NCIS Boss Previews a Vengeful Manhunt, Finale That Asks: 'How Will Gibbs Move Forward?'

NCIS Season 10 Finale PreviewTonight at 8/7c, CBS’ NCIS returns to wrap up Season 10 with the first of four final episodes, following Ziva’s heated pursuit of Ilan Bodnar as it feeds into a season-ending arc that promises to leave viewers — and Gibbs — with many questions. As part of TVLine’s in-depth May sweeps/finale preview special, showrunner Gary Glasberg shared a look at what’s ahead for TV’s most watched (and already renewed) drama.

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TVLINE | How would you sum up these last four episodes?
They are a lot of fun. After Eli David got killed in January, we sort of stepped away from that for a little while. But last [episode] we discovered that Ziva has been working on her own little investigation behind the scenes, and that arc really kicks off when we send her off with Tony on a clue trail that leads them to Berlin. The episode is a combination of the Bodnar manhunt and then some really nice Tony/Ziva stuff as well. Then there is a whole storyline that goes on back in Washington, which is Gibbs working with Marina Sirtis, who is playing the new director of Mossad (Orli Elbaz). So, everything is coming together. And this arc connects into the story that becomes the season ender.

TVLINE | You mentioned “some nice Tony/Ziva stuff” — but before that, a reader wants to know if Tony will feel hurt that he was left out of the events of the last episode? Is that a thing?
No, I think he recognizes the pressure that Ziva has put herself under in terms of wanting to figure this out and get to the bottom of it. All told, there are moments, all the way through the remainder of these episodes, where emotions are a little frazzled and people are pushing things a little bit. Tony is there for her and he recognizes what she needs and what he can do. It doesn’t get petty, so to speak.

TVLINE | How if at all would you compare “Berlin” to Tony and Ziva’s Season 7 Paris trip?
The Paris episode was a very specific case; this is more related to the bigger picture of what we’re dealing with. There are terrific Tony and Ziva moments, emotional moments, sweet moments, hopefully things that people will really connect with and latch onto.

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TVLINE | Turning to all that Gibbs is dealing with back in D.C.: Why does Homeland Security, among other agencies, Revengewant NCIS to drop this whole thing, to get off Bodnar’s trail?
That’s a big part of where we end up going as the finale nears. The CIA and a lot of other people have, understandably, been involved with what happened with Bodnar, given the international connections of Israel, how Iran was involved Arash Kazmi’s death [by car bomb in the episode “Shiva”]…. But at the hub of it is the connection of this daughter losing her father and Vance losing his wife. All the dots connect and ultimately lead us to where we end up.

TVLINE | Tell us about Marina Sirtis as the new Mossad boss.
In the real world there has never been a woman at the head of Mossad, so that was something that we wanted to try. Marina showed up and just nailed it. There is a strength and a determination to the way that she plays Orli Elbaz, so I’m thrilled.

TVLINE | Does Orli have any kind of a reputation that precedes her? Or is everybody meeting each other cold?
There is a lot of history between Ziva and Orli, and that will unfold as the episode unfolds. We discover something at the end of [“Berlin”], a nice little twist about the two characters that absolutely will inform us moving forward. There is more to it than meets the eye.

TVLINE | What is going on with Gibbs in these last episodes, that Muse Watson resurfaces in the finale as the late Mike Franks?
As [Tony and Ziva] go off on this manhunt that leads them to Berlin, that gets us to the next episode, which is aptly called “Revenge,” and really gives Ziva fans an opportunity to see a strong, determined, relentless Ziva David that they haven’t seen in a while. People are going to be really blown away by how things unfold in that episode. But that leads us to this scenario where, in the real world there would be an investigation into the Bodnar manhunt, so Colin Hanks (Dexter) comes in as an investigator for the Department of Defense, and the Inspector General’s Office. All of this leads to the end of the season, where we’re presented with a situation where Gibbs has to really question, ‘How far is too far? How far can he push the boundaries? How far can his team push the boundaries? How far can they cross the line?’ In looking at things from a moral stance, in terms of what has happened over the years, things get internalized, and we’re very fortunate to have the conscience that is Mike Franks for Gibbs to interact with.

