The Following Recap: Stick a Fork In It

The Following RecapThis week’s episode of The Following finds a bleeding madman, marinating in a cocktail of drugs, alcohol and his own deteriorating mental state, still getting the jump on the FBI. In the Bureau’s defense, it’s distracted by townsfolk who’ve chosen to deal with the threat of rampant killers in the same way they would an impending hurricane or catastrophic heat wave. But Joe’s banter, and two really big developments in the final moments of the episode, make all of the aforementioned silliness worth it. For now. Let’s review what happened in “The End Is Near.”

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ALTERED STATES  | Q: What does a crazy serial killer do when everything’s flying off the rails? A: Watch a grainy homemade sex tape like it’s his own personal Skinimax, yet derive no libidinous pleasure from it. Joe drinks, bleeds through his dressing and watches Ryan give Molly the business – good Lord, do you think Kyra Sedgwick files her nails on Kevin Bacon’s tight-n-sharp abs? – and zeroes in on Ryan reaching for the vodka bottle and saying, “Can’t kill me. I’m already dead.” Carroll keeps sipping and popping painkillers as he gathers his followers for a final meeting at the old homestead: The FBI is closing in, and the cult is preparing to depart. “We’re trained, sir,” one male acolyte assures him. “We’re ready.” Jacob’s not so sure… and he’s also not convinced that Joe isn’t just going to use them as cover so he can make a clean escape. Emma’s advice for her ex-boyfriend’s trust issues: “Suck it up.”

At the sheriff’s office, Ryan, Mike and Debra use Joey’s description of the house to narrow the possible locations. Agent Diedre Mitchell Who Never Gets Enough Credit realizes that some property records have been tampered with; pretty soon, an FBI Hummer is barreling through the estate’s wrought iron gates. But all Hardy & Co. find is a follower who hung himself in the foyer and a handwritten note to Ryan, left between the pages of Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death.

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER? | Joe, Claire, Emma and Jacob turn up at a random couple’s house, where they plan to spend the day before leaving after dark. Though Joe et. al. pretty much always kill people in their way, they for some reason leave this couple – Vicky and Phil – alive. I’m not complaining; if they weren’t around, it’s not likely we’d see Joe’s incredibly twisted take on a dinner party, complete with wine, mood music and pasta for his tied-up guests. (“Parmesan, Phil?” was one of my favorite lines of the night; God bless you, James Purefoy.) Claire exhorts Joe not to terrorize his captives, but his plans to murder her in the near future make him disinclined to accept her constructive criticism.

But he slips up when he unties her so she can open another bottle of wine. Some cops ring the doorbell and Emma answers; when she realizes they know what’s up, she shoots both dead. Claire uses the confusion to break the wine bottle over Joe’s head, and once he’s on the ground, she grabs a fork from the table and jams it into the wound in his side. (I’ve berated Claire’s decisions before, but you gotta admit, the lady can improvise.) While he’s calling for Emma, Claire frees the couple and they run out into the night. Joe wastes no time telling Jacob and Emma to take the car and find the escapees.

Claire flags down the first pair of headlights she sees – of course it’s Emma and Jacob. (Would it have been better or worse, do you think, if it had been a stranger who turned out to be a follower? Weigh in in the comments.) Kevin and Vicky get away, but Claire is carried off to rendezvous with Joe at a marina. The slightly delirious cult leader waxes nostalgic about a boat trip they took in Maui, then matter-of-factly concludes, “Well, this trip won’t be like that one at all.” (Confession: That line made me snort.)

RUN, JACOB! | Jacob and Emma watch Joe and Claire leave on a boat called La Dolce Vita, then she’s ready to meet up with Alex and the other followers. Jacob floats an idea: What if they don’t go? Earlier, the former lovebirds kinda made up and definitely kissed – and now Jacob wants to break ranks and flee… with her. “I don’t wanna die for him, Emma. I don’t want you to die, either,” he says, and they start kissing again. You know it’s coming but it’s still so, so terrible when it happens: She slits his throat mid-smooch, and now I know why production skimped on Nico Tortorella’s hair products last week; they had to save up for the gouts of blood that weep from his wound as Jacob dies. Emma cries as she tells him that she loves him and Joe, but “I don’t know how to love you both.”

