good.

        • Maggie says:

          We’re all annoyed that they’ve montaged Amy twice, but they’ve also montaged Justin twice, I really wanted to hear his battle with the Morgan twins. That song (Easy by Rascal Flatts) sounds like it fit his voice a lot better than his audition song (Summertime by Kenny Chesney).

    • Jamie says:

      Amen. Amy has a built-in fanbase and we want to see how she sounds in this context! <3

  3. steve says:

    Am I the only one who has been really annoyed with the editing this season? There doesnt seem to be any drama or suspense and the steals are obvious when they are going to be used with the ‘coming up’ sections.

    • girlinmd says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more! They could have fit in the snippet battles if they didn’t do the coming up parts that basically give away what’s happening and also with all the behind the scenes keep it to when they were with their coach and the guest I really wanted to see Michelle’s battle she was interesting during the auditions

    • the real wendy says:

      Do not fret. You are not the only one.

  4. analythinker says:

    Second crime to add to the false promise: they montaged Amy Whitcomb AGAIN!

  5. Danny says:

    I liked Mary in that one. I may be in the minority there though. I had a feeling Shakira was going to pick her when she said Mary was charismatic.

    The Shawna vs Brandon battle was one I thought that maybe both should go home. It’s one of those where ya see other people who’ve went home (like the 2 last night) & think it would be nice to have some sort of way to maybe have a “no pick” battle & also a “double pick” battle.

    Sarah Simmons!!! God she’s good. Right now she’s my #1 overall. I love her voice. If she keeps going like she is, she’ll be my favorite Voice/AI contestant since Haley.

    • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

      Haley will NEVER be surpassed.

      • Danny says:

        If these shows go on long enough, eventually she will be. I’m not sure if you follow hockey or not, but eventually Wayne Gretzky will be surpassed too. It’s just gonna take awhile.
        *That’s why I said SINCE Haley. Sarah’s only sang twice that I’ve seen. For all I know she might be terrible next week. Or she might be great but still gone. Or she might keep doing real well but Judith, Ryan, or a few others who aren’t too far behind will pass her in my eyes. I don’t know how it’ll unfold. All I’m saying is for the first two songs she’s been excellent.
        *In terms of opinion type things, the only 2 absolutes to me would be nothing in sports will ever be more exciting than the US beating Russia in 1980 and no song will ever be better than Stairway to Heaven.

        • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

          Good point. Maybe God will audition and surpass Haley. Or maybe it will be an angel. Or maybe it will be Judith Hill.

      • Will says:

        I dunno what your definition of “surpassed” is but whether it’s based on success or raw talent, even if you just keep it within the same show, Haley has been surpassed by people who came before her and by people who came after her.

        She isn’t the greatest thing to happen, and just because she moderately overcame the extreme bussing during her season and delivered some excellent performances, she isn’t as great as some fanatics would like to believe. She got good by the end of her run, but the first time we ever saw her, she sounded like a drunk, slurring her way through an incomprehensible God Bless The Child, and she didn’t really show any solid standing in her season until Benny and the Jets. There have been many who were more consistently excellent than she ever was. That’s not to say she wasn’t fantastic in many ways at many times, but to say she will never be surpassed would be false, because that statement wouldn’t have even been true at the moment her run ended, let alone now.

        • HaleyloonieToo says:

          Blasphemy!!! You go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve said young man!

        • Danny says:

          @Will- Hi Will, I’m gonna respectfully disagree w/ ya here. In my eyes, she had zero bad performances in the live shows. Yea, she forgot some lyrics back in the auditions. In the live shows, zero bad performances to me gets ya a good start to being among the best. I’m not saying every single song she did was great (though most of them were), but she had no bad songs.
          *She and James were pretty much the best of the night or 2nd best every week. One time Pia was best of the night. One time Lauren was. Other than that, it was Haley or James every week for the top spot.
          *I wasn’t a fan of hers off the get go. My favorites going in that year were Scott, Pia, Jacob, James, & Julie Zorillo. Only James held up in my eyes. I figure a lot disagree since Scott won. Haley came on later because of good performances.
          *Yea, I’ve got too much time on my hands, but I’d run her & James songs in similar weeks up against last seasons. I don’t think she blew away last years top 7, but I feel she was better than them. James was about equal to the top 7 of last year. I think real highly of last years top 7.
          *More too much time on my hands, but I ran her up against Siobhan & Allison too. Those 3 are my top 3 Idols of all. IMO Haley came out on top. For what it’s worth, Siobhan started out great & I think the harsh judging messed w/ her mind. So I’m factoring that in there some too in keeping her in my all time top 3.
          *Yes, she got helped in a backwards sort of way by the brutal judging. She was still pretty dang good w/out it though. And her fighting spirit helped some too.
          *I get all this is opinion and you’ve said pretty much yourself that ya thought Haley was good. In mine Haley’s the best of all so far. There’s a whole slew of contestants that could be considered the best of all time. A lot of it comes down to personal preference in music. I have no qualms if someone doesn’t agree w/ me. That’s part of the fun.
          *Thanx for responding w/ an intelligent post.

