The Voice Battle Rounds Recap: Locked Out of Knockouts [Updated]

Vedo-Jessica-Childress-The-VoiceCan you call 911 and report a non-robbery? Because that’s kinda sorta what I feel like doing after watching a pair of awesome vocalists get booted, then left to languish on the side of the road without a patented “Steal” from a competing coach, during The Voice‘s Battle Rounds tonight.

I can’t be alone in scratching my head that spunky Jessica Childress and growl-monster Patrick Dodd won’t be part of the Season 4 Knockout Rounds, right? Especially when the sweet-yet-pedestrian C. Perkins somehow hit the reality singing competition Powerball and got a second chance on Team Usher.

But hey, when the talent level is as high as it is deep, no Voice fan is going to come out of the Battle Rounds without a scratch or two, or perhaps even a wound deep enough that it might leave a scar that’ll still be visible this time next year. (#TeamChildress4Eva) And if you don’t already have at least three or four singers you’re super-excited to hear in the aforementioned Knockouts, then, well…Ke$ha is playing somewhere on the radio I guess?

With that side serving of snark, it’s time for me to weigh in on the night’s proceedings: I’ve ranked each individual battle from least- to most-promising winner, as I often do:

Team Shakira: Kris Thomas defeats C. Perkins on Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain” (C. Perkins stolen by Usher) | Shakira herself played the “better in rehearsals” card after Kris soured Bruno Mars’ melody with lots of shrill runs, and C. offered up a serving of decent karaoke. The latter singer may have boyish charm and room for growth — but he needs a good year or two of boot camp before he’s ready to step to Judith Hill or Grace Askew. Which makes me think he’ll be flat on the matt by the end of Knockouts. Actually, so will Kris for that matter, no?

Team Blake: Savannah Berry defeats Jacqui Sandell on Little Big Town’s “Little White Church” | Blake continued his irksome Season 4 trend of favoring his country artists above all else. (Why even bother turning for non-country artists in the blinds, dude?) To my ears, Savannah had less air than a minnow in a shot glass by the time she reached those end-of-ditty harmonies. Not to say that Jacqui displayed perfect pitch, either, but at least her tone was kind of distinctive on a track that took her far from her rocker roots.

Team Usher: Vedo defeats Jessica Childress on Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven” | I loved the energy and connectedness Vedo and Jessica brought to the surface during their duet, and frankly, it was hard to fault either singer when it came to pitch. Jessica, though, took more chances — punctuating runs with frisky growls, throwing in the occasional crowd-pleasing shimmy — and that made her the clear winner in my book. Delightful to the end, though, Ms. Childress said she couldn’t be too upset with the result. “Vedo and I just shut it down!” she grinned. Yes, sister, you sure did.

Team Usher: Ryan Innes defeats Orlando Dixon on Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Orlando stolen by Adam) As much as I loathed Usher’s arrangement on Bill Withers’ classic heartbreak ballad — those dueling “I know, I knows” on the bridge sounded as musical as a barnyard cockfight — the singers in question definitely proved they’ve got chops. I’d have actually handed the win to Orlando, who seemed to have a slightly stronger grasp on pitch (despite a few too many runs) over Ryan (whose gravelly tone is so expressive, but sounded intermittently flat). The heaping portion of hype that Carson and the producers served with this Battle, however, leads me to believe these two will be contestants to watch going forward (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Team Shakira: Monique Abbadie defeats Luke Edgemon on Lady Gaga’s “You and I” (Luke stolen by Blake) I know Shakira seemed to indicate she was picking Monique because of the near certainty that Luke would get stolen, but I fear that may have unfairly hindered her pink-haired diva — who was giving serious “young Xtina” vibes with her muscular runs and come-hither stage moves. Which is another way of saying I thought Monique deserved to win the Battle because she was a smidge better than Luke, who seemed to fall a little too far off the beat and couldn’t really match Monique’s firepower when the serious throw-down began. (Also, his cutesy facial expressions were not my bread and jam.) I do think Luke made the right choice when he went with Blake over Usher for the Steal, and not just because the former judge’s self-pointing index finger remains as hilarious as the day he first used it. But then again, I kinda wish Blake had used his power to snatch up Patrick instead.

Team Adam: Midas Whale defeats Patrick Dodd on Elvis’ “Burning Love” | If I’m being honest, there were moments where both artists got overpowered a bit by the Voice band’s rollicking bluegrass arrangement, but all three dudes brought such committed energy and undeniable charmisma to their Elvis tune that I was grinning like a goofball all the way through. Idol grad Jon Peter Lewis secured the win for his duo with some nifty “ride the pony” dance moves and a few choice high notes that stretched his upper register while lifting the chorus to dazzling heights. Patrick, though, matched the power of the Midas duo all by his lonesome, all while reinforcing the fact that his was one of Season 4’s most instantly recognizable instruments. How exactly did he not prompt a “Steal” button to be pushed?

