Mad Men Recap: Ladies and Ungentlemen

Mad Men Season 6 RecapI wanted more Joan in my Mad Men, and in this week’s episode, I got it. Now the question is: Will the redhead reach out and grab the golden, albeit slightly tarnished, ring that’s floating in front of her?

The same can be asked of several of the show’s females — burgeoning soap star Megan, secretarial pool standout Dawn, Mad gal on the move Peggy – who find out that getting what they want doesn’t necessarily play out the way that they had planned. In related news, Harry acts like a total ass. Let’s review the major developments of “To Have and to Hold.”

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LET’S PLAY KETCHUP | Don and Pete meet in secret with Heinz ketchup’s Timmy, the co-worker Raymond explicitly asked them to ignore last week. He’s unhappy with his current ad firm and interested in hearing Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s pitch for his product. Don wants total secrecy surrounding “Project K” – only Stan is assigned to work on it, and he does so in a windowless room at the back of the office. (Don and Stan sharing a joint back there, by the way, was pretty great; I think that’s the closest we’ve ever seen Draper come to giggling.) They come up with a tagline (“Pass the Heinz”) pared with art of food, implying that Heinz is the only ketchup. Timmy likes it but wants to see the bottle somewhere in the ad; SCDP leaves the clandestine meeting promising to test it both ways… and run right into Peggy and Ted, who are also there to angle for the account.

You can tell Peggy is the last person Don expects to see horning in on his tip. His curiosity is so great that he stoops to listening at the closed door while she’s making her pitch. She tells the Heinz people, “If you don’t like what they’re saying, change the conversation” – you devoted Mad Men fans will remember it as Don’s own advice, parroted back to him by Pegs herself, just before he writes the “Why I Quit Tobacco” letter in Season 4. The student has become the philandering, boozing, self-hating teacher! Her ad concept (“Heinz. The only ketchup.”) is very similar to her former boss’, too, except hers depicts the bottle the way that the potential client wants.

It’s all to no avail, though. While the SCDP trio is licking its wounds at a nearby bar, Ted and Peggy come in to do the same: Heinz went with another firm. Ken soon arrives and angrily informs his boss that Raymond found out and is bailing with his beans account. Stan conveys his feelings with a middle finger directed squarely at his erstwhile phone date, who looks sheepish at the other end of the bar.

GET IT, GIRL | At the office, Joan fires Harry’s secretary after it’s discovered that Dawn clocked out for her the night before. Harry and his stupid sideburns are livid; he angrily rehires his receptionist, Scarlett, then gets into it with Joan as she’s on her way into a partners’ meeting. He watches, assuming she’s telling Don, Roger & Co. about the argument (she’s not), then bursts into the meeting and basically demands that they make him a partner. He may have a leg to stand on – after all, he just convinced Dow to pony up for an hour-long variety show starring Joe Namath and friends (long story) – but the way he goes about it is a study in how to be The Guy Everyone Can’t Stand. “I’m sorry my accomplishments happened in broad daylight and I can’t be given the same rewards,” he says, referring to Joan’s sleeping with Jaguar Herb to land an account.  (Side note: As if he wouldn’t have done something equally icky – or worse! – to get a seat at the big kids’ table.) After he leaves and it’s resolved that no one’s getting fired, the meeting continues… and I’m left to wonder why Partner Joan is still dealing with secretary miscellany the way that Office Manager Joan had to.

In other news, Joan’s friend Kate, a married Mary Kay manager with some degree of success, is in town to drink too much, live vicariously through her pal and make out with strangers. Or, as she calls it, “interview with Avon.” She drags Joan out for, among other things, flirting with and kissing the first guys that come along – at one point, Joan recreates many of my failed college nights on the town as she sits on the end of a sofa and sips her drink in a bored manner while Kate and some guy she picked up round second base just inches away. Fun!

The ladies wake up the next morning, still wearing their dresses and makeup from the night before. Hungover Kate asks, “I’m really not you, am I?” Joan looks mildly amused as she replies, “Why would you wanna be?” (I can think of at least two reasons…) Kate envies her friend’s position as an executive, even if it’s not as great as it seems. “I’ve been working there for 15 years, and they still treat me like a secretary,” Joanie laments, but Kate hints that maybe she’s just gotta go after what she wants. Might the first step be when she surrenders the supply-room and timecard keys to Dawn?

