Ratings: Hannibal Gives NBC Thursday a Little Extra Bite, Community Dips to New Low

Ratings Hannibal Premiere on NBCNBC’s Hannibal welcomed 4.3 million total viewers to the dinner table in its Thursday premiere, while netting a 1.6 rating — so, about smack dab in the middle between Do No Harm and Awake.

That said, the Bryan Fuller drama’s demo delivery marks a 60 percent improvement on NBC’s average in the time slot this season and its best Thursday-at-10 performance in more than a year (since March 15, 2012).

For comparison’s sake, NBC’s most recent scripted offerings in Thursday’s closer spot:
* Law & Order: SVU repeat: 4 million total viewers/1.0 demo rating
* Do No Harm premiere(/penultimate episode): 3.1 mil/0.9
* Awake premiere: 6.2 mil/2.0

Setting the table for Hannibal, a special broadcast of Go On did a 1.1 rating, down 42 percent from its last Tuesday telecast.

Facing off against Dr. Lecter, meanwhile, ABC’s Scandal (8.1 mil/2.7) rose a tenth, while Elementary (10.4 mil/2.1) ticked down two tenths.

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Going network by network…

CBS | Big Bang Theory dominated Thursday with 16.8 million viewers and a 4.9 rating, up 6 percent and a tenth from its last fresh ep. Two and a Half Men (13.6 mil/3.8) rose 11 and 9 percent, and Person of Interest (14.3 mil/2.7) ticked up two tenths.

NBC | Community dipped a tenth to a new series low of 1.0; Parks and Rec (1.5) also slipped a tenth. The Office (1.7) dropped two tenths to an all-time low, leading into the aforementioned Go On.

FOX | American Idol was steady with 11.3 million viewers and a 2.8. In their special showcase, New Girl (4.9 mil/2.0) was up 17 percent in audience but down two tenths in the demo, while Mindy Project (3.5 mil/1.4) gained 40 percent (!) and a tenth.

ABC | Wife Swap (4.1 mil/1.2) and Grey’s Anatomy (8.4 mil/2.7) both dipped two tenths.

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  1. Paolo says:

    Ouch, another flop for Nbc…

    • Elyse says:

      not if they can keep those numbers.

      • meme says:

        Why do you say that? The far-superior Awake did better numbers than that, and it got the axe.

        • Elyse says:

          If it can keep steady with the ratings from last night it will have around the same ratings as Chicago Fire which is one of NBCs better performing shows and ChiFi will most likely be renewed for a second season. So no… it’s not an NBC flop… yet.

          • Chris says:

            Chicago fire is a lock for renewal

          • Elyse says:

            @ Chris, I would be beyond surprised if they didn’t renew Chicago Fire. which is why if Hannibal could keep the ratings they had last night I think it could get a second season too. its NBC so thankfully the expectations for ratings aren’t high!

        • Elyse says:

          According to other comments on here Awake went from a 2.0 to a 0.9. If the ratings hadn’t gotten so bad then I’m sure it wouldn’t have gotten the axe.

    • kenn says:

      good show needed to infuse our youth with “ANY IDEA’S WORTH TRYING.
      Unfortunately TV today tooooooo VIOLENT and your being rewarded by creating AD $$$$$ at the expense of our morality

    • oliver says:

      Hannibal is a great show, but they did not air episode 4, abd that is a huge reason why the rating dropped!!!

    • besi unp says:

      look at that face, what should i say…emmmh…look like pensive character maybe :p

  2. Ratings – it’ll be the end of good/interesting/non-reality TV as we know it.

    Just imagine! An NBC line-up that featured Awake and Hannibal back to back…

  3. Spike says:

    well DUH airing it in early april at 10pm on NBC …

    should have been a cable showin the first place

  4. B says:

    This show would have had twice the viewers on another network. It’s hard for NBC to promote new shows when no one watches the current ones. Heck, a quickly cancelled “flop” on CBS often has more viewers than an NBC “hit.”

    • meme says:

      So very true. Remember “A Gifted Man?” It had over 9 million viewers per week on Fridays at 8pm on CBS, and it was cancelled. NBC would have flipped over those numbers on ANY day, let alone a Friday.

  5. Considerably less than Awake.

  6. Carrie says:

    Uhhh is Bryan Fuller capable of writing anything that is *less* than awesome?

  7. Douglas Hernandes says:

    If ratings maintain the demo as the premiere,of course will be a successful by NBC standards

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      Yep. It’s all (or mostly all) about the numbers relative to a network’s other programming. “Cancellation Bear” and all that.

      • Douglas Hernandes says:

        Isn’t a show for everyone watch,but due to Scandal and Elementary repeats in the next few weeks it can prove if it is a solid perfomer in case viewers stick around and support the show.I hope it grab more viewers next week but on NBC…

    • Esaul says:

      I wonder how low Hannibal will get. Awake did have an excellent premiere rating and dipped to .7 but it did end on a .9. I’d be interested to see how Hannibal does in the upcoming weeks.

  8. Ant says:

    NBC screwed up another good show by sticking it in a horrible spot

    • Julietta says:

      Exactly my thoughts. The show’s actually good to great. It deserved a freaking slot after Tuesday’s The Voice not a death slot. After spending this season after The Voice and gaining loyal fanbase they could move it next season to different day. But no, it’s NBC after all.

  9. ollie says:

    yea for.poi. hannbial is on too late for me to watch( bc of work) so I want to watch on my computer at a later date.

  10. YowzaPowza says:

    This is disappointing. It’s probably the best new drama NBC has had in years.