On that note, I turn things over to you: Who were your favorites from Night 3 of The Voice‘s Season 4 Battle Rounds? Were there any decisions with which you disagreed? Were you surprised Jessica and Patrick didn’t get stolen? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dan says:

    Usher has committed Amanda Brown-levels of crime!

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Indeed. That was shocking. Jessica was special. AND no one saved her… Dumb, dumb, dumb.

      • db219 says:

        Jessica was good, but I don’t know about special. She had a big, soulful voice, but there are other competitors in this year’s competition that fill that niche, and do it better than she does (most notably Sasha Allen).

        On the topic of saving, it’s possible there were no saves left. I know a contestant who didn’t win her battle round this year, and while they aired her battle very early on, she confided in us that at the time of filming there were no saves left. Isn’t really fair to contestants, because it gives the impression no one wants to save them when maybe they just can’t.

        • Danny says:

          @db- I’ve always wondered about that. I think it might be better to have them do their steals when everyone was done singing. It’s not really fair to the last group that sings if there’s no steals left.

          • Julianne says:

            That is the problem with the show. In the auditions, everyone who the producers work with for weeks preping for the show don’t even get to audition. You should be able to judge the singers against the group, or team, instead of just seeing if they are better than one or two other people. A lot of good talent will get lost that way. Plus, how are you supposed to judge a duo against a solo act? or even judge someone on a duet when duets are about connection with the other singer and blending and harmony, not competition?

          • madgem says:

            @Julianne – My husband and I were talking about this last night. Often in the battle rounds, you get two “not so good” singers paired together and two awesome singers paired together. That means, no matter what, you’re stuck with one of the “not so good” singers and have to lose a good one if there are no steals left. It sucks.

        • ES says:

          I don’t know about ‘special,’ but I would definitely say that Jessica had potential. Despite having a big, soulful voice, she still felt fresh and fun to me. I like Sasha Allen and am rooting for her, but she’s sort of stiff as a board.

        • Teeny Bikini says:

          Oh, that’s interesting about the save thing….

        • Maggie says:

          But coaches have told singers “I love you but have no saves left”, so, it’s not a show problem. Shakira used up both her saves the 1st hour of the first night of the Battles. The rounds have to go on even if all the saves are taken. Don’t understand why the singers feel like it’s their right to know if slots are left or not.

      • white lancer says:

        That round in particular made me sad. I think it was the closest battle of the night and I would have been happy with a victory by either one, but I couldn’t believe Jessica didn’t get stolen. She was one of the ones I was actually interested in from the blind auditions and I thought for sure she’d get through.

    • Elsa says:

      Even if I believe Vedo won the battle (which I did not expect), I can’t understand how Jessica was not saved.

    • Aiden says:


      The show just got 10% less delightful.

    • Trent says:

      I loved Jessica’s big voice and ebullient personality — and still don’t understand why no one stole her — but she was NO Amanda Brown. I still play Amanda’s version of “Dream On” all the time (along with lots of other people — her YouTube video of that song is up to 2.7 million views). Having said that, both Jessica and Patrick Dodd ABSOLUTELY should have been saved over the underwhelming C. Perkins.

    • YL says:

      It’s not a crime not to select powerhouse vocalist. Though the Voice started in blind auditions but after that blind auditions, everything else matters. Stage presence, confidence, uniqueness, popularity, song choice, and another thing that I observe, ‘chemistry’. Amanda Brown may be the best to you but not to me. You can find that kind in every contest. The judges are experienced enough to know that. In this contest, people think Judith Hill is the best singer but let me tell you, she may not win at all. It takes more than just the voice.

  2. Danny says:

    What a good show tonight. The first battle was awesome & they battles usually get better as the show goes on. I thought they were all pretty close. I didn’t agree w/ every decision, but can’t complain either.
    *Patrick Dodd I thought was a threat to win it all. Even then, I have no qualms w/ Adam’s choice.
    *Awesome show. I think it’s almost anyone’s game. A lot of real close talent this season. Sarah Simmons hasn’t even sang yet. When she does she’s going to have some tough acts to follow.