In case you were wondering, Roger and Bert call Harry into a meeting the next day to hand him a $23,500 check – the total commission on the Dow variety hour. It’s more than he makes in a year, but he pissily makes it clear he’s going to start looking for another firm if he’s not made partner, and soon. Gotta love Bert’s remark after Harry stomps out of the room: “That was the most impressive thing he’s done.”

THE SWING SET | Megan’s got her first love scene coming up on the show, and Don is not psyched about it. “Honey, I can tolerate this, but I can’t encourage it,” he says – and isn’t that pretty much how he approaches everything she does (and is)? Her co-star Arlene, who happens to be married to the show’s head writer Mel, suggests a couples’ dinner to ease Don’s fears. It doesn’t work, and in fact ends with the scribe and his wife suggesting that the Drapers come over to “smoke some grass” and get (have sex) to know (have sex) each other (sexsexsex) better. Don’s face rules in this scene, by the way. The Drapers awkwardly decline and later joke about it – “just a pile of arms, legs” — in the cab on the way home.

But no one’s laughing when Don arrives on set to watch Megan film the scene. It’s the first time he’s visited – or showed any interest in her work, actually – and he’s only there to make her feel bad about what she’s doing. “You kiss people for money. You know who does that?” he snipes, leaving her to cry in her stocking cap while he sleazes over to give it to Sylvia in the maid’s bedroom. He may act holier-than-thou, but he’s put off by Sylvia’s cross pendant and asks her to remove it. She won’t, and she tells him she prays for him, “for you to find peace.” I thought that might break Don – it certainly pierced a layer or two – but he reverts to what he knows as he moves the cross to the back of her neck and bears her down onto the bed.

PEGGY 2.0? | This episode gives us glimpses of the life that Don’s secretary, Dawn, leads outside of the office. We learn she’s single, she’s going to be in her friend’s wedding and she thinks SCDP is just as messed up as the rest of us do. In fact, she gives the most on-point summation of that place I’ve ever heard: “Everybody’s scared there. Women crying in the ladies’ room. Men crying in the elevator. It sounds like New Year’s Eve when they empty the garbage, there’s so many bottles.” Truth. I don’t know about you, but I like her.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you hoping Don’s fling with Sylvia ends soon? Do you think Dawn has what it takes to survive at SCDP? What distracts you more: Stan’s beard or his fringe jacket? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    SCDC? Sterling Cooper Draper Crane? I think Harry may have taken up Arlene and Mel’s offer and was high when he bolted into that meeting room. Harry is going to start looking for another job? What? Hey Harry, I hear Kinsey may be hiring out in Hollywood. ;)

  2. Dennis Peters says:

    IMHO, “Mad Men” can do no wrong.
    It captures the period spot on, the acting is superb and we all know what actual events are about to happen, yet what we don’t know is how they will effect the fictional world of this awesome series.
    Oh, BTW, I was 17 years old when I first went to the “Electric Circus” on St. Mark’s Place. They did a great job at re-creating the interior design.

  3. Sara says:

    I know that Joan is a partner, but what exactly does that entail? I am very confused as to what her job involves. Can anyone clarify it for me? I only started watching regularly half-way through last season and have yet to go back and catch up on it all. I know, I know, poor form.

    • smallville944 says:

      Joan is the Director of Agancy Operations and Senior Partner

    • Bub says:

      Joan is the office manager. She runs the administrative and secretarial staff. She ensures the creative and account management departments have what they need in order to do business.

      Her role as a partner is limited by the small size of her share. She has a small percentage in the company 10% or less, which would entitle her to that same percentage of any profits not re-invested in the company. Her influence over the company is similarly limited, but could be important if a vote is split between the other partners

      • smallville944 says:

        Actually she got promoted in season 5, to Director of Agency Operations not office manager anymore

      • Fan says:

        I also think she took over a lot of Lane Pryce’s financial duties after he killed himself. Remember when Lane was still alive, he commented to Joan that she could do the financial piece as well as he could. And, at the partner’s meeting this episode, she asked a question to the group about how to bill the Project K expenses.

      • Sara says:


  4. anna says:

    I hate Don and I couldn’t care less about Megan and her horrible acting.

  5. Sarah says:

    I thought Heinz bought Peggy’s pitch right in the room? They went with a third firm? Also, am I supposed to have any pity for Don or like him in the slightest anymore? He’s such a hypocrite scumbag, and so seemingly obtuse to the fact. I hate his character, but am I supposed to?

