Castle Recap: 'Where Are We Going...?'

STANA KATIC, TAMALA JONESThis week’s episode of ABC’s Castle opened with Kate wondering if Rick was taking her for granted. But by hour’s end, an even more dire question was leaving her lips.

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Vaskett, anyone?

Yes, I jest, but this episode unfortunately fulfilled the promise of the teaser clip that we ran on Monday afternoon (of the frustrating videogame/striptease squabble), by raising, repeatedly, big questions about the “Caskett” relationship.

So many things that billionaire Erik Vaughn said to Kate, his personally requested security detail, just hung there in the air, heavy. For one, there was: “Do you have any idea how remarkable you are…? You don’t, do you?” But perhaps his most pointed point was made as Beckett labored to qualify her and Castle’s “complicated” relationship status. “Kate, there’s nothing complicated about meeting a woman like you and knowing what do to.”

Like, seriously — I’m writing that one down and keeping it in my wallet for reference.

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The Case of the Week, if I may sidetrack for a moment, was almost incidental, though it at least gave us Castle in full-on crimesolver mode, driving the investigation like a dog with a bone versus just helping Beckett & Co. fill in gaps and connect dots.

All the while, Rick could only feel anxiety over his lady love’s increasingly close proximity to her asset, especially when circumstances required them to share a luxe hotel suite. Hell, Castle even couldn’t get reassurance from his mother. “Technically, she’s not really committed at all,” Martha said, miming a bare ring finger.

Having been sufficiently spooked by this sudden interjection of a “rival” — one who locked lips, ever so briefly, with his girlfriend — Rick set out to atone for his sinful oversights, “symbolically” cutting the cord with his videogames and such, then offering Kate to an ultra-romantic full-body massage.

But in the instant that followed, what was more sad — Kate asking, “Castle, where are we going?” or his not recognizing what she was really getting at?

Should Caskett fans be very afraid? Factoring in that this episode technically came “after” the postponed one in which they spend much of the hour recounting their romance? And factoring in that in another two weeks, Carlos Bernard (24) guest-stars as another handsome person of interest (to an investigation)?

It’s great that this episode (and next week’s rescheduled “Still”) are taking a close look at the central couple, as unsettling a mood as it sets. But where do you think it is all leading?

P.S. Can’t wrap up without giving props to Ryan’s LOL-worthy, “I think I have all I need here….”

P.P.S. Imagine if Ioan Gruffudd had been cast as Josh back in the day. Season 3 woulda been a lot different, no?

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  1. Don says:

    Called it no kiss, and a wake up call for Castle. as a Caskett fan I think they will be fine.

  2. martina says:

    Talk about foreshadowing! This episode was truly wonderfull and sets ground for the finale! All that talk about Kate being Pre-Law and Martha’s concerns about Rick’s real commitment to the relationship (ring included) will be key elements in this season’s finale!

    • Nicole says:

      I don’t think Kate ready for a ring on her finger just yet. She hasn’t even said I love you yet and they haven’t even talked about a future yet. I think Kate just needs to know that they are moving forward in their relationship. I thought it was funny that Ryan, Espo, Martha was not easing Castle worry only person was Alexis. Kate tried to ease his worry but it made it worse when Castle implied that he didn’t trust Kate. Favorite Ryan was Akwardly caught in the middle when Kate said that Erik kissed her. He was like I’m going go over there we can finish your statement later. Kate picked not a good time to ask where are we going she should of said where is are relationship going if he really wanted to have a serious talk with Castle

      • Malachi says:

        “Kate tried to ease his worry but it made it worse when Castle implied that he didn’t trust Kate.”

        Going to get crucified by the Beckett-worshipers, but here goes: Doesn’t the fact that she allowed champagne followed by a kiss argue that he *shouldn’t* trust Kate? Does the fact that she stopped the kiss, and had only half a glass of champagne, make that situation better? Would it make you feel better, if it were your significant other doing what Beckett did? I agree that Beckett and Castle need to freakin’ talk like the grownups they are, but that’s their thing: they don’t act like grownups, and they don’t use their grownup words.

        • lyn says:

          ITA. Beckett’s behavior was not that of a mature, ethical adult. This is not high school, and Beyonce’s “Shoulda Put a Ring On It” is not playing in the background. If Beckett is feeling under appreciated she should be settling that with Castle not looking elsewhere for validation no matter how persuasive it is.

        • Patrick says:

          Thank you! Becket is hot and good at her job. She is also cold, aloof, and extremely selfish. Rick is immature, and pleasure seeking, no doubt. But he always considers the needs of his Daughter, mother, career (on which many people depend), and friends, in that order.

          Kate doesn’t. She only cares about her job. She has repeatedly gone after a powerful guy that has tried to kill her, and her many friends/co-workers, on several times.

          Rick flirted with her. He has done whatever he could do to help her whenever she needed it, often without a second thought. And often despite negative consequences blowing back on him. He has shown her, over and over, that he really cares for her. She has continually pushed him away.

          He is rich, successful, good looking, and FUN TO BE AROUND. Cate should thank the stars in heaven that he is willing to slum it with her.

          • Christina Vasseux Vasseux says:

            Patrick I like your post….I think the same thing about castle and beckett…

        • ivane61 says:

          I have read lots of comments about the last ep of castle, and can only wonder what planet you are on. You all make so much of a peck as if it was a full blown kiss tongues and all. I have been married a long while and and have 5 grown up kids, and I can tell you I have kissed women outside of marriage, and it didn,t mean a thing. In my life I have had 2 jobs where more than kissing was constantly on offer – some you do, but not many. I have watched Castle from S 1 and think it is reaching its end, it has nowhere to go, Beckett & Castle need to move on, and the only way they can do that is either split, or go forward to a more substantial relationship, and i hope its the latter because I beleive s 6 will be the last. Its run its course. As for the acting I have thought that Stana acts Nathan off the screen. She is so underrated, its unbelievable. Nathan is a good Actor in his own field, but I don`t know he just seems to have lost that ability. A few years ago Nathan gave an Interview in London in which he said he thought Castle had 6 possibly 7 Seasons in it. He was right, all the best writers seem to have left, Terri Miller has very little to do with it now. Whatever Mr M has up his sleeve for the last few episodes, I would ask him not to let Castle fizzle out “a la Moonlighting” but make 6 the last and let it go out with a bang, preferably with Rick waking up to the fact he has a fabulous woman and he needs to make more effort. These are my feelings from across the pond where Castle has a lot of Fans, some like me buy it from i-tunes and get it quicker than you, or through free to air channel Alibi, which is now 6 eps. into the current season

          • FC says:

            All good points, about the quality of writing and Castle’s possible future, I agree. Except I don’t think there is any problem with Nathan Fillion’s acting, more that the writers since the end of season 2 – 3 developed a major boner for the Beckett character and only write for her. The show revolves only around what she thinks, what she does, what she’s concerned about etc, all other characters take a backseat. I believe if you think on it, you’ll see that it all goes back to this very uneven aimless writing for all characters, but Beckett definitely gets a preferential treatment. Personally, I think the actress is very good, but not “unbelievably fantastic” or anything. If given the chance by the writers at least 3 actors would be equal if not better imo. Nathan Fillion, Seamus Dever, Susan Sullivan. And when they do get this chance, like Fillion in this year’s two-part episode they deliver imo. It just seems to me that people often confuse what is controlled by an actor and what is a writer/director’s job. Most just don’t see that if Beckett for instance seems like the main and the most developed character it’s not so much due to the actress’ ability, but because she is written to be the awesomest ever. She gets all those emotional and action scenes and gets to be the only moving force within the show as I see it. So… I like Beckett just fine let me tell you, but I don’t appreciate uneven treatment of characters, it’s a death sentence for a show imo. And I hope next season is the last one for Castle. Any more of that crap and it will become unwatchable.

