Smash Recap: The Nude Normal

Smash Season 2 recap Dress Rehearsal BobbyThis week on Smash, Ivy Lynn proves that art can sometimes imitate a wardrobe malfunction, Karen backbone-building exercises begin to pay dividends and (say it ain’t so!) Julia and Tom’s friendship hits a rocky patch. Plus, Julia makes big contributions to Bombshell and Hit List, Kyle completes his transition from forgotten dustpan into a real human boy and Eileen gets double-crossed by the lamestream media. (I kid! I kid! I just always wanted to type the phrase “lamestream media” for kicks and giggles, and figured, “I’m recapping a show on a Saturday night — here’s my shot!”)

Okay, so let’s cut to the chase of what happened this week on Smash…

IT’S NOT EASY BEING TOM | We open with Tom having one of those dreams where he’s naked on stage in front of his entire cast (with Ivy Lynn snapping photos, the little hellion). Then he wakes and finds he’s in bed with…ELLIS! (MY EYES! MY EYES! THEY BURRRNNN!) Yep, that’s the moment where Tom’s internal GPS directed him to take a left off Anxiety Dreams Lane and onto Frakking Nightmare Blvd. (Show of hands: Anyone miss Ellis a little? Nah? Okay, moving on…) So it turns out Tom is stressed because Bombshell is doing a run-through for friends and family and selected media — and he feels like his future as a director rests on how he fares in his first attempt. Julia counts 14 mistakes in Act One — including Ivy Lynn’s Marilyn flashing her netherregions to the audience when JFK accidentally removes her negligee along with her dress. Whoops!

The next day, Eileen is all “you have to fix the technical problems by 3 pm or cancel the show’s first preview…but oh, can we talk Ivy Lynn into getting nekkid on the regular?” Okay, she didn’t say it like that, but I translated from Fabulous Producer into Commoner-ese. At 3pm, Tom is still scrambling — it takes so long to bring in the giant plane for “National Pasttime” before Act Two that intermission has to be stretched to 45 minutes. And that’s when Julia has an idea: Stage “Dig Deep” out in the audience and in front of the stage. (Pause here to celebrate the awesomeness of bitchy Bobby’s work in this number. Yes, NBC’s press site had a photo of the adorable scamp…and I used it for this recap. #TeamBobby4Eva) And so the preview goes on, and goes seemingly well. Until Sam quits because he doesn’t want to be a bench-warmer waiting for the next cast-member injury. And until the Times runs a big piece noting how Bombshell and Hit List both delve into the “power and price of transformation” — with Marilyn’s story clearly influencing the central characters in the latter show. Except Bombshell, the story goes on, rakes over the past, while Hit List mines the present and the future. Ouch! When Tom gets to the part in the article about Julia being “Hit List‘s informal dramaturg,” a fact Julia neglected to mention to him, he loses it — and actually tells his BFF/current roomie to spend the night “with your boyfriend.” (I’m assuming he means Scott.) (Also, it’s a good thing Julia didn’t follow Derek and Karen and quit the big production or she might not be able to afford a dang hotel!)

DEREK PUTS HIS WORK BEFORE HIS LIBIDO | Seeing Derek all sulky and toussled (okay, he’s always sulky and toussled — but this time not in a good, sexy, British way), Julia goes in for a heart-to-heart: After she broke up with Michael Swift, she saw Bombshell more clearly than ever. Whatever’s happening between him and Karen, she adds, he ought to channel it into Hit List. “Run it,” she instructs. “Maybe you’ll see something new.” And, in fact, he does just that — making a decision to open the show with The Diva (Ana’s character) in the audience for a concert by Amanda (Karen’s character) — singing Amanda’s signature song before firing a gun at someone on the stage. Karen and Jimmy respond with the maturity of two-year-olds who’ve just had their crayons taken away after drawing on the wall. It goes something like this:

“You’re punishing us!” whines Jimmy.
“It’s my character’s anthem! Don’t give it to Ana!” whines Karen.
“This is how development works,” sighs Derek, who remembers they’re staging a musical for public consumption, not a game of kickball during recess. Oy!