          • Will says:

            Well I can’t agree with your position on James either. He had high notes but unlike Adam he often shrieked them, and he had consistent pitch issues that, as someone who values good vocal technique, made me unable to ever be a fan of his. His tone was nasally and he just could never do things that I enjoyed. Heck, the only performances of his I remember are ones I remember him thoroughly doing injustice to.

            So I guess we just have different standards for what music we like.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            @will (about james) – Yeah the problem with James is that by his last few weeks he was sometimes missing literally 50% of the notes, sometimes by a mile, on one song I think he missed the pitch on, literally, and i mean literally literally, 90% of the notes. I know it is rock and all but that is getting a bit much. He did keep it interesting at least right to the end, a lot more than Scotty. He did bring a lot of dynamism so I can see why people like him and had him right up there. I liked him for quite a while until he started missing just so sooooo many notes, he was still entertaining though so I didn’t mind him making top four and a Haley, James, Lauren top three would’ve been more interesting IMO (even if Scotty hit the notes better than James).
            (It was kinda annoying when he apparently blamed Haley for stealing HIS spot in the top three and told all his fans to vote for anyone but Haley and that she got it just because she couldn’t handle the judges comments and didn’t take it like a man or something or other and got sympathy votes (maybe this story isn’t true but I saw someone, maybe even a couple someones post it) and moreso when you consider that he got weeks of benefit where he could miss every note and then the judges would say it was utterly emotionally perfect and then Haley would miss ONE note and they’d be that was awful in every single respect. So James, come on man.)

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Nonsense! You could tell she was golden right from the audition. She is all that and more. She sang rock better than the rock singer, country better than the country singers, pop better than the pop singers, ballads better than balladeers her season, whipped out an amazing jazz duet.
          She got invited to Carnegie freaking Hall completely out of the blue just from a single performance in a club. (and is the only Idol contestant to have ever been invited to Lollapalooza). She has an instantly recognizable tone (something that is sorta missing from all this season’s top four, not that you have to have that, but if you don’t it certainly helps to have the raw vocals of a Whitney Houston).
          It couldn’t have been hideous busing now could it if she hadn’t been good? I mean it would’ve just been honest then and not busing.
          Of course there have been other top ones too, just look at the first season and you have Kelly. And winning an Oscar ain’t too shabby, etc.

          • Danny says:

            @Hit- Not sure if that was to me, but I gotta admit I didn’t notice her until Blue. The first week of the live shows I had Pia as the top girl. Haley was like 3rd I think. I was also rooting for Pia. Then little by little I’m thinking “this blonde is kicking her tail.” When Pia got voted off, I didn’t get the hostility towards Haley. Haley had beaten Pia like 4 out of 5 times by that point.
            *I called Randy a few names when he said he didn’t know what kind of artist she was. My thinking was look you dufas, if she sang 3 different styles of songs & did well on all of em, who cares?
            *I mainly want the best one to win. Like on the Voice I’m thinking it’s Sarah Simmons at the moment. If someone passes her in my mind, I’ll hope that person wins.
            *The person I’m rooting for and the person I hope wins isn’t always the same. By that I mean I want the best person to win even if it’s not my favorite. Like right now I think Sarah is the best singer, but there’s a few others who I like more than her. They’re just not nearly as good a singer. Therefore I hope Sarah wins.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            No that was at Will.
            On your other point, I do get your point about favorite and who you hope wins can be different. Looking at AI this season I think Candice should win, as of now at least, but I’m no quite so sure is she my favorite though, at least as of now.