    • Lee says:

      I agree that it was a good show tonight. To me, what made it so good were the new judges: Sakira and Usher. Both of them gave great advice to their contestants. I liked how Shakira pointed out how certain words should be sung. And I liked how Usher paired up singers that could learn from each other. I really think The Voice would be stupid if they did not bring Shakira and Usher back next season. On a side note, i liked Adam’s arrangement of Burning Love.

    • Tom22 says:

      We need to remember that the Coaches are picking their team including their experiences in working in the studio with the musicians and their adaptablity and potential to ultimately rise to the highest level.. … they’re picking on how good they’ll be when they’re finished.

      From Adam’s comments it appears that the Coaches had some opportunity to observe other coaches contestants in action rehearsing a bit too.

    • Kim says:

      I think maybe Midas Whale was better than Patrick Dodd by a bit but I’m so bummed he didn’t get stolen. He was the one I was looking for and I really wanted to see more of him.

  3. Ademm says:

    What they did to Ain’t No Sunshine was a travesty. It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.

    • Caitlin says:

      Why? Just because they didn’t do it exactly the way it was written?

      • Ademm says:

        No, because they did it differently, and did it poorly. If you’re going to change a song like that — you better do it right. It’s a song of pain and angst — what in the world did all those show-off (and not well done) runs say about that? It says that they didn’t have a clue what emotion they were supposed to show. Couple that with the kick-boxing demonstration and I really think they didn’t even listen to the song. The winner was better, true, but …all in all Fielding Mellish was correct (once again).

        • TC says:

          couldn’t agree with you more Ademm. That song (at least Bill Wither’s version) is just about as close to perfection as you can get. They killed it last night-and not in a good way. Sometimes, simple is really best

    • Trent says:

      Couldn’t DISAGREE with you more, Ademm. I loved that version of ANS and thought the emotion both singers poured into it was enthralling. Ryan in particular gave a little growl coming out of the chorus that was sexy as hell. (Yes, I replayed the song a bunch of times – LOL.)

      Great show last night! Really strong battles overall, and I thought Adam’s bluegrass arrangement of “Burning Love” was genius. Agreed with Blake about Luke Edgemon — where the hell did he come from? He was NOT that impressive during Blind Auditions, so I have to credit Shakira as a mentor for bringing out his latent talent. In fact, all the coaches did well during the mentoring period — and who knew Pharrell, in particular, was so chill and insightful?

      And as an aside, RIP to Vedo’s mom. I felt so sad for him, and was shocked that she died after Blind Auditions. At least she got to see her son partially achieve his dream…

      • Ademm says:

        Of course we can have different opinions — but I saw only competition emotion — nothing more. We id get bad singing from the one and off-kilter from the other (though as I said the winner was better than the other guy). Silly arrangement which should never have been green lighted — and wouldn’t have if Usher wasn’t being Usher.

  4. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    I was kinda shocked that Midas Whale got the win over Patrick!!

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Jessica was pretty good too. But I was more shocked by Patrick hitting the road.

      • Jane says:

        Blake said he wished he could have stolen Patrick… but since he already stole Luke, he had no more steals left. I would prefer that Patrick was still on the show over Luke, but oh well. And how cute were Patrick’s 2 wittle curly haired daughters with their sad wittle faces in the audience. awwwww

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I was torn like Adam. But Patrick was so so awesome. That was a tough one.

      • The Beach says:

        Midas Whale is a lot of fun but Patrick has that whiskey-soaked, been-singing-in-dives-for-years kinda voice that I really like. I’m sorry he didn’t get stolen but I think Shakira and Blake were already full and Usher already had a raspy voiced guy in Ryan Innes. I wish Adam had snagged him as I enjoy Patrick’s voice more than the technically good but way too many runs Orlando that Adam stole.

    • Elsa says:

      Me too. Personally, I would’ve gone with Patrick.

      • MC says:

        Patrick was much better than Midas Whale imo. I don’t put much stock in these talent shows because often the best singer isn’t considered “commercial” enough to win. Seriously, Patrick was one of the best male vocalists in this competition. I’m just happy Candice has made the top four on AI….can she actually win? That would be amazing.

        • Jane says:

          I keep waiting to see if they’ll mention that Jon Peter Lewis competed on American Idol. I hope Midas Whale goes far just to see if they ever do! Plus they’re hilarious, and talented, and seem like real nice upstanding guys. I’m glad they won the battle, even though I liked Patrick too.

      • says:

        I agree. Patrick was my favorite to win it all. I wonder if his coach was jealous?

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      I sorta expected Adam was going to go with Midas Whale even though, IMO, Patrick definitely won and has that amazing gargles with glass haha tone. I feel like he always want his one “Melanie” sort and that Midas Whale would be his “Melanie” for this season. Midas Whale probably have better live stage presence and vocal command than Melanie. Like Melanie though they are ALMOST super interesting to me but are just missing something and in the end are a bit whatever to me. We will see.

