Glee Renewal Twist: Fox Orders Season 5 and 6

Glee Renewed Season 5 and 6There’ll be no raining on Rachel Berry’s parade, not for another two years anyway.

In a surprise twist, Fox has renewed Glee for not one but two more seasons.

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The pickup ensures that the musical-comedy will be around through Season 6.

In a statement accompanying the announcement, Fox president Kevin Reilly credited exec producers Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan, Dante DiLoreto “and the entire Glee team” for delivering “a series that not only delights and surprises fans, but also inspires them to talk about, share, debate and engage with the show… I’m absolutely thrilled to have them on board for another two seasons.”

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TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect today’s surprising development.

Thoughts? Relieved you won’t have to endure any bubble anxiety next year at this time? Does Glee have enough life in it to carry it through two more seasons? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ggny says:

    aka 2 more season and we are ending it.

    • iMember says:

      That’s what I was thinking. They renewed it for two more seasons, but with the sixth season in mind as its final season. Either way, I stopped watching the show awhile ago.

      • Fernanda says:

        but you´re still reading about any Glee news.

        • Marco says:

          tell him/her, guuurl!

        • thereasonsy says:


        • blancaster60 says:

          I have probably watched about 20 minutes of Glee all season, but I read this because it was the subject that came up for on my screen TV Line, which I get by e-mail. I decided to read it because I couldn’t believe this show got renewed for one season, much less two. The first three seasons of Glee (well, maybe 2.5) were really entertaining. Then it started to go downhill, IMO. Okay, that’s it. I’ve wasted enough of my time thinking about this show.

          • tbrundage says:

            Yay! You’ll stop watching! That means one less whiner I’ll have to listen to! Thank you!

        • BenM says:

          Sometimes you can stop watching a show but still be interested in knowing whats going on. This is the case with Glee for me.

          • Devon says:


          • Harmony says:

            Ditto. I actually still watch Glee but this concept applies to other shows that I stopped watching. When I hear things about them I still read to find out what’s going on in the worlds that I no longer visit. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

          • me,myself,andi says:

            Exactly!!! I hate the new season of glee! its cheesy and annoying, but i’m still interested in knowing whats happening.

        • Lu says:

          I don’t watch glee either anymore– but I still like to be updated– Just in case something changes…i.e., it gets better.

      • Gleek1234 says:

        I miss the original ms Rachel berry🌟 who wore plad skirts and long socks with reindeer shirts that doesn’t even match at all!!!!!

      • VEGAV says:

        You should catch up! It’s really good!

      • jessica beck says:

        I stopped watching because they keep breaking up finchelle but now what. I am not sure the show has two more seasons without cory

    • dude says:

      They’d be hard-pressed to keep Lea Michele hanging on for more than two more seasons, even if she should have transitioned to movies full-time by now.

      • ggny says:

        i doubt Lea Michelle is around full time next year. Im guessing she will probably do 10 or so episodes.

        • jayy008 says:

          No — she will do as she’s contracted. 6 full seasons.

        • dude says:

          She still seems happy to be on the show and she loves her character. I see her pulling a Sophia Bush (staying loyal to her series even though she should be moving onto better things). The only problem with that is, Sophia really missed her shot at building a lasting film career for herself. Hopefully Lea doesn’t do the same.

          • Bpp says:

            Lea will be on Broadway before she’ll be in movies. Her career started on Broadway, she loved it, and she will be going back.

          • Abby says:

            I agree with this, but I also sincerely state the difference between Lea Michele and Sophia Bush. One is gorgeous and great, and succeeded well on a show with a cult-like following (as in, not so mainstream), the other is also gorgeous and great, but can act – and sing better than anyone in her demographic – and has found success on a show with major mainstream credibility. This isn’t against Sophia Bush, but merely to point out the different playing field on which Lea Michele currently sits. She could also carve out a career as a Broadway performer/pop singer a la her idol, Barbra, and never need movies and TV – though her Broadway/music success will surely continue to manifest on-screen success for her. Of course, she could also have a career that comes to nothing, as her reputation as a diva is something that Sophia’s never had to deal with.

      • Holly says:

        Movies? Are you Serious? That girl was born for Broadway! I think she is just a passable actress on TV, Movies she would not be great in unless it was Broadway shows made into movies, however on Broadway she is a God!

        • she can do it says:

          Why not movies? Everything depends on the part. There are movie stars out there now that aren’t even passable as actors. Why can’t she do movies and Bway and record. No one said she has to be a huge movie star just that she could do some movies.