Somehow, Scott passes the ball to KYLE (who apparently read a copy of Broadway for Dummies! over the last few weeks and is now a Major Storyteller). “Derek’s right. I’m sorry. It’s better,” says the Artist Formerly Known as Gay Wallpaper. Jimmy makes a pukey face, as is his wont, and rages that Kyle is just like Derek — jealous because he and Karen are doing the nasty. Later, Jimmy apologizes to his roomie for being “a dick,” and everything’s hunky dory with the men of Hit List. (Side note: Derek’s opening was pretty flippin’ fantastic. I’d sign up for that show. Plus, having Ana sing a few bars in creepy stalker mode hardly negates Karen’s ability to have a moment with it. Sheesh.)

KAREN ALIENATES, WELL, PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE | So here’s Karen’s week in a nutshell: She gets in a fight with Ana after telling her roomie that “[Derek] only gave you that song because he was pissed at me” (neglecting to remember that Ana had the lead role in Hit List at Fringe Fest before Karen blithely quit Bombshell and took over). Karen gets in a fight with Derek after he informs her Jimmy gets paid in cash BECAUSE HE HAS NO SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. “You don’t know what you’re dealing with,” he tells her. “Yeah I do: A jealous old man,” she snaps back. And finally Karen looks like she’s done with Jimmy after she confronts him with concerns about his drug use, his real name and his general sketchiness and all he can do is snarl and say “I’m sorry.” I’ve now decided that Karen needs to be single to focus on her work and her self-actualization. Who’s with me? Also, Jimmy’s Sketchy Drug Dealer Pal gets flirty with Ana outside the theater and so you know that foreshadows Very Bad Things.

IVY LYNN BARES, WELL, EVERYTHING | Ivy Lynn spends a lot of time in her birthday suit this week. She opens the episode in bed after a casual encounter with Derek, and ends it by inviting him back inside — with plans to spend the night. Maybe these two complicated grown-ups are meant for each other? I’m not sure. As for the nudoty in Bombshell, Ivy Lynn keeps her nightie on when JFK strips her down, but later, as Marilyn pleads for Mr. President to come back to bed, she drops her sheet and — bazinga! — shows the crowd the full monty. In the context of the play, that moment of naked vulnerability really works, so kudos to our Broadway scrapper for her fine actorly choice. It certainly answered Bobby’s question: “Nude or prude?”

As for Eileen and Times Guy, well, it looks like they’re splitsville again, but alas it didn’t end with a tossed martini. Why The Face?

What did you think of this week’s Smash? Are you digging the rekindled Ivy Lynn-Derek? Did Karen have any right to be angry with Ana? And did Tom have a right to be angry with Julia? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Annie says:

    God help me, I missed Ellis. I looked away for a second and then heard Tom scream again … I had to go rewatch it a few times just to make sure I really saw what I thought I saw. Hysterical – that’s honestly the best moment this poor show’s had all season. Oh, show. You try so hard.

  2. TT says:

    The Lily Hayes Theater? They’re using a fake name for the Broadway theater which houses Bombshell? What about that moment in the first episode of the season when Tom kvelled about how Bombshell would look so wonderful in the Belasco Theater? I must have missed the bit when they lost the Belasco Theater.

  3. Josh says:

    Ergh we know next to nothing about Hit List..yes it has good songs but I feel no connection towards it. It’s like the Karen of season. It’s getting praise, but none of it’s really deserved…And sure enough Bombshell is Ivy…Safran is so in love with his own creation.

  4. marta says:

    so not happy with Ivy & Derek! yuck!

    finally, Karen is slowly growing a pair . . . with only a few episodes left!

    and loved that Hit List got more praise than Bombshell! not a fan of Ivy as Marilyn she imitates Marilyn–not original at all!!!!!!!

  5. Ann says:

    This was probably one of the best episodes of Smash so far. Focus on the musical theater aspect of the show with a little bit of backstage drama. This show is getting better, it’s just a shame it’s coming too late for a possible renewal by NBC.

