Exclusive: Nikita's Dearly Departed on That Shocking Death: [Spoiler] 'Had a Really Nice Run'

Nikita Sean Pierce DeathWarning: This story contains major spoilers from Friday’s Nikita. Avert your eyes now if you’ve yet to watch. Everyone else, read on…

As solemnly promised, a beloved Division vet did not make it out of this week’s unrelenting Nikita alive.

Determined, strong-willed and stalwart-to-a-fault Navy SEAL Sean Pierce died a sudden and tragic death in the final moments of the CW spy thriller’s latest installment. (Let’s pour one out for him, shall we?)

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In an episode composed of explosive fights and fiery battles, Sean’s passing marked one of the hour’s more subtle and poignant moments; the fan fave — who was suffering internal bleeding from a gunshot wound — slipped away during one last kiss with his girlfriend Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca).

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Here, Sean’s portrayer (and number one fan) Dillon Casey discusses exclusively with TVLine his reaction to learning about the hero’s death, his final moments on set and whether we’ll see the character again before Season 3 signs off.

TVLINE | Not many people get to die twice in one season — but you did!
Yeah, I did! [Laughs]

TVLINE | When did you learn about this death, and that it would stick?
I was told about two episodes before, so not a huge amount of notice — but these things are secretive. That’s the nature of the show. So, I wasn’t too shocked… I’ve learned in this business that you shouldn’t plan for much. [Laughs] After you sign a contract, there’s not much that you can rely on. I joined a show about assassins and spies and killers — we all have a [gun] to our head! I wasn’t too shocked by it, because I knew somebody had to go. I just embraced it. Sean had a really nice run and was able to die a hero’s death. It was good for the character and good for the show.

TVLINE | How do you feel about the way Sean went out?
Oh, it’s so sad. It was so sad. Of course, I was personally sad that I was leaving the show because I’ve made so many friends and it was a lot of fun. But when I read that script, I almost cried — I didn’t quite cry, but I almost did. [Laughs] I teared up a little bit because Sean is such a good guy; the best person that I’ve ever played. He’s so honorable and he’s so selfless. Even when he’s [dying], he accepts and knows that it goes with the territory. It’s a shame because he really doesn’t deserve it — if there’s anybody on the show that doesn’t deserve to die, it’s Sean! [Laughs] I don’t know if that’s going to come across the right way. [Laughs] …There’s no moral gray area for him. It was sad because this guy was just the victim of statistics, almost; he puts himself in these dangerous situations, and eventually he’s going to get hit.

TVLINE | Were there any discussions between you and Lyndsy about how you’d play that final scene?
No, I don’t like to make deals on how to play the scene because it can take away the spontaneity. I just like to play it in the moment and see whatever happens. Lyndsy was amazing to work with in the scene. And we were lucky enough to get John Badham — who directed Saturday Night Fever — directing us, so what else can you ask for? It was amazing. It happened very naturally and organically. The whole set was very somber.

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TVLINE | Death aside, it seems like a fun episode to go out on. There were tons of action for Sean with both Alex and the guys in his final hours.
Yeah, it’s nice because Sean has been a bit of an isolated character. A lot of what he does is with Alex… So, it was nice to have this episode when he’s joining up with everybody. He teamed up with Michael and with Birkhoff — it was almost like a goodbye, and it was really nice to get to do that.

TVLINE | Looking back, do you have a favorite Sean moment?
I loved when Nikita shot Sean and then when he ran after her, she was taking off in the helicopter and he shot at her… It was so surreal. It was about five episodes in and I’d never been on a show like this before. You see it on TV and in the movies, and all of a sudden I was doing it. Amazing. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will we see Sean again before the season ends?
In just the way that I had to let go of Sean, I think the audience has to say goodbye, too. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Did you stick around town for Nikita‘s final few episodes to see how the season wrapped?
Nope, I had to get back to my life. I stuck around town because I have friends and family in Toronto, but I didn’t stick around the set. You’ve got to rip it off like a Band-Aid; it’s part of the job… But you’ve also got to be careful, because these fans are like detectives! They noticed that I hadn’t tweeted about Nikita for awhile, so they figured Sean was dead! [Laughs] I felt bad and wondered how I could fix it and make it more of a surprise for these people… They know more than I do! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Do you have any parting words for fans sad to see Sean go?
I want to tell the fans thank you so much for supporting the character and accepting him so quickly as part of the cast. This character was brought on initially for just a couple episodes, but fans connected with him and really liked him. So, I owe the last two years to them. Thank you very much.

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  1. Daisy says:

    Oh no!!!! Sean! Love him so much but will be interesting to see how Alex reacts

    • luli says:

      Alex will go on a killing rampage or something like that, and Nikita will be the one that gets through to her… I think I read somewhere that the next episode or an upcoming episode will be Nalex centric!! (FINALLY!)

  2. liliana says:

    I am so done with this show, i can’t believe they killed him, i don’t know if i can watch this show again, he was one of my favorites, i am sick of every show killing all the time, all the best characters end up dead, and the borings are alive, i like Ryan but he was shot and didn’t died,but no had to be Sean, Salex is over now, i can’t deal with this!! Alex is suffering all the time….I think this was a big mistake for this show!!