WEAKNESS IN NUMBERS | Hardy realizes that the cult members are likely all over Havenport, even in the crowd outside the sheriff’s department building. Really, Ryan? What gave you that impression? Might it be the super insane-looking young lady quoting Poe into a TV camera and then getting stabby with the local reporter interviewing her? Meredith Hagner (Men at Work, As the World Turns) plays the acolyte in question, and man is she frightening. There’s something about her teeny little voice and death’s head grin that makes me want to triple check the locks on my door. (Nice job – and it raises another question: Have you been more freaked out by Joe’s female followers or his male ones? For me, it’s wholeheartedly the former, but I’m intrigued to hear what you guys have to say.)

Ryan bats the female follower around a bit – and it’s interesting that Debra stops Mike from interfering – until the young woman chokes out that Claire has to die “so you can be reborn.” Unsettled, Ryan, Debra and Mike brainstorm until they realize that the Red Death sought out those who feared it most, so the followers must be somewhere full of scared people: the improvised shelter at the community center.

Here’s where we have to hold-up-wait-a-minute. If you know that there are nameless, faceless, cold-blooded killers skipping about your town, why would you voluntarily congregate in a public space where you can’t possibly know and/or recognize everyone? Aren’t your chances of surviving the siege much greater in your own home rather than a school gym where, as Debra notes, no IDs have been screened, no backgrounds checked? And so it’s not a huge surprise when the followers begin their giant “distraction” – a complex, masterminded plan that seems to consist of nothing more than  turning off the lights and killing randoms in a very theater-geeky way. In the end, five civilians and nine cult members are dead, with the rest escaped. That’s pretty nutty, right Debra? Debra? Oh, my bad – she’s currently nailed into a wooden box and buried in an undisclosed location, thanks to two of Joe’s best guys.

Now it’s your turn. Were you shocked by Jacob’s death? What, exactly, do you think Joe has planned for Ryan and Claire? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. kate says:

    I think Jacob’s death has sealed the deal on my not watching next season. I can’t believe he was so stupid, but at least he was likeable. There’s just about nobody left to really like on this show. Ryan and Mike, that’s about it. Everyone else is either evil or stupid (or both, as Emma demonstrates) and it’s just getting tiresome to watch.

    • kate says:

      oh, and don’t even get me started on Claire. first, not slitting Joe’s throat (again!) and then running out on the road to flag down “help?” I can’t even…

      • tonilost says:

        It’s become a comedy to me, I laugh all the way through. They loonies are aplenty that’s for sure and they all have big knives, while police and the feds dont even have flashlights or batons, slappers or any cop gear in anytown USA.,

      • Kim R says:

        Okay..I was so hoping that such incredible twists would be revealed as the season progressed that it would show me it has not been bad writing but really clever plotting. Alas…it has been bad writing. :( Let’s forget about the ineptly portrayed law inforcement for a minute….Jacob trusted his feelings to Emma? Really? Claire did not try to actually kill Joe? Really? The townsfolk are all in one large room, ready for the picking? Really? I feel an SNL skit coming on. Are we ever going to find out about this book Parker brought Joe and how this plays into anything?

      • Steph says:

        And why didn’t she use the broken wine bottle!! She might as well used the spoon !

    • kavyn says:

      IMO Ryan isn’t likable either. Especially after the entire thing with letting the club owner get kidnapped on purpose so they could follow the cult member, despite the woman giving the code word three times saying she wasn’t okay with being put in that situation. Mike is arguably the only likable/root-able character left, but he hasn’t done anything to make me root for him in the same way Jacob had.

    • Chris says:

      Jacob,. likeable? He was a scumbucket!

    • Brendan says:

      I agree 100%. The love triangle between Paul, Jacob and Emma was getting old pretty quick, but having Jacob kill Paul (who was already dying) made sense to the story. It was his first kill and it really screwed with his head, it was Paul’s way to always be with Jacob.

      But for Emma to kill Jacob was a complete and total waste of his character! Jacob was so much more interesting after his first kill and I think they could have really explored what it was a like for him to struggle with finally becoming a killer. It makes no sense at all for her to just randomly kill him like that… if she had done so to protect Joe and help them get away when they were in danger, that would be one thing. Or if she had framed him for something so that Joe killed him or he got arrested, that would make sense and be something she would do. But she has loved Joe this whole time (and they all kinda do, that’s why they are in the cult) and she’s been with Jacob for a long time, so suddenly just killing him and not being able to use it to her advantage makes no sense given her character so far.

      And I agree with Huckleberry – the FBI is *not* that stupid and incompetent. The biggest plot hole in this entire show is the fact that they make the FBI and police always screw up so many times and Joe and certain followers seem to always be one step ahead (except for the follower death of the week, there is always one that dies… usually the one that just got introduced that week).