  11. Joe says:

    I think NBC will stick with Hannibal for a bit what choice do they got ?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      Agreed; it’s one thing to pull the plug on whatever DO NO HARM was, but HANNIBAL, like AWAKE, has critical raves and a prestige pedigree behind it, so at very minimum the whole season will air.

  12. Joe says:

    Also I think scandal is off for a few weeks ? So it may help Hannibal

    • drhenning says:

      that I see is the plus here…. Repeats on CBS/ABC and USA Network good stuff doesn’t start.. USA does have a reality show with Kurt Warner but of no interest…

  13. Cat says:

    “Go On” received less views because they moved it for no reason! Why oh why did NBC think that moving it this late in the season would be better? If they wanted to move it, then they really needed to wait until next season since everyone gets set in their ways by this time. Hopefully, the move doesn’t hurt it too much. Really enjoy this show, and look forward to (hopefully) another season.

    Didn’t watch Hannibal, instead I went to bed. What I’ve seen of the commercials is that this show should be on cable (F/X maybe..or even HBO?).

  14. Sarah says:

    Wow, I bet NBC would kill for Awake’s numbers now.

  15. Becca says:

    Bummer about P&R and Community, though odds are P&R will still get renewed. Community…not so much :(

  16. Para says:

    I feel so happy for glee now seeing the new girl and mindy project is struggling in this time slot as well;)

    By the way
    Mindy project was sooooooo funny last night!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I think this is the lowest Parks in overall viewers all year. With all the changes that NBC is making to their lineup in the next few weeks – the finale is airing at 9:30 instead of its 8:30 time slot, should I be worried? I know that TV Line has predicted a renewal but with all these new changes and today’s ratings, will Parks be renewed and if so will it be a full season or just a 13 episode pick up?

  18. David4 says:

    This show should have taken Dexter’s place on Showtime. Thursday at 10 after comedies and when Scandal is on is silly.

  19. I think Hannibal will start improving a bit since both Elementary and Scandal will go on break for a while. It could go either way, plus its only 13 episodes running till early June.

  20. dean says:

    Why not put pair Hannibal with Grimm on fridays?

  21. Jeff Muetz says:

    I was thinking it should be on Tuesday or Wednesday night. Something decent to watch other than all the reality/challenge shows like DWTS/Idolatry/Voice/Bachelor/etc. Proud to say I never watch any of them.

  22. bobbie says:

    It was one of the best Community episodes ever. Hannibal wasn’t your typical Bryan Fuller, but still good. I will continue watching it. I didn’t fall in love with it like I have with Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Mockingbird Land, and Pushing Daisies. I guess I had hoped for something much more whimsical.

  23. Mike says:

    All things considered Go On did alright, too bad I hate the direction the went with Carries character.

  24. John says:

    Putting Community against Big Bang Theory, what are the NBC execs smoking?!

  25. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    I look at the numbers – what really astounds me is that the Office is pulling down such poor numbers. Really hard to understand as the show nears its finale, although I do watch the show, and the episodes are limping at best, crawling at worse. So, I know a lot of this has to do with the show itself. I assumed that as the Office neared the end, that the scripts would pick up and the ratings as well. If that doesn’t happen, that is not good news for NBC, Office, Go On or Hannibal.
    I’m still pulling for Go On to be renewed – I do like the cast, particularly Ryan, Lauren and Carrie. But Go On’s move to Thursday, and success for Hannibal, they are tied to how strong the Office can finish, and right now, that’s not looking too good.
    Either way, Go On could not stay on Tuesday post-Voice, NBC will need to use those post-Voice slots to building up new shows as fast as humanly possible while Voice is red hot. Hence, I think *BOTH* Go On and Revolution have to move this fall – perhaps [probably?] both to Thursday night {depending upon how well Hannibal does]?

  26. DJ says:

    Why oh why couldn’t A&E have had Hannibal on their network? A double billing of Hannibal and Bates Motel back to back would guarantee ratings and a renewal for season 2.

  27. John Moshier says:

    I started hannibal looked like csi with fishbourn there from his csi days dont know if I like it only watch 10 minutes thought of criminel minds have to fish it to decide

  28. Kay says:

    I’m glad Community got a low rating. The show is terrible now. I hope it doesn’t get renewed. it’s so boring now.

  29. Joyce says:

    Love Mads Mikkelsen. He’s so aloof and cold. Hope this show lasts even though I don’t like so much graphic violence. Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishbourn are wonderful too. Interesting storyline looking forward to development.

  30. dude says:

    as a fan of Community and Joel McHale i wish the show went last year it isnt even remotely the same

  31. Natalie says:

    I haven’t watched the show yet but am definitely going to check it out SOON. I’m sure if the show is as good as the voting shows, we won’t have to worry about NBC’s shoddy advertising…word of mouth will boost ratings(it’s the best advertising anyway). Hannibal seems like a winning recipe. You’ve got Brian Fuller, top notch actors and a great series to work with…these studio execs would have to be complete buffoons to screw this up.

  32. Let’s see if they show more than 2 episodes. I’m still pissed that they did not give Do No Harm a chance. Goodbye NBC. Get it together!

  33. steve says:

    I completely dissagree with this review, the actors are great especially hugh dancy and mads mikkelsen, i could understand what he was saying, this is one of the best new shows i’ve watched this year, it looks excellent very dark very creepy, the gore isn’t that bad. I’m worried that it will be cancelled because it is so different to anything else on network tv. If it is cancelled I hope a cable channel picks it up. Plus the following is not a much better show, its an OK show but nowhere near the level of this.

  34. Hi, thanks for sharing.

  35. oliver says:

    Hannibal is a great show, but they did not air episode 4, abd that is a huge reason why the rating dropped!!!