NCIS Shocker: Did Ziva [Spoiler]?! Watch Video

NCIS Car AccidentIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times for NCIS‘ “Tiva” fans on Tuesday night.

The pair traveled to Berlin to hunt down Ilan Bodnar, yet found time for lighter moments amid their dark agenda — including “diamond shopping,” dancing (punctuated by a meaningful Eli flashback) and, yes, hand-holding. And that’s where the fun ended.

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In the final seconds of the episode, Tony and Ziva — now back in the States — got broadsided/Michael Vaughned by a car. Cut to an image of Tony’s bloody hand reaching out for Ziva’s motionless hand….

Holy cliffhanger, Batman!

Watch/rewatch the shocking final scene below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories/fears! (Oh, and in case you were wondering — Cote de Pablo has not inked a new deal for next season yet.)

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  1. I screamed when I saw the green Durango coming. My poor cat thought I was actually in trouble.

    • Lisa says:

      I started to cry. I was not expecting that scene. Wow! The bloody hand was Toney’s I think, but the other hand was not moving, which would have been Ziva’s hand. OMG! I sure hope she does not die. I can’t handle any more of their great characters dying anymore.

      • Julie says:

        Tony’s definitely not dying and I highly doubt Ziva is either.

        • Fluffycat says:

          Julie–I think so too. We are led to believe that someone dies because we see a brief clip of a casket at a funeral. But is there anyone in it? If so, who? If not, why not?

          This was a really good season-ending cliff-hanger.

          • Mike says:

            Gee, never thought of that one. “empty casket” leaving Mosad to believe Ziva Is dead, and out of the NEW Mosad directors hair? I do believe she Is hurt terribly, thus the REVENGE coming from Gibbs, McGee, and The Director. I’ll bet the new Mosad director Is involved In Ziva’s fathers death?

          • M. J. Leopold says:

            I don’t want to see yet another NCIS character killed off! I will stop watching! I have been waiting for something to happen between Tony & Ziva for a long time so I will be devastated if that occurs,

          • Duffy English says:

            it’s not over yet…3 more episodes to go

        • Any type of injury to Ziva would be better than death~ back to the actress legalities… she has not signed up for the new season yet and what a tradegy if they don’t fulfill the tug a war love growing through out this season. Tony’s softening and becoming more tender, and Ziva opening up more about her heart… she is actually turning into a true American and becoming accustomed to her new home at NCIS… I am anxious but sadly waiting for the outcome to be determined and delivered. My heart belongs to this show and after Kate, I don’t think I could go through another “breaking-in” female agent.

          • Sheryl Funderburk says:


          • Duffy English says:

            I agree Sheryl. Too many character changes can ruin a show.

          • Danny Franks Sr says:

            I don’t like the idea of ziva dying but that maybe the only way they can kept going but on the other side it may kill the show,because I did not think kate could be replaced but she was and the show got better

          • JC says:

            Ziva get your butt to that office and sign that paper. We can not do without any of you. It’s too late to change now. Don’t make a mistake like some people and leave and then can’t find a job. We all need the team to stay together. Right now with the way the world is we ONE thing not to change and it’s our NCIS family.

          • Alice220 says:

            What’s next, Abbs??????

        • Nancy says:

          I hope no one died that night. It took a while after Kate’s death to love NCIS again. I don’t want to have another female agent killed – off. The show will ever be the same if that happens.
          I wil have to rethink my 8pm TV time.

          • Shirley E. Viall says:

            You are so right ! Ziva and Tony are crucial to the show . NCIS is an important part of our viewing. Killing any one of the team now would be end the show for me. We need to see a loving outcome for Tony and Ziva. The relationship is beautiful …too beautiful not to have a happy culmination.

        • virginia says:

          ZIVA and TONY cannot be dying them two GIBBS and ABBY are what makes the show so they cannot be dying I look for them to start dating .

          • I think it was about time that they got rid of Ziva’s character, she just isn’t good looking enough for Tony! They need a real cute or good looking girl!

      • Nubie says:

        Someone pointed out that it’s possible Tony pulled Ziva AWAY from the car window just as he screamed her name. I think she must have put her head down just in time. Regardless, it was enough to put me nearly on life support. Thanks for practically flatlining your entire AUDIENCE, CBS!!! You deserve a Gibbs Slap x 100!!

        • gypsy says:

          I am still on life support this morning after last nights episode, I have been searching since after the show about Tony and Ziva’s accident ,, looking for spoilers to make sure neither of them die..

          • i know for sure that tony doesn’t die with some promo photos of next weeks episode from i haven’t seen any thing related to ziva in anyway yet

          • mistin says:

            I’ve been waiting years for Tiva action and I swear if they kill off either one i’m never watching it again! omg i’m on thhe verge of crying and i almost had a heart attack. dang they’ve killed of enough people. but can they kill off ziva like they did kate? I think alot ALOT of people will be pissed if they do.

          • shadowwolf says:

            Don’t feel bad gypsy, I was doing the same thing. lol. It takes ALL of this cast to make the show.