          • Will says:

            I feel as though you just disagreed with something I never said.

    • Venus says:

      Sarah Simmons should win. She has done well on Itunes so far.

  6. scootermcgavin says:

    As someone that has watched every episode of Survivor and every one of its promo, I am not at all surprised that a Mark Burnett over hyped promo did not live up to its promise. They only do about 1% of the time. And I am not going to say Cathia vs. Mary Miranda was the best Battle Round, but I will say that was the most entertaining twenty minutes this season. They could have dedicated the entire hour to those girls and montaged the two mediocre Battles before them and I would have been fine with that.

  7. Annie says:

    Did I mix them up or something because I found Cathia to be way more annoying and unlikeable than Mary?

    • kavyn says:

      Cathia was the mean one, but Michael was talking about how Mary didn’t even bother to learn the song before the first rehearsal + how she sang over Cathia that one time in the second rehearsal.

      • Annie says:

        OK thanks. For a minute I was confused thinking that Michael had said that Mary was being mean. Cathia definitely gave off the mean vibe to me. I was rooting for Mary.

    • Danny says:

      I thought Mary was likeable enough. She was the one who said sorry. Cathia was the one who said Mary didn’t know her lines, was stepping on her chorus, etc. I don’t understand Spanish, but I just felt Mary flowed better. I may feel like that because I liked her better, I’m not sure.
      *Cathia got saved, so it’ll be interesting to see if the 2 cross paths again. I did like how they seemed to be friends at the end of the song. So maybe their “fight” was overhyped. If I had to guess, I’d think they get along fine. Still, I liked Mary better.

      • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:

        It was definitely over-hyped. Nobody is mean or annoying in front of a camera (the exceptions being Jacob Lusk and the Kardashians.

      • Will says:

        Cathia was definitely the better of the two. I didn’t watch the full episode, just the performances, and Cathia definitely just did better. Mary’s tone especially was way off the mark.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Cathia maybe did a little bit better but I totally disagree about Mary’s tone. She had awesome tone and did some cool things which is probably what Shakira keyed on (assuming it wasn’t some behind the scenes thing, but considering that she winked at Cathia when they came out probably not, speaking of which, when I saw that I thought Cathia had the win in the bag but I guess not, never trust a wink from a hottie hah).

    • ES says:

      Cathia came off as overzealous and very eager to please (which I guess can be annoying if you’re turned off by those types of people). But there was something about Mary (no pun intended) that rubbed me the wrong way. The girl didn’t even bother learning the song before their coaching session. Probably not the best attitude to have in this type of situation.

      • allie says:

        lol – that was funny. But yes, I agree.

      • The Beach says:

        Do the contestants know what song they are going to sing prior to meeting with their coach for the first time? Many times the coaches say “And this is what I’ve picked for you to sing” as if they are hearing it for the first time. I’m playing devil’s advocate a bit here but Mary is only 17 and Shakira has recorded many songs over the years. Maybe this is one she just wasn’t familiar with. And yeah, MIchael, I think you’re trying a little too hard to make her into a super-villain. Don’t hate her ’cause she beautiful :)

        • JoJo says:

          @The Beach – If my memory is worth anything, I think you’re right about when the songs are chosen. It seems that in their first meeting with their coaches before possibly each new performance, are just learning what song they will sing. Perhaps Mary’s delivery was a bit whiny, nonetheless.

        • MC says:

          I have to agree with your pov. That was my take on it, too. Much ado about nothing. Typical manufactured reality show drama. I also believe Shakira is too smart to continue with someone who is truly disrespectful. Mary really delivered the goods and that means she studied the song. Cathia had that great run in the latter half of it, but by then Mary had already won it in my book. That run earned Cathia the save, though.

        • achilles says:

          I’m almost positive that they learn the songs they’re doing beforehand, and the piano rehearsals that we see are just the first time they practice together/in front of the coaches. I remember a few seasons ago when we’d see all the team members in a room, then the coach would pair two up and tell them the song they were singing, then we’d see rehearsals. I think something similar happens, and that everybody has time (I’d guess a couple of days) to learn the song. That’s why Cathia was surprised that Mary didn’t learn the song, especially because it was a Shakira song and therefore probably required some respect in front of the woman who sang it. As for the “I’ve picked the song…” I think those are usually confession cams, and if not, I think it’s for the benefit of the camera AND/OR because they follow it up with an explanation of “Your voices complement each other,” or “You two are both powerful singers,” etc.