      • Dan says:

        You totally made me watch Melanie’s Toxic in Youtube. Memories of her and Amanda Brown…

      • ES says:

        I actually think Caroline will be Adam’s “Melanie” this year (however, that’s not to say that I think Caroline is quite as talented as Melanie is).

      • CC says:

        I’m not sure how you can compare Melanie to Midas Whale. She completely lacked any personality (both on and off stage) while MW is all about flamboyance and flair. Neither are all that original but at least Midas Whale has the likeability factor going for them. That said, I think Patrick was robbed-of at least the steal

    • ES says:

      I wonder if Patrick suffers from (lack of) marketability? …which would be dumb because Nicholas and Terry were also of the older male/father ilk, and they make it to the final 3 last year.

  5. Elsa says:

    I really enjoyed the show. With that being said, I agree with Michael, it really is a shame that Jessica and Patrick were not stolen.
    And I have to say, I’m rooting for Team Usher. I did not expect to like him that much. I thought it was so funny how he thought for sure that Luke would go with him instead of Blake that he went “less is more” and lost him !

    • Jenny says:

      Usher is all that and a bag of chips. He made me like him even more tonight! So funny and great personality. All coaches rock.

      • Jane says:

        Yes, I really enjoy this group of coaches! I hope they keep them! If Ceelo and Xtina wanted to go do other things, let them stay gone I say!!!

  6. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Not surprised Luke chose Blake. 1. He seems to get votes for his contestants and handle the show well. 2. When the coach is THAT stumped into dead silence when simply asked why you want the person on your team….

  7. Laura says:

    Again I feel like Ryan Innes should be #1 on this list but is placed lower than someone who is not that great. I feel like Monique did nothing original on her version of “You and I.”

  8. Jane says:

    Usher’s team is very weak, IMO! It could his inflated ego and arrogance that’s keeping great performs to join his team!

    Blake: (R & B) singer win season 2, then a pop/rock singer win season 3, his intentions/motives are clear this season, he wants a Country artist to win!

    Shakira is absolutely adorable/infectious, and her team is shaping up to be quite a diverse team. She gives great advice!!!

    Adam- Definitely has the strongest team collectively! He’s making very wise decisions.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Too bad Blake wasn’t forthright with the contestants that he would totally shaft non-country artists – when they still had a chance to pick someone else. I get that Blake wants a country winner. That’s fine. I don’t get why he chose people on his team that were clearly not country – only to throw them under the bus. Not cool.

      • kavyn says:

        Agreed! So not fair to anyone not-country on his team.

      • Lee says:

        Agreed. I find it frustrating that Blake consistently picks the country singer. He could occasionally pair up two non-country singers together. But he doesn’t even do that.

        I wouldn’t consider Cassadee Pope to be a rock singer. Maybe pop–but not rock. And she won the competition on the strength of her singing country songs. So I still don’t understand why Blake is pushing for ANOTHER country singer on his team to win.

    • Jenny says:

      Agree, love Usher but when they showed the team lineups at the end I’m like wow he has the worst team. Only star there is Ryan innes.

      Agree with you on Blake too.

  9. Teeny Bikini says:

    The level talent on this show is awesome, especially when amazing talent like Jessica and Patrick could put out rock star performances and STILL go home. I think the people who got through were also talented so it’s kinda hard to throw shade at the judges. It’s not like when De’Borah went home last season, losing to a pedestrian talent. The battles this time around were honorable and the choices were really hard.

    • Danny says:

      That is spot on. I thought Patrick was awesome and I have no real qualms w/ him going because Midas Whale was pretty dang good too. The same thing can be said for Jessica & Vedo. The whole season of the battle rounds has only had 1 bad performance IMO. This is shaping up to be a pretty good season.
      *Oh, and De’Borah’s Message in the Bottle w/ ???? (forgetting his name) was still the best battle in the 2 seasons I’ve been watching. Quite a few this year are pretty close though.

    • Julianne says:

      I disagree. They saved three or four subpar singers, but don’t save the actual talent. A lot of trainwrecks are hailed as awesome on this show, which I don’t understand.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Oh, that’s a different story. I absolutely 100% agree that some of the saves were wasted on subpar talent. Only Shakira used them appropriately. I almost wish they would change the save rule – where they can trade in their saves, if something(one) better comes along. It seems a bit ruthless but I can’t believe two great singers went home tonight because of this weird rule. Oh well… I guess singers are used to this kind of silliness in the audition process, but as a viewer it kinda stinks.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Maybe that will happen! Maybe you just hit upon the huge big deal they have been building up about an unprecedented save attempt and one which the producers are not even sure is legal thing??