          • 4theloveoffilm says:

            Same here!

          • B says:

            I’m searching, too. Can’t watch anymore if one of them dies.

          • holly says:

            Ha ha me too! and there’s nothing on the internet that is helpful!

          • Taylorca4 says:

            I have been searching too. I can’t stop thinking about it, I hope both of them make it and they still have the connection.

        • mistin says:

          I think I seen that too, him reaching for her. i dont know what to think. they have to be together and not die arrggg

          • JoAnn C says:

            You are right. Tony saw the car coming at the last moment, yelled Zivas name and pulled her into him with his right arm and left hand covering her head. That explains why his hand was bloody when he went to touch her hand but then his hand dropped motionless.

        • Madame Bleue says:

          I agree totally!! I actually stopped breathing for a couple of minutes!! I still can hardly breathe thinking that Ziva might not come back! Totally Freaking out!! I didn’t like the looks of that body bag they showed in the previews for next week! I’ll be chewing my nails to the quick for the next week, waiting to see what they have done! They better not kill her off!!

          • Diane says:

            They should leave all of the people in the show , that is why they are no 1 everone like ziva,gibbs, tony,abby,and magee.they make the show interesting

          • georgie says:

            I agree, I will stop watching it if any of them die. All of them are the best on TV. i even watch all the reruns…lol…I LOVE NCIS!! Dont kill any more of them and PLEASE DONT EVER TAKE IT OFF THE AIR!!!!

        • charlotte molloy says:

          Yeah I agree with you they should get a head slap…we know the ramming was deliberate..cuz the SUV’s lights came on at the last second..BUT really now CBS has overused this ploy to keep ratings high and it’s made me want to stop watching my fav program…

          • Clairene says:

            I have become very emotional with NCIS since it’s pilot. Each series has a story line that makes great conversation over that first cup of morning coffee. But what I am seeing now is no different than watching the wedding of Luke and Laura on General Hospital and we all know what happened to their ratings thereafter. Give us a little something more. Your viewers will still be as eager to watch it. By the way, where are you going with the text that Vance received from Eli…We found him.

        • Debra Slagle says:

          Amen, “Nubie”. I think my heart did stop for a minute. I’m too old for that to happen. I loved Kate and it was so terrible when she died. I cried and cried. Same goes for Director Vance’s wife.
          It took me quite awhile to warm up to Ziva, so now that I love her, I do not want to lose her.

        • Sheila says:

          Oh my goodness, I couldn’t agree more! I am such a fan of this show. I get so wrapped up in the story line of all my favorite characters. I actually started trembling after screaming out from the impact. The teasing and batter that goes on between this group of actors always leaves me with the underlining tale of how much love and respect that Gibbs, Tony, Tim, Ziva, Abby and Ducky have. I love each one of them and do not believe the cast could be any better. If Tony, Gibbs or Tim were replaced though I don’t think I could watch with the same enthusiasm.

        • Robi says:

          Oh my ! I agree . The chemistry between the team right now is too perfect. The show is epic as it is , with the team as it is. I say nooooooo not the team , especially not Tiva. That would be the end of watching Ncis for me I have sensitive heart lol

          • b nob says:

            No offense, but for someone who thinks this show is epic – and it is – you’d do well to get ZIVA’s name right. NOT TIVA.

        • b nob says:

          I absolutely love, love, love your review here, Nubie!!! Actually, I was drinking some tea, and when this scene happened, I had to swallow hard and then grabbed my shirt over my heart!! So (hahahahahahahaha) yeah, CBS, you nearly killed off the entire audience as well as the NCIS team. Don’t ever do that again. Yeah, guys, thanks for asking; I’m alright.

      • Constance says:

        Me either!!!

      • Michelle says:

        Me either! And not Ziva…..! They already killed off Kate.Not another female agent!or for that matter any of the team!

      • Mel g says:

        If either one dies I will never watch again!!

        • Bobbi says:

          I’m about ready to stop watching too. Ziva has been so rock-like and I agree Tony has mellowed well. I was shocked when Kate died but I believe it was her decision to leave the show,,, I just hate when I’m not even expecting it. I feel like I’ve lost a family member. Not a good feeling. It must be time to stop watching for me as well

      • BOB says:

        I hate to say this that they are not going to kill Ziva but amnesia… for the last 5 years now there goes the love for tony

        • Anna says:

          I thought exactly the same thing. In some ways, amnesia could be worse! Eek… not sure I can wait til next week to find out!

        • JoAnn C says:

          But on the other hand Bob…could be Tony with amnesia. Ziva had a flash back when she was younger and dancing with her father, he said someday a man would come along who deserved her love. That man being Tony and everyone knows they have always had feelings for each other. When they finally get their chance..He is like ..Ziva who??

      • Mary & Bill Dyke says:

        We have really come to appreciate the “language faux pas” that Ziva David uses and would hate to lose this quality character from the show! We keep waiting for Dinozo to commit or….just kiss her! Please don’t lose this team, their inner-action is one of the things that makes this show so compelling! We love the inner-action between Gibbs and Abby too! WE LOVE NCIS!

