Justified Boss on [Spoiler]'s Shocking Fate, Boyd's Dark(er) Path - Plus: Season 5 Scoop!

Justified Season 5 SpoilersWarning: If you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s Justified finale, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Well, at least no one (we care about) died…

Season 4 of Justified came to a game-changing conclusion Tuesday night, and while our Harlan faves survived to see another dangerous day, their lives were forever altered — and not for the better.

Case in point: Boyd’s badass better half Ava was finally forced to answer for a murder she’d committed — and successfully hid — some time ago. As a result, Boyd was left reeling and in a place darker than we’ve ever seen him.

Elsewhere on Justified, a suspended Raylan slyly rid himself of Nicky Augustine and his Detroit mob problems, but not before his baby-carrying ex Winona was put in harms way… again. (She, too, escaped unscathed.)

Here, the boss behind the FX hit, Graham Yost, weighs in on Ava’s tragic twist and how it will impact Boyd in Season 5. The showrunner also previews the (potential) arrival of Raylan’s baby, the lawman’s impending career boost, Wynn Duffy’s return, the Ellen May of it all and much more.

TVLINE | Now that all is said and done — and the Drew Thompson mystery has been uncovered — how do you feel about the season as a whole?
We had our concerns going in, whether doing a mystery season would work. You look at the struggles of other shows, whether it was Twin Peaks or The Killing, and it’s not an easy thing to do. How much information do you give out? How far do you advance the story? There has to be something or the audience isn’t satisfied, and if there’s too much then we’ve blown it. We knew that would be a struggle, but we feel that it all came together.

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TVLINE | Are you thinking you’ll go back to a Big Bad next season? Or will you now follow this mystery format?
We would be interested in finding something different. I don’t know if we would do another mystery season right on the heels of [this] one — but that doesn’t mean that a mystery couldn’t be an arc or something.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Ava and her devastating fate. It seemed for awhile that she might actually be killed, but instead you went and locked her up!
You know, Joelle [Carter] knows where I live, so I can’t kill her off. She would track me down. [Laughs] No, we just love her so much. We love the character and we’ve been able to go deeper [this season]. She plays so well with Boyd and it’s fun to see her do things, like last year shooting Delroy and this year that scene with Nicky. So, we really had no interest in killing her off. But we did have an interest in raising up [Boyd and Ava’s] hopes and dreams in the middle of the season, having it peak with the proposal and then having everything slowly stumble downhill as they got deeper and deeper into trouble. That felt right for us. But there was no notion of killing her.

TVLINE | How do you plan to build on this cliffhanger? Will we actually see Ava in a dangerous Harlan County jail?
The thing about Boyd is that he just never stops; he’s always going to be trying something. So, it’s our feeling that, at least for the first chunk of next season, he’s going to be trying to get her out of jail. And then, what is life going to be like for Ava behind bars? What are the conflicts going to be? What is she going to do to survive? She strikes me as someone who’d just try and keep her head down and do her time and get out, but chances are she won’t be allowed to do that.

TVLINE | For the first time in the series’ history, we’ve seen a broken and desperate Boyd. Will that be explored further or was it just a momentary reaction to Ava’s arrest?
It’s a weight that he’ll carry with him, but I don’t think he’s by any stretch defeated. As I said, he will keep fighting until his dying breath to regain some kind of good future for himself and Ava. The end of this season and also back in the beginning of Season 2, where Boyd’s just working in the mine and drinking, are about as low as we’ve seen Boyd. But we don’t like to have him down for that long. In that season, it was important that we got Boyd back to being Boyd. This will just pose new challenges for him; what will he do to get her out?

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TVLINE | Is the plan for Jere Burns to return next season in a larger capacity as his alter ego Wynn Duffy — who’s now essentially Boyd’s new boss?
We need to explore that. We love Jere and we love Wynn Duffy. It’s just [a matter of] how much can we get him [next season], how many episodes, and then we’re going to take it from there.