    • Anna says:

      Ditto! The only reason I kept watching Nikita this season was Salex. I was a hardcore fan in S1 because the show was so much lighter than the 90s series and we don’t get to see a lot of badass heroines on TV. Then in S2, there was the whole Mikita against Division, with Alex being her usual annoying 5-years old kid. Then came along Sean and I thought: “Yes, he’ll ground her like Michael did with Nikita, he’ll help her let go of her insecurities.” S3 has been more than disappointing in this department and I could see Alex opening more to Owen than to Sean, which I somewhat found ungrateful. Anyway, I think I will stick a little bit around to see how the guilt will, hopefully and probably, eat at Alex and then ciao, Nikita! TBH, they could have offed Owen or even Sonya.

    • NokaLover says:

      I agree. My fave character is Alex but when they put in the character of Sean and they developed their relationship I was a fast SALEX shipper. No matter it’ the actor himself, Dillon Casey telling the fans to let go, I don’t think I can. I really don’t wish anymore for a season 4 of Nikita with this new decelopment, sorry.

      I also love Noah Bean and I used to like his character until this season. His chaarcter started to become boring. I’d understand better if they killed him off. Sorry to Ryan fans.

    • Alan says:

      killing all the time? so far this season the only major characters to go are sean and ari, last season the only major ones to go where percy and roan; thats definitely not killing all the time. anyway what do you expect from a show with at least one major gunfight per episode, it would be unrealistic for people to survive all them time in that situation.

      • liliana says:

        I am referring not only about Nikita, i am sick all shows killing characters i like, i know this is a show with a lot of gunshots and that, but Sean didn’t deserve to die like this, Ryan was shot too and he didn’t died!!

    • Julie Merritt says:

      I agree with you. I am also so done with the show as well.

    • dude says:

      If the boring characters died then there wouldn’t be a reaction. Nikita is about Nikita. The only character that is guaranteed safety is Nikita. It’s a show about killing and death so consider every character not named Nikita in jeopardy. Even Michael, Alex and Birkhoff could die towards the end of its run.

      • Julie Merritt says:

        Illana I agree with you. I am also through with the show

      • liliana says:

        It’s not about who died, it’s about how pointless death was, if was other character i woud be the same, it was completely unnecessary, and you can see that i am not the only one who thinks this way!!! I am sad, you don’t so let the people who liked him be sad,

        • Alan says:

          you dont know if the death was pointless or not yet because you havent seen the fallout and how it affects the other characters. you dont know what the writers have planned so maybe you should wait and see before condemning them.

        • Karl Sinclair says:

          To say it was pointless is ridiculous… it will act as the perfect trigger for Alex in her addled state… she was so concerned about saving people that she couldn’t save the most important person! I think even Birkhoff said it at the end of the episode. Shaun was a nice character and all but hardly central to the main storyline… we had played out his story and so his only real worth was as Alex’s love interest… his death makes perfect sense from a story perspective!

          • Julie Merritt says:

            Karl I agree with Illana.

          • liliana says:

            The death that would made sense was Ryan’s! He was the leader of division and he was there since season 1, he was shot by Alex, that would be more realistic, Alex would feel guilt, although she don’t have fault, Sean was in this season basically a love interest didn’t have a lot of interaction with others, he had a lot of potential, he deserved better! He’ s death doesn’t mean much to other, just Alex, Ryan would affect all, especially Nikita!

          • Alex says:

            Don’t worry Karl I’ve got your back. I completely agree, from a writer’s stand point, everything the writers did makes sense. The people who say Sean didn’t deserve to die are right. Sean was a white goody, moral two shoes. But Sean really was pointless all through season 3, it was pretty obvious that his time was coming to an end. He was mostly only around if it revolved around Alex. If the show is one thing, it’s mostly realistic. You cant expect every character to make it out alive when people are shooting rounds like crazy at each other. Eventually someone is going to get hit. For the people who think Sean is done done, he technically is not. His death will greatly effect everyone on the team, not just Alex. I’m sure he will at least be mentioned by name in a couple episodes. But honestly, I’m so sick of black and white. Alex and Owen are my top favorites. They are both gray characters and realistic. Yes, I was gutted by Sean’s death…but I cried more for Alex than for Sean. Sean saw all of this coming when he decided to stay, so therefore I was at peace with Sean’s death as he was.

      • Nightwing1 says:

        If Nikita were solely about Nikita, I wouldn’t watch it. I like her, but Michael & Sean are my 2 favorite characters. Especially Michael….without him, in both the original series and this series, the show wouldn’t have lasted as long as they did. A movie heavly focusing on Nikita can work in my opinion, because she is a fascinating character, but for a whole series? The creators of the original tv series said that Roy Dupuis’ Michael became as prominent a character in the series as Nikita. And in my opinion, it’s what made the show fantastic.

        With regards to Sean, I loved that fact that he was loyal and protective of everyone. I also admired the way he sacrificed everything for his girl. Almost as painful as his death was watching his carrer and reputation be destroyed. If the show is coming close to the end of it’s run, then his death works well dramatically, but there is truly only one way I’ll be able to forgive the show for getting rid of him, but I’ll wait to see if it happens before I say anything further.

        One of my favorite moments regarding Sean was when Michael referred to him as “The Soldier” commenting to a confused Nikita that he didn’t move like a division agent, and that his guess would be that Sean was Special Forces. Then quickly realizing that he was Seal Team Six. That was an awesome Sean Pierce storyline moment in my opinion.