    • tiffanie says:

      Why would anyone want to like any cult member? You had to know his death was coming , he’s a killer and helper and kidnapper. Seriously

      • Jennifer says:

        Emma is way worse then Jacob ever was. At least he sort if had a conscious, he’s clearly been struggling, she just flat out kills people.

      • kate says:

        Jacob was interesting. And he was clearly coming around to reality, wanting to leave the cult, and in spite of his enthusiasm for a few episodes, killing people clearly wasn’t something he wanted to do long term. I thought they were going to have him leave and go to the FBI and get a semi-happy ending, but they cut his story short by killing him off. He was the only cult character with any real potential to do something unexpected/interesting (like go to the FBI) and instead they got rid of him…probably so that they could have Kevin Bacon floundering around in another dark room for another episode. This show could have been SO good and it’s been nothing but a waste of talent.

    • ellen8 says:

      I agree – I thought there was much story left for Jacob. I wanted him to be the one to rebel and in the end, return to his family and med school.

      • kate says:

        yeah, in fact, I thought that was where they were going with it. Jacob was going to leave and help the FBI catch Joe, but the second he started talking to Emma about leaving I knew it was over for him, which pissed me off. He’s never been as stupid as he was in that scene. He was the only interesting character left, the only one whose character wasn’t entirely clear, and they cut his story short by killing him off.

  2. Alichat says:

    Ok….that’s it…..Emma better die in the finale.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh she needs to die alright! I’ve been praying for it since premiere.

      • Ashley says:

        Agree w/jennifer that stupid B needs to go. she just won’t give up! WTF JACOB!!!!!!!!!!! i was waiting for him to make the move and kill her.

        Weak that’s what he was………. weak! guess he pretty much had it coming sucks to say. don’t know if i wanna watch after seeing this ep! EMMA HAS TO DIE NEXT WEEK!!!!!

        • Tiffany says:

          Yes!! I can’t believe Jacob was all powerful and alive after killing Paul and I wasn’t bored with the three of them, at least there was character development. When Jacob lets Joey go I knew he was getting soft (and it was needed in the plot) but really to let Emma kill him, he has watched her kill numerous people just like that… I had hoped he was going to be a serial killer in the next season since clearly Joe needs to die, (“Parmesan, Phil?” was one of my favorite lines of the night; God bless you, James Purefoy – here here!!)!!

          Anywho, I knew Emma was evil and manipulative and out for herself and she does appear so much smarter than Claire (sorry Claire fans!) I just don’t get Claire, Joey isn’t there, I know you want to see your son again but really, just kill Joe, you know what he is capable of, don’t you??! She picks a fork over a knife, but she does get a knife to cut off the bonds of Phil and Vicki! Hello, one more rant – We know more about Phil and Vicki than we do of some of the cult members. OK, darn it! I didn’t want it to be bad writing either! Here’s hoping the finale is at least action packed, cause you know all the FBI folks are going to be looking for Debra (who I thought was a cult member originally) while Ryan ends up at sea with the crazy couple!! Oh and of course Ryan’s old lover, who Joe said could kill Ryan, the one in the sex tape! You know she is going to be there somewhere!!!

  3. Alichat says:

    Forgot to add……”But Joe’s banter, and two really big developments in the final moments of the episode, make all of the aforementioned silliness worth it.” Uh…no… it didn’t.

  4. Huckleberry says:

    Did you all see what happened in Boston and Watertown the other day? Does anyone really think the FBI would be so incompetent or send small teams out alone so that someone could get captured. I really like the actors in this show, but I can’t watch because it is so ridiculous.

    • George2k says:

      I cant watch this because the show has turned into a washed up comedy show….It makes a mockery of how good the FBI is … and to be frank …. this show other then the lead actor(CB) sucks

    • Show started out creepy good, and I’m invested in the characters at this point, but I’ve renamed it Dumber and Dumber Every Week. Because, well, it really is….

    • Jacob says:

      The FBI was so competent in Boston???

      • tiffanie says:

        It’s a tv show peoples its already filmed they are actors and writers not real FBI if they didn’t screw up and caught him right away it wouldn’t be fun to watch and besides its not like its happening in our time over weeks its all happening over a shorter period of time

      • Huckleberry says:

        They missed on the intelligence about the bombers, but when the FBI, ATF, the National Guard, Boston police, Watertown police and state police figured out who the suspect was they put THOUSANDS of cops in the street in Watertown and shut down the greater Boston area. They all had bullet proof armor, many had helmets. There were humvees and some kind of armored personnel carriers everywhere. They had really big guns. They went into houses five or six at a time and cleared a whole area. It was like a military operation.