    • My thoughts precisely. I’m a diehard fan. I even have 2 Glee inspired tattoos. But it’s running its course :-/

    • Claireys says:

      I have mixed feelings as I thought this Season of Glee was a disappointment with many of the old cast only making occasional appearances. I think they will have a job keeping the Likes of Lea, Chris and Naya around for 2 more seasons and I think people will switch off if they don’t – a lot have already. They would need to get them signed on and then plan the 2 seasons out properly instead of throwing things together the way they did this year.

      • Taylor says:

        Dianna, Jane, Chris and Amber need to run as far as they can from this sinking ship. Everyone knows that Lea, Naya and the others will cling to this show until it ruins any chance of getting a career outside of glee.

        • fs says:

          lol. Dianna and Amber have got away and done nothing else. Naya and Lea are the only 2 that have a shot to really move on to something bigger after it is over

          • Rae says:

            Amber is working on her album and she has done a lot of singing appearances post Glee. I can’t see Dianna doing much else besides fashion show appearances because she wasn’t that great on the show. I think Naya is also working on an album, but I don’t see her doing any big movies. I also think that although Lea has a good voice and is good on the show, I don’t think she’ll make it as a great movie actor.

          • English says:

            Dianna has been filming a movie with Robert DiNero that’s due out later this year and Amber has been performing in LA…. I wouldn’t say that’s nothing….

          • dude says:

            People keep throwing out that Dianna is in a movie with Robert DiNero like it somehow makes her a legit actress. She doesn’t have the talent to build a lasting career for herself and I doubt she will. You won’t be seeing her in many more DiNero movies.

          • Joseph says:

            Dianna filmed a movie with Robert DeNiro, and she was just featured on vogue. Amber Riley recorded a solo album and Performed for the presidents inauguration! Get your facts straight

        • Ace says:

          Oh, I think Dianna saw where it was going and got out while the getting was good…With the exception of Jane right now, she has the best chance for a movie career outside of the show. I mean, who else is appearing in a film with Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeifer and Tommy Lee Jones? I think Naya has some room to move either in music or in other tv/movie outlets and Chris has an incredible amount of talent for writing both books and screenplays too, so he’ll be ok, but as for the rest of them, this is probably as good as it’s gonna get. Good for Dianna, Chris, Jane and the rest that can escape before this ship really tanks.

          • dude says:

            You name drop those successful actors like she’s even in their league. Dianna fills a type. She’ll play the “pretty daughter” or “pretty girlfriend” for a few years but those roles will have dried up by the time she hits 30. Just ask Heather Graham and Denise Richards. She doesn’t have the talent to be the next Michelle Pfeifer.

          • Ace says:

            Dude, we get it…you vehemently disagree with the amount of talent Dianna has. Cool. Fact is, she was cast by professionals to play a medium sized roll in a movie with Michelle Pfeifer and Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones. Can you add that to your resume? Yeah, didnt think so. My Point: nobody else on the cast can put that on their resume just yet either. So regardless of whether you think she’s talented or not, obviously a few people in Hollywood (who are professionals at doing what they do) disagree with your assessment of her.

      • Reality.Bites says:

        They’re signed to the same standard contracts as any other actor starting a show. In other words, if Glee wants them, they’re there.

      • Kelly says:

        Can they just move the original cast to New York—no matter how ridiculous it is? I mean, there have been way more ridiculous plotlines in sitcom TV. With Smash gone, I’d love to see them pursuing their NYC dreams.

    • Kendogg says:

      I’m am with so many others here. I found it boring filled with repetitiousness, and you can get the main dance numbers online anyway. But it is a hit series on FOX and that’s all they have right now.

    • Maris says:

      I really hope so, but ugh just the thought of having to watch 2 more seasons seems so painful… why can I quit this freaking show?

    • Shaun says:

      they could just end it next season.