        • ES says:

          “Do the contestants know what song they are going to sing prior to meeting with their coach for the first time?”

          I’m pretty sure they do (I watched all the “Battles” episodes, and from what I saw, it seemed like all the contestants were told what song they had been given before coaching sessions began.)

      • Secret says:

        If you watch their post battle Cathia said they both looked it up together the night before. I think Cathia simply catches onto songs faster. You should also understand they don’t recieve the song until that time in the studio or the night before depending on the coach…

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      Yeah, I agree… Mary was the snotty one in that battle. Unless they are told beforehand what their song will be, I don’t find fault with her not knowing the song. And I was pretty impressed that she did learn it as quickly as she did.

    • Rain says:

      Thanks Annie, I thought I was losing my mind reading the recap. Cathia was so unlikeable I was annoyed Usher saved her!

  8. Kristoffer says:

    Did they not promo last week that someone would use a save “that would shock the coaches and producers” or something like that? Did I miss the shocking save because I saw nothing out of the ordinary?

    • Allie says:

      I wasn’t able to watch but I was super curious about what was going to happen – was the steal *at all* surprising in any way? They said it shocked the producers but from the recap it seems like every other steal (and not worth watching tomorrow)…

      • Absurdist says:

        Gee, he let everything get down to the last pairing. Basically, he was going to have to take one of Shakira’s girls, because he had let everyone else walk off, which would have meant that one of his other team members would have gotten a walk in the knockout rounds. I don’t think the producers would have let that happen.

    • MB says:

      I think they were referring to the save last night when usher saved the guy(forget who) last minute then he was actually saying goodbye and you thought it was over.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Perhaps but was that really controversial and needing producer involvement? Was it past some time limit?? If so they never made it clear. The fact that nobody has much of a clue which was the shocking, controversial save kind of speaks for itself. Also wasn’t it a girl he saved at the last second not a guy?

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Yeah it was weird, no producers rushing out, no mention of shock tonight, no shocking controversial unique use of the save, I do not get it. What the heck were the going on about for the last two weeks?? It was about as low in controversy as any save ever when Usher took Cathia. It wasn’t even sprung as last second as one of his other saves.

    • ajintexas says:

      To me a shocking steal would be to hit the steal button right after a very balanced battle and say to that coach “I’ll take whichever one you don’t pick.” That would really mess with their head.

  9. Miss_Malapert says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thought that Mary Miranda was fishy! She may look sweet but she will cut you! In other news, I think Sarah Simmons is the one to beat though I am sad I won’t be seeing that pretty, pretty man Duncan on my TV each week.

  10. forwarddad says:

    Boring show. Losing a bit of its sparkle.

  11. Leondre says:

    Why did they only show 3 full battles.

  12. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    I actually though the Mary Miranda & Cathia battle was really good!

  13. LouisLongshanks says:

    Cathia was being pretty rude to Mary, so whatever evil looks you’re talking about are totally justified.

    Also, the only time Mary messed up the song was when it was immediately given to them for their piano rehearsal… how can she be criticized for not knowing it then? She clearly learned it enough for the singer of the song herself to choose her as a winner.

    • ES says:

      Mary also messed up during their second coaching session, when she sang on Cathia’s chorus. I’d be pissed off too if I was paired up with someone who didn’t know their part by the second rehearsal. And from what it sounds like, all the pairs know what song they’re going to sing before they start coaching sessions. She couldn’t be bothered to learn the song before singing it in front of Shakira? Really?

      • Jean says:

        I agree. During the snippet we were shown, Joel spoke up, and he was so right. I can’t imagine Shakira not making any comment, but if she did, we didn’t see it. All we saw was her “charismatic” comment which she made again when she chose Mary. I’m glad Usher saved Cathia, last night’s performance was nothing like her blind audition.

    • Secret says:

      I agree. The mess-ups were originally Mary’s small issue, but Cathia made it her issue when she came out with some of that sly attitude. I wouldn’t say either of them were bad people, I think it will be easier for Cathia when it’s just her and she doesn’t feel like she has to compare herself to the other person.

