Futurama Cancelled, Series Finale Date Is Set

Futurama Canceled, Finale Airs Sept. 4The future of Futurama is this: It’s ending, again.

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As first reported by EW.com, Comedy Central has elected not to renew the cult-fave animated series for Season 8, meaning that the 13-episode back half of Season 7, which begins unspooling June 19, will mark the show’s swan song. The (latest) series finale is set for Sept. 4.

Futurama of course previously was met with cancellation news once before, in 2003, when Fox ended the series after four seasons. Comedy Central ultimately revived the far-out space comedy, and proceeded to renew it for Seasons 6 and 7.

Series creator Matt Groenig tells EW.com that the show may again seek out another new home, saying, “We have many more stories to tell.” But should there be no takers, “This is a really great way to go out. I think these episodes are the best ones we’ve ever done.”

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  1. jimbo says:

    Netflix, Amazon … get on it!

    • max rewold says:

      the reason why i am here is for futurama the ending season i think that you need to get the the word out more i didn’t know that futurama was getting removed from tv till 8/28/13 please read this comment . i have watch futurama from 2 years old to 13 years old. this show is the best show of the last 13 years . my shop is basted on futurama props and art.

    • max rewold says:

      we need to get the word out that futurama is getting cancelled post everywhere

  2. Tvfan2010 says:

    Good news everyone…

  3. Steven says:

    The fact that Family Guy is still on the air yet Futurama keeps getting cancelled is very sad. Hope it finds, yet another, new home.

  4. Cameron says:

    I like Futurama, but the series just hasn’t been quite as good since they brought it back.

    • Pat D. says:

      Its been uneven, but still plenty LOL moments, and “The Late Philip J Fry” was as good or better than any of the originals, save Roswell.

      • Philip J Fry says:

        Roswell ends well. Good episodes that’s also cross reference to The day earth stood stupid were he is not affected by the brains because he becomes his own grandfather in the episode Roswell ends well. Only been watching for a couple months i love this show!

  5. Tvfan2010 says:

    It really needs a new home. Maybe some other network will take it on, but I bet we will have awhile to wait for that. And yet The Simpsons goes on, as does Family Guy. Ugh.

  6. Polly says:

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

  7. David4 says:

    To be fair, Futurama was canceled 3 times and I think Family Guy was canceled 4. lol

    The only reason we got the movies and twice as many episodes is because of reruns on Cartoon Network, so maybe they should look into it, or Netflix. This isn’t the last we have seen of the awesome Futurama.

  8. gabby says:

    damn it.

  9. arianeb says:

    My favorite show based on the number of times I have seen each episode. Fox should cancel Simpsons at 25 years, and replace it with Futurama, the best animated series ever!

  10. AMCPress says:

    I really like futurama. I am sad to see it go.

  11. louise says:


  12. sc113 says:

    that’s stupidest decision, futurama is like animated ‘community’, only unlike it, the quality of futurama is getting better with seasons
    better they’ve closed family guy again

  13. John Berggren says:

    Netflix, make it so.

  14. Chicago Dan says:

    Sad. :( Love this show. Hopefully, it will find a new home.

  15. Brett Heitkam says:

    This was very surprising, sad, sad news for me to discover today! Futurama is one of those shows that I will sincerely miss. Although I do watch Family Guy, it boggles my mind that it continues to thrive as quality severely declines… while Futurama struggles.

    On the flip side, American Dad deserves its place in the line up as it is Seth MacFarlane’s best and most well-written show. I also think The Simpsons still has a lot of life left in it. This season has had a large majority of excellent episodes (such as Milhouse impersonating his dad and Fruit Bat Man among several others). Plus, it’s been a part of my life for 24 years and that kind of boggles my mind when I think about the fact that i started watching it when I was 8 years old!

    You know, it’s too bad Fox won’t buy Futurama back and keep the show in their back pocket in case their new show Murder Police fails this fall… I think it would be a good re-addition to Sunday night on Fox. It would be interesting to see how its (Fox network VS Comedy Central) ratings would stack up today compared to the the rest of the line up. I’m sure that’s not going to happen, but one can dream.

    • Michael says:

      Futurama was the ONLY watchable show on the so-called “Comedy Central. That channel is a dud, and a failure, that should “go dark”. There is NOTHING even marginally humorous on that channel. TBS is another. Any channel that has to tell you ” Now that’s funny!” every fifteen minutes or less, isn’t. ONE program, exactly, exixts on TBS, that would be “BIg Bang Theory” is quite humorous, and I enjoy it very much. It’s well written, and acted. But, that’s it for TBS.
      Other network “Comedy” programs are non-humorous, at best. “Saturday Night Live” should have been axed LONG ago. BEFORE the likes of that idiotic Adam Sandler (no talent, uses the SAME stupid voice, and characterizations in every situation. And, Will Ferrell (again, no talent, and uses the same juvenile, utterly stupid characterizations), were on the show. SNL is totally, completely UNWATCHABLE, and has been for many years. What is considered “humor” is beyond comprehension to me.

  16. Nellie says:

    Comedy Central can bite my shiny metal @$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Philip J Fry says:

      CC can bite my shiny golden ass! Cross reference The fornsworth parabox were bender’s clone had a golden body over a coin flip and regular bender had a metal because his coin flip was oppasite. Excuse my spelling as i’m Fry so im not very good

      • Zoigberg97 says:

        Futurama is better than the Simpsons, family guy, American dad or anything Lin that genre. It doesn’t take a genius to know that

  17. Pat D. says:

    Groening: “I’ll show ye.”

