The Americans' Noah Emmerich on Stan's Act of Revenge and His Feelings for Nina

The Americans Amador DiesThe following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of The Americans. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

The Americans‘ Cold War served up a casualty on Wednesday night.

After a violent run-in outside of Martha’s home, Phillip was forced to take wounded FBI agent Chris Amador to a secret location. It was there that the G-man succumbed to his injuries.

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Amador’s colleagues, meanwhile, attempted to take out the head of the Rezidentura as payback for the deaths of their agents and a scientist in last week’s episode. Stan, fearing the Russians were also responsible for his partner’s disappearance and ultimately his demise, took out low-level spy Vlad – a necessary action, according to his portrayer Noah Emmerich.

“Stan feels if he doesn’t follow through with his threat, then the U.S. will lose all authenticity and reliability,” the actor shared during a conference call. “Once Amador is killed, if Vlad is in fact a member of the KGB, then he has to go. … He’s fair game for the retaliation for Amador’s death.

“I don’t think it’s an emotional, rash decision,” Emmerich adds. “It’s a calculated chess move that he feels must be made. I don’t think there’s any pleasure in it at all. It is revenge. I don’t think it’s personal though; it’s political.”

Although Stan’s actions may be motivated by his work, he still “definitely crosses the line that he tries to draw for himself.” As such, his portrayer previews, “The repercussions of that will come to play … as we go on.” The loss of Amador is also sure to weigh on him since “the one tether that he had – at least, the beginnings of one – was this partnership.”

The Americans Amador DiesIn getting to the truth about his pal’s whereabouts, the FBI agent had an encounter with his informant, Nina, that was quite cold compared to their recent bedroom meetings. Although the two have developed a quasi-romance, Stan hasn’t forgotten the reality of their situation. “Nina is a Russian spy,” Emmerich stresses. “So Stan rightly assumes she would be privy to some of the events that are taking place” and is not above using her. “Whatever his feelings for her are personally, they are outweighed dramatically by the fact that his partner and fellow American is in dire jeopardy.”

And now that the Cold War is heating up, will Stan and Nina’s relationship do same? “There’s clearly real feelings between the two of them,” says Emmerich, “and there’s clearly lots of other levels of relation that are going on between the two of them. It’s a very complex, messy, unclear world. … It gets very confusing and complicated for everybody.”

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  1. Alichat says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t really care that Amador is gone? The man encouraged his partner to cheat, was a bit of a hot head, and stalked his ex. I was more worried for Phillip than I was upset at Amador’s injury and death.

    • Marie says:

      I didn’t care for him either. Also his comments about how Martha started wearing heels after they broke up compared to her frumpy shoes when they were dating was douchey.

      • thereasonsy says:

        He was so insignificant to me I never bothered to learn his name. I always called him the d!ck partner.

  2. Elaine says:

    I haven’t liked Amador since the beginning. Every time he opened his mouth, I wanted to smack him. The only time he didn’t act like a douche was in that flashback car stakeout scene they showed after he was dead. Oh, and I’m with Paige & Henry. I really want Mom & Dad to get back together.

  3. Pat D. says:

    I dont think we are supposed to like Amador…I think Yost said he wants the viewer to root for the KGB.

    In any case, I think this was the best episode yet. One thing that bothers me though—-what is the deal with Philip’s wig? It was ripped off of him pretty quickly in that fake interrogation scene, but man, it seems to take quite a beating otherwise and doesnt move an inch, LOL.

  4. James says:

    this show is fantastic. I do think it’s interesting to see that the writers have decided to go in this direction, I mean speaking soley as a drama it’s great, but if they’re going for a realistic drama they missed the mark because thier is no concievable way that would ever happen with Stan, it just wouldn’t maybe the CIA but never the FBI. its interesting considering Joe Wiesberg the creator was in the CIA. not saying i’m not pleased with it but its definatly taken a turn. Noah’s performace was steller though, and I’m with the rest of you i never really cared about Amador.

    • Alichat says:

      I’m curious…what do you mean when you say there “is no conceivable way that would ever happen with Stan”….”maybe the CIA but never the FBI”? Do you mean taking the Russian diplomat or Stan’s affair or Stan killing the diplomat? And why do you think the FBI would never overstep a boundary? I found the execution of the diplomat troublesome because it was against character, not so much that it was the FBI that did it. Stan is usually the more calm, level-headed one of the group. I’m sure it’s supposed to be a sign that he’s gone off the rails, but I figured the kidnapping was enough of a sign. Then again, now that the diplomat had seen his face, how do they recover from that?

      • James says:

        I simply meant that the illegal detention of a Russian national would not be something the FBI would do even in the eighties, KGB agent or not, its not like Stan was off on his own the SAIC new he was there. while it would still probably not happen but its more plausible that the CIA would do something like that, as the were known during the cold war for such endeavors including assassinations and illegal detention of KGB. but i agree with you it was out of character for him to do it and at the end of the day that’s more important then realism, it is a TV drama after all :)

        • Alichat says:

          Ah…gotcha. Agent Gaad did say that they were working with the CIA on the capture of Arkady. Maybe that’s how the writers decides to skirt around the issue. Plus the whole plan was supposed to be off book anyway.

        • John says:

          Actually, have you read any of the political books out in the bookstore about the FBI, Russian and Chinese spies here in the US? Yes, some agents have gotten involved with the bad guys and were fired for it. They compromised their cases. Don’t know if anyone was ever shot per se, but FBI Agent Robert Hanssen DID sell out the US, and Russians who were helping out the US. He revealed the names to the Russians who called back the spies and executed them. He is now in SUPERMAX prison for life in Colorado.

  5. GS says:

    I was really enjoying Phillip and Elizabeth finding their way to each other and I HATE that they are now officially separated! As ruthless and violent as they are in their KGB roles, their relationship deepening gave them a little needed softness that is now gone. I feel bad Martha is so stupid and is getting totally duped by “Clark” and wonder why these people don’t realize something is off when all they are questioned about is work??? Love this show though! I watch it live over Nashville now.

    • Alichat says:

      Well I think that is supposed to be Clark’s job. That he’s part of some secondary FBI security group and that’s why he was only ever asking her work questions. Plus, in the 80s, people were still really defined by their jobs. So asking about work alot wasn’t that odd. I do have a hard time believing that Martha and Clark’s relationship can go on much longer without her wanting him to move in or it to go further.

  6. Terri Ravin says:

    Was I the only one who liked Amador? Sorry to see him die that way (or any way). He provided a bit of comedy relief…. Will Stan ever find out it was his neighbor who offed his best friend and partner?

  7. I’m into the Americans, and cannot wait until the next episode, here’s the but. Some talk of this show as if the characters are real, yes I know it’s a quasi reality, but I’ve seen examples of show business obsession. Some time ago Disney World had a day time soap special, the actors were there, signing autographs, They traveled to various locations in golf carts, what was interesting, IMO, the obsessed fans ran after them, following as if they were biblical figures, not paid actors, isn’t this taking the word, “fan” fanatical literally..

  8. Tyler says:

    The end reminded me of Tony Soprano taking out the Bevilaqua kid in Season 2.

  9. JLW says:

    My DVR recorder was set to record 10-11; the recording stopped before the end of the show–so disappointing. Luckily they replay the episode, so this time I set the recorder to record the episode adding 2 minutes to the end.