  14. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    I know The Voice has a habit of building MY GOD YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE (like with the coaches minor perhaps surprise that the lady was a dude) but man this time I didn’t even see a HINT of what they were going on about for weeks! What did Usher do with his save that remotely shocking or controversial? He made a great choice to use it. How is that stunning? controversial? perhaps illegal and needing review by the producers?? I don’t get it! There was not a HINT, not even a HINT of anything they built up about in the way they built it up. ZERO. It was an awesome battle round, but that is entirely a different matter. During the show itself they never even tried to claim anything going on was shocking. I don’t get it.
    And yeah the whole thing where they show like 6 minutes of what is coming next and then do a 2 minute review of what just happened before every commercial break drives me crazy. Let the suspense happen when it happens don’t constantly show hints of it ahead of time, what the heck is up with that? Pretty soon they will be as bad as those dating shows where I was once forced to watch and kept seeing them show upcoming clips not from the next week but for nearly the entire season (and then acting like was a surprise who survives the week when they already showed the contestants surviving like six weeks in the future). Is it some thing to gain female viewers since those sorts of shows do it the most?? Does it really work?????

    • Laura says:

      Exactly. My husband and I were speculating after that preview that Usher was either going to steal someone on his own team or something crazy like that, but this week we received….absolutely nothing. Nothing shocked me. I’m not even shocked that I wasn’t shocked, because at this point I’m pretty sure we won’t get anything truly eventful on this show,

    • Kristoffer says:

      Exactly! When I watched Monday’s episode I thought maybe I misunderstood when the ‘shocking save’ was going to happen so I was waiting for it again tonight. Then, NOTHING. Like you mentioned, if Usher waiting to do the save until after the guy was walking off stage to leave was the shock, they never even mentioned it during the show. Maybe they had to cut out all the drama in order to cram in a few more ‘when we come back from the break’ and ‘before the break’ recaps.

      We were all talking about it at work and decided either someone was going to use a save on one of their own singers or they were going to use a save but give up one of their singers. So waiting until someone is walking off stage seemed tamed compared to what we had come up with. It’s not like they need to make up drama to get viewers to tune back in.

  15. DDB says:

    I knew Duncan was dead meat when he was paired with Sarah, but I wish he would have gotten stolen. The tone of his voice is so rich, and from a superficial standpoint, dang he was hot!

  16. Lori says:

    I thought Duncan should have been the final steal as well. And I agree with you Michael about Mary Miranda. Sarah or Judith are my favorites thusfar.

    What was the big deal about the steal? A whole lot of nothing. Why is it so shocking, because he waits til the last minute? Big deal.

  17. Maggie says:

    What’s with Amy Whitcomb getting montaged twice?! She has an AMAZING voice!! For anyone who hasn’t heard it, youtube “Delilah Grenade The Sing Off”, you won’t be disappointed. I so wish they’d put the full battles that were montaged online, I really want to see them!

    • Marko says:

      I hope they pissed off her fan base enough to give her extra support in the voting rounds.

      • Maggie says:

        based on the comments I’m seeing, they have. They’ve also montaged Justin Rivers, they’ve chosen Warren Stone as their “attractive male country singer” to market in the early rounds…bummer bc in the snippet of his battle, Justin sounded fantastic!

      • Marta says:

        …that is if she makes it to the voting rounds. I don’t think Amy victory in the Knockouts is looking good if they haven’t featured her yet. I hope Im wrong—- she was so stunning (both times) she was on the Singoff? Anyone else remember the BYU girl group before Delilah? Man, she’s awesome!

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    I thought we were going to see some Usher craziness as well. #disappointed. #upsetiendedarebloginahashtag

  19. ES says:

    I’m sort of bummed. I really wanted to see Amy and Michelle in their respective battles (Amy has been montaged twice now. Do the producers not like her or something?). Oh, well. At least they both advanced.

    I have to say that some of the battles they did decide to show in full were, in my opinion, not exciting nor impressive (e.g., Josiah vs. Jeff). Additionally, although others might disagree, I feel that some of the steals were truly wasted! C. Perkins and Taylor Beckham get to stay over Jessica Childress and Patrick Dodd? Really? The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is that the latter performed after all the steals had been used (meaning they don’t show us the performances in the order they took place). It really just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

  20. dani n. says:

    Already jumped the shark. To put Brandon up against Shawna in a song that clearly was in her sweet spot…C’mon. And you knew darn well Shakiest was gonna pick Mary over Cathia. Back to Shawna.She was in the Music Mafia! Like Idol once they start putting in ringers up against newbies it’s just bad taste.

