NBC Moves Grimm, Cancels Ready for Love

Grimm - Season 2Grimm is heading to Tuesdays, while Ready for Love is headed for TV’s graveyard.

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NBC on Friday announced that Grimm will relocate to Tuesdays at 10/9c beginning April 30 behind a previously scheduled two-hour episode of The Voice. It will remain there through May 21.

Ready for Love, meanwhile, will leave the schedule effective immediately.

The Eva Longoria-produced dating show debuted earlier this month to disappointing ratings; its premiere only nabbed 3.8 million viewers and a 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demo.

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  1. Esaul says:

    Not surprised by this move.

    • Ali says:

      So disappointing when you expect a new episode, the info on the TV says it’s a new episode, and it’s an old one. Smooth move NBC :(

      • Fletcher says:

        If you’re on the west coast, that might be because it got pre-empted on the east coast because of the Boston coverage. We didn’t get Grimm at all.

        • Laurie Emerson says:

          We did not get it here in the South either. Does anyone know if it will be re-scheduled for this week before Friday?

  2. Luke says:

    But will Grimm move back to Friday next season?

    • Esaul says:

      We’re not going to know their schedule for a bit. Though I see that being a strong possibility that it will stay on Friday’s.

      • ggny says:

        Guessing that there are testing to see if Grimm can hold onto a big time leadin and if it does it will probably move from Fridays

        • Esaul says:

          Mhm. That is an excellent point I didn’t think of. Personally, I think it fairs well on Friday’s, but if it can hold its own Tuesday and potentially do better,then I’m all for it.

          • lyn says:

            This is too bad. Moving it to a mid week spot and an hour later is going to be hard on teens and younger viewers on a school night.

      • Lina says:

        I hope so it’s the only thing that I look forward to on Friday night plus Blue Bloods of course.

        • Roberta says:

          I totally agree. Grimm and Bluebloods are the only shows that make Friday night tv worth watching. I really wish they bring it back to Fridays and put Hannibal in that Tuesday slot. because there’s no way Hannibal can hold it’s own against Scandal!!! even though it’s an excellent horror series. Mads Miklelson is appropriately creepy and Laurence Fishburn plays the straight man to a tee, nevertheless, I thought is was pure tv suicide to put that show against Scandal.

      • Lina says:

        There is no way Grimm is going to hold its own Tuesday night you’re putting it up against NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles it’s going to the graveyard if you do that

        • Jacob says:

          I would watch Grimm over LL cool jay any day

          • Hugh dwayne says:

            Grimm is more exciting to watch now than NCIS so i thinks its a good idea to test whether it can hold agaionst the popular ones. But Grimm is very good esp. Nick.

        • Julio says:

          It won’t be up against NCIS or NCIS: Los Angeles. It will be on at 10pm against ABC’s Body of Proof and CBS’s Golden Boy.

          • Thilia says:

            That means I will have to DVR Grimm :( Body of Proof is one of the few shows I watch live.

        • Esaul says:

          Within the network, it could hold its own. Against NCIS lineup, no it won’t do well.

          • JD says:

            It’s NOT going up against NCIS or NCIS:LA!!!!!! C’mon people, read! They are moving it to 10/9c which is up against Golden Boy and Body of Proof, both of which do not have great ratings. Grimm has a very loyal audience and if it grows on Tuesday nights, then NBC will gain ground in the only hour of Tuesday that is up for grabs. For next year, I think they will move it back to Friday’s at 8/7c and run Hannibal after it.

          • Esaul says:

            Next season will introduce NCIS: Red, so it very well could be up against one of the NCIS shows.

        • bobbi says:

          You could watch Grimm later. NCIS, NCIS LA are both on earlier than the new slot for Grimm. I can’t wait for the transition to start.

        • tsi431 says:

          They are completely different demos. NCIS is for all the elderly, which is why they get millions of viewers, but crappy demo numbers.

          • Huskygrl says:

            Dang, it sucks to wake up and find out you’re “elderly” – oh wait! I’m not, I’m in the 18-49 demo! And I watch both programs. Maybe know what you’re talking about before your next post?

        • I lost interest in NCIS years ago. Grimm is new and fresh, I preferred it on Friday tho. :)

    • Grimm should move back to Friday once the networks unveil their primetime schedule during the TV upfronts in May. Hope Parenthood gets renewed for a fifth season soon and they better have a 22 episode run.