  6. Smasher says:

    Elllllllissssssss! Loling at that opening scene. Hated how everyone was acting like little children this episode, and it didn’t seem realistic how Karen was acting out. Not that I’m surprised given the way the Smash writers have no idea how to write the characters one week to the next. I feel like Jimmy is totally dragging Karen down this season and its annoying me a lot. Like slezak says, girl needs some single time. I fear Safran has them together till the end. And I’ve now lost all cartwills hope! :( bombshell stuff was ok, but in kind of all bombshelled out right now, I really can’t drum up much enthusiasm for it. My biggest gripe this episode though is – NOT ENOUGH MUSIC! :(

  7. jc says:

    Great, I have to endure Jimmy, and now he’s the reason Karen is acting like a kid too. THANK YOU SMASH!! I’m glad Karen finally ditched jimmy, but come on, you,know that’s not going to be the end of them. We’ve still got 6 episodes left! And ewwwww at Derek and Ivy. Can’t believe they’re going there again. They’re so not good for each other. Karen just needs to see the light and get it on with Derek already

  8. Linderella says:

    Derek is just seeking shelter from the storm with Ivy. It’s temporary. Jimmie, the tortured writer, needs to go. And I wanted to slap Karen for being hateful to Ana. She’ll eventually see the light about Jimmie and Derek – I’m still hopeful in the end it will be Derek and Karen. I’m sticking with Smash til the last curtain call, but some of this season has been painful to watch. To answer the question about Tom – no, he has no right to be angry with Julia.

    • the girl says:

      At this point, I’m hoping when Karen sees the light and comes a-running, Derek gives her the cold shoulder. He deserves better than Karen Cartwright… and I do realize the ridiculousness of that statement, but it serves to demonstrate how unattractive she’s been in the past weeks while drooling over Jimmy.

    • Jen says:

      I totally agree, Karen was being such a snot to Ana. What a terrible thing to say to your friend. Then she was nasty to Derek. I really didn’t care for her personality at all this week. Oh it was so uncomfortable to watch that scene in the bar between Julia and Tom. GREAT acting though on both their parts.

    • Joan G. says:

      I completely agree with you Linderella. Karen needs to wake up and see that she and Derek belong together (sorry, Ivy, but I think you will go far on Broadway and not have time for Derek anyway). As for Tom, totally self-absorbed. Julia did nothing wrong in my opinion. While some of this season may have been painful to watch, I can’t wait each week for the next episode. I’m so disappointed that Smash won’t be renewed.

  9. RUCookie says:

    I like Derek and Ivy together, and with both showing personal growth it could be good for them. Karen did not leave Jimmy people…Jimmy left her. She in her pathetic ness went to hi. Saying I know you do drugs, get high at I opportune times, are shady and likely in criminal trouble, but if you tell me the truth, I will stay…how sad was that…and it isn’tJimmy that is bringing her down; he has always been a louse. She is acting like a child herself…Ana was right to bring her down a peg or two…for someone who has not EVER starred on broadway officially, she is way too full of herself. Tom and Julia…what to say. Julia should have told Tom. Tom should not behave like an idiot-how many times did he say that he was the director and was on the line (and she came up with the act 2 staging). He could have been in worse trouble.

    • RL says:

      I love that they’re bringing Ivy and Derek back together. I really liked them together as a couple and I think it’s nice to see that they are both growing together too. I don’t get why everyone hates that the writers are bringing them back together. I think I’ll prefer Derek with Ivy anytime over Derek and Karen.

  10. Caro says:

    I HATE Ivy with Derek! I don’t care about Bombshell! I can’t stand Tom as Director! I want more Hitlist, more Karen ala season one, more Derek and Karen and I want Josh Safran never to have been hired because he is killing my show! For future reference, anyone who hires this idiotic no talent cretin deserves the failure they are asking for!

    • Lily says:

      Agree. I miss the grand production numbers of Season 1 with the glorious Katharine McPhee dancing and singing. I miss the hallucinating Derek, the incredible chemistry between Karen and Derek and the delicious bitchiness of Ivy Lyn. I wish the time wasted on Jennifer Hudson, Liza Minelli, the Dramaturg, etc. was spent more on Bobby, Jessica, the Bombshell ensemble, and Ana instead. For the few remaining episodes, please let Katharine sing in every one. Don’t let Ivy be Derek’s rebound and if Karen does not end up with Derek, let her be single and be the star she is meant to be.