TVLINE | Going back to Colin Hanks for a second, please tell me there is an on-camera reference to the resemblance between him and Sean Murray’s McGee.
There absolutely is. There is a terrific scene in “Double Blind,” which is the penultimate episode, when McGee and Colin Hanks meet for the first time. And then it comes up again in the finale as well. We’ve gotten a big kick out of it around here. And while the boyish looks and the smile are deceptive and fun, there is a lot of depth to what he’s capable of and who he is.

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TVLINE | What all do you have on tap for May 14? Is it the sort of NCIS season finale that leaves someone in professional or mortal peril over the summer?
Yeah, I’m not going to let you down in terms of that, I hope. There are a lot of questions that are left open. We’re absolutely looking at decisions that have to be made and situations that leave us saying, “How is the team going to move forward? How will Gibbs move forward? Will things change within the team?” There is a case that turns out to be very significant and that dovetails to propel us into the season opener for 11. So, hopefully we’ll deliver a finale that leaves people thinking over the summer.

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  1. Ashley says:

    SO ziva knows the new director of mossad?! huh………..if there’s STILL a possiblity that ziva might leave after this season ………..Dinozzo better jump right on it N tell ziva how he feels. same goes for ziva.

    As for colin hanks and Mcgee DAMN they look so much alike they should play brothers instead!

    • Ang says:

      I actually had the same thought. That she dies and it sends both Tony and Gibbs in a tailspin

      • gatorgal says:

        Ziva does not die, unless something else happens in the season finale. Cote was on some TV show in LA this morning and she made the comment that she had a week left to film for the season. Sounds like she’s still alive to me.

        • FAN#1 says:

          After see the last episode i really don’t want Ziva to die. She adds a great mysterious side to NCIS. Love the show and we already had enough deaths this season.

        • I like this info, gatorgal. Hope you are right!!!!!!!!

        • Chuck says:

          That’s good to hear – I really hate having major character killed off for no good reason (Kate). There are better ways to write out a departing actress or actor.

          • Pennagirl says:

            The actress that portrayed Kate wanted out, she was killed off because she wanted to leave. As for the rest, yes NCIS seems to kill off female characters. If Ziva is gone (and Cote hasn’t signed yet) the show will not do well.

          • Peggy says:

            AMEN to that. We really miss Kate! Love her new show.

          • Duffy English says:

            I always thought Kate was soooo good in the NCIS team until the Ziva character came into it. It changed the whole dynamic of the show, making it much more interesting. Ziva is a much stronger character, with mystique and tension with DiNozzo.

          • Chuck says:

            Agree 100% – that’s one reason I was so upset when they ‘wrote’ Kate out the way they did. TV is fantasy – perfectly OK to rough principles up, like they did with Ziva, Tony and Tim in the desert but You Never Kill Them Without A Good Reason. Happy or at least affirmative Endings are a staple. But writers are writers under a lot of short-term pressure so they can really screw up badly, very badly, just like stockbrokers and doctors. This seasons (2013) Bone’s finale is another example of giving in to ratings pressure and producing a disaster.

            But the same writers can recover – as much as I liked Kate, Ziva is a much stronger character and, somehow, the entire ensamble benefits from her pressence. That strength, which had been in flux for a while, flared strongly in this season’s four Finale episodes, the best in a while and a brilliant example of how multi-episode storylines can succeed without devolving into Soap Opera. Wish the writers would have taken the same care with Kate.

        • Jane Rioux says:

          But she hasn’t signed a contract yet for next season.

        • Chuck says:

          Wow – seems like I’m not the only one with a tender nerve – after they killed off Kate and despite liking all of the regulars (Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, Tim, Tony and Jimmy) Ziva was the only reason I began watching again. Even then, it took a while. Still won’t watch any episodes with Sasha Alexander.