    • Jan1 says:

      Yes. You’re supposed to hate him.

      • Jan1 says:

        The sexy, devil-may-care, powerful bad boy has a limited shelf life. After a certain point, he is just pathetic. Don is pathetic. That will cause some to hate his character and some to scornfully pity him. All of the drinking and smoking and ethical lapses catch up. That’s why a 25 year old “bad boy” is one thing but if he hasn’t grown up by 40 he becomes an object of ridicule.

    • td says:

      You’re correct–the recap is wrong. Ted said they bought the pitch right in the room, so Peggy’s firm DID get the account.

      • Fan says:

        No, you are incorrect. They clearly said that the J Walter Thompson firm got the account.

        • td says:

          Yep, you’re right. I’m wrong.

        • drhenning says:

          I knew friends of my parents who worked at JWT back then… JWT really did win the Heinz account back in those days and went on to create the famous ad “Anticipation” using the Carly Simon song a few years later…

    • JR says:

      You’re supposed to feel whatever you feel. Weiner writes Don as a complicated character. He was raised in a brothel, has been living a lie, and uses alcohol and sex to numb his pain. Sylvia prays — not for him to come back, but for him to find peace. Do with that information what you will.

    • JoMarch says:

      I’m with you, Sarah. I finished watching thinking Peggy had gotten the account as well. It’s not until I read the recaps that I realized a third firm had gotten the account.

  6. EatMorePez says:

    Can someone please just punch Bob in the face? Speaking of which, remember when Lane beat the crap out of Pete? Good times!

    • sophie says:

      I agree, I already can’t stand Bob and we don’t even know him. But he’s always there, I believe he’s gonna have a big impact somehow. And I really miss Lane, there was something special about him..

  7. GeoDiva says:

    For the first time watching this show, I hate Don.

  8. Given that this is early in 1968, it will be interesting to see the dynamics between Dawn and SCDP after Martin Luther King is assassinated April 4th of the same year.

  9. disinterested spectator says:

    I’d like to see Don get caught inflagrante delicto by Sylvia’s husband. It’s not fair that Pete goes to the trouble to get his own apartment and still gets caught, while Don brazenly has an affair in his married lover’s own apartment with impunity, which is a crazy thing to do, by the way.

    • JR says:

      Maybe Don wants to get caught. Dr. Rosen is Don’s first real male friend, as far as we know, and he admires him. Despite all his swagger, Don has little self-worth and may feel he doesn’t deserve the friendship. He may also be looking for an out from his marriage, which is becoming more and more strained.

      • Nero theTVFiddler says:

        Good comment – I think you have this right. The real tragedy coming is what is going to happen to Dr Rosen when he finds out what’s going on with his wife and Don. That’s going to be very bad. Don could use a good friend beyond just Roger, and Dr Rosen could open up other avenues of people for Don to meet – perhaps help make him a better man. But Don is sabotaging this friendship with the doctor. Quite sad.
        And I agree with your assessment of Don/Megan/Sylvia. Don has checked out of his marriage to Megan – it’s over – he’s looking for his escape, and Sylvia provides that at this point. He’s ready to go. He’s done this before – with Betty, Bobbie to some extent, Faye – when he’s done with the relationship, feels trapped by it, or the woman he’s with isn’t who he wants her to be, he moves on. I’m just guessing (and I do like Megan/Jessica a lot), but it wouldn’t surprise me if Don and Megan file for divorce before this season ends. I’ll miss that cool apartment, but I think it is possible Don just ‘disappears’ from this current life, and ‘starts over’ again by season’s end.

  10. Jessica says:

    I think you may be incorrect about Heinz going with another firm. Ted tells Pete they, “bought it in the room,” meaning Pete will get turned down when he gets back to the office. Ted wouldn’t know if they bought someone else’s ad who showed up after him any more than Don and Pete would know.

    • Fan says:

      Yes, Ted would know because everybody talks in that industry. Plus, he may have seen the J Walter Thompson people arriving just as Ted’s group was leaving. He would know all of them, and he could easily have found out the results after their own pitch.