    • David M Foss says:


    • ss says:

      they need to keep the fifth and sixth seasons to the originals!!!! and FINCHEL IS A MUST. nothing makes me happier than Finn and Rachel’s relationship . not to mention Finn is a total hottie

      • Olivia says:

        It’s a shame Finn was found dead yesterday :( so finchel is literally dead I think it is time to cancel the show it was running on fumes for a while now. RIP Cory

    • Cristina says:

      In my opinion i think we would be honored to have two more seasons because this show is amazing. Sure sometimes it gets very mainstream but it is inspiring for all ages specially if you are a teen! It restores that hope of dreaming and faith in the future. Plus it is not only great for teens its great for everyone. If you choose to not see it anymore that is up to you but that means you loose your right to be an official glee fan so if your not a gleek dont start saying things like they should discontinue it because you have no idea how much better it has gotten :)

    • Lisa Gustafson says:

      I love the fact that GLEE will be on for a sixth season. I would love to see less of the high school and more of the after graduation cast. Let us see what happens to the original cast in their struggle for a career! Love the show and will always watch!

    • Emily says:

      why are you ending after the 6th season don’t hate appreciate that glee is getting so much praise

    • justrose says:

      One more season and that should wrap it up. Something missing this last season. Great talent but storyline is not as good. A big loss when Finn died

  2. Annie says:

    Jeez. I was hoping it would be canceled. Oh well.

  3. Ross says:

    Very surprising. Will be interesting to see which cast are staying around…

    • Sg. Grant says:

      Ryan Murphy must have some new show in the works that is perceived to be great by the network brass (a la American Horror Story), so they are picking Glee up for two years to ensure that they get the rights to the new show.

  4. I don’t watch this show but I am kinda surprised it got picked up for 2 seasons. Then again this is the network that cancelled Firefly and moved Fringe to Fridays so…

  5. Mile says:

    OMG WHY? This just means more time for Ryan Murphy to destroy everything we used to love about the show and the characters.

    • Holly says:

      Or time to bring it back up and redeem himself

      • sdexta says:

        Yes! I like your optimism. I do still love Glee and will continue watching until the end, but I would like it better if they just focused on the original cast post high school.

        • Liz says:

          My hope as well. All they have to do is look at tfe ratings of this years shows. Ratings are up when more time is spent in the originals. The twitter followers for the newbie accounts are minimal compared to the originals. Move on and go back to the drawing board please

  6. I’ll watch it, but I won’t like it.

    • Samantha says:

      Same! I cannot give it up, but it’s gone so far down hill. I don’t know what another two years will do to it.

      • anne says:

        Same here too, although I haven’t watched more than 10 minutes combined of the last three episodes. The newbies are stinking up the place.

  7. MoxieSue says:


  8. AJ says:

    VERY surprised. I was expecting a renewal with an announcement of it being the final year. Who would’ve guessed 2 years based on the ratings decline. I hope they focus on NY even more. Send some more of the kids to NYADA (or whatever the school is). Forget Lima!

    • Jillian says:

      I’m pretty sure they are splitting this senior year in half so season 5 would be the second half of this school year and then season 6 will be the final season with all of the post graduates (including Artie, Blaine, Tina). Regionals is the last episode of this season so this seems most logical. It’s just a shame they couldn’t think of splitting years before the original cast graduated.

  9. Elly says:

    I really hope the producers read these boards-please, focus only on the originals next year!! It will bring the show back to its former glory.

    • Ruby says:

      No. I love the new kids. And nothing will “recapture it’s former glory” because y’all have hated this show since mid season 1 and its time for you accept that this show isn’t written for you personally and move on and let those of us who do still like the show watch it and discuss it in peace. Please. For the love of God.

      • Elly says:

        I’m not a weirdo that’s into all those stupid couples on the show. The reason the show was so good was that the characters weren’t anything we’d really seen on television before. The writers really tried make ie funny and succeeded a lot of times. With the massive success, they started to skate and after about mid-season 2 it just slacked. The news kids added are literally the same characters that started the show except being played by different actors with half the depth. And they show Jane Lynch half as much as they use too. She was the comedic backbone of that show hands down. So no, I in no place expect the show to be written for me so you can stfu about that. I would hope they would reinstate the originals but modify their surroundings obviously and instead opt new characters as supporting players specific to certain characters new locations. It’s a pretty basic concept and should have never changed in the first place. The shows ratings have dropped because they changed this fact. I don’t understand how you can’t see that if the original format was g broken, it never needed to be fixed,

    • Holly says:

      I actually disagree with focusing on the originals. Rachel and Kurt have always annoyed the hell out of me and non-New York episodes make me smile. I like it being about high school and I always respected that they had the characters graduate. What I would like to see happen is developing more story lines. This season all they have done is jump around and not keep with a story. At the top of the season Blaine’s depression had potential, Marley’s bulimia story had potential, Jake and Puck’s new relationship had potential, then they quickly drop the stories. I feel like that is the biggest problem right now, the lack of continuity and story lines to care about suck has Quinn’s pregnancy or Santana coming out.