        And yes, they did a good job. After the bombers went on the run, they did manage to get them without anyone else being killed. They were good at their boots on the ground job, not so good with the intelligence.

        In last nights’s The Following, they said there were 47 houses fitting the description given, then they sent people out in small teams. That was the ridiculous part. They would have had major military style operations to catch a guy like that. I could not watch because it is so stupid, but I want to find out what happens to Claire, so I watched the first few minutes then flipped through on the DVR

        • Katherine215 says:

          To be fair, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a show of force like what we saw in Boston last week. If the show had done that and Boston hadn’t happened, people would be talking about how unrealistic it was to devote that much force to this.

          This is not to say that I, who gave the show a lot of rope in the beginning, haven’t found a lot of the recent FBI decisiosn to be incredibly stupid.

      • meme says:

        From thousands of photos and many hours of video, they identified their subjects and had their photos out there in a little over 48 hours, starting the events that had them captured in less than five days. Yes, they were very competent in Boston.

    • Simon says:

      Police in my country usually come in 3 cop cars a police van and maybe a dog van for a disturbance in the street lol

  5. lorna says:

    Agreed. A lot of stupid errors cops and fbi would not do. Jacob and Roderick were my favorite “villians.” Emma is an idiot and I hope she dies a slow, painful death.

    • Brendan says:

      Emma is the one person I have wanted to die from the beginning and she’s set to the be the last one standing. I have a feeling Joe will be arrested and she will be key to the next season. Which stinks because I want her to be smothered with a pillow and have her throat slit (ya know, the same way that Paul and Jacob died – both of which she was responsible for).

  6. Autumn says:

    The people in this show are just.. So. Dumb. I can barely take it. I’m only watching now because of Kevin Bacon and I would really like to see Claire kill Emma. With a fork.

    • Anna says:

      Haha what if she did that would be awesome. I’ve always sort of liked Claire (just because she’s Natalie Zea and she was on justified and that’s an awesome show) but now that she actually does something I like the character a lot more.

      • tripoli says:

        I’ve just recently stated watching Justified, which I agree is totally awesome, and I find I like Claire a little bit more now because I don’t totally hate her as Winona on Justified.

  7. kavyn says:

    I’m pretty sure the only reason they killed Jacob was to solidify Emma as the most hated character. I’m so upset, Jacob was the only person that I cared for, and they slit his throat. I probably won’t tune in next season considering I don’t care for any of the leads.

  8. anice says:

    I really liked this episode! Love that she restabbed him using a fork! I think this is a good drama but I agree that they are killing off too many title characters to have the already planned second season. Still interested as to where this show will go next

  9. Pat D. says:

    Dammit, they were on a roll up until this point. Then we get this week’s episode which features useless Agent Parker AGAIN being taken out by the cultists. Plus, we got the cliched “go look around the corner”—and you knew that guy was dead meat, followed by Parker getting captured.

    Then, we get the laughably bad scene where Emma “regrets” what she did to Jacob. This literally had me laughing out loud. Compassion? From Emma? Not 10 minutes later she was executing two troopers without a second thought. How did the writers expect us to buy that scene????

    Or how about dim bulb Claire running out into the road and flagging down a random car? Duh….like Joe wouldnt send his minions after her.

    I was again ROFL when Joe decided to trust and untie Claire. Yup, good work there Joe.

    I was really starting to think they had turned a corner, but this episode was almost as bad as the farmhouse finale with all the implausible, stupid writing. Ugh.

    I’l say it again, if they didnt have Bacon, Purefoy, and to a lesser extent Zea (who is doing the best she can with a poorly written character), it would be unwatchable. After this week’s episode, it very nearly become that even with those actors.

  10. Mo says:

    My biggest problem is when Parker was searching by herself!! Why didn’t she go out and get the swat guys? Utterly ridiculous. No FBI agent would do that knowing what they already do about this cult. And seriously? You get everyone together in one spot when you have no idea who the bad guys are? I guess seeing how the real, actually capable FBI looked for the suspect in Boston didn’t help the believability of this episode.

    • Pat D. says:

      Not to mention Parker should have remembered what had happened to her recently—getting captured in the house when she split up with Ryan. So what does she do? Go into another unknown area with hostiles and only one guy. Then, she proceeeds to have that one guy go away from her to his death. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  11. Buzz says:

    The show has become nothing more than snuff porn. It only works if law enforcement is shown to be the dumbest people on this planet. An awful awful show. I stopped watching it all the way through, I now watch it in about 8 minutes. We already know that in almost every episode one, two or more law enforcement people will be murdered. The ones who have a chance to kill Joe will do the most inane thing possible that will NOT kill him.

