Shameless' Emmy Rossum: Fiona Will Blame Herself for Jimmy's Disappearance

Shameless Season 3 SpoilersTonight’s Season 3 finale of Shameless (Showtime, 9/8c) finds the Gallagher family in crisis mode.

First, there’s the mystery surrounding Jimmy’s whereabouts after he appeared to have marched to his — gulp! — death aboard Estefania’s father’s yacht. Or is there another scenario in which he could have survived?

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“I take it that at the end of Episode 11, you’re to assume that he got on the boat and he’s not coming back,” says star Emmy Rossum. “We saw what happened to the last person who got on that boat. Remember? The first guy in the first episode, they chopped him up and they threw him off the boat.” Given that Beto tossed Jimmy’s phone in the water, Rossum believes there are only two options: “We’re supposed to assume that Jimmy is either gone to work for the family down in Brazil, or he’s done in Chicago.”

With her boyfriend MIA and not returning her calls, Fiona will be “very worried” and will blame herself for driving him away, especially after the way they left things during their epic coffeehouse clash.

“The way [that scene] was handled was so important, because that’s the last time that they see each other for this season,” explains Rossum. “That’s very difficult and, especially not knowing everything about his life, she will assume in Episode 12 that she caused this. She hasn’t heard from him. They had a big fight. She said, ‘Don’t come home,’ and now he’s not calling her back. So she will think that she basically told him to [leave] and not that he is involved with all these gangsters. She doesn’t know any of that.”

Whatever happens to Jimmy – and it remains a mystery even to the actress, who says the series shot different takes for his storyline –  “it’s a pretty big turning point” for the character.

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Shameless Season 3 SpoilersElsewhere, the Gallagher clan’s absentee patriarch finds himself in dire straits, as well. “My favorite element of the finale isn’t actually about Jimmy or Fiona; it’s about Frank,” shares Rossum. “It’s actually about how Fiona and Lip are dealing with the sad fact that Frank gets very sick and ends up in the hospital. We’re starting to see that he has done more harm to his body through his drug and alcohol use than we even know. And so that affects the whole family and all the kids. The doctors tell him, ‘If you don’t stop, you’re going to die…’  Lip and Fiona are dealing with this in very different ways.”

But it’s not all gloom and doom. Not only will the eldest Gallagher brother get his diploma, but viewers will get some closure about Lip’s future when it’s revealed “that Mandy got him into college,” previews Rossum. “And there’s kind of a resolution between [the couple], as well. So we definitely get a lot of answers.”

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  1. megan says:

    Don’t like this season at all. They turned Jimmy into a terrible piece of s–t. I hope he doesn’t come back. He’s a whiny coward and Fiona deserves better.

    • DN says:

      “They turned Jimmy into a terrible piece of (expletive)”. That is what YOU wrote, and yet you tear the character apart in the very next sentence. ‘They’ would be the writers, so Jimmy could’ve been the greatest guy in the world if ‘they’ hadn’t written him they way ‘they’ did this season.

      ‘A whiny coward’? What show are you watching? He’s been nothing but a stand guy, paying for Carl’s braces and taking real care of Liam this season (or haven’t you seen the multitude of moments when Liam was in Jimmy’s care). Or perhaps your morals are completely askew, because by normal people’s standards, Jimmy’s been a decent guy this season.

      • Geoff says:

        If you think a decent guy is one who perpetually lies and cheats on his girlfriend then yes, I guess Jimmy has been a good guy.

      • Julie says:

        I’m shocked that anyone could use the word morals and mention Jimmy’s character in the same sentence. No normal person could possibly say THAT. Jimmy has lied over and over this season and yes, cheated on Fiona. In no way is that a decent person. Sure, he has taken care of the kids and he obviously cares for them- but he’s living a double life just like he did in season 1 and that’s not right. He knew all along what Fiona and her family were about and he thought it would change. Fiona has not been too great in the relationship this year either- she hasn’t communicated or listened to Jimmy when she should have. But that doesn’t condone what Jimmy has done at all.

        • tripoli says:

          Well said. Totally agree. I tried to root for him at first, but he just kept on being an ass. See ya Jimmy.