      • Mike says:

        I agree; I also miss the grand production numbers of Season 1. We need ‘grander’ numbers in S2, rather than pop numbers from Hit List. I also miss the Ivy/Karen rivalry/jealousy thing. Bring back the rivalry and the grand music of Season 1.

    • Jenny says:

      You do realize, that if Josh Safran hadn’t been hired, Hitlist probably wouldn’t exist? Saying that, I, too, wish the person who told him he has a career in TV, one that doesn’t include selling actual TVs, got hit by a car many many years ago, before he could send little Josh on his way to suckiness, that eventually would end up screwing our show.

  11. Anon says:

    Gee, another recap slamming the Karen character and propping up the Ivy character when both actresses and their fictional avatars are given equally preposterous character arcs. The formerly fun, frothy pleasure that was SMASH is riding so far off the rails everybody on that show needs a passport and this is all TV Line has to say every week? Let’s bring back the smart back in “Talk smart about TV” instead of complimenting and slamming the EXACT same character overs……and over……and over…and OVER again.

    Well…..except about the Jimmy hate. There is just so much to work with there I don’t see how one could resist.

    Anyways, preposterous really isn’t so bad (Can’t wait for All My Children and One Life to Live comes back! Squeeee!!!!!!!), the problem is how aggressively boring the story lines are in their lack of logic and believability.

    Karen cries the whole episode about Ana getting to sing 5 lines of her favorite song in a performance that is the musical equivalent Jennifer Jason Leigh in “Single White Female”? Whatev. Never mind how much it doesn’t make sense…no one cares because Ana just magically became Karen’s bestie in 2×01…because there has been no strong presentation on what the story of Hit List is…..because there has been no build up to Jimmy and Karen’s relationship. The new writers are just telling us what to feel instead of earning it through good storytelling.

    And Ivy lets Derek just slip back in bed after consistently treating her like convenient second best, and TVLine wants to call that “complicated”? It’s not complicated, it is just plain stupid. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me, Fool me 14 times over, get sterilized for humanity’s sake.

    Ivy in the first season was a confident yet vulnerable heroine with a bit of bite. This season she caked about with a feather saying “this show could be better” without ever actually making the show better….then gets the role of her dreams and whines about it in one form or another. Now, she randomly lets Derek back in her bed and life after he gets rejected by Karen….and she didn’t even get dinner and a movie?!?

    And why they spend valuable time on “Dig Deep”, the most boring song every made for this show is beyond me. We could have heard Megan Hilty’s version of “Don’t Forget Me” in that time.

    This show has so much talent and it’s wasted on Saturday night and Gossip Girl level of writing. And not Chuck and Blair level of Gossip Girl….more like Jenny and her inane story arcs.

  12. rebecca says:

    I will love SMASH til it’s gone…I think Ivy is in a much better place to have a casual affair with Derek and she knows that it is just that and no more..Julia should have told Tom she was helping the fledgling writers and Karen is hooked on the “bad” guy and it is affecting her judgment …she won’t let go easily and it could jeopardize her career and is a highly addictive, destructive relationship

  13. GRC says:

    Slow clap for Megan Hilty, even if she had to simulate dropping trou’ to get noticed in this episode. And yet another situation where Cat’ McPhee is being outshined by ever other actress in her show. Best episode of the series to date. Puh-leeze, no more Ellis, not even as a meta joke.

  14. the girl says:

    Yay for Kyle (finally?) earning his writing credit! He is growing on me as a character, because he eagerly wants to be good at this and is soaking up the opportunity to work with Derek and Julia. I admire his attitude, especially when juxtaposed against Jimmy.
    Speaking of, can we talk about how self-absorbed Jimmy and Karen were this episode? Which is something in and of itself because they are pretty much ALWAYS self-absorbed. Everyone kept saying, have an open mind, LOOK at how WELL this is going – and they’re all, no I don’t wanna you can’t make me haters. Jimmy is a drug addict and Karen is a nobody, and Derek is Derek Wills. Knock it off, ladies and gentlemen. Get your life.
    Good for Sam for quitting, and bravo Ivy for making a brilliant last-minute decision. Someone said tonight was the best episode all season, and I couldn’t agree more.