    So like I said, I can watch it in about 8 minutes now and miss NOTHING.

  12. Para says:

    Jacob had to kill Paul because of Emma, and Emma killed Jacob because of Joe, then Probably Joe killed Emma….

    This teaches us NOT TO have three way/four way relationships…

  13. Melody Paris says:

    This was as show I wanted to like, very badly. I had some seriously high hopes. Of course I love Kevin Bacon and I’ve been a fan of Shawn Ashmore since his “In a Heartbeat” days. Yet, it’s terrible. It’s simply an absurdly written show. I can no longer support this stupidity. So sad, so very, very sad.

  14. Cory says:

    Ok guys. The show isn’t that bad lol. The whole season is like 3-4 weeks in the show. So the FBI hasn’t been working on the case too long. They make mistakes like the FBI does. Of course they make dumb mistakes, it’s a tv show. Obviously if the FBI was perfect like people are claiming, this show would’ve ended by now. Look how long it’s taking the FBI to find some bombers. Imagine a cult that has been planned for 5+ years with crazy members. Stop complaining, enjoy the finale next week.

    • tiffanie says:

      Finally someone else sees its a tv show, and very entertaining and finally someone besides me sees its happening over shorter period of time not how many weeks its been on. Geez people I think are not living in reality if it all happened and wrapped up with Joe going back to jail it wouldn’t be good to watch. And good lord some were on here bitchin that Jacob died like he is good. He maybe not as bad as some but he still helped ,watched, kidnapped, killed, and terrorized.

      • kate says:

        I think someone said this already, but did you see what happened in Boston last week? in under 7 days we went from the marathon bombing to suspects dead and under arrest. if we’re supposed to believe the FBI is chasing a murderous cult, then they should be acting a bit more like the FBI of reality and not FBI: Mall Cops Edition. yeah, sometimes the villains are a step ahead, especially early on. but the FBI in reality is an elite law enforcement unit that in no way would be this stupid, day in and day out for weeks at a time. suspension of belief only goes so far when a show is supposed to be taking place in reality and it’s not realistically done at all. it’s lazy writing.

        • Walt says:

          Are you that naive? To think that the FBI is perfect every single time? Have you ever heard of the FBIs most wanted… those are people they are constantly hunting… for decades at a time sometimes… it’s not always as simple as the Boston bombing…

          • kate says:

            and are you really so naive as to believe the FBI is as incompetent as they are in this show? sorry, they’re not. oh, and by the way, of the 10 people on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, 8 of those 10, including the guy captured TODAY, are believed to be living abroad. as in, they’re not committing murders constantly in broad daylight, all having visited a murderer in prison multiple times over 5-10 years, living in some giant farm house somewhere on the East Coast.

    • kate says:

      no, this show is pretty bad.

      • Dave says:

        Kate, shut your piehole, nobody cares about your opinion. Just don’t watch the show and let us enjoy it, sea hag!

  15. hipper says:

    Shame on killing Jacob for no reason. I’m pretty sure I’m done with this series about the season finale next week. This is going nowhere. First Paul, now Jacob…. you two most interesting characters. And now the most intriguing one left is Debra (she gave a book to Joe in the 2nd episode of the season).

    • Mikael says:

      I’m glad someone else noticed that! Why did she give him that book? I always thought she was a secret Follower. And I only started watching the show for Jacob and Paul, and now they’re both gone lol. The FBI and police have reached cheap horror movie levels of stupid, but like others have said- it’s a tv show and it would be boring if the good guys won every time. BUT this show goes too far letting the bad guys get away. They need to find a balance

      • Pat D. says:

        Whats amusing about this is that the show the writers praise, and try to emulate (24) allowed for major victories against the bad guys throughout each season. And yet, they fail to adopt any of their own writings to this method.

      • Jon says:

        She got him the book because he asked for it. Why did everyone think she was a cultist after she did that? He was in prison, he requested the book, and she gave it to him. Plus I think everyone else must have been sleeping when we were given backstory about her (her own parents were a member of a deranged cult)? She hates cults. She would never be in a cult.

  16. Hahahaha! You got to LOVE the dinner Joe made for the group! He is crazy as hell! I couldn’t stop laughing at his words, “Parmesan, Phil?”-
    Such a great episode!