    • the real wendy says:

      Brandon had camel toe!

    • AmyL says:

      Shawna P. has name dropped Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson how many times now!!!! She is living in the past. There is a reason they got record deals and she didn’t. Shawna P. sounded awful and needs to move on from her glory days, I’m all for an older contender, but she isn’t it.

      • Rain says:

        I said the same thing last night, take the hint – she hasn’t made it yet there has to be a reason! I’m sad Brandon’s gone, I really liked him.

  21. Melanie says:

    I completely agree! I totally thought there was going to be some drama with Ushers steals! Hmmm…wonder why?! Maybe because that’s what NBC alluded to in its promo last week. I was all excited & even woke my husband up last week to tell him. I kept waiting for it. I even rewound the DVR several times thinking I had missed something. Totally let down & disappointed. Kinda pissed also!

  22. Davey says:

    This is the first season where I’ve felt they let several good singers go. Whereas last season, several of the singers in the finals were not even good. What a shame.

  23. A says:

    OK seriously? Again, they edited out the contestants that I was really looking forward to see battling out. :(
    And seriously, 42 min of the show and they only showed three battle rounds? They need to take out or shorten those damn recaps, UGH.
    Anyways, happy that Sarah Simmons made it through. She kind of reminded me of Adele a bit, although no one can compare to Adele. But image and voice-wise I saw a little resemblance of an up and coming Adele-type singer.

  24. A says:

    Also, both of Usher’s steals this season were stupid. There were so many opportunities where he could’ve chosen some really great singers.

    • In Usher’s defense, he did try to Steal Sasha, Caroline, and Luke, all worthy of a Steal, they just all choose different coaches. And I do not think his Steal of Cathia was all that stupid.

  25. EM says:

    I’m really pissed not to have seen Michelle Chamuel’s battle. Did we really need 25 whole minutes of Cathia vs. Mary? Or to see Shawna vs. Brandon at all? ‘Cause that was a trainwreck.

    Anyway, power ranking the teams going into the knockouts:
    1. Adam – Between Judith, Sarah, Amber and Midas Whale… wow. Just wow. Tons and tons of talent here. I’ll be slightly surprised if someone from this team doesn’t win it all.
    2. Shakira – Very diverse team. Sasha, Karina and Garrett are all very good. Not quite at the level of Team Adam but the second-most likely to be victorious in my opinion.
    3. Blake – With eight country artists, and the other two left not being so great (especially Taylor), it looks like the live shows will be all-country for Team Blake. I feel like this is going to hurt him, even though he’s got some good singers.
    4. Usher – I literally can’t remember half the people on his team. He and Blake both really wasted their steals whereas Adam and Shakira used them intelligently.

    • Maggie says:

      I think the Luke steal for Blake was smart, that kid is crazy talented. I think if they toe the line between pure country (like Grace) and country-pop-rock, like a Justin Rivers, he has a good shot. There’s a reason that the 800 country award shows on every year get good ratings..I think Amber is a dark horse for Adam, she killed it in her battle round.

      • EM says:

        Oh, I’m definitely not denying that country is popular. I’m just saying that once the live shows roll around and there are 4 country acts out of 16 (actually 5, since Amber will probably make it too), that is going to be a problem for all those singers, because they’ll all be angling for the same bloc of voters.

        • Maggie says:

          that’s a good point. Midas Whale kinda hit the jackpot that they look to be the only folk-Americana type act on the show right now, that music is HUGE with Mumford & the Lumineers, so they have a voting bloc all to themselves.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Luke didn’t seem to be a bad save. And Cathia certainly seemed like a good save.

    • ES says:

      I agree with this list, but I like to think that Usher does have a real horse in the race with Michelle. Josiah (also Team Usher) might also make it far because of his looks (which I’m not saying is fair, just saying that it could happen. I imagine he’ll be this season’s Dez Duron).