      • Sg. Grant says:

        Parenthood needs a full season. It is NBC’s best show.

        • Adam says:

          It may be NBC’s best show, but sometimes having a shorter episode order helps the writers make a really consistent and strong season. They can plan for a shorter story arc with less filler episodes, and focus more on making their thirteen episodes that they do have be extremely great.

      • titus says:


        • Ashley says:

          I AGREE. GRIMM needs to stay on fridays. besides there’s nothing on friday nights and it’s a good time slot for the show. I don’t think it will go up against NCIS I too also watch that show on tuesdays. they might show grimm on it’s orignal time 10 pm. i love both shows…. thank god S.O.A is not on cuz i also watch that show and it comes on tuesdays as well on FX.


    • Liz Anderson says:

      We need grim to continue its new season on Friday’s! ! It was a perfect day & time that we set our schedules on…why change a good thing!!We love this show!!

  3. Kim says:

    Bummer. I was enjoying Ready for Love. Oh well…lol

  4. Dan says:

    Hell, yes. Less “Ready For Love” crap, more good scripted TV.

    • Joanna says:

      We didn’t need another “marry strangers for money” TV show.

      • Lina says:

        Thank God let’s face it ready for love is just a cheap copy of the bachelor we have enough dating shows they never stay together anyway. I’m so glad what was Eva Longoria thinking? Plus do we need anymore of Giuliana and Bill?

    • Huskygrl says:

      Amen to that! We can only hope that NBC will start to to get the clue that multiple remakes of the same stupid reality show formulas is not the way to claw themselves out of the ratings graveyard!

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Not really surprised but why make this move with only a couple eps left in the season, whatever, doesn’t matter to me. I’m watching wherever/whenever.

  6. Kimberly Gayheart says:

    NBC needs to give shows time to see if there going to work. Friday night lights was a great show and they cancelled it. This is why their the lowest rated station.

    • jayy008 says:

      They didnt really cancel if.

      And how often exactly do shows “grow”? Small minded comment.

      • AJ says:

        Couldn’t agree with you more jayy008. People think that a low rated show will magically increase in ratings.

        • thereasonsy says:

          I love how everyone treats a low rated show like it is the next Seinfeld. Which, unless I am wrong was the last time a slow starter actually became a blockbuster.

          • JD says:

            Nope. NCIS was the last one to do this. It was almost cancelled after Season 1 because it is a spin off from JAG and it hadn’t found an audience yet. CBS was patient and the show has grown in audience to become the most watched on TV.

      • reccer says:

        Actually, allowing shows to “grow” is exactly what happened with several shows including The X-Files. It was a Friday show on the brink of cancellation, but FOX gave it a chance with a new night and it turned into a hit series. Breaking Bad is another example of a show growing. It wasn’t a hit early on and not many people knew of it, but thanks to encore marathons and Netflix, the series grew viewers and is now a huge cable hit. A few other shows that were almost cancelled but given a chance: ER, Seinfeld, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond and Beverly Hills, 90210.

        Cancelling shows after a few episodes is definitely not giving a show a chance, because that is not how TV worked even 10 years ago. Thanks to the recession and the writer’s strike, TV networks have become greedier and more trigger happy, giving shows little to no chance. You have to keep in mind that it’s not simply a shows performance, but how the network treats the show. If they are constantly making scheduling changes, exempting episodes, taking too many hiatus breaks, and doing zero marketing for the show, it will fail. That is the equivalent of not giving a show a chance. And no, you never see a show “grow” all that often today on TV because they are cancelled after a few episodes. That is the whole point of the statement.

        Also, NBC was going to cancel Friday Night Lights, but DirecTV came right in and made a deal to keep it going for 3 more seasons. The only reason NBC was allowed to have any further involvement with FNL is because Universal Studios owns the rights.

        • Jared Munson says:

          ER was a smash out of the gate. Fact check please.