    • Kimberly Roots says:

      Ted says that J. Walter Thompson landed the account, a firm Stan remarks is “the biggest agency in the world.” Peggy and Ted work for Cutler, Gleason and Chaough. — KR

  11. sophie says:

    Yes, Harry is an ass but what he said is true. Joan sold her body, that’s not something people will forget any time soon. Now she’s dealing with the consequences of her actions. Just because she’s Joan and we all love her doesn’t make it ok, and I don’t buy the ”she had not other choice” because she had many of them. You made your bed, now lay in it.

    • Sam says:

      I think we forget though that if Joan hadn’t done that, the chances of them landing the Jaguar account would have gone down significantly. At least that’s what we’re led to believe. And how many of them would have taken the chance of her not doing it, and then losing the account? Landing that account did a lot of good for the company as a whole, including Harry. And let’s not forget Joan has worked for this company a long time. Harry blaming his lack of promotion on someone else shows why he hasn’t gotten one in the first place. I mean, in the end he’s coming for Joan because she’s clearly the easy target there and he’s mad. But it makes him look ridiculous when you actually think about it.

      • sophie says:

        Well I said that Harry is an ass and he acted like one. I don’t say it’s alright that he attacked Joan but the ”I’m sorry my accomplishments happened in broad daylight and I can’t be given the same rewards.” is very much true. And If Peggy would said it, everyone would be like: yes, she’s right, she should have become partner and not Joan. It’s because Harry, who is an unlikeable character, said it to Joan who everyone loves, not because what he said is not true.
        And the company would have found another way to survive, just like they always do. Yes, Pete pushed Joan but she has her own mind and at the end of the day she did it because of her own financial security and not because of the survival of the company.

        • Sam says:

          Of course she did it because of her own financial security. And can you blame her? We’re in the 1960’s here. She can’t exactly move up in the workplace the same way Pete can. So yeah she took that opportunity. And it didn’t just benefit her in the end, it benefited the entire company. I’m not saying here that she didn’t have any other choice-she did have a lot of choices. But the choice of doing what she did benefited more than herself in the end. And let’s remember, she took the initiative to make sure that sleeping with Herb got her the partnership (at the suggestion of Lane but still she made that demand to the other partners). She could have taken a flat rate. But she didn’t. And that was pretty smart. Without that she would not have been getting a longlasting benefit the way the company would. Getting that partnership ensured her financial stability and SCDP getting Jaguar increased their credibility. Fair exchange, done deal in my opinion.

          In my eyes, Harry isn’t getting the rewards he thinks he deserves because he’s not demanding them and he’s a doormat. And that’s his problem in the end. Those are his insecurities and he can’t blame that on Joan or anyone else but himself. And I actually don’t find Harry to be an unlikable character all the time. I like Harry most of the time but I had to roll my eyes at his tantrum yesterday so this opinion isn’t coming from someone who hates Harry.

          And I mean, if this was Peggy in Harry’s shoes it would have been more interesting and warranted. Harry more than likely wouldn’t be put in the position that Joan was, let’s be real. Harry and Joan aren’t on equal footing because of the blatant gender inequalities of the 60’s. Which is why I think Harry judging and coming at Joan is a little ridiculous in the end.

          • sophie says:

            I agree Harry acted ridiculous, it wasn’t the place nor the time for him to do that. He blamed Joan cause he thought she was attaching him in front of the other partners so he exploded and said everything that bothered him, including on how she got partner.
            I understand that it was a different time back then, a difficult situation to be a single mother but and that’s why you think she acted smart but I disagree. Joan got her partnership in the worst possible way and of course people will blame her for that, it’s naturally. If I were Harry I would be pissed too, I just wouldn’t act out like that in front of everyone. I can’t really say if Harry would do the same thing if it was the other way around but I know Pete for example would, and I would despise it just like I despise what Joan did.

          • Sam says:

            I feel the need to roll my eyes at the continued judgment of Joan for the whole Jaguar thing. Here’s how I saw that episode and everything surrounding that decision.