          • Malachi says:

            “I can tell you I have kissed women outside of marriage, and it didn,t (sic) mean a thing.”
            Watch the scene again. Champagne, sharing very personal details, standing very close to each other, a lingering moment, and then the kiss (which only stopped when Beckett pushed him away). This was clearly a seduction, a prelude to something more than a “peck” between friends. If your personal experience is that of a peck on the cheek, (perhaps as a greeting among close friends?) then yes, I agree, that would not necessarily mean anything. But that’s not what was going on in this scene.

  3. K says:

    I think this episode sets the tone nicely for the human factor and the season finale. Kate wants more out of her relationship with Rick but hasn’t said I love you. Rick doesn’t know how serious his relationship is with Kate because she hasn’t said those 3 words. I loved when Martha told Rick to put a ring on Kate’s finger. He looked shell shocked as to what Martha was implying

    • Lauren says:

      Actually, I think Kate perhaps *has* said “I love you.” I think she may have said it in Still, which is why SK tweeted that the chronology would be off. There was (maybe) a hint to this effect in Lanie’s rejoinder while on the phone with Kate, when she (Lanie) said something about knowing that Kate loves Castle. On the other hand, Esposito made a similar comment in Probable Cause, so I guess you never no. I am also wondering if Gates spills the beans in Still that she knows about Caskett? There was an odd look shared between Gates and Beckett when Castle storms out of Gates’ office. Hmmmm.

      • nicademus11 says:

        I think you’re right about Gates definitely and I suspect about Kate’s declaration of love. It would make up for the continuity. Or at a minimum something happens in Still to feed the insecurity she displays in this episode.

      • caribbeanfan says:

        Get the feeling (since the episodes 21 and 22 was placed in reverse) that everyone knows that Kate and Castle are involved (Gates facial expression when she said that Kate had to stay at the hotel with Vaughn – & Castle just walked out) bit Kate did not say ILY. Just my $0.02. Also, Ryan’s beline when Beckett said that they kissed was funny – I was on the floor

        • nicademus11 says:

          Ryan’s beat was perfect for sure. I think Gates is the big reveal in STILL for sure. I suspect standing on the bomb and recapping their coming together puts Beckett’s where are we headed questions at the forefront of her head. Which would account for the ball of insecurity both were in this episode. I trust the road Marlowe has us on so where we wind up for the next 3 episodes will be fine. I can’t imagine after all the care and feeding they’ve given Caskett that he would bring them together only to break them up. I think the game-changer is whether or not Beckett is going to continue to be a cop.

      • terri says:

        I saw a youtube – promo – Kate said the word “I Love you”.

      • Lauren says:

        *know (not “no”).

    • Olivia says:

      Hmm, think we need to watch Still before any conclusions are made!

  4. Sara says:

    So much was wrong with this episode so instead of listing it all out– I’ll just say that Castle was so poorly written it was sad. The immaturity was so bad and over the top, it just killed this episode. I’ll be honest here I’m not feeling it from Castle these days, he’s not invested in this relationship it just seems like a bore to him. I don’t know I find that Nathan is bored, sorry but he’s killing all the romantic vibes with Caskett, he’s just not cutting it when it comes to being a romantic lead. How weird this is to say but I’m not feeling it with Caskett this season, I thought with them getting together would be so magical and amazing but the writers absolutely killed them and I think the only person invested in this relationship is Kate/Stana. I feel so sorry for her having to put up with this crap, I really do.

    • Olga says:

      Thank you, Sara. I thought I was the only one who thought Nathan was bored with the role and the show. I don’t think he is a serious actor, so he can’t hide his shortcomings. I also think that this season is the weakest one of all. Nathan is more a comedian than an actor. I thought he was terrible in Hunt, overacting in every scene. This episode was OK because of Stana as always.

      • chris says:

        not feeling the c/b thing either. He was over the top immature this ep which I found off putting as well. I think NF needs to hit the gym, he isn’t aging well and needs to do something about it if he is going to be sell being Kate’s romantic lead

    • Don says:

      Plenty of Casett fans think they are working well

    • james says:

      I read people’s post and I’m not sure if some of you realize this is a tv show. Quit blaming the actors/characters. They are the same characters we’ve seen from day 1. If you don’t like the direction the characters are going then you blame the writers. This episode’s, along with the majority of episodes from other shows this late in the season, sole purpose was to create doubt or angst between the main characters. Yes, it’s cheap, but it’s also necessary of you want the drama part of the show to continue. Also yes, they used the cheap british accent and the over exaggerations of “gamers”, but it happens all the time in other shows and will likely happen again for quite some time.

      • james says:

        Above post not really directed to OP. Didn’t realize I hit reply under your comment.

        OP= original poster for all you people with lives.

      • lyn says:

        I only partly agree with your post. Yes, I blame the writers for lame scripts, but NF is phoning it in. Could he be more bland? There is no sparkle or enthusiasm in his delivery.

      • mya says:

        I agree James. Remember that Marlowe always has good reasons for how he writes the characters. It seems that Rick is being a bit too immature. But this begs the question… are they attempting to write to Fillion’s strength, comedy. I agree that he fails as a dramatic actor. To be honest, he is just plain silly even when he attempts comedy. For what Andrew Marlowe is trying to accomplish now by introducing mature, intelligent and well thought out scripts, Nathan Fillion is just miscasted. Realistically, would someone as mature and intelligent as Beckett is written, tolerate such a goof on a long term basis? Her interest in such a relationship would be sidetracked. Over 40 years and captivated by a computer game over a nice evening with your new love??? He was just irritating last night. Stana cannot continue to carry the load of this show on her shoulders, although she does an excellent job.

        • Alan says:

          “fillion fails at drama” watch serenity and then rethink that sentence, hell rewatch this seasons two parter and rethink that sentence.

          • Dark Defender says:

            Not to mention his dramitc excellence in this seasons “Target” and “Hunt”.. :)

          • Alan says:

            or in other words this seasons two parter like i said

          • DarkDefender says:

            Yes. I read so fast, i missed it when i typed it. Of course that is exactly what you said. :)

            No hard feelings. I just like spreading the Castle love… Too excited about all the comments and ideas people have about this awesome show!

        • gobbs says:

          Wow what a broad and inaccurate statement! You are, of course, entitled to your opinion but it is laughable nonetheless :) Then, I guess it’s the kind of statement one could expect from someone who thinks Castle’s scripts last couple of seasons are “mature, intelligent and well thought out”. I bet even infallible Stana cringes reading some of her lines. But of course that geeky dude is too stupid to do them justice. I hope you live happily ever after in your “different” universe :).