Justified Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | Walton Goggins teased earlier this year that by the end of the season, we may finally see that Boyd and Raylan do not like each other. Would you now say that’s an accurate assessment?
Yes — and that was certainly our goal. That said, it’s tough when you get those two guys in a scene together. You can’t help but feel a certain camaraderie; that there is this strange affection that they have for each other. Even though this is one of the very low points for their relationship, Boyd did drive Raylan to go see Nicky. Now, did he do that just because he believed Raylan had something on Ava and was going to use it? Maybe, but to an extent there was something about the history between them that got him to do that. And Raylan gave Boyd his gun back in the end, so… This is a low point, but that doesn’t mean that it will always be that way.

TVLINE | Would you ever entertain having Boyd and Raylan completely at odds?
Oh, we’ve pitched stuff where it was going to be even darker between them. It just never ends up landing. [Laughs] We’ll play with it in the writers’ room, but ultimately we choose not to go that route. It doesn’t feel like who their characters are, and especially who their characters are with each other.

TVLINE | Talk a little about the conversation about being a “bad guy” between Boyd and Raylan. Do you agree with one of their stances over the other? Or is the fact that they’re both essentially “bad”? 
The facts would certainly call into question how much of a “good guy” Raylan is. He’s done a lot of things that, in the real-life Marshal service, would have gotten him kicked out a long time ago. He’s always got good intentions, but you could also say Boyd’s got good intentions. Ultimately, there is a big difference and it’s back in the episode “Decoy,” when Raylan is talking to Shelby and realizes that he’s just trying to get a gun off of him. He says to Shelby, ‘You’re on one side of the law, you’re a criminal. Bob, Rachel and I are on the other side.’ When it comes right down to it, there can be all this talk about Raylan being an outlaw and going his own way, but ultimately he’s a lawman. He’s made choices in his life so that he wouldn’t end up like his father — though that is always going to be a struggle for him, and a concern, that fear of, ‘Am I just my dad with a badge?’ But I don’t think that’s true. He is substantially different. But it is certainly a vulnerability, and something that, Boyd being Boyd, is going to poke at. Raylan comes at him and says, ‘Do you really love Ava? You loved being a White Supremacist, you loved having a church out in the woods, and now you say you love Ava, How am I supposed to tell which one is true?’ Well, OK, Raylan’s going to say that, then Boyd’s going to say, ‘You’re just your old man with a badge.’

TVLINE | What did you want the impact of the finale’s final moment — with Raylan looking over his family plot — to be?
Honestly, we let Raylan have the moment and don’t try to figure that out too much. That moment is a very complicated one for him… So many weird things. He’s gotten Arlo where he wants him: buried. Where he always wanted his dad. [Laughs] But if he didn’t have a bond with him, why would he be at the house patching it up? Well, he’s patching it up so he can sell it — but he could have hired someone else to do that. Then there he is sitting in a chair and looking at the view, having a beer and kicking back on his suspension… He’s got a complicated relationship with Arlo, with Harlan, with that house — and Tim [Olyphant]’s a great actor, so all of that kind of plays in his face.

TVLINE | Does Ellen May figure into next season?
We don’t have any plans [for that] right now. It felt like her hug with Shelby at the end of Episode 12 was a nice conclusion to that story. That said, it would be strange if we didn’t see her again in the history of the series. And there are a bunch of characters we feel that way about.

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TVLINE | And, most importantly, will Winona still be pregnant next season?
[Laughs] Every year I say the baby will be born this season, and then it doesn’t happen. I have been on record saying that the baby will be born in Season 5, but if something were to come up [that proves to be] a better story, she’ll just stay pregnant throughout the rest of the series and it will be the longest gestation in history. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Raylan and Winona’s final scene together was the most hopeful interaction we’ve seen between the two in quite some time. Was that purposeful?
Justified Season 5 SpoilersIt’s interesting because it wasn’t entirely purposeful. It was just how the scene developed. There was that line in the nursery scene before the shootout where Winona is giving the bad guys some guff and Raylan says, ‘That’s why I love her.’ You hear those words coming out of his mouth and we are reminded of the depths of his feelings for her. And later when she echoes that back to him — when he says, ‘There’s no longer any threat to you and the baby,’ ‘ and she says, ‘That’s why I love you’ — that was unexpected. That’s not something we planned early on when working on the script… And then the length of their kiss was not something that had been anticipated. I just thought it was great. So, I hope we can see more of dear Winonie, as we call her in the writers’ room.