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Maybe that is what Usher tries. Or at least one of them. They try to trade in a steal? Man that would so cold for the person already saved though, yikes.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            I know. Right?! That would be so awful for the previous save. But it would be *great* TV. :)

          • The Beach says:

            Yep, that’s would be pretty cold. I’m guessing that Usher is going to try to steal his own contestant that didn’t win the battle round. That would sure raise a ruckus with the other coaches.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Yeah I think that is more likely. The other way would be way too cold. The way they show clips it seems like Usher and Adam end up fighting for a contestant. But the way they talk about Usher’s move it seems like it’s gotta be that he simply tries to save both his team members. (honestly that really wouldn’t be fair I mean so many other coaches would’ve loved to do that, look at CeeLo and Amanda Brown!) But then again I don’t know. I could swear that coaches tried that once or twice in the past and were instantly, point blank, turned down. So why would they allow it after much debate this time? He didn’t back down? For the pure spectacle (ding ding!)?

          • soundscene says:

            I can see them allowing Usher to save one of his contestants if he was the only judge left with a save. I didn’t watch last season, but perhaps in the past when judges attempted to save their own contestants, at least one of the other 3 judges still had a save to use.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Hmmm…. I did miss the first ten minutes but I sure as heck didn’t see any sort of mind-blowing, controversial, potentially against the rules steal by Usher. He made a good steal and it was quite a sing off there to say the least but nothing controversial about it in the least. Confused. Unless something weird went down during the first ten minutes??
            Granted The Voice has built up things before that turned out to be not that big of a deal but this didn’t seem to be any deal at all.

  10. Jamie says:

    Thank god we still have Luke Edgemon. He’s brilliant and weird and interesting.

  11. Chris says:

    I can almost understand (not quite there but close) why Jessica Childress wasn’t saved, but I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact they let Patrick walk away. I totally get why Adam chose Midas Whale, I do but man… They just let Patrick walk away… astonishing move… so confusing.

    Ryan sure has this household talking. This is going to an interesting season. Get it Usher.

  12. Davey says:

    Was super mad that Patrick Dodd wasn’t picked up for the steal while Usher did steal a much weaker singer.

    Just wrong and makes me not want to vote for Midas Whale ever. Duos should not sing against single contestants. The other guy has to compete with two people.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      I do wonder about the duo thing. It seems a little shady. How is one singer supposed to compete with two? Especially if the duo is talented.

      • EM says:

        Well, up until this season, the only duo to have made it past the battle rounds was the Thompson Sisters in season one – I think it can cut both ways with the duos. For example, Christian vs. the Swon Brothers last week. Blake picked the brothers because they’re country, but it seemed to be the general consensus that Christian won – the Swons sounded like his backup singers. Same with Gracia and 2Steel Girls last fall.

      • kavyn says:

        Can I just bring up that in the Christian v Swon Brothers battle, only one of the Swon Brothers actually sang while the other harmonized? It was basically Christian competing against another contestant that had their own back up singer.

        And yet they both sounded like Christian’s backup singers. He genuinely got robbed, that was HIS performance and no one saved him. I don’t blame Blake for picking the Swon Brothers, maybe he picked them before the battle even happened. But I’m surprised Adam or Usher didn’t save Christian.

    • Lindsay says:

      I think Adam picked Midas Whale thinking that someone would steal Patrick. He said, “I’m going to try to help you both.” The other coaches should have stolen him. He’s a great singer with a unique voice.

      • Kyle says:

        I got the same impression. It seemed like all the judges enjoyd Midas Whales performance and stage persona but they really talked about Patrick’s voice a lot. I thought that one of them would have gone for the steal and it seemed like Adam thought the same but only Usher could and he only had one steal left. So while I wish Patick was still around because I enjoyed his voice and its rasp I can also understand why Usher wouldn’t take on Patrick because its not in his wheelhouse

        • Ms. Chops says:

          Check Patrick’s Facebook page for comments on this point. The performances were aired in a different order than originally performed, and by the actual performance, none of the judges had any steals left. A crying shame, but let’s hope Adam keeps his promise now that the show has aired.

          • Kellie says:

            I definitely remember when Patrick Dodd first sang on the show. I thought he was AMAZING!!! I was looking forward to hearing and seeing more of him. I am so SAD he didn’t go through to the next rounds.