        • Nightwing1 says:

          Okay, after re-watching season 2, I have to say not only is Sean one of my favorites, but I think I have to put him on par with Michael (my favorite character). Reason being that this Michael is not as consistently COOL & BADASS as the Michael from the original La Femme Nikita series. But beyond that, the thing that is pissing me off the most (as a fan) is how quickly Alex is moving on from Sean. Sure, I loved the scene where Owen realized in front of Alex that Sean was dead, and there have been one or two references to Sean, but then BAM. Nothing. No Flashbacks, No more conversations….NADA. If it had been Michael who had been offed….well, then everything would be about Nikita remembering and dealing. So I’ll be so bold as to say that the only way the writers redeem themselves is by Alex unknowingly carrying Sean’s offspring (especially since Season 4 is a short season…..6 episodes or so). After all, they have had some pretty wild sessions………as you would expect A Princess and A Seal to have.

          Truth is that I’m a big Nikita/Michael fan, but I think there was something about the Princess and the Seal that just won me over even more. One example of what I’m talking about is the episode where Alex is telling Sean that he’s no different from her, that he also wants revenge. And I frickin’ loved his response. SEAN: “It’s about letting them know that when you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us!” Now sure, even if she does end up having his kid, it’s still not Sean, but it’s a piece of him. And who knows, maybe she’ll even end up having a little Seal and a little Princess. O_O Wow, years of watching TV, and I’m still a sucker for this sort of stuff.

          I sure hope the writers don’t forget Sean, but if the Season 3 Finale is anything to go by, I think I’m going to be disappointed with Season 4. Them forgetting Sean was one thing, but the moments where Nikita came in like “Make Way for Lord Nikita – God of Kicking Ass”, and her attitude is yeah, I’m Badass. I started laughing, and rolling my eyes. I think Maggie Q is Badass, but when they play it up too much, like here coming to her friends rescue against the Dirty Thirty, well, it just wasn’t done right.

          • NokaLover says:

            Well written! I wonder why the writers so painstakingly wrote Sean’s chatacter and made the viewers fall for him and later his relationship with Alex only to kill him off uselessly. I still maintain that his death is useless, unless he is in that cell with the President! Unfortunately, this show will not go with Alex having a child….any character for that matter as it’s not that kind of show, in my opinion. I keep thinking and sayng that the writers just hated Dillon Casey. He was often heard saying on interviews that the writers or directors(?) didn’t like it whenever he tries to inject some humor to his character being that he plays a navy seal.

            Alex and Owen? I don’t know where that came from. As far as I’m concerned their bond could only be that of a sibling and from the beginning, there is more tension that could be a potential development between Nikita and Owen than anyone else.

          • NokaLover says:

            And yes, it is in poor taste if they would make Alex’s character change partner in season 4. They should develop Alex as Alexandra Udinov, fighting for a cause, continuing with the idea that she will be an envoy rather than build another romance for her since there’s just the 6 episodes. They should show that Alex has indeed moved on to making her life better and more useful as promised to Sean before he died. That should be where her character is heading, nowhere else.

  3. Rachel says:

    So sad. I wish Dillon all the best. Sean will be missed. :(

  4. Ram510 says:

    I wonder if they needed to kill some characters off in order to hopefully get a 4th season

    • That wouldn’t surprise me. We’re apparently in for ANOTHER major death in the season finale and they implied it was not Amanda. I’m assuming it’s Ryan as killing of Nikita, Michael, Alex or Seymour would JUST be show-suicide. I’d say Owen, too, but his character is apparently not in it at all after episode 20 of season 3 until we get season four.

  5. I’ve tried posting this more than once and it doesn’t go through. Maybe it’s a length issue. I apologize if this shows up more than once.

    I wish I could be sad about Sean’s death. I really do. Instead I’m just angry. Sean had a purpose last season, a character arc that was all his own. He, and his relationship with Alex, was wide open at the end of the season, with all the potential in the world. And what did the writers do with it? Nothing. Sean had no point this season but being a love interest. Which would have been annoying enough, but even that wasn’t given any depth! Sean was in and out, he was jealous for no reason, he and Alex never communicated and barely seemed to know each other half the time. He had one episode devoted to a story from his POV, and it was never followed up on properly even though it was a massive life changer for him. He was a prop. And now this? Some rushed “oh I’m fine just kidding no I’m not let me die in your arms dramatically in 20 seconds” BS?

    • The problem for me is that I kept expected all of this to be leading somewhere. All of the issues with Sean, it had to be on purpose, right? These writers are too good to drop the ball so spectacularly. But it wasn’t. There was no point to it. No lead up. His jealousy over Owen was wasted time. His communication issues with Alex were apparently just to make him even more superfluous. And the thing is, Sean and Sean/Alex weren’t the only things I’ve been having issues with this season. There are so many other things that aren’t really clicking for me. And the same thing, I kept telling myself it’ll lead up to something, there will be payoff. But now? I don’t trust these writers anymore. I just don’t.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      Sean had a purpose this season

  6. Sara says:

    Aw I will really miss him. I know people were speculating it would be him, but for some reason I was thinking they’d kill Sonya. Then when the leaders of the coup died, I thought maybe they are supposed to be the big deaths!