TVLINE | Any parting Season 5 teases?
The only things we’ve come upon in looking at it is the idea of the baby being born and what will that mean to Raylan and to stories — especially if the baby is a couple states away. We aren’t necessarily interested in showing the baby being born, but we’ll see. Our fear is an actress with sweat makeup on her and making awful faces; it just feels like we’ve seen it before. If she did that in the middle of a gun battle in a bank being held hostage, that would be something. [Laughs] I’m kidding, we’re not going to do that. We feel we’ve done our thing of Winona being threatened for the history of the series. There’s also the ramifications of Raylan’s, if not promotion then certainly rise in stature, and what effect that will have. And then it’s Boyd, and what is he going to do to get Ava out of jail. Those are the big things. We’ll also have to have a couple writers head down to Harlan and start nosing around to see if there are any other little worlds for us to get into.

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  1. Ava and Boyd are perfect for each other! I’m happy they have no interest in killing them! I’m sure she’ll be out soon!

    • Dixie Stine says:

      I just don’t trust the writers not to kill Boyd off when the series ends. I pray they don’t, but I expect that they will. I’m still debating whether to watch the next season. I may just record it until I hear how it ends. I don’t think I could stand to see Boyd get killed. Real life is bad enough, we shouldn’t have to worry about the characters we care about on a TV show. :)

      • Jack Burton says:

        Give me a break. Toughen up :) If anything I think Boyd would be smart enough criminally to escape somehow and wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up killing Raylan to end the series. Raylan is driven by principle and protection over friends, family and the law, most importantly. They’ve been hinting every season and outright saying that he could live a short life. He’s made a lot of enemies and is now going to be into his work even more with a supposed promotion. I think that him and Ava are better for each other. The Ava and Boyd thing is okay but I get sick of their kiss kiss hug hug relationship. They are bad people doing bad things. I think some of the writing is for the female viewership but to me it’s lame because they deserve everything they get. So I don’t appreciate the extra hugs and kisses. And I wish they would get rid of Winona and kill her off. She is not loyal to Raylan the way he is to her. It would be poetic justice to me. As harsh as that sounds. She is neither hot or cold but lukewarm so Raylan should spit her out.

        – Bill the Butcher, “Gangs of New York”

      • Boyd and Raylan may never like each other, but they seem to see something in each other, I dunno, like an enemy who is an honorable one, after a fashion, because each follows what passes for ‘the guy code’ in Harlan County, Kentucky. So I don’t fear Boyd getting knocked off as much as the possibility of he and Raylan losing that respect for each other. Their relationship is so much at the core of how ‘Justified’ is bringing it.
        I’m guessing that Boyd is going to find somebody that the law wants more than Ava, and engineer a trade. My number one candidate is Wynn Duffy. Any thoughts on that?

        • JaydedCharmz says:

          WHEN THE HECK IS THIS SHOW COMING BACK ON???? We’ve been waiting forever.

          • suzi says:

            It just SEEMS like its taking forever. Lot of work involved in making a 13 (?) episode series. Have to satisfy my Justified fix with marathoning the first 4 seasons. Raylan/Boyd is the heart of this show. Hope the writers develop that “humor” they have with each other more. Best parts of each episode.

          • bigguy3080 says:

            January 7th

      • bigguy3080 says:

        Didn’t you read the article? Walton Goggins said by the end of the season Raylan & Boyd will not like each other.

        I would love to see Constable Bob back and Wade Messer from season 3. Both characters are hilarious. I hope Boyd gets his payback, especially on Mooney. I hate that character.