  17. Dave says:

    My only gripe was, why didn’t Claire finish Joe off? After digging him with a fork, grab a knife and go to town on the bastard! I liked Jacob because he always looked after Joey, but he was dumb to tell Emma that he was going to run away. As soon as he told her I knew he was going to get either stabbed or sliced. She is perhaps a bigger villain on this show than Joe. The actress does a great job though, because I REALLY hate Emma! And what is this TVLine “cult” bitching every week about how The FBI is portrayed, or law enforcement?! WHO CARES?!? I could give a crap about proper procedure blah blah blah. Go watch CSI if it annoys you so much. I’m glad it got renewed, so all of your “I’m not watching anymores!” are for nothing!

    • tripoli says:

      CSI does a much better job so try again. At least it used to, don’t watch anymore.This show just hasn’t lived up to the stellar pilot. It’s been laughably dowhill ever since. It’s one thing to mess up and have the villains on top from time to time, but come on, it’s absolutely ridiculous that the FBI are so inept at every turn. People care because it’s beyond unbelievable, even for TV. They are trying to portray a rather plausible world, yet can’t manage to do so in a decently believable fashion where law enforcement is concerned. The audience is only going to take so much. As you can see from the comments every week we’re getting tired. If they can’t improve upon this, season 3 is never going to happen and not many will continue to watch, some season 2.

      • Beth Ann says:

        Comments like yours are what’s getting tired for people who enjoy the show for what it is and don’t tear it apart if something is implausible, or not exactly like they think it would be in reality. I had no idea so many of you are experts on FBI procedures and police work! “CSI does a much better job so try again.” LOL Tripoli, you need to sit down! CSI is tired, old and boring, just like that other piece of crap so many people think is so clever and fun, Castle. I wish the acolytes from Joe’s cult would visit you and the rest of the complainers, that would be an amazing episode – or season!

  18. kirads09 says:

    (Haters gonna hate as usual. Insert rolleyes here.) Purefoy is totally amazing me as Joe. He hits it out of the ballpark week after week. Have to say, totally outshines Bacon. Last night he particularly floored me. TVLine : I hereby James Purefoy for performance of the week – at least an honorable mention? I think it is well deserved. It is gutwrenchingly painful (no pun intended) to see Joe coming unglued – which makes him all the more dangerous. Leave it to Emma to take what in another context was a very touching scene with Jacob into a slasher. Her time has to come soon – please. I just hope they get to the FBI woman in time and not leave that as part of the cliffhanger into next season.

  19. kelley says:

    ARGH! This show has so much potential and it is so sad to see it being wasted by these writers. I understand that this is just a TV show but, I have seen many television shows where the writers were able to create situations where the villains were using intelligent, clever and even creative ways to escape from law enforcement officials that were ALSO intelligent, clever and creative. I am left feeling that in the real world it is the writing staff of The Following that is incapable of producing an intelligent, clever and creative work product.
    However much I hate the writing on TF, I must say, the acting by Bacon, Purefoy and Zea is excellent and what keeps me tuning in each week! A huge writing change wouldn’t anger the few fans who excuse the show by saying that is it “just a TV show” and it may pull back some of those who have left! Huckleberry is right, especially after the FBI’s recent successful (and quick) work in Boston, please, show the Feebs some well-earned respect and replace the writers with some that can give this show the excitement that it deserves!

  20. TVgeekster says:

    next week would be a great SERIES finale
    too bad that won’t be the case
    maybe more shows should just be 1 year shows with a good beginning, middle and end

  21. Ken says:

    Count me in for making this show a “one season show”…the same way “Harper’s Island was (as show that actually knew what it was doing). The Following just gets more and more ridiculous every week. These are some of the DUMBEST law officers I have ever seen…….they are so clueless and stupid that it scares me. So please let it end next week…….Ryan saves Claire…..and Joe dies….and have Emma escape in case they wanna try to make a spinoff somewhere down the road (with better writers)

    • Pat D. says:

      No spinoff needed, they’ve already been renewed for S2.

      • Huckleberry says:

        Let’s hope they get a new cult and a competent FBI for next season

        • Pat D. says:

          I’d settle for the same cult and FBI if they got some decent writers, LOL.

          • Beth Ann says:

            I’d be happy with anything as long as the morons who keep complaining about The FBI are barred from posting. Just don’t watch then! And Harper’s Island was a good show but a lot more predictable and nowhere near as exciting as The Following. And I guess Ken & Pat are professional screenwriters – hmm, maybe you should volunteer to write an episode? *rolls eyes*

  22. Brandy says:

    You guys are taking this show wayyy too seriously.