      • rickyb says:

        they are making a mistake if they kill off any of the current cast…i will not watch the show anymore or any of the reruns which i love…rarely do tv shows have this kind of ensemble of actors…i am so invested in these characters…killing off kate and mike franks was enuff for now. and the close call with ducky? ur killing me here

      • JAck says:

        I think ziva might die..on yahoo it said she was leaving NCIS…

        • Webster says:

          I’m sooooooooooo sad Cote de Pablo said she was leaving. Might have to stop watching :(

        • (Ray)CharlesWebster says:

          Soooooooooo sad Cote de Pablo said she’s leaving the show. Hate to be such a buzz kill but that’s the truth. Have a great day. (Please no flames) :(

      • Eula says:

        It was like losing my own beautiful daughter all over again. I don’t think I will be able to watch it again. Too much pain.

      • Lauren says:

        When I what it my heart stopped it was so romantic and when the van came and crashed I cried! I think tony and ziva should be togther

    • JW says:

      Either Tony or Ziva could be dead, or both. The show can always kill them off and use them in flashback type scenes, or not at all. Sometimes they sign actors just to book shelve them so other shows can’t use them.

      • Jim says:

        I will stop watching if anyone is killed!

        • Annabelle says:

          I will stop watching too! I will be soooo pissed if they kill either one of them off! Especially if they never end up together!!!!!!

        • Constance says:

          I will stop watching, too! We grow to love these characters and then YOU PEOPLE kill them off. You murdered Kate, Jenny, Michelle Lee, La Grenouille (okay, he was a “bad guy” but he could have reformed AND he was Jeanne Benoit’s father. You didn’t kill her but you may as well have and we all LOVED her!) And why kill Agent Lee? THAT was just horrifying! If you kill any more beloved characters, I am starting a petition — remember us? The viewers? Yeah … we’re the ones who make up your audience and make sure your paychecks keep coming …

        • alice says:

          So will I. The show will not be the same without them.

    • I will stop watching if anyone is killed and I mean iT

      • deb says:

        If they kill off anymore characters that are the main ones. i will never watch the show again. THe writers better listen to the viewers if they want to have another season that people will watch.. Cause the only reason the writers has jobs is cause of us the viewers that watch the show.

    • rick says:

      I can,t believe that the producers dont look at the ratings with ziva ande tony in the team that they would kill her or tony off the show this saddens me in that she just too hot for some one not to care if she decides to leave

    • Keith Forrest says:

      The vehicle that hit them was a GM product not a Dodge Durango.

    • Greg Herbert says:

      How’s this…
      Three episodes left.
      1. Ziva is in hospital, hurt bad, in coma
      2. Great opportunity for Michael Weatherly (Tony) to really show serious dramatic acting. Sitting at her side, talking to unconscious Ziva. Praying, confessing he is in love with her, many flashbacks to good times and bad times together.
      3. Gibbs go nuts, hunting down real cause of crash. Mossad??
      4. Abby is beside herself, so is Mcgee but he is comforting her (next Love connection) and helping Gibbs
      5. Driver of other car is brought to Ducky for autopsy and finds possible Mossad connection, starting Gibbs on his hunt
      6. Director Vance goes ballistic on Mossad
      7. Season cliffhanger… Tony next to Ziva, has just told her (still in coma) that he Loves her and the hospital monitoring devices start sounding alrams (flatline) Code blue is heard, fade to black.
      8. Next season??????

      • Maybe you should be one of the writers of the show.I love your ideas so dramatic and suspenseful I have waiting so long for Tony(playboy) to finally address his true feelings for Ziva(tough girl on the outside)please don’t let this end.CSI:Miami went off the air after 2 characters got together-Eric and Callie

        • Greg Herbert says:

          Thanks for the Kudos. I would love to write up this storyline,, has soooo many future possibilities, one of which should be Gibbs walking Ziva and/or Abby down the aisle
          Annnnnd for additional suspense how about this:
          The team of NCIS LA is also recruited to assist for maybe 2 episodes. great crossover

      • Anne says:

        You should be a writer that sounds like a perfect outline Ziva needs to stay and hook up with Tony Hope she signs her contract soom

      • L Mac says:

        Wow Greg, I think you are right on! But hopefully next season shows it was not Ziva coding and she will be ok! So she better renew her contract and fast!!!

      • Mark says:

        Sounds incredibly like a soap opera & exactly the kind of script NMM, GM or SW would write….no thanks.

        • Kevin says:

          A few of my friends in the past have commented to me that NCIS actually has a soap opera-ish feel to it. They aren’t very familiar with it, but at first glance that was the impression they got.

      • G. Barko says:



      • Love your comments…. except switch part 7. Tony expresses love to awakening Ziva from Coma! :) I am a TIVA fan! lol

        • Greg Herbert says:

          Can’t wake up. Need to ‘go to black’ for season cliffhanger

          • Holly says:

            On the flipside, they could have Ziva’s heartrate pick up, as if she was about to wake up, then fade to black. More positive cliffhanger!