    • Amanda says:

      I am completely submersed in this show! I love Ava & Boyd together. I love Boyd’s humor & intelligence and how it plays out with Raylan. I wonder though, what happens to Johnny now, especially now that Boyd knows he was coming after his job and possibly Ava? Also, not trying to get him in trouble or anything but Timothy [Raylan] was on Conan and made comments about his ex-wife being shot….”when my ex-wife gets shot…” So does that happen in the next season? I don’t think the baby survives or there wouldn’t be any speculation on whether the baby will be born this season or not. ??? Maybe Winona doesn’t survive it either! After all, her comments about working with Timothy were about as much as what he gets called on a daily basis working as a Marshall….jus sayin. I love the show and am fully hooked to see how this all plays out. : )

      • Kali says:

        Tim was completely joking about that, he purposely let it slip to shock the audience – it wasn’t an actual “spoiler” of what’s to come next season. He often gives out “spoilers” but none of them are true spoilers, like when he says that Raylan will have a different accent every season. Tim is not a serious guy in his interviews, he spends almost every interview telling jokes about whatever he’s filming or funny stories about his family.

    • Lee Brown says:

      I Love Justified so much, that I’ve sat and watched all four series back to back!!! Raylan and Boyds relationship is perfect…don’t ever change it please please please!! Free Ava!!!!!!!!!

      Great script guys, seriously your show is amazing!!!!!

      • I am re-reading the first of Elmore Leonard’s books about Raylan – pre-Tommy Bucks – his characters are a little different..but Raylan ends up in Italy where Tommy Bucks is from…not to spoil it for anyone…but Very Interesting!! Comment by: Mickie Miller, Aug. 20, 2013

  2. Man season finales are just kinda meh this year.

    • Pat D. says:

      I disagree…really liked this one, and I really did not see the setup of Nicky until Tonin’s new chief walked onto the tarmac.

      • That’s Tonin’s son Sammy. They talked about it at the beginning of the episode so it wasn’t much of a surprise. They resolved the mystery of the season, but mostly it as just a lot of cliffhangers and not as exciting as seasons past.

    • Simon Jester says:

      @Chuck Finley (AJ) – Can’t agree. I thought this was much better than the WALKING DEAD finale, which just kinda petered out without ever resolving the central conflict of the season. Can’t say the same about JUSTIFIED!

      • what! says:

        Totally agree!

      • Jack Burton says:

        The one thing that has been really disappointing to me and the reason it’s not on the level of The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad or Boardwalk Empire is the direction of the actors. There aren’t enough powerful acting scenes. There is Raylan getting hotheaded a little bit and Boyd “protecting his woman” as they embrace. But where are the moments that give you goosebumps? You had that in The Sopranos in every episode. The Governor in The Walking Dead played by David Morrissey is amazing. Let the ACTORS ACT!!! You need more emotion to me for it to get to the top tier shows. It’s just a cut below but I still love it. And btw, the reason The Walking Dead kept the Governor is he never got his revenge. The whole comic books I hear is him being the really insane madman he will be in Season 4. Rick and his group won for the most part and The Governor is going to be back in full force. I didn’t feel like killing him would’ve been just. What did he do? He didn’t succeed at all. In fact Rick and those closest to him screwed him over left and right, which is why he went from a bad guy to absolutely insane given his environment already. I can’t wait for Season 4 to start.

  3. V says:

    Am I the only one who was disappointed that I didn’t hear Bard Paisley at the end of tonight’s episode?

    • Dean says:

      I’m with you on that. I do love that song and the way Brad Paisely sings it. Whoever sung it to close out the finale wasn’t anywhere near as impactful for me. Great episode though.

      • Tampa Ray says:

        The singer at the end was the great Dave Alvin.check him out.

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        The singer has previous ties to the show. We saw him in Season 2 (I think) when Raylan and Wynona sneak out of town to see the live music.

        • Stephen Patt says:

          Not only did Dave perform, it was with the whole band–the one and only Steve Mugalian on drums, etc…showrunner Graham Yost has exquisite taste in music, what can I say? The show keeps breaking new ground, enough to make Elmore proud and Timothy hopping. As usual, kudos to all involved…Cheers, Stephen ‘Doc’ Patt (doctor for the show, and it’s biggest fan)

    • Amanda says:

      No. I was disappointed myself. : )

    • David says:

      That’s the third time they’ve ended a season with this tune, and each time it was a different singer, a different interpretation. I’ve got a little collection of six versions stored on my GrooveShark account — half by women. It is an awesome piece of music… and my favourite keeps changing.