      • Holly says:

        such not suck LOL

      • Elly says:

        I agree but they drop the stories because they are jumping all over the board with characters. I think the newbies should have been placed on the show the same way Brittany/Santana/Mike were in season 1. Just a few lines and great dancing. It wasn’t fair to take the story lines from Tina, Artie, Brittany, etc-they have to capabilities to have taken the lead like that and they were looked over again. Even Sugar was kind of funny, the new kids aren’t even funny with the exception of Becca Tobin sometimes.

    • Liz says:

      Most definitely.

  10. Mark P says:

    Unbelievable. I was really expecting it to be cancelled.
    A renewal for a fifth/final season, I can handle. But for season 6 as well?! Really?

    Hope they can fix whatever’s wrong with the past 3 seasons in the next two. Sigh,

    • Ruby says:

      Are you really so inside your internet hater bubble that you couldn’t see why Fox would renew a show that is a cash cow for them? REALLY?!

  11. CA says:

    Sure it has enough life. The bigger issue is can it have some degree of consistency. I don’t mind the split city concept but the season overall has been very uneven. It has shed viewers for a reason…so if Fox has decided to renew for two season, it is happy with it’s current viewership and demo. What happens if it begins to shed that?!

  12. Analisa L. says:

    This makes me super excited :) 2 more seasons of my favorite people in the world :) good news on this scary day

    • brittany m says:

      Yay finally someone who gets the big picture here. I jumped for joy when I found out they got picked up for two more seasons. I look foward to it in the fall! I say screw all the haters, they dont like the show, then dont watch it! Its that simple, stop trying to ruin it. For the the actual fans

  13. Beto says:

    More time to completely destroy every single reason for why I loved this series, keep it going at the end of the day if you insist on Jarley and Kitty I’ll simply turn my tv off

  14. Samantha says:

    If they’re going to continue for at least two more years I hope they drop the McKinley half. I do not have enough interest in the new, younger kids. Glee got a little better this season, but is definitely not what it used to be.

  15. Esaul says:

    I’m surprised by this move.

  16. Stacy says:

    Wow. We all knew season 5 was a given but a 6th as well? This show is in desperate need of new writers. Season 4 is/was a complete waste of time. Not a single character was advanced or grown. In fact, most of the characters were written regressively. The only reason they still have an audience is because fans stick round for the AMAZING (ORIGINAL) CAST. It’s surely not because of the offensive and downright stupid storylines. I really can’t believe Kevin Riley made such a terrible decision.

  17. dude says:

    I still like the show and like the split time between NYC/McKinley so I’m happy by this news. I love Melissa Benoist and think Jake, Kitty and Ryder have all been nice additions to the show. Looking forward to two more years.

  18. Leslie says:

    I have a feeling it will end up more like “Fame” and less like “Glee”.

  19. blinkanator says:

    I don’t understand all you people saying “I wish it was cancelled” if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. Ignore it. Whatever. Don’t hate.

    • Jacquelyne says:

      L O L if only it were that easy

    • Wwhat? says:

      I loved Glee. I loved its characters. I loved Quinn Fabray, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez… etc. Now I hate Glee and that show is destroying the characters that I loved. I can’t believe what they did to Rachel Berry and now I have to watch it during two more seasons because I want to know the end of the journey of that girl I used to love. And Glee is making me hate her. So, We can complain because they are destroying everything that we liked once and we can’t quit it because that means that we wouldn’t have a proper end.

      • Wouter says:

        Sorry, but people like you are the most annoying people in the world. If you don’t like what glee is doing to your favorite characters just DON’T freaking watch it. It IS that easy.

        • anne says:

          But it isn’t that easy. I wish it were.

        • Jennifer says:

          #1- I highly doubt they are the most annoying people. #2- Have you never watched a show where you didn’t like what a character has become? Why can’t you be upset about that? The reason people watch and love shows is because they care and connect with the characters. So when the writers completely change things people have a right to be upset. It doesn’t mean they should stop watching- they still want to know how things turn out and hope it goes the way they want. What’s wrong with that? We’re supposed to blindly love everything the writers do or we must stop watching? Sorry but THAT’S ridiculous.

      • Ruby says:

        Actually, one thing you need to get straight here is that they aren’t YOUR characters. They’re Ryan Murphy’s. He is free to do with them what he likes, and if you don’t like what he does you are free to (complain for three seasons) leave.