    But he seems like a really gracious guy, and I loved his comment about fans being like detectives lol. Hope he finds another gig, really enjoyed his character on the show.

  7. Steph says:

    I am still pretty shocked right now. You one upped me Nikita writers, I did not see that coming.

  8. James says:

    what the whaaatttttttt Sean went out like he deserved to go out. that sucks, I saw it coming, but it sucks all the same I liked the character and I like Dillion hope to see him on tv real soon. Alex learned the hard way theirs consequences to everything you do. can’t wait to see how it plays out especially since we’ve learned more about Amanda, or should I say Helen.

  9. transcender123 says:

    just saying the spoiler avoid could use a bit more work, the image from RSS feed is clearly of sean only as well as URL.

  10. EatMorePez says:

    Where are you guys living that Nikita actually aired on Friday? All networks were pre-empted in my market for Boston bombing suspect coverage.

  11. mh says:

    Sad to see him go, I was starting to finally like him after two seasons.

  12. John Norman says:

    So let me get this straight. The producers kill off the cast member who is a clear favourite with all Nikita fans after ripping him off all season because I guess the writers aren’t good enough to figure out a way to develop his storyline? He’s better looking and in better shape than any other guy on the show, and his relationship with Alex was one of the few reasons to keep watching. Instead they waste our time developing boring characters we don’t care about. Why would the producers throw away someone like that? Something isn’t adding up here. I’ve had it with this show! So sad that these producers are so out of touch. Good luck Dillon, I’ve no doubt you’ll find something better soon!!

  13. Sara says:

    Aw I cried so much during that part it was so sad…one thing that would make it better is if Alex were to be pregnant that way there would still be a part of Sean left…

    • Anna says:

      Hell no! I am devastated Sean died but Alex’s too messed up and immature to raise a kid. She couldn’t even tell the guy she loved him, probably because she didn’t. Seriously, as an e Navy Seal, Sean could have been way more than that 15yrs old guy pining for the popular girl to finally notice him. That girl, Alex, is a nutjob, always has been. I’ve never rooted for her character: a rebellious girl who always messes things up for people because she’s too reckless for her own good.

      • Adam says:

        you know the reason Alex is messed up is because, her father was murdered, she was raped as a child, forced on drugs and forced/raped to have sex with multiple people as a sex trafficking victim. plus all the stuff that happened in division, and now Amanda messing with her brain literally.

        • Anna says:

          Sorry but I still can’t let her off the hook! Let me draw some parallels here: Nikita=ex junkie, murdered fiance, also had to sleep with pigs for the sake of division’s mission and definitely as stubborn and defiant as Alex. Why am I hard on Alex? Because while Nikita would dampen her recklessness if other people’s lives are on the line, Alex wouldn’t because she’s somewhat convinced she knows better. I have never been able to root for her: she’s too cold.

          • bluegossip says:

            You have absolutely no understanding of who alex is.

            she wasnt like nikita, nikita had amanda to fix her, alex didnt have that, she had to hid who she was to take down division, and instead of dealing withwhat happened and dealing with her issues nikita just told her to fill that gapping hole with thoughts of revenge…

            all the girl knows is pain, loss, hate and blood. Its a wonder she hasnt gone a killing spree yet

          • Adam says:

            if your talking about all the stuff that Alex caused to happen recently, it’s because Amanda stuck a needle in the brain, and messed her up, she is not even remotely thinking straight. because her brain has been rewired. i personally would hesitate to say anything that happened was her fault, at all because of the rewiring. but you definitely can’t blame her entirely for what happened.

  14. M3rc Nate says:

    Im a big fan of the actor now and being a military buff, i found him to be a believable (though obviously on the young side) as a SEAL. He was a fantastic character on the show.

    What makes me sad is Nikita will probably only get another season, and if they give Alex another love interest that fast it will be too soon, so basically Alex (assuming she lives and is good) will end the series single.

    As for Nikita, i fear the thing implanted in her by Amanda is connected to Michael and their relationship. Why that will suck is with Alex/Sean being over, and Birkhoff/Sona’s relationship being small potato’s, its really the only relationship left. I guess technically they go start what they started with Owen and Alex if Owen becomes good again…but i wouldnt be a fan of that personally.

    I cant imagine Alex coming back from this in terms of her psyche. I mean she was a hot-mess before Sean died (because of her). With sex slavery and her parents being murdered and becoming an assassin for a black ops group….but now because of her, the man she loved most died? And because of her something happened to Nikita? And because of her people in Division died? And because of her Ryan was shot? I mean you add all that up ontop of the rest of her past….how does she not go insane or commit suicide?

    • Adam says:

      Alex didn’t do anything to Nikita Owen/Sam did.

    • Kiara says:

      This is where it’s going. Only Nikita can save Alex now. But what Amanda tried to “teach” her was that not everybody can be saved. So basically, Amanda wins = Alex dies or gets totally insane, Nikita wins = Alex recovers and gets better.

    • luli says:

      Now Nikita is the only one that will get through to her, at least I hope she does. And next week’s episode synosys says Alex is going on a rampage and its up to NIkita and Michael to stop her… I would like the series to end with Alex and Nikita together(obviously not as a couple) as the show started, with them as a team against Division (the world?).