  26. Barbara says:

    don’t like when they have only snippets from some of the singers. I want to hear the twins sing again…. :(

  27. Lois Benton says:

    Sarah Simmons: The best female voice ever on The Voice. I also like Shawna P and Sasha Allen this season. So, Team Adam and Team Shakira are the ones to beat, as far as I’m concerned. Blake is on some country music fixation and he’s just not going to win again this season. He could have won with country artist Gracia Harrison (I loved that girl) last year, but he chose to win with Cassandra Pope instead.

  28. NedPepper says:

    Jack Black? Slezak, do you mean Jack White? Or do you want to see Shawna sing Tenacious D songs?

  29. Getting completely sick & tired of the way this show has to do a pointless “coming up” and “moments ago” to bookend EVERY. COMMERCIAL. BREAK.
    Why? Why do they do this? It means less time for the actual performances – showing peoples battles as part of a montage is completely unfair to them and to the viewer.
    I bet if someone worked it out, about 60-70% of the show would be repeating footage.

    I love the dynamic between the new coaches & old, but with the ad stuff, Christina Miliannoying and the fact that seemingly nobody from this show has any sort of career, I’m getting a bit fed up.

    If only NBC would take a look at this page & see all the complaints about recaps.

    • Timmah says:

      A DVR solves this problem.

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      +1000 – I already commented on this a lot, but it needs repeating! NOOOOOOOOO!
      1. it is annoying
      2. it makes the audience feel like they are considered to have the attention span and memory capacity of a turnip (if even)
      3. it takes away time from getting see more actual content (like all the battles skipped right over, for instance)
      4. It actually lessens suspense and desire to see what is coming next when you already hint or give away so much ahead of time. Damn it’s like showing the Super Bowl on a 10 minute tape delay and previewing upcoming action after each commercial break! JUST SAY NO!
      NBC. Just say NOOOOOOO! Your brain on this ridiculous preview/postviews looks worse than that egg in that frying pan!

  30. CultureVulture says:

    What do/should we know Justin Rivers from?? Can’t place him…

  31. Timmah says:

    Sarah Simmons ftw

  32. megs says:

    I was so confused when shakira kept talking about how Mary was one of her most dynamic team members(idk if she said dynamic, but something like that). Mary, while super cute, seems kind of bland- in personality and performance. Cathia is way more likable- she’s very outgoing, and funny at times. I kept thinking shakira was confusing them lol.
    Bummed about Amy whitcomb’s 15 second clip. They might think she already has a bit of a fan base from the Sing Off so it’d even the playing field. Or maybe the battle simply wasn’t as entertaining. *shrug*

  33. Daisy Ligon says:

    You are WRONG about Mary. Watch the tape of the show again. Cathia was the one who was not prepared and did not know the song, saying she’s too young, etc. Cathia was the one who sang over Mary’s chorus line. Again, watch the tape and correct yourself.

  34. paula says:

    I would’ve loved to Michelle sing Titanium. I’m disappointed that they are montaging so mony people.

    I do think the right people are making it through, except for Christian Porter. I’m still unhappy that he didn’t win his battle or get stolen.

  35. Snsetblaze says:

    I did not read all of the comment before posting this, but doesn’t Michael mean “Jack White” not Jack Black when referring to Shawna P. although now that I think about it Jack Black does sing and has a duo/band Tenacious D.

  36. Miss O'Ginny says:

    Shakira should have let Mary and Cathia do her gorgeous ballad “Inevitable” instead. That would’ve been a stunning battle!

  37. Tammy says:

    they don’t have to repeat everything when they come back from commercial… then we could see ALL of the battle rounds!!!! Also edit out the walking to the blind audition part, that’s lame the first time you show it.

    Sorry I liked Mary. I liked her tone, it’s rounder and warmer.

  38. Ashley says:

    Brandon was robbed.

  39. Vetle says:

    Upset that they didn’t show Michelle’s battle. One of my favorites from the blinds. Justin Rivers could be interesting. Sarah Simmons is a BEAST.

  40. Buffy0531 says:

    Was it just me or was the filler even longer and more drawn out last night? I was really looking forward to hearing Michele, then they didn’t even show her battle…

  41. Leela says:

    Mary over Cathia and Brandon over Shawna for me. Couldn’t stand Cathia’s attitude and didn’t find Mary obnoxious or mean in the least, Michael. Sure you didn’t mix them up? (I’d like to know when the contestants are given the songs to learn, was Mary just supposed to learn every Shakira song prior to rehearsal?)