Exclusive: All My Children Alum Chrishell Stause Joins Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Casting News Chrishell StauseThings will undoubtedly heat up in Salem this summer when All My Children alumna Chrishell Stause surfaces on NBC’s Days of Our Lives.

Sources confirm for TVLine that Stause, who played AMC‘s Amanda Dillon Martin from mid-2005 until the serial’s broadcast finale in September 2011, has been cast on the Peacock’s long-running sudser in a contract role.

VIDEO | All My Children Relaunch: Meet Pine Valley’s Returning Faves and Fresh Faces

Given Days‘ lead time (the show is currently taping about three months out) and the fact that Stause just reported to the set last week, details on her role are hard to come by, but this much we have learned: She A) is playing a new character and B) will likely first air sometime in early August — maybe perhaps possibly for my birthday, on the 1st of the month?

In addition to her AMC run, Stause’s credits include a guest spot on ABC’s Body of Proof and the web series Luke 11:17.

Are you happy to see Stause back in the daytime-TV world? Which Salem stud would you pair her with?

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  1. jerrired says:

    I loved her on All My Children, so I may have to tune in to her on Days. I can just imagine how great the scenes between Arianne Zucker and her will be.

    • Aryn says:

      NOOOOOOO – so sick on new people coming on the show and pushing our Faves on back burner story lines. STOP MESSING WITH THE ALREADY OVERCROWDED CAST!!!!!!

      • Pam Drake says:

        I totally agree! TPTB don’t seem to care much for the VETS like Drake Hogestyn;who has been on the bench more than not this whole year! Drake is not the only vet on the bench either! They don’t seem to use the people who can really act lately compared to the newbies! The DAYS of today is NOT the same as say 20 years ago. I blame it on the current Head Writers! I hope & pray the situation changes ASAP before the long running DAYS is cancelled!

    • I love days and the cast on it now there like family watch it everyday, but if this stause comes on cast she should know not to take over and b the main part since she’s just starting on the days soap ty

  2. Tess says:

    she could have been perfect for Bold and the beautiful.

  3. JAMANDAFAN says:

    They better use her well!! I wanted her to be on GH–involved with the Quartermaine heir somehow.

  4. Arguably one of the most beautiful women in Daytime TV. I loved her on AMC. I preferred her when she was “bad girl” and involved with David and JR. I hope she is a villian on Days just not too villianous like Sarah Brown was for many fans who wanted her gone. I hope Chrishell is in Salem for many years to come. Hmmm who can they hook her up with? I am 11 months behind but definitely skipping ahead now once she starts airing.

  5. darlene zurline says:

    That’s great news! Bout time somebody picked her up. She’s a great actress and she is going to fit rite in. Congrats!!!!

  6. Em says:

    I hope she ends up with Rafe! :)

  7. As if the DAYS cast wasn’t ALREADY bloated enough, OY! Another NEW character eh! TomSell need to create NEW characters because they don’t have the talent to write for established characters, this is PAST annoying.

    • dude says:

      Isn’t new characters like the nature of soap operas.

      • Yes, but the DAYS way is let the newbies take OVER the show like TomSell’s newbies have. They seriously ignore HALF of the cast as it is. Other actors are so far on the back burner they’ll never get off. When TomSell start writing for DAYS as an ensemble, I’ll welcome new characters but right now it is CLEAR they have their favorites and those favorites have been shoved down our throats since TomSell started writing for DAYS. Frankly, I’m sick of the favoritism.

      • That it is..They are 3 months behinds,as for other soaps 6 weeks…They need new writters

    • MIMI says:

      How can TOMSELL write for new characters when they can’t handle the great cast that made the show what it is. And why does everyone use the phrase “i get that” what are we 12?!!! They are destroying DOOL more than before- the writers before them actually starting writing like the late James Reilly and I was actually coming back to the show- now it’s too up and down and it’s getting worse- get rid of these writers and bring back the last writers and we might just save DOOL.

      • Pam Drake says:

        I totally agree! With these writers DAYS won’t make it to their 50th Anniversary! They are trying to write out of character for all the vets for SURE! I will always be a fan of Drake Hogestyn though. He’s WONDERFUL!

  8. lauren says:

    This is great news a great get for Days. One of the few young actresses as talented as she is stunning to look at. She broke my heart during Amanda’s cancer scare.

  9. mimijo7 says:

    brady needs to dump kristen and get with the new lady :)

  10. Kim Sandino says:

    Days needs to bring Bo Brady back !!!

  11. Ray says:

    Hook her up with Lucas!!! He needs his own love interest away from Sami for now (although I am a Lumi fan).

    I have never seen AMC before or this actress. But she is smoking hot. Hopefully she can act.

  12. Kelly Lower says:

    She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in daytime. She was very good on AMC. Not only beautiful but a very defined and talented actress. I would love to see her paired with Ej (James Scott)

  13. Fabe says:

    It’s too bad she didn’t go to AMC. Maybe they didn’t ask her back?

    • I can’t fault her for wanting a most likely higher paying gig on broadcast TV. The AMC and OLTL reboots are still a new thing for a startup company. If they are a big success maybe she will return someday but with the episodes only being 30 minutes now there were bound to be cast cuts. Tune into Days and support Chrishell. Just fast forward thru all John Black scenes. lol

      • Pam Drake says:

        It’s NOT John Black’s fault for being SO OOC. It’s the writers! He’s the best actor on the show!

        • I agree, Pam! John is fabulous and Drake is a magnificent actor! Oh well, since DAYS are benching the vets to make room for more newbies, I won’t be watching anyway. I won’t be supporting NEW DAYS with all these new faces. Thank goodness for the freedom to turn the show OFF.