  15. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe they killed off Sean. He was one of my favorite character. Why would the writers do this. I just don’t get it. Its true there was a character development on his front, but still. It should have been someone else, not Sean. I will miss Dillon, he was the only reason I kept watching.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      Jennifer that is how I feel. The writers new a lot of fans wanted Sean They did what they wanted. They do not care about fans.

  16. Ram510 says:

    I’m surprised so many people on here are upset with the show. Yes the show up until recent episodes have been standalone episodes and didn’t have much character development. But lately Nikita has been on fire! Tonight’s episodes excellent! Nikita has been excellent for aboutthe past 5 episodes. Surprised they offed Sean and not Sonya or Owen (I guess they still need enemies), but these past few episodes have shown that the writers are back focused and are telling an incredible story. With all the death of Sean talk nobody’s even mentioned how awesome the Amanda story was. Really hope there’s a season 4.

    • Kiara says:

      I agree.

    • Cam says:

      Maybe because the people talking about Sean’s death give a damn about Sean and not Amanda?

    • Sara says:

      I agree! Lol I’m finding all the “I only watched for him, I’m not watching anymore” comments a little laughable. The season has been so good, and hey, on a show like this, sometimes even the good guys have to go. I wasn’t super attached to Sean, I did like the character and was sad he died, but that’s a sacrifice the show had to make to keep going. It’s been an awesome ride!’

      • johnnormanhoward says:

        The trouble is that it hasn’t been a good season, and many people find an undeserved, poorly written and sudden death just a cheap way to keep the show interesting for another week. A show has a certain responsibility to keep more popular characters alive- that’s why they sign them a regulars. If you pull too much crap on your audience, they are going to get fed up and turn on you. If they had done a good job with Sean’s storyline this year, it might have been more understandable. Glad you like the show – I think it’s run out of steam.

  17. Sue says:

    Thank you, Dillon. I enjoyed watching you portray the character of Sean and I’ll miss seeing you (both) on a weekly basis. I hope you get another series. Best of luck.

  18. Kiara says:

    I liked Sean, but I’m okay with him being killed off. I get the purpose of it and as much as I understand that he had many fans let’s not forget he was not the main character. He was introduced because of Alex and served his purpose. I didn’t like the way they killed him though and the final scene was a bit cheesy. Well, now I can’t wait to see what’s next for Alex and how she’ll interact with Nikita.

  19. Rob says:

    I’m so bummed about his death. He was such a good guy and he died a hero, but to the rest of the world, he was a terrorist. And I really thought Salex was end-game. I’m sad. I suspect that if Nikita does return for another season then Alex may end up with Nathan.

  20. vanessa says:

    Just finished watching the episode, I haven’t stop crying yet!!! I ♥ SEAN!!! WTF? He was my favorite guy on the show!!!

  21. Jacob says:

    Sean was not a major character. That article was so misleading. I hope the show gets a series finale next season

  22. Cam says:

    Screw this show. I’m so done.

    It would have been better off if Sean had rejoined his Seal team. Salex fans got royally screwed. It just shows the writers have no other ideas on how to write Alex, except as a tragic character.

  23. Mari says:

    Guys, I’m bummed like the rest of you. I loved Sean as a character and Dillon as an an cotor is amazing.
    But seriously, it’s a spy show.
    It’s obvious that some of the good guys have to die, makes it a bit more realistic.
    And I hope the fab 4 – Nikita, Alex, Micheal and Birkhoff are not being considered for the other world.

    • Gem says:

      Thank you! All this discontent only proves the point that the writers wanted this death to hurt and it worked. Killing off a character is meaningless if it doesn’t hurt both characters and fans. Look forward to seeing what happens next and so glad they didn’t kill Owen.

      • John Norman says:

        Read the comments. Writers clearly don’t know what they are doing when readers are saying they are done with the show. There’s a fine line between having a well constructed, well built storyline that concludes with the death of a character. But when it isn’t earned, you don’t win viewers – you upset them, and not in a good way, resulting in people being frustrated and turning to another program.

        • Mari says:

          Sorry I don’t agree with you.
          I mean, I get that the writers didn’t really know what to do with Sean this season in a way, but I never thought Nikita has bad writing.
          I appreciate every bit of the show, and I really like the non superfluous angst they got going.
          Too many shows are right now getting angsty just becausse.
          In my opinion Nikita doesn’t take that road, so…
          _But if they kill off my loved Seymour I might change my mind.
          And I think that every other death of a good character would have upset the fans.

  24. Pia says:

    I don’t get why the Nikita’s writers decided to kill Sean. They spend an year and half to build his relationship with Alex and then, after they are finally together, they made her a mess and they killed him off. Plus, Sean does’nt deserve this.
    No sense, i think they made a big mistake.

    Also their purpose can’t only be to pair Alex with Owen/Sam. Nikita will probably only get another season, so it is too late to make it believable as a new big love story. At this point Owen will only be a rebound (btw my advice to Owen/Sam is: RUN, if they try this. Every Alex’s love interest ended so bad so far…).

    For Dillon: thanks. I enjoyed a lot watching you portray the character of Sean and I’ll miss seeing you both. I hope you get soon a big role in another series . Best of luck.

  25. deep says:

    Sean was a really good character. Maybe his death will make Alex realize a mistake of tryin to dissolve division. Wonder what is the fate of Amanda. Somehow she is more ruthless than Percy.