          • doctorSam says:

            lol I know right? I especially liked “when he attempts comedy”. Like we’re talking about some kid dabbling in acting in a school play, not a professional working for 20 years in the biz. yeah you don’t like his drama we got it, leave him comedy at least, or what all those people have been watching and loving for 20 years? lol
            And it’s said like everybody is aware of this unfortunate fact and suffer in silence, just keep employing him for god knows what reason.
            I’m really curious is he good at anything at all, Mya? Or he needs to leave the business ASAP so it won’t get too polluted with his silliness for our wonderful Stana Katic. She’s already exhausted from dragging this dumb lug on her fragile genius shoulders for 5 years. Figuratively, bless her.

          • FC says:

            Hehe, rock on gobbs. This was a load of BS if I’ve ever heard one. I don’t understand this need to put down one of the leads in order to praise another. But I’ve seen it in a lot of fandoms. How could you even watch a show if one of the leads is as inept as you put it? It’s like BDSM or what? Watching must be a torture for you.

        • Christina Vasseux Vasseux says:

          So castle was busy with that stupid video game …..and what’s the big deal??……beckett says she’s been in 100 of relationships and she can’t deal with thise…stupid girl…..or is it the writer who doesn’t know what a women had done….very silly scene. ?.

        • Aniket says:

          “Realistically, would someone as mature and intelligent as Beckett is written, tolerate such a goof on a long term basis?”……
          When u say this, plz remember that this goof helped Beckett in every way possible. She’s even having this serious relationship bcuz Castle helped her find her mother’s killer nd get some closure. He spent 4 years of his life just trying to get through to her nd was pushed away every single time, still he never gave up. Castle’s been so patient for all these years nd she cant even tolerate his gaming (which she knew about, among other things, from the start).
          And she’s even having these doubts when Meredith pointed it out to her in 5×10, till then she didnt even notice it……Isn’t there a possibility that Castle is goofing around bcoz he isnt sure Beckett is serious with this relationship (she hasn’t said ILY yet, gets cold feet nd pushes him away every chance she gets) or he’s afraid of getting hurt again? He too hasnt been forthcoming about the ILY he said almost a year ago, fearing that it might scare her away.
          Personally, I never saw him as self centered, jackass (immature and reckless, agreed) that he is made out to be, until “The squab and the quail”, where his ignoring(?) is quite exaggerated and basically show writers’ fault. He spent 4 yrs peeling d layers of Beckett onion, nd she’s doubting their relationship just after a couple of months, and for her own insecurities. Sure, Castle has some issues (Daddy, commitment!), which she should work on as he did with her, not complain about it. She’s simply making Castle the bad guy here.
          And, last but not the least, Castle is the best show on TV right now and its bcoz of Andrew Marlowe, Nathan Fillion (rocks, btw!!) and Stana Katic, exactly in that order. Stana’s great as Beckett but saying she carries the show on her shoulders is ridiculous!! Its because of Nathan Fillion, that the show is so popular! Plus, Mr. Marlowe can turn things around from anywhere. So i dont think Caskett fans should be worried…..
          Long live, Caskett!!!

        • Olivia says:

          My God, are you people for real? Utter rubbish. It’s called acting, and acting under direction. Absurd.

    • gobbs says:

      I don’t get blaming the actors tbh, when you yourself said earlier that Castle is WRITTEN horridly. I agree with that part. I think Castle’s been a very low priority for the show’s writers for some time now, since probably season 3 and gradually declining even lower. He just serves as an instrument to explore various Beckett’s issues and POVs, he changes from episode to episode without gaining any layers only losing the ones he used to have. Don’t know, that’s how I feel about this character. He still can be awesome, funny and heartfelt once in a blue moon, you just never know when it’s gonna happen. And other times he’s just a sounding board for Beckett. That’s crappy writing if you ask me. And I think Fillion bears the brunt of it on the show. Now, I know that a surprisingly large amount of people watching Castle hate the guy (which is odd to me, I never heard about any of Castle actors previously but it seems like NF is the most popular and well liked by media at large, so that is probably some local Castle fandom issue, moving on). But you gotta be honest, he acts based on what is written, and Castle this season is written exactly like that – immature clownish character who has some intimacy issues and takes Beckett for granted. For some reason. We don’t know why, it’s not the finale yet and Andrew Marlowe haven’t explained it to us yet, you see. Those lines ARE in the script, and I bet the actor is directed to play it exactly that way. Beckett makes all romantic gestures this season, she is invested and he is not, for some reason. IT IS the script whether you like it or not (I don’t). So I don’t get blaming Nathan Fillion. I thought he was great in the two-parter, which btw felt like a bone thrown to the character or the actor – you see, we develop Castle story lines too, look at him getting all emotional and stuff. But overall it just looks like the title character is the least of the writers concerns, they don’t have any use for him. That’s sad.

  5. c-mo says:

    I’d be more concerned if the question was asked at a different time other than when Castle had sumpin’ sumpin’ on his mind. The way Beckett asked the question and the way the less-than-observant-BF that Castle is answered it was completely in character. It seems that Castle picks up on subtext in every situation other than his love-life. In his love-life, I feel like he’s still very immature and doesn’t particularly like having the big discussion…actually neither of them like having those conversations. But with all that being said…r’uh r’oh!!!

  6. Alichat says:

    Uh…..was anyone else startled by the amount of hair on Jon Huertas’ head?? Just me?

    On another note….me likey Ioan Gruffudd…..let’s have him back again!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large says:

      I did not notice that, but I did feel like Beckett was practically blonde in the hotel scenes, then suddenly darker by episode’s end…?

      • Alichat says:

        I noticed that as well. When she was answering the door for the room service, it seemed to be a really bright honey blonde.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Blond, darker… All good to me. I’d stop doing just about everything (even CPR) if she slinked into my bedroom looking like that. FTR

    • luli says:


    • Annie says:

      YES! I found it very disconcerting, LOL. He’s much more suited to the close cropped look.

    • znachki says:

      Oh yeah – I noticed that and the beard thing. And Ioan Gruffudd, yep, ever since Horatio Hornblower.

    • mya says:

      Totally agree about Ioan Gruffudd. Was captivated by him, except he made Castle seem more immature and bloated. Kate would have to be a rock not to notice the sex appeal of this man.

  7. prue81 says:

    at the end – it was like: oh yes, Castle gets it finally… and then – there it goes – no he doesn’t get it… :-D

  8. TVPeong says:

    I hope they figure out how to bring Erik Vaughn back next season. mmhmmmhmmm

  9. TVPeong says:

    Matt, I loved that line too. “There’s nothing complicated about meeting a woman like you and knowing what to do”

    • Marcus says:

      but Vaughn’s not thinking long term, he was just thinking one-night stand.

    • mya says:

      Women everywhere swooned over this line…even if it just a ‘line’. But he seemed so sincere. Tried to give Castle a hint when he was leaving.

      • Jane says:

        Sincere??? LOL. Seriously that’s how a player talks and how they get women to constantly fall for them. Sad really.