  15. Maggie says:

    Slezak I’m totally with you on Team Bobby, Wesley Taylor’s delivery has been spot on. I LOVED Derek’s reimagined opening, totally creepy and awesome, Karen needs to stop whining.

  16. Razzy9 says:

    I’ve realized this show is far more enjoyable for me if I FF through any Karen and Jimmy scenes. Of course I expected the adoration for Hit List and the diss on Bombshell because as always they like to tell the audience how great they think Karen and anything she’s involved in is. I really just wish they would let us come to that conclusion instead of shoving it down our throats, it only makes me root for Ivy and Bombshell that much more. Honestly there has been nothing that’s been the least bit intriguing for me when it comes to Hit List…okay I do love me some Jesse L Martin but honestly they could have brought him in without tarnishing his amaziness with anything to do with Karen and company. I also love the fact that Derek is coming out of the Karen haze he was in, it just really dragged down his character and made it impossible for me to actually believe he’s suppose to be this phenomenal director when his muse lacks the acting chops to carry a show and the ability to emote.

    Ivy was fabulous! Can’t wait to see Bombshell in its entirety, loved the bits and pieces that they showed us. The only thing I will complain about is that we didn’t get more of Ivy singing, that girl has got some vocal prowess and I feel like they don’t showcase it as much as they should! So glad that they have Ivy and Derek together again, I just love those two! Love how there seems to be a shift in their dynamic, he used to hold all the cards and now that Ivy is coming into her own strength she’s the one holding them. I really hope they keep exploring these two together instead of the tired and and annoying duo that are Karen and Jimmy.

    • Ruby says:

      I totally agree 100% I love Ivy and Bombshell. Karen is a bad actress…and she doesn’t have a real Broadway voice. And Derek out of his Karen phase is so refreshing!

    • Joe says:

      We also skip Karen/Jimmy scenes and anytime Karen sings a number. It makes the show a lot more fun.

  17. j says:

    This was one of the best episodes yet. The first one this season I’ve really enjoyed from beginning to end. It was funny, tasteful and intense. Karen and Jimmy being taken down a notch, Debra and Christian’s comedic chops, Eileen’s fabulousness, Megan’s cuteness. I’m not thrilled about Ivy and Derek, but I do love how she’s handling their relationship this time around.

  18. Diane says:

    When did this air and why didn’t my dVR get it????? I am so bummed. Maybe I can find it on Hulu.

    • The Beach says:

      Saturday night at 8:00. My dvr has picked up the schedule change with no problem,

    • CLNorman says:

      Mine didn’t pick it up either so I checked to see if it was listed to air. At the time it was suppose to air it listed “To Be Announced” and so it didn’t record to my DVR.

  19. kavyn says:

    At this point I pretty much hate Karen just as much as I hate Jimmy… Her character is so childish and immature, that I’d honestly rather see her get totally screwed over than see her be successful. Ditto with Jimmy, who’s making Kyle look bad by association.

    Tom and Julia are the reasons I tune into this show. They’re really great characters and it’s just nice to see what they’re up to next. Ivy Lynn’s alright, but I do miss her season one sass.

    I would have loved to see Rebecca Duvall and Ellis return. I don’t really understand why everyone wanted Ellis gone. He was like the Joffrey of the season, except he had no power whatsoever lol. He’s certainly better than Jimmy ;)

  20. bobbie says:

    Best episode yet! Derek and Ivy are on the same page – almost. I think he’s still a little infatuated with Karen, but he’ll get over that. Now that Kyle has “come of age” (yes, he got with the program!) the sideshow is now just The Karen and one Munchkin. Karen and all her accusations really did remind me of ‘Fight Club’.
    It was wonderful seeing Ivy signing autographs after the show. She was brilliant. Megan Hilty was too :)
    Elaine had every right to be mad at the NYT guy. He knew better than to write what he did, even if I don’t know his name or character really, he’s old enough to know that you don’t date a woman and diss her show like that and expect her to keep going out with you. Or maybe he’s not smart enough, but for heaven’s sakes, *I* would know better. Wouldn’t you? I understand why Tom is upset with Julia, and he has some right to be mad upset her. She didn’t realize what would happen though. It’s mostly that NYT guy – Elaine’s hopefully now ex-friend.
    Derek and Ivy could do very well together. It could happen.