            1. Pete very much manipulated the situation.
            2. Joan made her own choice but she also did it under the pretense of thinking ALL the partners wanted her to do it (because that’s what Pete told her. She didn’t know at the time that Don didn’t support the whole thing)
            3. Judging Joan for making that choice and seeing it as the worst possible thing she could do makes it a very black and white situation. Which it isn’t. This show isn’t built on black and white morals. It’s gray area.
            4. The other partners have done things to increase their standing that aren’t savory either so what are we judging Joan for?
            5. I don’t believe the notion that SCDP could have just walked away unscathed if they didn’t get Jaguar. Let’s actually think about this. They’re a small agency and still somewhat new compared to the others. At that point we knew that many companies were unwilling to work with them because of Don’s letter about the cigarette companies. Yes they had Heinz but we also know that them having a car account, which they didn’t have at this point, would increase their credibility and standing in the advertising community. They still struggle financially. It wasn’t that they needed just any old account-they needed a car. So Joan was doing everyone in that company a favor when she slept with Herb. I don’t get how that isn’t understood. It was just for her own benefit.
            6. If you understand that it was a hard time for her to be a single mother and her ability to move up in the company was limited then why is it hard to understand why she would make that choice and why it was a smart choice for all parties involved? It really would have been worse if Joan was the only one benefiting from it but she wasn’t. And clearly she’s solely suffering and receiving blame/judgment even though the situation was a lot more nuanced and complicated. Once again, this isn’t just black and white. It’s gray area. If you want to have a moral conscience about it why aren’t we arguing about SCDP having the Jaguar account at all considering a large reason they got it was essentially prostitution.

          • sophie says:

            I’m just saying that she has to live with her choice now, with the good and the bad coming out from it. Did she really expect everybody would just forget? I know the company benefited from it, I know it was the only way to get that account but I still refuse to believe that the company would just be ruined without it.
            I know everyone on this show has done mistakes I was just very disapointed because I expected more from Joan, do you understand that? And it’s my right to judge her for that just like I judge Don for acting like a hypocrit his whole life or Roger for not standing behind Joan and his son. Why wouldn’t I be able to judge her? It’s my personal opinion. In my eyes she made a big mistake. Roger offered Joan financial help, so why didn’t she take it? Because she was too proud even though she even has every right on it because Roger is Kevin’s father.
            Well where the hell was her pride when she slept with that guy? I really don’t get it.

        • JoMarch says:

          @Sam: I don’t love Joan; speak for yourself. She had an affair with a married man (yes, he’s dispicable as well) and a child that she pretened was her husband’s. Then she treats all the other women at the firm as if they are gum on the bottom of her shoe. Her mother is raising her child and taking care of the household duties and she treats her mother badly. Joan is as disgusting as most of the pen at the firm and unworthy of our “love”.

          • JoMarch says:

            In reading the posts, perhaps it was Sophie, not Sam who said we all love Joan. (my apologies).

          • sophie says:

            Well I meant she is a more likeable character then Harry Crane, and many fans love her. My personal female favorite on the show is Betty.
            But I wouldn’t go so far and say she is disgusting, a few of her actions were wrong but she still is a good person I believe. At least she is a better parent then Peggy who abandoned her child without any bit of emotion or Don who is neglecting his children. She is trying, yes she makes mistakes, but they all do..

          • Sam says:

            wow you must dislike everyone on this show though…

        • Jessica P. says:

          I still feel like you’re mixing apples and oranges. At the end of the day, yes, Joan slept with the Jaguar executive, but she got her partnership _because she articulated that as one of her terms of the transaction_. Harry’s problem – and it’s spelled out in the episode when Bert’s impressed by him threatening to look at other firms – is that up until now, he hasn’t _articulated what his expectations are commensurate with his contributions_. Even in this episode, he couldn’t just do it on his own because he felt like it was time with landing the Dow TV spot. He didn’t make his demands out of confidence but _in a fit of pique_. Of course they undervalue him – he doesn’t act like he values himself. In life, no one is going to want you (general you) to succeed as much as you yourself will. Whining about his perception of how unfair the situation was didn’t get anyone to take Harry seriously; pointing out that he could take his TV-spot-paying-for-client-landing abilities elsewhere _did_. Because the latter thing was about “Look at the value I bring – and can take somewhere else,” and not “Wah, you gave this other person something I don’t have but want!”

          • sophie says:

            So does the partnership make it ok that she sold her body? Does it count as a smart business move so it makes up for it? Should Harry be happy for her?
            And we are forgetting why Harry exploded in the first place. Who fires a department head’s secretary without talking to the department head first? And the offense was sneaking out early, not theft or something serious.
            Harry seems to be kicking ass at his job and he might need the staff he has to continue. Was Joan acting like a partner, concerned with firm’s prospects, or was she acting like a head secretary, pissed that one of the girls tried to put one over on her.