      • Marylyn says:

        Did you write the script? Very Good I think you are right on target.

      • Tina says:

        That sounds like an awesome season finale! I just hope they do not kill Ziva or Tony off of the show or they will lose me as a devoted fan! I will boycott the show!

        • Clairene says:

          Boy, tonight’s episode sure fizzled out. Tom Hank ‘s son is McGee’s lookalike. I wonder if that”s going to play an intricate part in the finale. Who knows. I give tonight’s episode a thumb’s done.

    • Jesper says:

      No one is dead. at the 1:42 mark is the first impact of the accident, and it appears the SUV impacts the passenger side door. However at the 1:45 Mark the momentum of the SUV has turned the sedan they are in so that all of the impact is SHOWN to have occurred on and in front of the right wheelwell. No damage to the passenger door, no damage behind the base A-Posts (windshield area of the car). at 1:48 you get an even clearer view of the sedan and there is no damage.
      Oh and the Air Bags never deployed during the entire sequence. a sedan would have to be REALLY REALLY OLD to have no Air Bags. That appears to be a fairly new sedan which would have not only front airbags, but side curtain airbags as well.

      Since Tony was looking directly at Ziva he would have seen the SUV Coming over her shoulder and would have avoided the wreck altogether.

      • Pat D. says:

        You are assuming, of course, that they didnt just stage the accident for maximum dramatic effect, and werent “to the letter” on the details.
        But I agree with everyone above—highly unlikely either one of them are killed. Then again, I was shocked that NCIS had the guts to kill off Vance’s wife—most of the time in those situations you get the cliched “she’s fighting for her life, and ultimately survives” for these shows.

        • Kevin says:

          I was actually surprised when that episode finished with her passing, but afterward I read some interviews with the crew that explained how Director Vance has had a comparatively easy home life on the show, and they wanted to complicate his character – Something to that effect. After that, I actually didn’t mind. (Sounds insensitive to say you don’t mind someone’s death xD But it’s a TV show in the end.) The character development on this show is the thing that makes it great, and developing characters means giving them stories… a history. Something that, when talking to people about the character, gives you a sense of connection with the character. Before that tragic event, Director Vance really did “have it easy.” Thus, while Jackie’s death was tragic and you really feel for her family, in the end it will make things more interesting on the show.

      • thumper says:

        tony was driving an cadillac eldorado, but i can’t tell what year. either way definitely did not have side airbags =(

      • Wow; impressed with your comment!

    • alita evans says:

      omg I love this show,it runs all day on USA channel,if all of you read about ncis, you will find it is Cote de Pablo that has not signed the contract for another year!!! Please CBS get her to sign. It’s not anyone person that makes NCIS the great show that it is.It;s the whole team you have right now,any changes could ruin the show!!!

      • Tamim says:

        I’m really hoping that the Cote de Pablo not signing is a creative decision to post-pone the signing because it would get out. I think the producers and Cote are mature enough to delay a signing to protect a story arc and sign once the season is over. If she lives to the end of the season, then I feel fairly certain that she will be around next year. Of course, if she has things she wants to do, then they may decide to “let” Ziva rejoin Mossad for awhile and avoid the work-place relationship policies that could arise with a Tiva relationship. Then she would be a part-timer for at least part of the season (which I would hate, but would not fully mind because at least she’d be around). I have my fingers crossed, so we shall see.

        But I do admit that I really only watch now because of Tiva. I love everyone else, but i get busy with other shows. When I hear of a Tiva event, I take the time to catch up on episodes and then watch the next few live, until Tiva dies down again.

    • Kim R says:

      I might have yelled “Look out!!!” How embarrassing. :)

    • pfsewnut says:

      I nearly jumped out of the bed it scared me so bad. Please don’t let Ziva die. I can’t take another death on the show. Everyone on the show makes it…..

    • Isabelle Bechet says:

      They better bring back Ziva next year or else I am not going to watch NCIS anymore!!! The chemistry between all of them is what makes NCIS so special. Not having one there would upset the symbiosis.

    • thumper says:

      eh? i thought it was a black chevy suburban?

      did anyone notice that the truck did not have it’s headlights on (only parking lights) until just before the point of impact?

    • Celeste says:

      NO ABSOLUTELY DO NOT KILL OFF TONY OR ZEVA – It would ruin my most favorite show and I can’t believe I have to wait until next year (will seem like) to find out what happens…..drives me crazy.

    • Kevin says:

      Hahaha I know it’s a morbid scene but this comment made me laugh – I made the same extreme reaction as the car approached (“OH **** LOOK OUT!!!”) with my kitty sleeping next to me. He jumped a mile and ran behind the couch… Didn’t come out all night.

    • Rich Avallone says:

      My wife and I were in shock. More so than last seasons finale..Good lord, if sh don’t ink a deal she is gone..That would suck. the chemistry on the show is outstanding. There are shows with absolutely no action and the story lines are so strong the show remains relevant.