        • Jake says:

          No crap Ruby. Way to be a smart ass when someone posts a perfectly fine comment. And of course just add the standard “leave” comment instead of adding to the conversation in an intelligent way. They can be his characters but he wouldn’t have a show unless people watched.

      • Liz says:

        There is a change channel button on your remote. You don’t have to watch

    • JP says:

      EXACTLY. Glee fans are the worse “fans” in television. I am a die-hard Glee fan and I am ashamed of how much everyone whines and complains about the show. If you don’t like it, then DON’T WATCH IT. It’s really simple. Some people just have nothing better to do than complain on the internet behind their computer screens. I would LOVE for any of these trolls to actually go up to the actors and writers face and say it to their faces. Glee fans are a bunch of ungrateful cowards and its disgusting.

      • Ruby says:

        I’m not ashamed, I just wish I could enter even ONE Glee thread and, you know, squee about how cute Darren was in a certain episode, or how I’d like to rub my face on Blake’s abs without having to deal with 2198763168496513251 comments from haters telling me how stupid I am for liking something they’ve decided to hate.

        • Tracey says:

          I’m pretty sure you account for 99% of those annoying 2198763168496513251 comments. You’re obnoxious. Do you not have anything better to do than comment on each and every post about how pro-newbies you are and how anyone who doesn’t like them can suck it? Sad :(

          You should probably just go ahead and change your user name to Troll. Just sayin’.

    • Emily says:

      Glee being on air means one less other show will be, and it also keeps the talented cast members locked into a show that’s quickly going downhill.

  20. Brandon says:


  21. I like Glee. It exposes me to songs I otherwise might not listen to.

  22. elinaaa says:

    well i hope that those blaine’s proposing-spoilers were true so then it’s amazing. but i hope that something new will happen but pls no more choir god.

  23. MLou says:

    I am so thrilled for the news…Fantastic….

  24. A says:

    Two more seasons to carry new ND to graduation.

  25. melon says:

    It should’ve been canceled. This season sucks. Instead of Glee it should be called Blee because it’s been all about Blaine. I hope Naya/Santana isn’t in them because 1) They waste her talent by not giving her enough songs/storylines/screentime 2) She’s the only reason I watch and I want to be free.

    • Ruby says:

      If she’s the only reason you’re watching, you’re doing it wrong, because this is an ensemble. She’s not the main character and never has been, so you have no right to expect her to be front and center in every episode, and by focusing so much on only one character, you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot. And then blaming the show, which is utterly ridiculous.

    • Holly says:

      Blaine has not been the focus in weeks, I just want to point that out! Also he is amazingly talented.

  26. DreamRose311 says:

    Any word on what this means for Glee Project? I kind of enjoy that more now anyway…

  27. Candi says:

    Seriously, that just shows Fox has NOTHING in their pipeline. The production numbers are great, the story is lame.

  28. Vetle says:

    I’m happy, but *sigh* Glee project plz. :<

  29. Wwhat? says:

    wtf? OMG I can’t believe a show like Fringe only got 5 seasons and this crap is going to be 6. I hope Lea pulls a Dianna Agron and sets herself free because that show is gonna sink hard the next season and the next.

    • JP says:

      They are all contracted through 7 seasons I believe, therefore, Dianna had to be LET GO.

    • Nina says:

      Well, maybe if Fringe sold music like Glee they won’t be cancelled despite their godawful rating. Oh, wait they did try a musical episode Brown Betty which is the worst episode ever. Fringe had a nice 5 seasons run and it ended the way it should be (although I wish they ended with Peter being erased from the timeline) so stop complaining and get a life.

      Also, congrats Glee fans who actually like Glee and not the hypocrites who kept saying they watch Glee only for certain actors/characters/ships etc. If Glee is cancelled what would you do with your life? -shakes head-

  30. greysfan says:

    This is great news. What i would love is more of these original songs. Its what i love in Smash and the ones that appeared in last nights episode were pretty great. I don’t care what some people say about these new characters, personally i love them. The problem i have with Glee is the inconsistencies but i have decided that this is always going to be the case.
    On another note does this mean The Glee Project will now go ahead?