    • Chester says:

      Good drama reflects the human condition in some way. For example, faced with dozens of murderous cultists, people don’t follow horror movie cliches and break up into small groups to go search in the dark. When things like that keep happening, it remains difficult to suspend belief or to room for characters who seem so stupid and not even human. Few humans are as dumb as the FBI characters on this show.

    • Treyvonetta says:

      ^ What Brandy said. Taking it way too seriously. It’s just a television show. ^

  23. Joe says:

    I saw Jacob dying as soon as he got in the car, they are playing the FBI as morons , ( thank god the real ones arnt , they keep killing off characters they will only have Ryan and joe coming back in season 2

  24. Jennifer says:

    Emma needs to die, NOW! I’m not talking about loving to hate a character like Joe, I’m talking about flat out not liking her. She’s got exactly one facial expression, it’s stupidly goofy and beyond anything even remotely “evil” looking.. I do not understand the fascination the men on this show have with her. Jacob should have slit her throat in episode one.
    Yes, I agree this show isn’t meant to be taken seriously, most shows aren’t but God-Almighty if we are going to be subjected to some of the things they’ve shown us at least throw the viewers a bone and capture the FBI follower who is clearly working to screw this case up. And by capture I don’t mean more killings, try actual FBI/police/detective work. I laughed hearing Deborah giving orders outside evac building about how they don’t know who inside building is a follower and who isn’t. Ummm, FBI lady, have you checked your own backyard recently? How many of those law enforcers you are speaking to are actually followers!? Did you learn nothing from Rodrick?
    At this point the only people I can say I trust aren’t followers are Ryan and Mike, and Joey. I’m really on the fence about Claire only because Joe uses women for the really bad stuff and I don’t particularly like Deborah.

  25. MaryAnn says:

    Well, my basic thought is to wonder where on earth they can go with the plot next season. They are bringing the current story line to a close. In the finale, either Joe is captured or he gets away. They can’t kill him and still have a show, although it appears that all (or almost all) of his followers are dying. There is nothing that occurs to me that they can do with this show that is not a repeat of this season. Unless they can pull a rabbit out of a hat (Think of the enormous game-changing re-set in Once Upon a Time between seasons 1 and 2!), I just can’t see what they would do with a season 2 that would be interesting. A multi-year time jump maybe that has Ryan and Claire thinking with Joe locked away and his cult broken they can finally be happy? And then it all rushes back? Something sinister coming out of the book Joe is writing? Like clues they have to solve to stop some huge catastrophe? At any rate, I hope the writers take a clue from the terrible events in Boston, and work really hard to have the FBI be as awesome as it has been shown that it really is…and that, too, would serve the story. If someone could survive that kind of thing, they would be incredibly, over-the-top scary.

  26. Jamie Simone says:

    How come there are so many As The World Turns and Guiding Light actors on here?

  27. bobbie says:

    I wish they would kill Claire and get it over with, instead of dangling her like a carrot for Ryan Hardy. It’s annoying. Go after Carroll without that particular melodrama. The relationship between Claire and Hardy seems very fake, and I can’t buy it. Kill her already.

    • kate says:

      agree. the acting on this show is the only good thing going for it (the writing is just terrible), but the woman who plays Claire and Kevin Bacon are the only two who don’t seem to have any chemistry at all and yet they’re the ones we’re supposed to believe are in love. and I don’t mean that either one is untalented, they’re both great, but I feel like Claire and Joe have better chemistry than Claire and Ryan.