        • Living in the real world says:

          Jimmy/Steve is NOT cheating on Fiona .. He is MARRIED so technically he is cheating on his wife WITH Fiona.

          • Lady Laura says:

            First of all Steve/ Jimmy is a d*** because he has always lied to Fiona. Hellooo…the Steve/Jimmy name discovery was the foundation of his lies. To justify his cheating by saying “he is cheating with his wife” is crap; mainly because Jimmy convinced Fiona that, that relationship was over when he allowed his wife’s crazed boyfriend to assume his/Steve’s identity. So no, Fiona wasn’t aware Jimmy was back screwing his pretend wife. No matter how screwed up her situation was Fiona was always upfront with Jimmy, but Jimmy has never been that way with her…EVER! He has lied about everything from his shady situations to his good situations…such as moving for medical school. Really, why would he lead her to believe they were all moving to Michigan when he never had any intentions in bringing the family along. What a douche.

            Fiona has always put the family first even before her own needs, she has told and shown Jimmy this truth. Her strong, nurturing, do whatever it takes persona is what made Steve/Jimmy fall in love with her in the beginning. Therefore, why would she change? Consider his feelings? She doesn’t even consider her own. Its a sad reality,but its true.

            Fiona is so bogged down with the day to day I am sure ignoring Jimmy was not her intention, but really how can one truly be there for someone when that person is not being transparent about their feelings and situations.

            All in all…I think this show is AMAZING with kick ass acting. I do, however, hope Steve/Jimmy is sleeping with the fishes and Karen never comes back.

        • DN says:

          Where did he (expletive) lie?! About being married? Fiona knew he was married. Or don’t you remember when he met her and her date with his wife back in season 2 — explaining to her why he had to marry the mobster’s daughter. And he changed his name because he was stealing cars. Period. Where else did he lie?

          On the other hand, Jimmy got an honest job, braces for Carl (which the writers have made sure was mentioned a lot), and has taken care of Liam on a regular basis.

          Jimmy has been trying to deal with a crisis on his own because Fiona has enough on her plate with her dysfunctional family. She’s taken him for granted and he reached a boiling point.

          • Julie says:

            Look, I get it- you love Jimmy. You’re on every Shameless post repeating the same thing over and over and trying to make the rest of us feel stupid. You have your opinion, that’s fantastic. Others have a different one. That’s the way it goes. Yes, Fiona knew about the marriage but not the crap he’s been dealing with this season. He didn’t tell her and yes, he’s told lies along the way about it to keep it a secret from her. His “dealing with a crisis” is all his own fault in the first place. He got into it so I’m not going to feel sorry for him. And whether he’s cheating with Fiona or his wife- he’s still cheating either way. Fiona hasn’t been there for Jimmy the way she should, but I happen to think Jimmy’s done worse. It’s just my opinion.

          • Fran says:

            And another thing- I honestly loved Jimmy and Fiona together but I don’t know why the writers wrote him the way they did this year. Unless they change things up next season (assuming Jimmy does live) I just don’t see it anymore.

          • ADR says:

            I agree 100%. Yes Jimmy lied but so did everyone else. This is not a show about saints or the Brady Bunch! Jimmy put up with a whole bunch of crap! I don’t know a guy that would have done all that he did for Fiona and her siblings. She never really even asked him, she just assumed that he wanted to play Daddy to her huge family! Yes, he made mistakes but thats life. Everyone screws up from time to time. I enjoyed this season, I wish I knew what became of Jimmy. I also wish Fiona knew what really happened.

          • Michael says:

            DN….you just tried to gut a man for having “skewed” moral standards after having called the guy cheating on his girlfriend, the guy who made a living as a car thief, a “stand-up” guy. Do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

            I don’t think that Jimmy is a bad guy, but I wouldn’t attempt to skewer someone for thinking that he was.

          • Andyiscool says:

            Everyone here is talking about how Jimmy is bad because he cheated. When fiona cheated on him also

          • NavigatorGrim says:

            Mix in a walk outside every once and a while.

        • Raven says:

          I completely agree with the Jimmy/Steve situation. But I really hope that Lip stops sabotaging his future. Debbie is slowly asserting herself and Carl displayed the most empathy in the last few episodes than I have ever seen. They are growing up. It would be wonderful for them to witness one of their own get out of the ‘hood. I hope Lip goes to MIT, for his own sake of course. But he’s so afraid of success and “being the one” who finally gets out.