    • Iain Mac says:

      ‘Harlan alive’ is a classic, only when sung by Brad

  4. emily says:

    man, if raylan is potentially getting promoted, does that mean art’s going to be gone by season five? i know he’s retiring, but since this season took place over the course of about a month, i’d hoped we’d see more art. :/

  5. Sunshine says:

    Raylan ending by letting Nicky get gunned down in the limo took me back to the beginning season 1 epis 1 when Raylan shot the guy at the table. It defined his style. Looking forward to season 5. Oh BYW, don’t change the relationship btwn Boyd and Raylan their love hate relationship is good chemisty.

    • Olleo says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I love the whole Raylan/Boyd friendship. If they make them hard core enemies it would ruin it for me.

      • Jack Burton says:

        I couldn’t disagree more and was totally disappointed with FX shooting down them being enemies. It’s getting kind of soap opera bromance.. almost dare I say pansy-like. I get the respect of ones so-called character one sees in each other. But they are the exact opposite. They are still good and bad. And if it doesn’t come to a head what would be the point of Raylan shooting Boyd in the chest in the pilot episode? In fact it would be marketing fraud. They previewed the whole series being about Raylan vs. Boyd. Old buddies of some sort facing off against each other. If FX executives are stupid enough to make their relationship closer instead of further apart I might stop watching it. They can have their little jokes about the high school astronaut or whatever it was but ultimately they need to start shooting at each other again. And soon or I will stop watching it. And more powerful acting performances. And get rid of Winona. Have Raylan dump her finally because she will never love him as much as he loves her. Or sacrifice for him as he does for her. And have them fight for Ava. Because I think Ava is more like Raylan than Boyd. And I think she’s going to realize that while she’s in prison. She’ll have time to think or become more of a badass. But it would be much better writing if the goodness in her demonstrated by her not being able to kill Ellen May would find solace in Raylan’s struggles of not wanting to be his father. Both on opposite sides trying to keep their morality. AND remember. They were together in the 1st season. And their chemistry was much better than his and Winonas. And she’s much hotter than Winona. I think they can save each other but Boyd is beyond redemption. They need to make his character much deeper. You can’t have him be a Nazi for ONE episode and then have him see the light. Stupid. Make him a mean bastard and turn him into a sociopath. The criminal psyche will always be more interesting than a boring “my woman turned me into a better person” lameness that we’ve seen 100 times. It should be about Ava realizing Boyd is no good and Raylan realizing Winona is no good if they are going to do the love aspect.

        • Jack Burton says:

          And I HATE LIMEHOUSE!! Please when is that jerkoff loud mouth racist gonna get his ass kicked? He has no honor or loyalty and its all surfaced by his people being slaves and him hating “crackaz”. Hate to say it but get over it or just kill him off the show. His preaching and hollow words are becoming so annoying and kind of pointless to the development of the show. Boyd should get his revenge on Limehouse by shutting his mouth like he said at the end of Season 4. Take him and Duffy’s people and just wipe out the whole damn HOLLER. Whatever the hell that is. And then they could tie in his Nazi White Supremacist beliefs like there were in season 1. You just can’t go from hating blacks and Jews to normal all of a sudden. Word of advice. People love darkness. We love dark characters. Look at every successful drama of the 21st century. Not counting CBS/ABC/NBC they don’t count they are such liberal trash. Tony Soprano, Walter White, Donald Draper, Rick Grimes and even Shane was awesome. The Governor had a back story of being a half decent guy before the Apocalypse. The transformation of the human psyche by compromising who you are because your mental makeup cannot handle the world around you anymore. DARKNESS DARKNESS!!

  6. Kevin says:

    Season 5: The Return of Quarles!

  7. Djsquirtle says:

    You”ll never leave Harlan alive.

  8. John says:

    This finale was AWESOME. The writers and actors on this show are some of the best in the business, and Justified is one of my 2 favorite shows on TV. The only bad thing is that now we have to wait until next January to get more Justified!