          • Cheryl Macomber says:

            If there’s an older show I haven’t seen, I will watch. I didn’t start watching til a couple years ago, but am finding older shows I missed. She moved on to Rizzoli and Isles on TNT – love that show!

          • Kristina says:

            I agree with that one i have 3-9 on dvds ziva is much better than with kate her and tony work together like the many arms of am octopus

      • PENNY BACH says:


    • Evelyn says:

      I thought the same thing! I just can’t believe Ziva will die. She and Tony have too much future left!

    • carole in fl says:

      Please let Ziva leave this season. Then I can watch next season.

  2. Claire says:

    Thank you for another great interview Matt! I am curious about something — I like numbers and stats and have noticed the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ numbers for NCIS ‘appear’ quite high compared to other topics. The article on Cote de Pablo is 5000+ FB ‘likes’. I would assume that you all track them and would be curious to see a breakdown. Is that something that could be shared? If not, no worries! :)

  3. This long time, die-hard fan’s reactions to what is reported to be contained in the season ending arc? Ho-hum. I’m sorry to say that I’ve gone from being a huge fan of Ziva to being ready for her to leave. I truly believe the sharks are circling, waiting for the TIVA episodes to come a bit deeper into the pool. I’ll miss the series if that happens.

    • lyn says:

      ITA. I’m as tired of Ziva as she looks. Seriously, Cote looks like she’s frazzled and haggard.

    • Shelly says:

      If Ziva or Tony or Gibbs end up leaving the show, so will a lot of dedicated NCIS fans!!!!!!’

      • Joyce says:

        You got that right!

      • KAT says:

        Tony’s death could be the only one for me that has the greatest reaction from everyone (at least it’s what I think). I can’t see Gibbs ever leaving, and they’ve already killed the girl once with Kate.. Tony would leave everyone on the show and watching the show completely blindsided….. Let’s hope he lives.

      • Dianne Davis says:

        I agree ,they may as well cancel the whole show!!!!

      • arn says:

        You are so correct, Mr. Director DO NOT mess up a truly great show and CAST!!!

      • Willie says:

        I agree if Tony or Ziva or Gibbs leaves I will not watch it either. Just like when Jenny was Killed off as NCIS Director, Vance come in and tore the team apart sending them on separate missions tony to a Ship, Mcgee to computer division and Ziva oversees in Morocco and is injured in an attack there. The show WILL NOT be watched by ALOT of people if Ziva is killed off.

  4. AMCPress says:

    It should be an interesting episode.

  5. Helena says:

    I like Ziva, I would be sad to see her go, I really would. But lately, for the past few seasons, I’m just getting tired of her. She’s in like every scene, she gets the finales and major episode arcs, which would be fine if it was spread across to include other characters. Maybe it’s because I love Abby and she’s my favorite, but why can’t she have a major episode arc, or have something horrible happen to her like it did with Ziva this season. Dont’ get me wrong, I love Ziva and I want her to stay, but I wouldn’t object to her leaving, nor would I object to more focus on other characters like McGee, Abby, Ducky, and Palmer. Maybe CBS considers them to be minor roles, but to me, they are, especially Abby, the heart of the team and it would be a shame for them to get less attention than Ziva just because they aren’t agents. Just my personal opinion, feel free to disagree.

    • gatorgal says:

      Ziva’s had one finale solely based on her- Aliyah. The majority are split between Gibbs and the whole team. Tony’s had at least two. McGee and Abby have had none. Hardly think that makes for a major focus on Ziva.

      • Helena says:

        But there’s tremendous focus on her and Tony in every single episode. Maybe it’s because I like Tony better, so it doesn’t bother me as much, but I just wish Ziva had less while other minor characters like Tim and Abby can have the chance to have their own finale, or be an essential part in a finale. Tony has had one. And yes, I agree that the majority of the time is dedicated to Gibbs and the “team” but for some reason, the “team” does not really include Abby, Duck and Palmer, even McGee is lacking. It’s all about Ziva, Tony and Gibbs, and I am frankly a little tired of it.