          • chris says:

            friends was also a hit from the start

          • reccer says:

            I did check my facts. NBC was skeptical and had no faith in ER or Friends while in development/pilot stages, but gave chances to them both. NBC was not happy with most of their shows in development for fall 1994. NBC did not like the several different titles the writers came up with, so they gave their own: Six of One. The suits also felt the show needed an “adult” character to balance out the dynamics. Of course, the changes they wanted did not happen but almost did. ER debuted on a Monday and did decent enough to be tried out on another night. ER and Friends became breakout hits, but most people never know they almost never happened. So while they don’t fit into the traditional way of a network allowing a show to “grow,” ER and Friends were almost cancelled before they were aired. I hope this clears up any confusion.

        • bobbi says:

          ER was a hit. George Clooney was on the show.

      • DL says:

        How often do shows grow?

        One word: Scandal.

    • Friday Night Lights lasted 5 years. All of which aired on NBC.

    • The lowest rated network is The CW.

    • Rob says:

      NBC is not a “station” its a major network. If you’re going to make false statements, at least know what you’re talking about.

  7. soundscene says:

    Ok, now I’ll actually watch what comes on after The Voice.

  8. omabin says:

    does anyone understand if the voice will be 2 hours from now on then? if not, what the hell are they putting at 9 as lead in for grimm?

    • lll says:

      Exactly. Deadline mentioned that the voice will be a two-hour leadin for two weeks. It is unknown what will be there in between voice and grimm the two weeks after that.

    • Jennifer says:

      Knowing NBC they’ll probably throw in repeats of SVU like they do wherever there’s gap in schedule.

  9. Jay says:

    Finally some good news this week.

  10. Kathy Anne says:

    Is this move good for Grimm? I mean good news, right? I’ve always read that Fridays were an exile for TV shows; Fringe, supernatural (briefly), etc, so moving it out of a Friday slot is promising. I really enjoy Grimm, so I hope this will help get more viewers even though it’s a temporary move.

    • Esaul says:

      At least it isn’t Saturday (Smash), or Sundays. There are some shows that do well Friday’s. I can imagine Grimm doing well Tuesday since it did start the season on Monday.

      • Sg. Grant says:

        I guess you haven’t been paying attention. Sunday is one of the best and most popular nights for television. Hell, the highest rated show on television airs on a Sunday night.

        • Esaul says:

          Curious what shows air Sunday that is considered the highest rated. Wasn’t aware that NCIS, Big Bang Theory, or anything like that aired on Sunday. Good Wife, The Mentalist, Celebrity Apprentice, Once Upon A Time, and Revenge don’t deliver the big numbers you’re alluding to.

          • Thilia says:

            The Super Bowl….no just kidding. The biggest show on Sundays right now is Once Upon a Time. Last season they had really good numbers, But they have slipped a bunch

    • TV Gord says:

      If it tanks on Tuesdays, it could be a very, very bad move. Fridays may be an exile night, but the networks consider that and resign themselves to the lower ratings.

      • Mel says:

        Totally agree. I would prefer it on Friday where I know the ratings are relatively good (for Friday) and it won’t be trounced by more popular (yet less deserving) fare. I had very much enjoyed the Friday sci-fi line up Fringe/Supernatural/Grimm and looked forward to it as one of my favorite nights of TV. I thought it worked well even though I had to DVR Supernatural. Would love an 8, 9, 10 pm slot of good genre TV on Fridays again.

        • Ashley says:

          Fringe did really good on fridays on FOX and made it to it’s ”fifth and final season” although it was a short series. but i still don’t this MOVE BY NBC. if they make it to season 3 IT NEEDS TO GO BACK TO THE FRIDAY TIME SLOT!

  11. Ettie says:

    Would it have killed them to give Smash just one shot leading out of the voice? Comcast needs to clean house.

  12. Amy says:

    Interesting to cancel a “reality” show before the end. I could see moving it to Friday or Saturday but cancel all together. I guess none of the guys will find love.

  13. Joseph says:

    not surprised it bombed , but was that it got pulled , and they did not just let it play out

  14. Lena says:

    This is great news for Grimm it means NBC is finally realizing that this is an excellent show. Now let’s hope they can keep/improve their ratings in this timeslot. I know I’ll watch it on anyday at anytime :-)

  15. Jay says:

    So are they ever going to reveal if these guys picked anybody?

  16. Barbara says:

    Leave Grimm alone. Everyone loves it on Friday, not Tuesday !!!