  21. Toia says:

    This week on Smash, High School Musical/Glee crossover. Oh the teen angst except everyone on the show is an adult. As a have said I don’t care about Jimmy. I do like that Kyle put his big boy pants on and stopped being “the Artist Formerly Known as Gay Wallpaper” (that should be a t-shirt or something, for like coming out). Now if only tom could do the same thing, you can’t control ppl or what the press says. He is not new to the theater world the same with Eileen.
    And Karen no one made you leave Bombshell and frankly Ana is more interesting than you. And more than one character can sing a song in a show (this episode should have been called “Everyone is New) because I kept thinking “are you new to like the world, cuz you don’t seem to know how we do things here”
    The only parts that didn’t make me frustrated where who ivy took controll of her nude scene, it worked much better her way. When the dancer guy left –he never should have quit a paying gig in the first place. And the change to hit list I the stuff with Karen and Jimmy isn’t interesting. Ana’s performances aren’t flat. If Karen wasn’t so insecure then she could see the changes aren’t about who’s in her bed

  22. Babygate says:

    I think this has been the strongest episode of the season so far. Not perfect, but better. I miss Eileen tossing martinis at people’s faces. Do not miss Ellis, at all. Don’t like Derek and Yvy together but love her as Marilyn. I think Megan is the best thing about this show. I loved the way this epi focused on getting the show ready and working out the logistics. Julia’s idea was brilliant as was Yvi’s decision to move the nude scene. Derek’s arrangement to Hit List was genius. That being said, I hated that the newer show upstaged Bombshell. Imo, the worst thing about this show is Jimmy followed by Karen. He was a douche from the get go but she used to be much more likeable. Now she’s insufferable. She started out the season flirting with Derek, BTW, leading him on, and quickly moved on to Jimmy and descended into doormat status. This show has moments of brilliance, too bad the few bad players aided by some truly bad writing caused it to implode.

  23. Mellie says:

    “Julia counts 14 mistakes in Act One — including Ivy Lynn’s Marilyn flashing her netherregions to the audience when JFK accidentally removes her negligee along with her dress. Whoops!”

    Not in act one, in the whole show. JFK is one of the last few numbers, and the mistakes included the Act II opening (the plane/intermission issues).

    • Mellie says:

      Also… “Tom is still scrambling — it takes so long to bring in the giant plane for “National Pasttime””

      “Public Relations” not National Pastime :P

    • amanda says:

      you’re wrong there – since julia actually says ‘in act one’ when tom asks her.

  24. Ettie says:

    Despite having no new songs (for the first time ever, I think) it was an excellent episode. I love it when they just focus on the creation of theater. And the Ellis cameo was
    hilarious. I think this season had been largely great and I am going to miss this show so much.

  25. jess k says:

    Best episode of the season, so far!
    Karen is so unlikable this season it is ridiculous. Yay for the triumph of Ivy though! I’m glad to see at least one of the leading ladies experiencing character growth instead of assassination.
    Julia… What a screw up, honestly. She ruined her marriage last year, and now they seem to be priming her to ruin her friendship with Tom. Such a shame considering that was one of the best parts of the show. Tom just needs to let the Sam thing go. He screwed it up, and Sam screwed himself up. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to fix that one.
    Derek is leaving the Karen-coma and thank god! The new opening was brilliant and was the first real thing I had seen from Hit List that made me want to see more. Congrats to Kyle for being the most adorable person on the screen. His genuine desire to learn from all of these talented people around him is delightful.
    Jimmy…. I just wish he would sing and not have that characterization. Jeremy Jordan is brilliant and so incredibly talented and I hate what they have used him for on this show. Saw him in “Bonnie & Clyde” right before it hit broadway and he was amazing. This show doesn’t do his talent any sort of justice.
    And seriously though – can we have more than one or two musical numbers an episode? I want more!

