Scoop: Lost Alum to Play Jodi Arias in Lifetime Movie; Former Mob Man Cast as Murdered Ex

blog_tania_jesseLost vet Tania Raymonde is nearing a deal to play accused murderer Jodi Arias in Lifetime’s original movie centered on the sensational (and ongoing) trial, TVLine has learned.

Additionally, Mob Doctor‘s Jesse Lee Soffer has been cast as Travis Alexander, the ex Arias stands accused of killing.

Arias faces a first-degree murder charge for Alexander’s 2008 killing at his home outside Phoenix. She claims self defense.

On Monday, the defense rested their case after nearly three months of testimony.

The Lifetime project, titled Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story, is being exec produced by  Joshua D. Maurer, Alixandre Witlin and Judith Verno.

Raymonde recently nabbed one of the lead roles in NBC’s planted Chicago Fire spin-off.

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  1. JoannePistonFan says:

    I thought Janel Parrish (Mona from Pretty Little Liars) would have been perfect for the role.

  2. dragons3 says:

    “planted” spin-off? What, pray tell, is a “planted” spin-off?

    • Lola says:

      From the WGA: A “planted spin-off” is commonly understood to be a new series in which the main character(s) of the new series is not a regular character in the first series, but is introduced in the original series for the specific purpose of creating a new series with that character. For example, “Melrose Place” is a planted spin-off of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” as the characters in the new series were introduced in the original series specifically to spin-off into a new series.

    • Martoukian says:

      Put more simply–it’s when the pilot for a new series is an episode of an existing series.

  3. carolinagirl says:

    At the rate the trial is progressing, the movie jury will probably have a verdict before the courtroom one does!

  4. Khorrie says:

    But how are they ever going to top the absolute ridiculousness that is *actually happening* in this trial? It’s already a hot mess in reality; we don’t need a Hollywood version with “creative license” dragging this out any longer than it’s already taking.

  5. Martoukian says:

    I’m unfamiliar with Jodi Arias–is there something unusual or compelling about her trial that makes it TV movie material?

    • Martoukian says:

      I looked it up, and I don’t see anything in this case that indicates it would make an interesting movie. There must be dozens of cases around Lifetime could use for their tacky, sleazy movies.

    • Bleujaki says:

      Martoukian…you must watch HLN the trial is ongoing as I type. She stabbed her ex boyfriend 29 times slit his throte then shot him in the face. 9 of the stap wounds were in the back and she is claiming self defense

  6. Andrew says:

    What ever happened to casting actors/actresses that actually look like the person they are portraying in a movie?

    Nikki Cox looks more like Jodi Arias than the actress they’ve picked.

    • Martoukian says:

      Nikki Cox doesn’t even look like herself anymore–major plastic surgery disaster area.

      • Christian says:

        OMG you weren’t lying! I just googled her and was horrified at the images popping up. How could such a beautiful woman willingly do that to herself? She has to have body dysmorphic disorder.

  7. suzyku says:

    Just what we need, NOT!

  8. Ron Gomes says:

    Jane March would have been dead on.

  9. phoofy cat says:

    I will watch it ONLY if Jodi doesn’t get $ from it.
    I have watched HLN live trial getting to sound more like Casey Anthony lies…if she. Jodi is going to get money for her telling how she
    Mutilated Travis I for one won’t pay to see it

  10. Karen says:

    ugh.. I see Shannon Elizabeth in the role but personally, I wish they’d leave it alone. The Casey Anthony trial was a terrible “movie”. And “Dirty Little Secret” is a bad title. I feel for the Alexander family.

  11. Jay Whitehill says:

    WHY WHY WHY…l do not understand why we continue to give these psychopaths more press than the innocent victim. Lock em away, stick a needle in their arm and save the taxpayer…… NO MOVIE, NO BOOK,,,,,,NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS MURDERING LYING BITCH….The only reason anyone will watch is because they are white trash or ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E or AMC have nothing on……. Id rather watch an old Betty Davis movie with some class………….

    • ruth says:

      I agree eith you…I refuse to watch it and it would really make me sick if they pay Jodi on top of all the rest of the adulation she is receiving. I cant tell who is worse Casey or Jodi.

  12. rebecca sena says:

    Will there be a roll for Juan Martinez or det. Flores or court room drama ? I’d love to see Joe pesci or all Pacino as Juan and Del Zamora as det detective Flores

  13. rebecca sena says:

    Will there be a role for Juan Martinez or det. Flores or court room drama ? I’d love to see Joe pesci or all Pacino as Juan and Del Zamora as det detective Flores although neither all or Joe are Hispanic but they can both play agresive roles and they are both awesome actor Al being amazingggggg

  14. MaryDtn9 says:

    Jodi Arias is a remorseless sociopath, a premeditated killer and a narcissistic pathological liar. JA stated “No jury will ever convict me”. JA stated “Travis Alexander is in a better place”, now that’s cold. JA stated she has lied to everyone. JA has always lied, been confrontational and manipulative, before the investigation started, from the start of the investigation, from jail and during the trial. JA’s macabre banter with the prosecutor during cross examination reaffirmed how narcissistic she is. It was both scary and revealing to watch her “Hannibal Lecter” style of banter. JA’s thin veiled attempts to show remorse were a pathetic farce. JA is not insane but she is a monster. JA is her own worst enemy; she just can’t or won’t shut it.
    JA is a liar. Nothing JA says can be believed. The defense created theory stories based on JA lies and presents them as if they were fact. They were stories based on JA lies, not fact. There is no defensible argument. The prosecution has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that JA is guilty of the premeditated murder, in the first-degree, of Travis Alexander. “JA know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.”

  15. Shannon says:

    My question is, who gets Money for these true stories made into Movies?? I’ve been watching the Jodi Arias Murder trial since the begining, I have so much sympathy for the Travis Alexander Family. They have had to sit in court day in day out and try to not show emotions infront of the jury. They have put their lives on hold to seek justice for their Brother and I’d like to know if they do get apart of Money?? I will not be watching if some money is not given to them.

    • debbielynn says:

      Criminals, by law, are not allowed any monetary gain from any movies, books, television appearances, etc.that relate to the crime(s) they have committed.