          • Sam says:

            Sigh, Jessica…you just get what i’m getting at here…

            I’d be pretty annoyed at the secretary too honestly. She left early, but having someone clock out for her she’s still getting paid for hours she didn’t work. That’s a waste of money on the company’s part. It’s not serious but it’s annoying and kind of ridiculous since it seems like it’s a semi regular thing they do. Lord knows I can’t do that at my job. But then for her to lie about it like Joan isn’t stupid-of course she’s pissed. So whatever sure maybe she should have talked to Harry but for the most part a secretary is a pretty expendable part of the agency. You fire one, you’ll get a new one anyway. That seems callous on my part but that’s been the logic of the show in the past.

    • Gail says:

      Also remember to everyone except the partners, its just office gossip that Joan slept her way to a partnership. Harry doesn’t know for a fact that it is true. That he would bring it up with the partners just shows that he is an immature child throwing a temper tantrum. Since it was the partners who wanted Joan to do the deed, they are certainly not going to reward Harry for bringing it up. I have to think Harry is a goner.

    • Tina says:

      While Joan doesn’t bring in new accounts, she has always kept the office running efficiently. Tickets and dinners set up for clients, parties arranged.. she did great work in the TV department with Harry (and for him, since he just slacked off).

      SCDP wouldn’t even be a viable company if Roger had not called her in when they started over; Only Joan knew each piece they needed to keep the business going; files from several departments, supplies- EVERYTHING. They were floundering and lost without her and she came in like the freakin’ cavalry and saved the day- even set up lunch while they dug in to create the new company over the weekend. Joan deserves to be a partner, not just because of her desperate move with the dealership slug.

      A mix of money problems, Pete’s insinuations that everyone wanted her to do this for the company and Lane’s suggestion that she ask for the partnership (since he didn’t have the money to pay his part and was terrified someone would find the missing funds) all contributed to her decision.

      • sophie says:

        Well nobody said she didn’t deserve to be a partner, but we all know that, sadly, this was the only way for her to become one. To her defense, she didn’t planned this to happen and it’s not her fault that the account is such an ass and Roger has no balls to protect her but it was, at the end of the day her decision- she had a choice and she choose this path and now she has to live with the consequences- all of them.

      • JoMarch says:

        @Tina – what you described is an of office manager’s or secretary’s duties. I don’t see how that qualifies her for a partnership.

        • tripoli says:

          Exactly. She’s a glorified secretary/office manager, in no way deserving of a partnership. Her wholier than thou attitude towards other women is ridiculous. She’s an uppity, loose woman, who has used her sexuality to get what she wants, yet feels entitled to continue to act like a wounded bird. Get over it Joan. You don’t have much beyond the over sized boobs and flirty demeanor.

    • Mary says:

      First off, Harry and every other man in that office (except maybe hypocrite Don) would have slept with a client for business. Second, Harry is clearly sleeping with his secretary, and is defending her for that very reason. So Harry’s secretary gets keep her job because she is sleeping with Him. Yet, Harry has the gall to go and criticize Joan. Hypocrites all around!

      • sophie says:

        I for one don’t think everyone would do that. In fact I’m only sure for Pete. I think the others would for sure think about it. Don wouldn’t do it because of his mother. But Ken would for example never do that. Peggy neither.
        I think Harry was pissed because Joan fired HIS secretary, because he thought that it wasn’t her place to fire her, not because she’s (maybe) his mistress.

    • bobbie says:

      A one-time thing for partnership. It’s not like they’re pimping her out every week to a new client. I admire Joan for seizing the opportunity. She can laugh all the way to the bank.

  12. sonya says:

    Where to begin ? First no I don’t hate Don he is just reflecting the rights and additudes of men at the time. Wake up people this was before womens lib was even a real blip on the radar. It really was a mans world.
    Yeah he sets out to have good relationships but, he self sabotages and can’t figure out why or even how it happens..

    • bobbie says:

      No, even in the olden days men knew they were supposed to stay faithful to their wives. Except in country songs and Hollywood.

  13. yless says:

    I know I’m on the minority, but I find Don more of a jerk than ever this season, he is so full of himself the way he looks down on everyone is grating, also his story line is repetitive, cheating again, always unhappy and angry.Peggy is the only character that still hold some attraction for me, but she is on so sporadically…

  14. cerelon says:

    The direction this last season is going has me convinced that the last episode will look like the graphic introduction to the show; The Mad Man (Don) will be falling from the top floor to his death. And few will miss him because he has become so irredeemably despicable.