  18. poopfeast420 says:

    comedy central can lick my ass.

  19. Hypnotoad says:

    All glory to the Hypnotoad.

  20. Chris H says:

    Netflix please pick this up!

  21. rachelle says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Futurama is still so hilarious!! This is bull!!

  22. moonbunny28 says:

    That sucks.

  23. breealashon says:

    Futurama is on again? When did that happen? Are there new episodes of King of the Hill out there somewhere too?

    • bluestar4ever says:

      Since you’ve been living under a rock for 5 years, let me introduce you to the world. We have a black president now, gas prices are higher than the 1.50 a gallon it was the last time you ventured outside, and this newfangled thing called cable exists. I know, its crazy, who needs more than 3 networks, right?? But apparently these other channels exist, and they occasionally have some decent shows too

  24. kate says:

    I guess Comedy Central has to make more room for things like the long lasting, never tired schticks of Daniel Tosh.

  25. i’m a huge futurama fan. I’d agree it hasn’t been the same since its back but i’d rather not see it go. I wonder if the change in comedy has to do with comedy central, maybe its a blessing in disguise and they’ll get picked up by someone else (i hope)

    “The late philip j fry” was one of my favorites too. Same with the first movie, Benders Big Score. Their use of of time in both is great.

    I hope this isn’t the end of futurama

  26. bluestar4ever says:

    G4 would make a perfect home for new episodes, they’re looking for original programming for when they’re rebranded the “Esquire network” and an established brand like Futurama would likely get better ratings than any of the new shows they launch. IFC would make sense too, they like unconventional shows and Futurama definitely fits that bill. Adult Swim would make sense too, but they had syndication rights once and declined to produce any new episodes so I doubt they’d want to do so now. The best hope may be Netflix.

    • Gordon Smith says:

      screw G4 they ended attack of show and X-play, they can burn in hell i only watch G4 now because in Canada its called G4 Tech TV have different show line up, just watch mostly Reviews on the Run and EP daily. Still if anyone else picks Futurama up not be G4, Netflix or anyone else be better choice if not i hope netflix has library of episodes on hand always, personally i preferred series more with movies and new seasons, early ones were hit and miss for me.

  27. doctor spock says:

    We’re boned.

  28. jupiter says:

    Seriousley, man? I mean come on. Futurama is an all time favorate of mine. And millions of fellow humans worldwide, I’m sure. Now don’t get me wrong, I do watch family guy, but my fellow americans and futurerama fans let’s be honest. The episodes have become so downgraded and unwatchable that even series creater seth mcfarlane revealed that he’s tired of doing the show himself. Fam guys hayday was from ninetynine to twentyten, while futurama had no hayday it was forever popular in its reighn. I weep for the injustice that my favorate has received here this day. Alls I can say is stay close hope it finds a new home….oh, and comedy central can bite my shiny metal @ss

  29. Phil K says:

    To be honest half this last season have been abysmal,atrocious, embarrassingly bad. The cringingly bad “Benders son” drivel (THEY ARE ROBOTS FOR ****** SAKE) and the dreadful “Will hunting” or whatever with Patrick Stewart…The “nature” one was bad too/.
    The other half has been excellent. No in between. Hope this last half is better

  30. Ryan says:

    Futurama has been with me for a very long time and is one of the best series in the universe. Fix and Comedy Central can bite my shiny metal ass FUTURAMA ROCKS hope you guys find a new home forever

  31. Ryan says:

    I mean fox
    (Sorry for the typo)

  32. Godiva says:

    Yay finally I have always found futurama boring and while they were keeping futurama on tv they have cancelled many good tv shows which is sad but oh well, I’m happy to see futurama go.

    • Gordon Smith says:

      thats true i agree with u, how many series should been on longer got cancelled personally why isn’t simpsons not cancelled that crap been going down hill since season7 and up, still what can u do

      • Raven Payne says:

        well, for starters: the simpsons is and has always been family friendly and futurama borderlines the simpsons and family guy, and i have been watching these shows since was a kid, all shows like family guy, american dad, the simpsons, and the amazing futurama are all still witty and entertaining…… im 19, and i find all these shows extreamly funny and so does everyone i know…. all the kids love futurama and the simpsons (they cant watch family guy)…… my point is, you are older, therefore you find stimulation from tv shows that are of your age…. if you take away the only shows that kids and adults can watch, you leave us with dumbass squidbillys…………*shudder* dont get me wrong i like law and order svu, being human, etc…. but cartoons that kids watch like on cartoon network, and nick, have clever easter eggs and they are fun to find…… but for most (like me) they become too kidish and annoying and at most times embarrassing to watch… thats one of the reasons futurama and the simsons exist… and as my ultra favorite show, futurama should stay on air and i hope that it never dies…. long live planet express, and those that say otherwise can bite my shiny metal @$$

  33. lanessia says:

    Why can’t adult swim pick it up it picked up that God awful bobs burgers I have watched futurama since my daughter was a baby and now ur gonna take it off again. Please let adult swim have it if u don’t want it. I still dvr all the duplicates just in case I’ve missed one.
    Thanks for listening L Rose
    Pampa,Texas 79065

  34. eric says:

    Its way too soon! Futurama is my all time favorite I feel like we didn’t get enough of it . So sad :(

  35. Tyler says:

    I think they should find a home channel for futurama. I want them to continue on. Its the best show! Please keep futurama on air.

  36. Bruh says:

    Family guy is bae😍😍😍😍😍……….but futurama is almost as good