        • Don says:

          Funny, Jimmy’s been immoral – kinda like the whole Gallagher family. Maybe that’s why he and Fiona belong together.

          • Jenna says:

            Oh the Gallagher’s are immoral but they’ve always been pretty upfront about that. Jimmy hasn’t. But don’t get me wrong, I still want Jimmy and Fiona together. I’m just not crazy at how they changed his character so much this year.

        • Cwilliams says:

          Are we really arguing about morals on a show called shameless ???

          • drea0223 says:

            Lol…Cwilliams, my thoughts exactly…well said.

          • robot says:

            I love how people are arguing about lies and morals and all this crap up there^ when the reality is that the storyline is so messed up in every way that there is no way for us to judge nor say whats right or wrong nor can we talk about morals and crap… the world in that shameless is different from the world im sure you all live in right now… nuff said

      • SPR26 says:

        Jimmy was/is a great character. He was good to them in a way this totally dysfunctional family understood. I hope he comes back. I cannot see Fiona with her Supervisor. Jimmy is so much a part of that family. He understands them.

      • EB says:

        For one why are you getting so mad? For two Jimmy was a whinny **** this season. So you’re saying he was a stand up guy when he bought a loft and decided not to tell Fiona,he was stand up when he didn’t tell Fiona he was being watched by his “wife’s” dad’s boy.yeah he was definitely stand up.

    • grey ghost says:

      Jimmy is history.

    • Graciela says:

      He is anything but whiny. He is good and devoted. Loves Fiona and gets in trouble for it. He is scrambling to keep everyone happy. I pray he comes back in season 4. Hope they didn’t kill him off.

    • KmC says:

      Wow, I think this was a fantastic season, especially the finale! Yes, Jimmy is a liar and Fiona deserves better. Is he dead? Of course. But what about the potential departure of so many characters? With Karen (so glad to see her go) and Jody (sad face) gone, Debbie has convinced Sheila to “find friends her own age.”. I don’t think we’ll see her much next season (sad sad face). Ian has enlisted and Lip will probably go to MIT, so goodbye Mandy and Mickey!
      Saddest of all, though, is the unbelievable cold shoulder this show continues to receive! Every actor is at the top of his/her game and where are the nominations?!

      • SPR26 says:

        I agree. Great season, great writing, every character is important in this shoe. I hope they don’t go losing too many characters. Sheila is funny, every Gallagher is an important thread to keep the whole fabric together. Unravel one, and it will fray and come apart. It is a kick arse show. Great writing. Cannot wait for Season 4. Don’t make us wait too long. PLEASE!!

    • Devyn says:

      Honesty jimmy couldn’t just say no to Estefania because she can call her dad and get him killed its not his fault that he get fake immigrant 911 calls from her I really like jimmy and Fiona because Fiona is happiest when she has jimmy and the kids. I personally hope jimmy is alive and comes back because Fiona was so crushed and she won’t be the same but I love them together and it’s not fair to Fiona that he made one mistake and its creeping up on him the rest of his life. He really truly loves Fiona and she truly loves him and again it wasn’t his fault he had to leave it was Tony when he kicked him out and told him he was never allowed to see Fiona so in reality tony is the source but you have to give jimmy credit he wanted to leave the past and start a new life with Fiona his love.

  2. fan says:

    Can’t wait! Shameless is such a great, underrated show!

  3. Mark says:

    My main hope for this show is that both Lip and Ian get away from the toxic relationships they’re dealing with. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean they’re good for you, unfortunately, and I think that’s an issue a lot of people grapple with in their late teens. I’ve seen people in real life throw away their potential to stay in horrible relationships and I don’t want to see it happen in fiction too, especially not to characters I like as much as these two.

    • mitzy says:

      Tottaly agree with you, Mickeyis really bad for Ian, but they could have written a different storyline for him, and not make him apply for navy. I really hope he’ll be back, he’s definitely one of the greatest characters in the show. Lip is definitely leaving the show, no doubt in that, i just hope they don’t do the same thing with Ian.