    • terri says:

      this guy made 2 noticeable lines – which makes a woman fall in love ! he delivered these 2 lines perfectly ! makes you love a guy appreciating “you” – “Do you have any idea how remarkable you are…? You don’t, do you?” &. ” there’s nothing complicated about meeting a woman like you and knowing what to do.” Wow! – Castle have to pay more attention! and NF – have to take care of himself – he gained weight! Everybody looks amazing and kept same weight (as I see it) and Stana – wow – she looks so beutiful I just bought all 4 seasons DVD !

  10. James says:

    I don’t know… Look i think if you go back and watch this season as a whole later on you’d see this is one of the best yet, thats not to say their haven’t been issues with it and I’m the first to admit that their have been episodes where i litterally facepalmed and thought what the hell are the writers trying to do here. This episode was not as bad as I feared. i chuckled at parts, i think that both Beckett and Castle were being petty and juvinail, but their were also moments where you could tell how much they mean to each other. I’m anxious on how it ended, Castle is obviously holding back, but Beckett can hardly point fingers considering how she’s treated him in the past. I really sincerely hope he doesn’t purpose this season, it would feel rushed and out of place, their clearly not at the point in their relationship, Um Kate you might think the reason he’s keeping things close to the vest is because you haven’t told him how you feel. (I have a feeling we missed that in the episode that was supposed to air tonight) Still she has been just as closed off as he has, so that bothers me to be honest. I admit they’ve lost alittle steam but i think thats by design and not because of the actors, they are both professionals and can hardly be blamed for the lack of Caskett moments, again i think if you view the season as a whole thier were more moments then one thinks. this has been a season of sort of keeping things underraps from Gates etc. sorry for the long winded comment, its just what i’ve been thinking.

    • Aniket says:

      “Castle is obviously holding back, but Beckett can hardly point fingers considering how she’s treated him in the past.” Thats exactly what i think….

  11. Lauren says:

    I felt truly crushed at episode’s end. Though I did not expect it, I was hoping (against hope) that I would get an ending scene that would make me feel better. Alas, hopes were dashed, and expectations of turning off the TV in a depressed state were fulfilled. I felt the same at the end of The Limey (4×20) last year: SO SAD. And they played the “sad, pensive Kate” music at the very end, too–the same theme that played at the end of Significant Others. If these are the “mini bumps” SK was referring to, and they are resolved (in Caskett’s favor) by season’s end, I can deal. Otherwise, I think I’ll have to bow out: My poor ‘shipper heart just couldn’t take a true rift between the two, even if it only lasted the summer…

  12. Steph says:

    I love what this episode set up and I love where the last few episodes look to be heading.

  13. Kate says:

    Wow- a lot to process with this one…Clearly there was a lot of foreshadowing and the beginning of the “bumps” we’ve been warned about. It is interesting that it’s Castle who’s been a little cavalier about the relationship. He wanted her for so long and so much that I have wondered why it’s been written like that. Who would have thought based on earlier seasons that it would be Kate who was the demonstrative one in the relationship? While WE are all waiting to hear Kate tell him she loves him, there’s been no indication that her not saying it has been holding Castle back in moving forward. Neither of them is perfect, and I do love that about them since it makes them more real. I just hope so much that the season ends with them together. I’ll be really disappointed if they break them up after making us wait so long to see them together. (And I feel that I must admit that I kind of hate how invested I am in FICTIONAL characters in a FICTIONAL relationship- jeez!!!!)

  14. Big Mike says:

    Haven’t seen this ep yet, and skipped right to the comments. Will it be odd/confusing to watch this ep and then next weeks, or should I hold off and watch them in their proper order?

    • Andrea says:

      You couldn’t really tell at all. There may have been one or two moments, but even with those if you didn’t know the episodes were switched those moments wouldn’t stand out.

      • Katie1227 says:

        Thinking the ”continuity problem” will be the Caskett going all fine and perfect in Still and in the 5×23 we’ll see the Caskett ‘doubts’ or whatever of the last scene going on

    • Sg. Grant says:

      I’m just keeping this week’s episode on the dvr until next week, so I can watch them in the right order.

    • Alan says:

      absolutely no issues from what i can tell. really it was a pretty throwaway episode apart from one or two minor things that probably wont be picked up until the finale anyway.

  15. Lauren says:

    Can we give a shout out to Lanie and her accent?

  16. Jason says:

    Is it me or does Castle really need to lose some weight, his face looks mighty haggard these days. It was kinda off putting in this episode, maybe he was sick or something?

    • Chloe says:

      I agree. He’s putting on weight.


        Somebody has to tell him, He is getting dangerously “Fat”. Hopefully he will get the message and will return next season minus 20-25 lbs lighter. I still love him! but instead of luv a svelte bear, we have to love a real bear.

        • Annie says:

          Oh dear God. Go back to your thinspiration boards on Pinterest, please, and leave the health commentary to grown-ups. Fillion is nowhere NEAR “dangerously” overweight. What a ridiculous assertion.

        • lyn says:

          His weight has yo-yo’d for the last few seasons. Same thing as Sean Murray on NCIS and Matthew Perry when he was on Friends. It must be a difficult thing for them to maintain. I sympathize.

          • Anna says:

            I don’t think you can use Matthew Perry as an example considering his weight issues were due to his drug problems

            And hey. women certainly get enough grief for gaining/losing weight, so it doesn’t bother me when people do it to men.

    • Kevan says:

      Nathan has been gaining weight the last 2 seasons, I watched the pilot recently and was stunned at how much slimmer he used to be. The weight ages him…he needs to lose it.

    • mya says:

      Totally off putting.

      • Jill says:

        Hmmm, Kate’s attraction to Castle is about more than looks. Thank goodness the writers understand that or we’d have Kate falling for smooth talking playboys.

  17. Kate Beckett says:

    This episode is proof positive that Stana Katic has chemistry with anyone they throw at her.

  18. May says:

    I don’t know. Many times in a relationship, you wonder where things are heading. Sometimes, you don’t get an answer, but that doesn’t mean you won’t keep trying to find it. Kate and Rick have come a long way to let it all go because they’re unwilling to have a mature discussion about their relationship. I really don’t think Marlowe is going to break them up, but then again, he might .

    • Fran says:

      I agree May. Their relationship shows realistic problems that happen in every relationship. Not to mention that people do tend to take their significant other for granted after some time.

      • May says:

        People just like to complain, don’t they? If Rick and Kate had an stable relationship, they would complain it’s “too unreal”, but when they have problems, it’s awful.

  19. badpenny says:

    As this episode was supposed to be next week’s I’m guessing they’re setting us up for a Castle break-up over the summer.

    • Sam says:

      engagement, martha hints sunk in

      • am1406 says:

        I don’t think Castle does hints. Apart from Beckett herself, he got wake up calls from Vaughn and Martha, but I’m betting he’s still as clueless as ever. I think that any change in their relationship status will be instigated by her. For what it’s worth, I agree with previous posts that Castle’s character this season is very hard to like (but not as hard as the sleazy, drag queen lookalike Vaughn) and that Nathan’s acting skills are pretty limited.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I’m guessing finale has an “I Love You” from Kate and a spontaneous proposal (or asking to live together) from Castle.. With us left wondering about her answer over the summer…

    • Christina Vasseux Vasseux says:

      That’s what I think too…castle going to the hamptons with his ex wife…writing…

  20. Lauren says:

    Oh, and favorite line.