    • Amy says:

      oH theyasked her back on AMC but she moved on with her career. Chrishell is a good friend of mine..

  14. Debi Clarridge says:

    The powers at be should not be hiring any new actors, when they have shoved our favorite seasoned actors to the side lines. Their writing stinks, they need fired and a all new team hired. They are running Days into the ground!. I think they want Days cancelled. It makes me sick how these people have ruined the characters on the show and how they have left so many go……….. Get it together and bring our beloved actors back……………

    • Pam Drake says:

      That is SO true! The VETS are being cast aside for BAD script writing in my opinion. Everyone is being written out of character for sure. For example: Caroline Brady at a strip club! Terrible! John Black would NEVER have left Doc over an argument!

  15. dan says:

    She is gorgeous and was great as Amanda on “AMC.” Too bad she isn’t joining the online reboot, but congrats that she got “DOOL.” The biggest surprise in the article is that “DOOL” tapes three months in advance. Really? I remember the days when the soaps taped about two weeks ahead of airing.

    • TT says:

      It’s a budgetary issue, Dan. Apparently it’s cheaper if they tape a huge amount in six weeks, then get six weeks off. Something like that. Am I anywhere near correct?

      Ah, forgot about EJ. Yes, she’d be smoking hot with EJ or Brady. As for Rafe? Uhhhh, no. He’s way too dull for her. I am concerned she’s a bit too similar to Arianne Zuker (Nicole), though.

  16. Huskygrl says:

    Oh definately put her with Rafe! Let him be the hot hero again and get the focus back on romance and away from the garbage relationships they have now! And don’t blame TomSell for the current bad storylines, blame the idiots in charge who have forced them to follow the current story paths.

    • Pearl says:

      Oh I would love for days to put her with Rafe. Some say that Rafe is boring, but he’s not. What’s boring is having Stefano Dimera come back alive for the 1,000th time. Talk about boring!!!

  17. Sky says:

    Rumors are she is Cassie Brady. How do you know if she is new character? She is either Cassie or Emily Hudson.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      She is a new character. That’s why I put that in the story. That she is playing a new character. New.

      • Sky says:

        How do you know she is a new character where did you that she was? Cause rumors are Jen Lilley is the new character Keara Baldwin.

        There a younger female Brady character coming back to Salem that hasn’t been mentioned in a while and rumors are its Cassie Brady.

        So do you know for a fact CS is a new character? SOD says she is coming to Days and that she will cross paths with Rafe nothing about her being a new character.

  18. Kathy says:

    YES – Rafe needs a hot gorgeous lady in his life let him become the Rafe we grew to love when he first came on the show, this hot, gorgeous FBI agent with a agenda to stomp out crime in Salem. If he would be paired with her I might start watching again.

  19. Chacha says:

    It’s times like this when I’m glad that I stopped watching Days.

    They need to stop treating the vets like kitty litter and start writing better for them.

    The teen crowds on all the soaps are horrible but days is the worst.

    I’m happy for CS and the fact that she didn’t join that ghastly AMC reboot, but does days really need to add anymore new characters right now???

    The show does terrible in the ratings all the time and doesn’t sony or NBC have an option this year to cancel their contract with Days?

    I would think because of that fact, it’s time to bring back some established characters and close up some loose ends.

  20. Michelle says:

    I’d love to see her with Lucas or Chad!?? They both need to find someone n be happy finally! I love Chrishell, shes beautiful!! I was so hoping she was joining GH as Lulu or the Quartermaine aire but im a Days watcher too so I’m ok with this too!!

  21. Taylor says:

    Days is keeping a very tight lid on this so you don’t know for a fact she is a new character. She might be a new character or she might be recast. Only people who know is Chrishell, the days crew and cast.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      She is a new character. That’s why I put that in the story. That she is playing a new character. New.

      • Sky says:

        I will believe it when I hear SOD say who she is playing. There is no need for her to play a new character when Jen Lilley is a new character. Chrishell looks to much like Lauren Koslow to play anyone else but Cassie. Days is keeping a tight lid on all this so you don’t know who she is playing. Only Days cast and crew know. I’m still going with CS is playing Cassie Brady. I guess we all will have to wait and see.

  22. turnerisms says:

    This is the only show on daytime that shoots so far in advance, and as I get it’s partly for budget reasons, it doesn’t serve the show well. Especially when there’s a story that’s failing hardcore, but you have to stick with it for 3-4 months because the writers can’t just make a quick change to it. -_-

  23. iheartwilson says:

    I’m laughing at the people questioning Matt. LOL! Matt Mitovich knows what he is talking about! This isn’t a blog. Good grief!

    I’ve watched on and off for over 20 years. I’m all for new characters coming on to the show. I haven’t missed Bo at all and wouldn’t cry if Hope left.

    • waitingsucks says:

      Amen! They can take John and Marlena with them!! I loved her on AMC and will love her on DOOL. I see her with Rafe maybe? Who knows? Whatever the case, Welcome Chrishell :)

  24. Reney says:

    She would have been a beautiful compliment for EJ(James Scott)..as Taylor.If she plays Cassie Brady that would be good because,she could take Rafe from Kate.LOL now that would be a great storyline,for Rafe(Galen).Or she could play Rafes mysterious wife that “supposedly” died.

  25. Denise says:

    I think her an EJ would make a new super couple & Sami back to Rafe!

  26. Patrick Johnson says:

    I really like seeing Jordan Ridgeway on Days of our Lives.