  26. Katie says:

    What?! Are they SERIOUS? No way! The one thing i loved about Nikita. Salex, Sean and Owen. He’s dead!? I honestly can’t believe that. I’m done with Nikita. It’s falling flat and now they are killing off awesome characters?
    Me = So DONE!

  27. NokaLover says:

    Some people are mad at Alex with the consequences of what she has done. But for me, she much of a victim like the rest since she was programmed by Amanda. Another reason why I can’t understand why the writers would kill off Sean. With Sean’s death, Amanda wins again and Alex’s belief that she always survives and the people she loves die is reinforced even more. Sean’s plea to Alex that she gets clean was so touching. Up to his death he was only thinking of her. I also loved the way he carried her, showed how hus character can “tame” Alex if only the writers gave him a chance.

    I agree with some here when they said that the writers have poorly written Sean’s character when he had so much potential. I too have a thing for navy, marine or air force characters. I just live his character, he’s the best among the guys, second is Birkhoff, IMHO. Now I would like to beleive when Dillon Casey joked in his radio interview that if you do something the writers do not like, they’ll kill off your character. Could it be true?

    • Cam says:

      It could be. Dillon did say that he got notice two episodes prior to this one. I think that was the episode where Owen made a comment about “people forgetting Sean existed”. I remember thinking at the time that it was a mean thing to say. Now, here we are.

  28. Alan says:

    so long shipwreck, your contribution to the show will be remembered. really well done death. i knew it was going to be sean based on how the writing has gone so far this season but i was still second guessing it throughout the entire episode right until the moment he grabbed his side. this is going to be a real big driver in the last few episodes of the season and i cant wait to see how this affects the rest of the cast, not just alex. i loved how sean got one last great line by saying he cant let birkhoff be braver than him.
    now can we talk about the rest of the episode, that amanda origin story was even more screwed up than i could have ever imagined. of course now we have to wonder if that is the truth or if amanda was just screwing with nikita again. that story was just twisted in so many ways.

  29. Lexa says:

    Lol isn’t this a big coincidence that Sean died in division and it was partly Alex’s (and Amanda’s) fault. And Thom died in division by Alex as well? And her other relationship didn’t work out either. Can’t she have a good relationship? Can’t she get a break?

  30. K. says:

    For me that was a great and sad episode but also the people that are saying that their done watching because of one death must not be real fans or love the show.. I couldn’t stop watching now and not find out what the heck happens next!!!!! Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes and hopefully next season….

    • Cam says:

      That’s something people are going to have to deal with. I got interested in the show again because of Sean. They got me interested in Salex. They killed off Sean, so what’s the point of sticking around?

    • liliana says:

      For me it’s not because of one character, i understand you, and your point of view, but Sean was my favorite and i am also said because this will affect the show..btw, this show doesn’t seem Nikita anymore, but Alex show, because everything happens to her, this character ca’t take anymore drama, Sean was forgotten in this season even Michael, i am disappointed with Sean dead but with the show too, i can’t watch now the rest of this season…

      • Alan says:

        “everything happens to alex” so we didnt spend half the episode watching nikita learn about amanda’s past, and we didnt spend last week watching owen learn about his past and retaking the sam identity, and we havent spent half the season watching michael deal with losing a hand and nikita’s attempts to get a replacement for it, or we havent watched ryan getting corrupted by power during the season; yeah everything is all about alex.

        • liliana says:

          I am sorry if i offend you with my opinion, but you don’t seem to understand what i am saying,,, Alex character has so much drama i don’t think she needs more, she always suffering, and i can’t watching her dealing with Sean’s death, BTW Alex was my favorite character, and was loving this season, but this show has flaws too, and the writers forgot Nikita, i know this show is about Alex too, i loved the dynamic of Nikita and Alex in the other seasons, and other things that in this season didn’t happened, i know in a show is suppose to evolve but the writers added so much drama and sometimes forgot to explain some things even Ryan arc, or Michael, it’s my opinion and you can have your own, but you have to respect me!

  31. bluegossip says:

    The show has always been about alex
    it is as much her show as it is nikita’s

    i liked sean, sad he had to go but i will keep watching cause the fall out of that death can only be amazing…

  32. shann says:

    I know Sean was a fan favourite, I could not stop crying in that last scene it was so beautifully done. But I understand why they did this at the same time. I don’t get how people can say the show is not as good as it was, I am LOVING this season. It’s not possible for a show to stay the same all the way through, if a show carries on longer than 2 seasons there HAS to be developments and changes. And this can often fail miserably, hell my favourite programme EVER had the exact dismal decline I’m talking about, it just fell flat. But I really don’t feel this is happening at ALL in Nikita’s case, the progressions are so natural and make so much sense. Nikita and Alex will always be the foundation characters of the show, and I am gutted, truly gutted that Sean died because I loved him and his relationship with Alex, but his death is so pertinent to Alex’s arc this season. Like Amanda said in the show, the irrational beliefs she installed in Alex are so much of her own already present subconscious conflicts, for her to loose ANOTHER person to events not entirely of her own cause but connected to her, with her surviving yet again is so relevant to her storyline this season. It sucks, but it is so intriguing to see what is going to happen, everyone and everything is in such tatters that it’s unimaginable to know or guess how they will restore things, it is the show coming to a total climax! For me anyway, I can’t WAIT for the next episode each week! I am hoping before the show finishes that Nikita does come out on top in this mind war with Amanda, and that SHE ends up being the one to teach the ‘lessons’.