    • Amanda says:

      I love ziva (and tiva), but I also miss the days when the writers included McGee and Abby in funny and wonderful episodes like Cover Story or Bloodbath. And for Dicky, it was the meat puzzle. I think that they have forgotten how to write for them or just don’t take the time to put together great episodes that include these characters as more than just one or two lines of “hi boss” or “hey gibbs”. Just MHO.

      • Helena says:

        EXACTLY!! i couldn’t have said it better myself. at least this season, there were two abby episodes, but even then, abby stuff is more of a b-story than part of the case like it was for bloodbath or toxic where abby was literally in the middle of the case and the problem. this season, we had mcgee and his dad which was good, and the ducky beginning stuff was fine. i just want more for them, and less for the “team”

    • What makes this show so dynamic is the crystallization of the team characters as they are as actors. Remove one player, the whole deck of cards tumbles. Now, with the advent of Star Trek Next Generation favorite, Marina Sirtis as Massoud chief, the producers have given viewers two strong woman characters. What is missing, blatantly, are more actors of color. Rocky is phenomenal. But, no one is in front with the team. Beyond that, Ziva David reflects a character who is strong in intellect, savviness, and personal substance with a deep desire to love and perhaps have a family, which may or not grow given her father’s death. Boring? No. Over played? No. What is missing is further development of McGee.

      • merilisa says:

        I agree with both your feeling about people of color on the show. One African American director, a doomed ME assistant and one doomed Chinese double agent doesn’t make diversity. That can and should change. Very few of the roles on this show are race dependent. NCIS has been great about minority minor one-shot roles, though. I can own that.

      • Julie says:

        Oh please with the ‘we need more people of color’ crap. You want more minorities, go watch In Living Color repeats. Not everything must have a perfect racial ratio. And before you start screaming at me for bring a Nazi racist, I’m a person of color – one that doesn’t have to hyper focus on the racial composition of everything.

        • Susan says:

          Thank you, thank you!
          I would love for everyone to read, and understand what you said.
          May I add, why are we all not considered Americans? Why must a racial description be add.
          (not a question, but a comment ).
          On another note, I did hear Ziva would likely be killed off due to contract differences.
          I would like them all to stay as they are. But there are many other programs to see on TV.

        • Elle says:

          Ha! Never met a black girl named Julie. An “in living color” reference? Really? There are other less clownish, more recent shows featuring people of color! An actual person of color would know that. As for NCIS, having Vance and Ziva is good enough. They are two main characters. Also remember they had Jardin for a little bit. NCIS does fine in that regard.

    • seancr says:

      For What it’s worth, those who do not want NCIS to investigate the death of Ziva’s dad should be concerned. THEY are probably the perps in this and don’t want to be found out. Sound far-fetched? Look at Benghazi before critiquing my thought. In real life, there is a lot of jealousy, competition between these ‘covert’ ops types. Don’t be too surprized when it is found out her dad was 86’d by some hotshot maverick with a vendetta.(jmho)

  6. Mel says:

    Wow, so glad to hear that Tony being distrusted and kept out of the loop by his entire team isn’t worth addressing. But then again that’s pretty much how the show has treated the character all season.

    • tp says:

      Yeah, I’m very tired of how he’s been treated too. I hate how Tony is still talked down to by McGhee and Ziva. Bugs me…

    • Julie says:

      Tony is, and always has been, my favorite character, with Ziva and Gibbs second. I don’t think he’s been mistreated at all this season. He had the awesome Christmas episodes with his Dad and “Kate.” He’s always been a focus of pretty much every episode. I really don’t see how Tony fans have any reason to complain. And why does everyone’s love for Tony always seem to have to be at the expense of Ziva? I feel like I’m the only fan of both characters and don’t feel the need to sacrifice my love of one of them for the other. I love their friendship but also don’t think the show would be ruined if they got together. People hook up with those they work with all the time. I don’t see how it is out of the realm of possibility that they might fall for each other.

      • Sam says:

        Thank you Julie. I agree with you.