  13. EM says:

    I think my favorites from tonight were Monique, Ryan, and Orlando – the last especially surprised me, because I found his blind audition weak and assumed he’d be cannon fodder this round. Shocked that Jessica wasn’t stolen – I felt Vedo was also excellent, though, and I think that’s more Usher’s fault than anything for pairing the two together. The battle between Midas Whale and Patrick did nothing for me, because it’s just not really my style of music, but they’re clearly talented. Surprised, also, that Savannah didn’t look all that strong tonight – loved her audition.

  14. dan says:

    I’m annoyed that Jessica got the boot, but then again , she probably got a lot out of being on the show.

  15. Gailer says:

    Kris Thomas has the voice

  16. Christy says:

    Patrick was flat robbed. I actually thought Jessica was rather ordinary, though cute and seems nice.

  17. kavyn says:

    Christian Porter and Jessica Childress both got robbed :(

  18. Mellie says:

    Kind of totally in love with Midas Whale. I’d buy a record from them right now.

    • Rainy says:

      I kind of totally would too! They have a great sense of humor and sound awesome and have their own thing going. They have everything they need to be actually successful outside this show!

  19. Independent says:

    Kris Thomas best singer.

  20. WL says:

    Shocked doesn’t even begin to describe Jessica 1) being let go by Usher and 2)her not being saved!? ..She was someone I thought would possibly win the whole thing. Besides having the best voice, her likeability was through the roof – did anybody notice how quick her sense of humor was? I’m so irritated by watching lesser talents than hers go thru – My opinion of the judges has taken a nosedive – that they would not recognize what losing her means. Does anyone remember how crazy they were for her audition?! Tonight, they just acted like, ‘Oh, we’ll.’ Really strange.

    • P says:

      My guess is by the time that battle happened there were probably no saves left. It’s not filmed in the order that we see it so we don’t know when exactly these battle rounds occur in relation to the rest. Considering Adam even gave Jessica a standing ovation, he, or any of the other judges, probably didn’t have a save left for her. Which is supremely unfortunate, but has happened before on this show.

      • The Beach says:

        I wonder if Carson gives a clue to that. When some of them don’t win he says they are available for steal, others he just asks them what they would like to say to their coaches.

        • HitTheGroundRunning says:

          Surely that is a clue but it’s hard to know what it means in any particular case. Sometimes it means that no saves were left I bet, but I’m pretty sure that other times it means it’s someone that he’d personally like to see get saved (then again I hven’t been paying much attention, if he says it after 98% of the pairings then you are probably right).

  21. The Beach says:

    I love that The Voice actually opens the purse strings to clear current as well as classic songs: Bruno Mars, Elvis, LIttle Big Town and many others.

  22. dani n. says:

    LUKE RYAN KRIS PATRICK all deserved a win. Sorry to Patrick losing to hambone JonPeter whatchamacallit & his goofy sidekick. Didn’t like JP on Idol don’t like him on this show. It’s just a little weird building your career w/TV competitions. It’s not like he wasn’t in top 10 on Idol.

  23. ES says:

    The only decision I took issue with was Usher picking Vedo over Jessica. In my opinion, Jessica was more unique and definitely had way more potential. I imagine she could’ve been like a female Bruno Mars—the type of artist who can balance an old-school vibe with the need to be radio-friendly. Plus, she had such a great personality. I was disappointed to see her go.

    Shaking continues to impress me week after week. She makes such insightful comments that cover all parts of performance (technique, artistry, etc.). She really is a great coach. On the other hand, Blake’s all-country-everything schtick has become predictable and tiresome. I watched tonight’s episode with a friend, and when we saw that Blake, once again, pitted a country singer against a non-country singer, we immediately thought, “Poor Jacqui,” who we knew was going to get the shaft even before she and Savannah hit the stage.

  24. Jayda says:

    I did think Vedo won the battle over Jessica, but I think that people like Jessica and Christian should have been stolen over people like C. Perkins and Luke. I really like Kris Thomas’ voice and am surprised he is the lowest ranked winner of the group. Only the Vedo-Jessica battle tonight really impressed me… the rest were just okay, I thought.

  25. A says:

    I really appreciate the fact that Shakira is really specific with her judgments after the performances and concentrates a lot of her advice on the voices. I like the other judges but I find it annoying sometimes when they don’t comment on the actual voice. They just say things like “You’re great”, “You were amazing”. etc etc. At least mention that their pitch or whatever was good or anything voice-related. As someone like myself who knows very little about the “science” (couldn’t think of another word) of music (e,g,, technique or what an ‘inflection’ is) and can only sit back and enjoy good music I really appreciate Shakira’s advice and pointing the issues out. It’s a competition and she’s acting like it! Its not supposed to be an “everybody is awesome” show. That is one thing I actually appreciated about Christina Aguilera. Even though she was a bit harsh at times (e.g., Melanie Martinez last season), she was very critical about the advice she gave about the voices..