  9. James says:

    i liked it alot I don’t think it was their best finale ever, but it was certainly better then Walking Dead IMO, I so love Raylan and Boyd those two should open a vaudville act lol. but honestly they work so well off eachother I’d hate to see them but heads fully it would hurt the show in the long run, truth be told they’re the closest friend either man has ever had in sick way they sort of understand each other. Ava’s thing was predictable but i like how it was executed. another great season can’t wait until next year.

  10. nadia says:

    I wasn’t expecting that kiss between Raylan and Winona, but damn it, I just want them to be happy!!

  11. Lyn says:

    Actually, the most shocking thing about this finale was the fact that it wasn’t really shocking. (Who cares who is in control “in Detroit”?) But the show has a mighty hard act to follow with finales like the one when Mags Bennett takes her last sip of “apple pie.” Still, some brilliant moments this season and I’m looking forward to the next. Like to see more of Tim — another Raylan in the making — and bring back Patton Oswalt as Constable Bob!

    • Kasper says:

      I love Constable Bob! Best thing introduced in the entirety of this season. Patton Oswalt is fantastic!

      Overall, while the finale didn’t pack as much of a punch as 2 or 3 it was still really great. Justified has yet to disappoint.

    • Lisa O. says:

      Can Raylan help Constable Bob get a “real” law enforcement job? It would be funny and cool to have Bob be the fish out of water in the Sherriff’s department. Or the new Sherriff, now that Shelby is gone!

  12. Donald Mitchell says:

    This is the best show ever I never miss it. Looking forward to season five. thanks for a good show.!!!!!!

  13. Tim says:

    tell Jere Burns to stop with the Botox

  14. Billy Bob says:

    The finale wasn’t as much action as it was dramatic. Enjoyed it, but I’m looking forward to a season with a “big bad,” rather than a mystery arc. Still loving Justified and Raylan and Gang.

  15. V says:

    Oh! and I was a little disappointed that Tim (Jacob Pitts) only got 2 lines. :(

  16. seth bertram says:

    I see a lot of harlan deputies ending up in slurry next season after what happened to ava, and paxton, well paxton is going to die slow and horeible with boyd pulling him apart with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch

  17. Randy says:

    I know people love Boyd and Ava, but I’m a big Raylan and Ava fan. Thought her interest in him in the first season and his need to protect her was one of the best parts. Also loved how he could not resist her when she would seduce him. I know that Raylan and Winona have a lot of history, but it does not feel as real to me. Then again, maybe I’m bias. I think Joelle Carter could have chemistry with a tree. I’m from Lexington, Kentucky and I’ve met girls like Ava from here. Great actress, great show.

    • Roy L says:

      Your comment scratched an itch I have about Justified. I love this show, and the only times I am tempted to hit fast forward are scenes with Winona. Perhaps they will kill her off in a plane crash. But if I have to take the good (Justified) with the bad (Winona), I can handle it. I watch three shows, period! and this is the best of them.

  18. Arnell says:

    Raylan & Winona!!

  19. what! says:

    Loved the finale! This is my favorite season. It had a great mix of drama, love, loss, dark humor, and action. Just fantastic! S5 is to far away!

  20. muchcat says:

    I hate that seasons are so short and so far between. It’s torture to have to wait 8 months to watch my favorite show again!

  21. mark says:

    Greatest show since Deadwood. Definitely needs a..bad guy ,the return of Quarles?, Limehouse is a treat & Art to stay on . Raylon and Boyds…”feel” for each other is fascinating

  22. Magically Suspicious says:

    This show just gets better and better. I’d love to see more Tim and Rachel next season, and I REALLY hope Constable Bob returns on a regular basis. Patton Oswald was great. “Decoy” was one of the best episodes yet.

  23. Steve says:

    Need more episodes per season. One of best shows and too long a wait for next season.

  24. Roy L says:

    I simply do not understand how a show this good is only a summer show.Olyphant and Goggins are such great actors they probably don’t have time for more, and if there were more the writers would probably go off track as they so often do in television, but still, this is the best thing on television, and I will take what I can get.

  25. Paula Arsenault says:

    I love Justified, have been fan of Timothy O. for years. Justified is one of the best series Ive seen, as good as any HBO,etc. Pls keep it going, I look forward to season#5. Also love Boyd and Ava.