    • Tania says:

      I yelled too ans scared my cat

    • Troy D says:

      That was not a green durango that hit tony and ziva. It was a Chevy suburban. The green Durango was the vehicle watching Gibbs and McGee at that apartment building. Learn your vehicles!

    • Nancy Stella says:

      I was shocked at the ending! I had a sick feeling in my heart. I hope Ziva signs up or is not killed off!

    • Shelby says:

      Ziva And Tony Does Not Die, Ziva’s Hand Is Motionless Because She Broke Her Arm, And Tony Had A Bloody Nose. I Don’t Understand Why The Airbag Didn’t Pop Out, That Would Have Been Easier!

  2. Belle says:

    I just have feelings and no words. This show is so good and yet so painful. I didn’t see that coming.

  3. AymieJoi says:

    Yeah, but it’s not a season-ending cliffhanger, so… Yeah, ok, now I’m even more nervous for the season finale than i usually am.

    • Rich Avallone says:

      It isn’t but I believe they will stretch this out for the last three episodes. If she signs she will be in a coma until next season. If she doesn’t sign then she dies.

  4. tejas says:


  5. Grace says:

    I’ve stopped caring, CBS/NCIS is trying so hard to shove “Tiva” down my throat that I know nothing worthwhile happened. No one is going to die, even if she still hasn’t signed her contract.

    File it under “whatever.”

    • Belle says:

      For you not caring you’re doing a lot of caring…just saying

      • Grace says:

        Thanks for playing…however. There are other characters on this show, contrary to the TIVA loons who seem to think this is the only story line that matters. BTW, that “just saying” thing? The cool kids have moved onto other cute sayings.

        There is no chemistry between “Tiva” other than 2 petulant children trying to out do each other, time for NCIS to get back to story telling rather than soap opera tactics.

        • jay says:

          oh shut up they matter because there is somthing there if one of them leaves the show will be canceld so just leave it alone.

          • z has to go. says:

            Rude much? The show will not be cancelled if z is gone from it, it can only improve. The ratings will go down if Tony leaves NCIS.

    • Julie says:

      How are they shoving it down your throat? It’s been ten seasons and the dance tonight is the closest they’ve gotten.

  6. Mercedes says:

    With Cote’s return next season still apparently in question, I’m very dubious about where the next three episodes will take us. Will they be all right? Will they kill Ziva? Will they make it so that Ziva will decide not to return to the team, to lead a new, law enforcement free life that could a conflict of interest free relationship with Tony? Who knows. All I know is that there was some definite screaming in this house at about two minutes before the last hour.

  7. Deb says:

    OMG I screamed! I really hope that neither Tony or Ziva are killed… I really enjoyed this episode… the new Moussad Director is sooooo sneaky (and that is a good thing… maybe).

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  8. laura says:

    there are no words for the emotions im feeling now. :((((

  9. aees says:

    she’s not dead if the price is right.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      She’s not dead period. There are 3 eps left in the season and photos of her filming them with the rest of the cast.

  10. Frances Ryan says:

    Shades of Law & Order Lennie and Claire…without the hints of romance.

    • Jo B. says:

      That would be JACK and Claire. Not Lennie and Claire. Lol. And mind you Jack and Claire WERE together – that is CANON. So if Tiva is like them – then they WILL be canon. :-)

    • Jo B. says:

      However it WAS Lennie who was with Claire when they got hit by a drunk driver. She was driving him home coz he fell off the wagon. They did do a cliffhanger but since Jill Hennessy did not renew and turned down guest spots in season 7 – they killed Claire off. :-(

  11. TV Gord says:

    They’re holding off announcing her contract settlement because she plays so significantly in the finale. I’m not worried.

    • Sara says:

      Exactly, they did that after s6 too.

    • Tahonia says:

      That is what I’m thinking, too. They can’t kill off the women on the show!

    • Superninja89 says:

      I was just starting to think too that this whole contract thing is being done purpose.
      Just look how worked up everyone is getting about it, and that#s just what they’d want for a season finale, isn’t it?

      • mistin says:

        I know i agreee. thats what my dad told me last night trying to calm me down lol was all the talk about her contract was just to get everyone worked up. but still OMG

  12. Clover says:

    I love Deanna Troy!!

  13. Lyss says:

    Here is my theory. Body bag is the person in the other car. Tony and Ziva are both in critical condition but live. After the episode TvLine and various other spoiler sites receive information about Cote de Pablo signing a new contract (:

    • SAM says:

      Do believe you are right about the person in the body bag.

    • Lacey says:

      I sure hope you’re right.

    • Lisa says:

      I thought the same thing. I think that the body bag was of the other person in the other car. If they take Ziva or Tony off NCIS I will stop watching it. They are my favorite characters.

    • Lulu says:

      I agree! If you hit someone head on like that, you’d probably not survive. But on the other had, if you are hit from the side, it wouldn’t be as bad. I’m just hoping that this is true; I don’t want either of them to die!