        Sadly, that’s part of the reason why I really do not like a majority of the NCIS fandom. They love to put characters (mostly Ziva) down for no reason. It’s okay if you love Tony more. But stop acting like he is being so mistreated when that simply isn’t true. They are just looking for excuses to hate on the other characters.

        • Leigh says:

          I don’t think it is outside the realm of possibility, I just personally think they focus too much on Tiva and Ziva and should tone that down somewhat. I don’t hate the character of Ziva (although I think they have sort of written her in to a corner in that of any character I find her the least trustworthy and one that would most easily stab on of the others in the back). That said, I don’t root for her to be off the show. I just grow weary of them having to warp other characters to push that character so much. I think they have sort of boxed in the characters too much in their Ziva push. I am mostly a Tony fan of the main 4 original ones on the show. I miss seeing Tony interact with Gibbs and Abby, even Ducky and Jimmy. At times they have taken Tony too far in to the juvenile realm, the same can be said of Abby too though in order to make McGee the smart one or Ziva the kick ass one. Show me a smart capable Tony that earned him that Senior position. Let him interact (heck let Ziva interact for that matter) more with others, and I would not mind the Tiva in small doses. The show is not a soap opera though, and sometimes I think they have started to drift too far that way. Frankly. I would bet a lot of money that if they did go full fledge Tiva, those that love them so much now, would lose a lot of interest. I do get being some what drawn to the will they/won’t they dynamic, but part of me has to wonder, just what Tony or Ziva really see in the other. She treats him like a dog 99% or the time (like she is better than him, McGee does this at times too. Just seems like a lack of respect that would be hard for me to see why a guy would be drawn to that character beyond the obvious looks and the hard to get factor. ;) Tiva sadly has done little favors to INDIVIDUAL character development or relationships between other characters. I think if they had focused on the ladder 2 things, there would not be so many issues with Tiva.

  7. none says:

    ziva face is looking fatter than usual,
    hope she dies

  8. none says:

    time for Ziva to go!!

    • Merrry Walker says:

      Wrong, Ziva must stay she is so intriguing and leaves you waiting to see what happen next.
      Love the show.

      • Angela Stinson says:

        I was just wondering. How should Ziva look, her fater shot to death, along with, the Director’s wife? I’m thinking not like, she just spent a day at the park?!

    • Beverly Lowe says:

      If you don’t like the program, just quietly get out of our hair! I LOVE this program., It is well done without alot of sexual “stuff” like alot of the stupid teen sit-coms!

    • Katie says:

      You.are.drunk. have a nice day:)

    • seancr says:


      In real life, we get ‘reassigned’ or live to retire. Instead of terminating any of the cast, just re-assign them. Then, have them be ‘advisors’ called in to help with some unsolved cases. We always want to either kill or otherwise end good characters. Why?! Some of us in real life even live to retire after assignments.(jmho)

      • Chuck says:

        Agree – unless there’s a really good reason, a departing cast member should be written out, not killed. TV is a fantasy medium and get as rough as you like with them but good guys should not be done away with. I’m still angery about Kate – it would have been just as easy to have her reassigined or at least seriously but not mortally wounded. Problem is writers getting carried away, like too-tired 4 year olds.

        At least neither Ziva nor Tony were seriously injured, thank god.

        As an aside, another example is the disasterous finale of Bones this season – with Booth rejecting Brennan’s marriage proposal because Pelant threatened to kill innocents if he didn’t. Apparently, writers either didn’t understand that that’s a deal breaker in terms of the Booth-Brennan relationship or for some reason have intentionally destroyed it.. Either way, writers out of control.

  9. Can’t wait to see what happens tonight between Tony and Ziva. Looks like Gibbs has his hands full with the new Mossad Director as well. Gibbs, Tony and Ziva are the top three draw for me and I look forward to them as well as McGee, Abby, Palmer, Ducky and Vance. I really can’t imagine NCIS without any of them anymore. :-)

  10. Marsha says:

    Love Ziva! Love Tony! Love Tiva. THIS is NCIS for me – the rest i can get on another show.