  4. Lisa says:

    Most underrated and best acted show on premium cable! More people need to give this show a shot. They won’t be disappointed

  5. Beth says:

    I really hope Jimmy is alive, true he has made a ton of horrible decisions this year but those two belong together. I hope Lip stays in Chicago for school because Fiona is the leader but he is the glue of the family. I like Ian and Mickey but Mickey will never come out and Ian deserves better.

    • Tausha says:

      I want to see the next season so bad I really hope Jimmy comes back alive and him and fiona can be together. I am so addicted this show. It is eating me alive to know what is going to happen to jimmy? To bad its not coming back till next year.

  6. LM says:

    I hope this show is canceled.

  7. LM says:

    Jimmy better be dead now. It had been a week. So much for this show being a fun, but dysfunctional, hour. Do the show runners think, ‘if the hour is dark and painful — it must be good!’

    • Fran says:

      I guess I’m a little confused. The Gallaghers aren’t exactly moral and upstanding citizens here- eventually some consequences have to happen. It’s a drama and it’s not going to be all fun moments. I don’t think anything has changed here.

      • LM says:

        It’s funny you mention the Gallaghers in that way because so many here are ripping into Jimmy for being much like them.

        • Fran says:

          I think it’s because the Gallaghers have never tried to be something they’re not- Jimmy has in a way. Plus I think some people really, really hate cheaters :)

          • tripoli says:

            That’s exactly it. The Gallaghers are who they are and have never tried to be anything else. Jimmy’s been selling lies from the jump. Plus Fiona was always upfront about her family dynamic and he chose to continue some kind of realtionship with her, time and time again, so he can’t get all bent out of shape 2 years later. Sure, he may have been thrust into family man role a little too soon for his liking but he’s just as much to blame for that.

  8. Max says:

    Jimmy and Fiona were doing great together, but the writers got bored and wrote this story line for him. While he should be dead because he’s been gone a week, Jimmy will come back when Fiona has a new boyfriend. I’m calling it right now that’s hoing to happen.

    ‘Like sands through an hour glass, so are the days of our lives.’ Lame soap opera coming our way.

    • David4 says:

      Yep. The great thing about the UK version i no one seems to stay on the show very long, so no trying to expand lame storylines. lol

  9. Chris says:

    So did Ian steal Lip’s identity to enlist now Lip won’t be able to register for college ? Does Lip know this?

    • MH says:

      No, Lip doesn’t even know he enlisted.. did you watch ? lol

    • mitzy says:

      you totally have a point! I think Ian will have to leave the navy so that lip can apply for mit. that’s the only way to keep ian in the show. sooo hope one of them will be back.

      • Ryan says:

        Lip already applied and was accepted by MIT, so there’s not going to be any further background checks. Lip should have no problem whatsoever with attending MIT. The only thing that could happen is that Ian gets caught and is kicked out of the military.

    • mickey gee says:

      I think so and it pisses me off, Ian screwed Lip over. It was really selfish of him. Hopefully they just bring Ian back or something and Lip still goes to college.

  10. drea0223 says:

    I am pretty disappointed that we will have to wait until 2014 for the next season to premier. I think so much was left undone/ or unsaid in the Season Finale. I guess I will try to forget about my fav. Sunday night show!

    • Brandy says:

      Yeah, the huge hiatuses are a real downer, but I love the show. Would be nice if Showtime tacked on an additional two episodes since it does so well in ratings, but I seems highly unlikely.

  11. Frankie says:

    I love Mandy M! I didn’t like her last year, but anyone who would run over that skank Karen, is A-Okay in my book! When Karen showed up again, I couldn’t believe they were bringing back that idiot-but thankfully they dealt with her. If Lip succeeds in life, he has Mandy to thank! Go Mandy!

    • Well. That’s the most positive spin on a hit and run that I’ve ever heard. But I’m all about season one Mandy, I loved the original actress. Karen sucks but where did she think running her down was going to get her with Lip, wedding bells? Any future they have is tainted because she reacted on a whole new level of shameless. That scene shocked even me.

  12. Paul R says:

    Jimmy told beto no I didn’t marry her her father had a shot gun pointed at my balls. Shotgun wedding! That’s not Jimmy’s choice. So I think he didn’t want to burden Fiona knowing she had bodies to dig up and whatnot! I think jimmy just just maybe might be alive. Hope so for Fiona sake.