  14. Has Cote De Pablo Resigned a new contract from next season?

  15. sofia says:

    They did say we’d be seeing the whole team/cast gathered in the autopsy room, I just hope it isn’t because one of them is lying on that cold, hard, steel table. Michael has got a contract at least until the end of season 11, so it can’t be Tony, can it? And I really don’t think they’ll be killing Ziva. They already killed Kate and Jenny in the finale season, killing another female agent would be a little too much, or maybe they are and because they’ve done it before the fans would think it’d be too unpredictable for them to do it again, and we still don’t know anything about Cote’s contract. F*CK!!! I was expecting some steamy romance, not a f*cking car crash!

    • I’m with you, Val. NCIS better not kill of Tony or Ziva… cause if they do… I will be gone!!!! So we need a miracle … I was looking for a steaming romantic scene also …. not a f*cking car crash!!!!!!

      • Terri says:

        I like Ziva and Tony but I am so tired of the Tony and Ziva show. Get back to solving crimes. That is why I enjoy this show so much. I like the action and trying to figure out who dunit. Please please please stop the production of the Tony and Ziva hour and lets get back to the show.

      • Zorkel567 says:

        What if they killed Ziva, though, because Cote wants to leave? Would you still stop watching then, just because Cote decided she wants to do something different and new with her life? I really doubt they’ll actually kill Ziva unless Cote actually wants to leave, so I am just curious.

        • Destinee says:

          That’s why they killed Kate, because she wanted to live. If it wasn’t for that, she’d still be alive.

      • Lisa says:

        Me too. They won’t get too far, if they do die. They won’t make it into another season.

    • Gina Nelson says:

      they both live, but one of them has memory loss and doesn’t remember the other!

      • Ziva David says:

        I like the sound of nobody dies and Tony or Ziva just have memory loss from the crash. But WHAT THE HECK.

  16. is Tvline really reporting Cote signed new deal?

  17. Karla says:

    Flashback to Alias! I didn’t jump off the couch this time, but it was close!

    • Ryker says:

      I thought of Alias too. I said, a car’s going to hit them just like Sidney and Vaughn. This show is nothing if predictable.

      • JeffDJ says:

        I also got a Sydney/Vaughn flashback with the crash, though how could Tony not have seen that SUV coming? We saw the car coming a full 2 seconds before it hit and Tony was looking in that direction. I guess the fault was in the way the shot was composed. Would have been better if we didn’t see the car until it was suddenly there and crashing into them. Still, quite the shocking ending!

        On another note, it’s been cool seeing Alan Dale back as the former NCIS director. Looking forward to Chegwidden’s upcoming appearance. Also, great to see Marina Sirtis as the new Mossad boss!

        • jenna says:

          He was too busy looking into her eyes.

          • Karla says:

            My sister asked he was about to tell her his name wasn’t Michael Vaughn. I said Ziva was starting to say something so maybe she was going to say her name wasn’t Michael Vaughn.

  18. Barbara says:

    Haters gonna hate but do you have to do it here? Ncis is clearly the best show since it’s been number one for so long. Berlin was amazing can’t wait for more

  19. Lillian says:

    Oh come on, didn’t anyone see that coming? I knew it the minute I saw the two of them driving. It’s been done so many times it’s ludicrous. I just didn’t know which side they’d get hit.

    • Sara says:

      Yeah, I had a feeling as soon as the camera panned to a window view of Ziva. Tbh, I feel like the crash was so unnecessary and over the top considering they already have a great arc in play for the finale. It felt a little cheap to me? Just throwing it in for mere panic and getting people riled up? That’s just me…

      • Cam says:

        Yeah, I totally agree. The emotional and character developments throughout the episode was nice. But then came the car crash cliche. I was really disappointed with that choice of plot twist…of all the things they could have done. I hope they follow up with a nice recovery in the next episode. They probably won’t do something just as cringe-worthy like put someone in a coma…I hope.

  20. Well, as far as I am concerned NCIS needs both Tony and Ziva.. So one will be hurt very badly but will survive. Cause if this doesn’t happen, I’m outta here, NCIS …. no more killing off the top stars of show!!!!!! THEY BOTH WILL SURVIVE …. WE NEED A MIRACLE!!!!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. I think that Tony and Ziva’s relationship should just blossom already, so they can solve more crimes. I love Tony and Ziva, but I think they should concentrate on McGee once in awhile too. He is great too.

  21. Lillian says:

    Of course McGee took a blast full in the face and ended up with a little piece of glass in his side, so who knows how Ziva comes out, despite an SUV ramming her side of the car at full speed. Maybe a little boo boo?

    • Kay Kinnamon says:

      NCIS is my all time favorite show, it is #1 rated show on CBS, I just cannot imagine that they are going to kill off Ziva. I love her. Hope the series is on for a long, long time.

      • alita evans says:

        I think this is CBS’S way to deal with Cote de Pablo not signing her contract yet,this way they can rewrite the ending.If she does stay I don’t want them to get together,keep them in the flirty never know range!!!Love,Love this show. I love the flirtiness between Tim and Abby,there both so cute!!!

  22. Helen bogdon says:

    I love the whole cast they all click so well together. The show wouldn’t be the same without any of them. So cote sign your contract and stay with us.