  26. Rick Smith says:

    Why are the seasons so short?
    FOX has one of the best shows in TV history,
    in Justified.
    Surely they could spring for a normal season.

  27. Hi, thanks for sharing.

  28. Dionne says:

    I love watching justified…I enjoy the finale, and really enjoyed this season and its cliffhanging episodes…I was sad when Arlo died, I like his character and wish he would have last. Can we have a ghost of Arlo to speak to Raylan or something to that effect.

  29. CLE says:

    Justified is my favorite show. Constable Bob was a perfect addition; he fit into Harlan like a glove. I like the love-hate relationship between Boyd and Raylan and the under current of “like” between them. Seeing Boyd down breaks my heart; Ava is his true love. Lee Paxton needs to “get his” in Season 5, he is pure evil and he set up Ava to hurt Boyd!

  30. kevin says:

    What about Johnny? Last we saw him he was tied up?

    Loved This season..LOVED it. The Unexpected humor was continuously on a roll. Nick Searcy is the MVP of the show and Walton Goggins lines were always the best comedy on tv. ” Raylan, you shoulda been a Outlaw..Oh you still can shoot people and be a a$$hole.. your two favorite activities! “

  31. JB says:

    Ellen May…….Shelby’s (Drew’s) daughter? Why else would he risk going back for her?

  32. JB says:

    Favorite Raylan line. “If you meet an asshole in the morning…..you met an asshole. If you meet assholes all day, your the asshole”

  33. Anthony Berg says:

    love the show, keep em coming please!!!

  34. Robbie Lane Jackson says:

    I can’t stand Winona. It just doesn’t seem like a real relationship, Raylan and Winona. Ava and Raylan’s conversation in the first episode, Season One, is why I began watching. Also, I vote for Powers Booth or Sam Elliott as the new bad guy in town. Either one would be lovely and realistic, due to their natural voices. That’s what’s so great about Mr. Searcy, who plays Raylan’s boss. He could’ve just been born and raised in Harlan.

    Please get rid of Winona. She’s prominently featured in The Following, so I can’t see her or believe her character in Justified. She also tried to kill David Duchovny’s character off in Californication. She’s in too many shows.

    • Diana says:

      Agree, …. I don’t like the chemistry between Winona and Raylan, … I think he was better matched with Lindsey the bartender, .. I really think she should have been kept in future episodes as a grit against Winona, .. tough gal loving Raylan and respecting his job vs. over prissy girl that wants Raylan to change! That would have been awesome!

  35. SEartart says:

    You need to bring back Dickie and some of the old gang in the first 2 or 3 episodes, in my opinion these were the best, little disappointed in this season

  36. Diana says:

    Just watched all 4 seasons of Justified back to back! Love it!
    I love the interaction between Raylan and Boyd, not that I necessarily want it to turn worse. I like it lukewarm, sometimes closer, sometimes colder. And actually, except the fact that Boyd is such a bad boy, … he is my heartthrob! To me he’s turned out sexier than Raylan! Though I like Raylan’s character.
    But I definitely don’t care for the relationship between Raylan & Winona, … I don’t feel it, … she is too shallow-prissy-whinny, .. considering her man is a badass. I really liked him with the bartender chick Lindsey! Their relationship was spot on, … I hated to see her cut out! Bad move I think. I think they could have spun her back in really, … a surprise ending of her choosing to stay with Raylan, and eventually had some sparring between Winona and her. That’d I’d like to have seen. Lindsey to show Winona up some! And even having Lindsey in a relationship with Raylan after the babies birth and on, … kinda like her role as a step! Oh yes!
    I totally don’t get why they ran the Ellen May story or ending the way they did. Raylan already heard her talk about witnessing the oxy clinic shooting and saw the beating Delroy gave Ellen May and him threatening her more. I’d like to have seen a scene of Ava with the gun to Ellen May then Raylan coming upon them and Raylan drawing his gun towards Ava, … but then Ellen May interceding on Ava’s behalf by stepping between Ava & Raylan and explaining how Delroy got Crystal killed and shot another woman in front of her and was intending to shoot her, … so Ava shot Delroy in self-defense. Boom, over with, … except that when Raylan and Boyd were returning from the execution of the Detroit mobster Nicky Augustine, … Raylan could have felt some compulsion to help Ava when he overheard some police blogging of being on Ava’s trail. And he could have ended with trying to get Boyd back in time for Ava.
    It was darned annoying that those details never got spoke of when Ellen May, … the murders that Delroy did and Ellen May nearly getting killed by him.