  26. NedPepper says:

    I agree on Blake. He’s not even pretending to hide his country bias. I mean…the dude convinced Cassadee Pope to make a country record. Really, it doesn’t matter, because winning this show is meaningless. Doesn’t mean it’s not fun to watch. It is. But I’m not sure these musicians hoping to make it big have paid attention to the fact that the winners of The Voice don’t really get a career. They just go on Kickstarter to try and convince the people who watched it to pay for their album…The age of winning a reality show and launching a music career is pretty much over.

    • Jenny says:

      Yeah I hear ya. It’s good publicity for budding artists but they have yet to produce a star.

      • soundscene says:

        But they have produced a show that’s now far more entertaining than American Idol, which in the producers’ minds is likely much more important. In the end, whether the winner becomes a huge star is only slightly relevant for bragging rights. It doesn’t land the show a bigger audience.

  27. romirome says:

    Midas Whale is going to win it all. They are versatile musicians who know how to entertain a crowd. Say what you want but that is the be all end all in this industry.

  28. A says:

    the steals in this episode were so dumb IMO. I mean seriously C. Perkins and Orlando Dixon over Jessica Childress and Patrick Dodd? Really?

  29. angelstorm says:

    Couldn’t believe Usher picked Vedo over Jessica – almost put me in a bad mood for the rest of the show !!

  30. angelstorm says:

    By the way – LOVEING Shakira ! She’s awesome – great advice and just super smart comments and then at the same time completely likeable !

    • Jane says:

      Shakira has really impressed me too. Intelligent, witty, doesn’t sugar coat just cuts to the chase but isn’t mean about it. And can I just say thank you to her for not having her girls hanging out all up in my face, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that (ahem Xtina, Mariah, Nicki)

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Ironically, she is the only one of the lot who could actually pull that off at this point in time and have it be a major plus. The ones who shouldn’t do overdo and the one who could do doesn’t. Still, nothing wrong with keeping it classy for the show. It’s not a music video or stage performance. And with all of the ridiculously shallow misconceptions so many appear to have had about her it is just as well (still looks plenty hot as dressed to say the least anyway). Now they can focus on how truly talented, witty and intelligent she is and how broad ranging, worldly her musical compass is.

  31. Kaywinnet Lee Frye says:

    Why isn’t Patrick part of the poll?

  32. michelle says:

    Sarah Simmons is my favorite and she hasn’t even performed in the battle rounds yet. I pick her to win the whole competition. What an amazing voice she has

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Yeah, I hope she doesn’t get paired weirdly since there are barely any saves left. Maybe she is part of this huge “the craziest most save in the show’s history, is it even legal” thing they seem to be building up?

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Although I’d tend to think the save thing would have to be about who she was paired against she it seems hard to believe Sarah wouldn’t get picked the winner by

  33. Kate says:

    Am I the only one that didn’t think Patrick was all that? He just sounds like the guy from Creed. (Not high praise.) Definitely didn’t deserve to be stolen. Jessica Childress did, though.

  34. schmed says:

    Shocked and disappointed about Patrick, as well. But I think the key was Shakira’s admission that there wasn’t much any of the judges cold do for him; he ‘s a professional musician who has worked 300-days a year for years (as he kept saying). These judges want people they can mold/help/claim credit for.

  35. Mark says:

    I hope any artists who are thinking of appearing on this show next season are paying attention to Blake. If you are not a country artist, there is no reason to join his team. It is the kiss of death. He took non-country artists for two reasons: to keep the other coaches from getting them, and to set them up as cannon fodder for the country singers he wants to promote. That’s it. He’s going to stick with what he knows.

    • Jane says:

      True, but they don’t always have a choice. In some instances Blake was the only one who turned his chair around. And I think he did just to use them for fodder as you mentioned. It’s understandable though, he fully admits that when it comes down to it he’s going to go with what he knows… but it sure takes any suspense out of his decisions. lol.

