Dancing With the Stars Week 6 Results: Did The Right Couple Go Home?

SEAN LOWE, PETA MURGATROYDIt took six long weeks, but Sean Lowe finally danced (totally) sans shirt on Monday, fulfilling that fine print in his Dancing With the Stars Season 16 contract that you know stipulated he show off his trademark pecs and abs.

But with Sean’s requisite pec-baring moment behind him, the focus turned to the fumble-footed hunk’s not-so-fancy footwork — and that had to be good news for the struggling Victor Ortiz and Andy Dick.

While he may have been overscored with a 21, my stone cold heart still crumbled a little for Sean, as he bravely faced the wrath of Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno, whose memorable zinger – “Look on the bright side, you can always get a job as a stripper” – aptly summed up their sentiments about his sizzle-free, sadsack Samba. Listen to the music, Sean, because taking off your pants next week is not an option!

With those memories still fresh, tonight’s live results show crackled with an air of welcome elimination-induced tension, despite the requisite behind-the-scenes clips (the “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” musical clips came up especially flat) and musical performances by Olly Murs and will.i.am.

But without further ado, here’s the real moment of truth — tonight’s results:

Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd
Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold
Andy Dick and Sharna Burgess

Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd
Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold

Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold

“I had a blast, I made great friends… at the end of the day, it was a heck of an experience,” said Ortiz on losing out on his (long shot) Mirrorball dream, before inviting the cast of Season 16 to sit ringside at his next fight! “I’m happy to get this far,” said Ortiz, before adding with a chuckle, “I definitely need some dance moves.”

And with that, it’s your turn. Which couple should have really gone home tonight — or was Victor the right choice? Is Ingo Rademacher’s son Peanut (“see you at the after-party!”) the cutest part of DWTS this season? And are Sean’s pants fair game next week? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tim says:

    oh Victor, it was your time, it was the perfect bottom 3 this week… next week, Sean is toast!

  2. Sara says:

    Ugh I would have preferred Sean or Andy to go home before Victor. Oh well. As long as Zendaya is safe, I don’t really care.

    • Julie says:

      Zendaya is going to win!! She’s cute, likable, and can dance really good!!!!

      • Meg says:

        And she has the teen vote behind her! She doesn’t deserve to win, though. It’s sad that it comes down to a popularity contest–I think it would be interesting if DWTS switched over to a more SYTYCD-like process where there is a public vote that determines the bottom 3, but the judges pick who to send home of the three. After all, how significant are the judges’ scores in comparison to the votes?

        • paula says:

          According to the DWTS website, the judges’ scores count 50%, and the audience votes count 50%.

          If not Zendaya, who do you think deserves to win? My two favorites are Zendaya and Kellie, and I will be happy if either of them wins.

          • Nan Murphy says:

            Kellie does not compare to Zendaya. If Kellie wins instead of Zendaya, it is definitely the certain judge who is manipulating the scores, just like the last season with Shawn Johnson & Melissa Rycroft.

  3. Wrstlgirl says:

    Was it just me or does Sean seemed really pissed at this whole thing.

    • yaywhatever says:

      The judges were dishing out very negative criticism. There were so many other male dancers that have had their shirts off and no mention made of it.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Well the guy can’t dance. I’m embarrassed for him every week. He should just be grateful he’s still there period. I also thought it was interesting how he didn’t even touch his partner (can’t think of her name at the moment) during the announcement. Is he really that much of a prude?

  4. sarah says:

    it was def time for victor to leave!!! Peanut stole the show!!!

  5. MaryAnn says:

    This year the eliminations have made sense in terms of the skill of the dancers. It is so refreshing not to have the travesties we have had in some previous seasons of dancers with no talent making it almost to the end, and good dancers going home early.

  6. Chris says:

    The kid is cute, but I bet when he’s a bit older, he’s gonna curse his parents for naming him Peanut. Seriously, that is a HORRIBLE name. How can parents do that to a child?!?

    • eileen hargis says:

      Peanut is one name, his other is Kai, he is part Hawaiian. They call him Peanut but by school time it will probably be Kai.

  7. Tim says:

    it will get really interesting when Andy and Sean are gone, which is assured in the next two weeks …

  8. Jen says:

    Yes, have Sean take his pants off next week. ;).

  9. Tim says:

    isnt next week’s theme G-string related? sean will survive another week

  10. Bobbi says:

    I would have much preferred Sean going home this week. Aren’t his 15 minutes up yet?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      He still has his cheesy on-air wedding to do and probably parts of the honeymoon (if they actually make it that far). I expect he’ll try to stay in the Hollywood light in some way. I don’t see him fading quietly into the background with his new wife like he said he wanted back before he was glamoured :-)

  11. paula says:

    I do not ever want to see Sean try to shimmy again.

    The right couple went home. Victor is a nice boy; he has a very pretty smile and takes criticism well, but it was becoming difficult to watch him dance. I’m hoping for Sean to go next week, and then Andy the week after that (unless he improves tremendously).

  12. GS says:

    As long as Kelly, Aly, and Zendaya are the final 3, I really don’t care what order the guys go out. I do enjoy Andy b/c he’s trying so hard and Jacoby is ok but not very graceful. Sean is just bad all around. It really should come down to Zendaya and Kellie. I really don’t want Derek to win again regardless of how much I like Kellie but I don’t want Val to win before Maks. If the ladies make it to the final, any of them would be ok with me.

  13. Tom says:

    I think the finale should be Kelly, zendaya and ? I don’t really like jacoby or ali

  14. H.Houston says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song that was played when the pros did the dance to kick off the competition for next week… the one where the only women dancing were Peta and Sasha (Andy’s partner)?

    • Linda says:

      Loved the song and started searching that night. JLo’s “Papi”.

      • H.Houston says:

        Thank you… I thought it was an awesome song. I really wish that DWTS would come out with sound tracks for all of their seasons. Some of the music is amazing!

  15. Trinity says:

    you know what? whether it was the smart choice or not it’s up to people to vote and you can’t really help who votes for which couple with that being said i think andy should have gone home to be honest but i’m glad that he didn’t because he did a really good job with the Viennese Waltz they just need to give him more serious dances and he will improve so much.

  16. valerie says:

    Did anyone else see Meg Dick making a rude comment right before Jacoby danced? She was right over Tom’s shoulder and it was obviously she doesn’t like someone…

  17. Michele Hankins says:

    I am rooting for Jacoby and Karina all the way!!!