  26. Anna says:

    I’ve never rooted for Karen and that most definitely won’t change now, because I don’t like what they’ve done to her character during the last few episodes. She was not that stupid in S1, right? Just get rid of Jimmy already, girl! At this point, I just want Ivy to be happy – with Derek or without – and Bombshell to be a huge success, because Tom and Julia need some happiness as well. And I kinda want Ana to outshine Karen, because she’s being not very nice to her “friend” right now…

  27. Kat says:

    Somewhere between season 1 and season 2 i have completely changed my affinity for characters. Like seriously, when did Ivy become my favorite character? and that move in Bombshell??? Genius. And i am absolutely in love with the idea of her and Derek again, which is so weird because i hated them the first season. But Karen…how i have come to seriously dislike her. She behaved so immaturely and bratty during this episode, not to mention she was a bitch to someone who is supposed to be her friend. I wanted to slap her the entire episode. I thought i liked Karen and Jimmy together….but no, it’s no longer working for me. But the beginning of Hit List completely blew my mind…amazing. Though, i would love to actually see more of what the musical is actually about. Still loving Bombshell and i really hope it becomes successful. Oh yeah, and Ana. I love her. I hope she continues to be amazing. I would also love to see more of Kyle…

  28. Kristi says:

    I loved this episode. I’m glad that Derek, Kyle and Ana stopped propping Karen and worked for the betterment of Hit List. Karen has been (even more) unbearable this season. Loved Ivy/Derek back together, especially since they have grown since the first season. I hope that Eileen and Richard, the NY Times writer, can work things out. He is a far more interesting recurring character than Eileen’s former love interest, Nick the bartender.

  29. MM says:

    I think one of the problems with this season (besides the obvious character issues, and jimmy, and all the women except ivy being stupid about boys) has been the focus on hit list without telling us much about it. Last week it was the newest rent and this week it’s murder mystery that is the future of marilyn…. Ohhh kay. With bombshell they didn’t have to tell us much because we all have context for marilyn. I’ve always said this show works best when we see them working on the show, and that was the case with the bombshell portions. But hit list, despite a few good songs, doesn’t work for me… So the nyt review was a big wtf moment

  30. AngieD says:

    This was the best episode of season 2! I like Derek and Ivy together this season. Last season he treated her poorly and she was too needy. This season they started off a bit more even – as friends with a past. From season1, Ivy learned that she can’t mix business with pleasure because of her relationship with Derek – thus, she knew that she needed space in her friendship with Tom. Ivy’s grown up. Derek respects her more this season vs last.

    I know egos are big on Broadway, but Karen certainly needed to be taken down a notch. She couldn’t even take a second to see that the opening changes were great! She couldn’t see how Ana stepped aside graciously when Karen quit Bombshell. I really hope that Ana gets her big break from Hit List!

    Loved Ivy’s change to the script. It actually was better than the original accident as it portrayed Marilyn has aggressive yet still vulnerable.

  31. AngieD says:

    Oh, I also think that spending so much time on the Karen/Jimmy relationship was the biggest mistake of the season. The audience’s reaction to Karen has always been mixed. Now, throw her into a relationship with Jimmy who no on likes and it makes them just a bad couple! Yet at least 1/3 of screen time is focused on their relationship

  32. cara says:

    I hated Jimmy storyline in Season 2 which came out of nowhere and suddenly made Karen, one of the leading ladies, a teenager who has nothing in her mind but her BOYfriend. Karen has been diminished to a dependent, whinny, minor and totally uninteresting character. I’m not a fan of any actor/actress on the now but I love Broadway. I certainly would like to see a young talent with great talent, interesting personality and definitely not a teenager in disguise (Karen doesn’t look like a teenager but acts like one which is the worst case). Karen as written has no chance to become an interesting character and to earn her share of the show. IMO introduction of Jimmy character has done nothing good for the show. The writers should’ve been more careful with Karen character. Killing her like that (irritating, unexpected, teen boyfriend against Derek, no (zero) interesting dialogue, scene, behavior) has damaged the show”s overall balance (not that it had a strong one).