  23. marguerite says:

    i love ziva…the show wouldnt be the same without her and im not sure i would continue to watch it….but i love their bring mike back for a short time….

  24. lizzie says:

    I’ll admit I may have screamed a little. I knew there was some super cliffhanger but I expected it to involve the Mossad director. A terrific episode, Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo really brought their A games tonight and they work together so beautifully. So I’m counting the hours til the next ep and telling myself they wouldn’t, couldn’t ever kill off Ziva, because I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  25. morecowbell94 says:

    OMG! Such a great episode and crazy ending. I love Tony and Ziva and it’s going to be a long seven days.

  26. Sis says:

    I don’t think Ziva will die. I saw the live chat she (CdP) did and she said something about having an intense fight seen coming up in an episode. Did anyone else see/hear this? Maybe this will help us all gain some peace after that crazy ending.

    • BlueDragon says:

      yes i did see it an i agree. She talked about being in a fight scene at night and i have not seen any night fight scene yet. This means she can’t be dead.

  27. Regina Stewart says:

    Could the SUV that broadsided Ziva and Tony be the same one at the beginning when Gibbs and Tim were at the murdered agents place? Maybe it was one of the “rogue” agents that hit them and maybe it’s his/her body on the slab………Whatever it turns out to be, my stomach did a flip-flop–wasn’t expecting that!! Sweet scene with Tony and Ziva right before that!!

    • Lyss says:

      Wow I never thought of that, good observations

    • k says:

      When McGee hacked into Mosaad they found there was only 1 rouge agent, the one that had been killed. I’m hoping it was Bodnar in the suv that hit them and he’s the one in autopsy.

    • Julie says:

      I don’t think it was but I’d have to re-watch to be sure. I think green SUV watching Gibbs and McGee was a Durango and SUV hitting Ziva and Tony was a (black?) Suburban or Tahoe.

    • paula says:

      She also has a bag of diamonds in her lap. Wonder if they are seen again.

    • JJ says:

      The SUV the Gibbs saw in the begining of the episode was a green Durango the vehicle that hit Tony and Ziva was a black or dark colored Suberban or larger SUV

    • Kevin says:

      Quite observant! I had completely forgotten about the SUV that was watching them. That’s very interesting… When they saw McGee had made them, they took off around the corner and they were never referenced again. Can’t be a coincidence… The car that hit Tony and Ziva looked a bit different though IIRC, but then again it’s not hard to switch cars!

  28. Linda Stevens says:

    OMG, if they’ve killed 1 of them off or if they don’t get together, I’m never watching TV again! For God’s sake, pay her what ever she wants, she’s worth it!

  29. why are people reporting cote signed new deal if she Hasnt? they said it was reported on Tvline

  30. RichCsigs says:

    As soon as Ziva realized that she was in love with Tony (or at least, was the man worthy of recieving her love), I knew something was going to happen. And then, when they show stayed in the car for so long, I knew how it was going to happen.

  31. Chelle says:

    I can’t believe they would end the show that way tonight. Its going to be hard to wait until next Tuesday night before we can find out what happened to Tony and Ziva. I would hate to think just when things were looking promising for the two that either one would be taken out of the show but it wouldn’t be the first time that the writers have done so. I think that if either Tony or Diva are written off this season, I would have a hard time continuing to follow NCIS. sorry!

  32. Carolyn says:

    I don’t really want either of them to die, but I wouldn’t mind having one or both seriously injured for a while. Having them both walk away with a couple of band aids would be sort of a letdown too. I could take or leave Ziva’s character at this point, honestly, but I don’t want her to die. If Cote decides to leave they could find a more creative way to write out the character than having her die. Ironically, there is less “shock value” in having a main character die than there used to be. I definitely don’t want Tony to die, or to go anywhere, but maybe a serious injury that could threaten his career? Ultimately he would be able to return but it would make for an interesting story and give Michael Weatherly a chance to shine.

  33. Laura says:

    Whose in the body bag in next week’s promo pictures?

  34. Aarhus says:

    Totally my luck, FINALLY some action and then this….!!! They HAVE to be ok, seriously CBS #1 show for a reason, don’t change what is obviously working very well!

  35. Ellalost888 says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I was so excited I have been waiting forever for then to be in a relationship, something was about to happen!!!!!!! I want them to be toe thee so bad. As soon as I saw them driving alone I got so scared I knew that something bad was going to happen, I know the way these shows work. They can just not kill off either of them, i probably wouldn’t watch the show anymore… When stabler left law and order it just wasn’t the same, I think the show would not be any where near as good with out these two, I will cry if either one of them dies!!!!!!!!

  36. Dee says:

    Revenge? Really, show? Really?

    That’s a bunch of BS.

    I do hope they kill Ziva off. Or better yet, kill Tony, that way I don’t have to waste my time on this crapfest anymore.