  28. Tina B. says:

    First of all, Kim, I laughed out loud a lot after I saw the title of your article because that was the funniest part of the show for me. I laughed so hard that I had to pause my pvr when Claire stabbed Joe again! in his wound. Then I was still laughing from that when Joe finally got help from Emma and Jacob, and they were terrified, Emma especially but then when Joe told them not to worry and he would be fine?! I lost it and went into a laughing fit again! It’s just hilarious, this serial killer gets stabbed not once but twice, horribly. First Claire stabs him with a butcher knife and twists it so the wound won’t close (Faceoff movie line), he somehow manages to bandage that up but is bleeding and probably getting an infection from the horrible job they did dressing it, when she stabs him again with a fork right in his bleeding wound and Joe is thinking he’s going to be fine?! Needless to say I needed a few or eight minutes to collect myself. I knew Emma was going to kill Jacob, she is obsessed (not love) with Joe but wasting her time. Joe is not going to kill Claire, she is a weak spot for Joe for some reason. Throughout his twisted mind, crazy plans and revenge goals, he actually loves her and even if he did kill her, it would be sex with Emma, he wouldn’t ever love her, he will always love his precious Claire despite her trying to kill him and make him feel the most pain. I ALMOST feel sorry for Joe if he wasn’t such a twisted crazy psycho! I was sad when Parker got captured and then buried alive. I like her, I never thought she or Weston were followers. It has to be someone higher up to get away with everything Joe has managed to do already. I thought it was Nick but maybe not (not totally convinced) these followers are psycho and loyal to Joe, they might get stabbed in the eye or the defence lawyer had her fingers chopped off but she wasn’t a willing follower. Maybe Nick isn’t doing a good enough job so that was his punishment. No idea what Joe has planned for Claire and Ryan but he won’t kill Claire as much as it would kill Ryan but I can’t wait, love this show and love your recaps!

  29. cjeffery7 says:

    Debra’s ragged breath as the title card came up at the end??!! freakin freaky!

  30. Bella says:

    Love Love Love this show. So glad it was picked up for another season. It has literally kept me on the edge of my seat at times. It has been years since I have been committed to a weekly show and I was hesitant at first but it has been so worth it! One thing that has suprised me is that one of the main FBI characters has not turned out to be a follower! And I also have wondered if all of this stress on Ryan Hardy won’t force his demons from the past to surface and force him to act out. I guess we shall see………..

  31. Lisa says:

    This show’s writing is laughable and absolutely horrible at the same time. Makes me ashamed that I had the b*lls to critique Homeland’s low points last year. That being sad, Jacob was a truly interesting, twisted, somehow likable, and well-acted character. There’s no going back from this episode. It was awful in every way aside from the performances that unfortunately only good instead of amazing due to the writing/plot twists of this show. It’s sad because it had great potential.

  32. Richard says:

    Where’s Molly? Or did she die and I missed it. This series give a whole new meaning to “STUPID”, but I’ve been suckered in to see how it plays out in the finale. Next season I’m outta here, just as I was with “The Killing”. If you want to view great crime dramas, turn to the Brit shows on PBS or BBCA.

  33. Steve says:

    Killing Jacob was the stupidest thing this show has done, and that’s saying a lot. Jacob and Paul were the most interesting characters. Jacob killing Paul sucked but was great for the story, but now it went nowhere. And why did he suddenly love/trust Emma again?

  34. Whatever says:

    The show just wasn’t the same without Roderick melting down or p*ssing Emma off.
    OMG Jacob is stupid trusting Emma AGAIN !
    I can’t imagine what a Season 2 would look like.
    Joe would have to get all new recruits and so would the FBI.

    • Bob says:

      Season 2 will be completely different than Season 1. Why? Because this cult story is going to get wrapped up in the season finale. Next season will be a completely different storyline.

  35. Joe says:

    Please please can the FBI smarten up next week

  36. EMO says:

    Planning on watching next week’s episode, but if they end up killing off Claire and Parker (even though she has done some pretty stupid things) I definitely won’t come back next season. I’m finding it hard to believe that Joe can survive the two stabbings by his wife without medical treatment but believability is clearly not a priority for the writers on this show!

  37. Amanda says:

    Not loving all the things happening on this show right now, but I have to agree that the female acolytes are much creepier at this point than the males.

  38. Anna says:

    I kinda agree with what everyone is saying about the show and it’s plot holes. But regarding Claire, yes she had the knife which she could have used against Joe, but she’s not a psycho. She doesn’t just kill people. I think for her stabbing him and running is better than actually killing because then she too is a murder( even though the circumstances are different than lets say Emma’s) and she and her son would have to live with the fact the she took at life regardless of the fact that its serial killer joes. Not defending her choices, I mean flagging down a random car seriously, but I get why she hasn’t killed joe

  39. Lucinda says:

    I think Mike might be the secret cultist.

    • JED says:

      I’m thinking Parker… raised in a cult. She didn’t share the core values of her parent’s cult, but maybe Joe’s is more to her liking. That book she gave him in prison may be a key. Just a thought.

  40. Colleen Lill says:

    Have wondered how Ryan might try further to get inside Joe’s head. Maybe try to convince him that he doesn’t care anymore about Claire? Joe knows that Ryan loves Claire and is using that against him. By telling joe that he’s given up on Claire, he’s taking a chance that he could rattle Joe further, making joe make a mistake somewhere.