    • Maria says:

      I could agree with you if the drama of Alex, in terms of internal conflicts, was developed as part of the natural events that his character was going through, but it is not because all of this is forced by the manipulations of Amanda. I think Alex has always tried to protect Sean and, if her mind had not been manipulated, she would never sacrificed him for her inner conflicts.
      When Alex becomes aware of this it will be evident that, for the development of this character, the death of Sean was unnecessary and could have been avoided.

      I do not know what is the purpose of the writers, perhaps the pair Owen / Alex. I do not like this couple, but at this point, after the death of Sean, this will become the last forced choice for Alex and not a great love.

      I liked the Nikita Season 1 and I loved the character development in season 2 but season 3 is such a disappointment because poorly written. For these reasons, I think i will not watch the show anymore

  33. Maria says:

    I think that the death of Sean was not necessary. A good drama can be based on reasons other than the death of a beloved character like Sean was.
    TV should entertain and not to create so much sadness, even in the name of the audience. Many fans are disappointed from the episode and I think they are right

    • liliana says:

      I agree with you!! I am done with pointless death’s, because seems the writers can’t handle the characters, i am sad by this, Sean’s death was stupid, i feel the writers didn’t care about his character, the developed him in season 2 and in this season he was nothing, he was only there for being a love interest or to go on a mission on he barely speaks, and he almost had killed several times, had a fake dead just to die, for me this is poor writing, even if the other plots are great, and all this for Alex to feel guilt or sad, should been Ryan the one who died and Alex would have to deal with that, it would be more interesting to see, i am not interested to see Alex crying all the time, she is my favorite, i can’t deal with this poor girl suffer all this, if was in her place i don’t no what would keep me alive!!

  34. Mikael says:

    I think they’re probably going to build up to a place where either Nikita saves Alex, or Owen and Alex save each other. The Owen persona must come back at some point, probably next season. I just wish they’d stop putting Nikita and Alex against each other. I like them best when they’re on missions together. I loved getting insight into Amanda’s past.

  35. Leslie says:

    I’ve been trying to find more than 1 reason to stop watching Nikita and I think I just found it. IMHO this season has been boring with Amanda being the continued go to villain. She bugs the crap out of me. But I didn’t want to just give up on the show because of that. Besides Nikita/Michael, Sean and Alex/Sean gave me that reason. Now with Sean dead and barely any Nikita/Michael time, I find it difficult to even want to continue watching. I know people will think I’m crazy for giving up on the show now, but whatever. This is just how I feel. I can’t still watch a show I don’t enjoy anymore. The first 2 seasons were way more entertaining and awesome.

  36. Kate says:

    I am sad about Sean’s death, but I more worried about Alex. She is my favorite character and I have no clue where she is going to go from here. She has had the worst luck on this show. I thought she might finally be happy with Sean but no. I just hope Alex gets better and doesn’t end the series alone, which she probably will because renewal never looks good for Nikita. I must admit though these last few episodes have been great, ad Lyndsy Fonseca has done some amazing acting.

    • NokaLover says:

      I agree with what you said. I have to add though that i’d rather see Alex alone than with some other gut. If they will end Nikita, might as well end the story of Alex going back to her mother and living a normal life. That was all she wanted anyway and I thought she’d have it with Sean.

      • Alex says:

        I sort of agree with you. I’d rather see Alex alone than with another guy, but I heard some people theorize Nathan as a possibility…but I sure don’t hope not. I hated Nathan’s character, and I hated him with Alex. However, I would rather see Alex with Nikita in the end…not in a lesbian way. But rather in the way they have always been, sisters/bff’s…they’re practically family. As it’s been said, Alex and Nikita are the heart of the show. In the end, hopefully, Alex and Nikita both survive and live out the remainder of their horrible lives in peace. I don’t think Alex wants to go back and live with her ma. Alex could never just sit back and have a normal life, cause she isnt normal. All she has ever known was Division and Nikita…killing people and missions have been her entire life.

  37. katarina says:

    I cant belive . Yestrday in Beauty and the beast they killd Evan , and now in NIkita they kill Sean.. I just cant belive .. No no no

  38. luli says:

    This was an amazing episode, and yeah I’m sad about Sean. He was a great character and a loved one.. but as one of the main themes of the episode, you can’t save everyone and obviously there had to be consequences of Alex starting a mutiny and Sean is one of them… I will not stop watching the show because of one death (that was kind of necessary), it is amazing and deserves another season even a fifth one (Don’t see that happening right now, but *crossed fingers for a season five after the fourth one*). And can we please go back to have more Nalex. They’ve been so neglected this season and right now I think that Nikita is the only one that can save her… ohhh and talk about an incredible backstory for Amanda. Hands-down.

    • LizMG says:

      Boy if Sean’s fans are so afected by his death, imagine how Alex will be?
      Amazing writers, if they had killed anyone else the reaction would not have been so strong,

      Sean grew on me, even if he fell for Alex after trying to trick her, just to get to Nikita, tried to kill Nikita, gave Alex an ultimatum: division or me … Anyway he came back bc he really lived Alex so I liked him, but life cannot be perfect in a killer’s world, so it was sad but there have to be consecuences, can’t imagine how Alex will come out of that, not easy.