  36. Joe says:

    This show is so much better with Usher and especially Shakira in place of the other two. Xtina is unlikeable to the nth degree & CeeLo was treating this as a chance to make people sing 80’s karaoke for him without much thought about who they were as artists. I know Shakira and Usher are only supposed to be filling in, but who wouldn’t be let down if NBC announces the other two are definitely back in those seats next season?
    As for the show last night, I thought Vedo was good, but Jessica outshone him. I thought Monique was way too affected and was lost doing a throaty Gaga take instead of making the song her own while Ryan really surprised me a lot. Shakira knew if she dumped Monique, no one was saving her and I think that’s part of what I love about her. Blake’s Country or Bust team is going to bite him in the rear in coming seasons. Why would anyone who sings any other kind of music go on his team after this? Considering he won with 2 non country artists, I’m not sure what he’s playing at here. I also thought Orlando outsang Ryan, but Ryan has that “it” factor where he’s so likeable you forgive a couple of bum notes. Jessica had that too which is why it’s stunning she’s not there. As for Patrick Dodd not being on the show? It’s a crime. The man can sing. He has one of those 1 in a million voices. If I were Simon, I’d be recruiting him for X Factor although I wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone. I’m not feeling the Midas Whale love the rest of you are. I don’t think the world is crying out for another Flight of the Conchords/Barenaked Ladies which is what I think they’re going for. It all seems too cute, cloying and planned out to me.

    • MC says:

      Love your last sentence. ITA. Patrick is someone who would catch my attention in any venue, tv show or not. Midas Whale is one of those made-for-tv acts everyone will forget about very quickly.

  37. Rainy says:

    I really like Luke and I’m glad he’s still in the competition (thanks Blake!). I think if he advances to the point where America chooses, he’s in with a shot because in addition to being talented he’s also charismatic and cute. A bit sad that Jessica left, but she wasn’t the best singer on the show, not even the best that’s already out. Super stoked for Midas Whale, hope they go far!
    I’ve been waiting for Michelle all this time though, she’s definitely my favorite contestant this season. I hope her battle is on in the next episode!

  38. Sara says:

    As much as it pains me to say this…this is only shakira and usher’s only season. Christina and CeeLo are back and already filming. . It makes me so sad. Usher and especially Shakira are wonderful!! Love them!!!

    • HitTheGroundRunning says:

      Ah man I wish there was a way to keep Shakira on! A fifth judge a roving judge, anything.
      They are giving up a goldmine.

  39. waterbug says:

    I didn’t read every comment, so somebody may have heard this too. When Shakira told Patrick that he was already a star and none of the judges could teach him anything, I knew he would not get saved if he did not win. And I was right. No one wanted him. He was one of the strongest performer and would have been quite entertaining to hear him for a few weeks.

  40. GTS says:

    I think it’s kind of unfair how you have to use steals immediately after a winner of the battle is announced. Then I really good singer could go home, either because you have used up you steals, or think something better is coming. Adam said he knew exactly who he was saving his steal for- what if they win? Then he hasn’t used it on a really good singer.

    If they waited until all the singers had sang, then took all the loser up the stage and then stole them, it would be much fairer.

    • Dinamgaber says:

      Well i totally agree too about the running out of steals makes some really good people leave while others not as good keep on … While in most cases -especially in adam’s case this year – the steals are more like knock out fodders .. But i think some could really go soo far .. Just like amanda last year .. And maybe even win … So my suggestion would be another twist to the battle rounds why not after all the battles are done They do like a 2nd chance round or sth and all the battle rounds losers would perform again one last time or sth and the judges would turn the chairs for them like the blind auditions … It is a rough idea and it probably needs some tweaking .. But it would be fairer and i guess this way well deserved ppl wouldn’t leave just because the coaches are out of steals .. Just a thought

  41. TP says:

    I am still in shock over Jessica’s departure was really rooting for her and to be honest with her gone am not as enthusiastic about the rest of the season

  42. Kristoffer says:

    I am confused… Did I miss the big save or twist (or whatever they were calling it)… “that would shock the judges and producers”?

  43. Amy Serwitz says:

    Enjoying the show…Shakira & Usher are refreshing…Sorry to see some of the contestants being sent home…Michelle Raitizin was awesome with her soulful voice & hot outfit. I would have loved to have seen her move on… She knows how to connect with the audience.

  44. Juan says:

    who wants to be the guy that eliminates someone right after their mom dies, seriously?
    I would, because Childress was better

  45. Carole Gmur says:

    I agree that Shakira is a refreshing change on the show. As far as CeeLo coming back I would rather see Usher stay even though he seems a bit arrogant!

  46. Jay says:

    Why can’t we buy the duets on iTunes? Some of them are so awesome.

  47. Deanna patellis says:

    Someone please promote Patrick Dodd. Am soooo missing that voice in todays music.

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  51. joeorc says:

    walki is like a song that sounds good with his voice like a bob Seger song or in the case of patrick singing a Marc Cohn song