    • susela says:

      I think the last scene of the last episode will be Don, far from NYC, reaching out to shake someone’s hand and saying, “Hi, I’m Dick Whitman.”

  15. april-ann says:

    I don’t care one iota about Megan’s soap opera career. Does anyone? Hard to believe they’re still spending (wasting?) valuable screen time on her. I have had more than enough of her and clearly Don has, too. I guess a Megan storyline provides them with filler so they can pay more attention to perfecting the stories and scenes that matter.

  16. Tammy says:

    I find myself watching and thinking … how long ago was this? i was born in 64 and sometimes I remember things from my childhood… clothes, music, etc. but I’m so glad i didn’t know how poorly women were treated in the workplace. This helps explain some of the comments my mother has made in the past when it came to work. She worried more about us getting married than getting a job. she couldn’t understand the politics in the office and why I was beating my head against the wall in the 80’s/90’s. Now I know if I had been born 20 years earlier, it would have been worse… I probably would have been married, in the suburbs and raising kids. Mom would have been proud of that.

  17. Sheldon W. says:

    I almost dozed off during this episode – the first time that’s ever happened.

  18. DraperDon says:

    I’m no fan of Harry Crane but I can see why he reacted as he did. The ““I’m sorry my accomplishments happened in broad daylight and I can’t be given the same rewards” line was priceless. Joan whored herself for her position and she has to live with it.

  19. faulkner22 says:

    Wow, this was the first episode of Mad Men getting back to its roots of what made it a successful show in the first place.

    The first 2 (3) episodes I thought were completely lost. The production or writing was either lost with what to do with… everything. So, instead, they decided to appeal to the lowest-common denominator and just make the show Don Draper sleeping with everyone.
    Sorry, but if we want this type of stuff, there are a ton of reality shows on Bravo.

    Despite the massive social buzz on Twitter and Facebook, the show still has 1/3rd the audiance of Duck Dynasty. I’m not kidding here. However, I feel like they’re trying to relegate the show, at some points, to become more pop-cultery.

    If January Jones is useless, cut her out. These vignettes or separate story lines are useess. Even Peggy sometimes has nothing to do with the main story and you’re left going what? huh?

    The show used to be much more sophisticated showing how a true advertising campaign came together in the 60s. Draper’s affairs were part of the story not the main story. The show would be 80% of the firm, it’s dynamics and it all coming together. Now, since Season 3, I feel like they’re trying to do 20% of this firm/advertising and 80% affairs and sex. Again, you’lll lose people fast and relegate this show to something that belongs on Showtime if you keep going that way.

  20. JoMarch says:

    Kimberly, I’m wondering why you’re wondering why Joan still seems to still be doing secretary things. Uhno big secret there: because that’s all she’s qualified to do. She literally got her partnership on her back and while she’s a great office manager, she’s underqualified as a partner.

  21. bobbie says:

    I think the show should start putting Don Draper on the back burner and focus on Peggy, Joan, and Betty. Mad Women! Yes!

  22. Danielle H. says:

    Finally a decent episode this season. My only other complaint is more roger ! Hes far too sexy and funny to not have more screen time.

  23. Karl says:

    It’s funny there is so much hate for Don, he is the entire show. He lives in a time where these guys did as they please. People are getting mad at him, like he’s the only one? This show is essentially about our grandparents, and according to mine, they all acted in this manner in some sort or another, at least those who had more wealth and power than the average joe. If had become a steel worker would he still act in the manner he does? Or is he a product of his environment, because he can attitude? If it were 1968 and I had money, there are no cell phones, and the country is in a social revolution of sorts I would be behaving the same way. Why? Because if it were ok and even encouraged to have liquor in my office and smoke whenever I damn please wherever, well I might as well have a wife, a girlfriend, and a mistress. People judge now, but at that time they kept it to themselves. Don’t forget, it’s 1968 in the show and 5 years earlier the president the country worshiped was widely known as a manwhore himself. Yet there was no backlash like there is now. So I say, why hate Don, the show takes place in the 1960s not 2013.

  24. Susan Webber says:

    does anyone know who is playing the Avon exec. in tonights episode A Tale of Two Cities?

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