    • Patsy says:

      I agree totally about Tony & Ziva. They are my favorites , the way the show ended tonight Im not so crazy about, unless it brings them closer . I would stop watching NCIS if Tony & Ziva are gone.

      • Evelyn says:

        I completely agree! Tony & Ziva are the bomb. I really like all of the characters but I think they are my favorite. I would, most probably, stop watching as well if they were gone.

  11. Amanda says:

    You ask the best questions! So glad youtouched no whether Tony was feeling hurt/left out of Ziva and McGee’s secret manhunt or whether this would be like Paris where they also shared a bed. Love this article and am so excited for the next four episodes. I truly hope Ziva’s character is back next year and that they continue to move her relationship with Tony forward in a meaningful way.

  12. Walta Huard says:

    He will remain true to his postion, Boss. Protect his crew and vance will back him even more strong as time goes by. Tim will do every thing He can and Ducky and Jimmy were the front last year, so crew’s turn. My words there will be no love affair but Ziva will come back with a baby. She will be able to leave the last generation in her family. She will have that permanent tie. Tony will continue to be called out to meet tuff police situtations. Tim will come up to replace Vance and Jimmy will meet his place. Thanks for asking and reading.

  13. fan1 says:

    To make comments about a real person that are rude and nasty are not necessary. To say that Cote looks haggard or fat in the face is just mean. We are supposed to be talking about the show. How does that have anything to do with what the episode or the show is about? Leave your insults to yourself.

    • Lash424 says:

      I do not think that the physical aspect of an actor/actress is completely relevant with the discussion of the show. GROW UP and learn to respect not only a great actress, but her fans and NCIS’ fans also.

  14. Tony Evans says:

    The problem for Australia viewers is that Channel 10 who screen it here keep messing with the series by showing old repeat episodes in the middle of the current series. It gets most frustrating and leads you to turn off, literally. Maybe the program managers in the USA could put some pressure on 10 and tell them to stop messing with NCIS?

  15. Tony B says:

    One of the few series with a great ensemble cast, Will Leon remain with the angency and be able to deal with losing his wife ? Has Ziva gone off the deep end ? Will Her and Tony run off and return with a little one ? Will McGee find out he has an evil twin ? Looks like Gibbs will have his hands very full !

  16. Debbie S says:

    I love love love the Ziva /Tony sideline. Those characters can only let down their guard down when they are together. And no one from the team can die! It would ruin the symantics of the show! Can’t wait to see the last 3 epidodes….

  17. Donna says:

    I just hope after tonite they didn’t kill off Ziva or Tony. Besides Gibbs, they are the show. I really like the entire cast, and it wouldn’t be the same if they lose one of the main cast characters. It’s one of the best shows on!!

  18. cathy says:

    If the cast does not stay the same I will not be watching next season

  19. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Just saw the episode and AHHH. Not only was it beautifully done Tony/Ziva-wise, but I like the return of a Mossad/NCIS storyline – Orli is a very intriguing character. AND THAT CLIFFHANGERRR OMFG. I hope Tony and Ziva are okay!!

  20. tracyjackson says:

    The team is perfect i really hope no leaves everyone has a huge part in making it work leave it alone anyone dont like it switch your channel cause its grea

    • Angela Stinson says:

      I agree, but at the start of NCIS, Gibbs was known for always, atleast partly, going though Directors, I think Vince has been there the longest (may be wrong). I do think it’s time for a new one? Either way, will work. I doubt Ducky will go but, possible Palmer? McGee & new guy, ending up as brothers very possible! It would make it, interesting!!

  21. Mary-Anne G says:

    NCIS is my favorite TV show and I love the cast just the way it is… It is better when the cast stays together throughout they had lost Kate & Mike Franks.. Ziva’s dad & Van’s wife were secondary characters . Yes they will be missed but the other are all not easily replaced! Or in this Die Hard NCIS opinion!