  31. Jared says:

    Best news ever!! This just made my day!! My favorite show confirmed for 2 more years!!! #gleek

  32. Me says:

    I still like the show, although the quality is more variable now. And while the ratings have gone down, they still have some of the best numbers on Same day +3 and +7 DVR viewing, plus on demand. While they don’t sell as much on itunes, it still a stream of revenue that supports the show. I’m hoping they make Blake (Ryder) a regular next year.

  33. amy says:

    It’s great if they give Chris Colfer something substantial to do aside from baking cookies or being hurt from his breakup with Blaine. Give Kurt a his OWN long-term front-line story (not as a prop for Blaine or Rachel) or give Chris his freedom!

  34. Ed says:

    Wow! I guess the ratings are doing pretty well, I haven’t watched a single episode since 3rd episode this season. It got boring to me. I have no interest at all in the noobs.

  35. KPWY says:

    This is a DISASTER. I was a Gleek and I wanted this cancelled. The show has gotten so offensive and this season has ruined everything I used to love about the show. RIB should be replaced. The fifth season should’ve only been set for 13 episodes– just to wrap up. This is the worst news ever.

    • Linda says:

      The worst news ever? I guess you don’t actually watch the news. And you don’t have to actually watch Glee if you are so offended and obviously disappointed.

      • Ruby says:

        Ha, seriously, after this week’s news especially.

      • Holly says:

        I was thinking the same thing! If the OP thinks glee getting renewed in the worst news ever they need to come out of their bubble and see what is actually happening in the world!

        Also, OP, you are not a Gleek if this news made you unhappy. Call yourself a former Gleek please because myself and other actual Gleeks are happy it will be back!

      • Jake says:

        Oh far goodness sake, you fans are just as bad as the people you are berating! Obviously the “worst news ever” comment is an exaggeration but of course you’ll use that to get your point across. We get it- you’re die-hard fans who will blindly love everything the show does no matter what. So I’ll say that I hope you don’t act that way in real life. See? I can use things in a ridiculous way too.

    • Ruby says:

      So because you’re a gigantic wah baby, you want it canceled for everyone who still likes it? That’s pretty douchey.

  36. EJ says:

    I am actually really excited about this news! lol I know the show is not as great as the 1st season but I still enjoy it. Season 4 started pretty rough but I think it found it’s footing in the second half. I just hope this gives them time to make the next one a better one and plan it out better. Regardless, I am glad it’s back for 2 more years :)

  37. Jared says:

    Although this season has been pretty lackluster I honestly think it’s a smart move. I think seasons 1-3 were better because they had a plan. when you have two years you can plan out entire storylines, like when we found out Santana was gay in season two and it developed through season three.

  38. Roger says:

    So it will end with Marley’s graduation. Challenge for the writers though.

  39. Pam says:

    Two seasons?? No offense to Fox, but are they insane? First off, let me say I love Glee…or rather I use to. I still watch but I was hoping season 5 would be the last season. Season 4 has been terrible. I thought they would let the show die with some dignity. Guess not. At least add some better writers. This season has destroyed everything that used to make Glee, Glee.

    • Scott says:

      Have to agree with this poster, this season has not been the best. Time to let it go folks.

    • Gleek1234 says:

      I 100% agree glee is about expressing yourself and letting out the real you ……I mean did they really have to break up finn and Rachel they were the perfect couple but at least in my heart I know finchel never gets old!!!!!! Also it’s getting a little boring without old members that made the party a party like Quinn Mercedes,mike,finn,Rachel,Tina and her gothic ways, now she is just normal,I Wally miss glee. I totally hope finn and Rachel get back together on season 5, but GLEE is still one of my all time favorites I’m a gleek

  40. Bill says:

    Everybody’s a show runner, EP, and/or writer wannabe!! All I know is enjoy watching this show and am glad it’s been renewed. It the 6th is the last season, then they will have a big canvas on which to plan the end of the series.

  41. Ross says:

    I smell a cancellation before a finale. I hope RIB knows what they’re doing. This season’s ratings have been dismal and the storyline are so disjointed.

  42. kate says:

    a show that exploited violence for ratings choosing this day of all days to renew? i’m shocked. tacky as hell, they could have waited a day or two.

  43. Mari says:

    kill it with fire

  44. Vic says:

    What’s that saying about beating a dead horse?

  45. Don’t stop believing until 2015.

  46. Wut says:

    Glee has been terrible for at least the past season and a half. The writing is some of the weakest I’ve seen. Can’t believe Fox is going to let it sink and embarrass itself for an additional two years. Barely anyone cares now, what do they expect going forward???