  33. twee says:

    Yeah, Karen is acting in a way entirely consistent with her behaviour last season. She’s sweet as pie when she has no stakes, but when she gets something, or THINKS she’ll get something, she’s mean petty and vicious if she thinks it’s getting taken away. For origins, think about her slamming her way out of an audition in the pilot, or her reaction to Ivy walking into the rehearsal hall after she thought Ivy’s throat issue would have her taking the lead.

  34. CJ says:

    That picture of Bitchy Bobby is PERFECTION. He was great last night. It was nice to see Kyle being a bit more assertive; that kid is smart and willing to learn and grow but he needs to make sure his wagon is not permanently hitched to idiotic Jimmy. Andy Mientus is so talented and it’s a shame he’s been so underused. Same with Krysta Rodriguez – she plays Ana so well. That scene with her and Jimmy’s drug dealer ‘friend’ makes me nervous for what lies ahead. I loved Derek’s change to the opening of Hit List. I think the audience (us) not knowing all the details of the Hit List plot is part of what made that scene work, but I too would like to know a bit more of what that show is supposed to be about, rather than just being told it’s phenomenal without much to go on. Karen needed someone to slap her, or maybe just send her in the direction of the “Mean Girls” casting director. Ivy was amazing in this episode – Megan Hilty is just outta this world. Overall, I loved this episode. I will be sad to see this show go.

  35. Liz says:

    I hate myself for knowing this… but the plane was for Public Relations, not National Pastime.

  36. Kit says:

    From start (opening Hit List with the angry Diva) to finish (portending something bad to befall Ana), the writers of Smash seem to be setting the stage for Jennifer Hudson’s Ronnie to swoop in with Jerry & take Hit List to Broadway! Gotta love the fact that even the title of “Hit List” makes a lot more sense now – meant to be ;) Who cares about Ana, really? She must be a means to an end. She & Karen certainly don’t seem close. I’m only interested in Jimmy so far as finding out what his big secret is. Surely what we’ve learned about him so far isn’t the worst thing – he did give up sex with one of the “brightest stars working today” to keep it. I’m a Bombshell supporter & want the best for Eileen, Tom & Ivy. They’ve worked really hard to bring this show to broadway. It is my fervent wish that it is a success in the Smash fantasy world that’s coming to an end in a few short weeks. Fun while it lasted & I’ll watch until the conclusion, but I won’t be sad it’s gone. Did anyone else notice the pathetic commercials airing during the episode? NBC should just announce its cancellation already!

  37. tvfan2010 says:

    When Tom found out about Julia helping Hit List it looked for a second like he was going to throw his drink in her face before he drank it down. Did anyone else think that? Also, for me, this episode fixed a ton of things I had disliked. If the stupid drug dealer guy had not been in it, I’d give this episode an A. I am dreading what is going to come of that…

  38. DeeKayTee says:

    Smash may have its problems but I really do like this show, flaws and all. I will miss it when NBC pulls the plug :-(

  39. sarah says:

    I really liked this episode. Personally I do not think Karen and Jimmy were acting like 2 year olds. They have the right to feel the way they do and they are correct in feeling that way. You can bet that if Karen was sleeping with Derek he would have fought for her to keep all her songs and for Ana to only have the small role. When Ivy dissed him last year he cling to Karen and treated her great as he always assumed she would one day go for him.
    I am not sure if Tom and Julia can be friends again. I really do like her suggestion for the Dig Deep number, it was fantastic.
    With only a handful of episodes first I wonder what will happen.

  40. manylayers says:

    I so wish this show was doing better or given another season. I can see the show growing and really creating characters that we can care about. Some are deeply flawed and maddening, but that is part of what keeps it interesting. I love the backstage views and then seeing how the show comes together.

  41. Frey says:

    Karen and Derek should’ve been together since the beginning, to be honest…
    With all due respect to Megan (and I do think she’s a sweetheart), it’s actually funny to watch Ivy kissing Derek. It’s like an adult kissing a child… which is funny, but weird.
    With that said, I do hope Ivy/Derek aren’t endgame. And I can tell that I’m pretty surprised with all those Ivy fangurls rooting for “Ivy and Derek endgame”. Have you guys forgotten how he treated her in season one?