  22. Chris says:

    Liked the input from other posters. My concern is that Tony may be the character in trouble with these last 3 episodes. I’ve read where Ziva is in the 4/30 episode of “Revenge”, but Tony may be seriously injured from the accident(coma) or worse still, dead. Seems as if the writers have done Tony no favors with character development this season(I.e. lack of trust by teammates). Would not be surprised if Tony was out after this season, but I think the show would suffer greatly just for the sake of change, if they wrote him off. Last 3 episodes should be good!

    • No, no, no, Tony can NOT die!!!!! I watch them on Cloo and USA and, therefore, see the re-runs over and over, and that’s ok with me. These folks feel like family to me. Each one is truly terrific. I miss Muse Watson.

    • Angela Stinson says:

      Tony also played in an episode of the Closer, so Ziva in an episode of Revenge is no big thing. I heard they are being cancelled anyway….just saying?

  23. Herb B says:

    After the accident, I just hope that both Ziva and Tony return. I feel that Ziva and Tony will get together, eventually. Ziva has a way to bring out the best in Tony. This is a team, that feeds on each other, more so, than when Kate was with them. There is few shows on TV anymore, that I feel are even worth watching. Losing NCIS would be like a 9.9 earthquake.

  24. Milt says:

    NCIS is one of the best series in a long time. It was hard when Kate was killed off, but Ziva was/is a great replacement. Hope she survives the crash together with Tony. No permanent damage, I hope.

  25. Nicole says:

    I will boycott NCIS if Ziva dies or gets replaced or is paralyzed. We need our Ziva.

  26. phiip says:

    If tony ziva leave it would be major loss to the show there’s been enough death this year not saying the team couldn’t do it but it wouldn’t be the same I hope they don’t leave

  27. Julie miler says:

    Please don’t let anything happen to Tony or Ziva. Love them both they play perfectly off of each other. Thought my heart would stop at the end tonight

  28. tiffany says:

    Omg.! If Ziva or Tony dies I will not see ncis the same ever again

  29. phiip says:

    Ziva an tony u cannt leave

  30. Junior says:

    After a long day at work, the best way to relax is two or more hours of NCIS…life is just awesome with those guys…looking forward to see what the last three episodes brings, hope everyone returns for season 11.

  31. Seriously you had to have this kind of ending? I love NCIS. I love the whole cast. They are each great in their own roles they play. I am so glad that there is going to be another season. Even though this ending now has me concerned about next week as long as none of the cast dies off we r good.

  32. June says:

    There is no other show except for NCIS for this fan. You have to keep everyone: Gibbs, Ducky, Pulmer, Abby, Megee, Tony, and last but never least Ziva. The show would never be the same without any of them.

  33. muriel leonard says:

    I like all of the characters. I can’t see Tony and Ziva as a couple, but want them to stay on the show. It would be nice to see the other characters get leading stories, Abbey, Ducky, McGhee Palmer, Leon. The series was at its best when the story line was spread around. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The cast should stay in tact with Gibbs as team leader. The problem with shows like House, Is that the lead dominates all the story lines and the other characters are not developed. NCIS started off truly developing all of its characters. Keep this formula!

  34. Gary says:

    If Ziva goes, so do I.

  35. Natalie says:

    Great questions, Matt. As always, love your interviews. Thanks for this. :)

  36. Lili Joan says:

    If any of them goes, I will too.

  37. Wlmey says:

    If the writers of the show are trying to keep the show as close to reality as possible then….Tony should have been fired for sexual harassment a long time ago. They have been through the class after all.