    “Well at least Gretzky knew how to score.”

  21. Karen says:

    I felt more chemistry between Kate and Erik than I have with Caskett this season. Also Erik is mighty fine… Stana and Ioan Gruffudd look great together and they had great chemistry. Ioan knows how to play the sexy charm on the ladies and be a romantic. Maybe Kate is better off without Castle because I’d totally take Erik over Castle any day.

    • wes says:

      Seriously. So what that Castle had to wait for her for a year is nothing. No way that that Erik guy would have waited for her or jumped in front of a bullet.

      Better of without Castle. Have you see how Kate treated Castle the first four seasons. In my opinion Castle is better of without Beckett.

  22. Malachi says:

    *Copying my reaction from the earlier article.* This was about the most hamfisted writing we have seen all season, all done purely in the interest of adding angst before the season finale. What happened to, “there is one unexplained mystery I believe in… us”? That was last week, right? Suddenly, there is a big enough rift that she allows some guy she just met to (all in the space of 15 minutes) ply her with champagne, discuss personal hopes and fears, tell her essentially that her relationship is failing, invade her personal space, and THEN try to close the deal by kissing her. She’s not an idiot — she had to know what was going on, as it was happening. And she still allowed it, the last minute push-away notwithstanding. The Beckett from season 1 was a stronger character than this.

    Not only was Beckett poorly characterized, Castle was way, way too oblivious, from beginning to end. I don’t care how much of a gamer you are — when sexytimes are in the offing with a hot girlfriend, HALO has the night off. And at the end, when Beckett asked “where are we going?” the meaning was pretty clear that she was referring to their relationship. Answering “the bedroom” was overly shallow and simplistic for someone who is supposed to be a writer versed in the subtleties of language.

    Finally, could we please get away from the lazy trope that all Americans automatically swoon whenever they hear a British accent? It’s overused to the point of showing no imagination, made even worse because this show has already used it (“The Limey,” last season).

    • Amanda says:

      Could not have said it better.

    • Kwapple says:

      You sir win the internet…very well said

    • Mary says:

      I usually don´t agree with you, but this time I do:)
      I mean, it´s a good setup to the finale, but out of Kate´s character; the Kate I know would never have those talk and make confidences about her life to someone she just met!
      Being charmed and let the guy step to her space that easily? (well, that I can understand after being ignored in favor of a video game and taking for granted)…

    • C. Buckley says:

      Apparantly the actors have nothing to say about what’s in the script.Stana should have said something about her role in the episode with Mr. Moneybags. She.e is supposed to be playing Beckett, A savy experienced, ethiecal Detective, who is always in control. Why does she allow herself to be put into a compromising position.?, Drinking on duty, allowing herself to be almost kissed What would Gates do about that? As I spent 20 years in law enforcement I know what she did was wrong and She should have asked to be4 removed from the detail as soon as he made the first mov

    • Christina Vasseux Vasseux says:

      Bad episode bad writing….a woman would never had reacted like this…..that guy marlowe doesn’t know a thing about real women…

      • Sally Ramsey says:

        I just checked the ratings. This Castle did about twice what any other show did and beat Revolution in the 18-49 age group. Andrew Marlowe knows exactly what he is doing – keeping the show on the air. You can’t have a relationship without a show.

  23. Mari says:

    Great great episode! And then the agonizing end…

  24. Alex says:

    I want Ioan Gruffudd back. I’m going to get crucified for saying this but man… he and Stana were sexy. Something I haven’t seen much since the first episodes of the season. I certainly wouldn’t mind having him back. As for Castle and Beckett, I really don’t think the writers explored the relationship as well as they could have. Sure, I enjoyed the 100th episode but to me it just seemed like they were too afraid to let them do anything! I enjoyed the first couple episodes and then it seemed to die off. There have been a couple episodes that I’ve liked the Castle/Beckett story but it feels… weird now. But that’s just my opinion here.

  25. Christy says:

    You forgot this little comedy gem: “I cannot believe the department is forcing her to hang out with some womanizing rich guy against her will” Deja vu there! LOL
    Good episode. She needs to ask again. Maybe in a more obvious way since he is being a guy and oblivious to what “Where are we going? meant. Looking forward to rewatching this one after I watch Still to see if anything comes off differently when watched in the correct order. And the new promo for Still looks ADORABLE!!

  26. Sarah says:

    I’ve just about had it with this show. This angst is beyond contrived and out of character. Just terrible, terrible writing. I don’t know how anyone can fault Castle for the ending of this episode. She asks him a poorly worded question about the future of their relationship right when they’re about to head into the bedroom, of course he’s going to misunderstand her! There’s no reason she couldn’t have clarified herself and said “no, wait, I meant where is our relationship going” and then they’d talk about it. Instead she remains silent because apparently these two never talk about anything ever.

    Not to mention that Castle is probably terrified to push things with her. Everyone seems to forget that Beckett completely cut him out of her life for four months after she was shot and he said “I love you.” It took her nearly a full year of dating to say it back to him (assuming she says it in Still), how on earth would he get the impression that she’s ready for more? It’s just so frustrating to watch them make Beckett look so innocent in all of this when she just spent this episode opening up to another guy instead of talking to her boyfriend about her concerns.

    • Mazikea says:

      Wish I could like this post. I agree with everything you said.

      I feel like the writers have a huge boner for Stana/Beckett so Beckett can’t do no wrong – but Castle is always considered the jackass.

    • KHorn says:

      Completely agree with you. This episode’s writing made Beckett to be the worst girlfriend in the world. Not sure if it’s serious? Really? Let’s see he waited for you for years, took you back when you flat out lied to him about hearing his profession of love and, oh yeah, he’s willing to take a bullet for you. As for everyone who says Castle needs to pop the question, this is the 21st century, why can’t Beckett step up to the plate for once.

    • Christina says:

      I wish I could like this too. So well said. Especially with regard to Castle’s worry to push it with her.

    • Christina Vasseux Vasseux says:

      I agree…

    • Christina Vasseux Vasseux says:

      We need to get alike button….your post was good….I quite agree…beckett and castle should have a serious talk…in the bedroom….

      • Alan says:

        do you … really need … to include … all this … unnecessary punctuation … in your … comments?
        it just makes reading what you have to say difficult.