    • Scarlet says:

      I agree with Barbara, Grimm is just fine on Friday’s. It is a great show that a parent can allow a preteen to watch going into the weekend and not a school night. I always remember to watch because it comes on Friday.

  17. Breck says:

    “Ready for Love” is a complete utter joke. You can’t tell me those guys have any trouble getting women. But then again, average joe schmo wouldn’t draw viewers either, even though they are more likely the ones needing the help from matchmakers.

  18. David4 says:

    The Voice, Grimm and Hannibal Tuesday I think would work.

  19. Eric says:

    I’m generally not the petty type, but I’m so glad Ready For Love was cancelled. There’s way too much reality TV on the air as it is.

  20. Eric says:

    Smash back to Tuesday!!!

  21. Liz says:

    Sorry Grimm. I will be watching Awkward and DVRing you.

  22. Carameleyez21 says:

    At least Grimm didn’t move to Saturdays, that’s where shows go to die on NBC. Love Grimm! Can’t wait to see how the Nick and Juliet storyline plays out!

  23. Cheo says:

    “And this is why we can’t have nice things.” – Broadcast networks

  24. gabby says:

    man I got invested in Ready for love and I want to know who the end up with. The should put the rest of the episodes on E or somthing.

  25. kirads09 says:

    If the move hurts Grimm or puts it in jeopardy in any way, I will be one angry hexenbeast!

  26. Jennifer says:

    Where the Captain goes I will follow!

  27. Para says:

    What about Hannibal ???????

    • Tania says:

      I like Hannibal but it doesn’t belong on NBC. It would have been better if it was on say FX or Showtime. Btw, I don’t like the fact that I can’t see the fourth episode. I get the reason why it won’t air, but why not put it on demand? I’m not going to watch clips on NBC.com.

  28. billiam says:

    Funny how varied response is to the move. It seems so obvious to me that Grimm was meant for Friday at 9. Not everyone(yet) has DVR, and I’m someone who has to work on Wednesday morning. NBC–get a clue and move it back soon!

  29. tp says:

    WTH happened to the new episode? Now I have to make sure it records on Tues. I was all set to watch a new epi. It said it was new but it wasn’t.

  30. Allyson says:

    Any word on when NBC will air Fashion Star for us on East coast and Central time zone? I understand the need for the news coverage on the suspect, but I hope NBC plans to air the recent episode of Fashion Star.

  31. robinepowell says:

    Well NBC will have to see if Tuesdays are better then Fridays for Grimm, though most likely. Also depends on what Grimm is up against on Tuesdays and how well another show does in its old timeslot.

  32. Sherry says:

    Grimm is perfect on Fridays. It’s a Friday type of show, one that holds its own on Friday and does pretty decently for a night where shows go to die. I’ve always thought Friday was a good night for it so moving it to Tuesday, on a network that struggles just makes me think Grimm is going to struggle there. But so long as it gets renewed for the next season, and they move it back to Fridays next season if the show does in fact struggle on Tuesdays, I’m okay with NBC testing it with large lead-in. But if Grimm struggles on Tuesday and they keep on Tuesday, well, that just makes me think it’ll get canceled the season after next and that’s so not okay with me.

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  34. Patrick Maloney says:

    Such a good show

  35. TVDIVA says:

    NBC needs to make up their minds. First GRIMM season 2 aired on Mondays during the summer, then moved to Fridays in the fall and now it is moving to Tuesdays where it is NCIS night on CBS. This is why NBC is in last place. They cannot even leave their successful shows alone.

  36. Pat says:

    First let me say, I am glad they have captured all suspects, however, why do we have to sit and watch the droning news media redundantly report the exact same thing every 10 minutes, with only speculation, and the same six film clips, and ten sound bytes? Acting like they will have something new at any moment. Imagine those people trapped indoors all day.
    It’s not like it got any more informative. Then My local news comes on and starts it all over like they don’t know we already saw it. Again I do feel for those killed, and injured, but they, ( the news network), totally ignored a Texas town with fatalities, stemming from a disaster, that was as devastating for them as Boston bombing was to Boston. It was like it was less important than trying to gun down these two ( yet to be proven guilty), brothers.

    I’m not saying they are innocent, only that we most prove their guilt. This is how the law is supposed to work, not a lynch mob mentality.