  13. David Sound says:

    For sure Lip won’t rat his brother out… So this means Lip will not go to MIT, which I’m pretty pissed about. This is why I’m no longer watching the show after this season.

    • Ryan says:

      I don’t see why Ian going into the military prevents Lip from going to MIT. I know it may seem strange because Lip’s identity will be in two different locations, but this is such a rare circumstance that there are generally no checks in place to detect this kind of identity theft. In general, places check to see if you’re the real person up front, but don’t check later nor do they perform crosschecks to find if your identity is elsewhere. Both Lip and Ian made it past their respective application processes, so they should be in the clear.

      Ironically, this same tactic would have likely gotten Ian into West Point. I’m guessing the acceptance deadline may have passed.

  14. Danny mulligan says:

    I hope you don’t kill off Jimmy. The Fiona and Jimmy thing works so well. I was disappointed that they never said what happened to Jimmy. I think that Shameless is the second best show on tv. Dexter is the best. I like Frank . He is my second favorite on show. Jimmy and Fiona are the ones I like best. The actor who plays Frank is the same actor who played in Fargo. That is one of my favorite movies. They could be taking Jimmy to see his wife they don’t have to kill him off. I hope they have Lip going to college. It’s possible to have a dysfunctional family and someone does good with his life.

    • Elijah Beau says:

      My favorite is also Dexter, then Shameless. I think it’s sort of funny how personal some posting seem to take fictional TV… is entertainment.

  15. DN says:

    The hair splitting being done by Jimmy haters is hilarious. ‘The Gallghers are immoral, too, but…’

    Jimmy lied about one thing: His name, and that’s because he was stealing cars (something with which Fiona had no issue). Remember Fiona knew he was married because Jimmy told her in season 2. Isn’t it odd that Fiona was clueless about Estefania this season, even though she showed up in season 2’s finale. Did she think that mess was magically resolved? Probably didn’t suit the writers to have think about Estefania being involved. But Lip is too smart to not investigate.

    Fiona chose Jimmy over the cop because he was shady – just like the Gallaghers!

  16. JJ says:

    Bring Jimmy back like he was in the beginning.You turned him into a wussy.He started out as a Knight in Shining Armor for The Gallaghers,You turned him into a garbage can.We want him Bigger than life,not real life.

  17. Amanda says:

    I too hate that we have to wait til next year for new episodes…I still felt this season wasn’t complete, that they needed one more episode. With the whole Jimmy thing, I might not of liked how he handled it, but it was more realistic the way it was written. I found faults on both sides, Fiona should have talked it over with him PRIOR to becoming the Guardian. I’m not saying ask his permission, but he should have been at least offered an out. That’s a lot for stable people to handle, we have to remember that Jimmy is only suppose to be in his mid 20s. But Jimmy should have told her about the Estavia situation because that couldn’t brought up more crap that Fiona didn’t deserve and the whole Michigan thing was so so sooooo wrong!
    Ian isn’t going to stay in the military long, that mess was unrealistic, he needs to pass a security clearance before they would’ve accepted him. Also wasn’t his ROTC stuff in his name and not Lip’s so that recruiter shouldn’t read him before he wouldn’t have shipped off. I see him getting caught the first day there, hence not blocking Lip from going to MIT. While Mandy is crazy as all get out, her intentions was good and I’m glad Karen is gone! Here’s hoping she doesn’t come back! I would rather have crazy Mandy around, than slutty Karen, there was no where else to go with that Karen sl so here’s hoping that they never come back. She would have been Lip’s “Monica” and brought him down. So for the hit and run, I’m giving Mandy a cra-cra pass! lol

  18. LM says:

    Fiona was shown to be quite desperate to find Jimmy in this finale. Why didn’t she seek out Estefania like she did Jimmy’s dad? Major plot hole.

    It’s funny, but Emmy Rossum shared that she wished Jimmy had told Fiona about the mafia entanglement so there could’ve been a story arc of the mob vs. the Gallaghers. That could’ve been entertaining.