    • Twithead says:

      Well, if it’s “such” a crapfest–stop watching–see? Duh, real easy–even for the more “slower” members of the audience…

    • dee says:

      If you don’t like the show, DON’T watch it. It’s very simple, there’s this little invention called a remote control, (it’s probably super glued to your hand anyway), it has these little buttons on it. Are you following me so far, now, push some of those little buttons and change the channel!!!! Or better yet, read a book and save everyone your asinine comments!!!

  37. Susan says:

    Great show -thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Marina Sirtis’s character is easy to dislike! Our family would like to see the character of Ziva continue on the show. This is a great ensemble cast, from the Director ,to Jimmy – lots of fun to watch!

  38. Ellalost888 says:

    Where is everyone getting the photos from episode 22 revenge

    • KYFAN says:

      They have pics for Revenge at Don’t have direct link – just search NCIS and scroll down to April 22nd entry.

  39. Lila says:

    GRRRRR what the *** was that?! I realize it adds drama but don’t keep us in suspense! I love the way Ziva and Tony are and I’d love to see what happens, but we all know how Gibbs feels…

  40. John says:

    What an ending. Well it’s not Ziva because Glasberg said the old Ziva returns in the next episode. I doubt they’ll have Tony hurt in the hospital again either. Poor Tony either has the plague, a broken shoulder, a broken nose or a concussion. I think they’ll be banged up since they said a couple of the agents will be in trouble in the finale.

  41. Mare says:

    Omg, it was beautiful to watch both Tony and Ziva drawing closer to their true feelings. You know, the ones that peek out in every show, jealousy, concern, protecting each other, flirting, touching….. hints and intimacy…. Davids pics of tony visiting zivas apartment once a week for how long… and so on and so on…. After Africa and Tony’s obsession over Ziva’s lost and his lust for Revenge….. thats why he went to Africa after all… Revenge… they thought Ziva was dead… Will this be Ziva’s turn for revenge…. the name of the next episode…. Ive read that Ziva will kick some butt in the next three episodes, but no mention of Tony…. Best case scenario… they both recover and Gibbs has to deal with the change to the team with two involved agents…. Will Gibbs have to allow Rule 12 to be broken or will it break up the team? I cant wait til next week.

  42. Mervin Keck says:

    This show ran it’s course a couple years ago. Kill them all!

  43. Kathi says:

    Wow, MW was right when he tweeted bam! bam, indeed.

    Loved all the wonderful Tiva moments – could Tony be any more obvious with his feelings without saying the L word?

    I think Ziva was just going to say something about how much he means to her when…bam!

    I love this show.

  44. Sis says:

    Soooooo at this point they finally have to confess to each other how they feel. I mean, we thought it would happen after the bomb and the elevator, but this has to hange things. Come on. Also, I can only believe that this is not going to sit well with Papa Gibbs, nobody hurts his team aka his kids. I am so excited to see how this leads into the finale. Now if CdP would just sign her contract. Hopefully that announcement will come after next weeks episode.

  45. N.A. says:

    OMG! I just finished it. At first I was all interested in the case, and then like, “Yesss!” about the new Mossad director, Marina Sirtis did a great job, and then especially the Tiva goodness then the end, which left me with my jaw dropped open, coupled with the promo which was music only and so epic…and well, basically, this is me typing from the grave right now. How is it possible NCIS is in its tenth year and the season has not had a single boring episode, has had one of the best seasons in its run, has had a fantastic premiere, mid-season two-parter and still four episodes from the finale brings out another amazing episode like this, then next week’s looks like it’s going to be spectacular and we haven’t even hit the finale yet? All the awards, Gary Glasberg. All the awards.

  46. ryanne says:

    Awww come on all i wanted was one special moment . Then you could have shot one of them in the car and have their tires shot out and they robbed of the freakin diamonds. Oh gosh an accident and in the middle of maybe the most touching moment these cruel writers will give is tiva fans steuppss!! I would have settled for a i dont know what i would do without u moment lets break gibbs rule look between them at least sniffle sniffle something!

  47. Susan says:

    I wasn’t surprized with the ending tonight, but I will be surprized if the show is in its finale showing. Please this can not be true! This show is better than the soap opera shows I used to watch and the characters are all my favorites. Tell us please that there is more to come for the NCIS Boorah! team in the future. Florida NCIS watcher. Devoted fan.

    sr in Florida

  48. Nicole says:

    I doubt that they are killing Tony as MW has signed contract for next year. I also think I saw him in the promo when they are storming a house. In regards to Cote De Pablo she has not signed a contract yet but a few year ago MW did not finalize a contract til July. Also the show runner said that The actor’s contract status is not determining their story writing right now, the writers and producer will deal with the change if need be when the time comes they have stated. I hope they don’t kill off Ziva’ there has been too many woman dying on NCIS series as a whole they don’t need to add another to the list.

  49. Morisot says:

    They can put her in a coma–that way their options are open.

  50. I love Ziva so much, and her relationship with Tony is amazing. I hope they are both okay. I expect Ziva to be in the hospital in serious condition for at least one episode, but hopefully Cote signs a deal for next season soon.

    • Aalyha Assanah says:

      I love ziva so much can somebody what happen to her and tony I hope she didn’t die love her so much