      Also Nikita will have to pay attention to Alex (about time) or she could be lost for good. Hope they both help each other again.

      Love the show and can’t stop wondering what’s next???

      Sorry for Sean you guys, but stick around. His death will probably not be in vane, Nikita’s fiance Daniel was also killed (by Owen) and that made her decide to take down division, what is it going to do for Alex? So far, already outstanding acting by Lynsy!
      So need season 4 …

  39. Joy Jacobus says:

    I agree, the writers did a very poor job at developing the sean/alex relationship. Sean gave it all and Alex well Alex was cold and unconvincing. I hate the fact they killed one of themost stable and clearly good character in this show. Every relationship needs a grounder, Sean was that to Alex and even to the show! This sucks!

  40. My essay/rant about how Sean’s character was used (or rather misused) this season: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1rjsh5b

    I wasn’t even a big fan, but I’m really disappointed by how they wasted his character. Dillon is being tactful by saying he had a “really nice run”, when in truth, he’s been given so little to do since about halfway through last season.

    • Cam says:

      Great analysis! Might I add that Sean isn’t the only character they dropped the ball on. They dropped the ball on Ari and Ryan, too. They never explored why Amanda suddenly turned on Ari. A few weeks ago, I was thinking I had missed an episode. I guess the only explanation is that Amanda is bat sh** crazy, but we found that out after the fact. The ruthless, capable Ari that we saw in seasons 1 and 2, disappeared in worthless season 3.
      And what about Ryan? The most bland, boring character ever on television. What was so compelling about him that he was used by Percy and Amanda in season 2? I had reservations about TPTB adding Ryan to the cast, and it seems my fears were all well founded. I was expecting to see brilliant strategist Ryan beating Amanda at her own game, but instead, we got a yes-man who barked whenever Nikita told him to. The writers really checked out of the show this season and they most certainly deserve the side-eye they’re getting right now. Angst-filled Alex, again? They’ve clearly run out of ideas.

      • NokaLover says:

        I have to agree on this,too. I love Noah Bean but the way he’s written in this season, just keeps getting boring. He probably will have to go too by end of season. At Sean has more persona, not just a yes ma’am to nikita. But oh I don’t know why spare Ryan and kill off Sean.

  41. Vince says:

    Say what most areas didn’t even air the show because of what was happening in Boston.
    I know we didn’t get it here in NYC unless it aired later and how would we have known that?

  42. Julie Merritt says:

    I hope Dillon will be in another show soon

  43. Shelly says:

    I’ve never been so sad to see a character go.. This is so hurtful. Why would they kill off Sean? He didn’t deserve it. I am so pissed at Alex.

  44. Anne says:

    I’m so confused right now. Sean was my favorite character and now I’m so lost. I’ve never been this attached to a TV character, and I don’t know how to deal with this. Why would they kill off Sean? He was like the best person on Nikita (okay maybe not the best cuz they’re all amazing) but why Sean, why not.. I can’t think of anybody that I wanted to die. OMG

  45. Julie Merritt says:

    Now I am just sticking with my first show NCIS and looking forward to Tuesday Night. Now that that I have quit Nikita I probably won’t comment on that, but NCIS in TV Line

  46. onlyakb says:

    snif snif Sean was literally my favorite part of the show, and we didn’t even get to see proper Alex & Sean moments, okay okay I’ll get over as soon as Dillon Casey gets another gig!! But I was so sure it was going to be Birkhoff, I know this version has nothing to do with the previous version but hey Birk did die their so I thought he might be the one, specially because how things were going in the beginning of the epi!! okay okay I’ll get over!!!

  47. Her says:

    Why fake kill him seven episodes ago only to really kill him? What a waste of a great character. The writers mentioned all these plans for Sean and the relationship with Alex and we saw nothing. I hope Dillon goes on to much better things.

  48. Ina says:

    It was sad and heartbreaking to see Sean go. He was a great guy. Though I feel bad for his passing, I’ll accept it. From a writer’s perspective, his death opens more doors to the story lines of not just Alex, but to the whole team as well. In the world they live in, situations are harsh and not all of them can make it out alive. It won’t be believable if they do. Someone had to go. It could’ve been anyone really – Ryan, Sonya, Birkhoff, even Michael… It just so happened that in this case, it had to be Sean.

    Well, anyway, hoping for the best for Dillon.

  49. Mark P says:

    People, as mentioned by Dillon Casey above, this is a show about spies, assassins, and killers. Some people have to die. It would be unrealistic if no major characters die. I know Sean’s death is quite… wrong, but still, it would be good for Alex’s plot. His death is the best way for the ‘everyone can’t be saved’ thing of Amanda.

    At the end of the day, Nikita and Alex are the only characters who would not die. Impossible for them to die.

    I still love this show. Still the best in TheCW and the best compare to most shows right now.

  50. Nerdbot says:

    For me, it was a relief that the victim wasn’t Sonya (I know she isn’t a major character, but they said that two people would die, an important character and one not so important) and I wasn’t a big fan of Sean’s, so I didn’t suffer that much. Anyway, it was a great episode!