    • Aniket says:

      very well said, Sarah! I completely agree with you……

  27. luli says:

    Didn’t like this episode… They just planted more doubts on Beckett abour her relationship with Castle. Ryan was hilarious when he was taking Becketts statement…

  28. mscc says:

    I think I like where things are going in Castle world. It’s a bit bored to see Beckett tries so hard to ‘amuse’ him and makes him happy. I think it’s time to turn the table and make him the one that does the effort in relationship abd eventually grow up. I think it’ll make things more interesting. And yeah, I love Nathan, but I do agree that sometimes he’s a bit awkward in romance scene with Stana. But he’s improving in the past two episodes, so hopefully the awkwardness was part of the acting :P

  29. Sally Ramsey says:

    I liked tonight’s episode. I fully expected foreshadowing and we got it. They will have to work out where the relationship is going. For that to happen, we do have to know if Gates knows. Kate can’t get openly engaged if Castle would get thrown out. It seems unlikely that Kate would tell EV the truth if it was still supposed to be a secret. We’ll see what actually was said in “Still”. We’ll just have to chew our nails for a week. If Kate actually did say ILY, it would certainly make more sense that she wants to move forward. Castle is a two time loser. It makes sense that he would be cautious about being burned again.He is very insecure, with good reason. He had no father, a mother on the road and bounced from school to school. He has never been sure his writing is good enough. It also makes sense that he might have some trust issues with Beckett. He lied to save her life. She just plain lied to him. Some hurt may linger. From a practical standpoint, Andrew Marlowe has made it very clear that Caskett is the heart of the show. If that goes away, all the extra audience that they have picked up this season will go away too. That would not make ABC happy. They should have about two more days to shoot on the finale and renewal hasn’t happened yet. The safe course would be to keep Caskett together, perhaps with a cliffhanger on whether ther can still work together or maybe something else entirely. They could shoot another character or give Martha a heart attack or any number of things. I do think we will have to hear more about Castle’s inner workings. If Beckett is going to commit, he is going to have to let loose. That may be the cliffhanger. She might give him an ultimatum that he either has to let her in or she will let herself out. That would make for a great season six opener, assuming pickup. Do not dispair, shippers. If there is to be a show, there will have to be a relationship. Ratings and book sales demand it.

    • James says:

      ^this. thank you for having a level head about this. i mean no disrespect to people and their opinions which of course they’re entitled to have, but i really stress that people take a step back and look at the show as a whole, and wait till we see what happens. Andrew Marlowe understands his audience better then most in his position and does not do anything caskett wise lightly we have to trust he has a plan. I personally have no problem with giving them problems that doesn’t mean they’ll break up it just means they have to work on some stuff like any relationship. not only are they the meat and potatoes of the show but they are clearly soul mates. So lets just see what happens. I’m also a little surprised Nathan is getting hate on so much, While he is no Laurence Olivier he is a very capable and professional actor i truly have a hard time believing that he’s intentionally sabotaging the show because he may be bored with it, which i also don’t believe. the writers have intentionally made him this way. these two clearly have a great deal of emotional issues that are tied to their past that’s part of the reason their drawn to each other, but it also means they have trouble opening up and conducting an adult conversations of what the future holds. This show is clearly increasing in audience and is still one of ABC’s hottest shows so its not going anywhere which means we ‘shippers need to be patient.

      • Sally Ramsey says:

        No, I could never believe that Nathan would sabotage the show. He is too nice a guy to put anyone out of work. I have no problem with his acting. He tore my guts out in Target and Hunt. I would not be surprised if he is tired. He works 16 hour days 10 months a year plus other projects. He has 4 movies out this summer if you count voice work. Anyone would look a little haggard from time to time. I saw a still taken April 9 and he looked great. I think he may be slimming down to do Captain Hammer. That is just a guess, but supposedly the songs are done and Dr. Horrible 2 might shoot this summer. That would be fun. People do put some mean stuff out about him. Apparently they posted some pictures he described with a cuss word a couple of days ago. He was not happy. I don’t know why people have to be mean. According to Joss Whedon, Nathan is the kindest man he knows. I think he will continue to do his best for the show and everyone involved with it.

      • E. Diane Barrett says:

        Thank you for your wise comment. This show had me at the promo and I feel the audience is still growing as is the CASKETT relationship.

        That’s not to say some episodes give me angina!

    • Aniket says:

      we need to have a LIKE button!! very well said Sally!!!

  30. Dani says:

    ok people blaming castle for everything, just calm down a sec alright? beckett is a grown woman if she really wanted to ask castle where their relationship was going she should’ve ignored that response and asked him again point blank.
    plus, it’s not entirely castle’s fault, she overreacted with the whole “taking me for granted” thing. he didn’t drop everything immediately to pay attention to her that ONE time, okay, but does that really mean he’s taking her for granted? isn’t that just like… life? are you saying everyone should expect their significant other to drop everything they’re doing for sexy times at all times or else their partner might get the wrong idea? he literally was preoccupied with something else ONE TIME.
    and just planting the seed of the doubt in beckett’s head? i just didn’t think it could be that simple. castle’s been basically telling her how remarkable she is for five years and he still does all the time.
    i just think this whole conflict is so poorly built that it makes no sense to me. i just hope they acknowledge the lack of communication on both sides and they actually TALK about it.
    p.s. martha i love you but marriage is not the only way to be in a committed relationship.

  31. lame says:

    I can see this season end with KB still questioning her status with RC and her mothers’ case adding to her need for some closure. I can see Caskett acturally breaking up for three or four episodes next season before RC realizes he has to prove his sincerity and pops the question.
    What’s happened to Esposito, he used to be a sharp dresser and looker. Now it appears he shops at Goodwill and lives out of his car.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I think its way to soon for proposal and marriage…but i agree with everything else. Im sure your right though, because the writers are just bad enough that they would have the proposal this soon.

      I gotta agree. For a while there Fillion was losing a lil weight and getting muscular, now he just looks outta shape, and Esposito isnt dressing as sharp and his hair isnt good.

  32. M3rc Nate says:

    Im sorry but does anyone else think plain and simple Kate was a shi*tty girlfriend? As you all have mentioned, she has kept a lot to herself as well. I get work forced her to be with the billionaire..but a good GF (not mater how handsome/charming the man) doesnt giggle and talk about such personal things and let the situation get so “heavy” and him stand so intimately close to her. What woman holds ice to a strangers face? Let alone one with a girlfriend. What woman isnt instantly turned off by a guy that is being scummy, cause hes handsome and rich and charming is trying to charm a taken woman into bed? Hes a scum bag.

    Overall i thought this episode (like many other Castle episodes) was pretty stupid, and pushed to the extreme (ONE time he is playing video games when she wants his attention and she is that immature about it? Wow. How about you be a actual sexy awesome GF and play Co-Op with him). I think the writing is sub-par…and whats been sustaining Castle has been Nathan Fillions charm, and the spark and tension of Castkett. But a little after they got together…the sub par writing couldnt keep up with the relationship.

    I feel the relationship is skipping way to far along. The jumps of issues between episodes is equal to the jumps on like 3 months of dating. I mean they have been dating how long now after 4 years of sexual tension (or however long) and cause he doesnt get off the PS3 and nail her she is off flirting and being immature and being kissed by a guy on a case? (Let alone he could have been the killer…she would have known that and been way more professional and standoff-ish if it wasnt pivotal to the plot for her to be charmed by him).

    • Kim R says:

      I was so mad at Beckett last night. Thank you for your first paragraph. What was she thinking?? Castle has already told her he loved her when he didn’t know at all how she felt. What more does he have to say?? …….

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Well to a extent, it is true hes not opening up a lot. Though “i love you” is a huge step…actually showing it with your actions and opening up emotionally is a different thing. Castle is still a little guarded. But i agree its not to the extent that a GF would be asking “where are we going” only like what…3-6 months into dating? Let alone be so pissed he ONE TIME was distracted while she was trying to be sexy?