    • mickey gee says:

      I think Fiona thought that Estefania was out of Jimmy’s life, if she knew Estefania was still his wife then she would have known everything including about Estefania’s dad and the guy in the black Escalade. The whole plot between she and Jimmy would have been different.

  19. MICHELLE says:

    I am confused about Veronica mother’s other children. She said last night that she missed being wanted by Veronica but what about the other kids she birth. It appears that she is an only child any insights.

  20. Gregg says:

    No doubt Jimmy is messed up, and has done some very questionable things in his life, but he does love Fiona, and he definitely lent tons of support to that difficult Gallagher family situation. So I’m not sure why anyone would feel better if he got iced.

  21. Char says:

    I think Beto is going to make sure Jimmy gets his daughter pregnant. Then the child and his daughter would have some kind of dual citizenship. But then, if they were married while
    Jimmy was “Steve”. Is that marriage even legal???

  22. Mitch says:

    You are all aware that these are fictional characters right? It’s a great show, probably the best of its genre on tv right now, but seriously, a reevaluation of your life might be I order if you feel compelled to argue the merits of a fictional character on a website message board to this extent. Maybe try picking up a hobby? Something tells me taxidermy might be a good fit for most of you.

    • LM says:

      Everyone here assumes then you don’t argue about anything that isn’t crucial to your life, such as sports, or you wouldn’t make such a remark.

      You say it’s a great show. Well, for a show that’s a drama, and thus full of emotions, to, it’s interesting that you criticize fans who care. It’s called making an emotional investment, and it’s sad that the actions of this series have been met with indifference with you.

      • Mitch says:

        You are correct, I say it’s a great SHOW. With great characters, script, production etc. as is the case with any good fictional piece. I was simply pointing out the inability, as in your case, to separate fictional works from reality, by choice, or by lack of cognitive capacity. In the spirit of taking fictional things literally, it is with great pleasure and without pause that I point out that you sir, are a retard. I’m sure you’ve taken the word back by now, so I feel no remorse in using it, because you should be quite proud, retard.

        • LM says:

          You’re also an ignorant (expletive). Nice close to your remark. Tells everyone of your IQ.

        • B says:

          That comment doesn’t really have much backing. Having an emotional investment in a show and its characters is nowhere near the same as not being able to distinguish between fiction and reality. The people here know that it’s a show, that it isn’t real and are simply discussing their take on the finale and the season as a whole. That should be quite obvious, but it doesn’t seem to be to you which is fine, however, I would suggest that if you don’t understand something then try not to comment so arrogantly about it.

          • Mitch says:

            You’re correct, my post is an excellent measure of my IQ. especially insofar as my ability to utilize the English language and the built in spellcheck that so many of you have such a difficult time grasping. In reference to my original comment and your repeated attempt to defend the posts I was making light of, there is an enormous difference between an emotional investment, which you assumed I didn’t have with reference to this show (erroneously), and an obvious disconnect with reality wherein posters are arguing whether or not a character is “too good” for another, or a “wussy” or any number of the other ridiculous comments made. Rather than arguing what a given character adds or does not add to the storyline, or plot line developments etc, those posts I was referring to were making emotional statements and judgements and then arguing their given merits in reference to a fictional character.

  23. Mer says:

    I think jimmy should be killed off. Fionna and his realationship is dragging. The show needs something new and exciting. I hope Lip doesn’t leave the show, although, I hope he goes to college. I don’t like Mandy or Karen for him. He can find someone better. I like Ian’s character too. Guess we’ll have to wait til 2014 to find answers.

  24. mickey gee says:

    Steve Season 1:
    Fiona’s knight in shining armor with a touch of bad boy that could handle all the crap in her life.
    Jimmy Season 2:
    A big fat liar but ultimately still her “one true love”
    Jimmy Season 3:
    He still loved Fiona and tried to be everything she needed, but was easily discouraged because he did not the have money he was accustomed to. Let’s not forget he cheated on her and lied to her a zillion times.

    I was also sad to see Mandy screw it all up with Lip, she was so nice and loving to him unlike Karen before she had brain damage.

  25. itslacour says:

    are we not going to talk about ian?! and how he just left? and how he faked his identity?!?!