    Also stop preempting all the decent series, preempt crap like new girl, or parks and rec, or, looking for love ( sic) and the hundreds of pounds of garbage reality shows you air in the name of entertainment. TV has become a mess.

    Just my humble opinion, I am not selling any thing, and I respect all others opinions.

    • Mel says:

      Parks and rec crap? Pat, I was with you until that comment. That was uncalled for. Even though I am not found of reality shows per se, it just so happens there was no reality TV on at the time of the latest capture. IMHO.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that Grimm won’t be on Fridays. My family so looks forward to watching on Friday Night. What a bummer. Why can’t they just leave it where it is. Why ruin a good thing. The show was doing great right where it was. So disappointed.

  38. R says:

    Grimm has been strong on Fridays for NBC. The Tuesday spot should’ve gone to Hannibal to help boost ratings with a post-Voice slot. Dumb move.

  39. struthmate says:

    These are the sort of issues that drive services such as netflix and piratebay – smooth, consistent showing! I’m in Australia, where we get Grimm a few days after the yanks, and I’ve made the mistake of falling in love with a currently airing show – this has been two weeks in a row now where I am Grimmless after planning a night in.
    I’ve found that the American season breaks are also ridiculous; I had to wait months between Burn Notice!
    If only we had a better way to measure audience.

  40. hello:) says:

    i want to know if they’re going to find a way to show the rest of the episodes since they’re already done shooting and probably spent a lot of money on it….wouldnt it be a waste if they just cancelled it?

  41. Tammy says:

    So can we find out who Tim picked on Ready for Love…. didn’t care for the other two guys but i am curious what happens with Tim. (Granted I was downloading it on demand, not watching it in prime time)

  42. NANCY ZUKOSKI says:


  43. saMANtha says:

    I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH! Now I won’t know what happened to the three bachelors who were Ready For Lust…major BUMMER!

  44. Anne says:

    I am very disappointed that Grimm is being moved to Tuesday. I work early and it is hard to stay up past ten. Will certainly try since I enjoy the show. It should stay on Friday nights. Nothing else on then!!!

  45. Nancy says:

    Loved “bookending” the weekend with Grimm on Friday and “Once Upon a Time” on Sunday. Wish the networks wouldn’t try to fix what’s not broken!

  46. Tia says:

    I am soooooo upset I really like “Ready For Love” . This is the second time this happened to me. It is very disappointing & annoying. You guys did the same thing to “Do No Harm”. This makes me not want to watch any new shows from this channel at all. SMH

  47. zayra marquez says:

    What ! I love watching ready for love ! Its a really good show i with my honest opinion grimm sucks !
    Put ready for love back please .

  48. Margarita says:

    Muy mal q la canselen sin terminar lo q empezaron muy buen programa positivo no como lo q ahora vemos en la tv. Solo los realitys con peleas y argumentoos intensos son los que sobreviven sera q este publico estan acostumbrados al drama, mostrar cuan rico y dinero tienes ademas d ver a todas las mujeres ser fakes y no tener humanidad etc.etc. esto es lo q da raiting. Queremos un mejor mundo empecemos a pensar en programas positivos con algun tipo d buena voluntad. TLC tiene Mittler Manor y es la gente real no lo q vemos en otras cadenas de tv que solo es belleza y perfeccion. Este show muestra gente humilde y union d comunidad. Gracias por su atencion sorry por ser en mi idioma pero es que asi me puedo expresar mejor.

  49. Kimmico says:

    I just wish they’d stop dragging the reconciliation of Nick and his seriously fragile girl friend out for so bloody long. Get on with it already with true loves kiss fixing this annoying problem once and for all!

    • lateniter says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Kimmico! Hope they have a good, plot-driven reason for taking so long to resolve Nick and Juliette’s relationship. Also hope somebody has a vision for the entire series, so that it doesn’t end up like the X-Files.

  50. Terresa (Trish) W says:

    I am disappointed that they moved this from Friday to Tuesday at 10 p.m., I have to get up at 5 in the morning for work and I just can’t stay up that late. Friday was nice and I hope they stick it back on Friday. I know many children and adults feel the same and I hope they realize that if it doesn’t do well on Tuesdays that is the reason.