    • Kristi says:

      That same class when Ziva stuck her tongue in his ear?? Yea.. You don’t remember that episode too well… They ended up leaving early for that class anyways

  38. CarmenC says:

    watching tonites episode was very disturbing,the end was just awful,IF they drop Michael W or Cote we will just quit watching, there has been enough loss and death in the world we need the Tony and Ziva charecters,so if CBS’s NCIS wants to keep thier viewers they better be ok

  39. Gail says:

    if Cote doesn’t renew her contract instead ofkilling her off they could let her and Tony get married and she stays out of the pic by staying home and raising a family… Still think Gibbs should end up with Frank’s daughter-in- law and child hate seeing him alone

  40. Nada Kessler says:

    Please leave the cast in place…They are the best on TV!!!!!!!!! Gibbs is still the sexiest and classiest boss I’ve ever seen on Tv…Gotta love him! Ziva& Tony MUST SURVIVE…please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. ok so we all agree no killing off either one of them it would ruine the show

  42. I watch NCIS because of the characters and because they show a degree of feeling for the victim that is important to me as a parent and grandparent of murder victims. The dead body isn’t just a prop, and I appreciate that. Gibbs is a very good portrayal of a murder survivor. I don’t mean that all survivors go out and seek revenge. But all survivors are permanently changed by their loss. There is so much grief in the world. Please, powers-that-be, don’t kill off any of these characters. We are attached to them, warts and all.

  43. Simon J. Leon Jr. says:

    Loved tonights show. But was really in turmoil after seeing the car wreck with Tony and Ziva then the show of a body in the morgue. Do not Kill off Tony or Ziva! It will really mess up the dynamics of the show. Them being hurt in the car accident will be enough to send Gibbs off to make someone pay for them being hurt. Because it wasn’t just any car accident. This was on purpose and someone needs to pay. Go Gibbs and McGee get that Man and or Woman.

    *Note: Do Not Kill Off Tony or Ziva!!!!!!!!!! Your Viewing Public has Spoken!!!!!

    Thank You!

  44. Bonnie says:

    First, to griefsjourney. My condolences on the death of your family members. In 1967, my 9 year old brother lost his life. My mother still grieves daily.

    As for NCIS (and LA), I look forward to Tuesday evenings every week. Tonight’s cliff hanger was a heart-stopper. Bring all the characters back this fall!

  45. poupard says:

    que ca continue de la meme facon j adore cette serie que personne ne diparaiisse

  46. I know you can really top all this with Tony and Ziva finally hooking up! For to take themm away from us, will put Abby intto a turmell! Ducky another Heart attack!, plus all the fans of this show. I know you need to put us on the edge. But,, we havve lost .kate. JENNY? Lee, and Mike Franks! Please don’t let us lose anyone ELSE… can’t lose this GREAAT SHOW TOO!!

  47. Joann says:

    Losing Ziva would be the best thing that could happen to NCIS. Her character is so plastic.

  48. rpclennon says:

    They all ready killed off one of there partners way back when,but if they kill off Z i v a the
    show won’t be the same,she’s an important part of the team and won’t be worth watching!!!

  49. panner says:

    I’m thinking Tony ends up the most seriously injured even though the passenger side was struck (due to his previous concussions – maybe head trauma and coma? while Ziva sustains broken bones) since it sounds like Ziva has an active role in the “Revenge” episode. So, Gibbs and team hunt down and kill Bodnar, and are subsequently brought up on charges by the DoD? If Cote doesn’t renew her contract, how to resolve her character? Will she get sent to federal prison for her part in the ‘rogue’ mission? Or will the whole team be acquitted of wrongdoing – leaving Ziva and Tony to get married at the beginning of season 11, having her resign and only make occasional guest appearances? Lots of possibilities.

  50. beronica lee says:

    I love NCIS. I don’t want anything to happen to Tony or Ziva. The show is great. I love all the charaters. It would be nice to see Tim hook up with someone. He is so sweet and cute. If Ziva has other contracts going on, don’t kill her off. Like someone else mentioned, marry Tony and Ziva and have her get pregnant and stay home. That way she can have quest appearances. Gibbs is awesome as well as Duckie, Palmer, Vance and Abby.
    **I hope Ziva stays with the show. I love her character!!!!!

    • DEBBI LORD says:

      Please keep ZIVA!!!!

    • Katie says:

      I agree! I want tony and diva to hook up! They are perfect for each other …they just wouldn’t admit it.poor tony he FINALLY makes a move.

      And they get in a car wreck.if they don’t make it…I am so done watching it.