  26. LM says:

    Check out season 1 and 2 again. It’s amazing how far away the tone of these last couple of episodes were to the first two seasons. Even the more serious story lines were treated with a tint of humor.

    In this viewer’s opinion, this finale was simply very dark and painful. It’s been clear so many episodes that Fiona and Jimmy are in love with each other — how easy it is to write that proverbial wrench that’s thrown in the works — no matter how much it’s against the norm for those two.

  27. Jamie says:

    Jimmy/Steve needs to be back for Season 4. He completes the cast and his character plays a vital role in the whole ‘Gallagher’ enterage!

  28. Hi, thanks for sharing

  29. Michelle says:

    Karen is actually one of my favorite characters. Her getting hit by the car and having brain damage is really disturbing to me. I’m surprised no one else feels the same way.

  30. Hi, thanks for sharing.

  31. A.B. says:

    Good show

  32. Cara says:

    Love Shameless, completely addicted but I do hope Jimmy/Steve comes back for Season 4, won’t be the same without him! !!

  33. Joe Falcone says:

    Maybe the entire show will end in one episode GRAND finally season four! Just think about where ALL the characters were at the end of season three? Frank-Dead in the streets after leaving the hospital. Fiona has the job of her dreams and falls for the guy she works for and moves out of the ghetto. Steve is dead! Ian is GONE in the service. Lip is off to MIT with Mandy. Karen and Jody are all killed in a horrible accident heading west.Sheila ends up raising and adopting Carl and Debbie. Veronica and Kevin have their baby and live happily ever after (with Kevin banging her mom on the side) LLoyd dies of aids.

  34. Tammy says:

    Everyone has some great ideas! I’m sure the writers are reading all of these debates. Love the show but thought that the amounts of nudity / sex was an over kill. Just sayin! I’m routing for Fiona’s boss!

  35. linda garris says:

    I wonder what kind of people let their lkids act on this show. Too much sex. Thsts why walking dead gets 12.5 million and shameless 2 million. Like the dysfuntional story though. And howvthe kidsvdeal w a horrible situation. Ive seen these situations n my life. Just not all of thrm in one family. Although kensington in philly is pretty much like this show. Sad isnt it..

  36. Yeaa says:

    I for one enjoy the nudity on this show. Game of Thrones might have more nudity than Shameless and it does as well as the Walking Dead. It has more to do with it being on Showtime vs AMC than the nudity.

  37. UnNknown says:

    Jimmy is off the show for good… Go to his Wikipedia it says -2013 for shameless go to Fionas and it says -present FYI

  38. cinpet says:

    who is lloyd?

  39. cinpet says:

    Two comments–Who is Lloyd?
    How can u compare views from Walking Dead and Shameless? Of course, TWD would have more views, not just by popularity but because AMC is a basic cable station and Showtime is premium. Most people either don’t want to post for it out can’t afford to.

    • cinpet says:

      sorry, last sentence is Most people dont want to pay for it or just cant afford to. sheesh, these phones have spell check but turn your regular words into something that is completely different!!!

    • Joe Falcone says:

      Lloyd is Jimmy’s gay Dad. I dont understand why people would complain about the sex and nudity. The title of the show is “Shameless” not “Church People of the North Shore”. It is worth the price for Showtime to get this series, just like it was worth the price for HBO to get the Soprano’s! Californication comes in second only to this show. And there is fornicating on that show as well (get the title?) If you dont like it, dont watch it! Period. Would you rather watch ABC, NBC, and CBS and see shows with nothing but a liberal political point (ie my two dads) or gin violence? This is an excellent show, well produced, and incredibly well acted.

  40. LM says:

    Did Fiona think Jimmy’s marriage to Estefania was magically resolved? The woman showed up on her doorstep at season 2’s close.

    And it never occurred to her to seek out Jimmy’s wife for answers on his whereabouts? Estefania is directly connected to the mafia (remember, that is why Jimmy had to marry her), and Fiona did seek out Jimmy’s dad. Major plot hole.

  41. Jac says:

    This is a show people get a grip!!!!

  42. Main Man Dan says:

    I’m going to be completely honest and say that I probably would have done the same decisions Jimmy did if I were in his situation. Look at the problems he’s gotten into with the mob, Estefana and everything! He is only lying to Fiona because he knows how she would react if she knew about all the deep shoe* he’s in. I just hope he’s not dead.