        If you can have tension and desire for a person for years…then finally get with them, they are in love with you, and slowly opening up, and because he played video games once while you were trying to seduce, and was jealous (rightfully so)…you disconnect and get all cutesy and flirty with the person? Let them kiss you? Like i*tty girlfriend. Id dump her.

    • Christina Vasseux Vasseux says:

      Need that like button……..!

  33. Spinning Maze says:

    Great, more video game stigma. Screw you, TV writers. Screw you. Ah well, I should probably be happy they didn’t try to pull a CSI: Miami and blame murders on them…

  34. Michelle says:

    Okay usually I don’t bother writing comments but I’m just going to come out and say it. [WARNING, shippers might not like this] but here it goes. Mr. Fillion cannot do romance, this guy is absolutely horrid at it. The relationship between Castle and Beckett falls flat because the actors don’t have the romantic couple chemistry to pull it off; whenever I see them kiss or hug it’s very awkward.

    I mean c’mon I can’t be the only one who finds their moments a tad awkward. They just don’t fit. I think the actors were better at just doing the will they wont they, banter, comedic stuff but being a couple they just can’t do it.

    I mean we know Stana and Nathan have chemistry together but their chemistry now that Caskett is actually together, is bad. Like I’m cool with whatever they’re giving us with Caskett but damn I just wish it wasn’t so awkward… and can people on this show ever have a good one-on-one conversation about anything. I swear this show leaves everything to the finale and it’s really pissing me off. We haven’t a decent coversation between Caskett about them or their relationship, everything is left off in offscreenville and the viewers are left wondering what the heck these characters are thinking.

    • wes says:

      Oh and the scenes between Vaughn and Beckett were so much better. That guy was so lame. With his pickup lines he probably wrote down somewhere. He was just a playboy manipulating her into sleeping with him. Beckett acted like a bimbo in here.

      And about Fillion that’s your opinion. 100% don’t agree with you.

    • Maria says:

      Nathan Fillion can’t do romance? Have you seen the movie Waitress? Aside from the fact that it is basically adultery, if you watch just for Nathan’s performance, you will see that he very clearly CAN do romance. When given a properly written script.

    • Sam says:

      Chemistry is subjective, I think they have a lot

  35. CarlagUK says:

    There have been some very interesting and constructive comments about this episode which I have not yet viewed. I watch on iTunes UK and will wait to view it after next week’s rescheduled episode.

    We knew this situation would arise between the two of them because they are both such complex and insecure people where relationships are concerned and it is natural that after a year of being together the question of ‘Where are we going’ would come up. For me, this will liven things up tremendously as we come to the season’s end and hopefully go into Season 6

  36. Lisa says:

    Very good episode, I really love S5, best yet of the series. Will rewatch this ep again after Still.

    I would question what else Castle has to do prove to Kate (and some viewers) that he is completely committed to her?

  37. Auntie Ralph says:

    Wow… Just, wow. I’ve actually overall enjoyed this season, and then we get three of the most annoying things you can ever get in a TV show.

    1) A plot involving video games! Video games are easily one of the worst-depicted forms of media in, well, every other form of media, and while this wasn’t the worst example of it, it was still pretty damn insulting. Bad enough the term ‘video game widow’ exists…

    2) Generic rich guy love interest who might run a couple who are dating on a TV show! At least they tried to get a guy who could act (I find Gruffudd to be an okay actor) but, wow… I know this usually never happens but it would be nice if they build up potential love interests to have a character first and be a romantic foil second. He might as well have been on a CW show given how the character was written.

    3) Mom pushing for a proposal! I will give them credit: because Castle was written out of character this episode, the push kind of made sense.

  38. Rida says:

    Ok im glad to see that the reaction to this ep wasnt as bad as i expected it would be. Im glad they confronted the issue of taking Kate foregranted because he has been. But i do think Kate over reacted to some things. They were both kind of a mess, werent thinking straight and that resulted in the odd behaviour from both sides.
    However i do think Marlowe has a plan, this episode was IMO a GREAT setup for the closing of the finale. They are both wondering where they are going, even though Castle didnt just put it in words like Kate did. But they are both fully aware that they need to step it up.
    So all in all I liked the episode because of what its potentially setting up for. Im a big optimist when it comes to Caskett, maybe im crazy but Marlowe has earned my trust. Caskett is not going to break up because Caskett IS THE SHOW.

  39. moriza says:

    I liked this episode but I understand why many fans are disappointed with the progress of the relationship between Castle – Beckett. As long author`s team still holding on to the character persona as the early episodes their relationship conflicts will always arise. I do not know the intent of the trick is to make the fans are always curious or could even backfire.

    Beckett still described as a figure who always behave and draw conclusions based on the facts that must be proved. A typical woman who thinks long before taking the risk. Therefore she secretly questioned where are they taking their relationship after she decided to open her heart on Castle. Martha opinion perfectly reasonable, as long as there is no ring on Beckett`hand , she will always doubt .

    Meanwhile Castle still continued to be described like a womanizer who although very good at enthralling or apologize for his mistakes, but often do not know how to continue the relationship when the target has been subdued (both previous marriage may be inserted as proof) ;)

    The question is would the author really have guts to explore new territory as heavily promoted as core concept of this season ? Off course new territory which show us that CasKet really evolve to fit each others not only their status relationship . BTW I believe in Andrew Marlowe ;)

    Seriously if AM want to making shipper happy ,he should think about hire teen love writter for love moment scenes only .LOL . Dont get me wrong his team is perfect . But lovely scenes Castle we`ve ever had its kind adult relationship type but not hillarious like shiiper always demanding LOL again

  40. Teri says:

    Dont get why the relationship is “complicated.” Why is it complicated. Two people who have found their way to each other after years of being just friends and partners…it should not be this difficult to know “where they are going.”

  41. nunya says:

    Wasn’t last night’s show just a repeat of thousands of other shows? Who didn’t know that when Vaughn tried to kiss Beckett a bullet would come through the window? The writers need to step it up.

  42. Astrid says:

    I liked the episode and how it set up the rest of the season. Very curious whether it will lead to a break up or to the next big step in their relationship. Btw Ryan ftw!