    *You guys can probably tell what word is supposed to be there.

  43. Tom says:

    Right jimmy is def coming back just read the answer the actress gives she says this is the last time they will see each other this season which means he is coming back and it will be when Fiona has another boyfriend like the other post said and Karen isn’t gone she will get better and end up with lip guarenteed and even if lip or Ian go away 2 MIT or navy both will come back there main characters

  44. asiadee says:

    OK…lets put everything out there. When Jimmy/Steve (because I like it that way better) came back and told everyone that Jimmy was gone, Fiona asked Jimmy/Steve then if he was sure he wanted to be a part of her chaotic life…in fact…she use to ask him that all the time when they first started dating. And yes, Jimmy did a lot for Fiona and the Gallagher clan, but that is negated by the fact that instead of telling Fiona about his situation with Estafania, he chose to lie. Fiona was not aware that Jimmy/Steve was even seeing Estafania anymore. And he wasn’t just keep up appearances of a marriage, he was sleeping with her!!! Now, yes, that is technically his “wife”, but he should have been honest with Fiona or left her alone. Don’t get me wrong, I was pulling for Jimmy/Steve and Fiona to work out, but then he started changing. And it wasn’t just because Fiona was “ignoring” him. He started to think he deserved a better lifestyle. Jimmy/Steve is not good. Not at all. He is just as bad as everyone else, but the difference is that they are upfront about who they are. They don’t pretend to be someone else. Jimmy/Steve’s problem was that he was always trying to be want everyone else wanted him to be, he lost sight of who he was and what he wanted. But I truly believe that he loved Fiona and the kids. And as bad as Jimmy/Steve was getting, he doesn’t deserve to die, and Fiona doesn’t deserve to think that he left because of her and she damn sure doesn’t deserve the heartache.And as for you Andyiscool…you mentioned that Fiona cheated on Jimmy/Steve. I would like to say that kissing someone and having sex with someone are two different things. She didn’t cheat on Jimmy/Steve. She could have slept with that guy but she didn’t. Now, as for Karen, as much as I loved to hate her, I don’t think that she deserved what Mandy did to her. Mandy is cool, I sorta like her. All that stuff she did for Lip is awesome, but she was rude. Walking through the house wit no pants on like she owned the place and ignoring and disrespecting Fiona. I couldn’t stand her once she started staying there. And I believe she will get hers for what she did to Karen. As for the V and Kev situation, I think its gross. That was the most unpleasant part of the show (and that includes the scenes with Ian and Mickey). To have your husband have sex with your mom…ewwwwww…And now your baby is really your brother….ugh…that’s just wrong.

  45. Thanks for this post! I would do the same if I was jimmy

  46. SAL says:

    didn’t Jimmy even bring Estafania over to the Gallagher’s once this season? I remember her coming into the kitchen with him, while everyone was there and her speaking spanish on her cell phone to someone about all the craziness going on in there. So, Fiona knew Estafania was still in the picture, right? And as to the comment about Shameless having too much sex and Walking Dead having more viewers, Walking dead is on AMC, Shameless is on Showtime so they have more freedoms. I love Walking Dead too…..and Shameless, but they are two completely different shows. And where Shameless has sex, Walking Dead certainly has it’s share of gore and killing.

    • EB says:

      No I’m not sure she went to their house this season the scenario you are talking about was the finale of season 2 I think or sometimes in season 2 because she was on the phone with (Marco?) who later in the next season gets killed by Estifanias dad

  47. RIP Jimmy says:

    Jimmy/Steve is DEAD and WON’T be coming back, Justin Chatwin basically told everyone this on his Twitter account by saying,

    Justin Chatwin ‏@Justingchatwin 8 Apr

    “I don’t know what to say guys.. I don’t write the show”

  48. web hosting says:

    Dude. This web site is sick! How did you make it look this good ?

  49. Marcio says:

    Jimmy as a car thief was good but him saying that he was going to costa rica, then afterwards, going to brazil and messing with a brasilian mafia boss’s daughter… really? The guy who wrote that probably ran out of ideas and had no other idea on making jimmy an interesting character.

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