  43. Kim R says:

    Before Beckett arrived at Castle’s door to declare she wanted him, he had already made a serious, risking all, declaration of love to her. (previous season) Fast forward to last night, I guess I’m a little ticked off at her. That is the first step to an affair and I was so mad that she even let herself be in that situation. She saw him coming in for a kiss and she did not move. He was able to touch lip to lip before she decided to turn her head. I may have yelled at her at that point. I may still be mad. :)

  44. Fran says:

    I’m glad to see that most people aren’t freaking out about this episode. I thought for sure there would be a lot more nasty comments. Yes, this episode was filled with unnecessary drama. I have been a big fan of the portrayal of the Caskett relationship. It’s always been very realistic to me and shows that a relationship is not all romance and kisses. So while the themes in this episode- taking someone for granted, jealousy, insecurity, trust, etc- are all valid problems in a relationship, this episode exagerrated it way too much. It made both Castle and Beckett look totally ridiculous and it felt out of character. That being said…. I understand how it goes. Shows have to create drama especially this time of year. It just could have been done in a much more believable way. I’m not worried though because I do think it’s all being set up for a good thing. I see Caskett taking a big step forward in their relationship, whatever that may be. Maybe Kate being offered another job or Castle proposing.. not sure. But I’m looking forward to it :)

  45. Amber2 says:

    Relationships ARE complicated. That’s life. Especially if you are older and have baggage. It would be unrealistic to write it any other way. You are friends with a guy and then you ‘get together’. It’s great for a while then you start to ask questions when there are hiccups along the way – especially if you’re not 21 and are looking for a life relationship. I am looking forward to where AM and co take us with this. Yes, some episodes are better than others and the actors must get tired sometimes, but it’s a great journey. Any good story has conflict. If it didn’t we’d yawn and change the channel. The yearnings of a character’s heart drive the story. These desires need to be tested. Rick had ‘being with Kate’ at the top of his bucket list. Does he still want this? Enough to overcome his committment fears? Kate told Rick at the end of the last season that all she wanted was him. Above her career and above solving her mother’s case, she wanted him. That ‘want’ also has to be tested. Does she want him more than another very desirable guy? Does she want him more than an exciting career development? If a relationship is ‘right’ it will pass these tests. I don’t think Marlowe will break Caskett up but if he didn’t test the relationship the story wouldn’t satisfy us. As for the finale. We’ve had Rick’s bucket list mentioned AND his last supper list. I reckon this is forshaddowing very real danger to his life in the finale – which is probably good. This pair only seem to get it together when the situation is life or death ;)

  46. Becca says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the way that Kate confided in Vaughn about she and Castle’s relationship. All season, I feel like Castle has purposefully NOT pressured her to put a label on it because he knows that she struggles with commitment. I really think that’s been his way of giving her space. Even though he’s told her he loves her twice in the past, he hasn’t said it to her since they got together because he doesn’t want to overwhelm her. So it’s a little frustrating to me that rather than tell Castle directly “Hey I really want to talk about our relationship and what it means” she talks about it with some random guy she just met.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Sometimes it’s easier to talk about important stuff with someone who doesn’t know you or have predetermined opinions of the situation. Especially someone who is asking questions you may have already had but haven’t verbalized.

      • Malachi says:

        “Sometimes it’s easier to talk about important stuff with someone who doesn’t know you or have predetermined opinions of the situation.”
        – Yes, but it is incredibly poor judgment to do this with someone who is trying to get into your pants. A friend’s heart and a paramour’s groin have very different motivations.

  47. Red says:

    The episode made me more want to slap Beckett upside the head than Castle. Come on, all the indication she’s given him up to this point is that she’s pretty happy with the relationship and its current pace of evolution. They have people in their lives who DON’T EVEN KNOW they are in a relationship (unless Gates found out in the delayed episode). Before this episode, (or maybe before the delayed episode), she probably would have squeaked and run the other direction if Castle had hinted at the idea of a ring.

    And suddenly, she’s been manipulated into thinking that means that they’re stuck or confused? All Vaughn showed is that he is really good at creating a situation and manipulating people into having a viewpoint on it. He played her in an attempt to get into her pants.

    • Becca says:

      Agreed, but for me it was more wanting to slap the writers lol. For 5 seasons Castle’s been written as head over heels in love with Kate, and now they’re trying to make us believe he doesn’t want to commit? And what’s more, they didn’t even really give him the option to say one way or another if he does because Kate never directly asked him!

      • Red says:

        It feels like we missed the step of “what do I want” (I here being Beckett)–or at very least her personal realization that she is no longer content with where they are right now. And perhaps that is in the delayed episode.

      • DarkDefender says:

        I think Castle’s lack of commitment and awkwardness is directly related to Kate not saying I Love You. He is cautious because he had to write her off and walk away twice and thought it was final in Always, until she showed up and “wanted ” him. He also questioned that first morning in After the Storm, if this was some I almost died, I lost my job and I’m in crisis thing. Once Kate commits, I think we will see that Caskett magic in full form. I just think we will have more bumps in the road and not get our satisfaction Neil next season.

  48. Lauren says:

    I don’t read Castle’s behavior as being a sign that he is unwilling to commit; rather, I think he is terrified of losing Beckett, and that’s why he feels unsure of what to do. Unlike in his previous relationships, he really *wants* this one to work, but given those past failures, likely worries that he will be unable to give her what she deserves. This is why he hesitates to tell her things about himself (e.g., the story about the paper he wrote in boarding school). He’s worried that, the more he lets her in, the more she will discover his (self-perceived) inadequacies. I think the bottom line is that neither of them is a good communicator, so the end result is that many of the pivotal communications are one-sided until they hit a proverbial breaking point, and then we get a verbal explosion (e.g., “Knockout,” “Always”).

    • Sally Ramsey says:

      Exactly right. Watershed may be the next verbal explosion. Such things are necessary for forward motion.

    • Steph says:

      This is really well put. I agree with you.

    • James says:

      I completely agree very well said. its more about giving her the space to make that commitment then it is about him being afraid to commit. I think he is extremely insecure and terrified of being abandoned which makes sense considering his upbringing, but it’s been clear for most of this shows run that he is madly in love with this women, and doesn’t want to screw it up. Watershed is a very telling title considering what it’s definition is, my guess is she finally solves her moms case and buts Bracken away, thus freeing her to commit to Castle. we’ll see. I do hope they leave the proposal for next season its just to soon for them to jump that far ahead, perhaps move in together.

    • scooby says:

      I’ve been restraining myself from grumbling about some people’s reactions to the episode, to Castle’s or Beckett’s behavior, because I thought they were just supremely tone deaf about the characters’ motivations or Marlowe’s big picture. Thank you so so much for getting it and articulating it well. The obstacles they’re dealing with now are the ones that, if they get past them, will really enable this relationship to be the one and done that Kate wants and the lasting one for Castle. He got divorced twice for a reason. Hearing from his father should definitely help as long as he doesn’t just process it superficially. I’m sure the way his childhood developed is part of what we’re dealing with now. He worked so hard at created this façade of a life, the glib playboy, so that people could like that guy and not the insecure writer with no father and things about himself that he wasn’t proud to share. The real Rick is the one Kate wants–she’ll see all that stuff and love him anyway. If Marlowe took care of all of those issues too fast, where would we go? Growth has to play out. Plus don’t forget, they’ve got murders to solve.

  49. Becca says:

    Wow that was really well thought out and I totally get what you mean!

  50. Tina B. says:

    It was very disturbing for me to see how stupid Castle was last night but I think first of all that since they did change the 2 episodes in the schedule, perhaps they are rethinking something and want us to think of this one as the first and the bomb episode as the second. Also, I agree with others, this is a wake up call for Castle and it shows Kate’s vulnerability, which is good, because Castle has been the one longing for Kate all this time, and Kate came around only this season.I think the writers are moving the story forward and want to know what would make Castle finally make a permanent commitment. This season seems to be about Kate trying to break in to Castle’s walls and it seems there are many. There is so much story potential here, I think Castle could “lose” Kate for a bit but she needs to communicate firmly with him and tell him what she wants. Castle has to let her in first and trust her completely and vice versa before any ring goes on her finger.