    • Diana says:

      Then the shooting between Tim and Colt could have been some badass sniper shoot out situation, … skill for skill, … instead of the wimpy near suicide induced shooting by Tim.

      • Edy Jo White says:

        Maybe there is some way to bring Colt back to life really liked him and he was dedicated to Boyd bring him back!!!

    • Diana says:

      I mean, how fitting, … Raylan and Boyd are returning from Raylan setting up an execution of Detroit mobster Nicky because of his attempts to kill Winona, and agreeing to ‘not tell’ or bear witness on the Mobster son doing the killing. And Boyd being there, somewhat forceably to help, … then the very irony of Raylan then hurrying to get Boyd back to protect Ava getting arrested for her killing Ellen May’s potential murderer who cold blooded murdered others.
      How did the writer miss this valid and close connection and not tie it with the season finale, … then it would leave you wondering how ‘clean’ Raylan would be in the future with events concerning Boyd-Ava!! That’d been one heck of a season finale! I think!

  37. Matt says:

    Just re-watched all 4 seasons of Justified and just want to go right back and start all over again. Love this show!

    I like that the relationship between Raylan and Boyd has become more strained, but still bears the hallmarks of their camaraderie and rivalry. I would definitely expect Boyd to be holding a lot of anger for Raylan given that Ava got picked up in large part due to the Deputy’s dragging him away at a critical moment.

    Don’t know why no one likes Wynona. Yes, she can be kind of strident at times, and hassles Raylan more than anyone on the show, really, but that feels more real to me. Their relationship feels more rounded, better fleshed-out: they argue, they joke, they share a brand of sarcastic wit and can play off of each other very well, and they show their love for each other repeatedly. His relationship with Ava was different, just like it was with Lindsey–there was no deep emotional attachment there, just the fun flirtation that comes at the beginning of a relationship. Now, things could have developed with Ava, but I like where things have gone with her and Boyd.

    What I’d like MOST in season 5 is MUCH more of Tim and Rachel. They’re good characters, work well to sort of frame Raylan’s character, and have been tremendously underutilized. Part of the reason that I enjoyed the latter half of season 4 so much was due to their playing a bigger role in the show. A little disappointed that Gutterson didn’t get in a little bit of a sniper battle in Decoy. At the very least, I couldn’t understand why the Detroit shooter wasn’t taking shots.

    Also, I’d like to see Wynn Duffy actually display some of the traits that he’s renowned for in season 1. We hear that he’s nuts, that he has done some rather awful things, but we never really see any of that in the show. Honestly, the most prominent feature of his personality is his lack of emotion in executing people and having people killed in front of (beside) him. That shows some of what we heard about him when he was first introduced, but leaves much to be desired. When Quarles said that he was disappointed in Duffy, I kind of agreed.

    Speaking of which…what’s with all the people calling for the return of Quarles? The man is dead. He was shot AND had half his arm chopped off and without any medical attention nearby (not to mention no one likely to call for any).

  38. Jennie Martin says:

    Have just been introduced to Justified after seeing Tim Oliphant in Hitman. Had to learn more about this ‘steely” eyed hunk. Gotta say I am not disappointed and have managed to get hold of, and watch, the whole series. I am hooked and a real fan. Walton Coggins has also captioned my attention in his role as the enigmatic Boyd Crowder. Can’t believe I have to wait so long to see season 5. Bring it on !

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  40. tom timothy says:

    FX – please show us an announced marathon of the seasons of Justified 1 – 4 over some long 3 day weekend. everytime the earlier seasons come back on, it’s always in the middle or I’ve missed most of season 2. Boyd wants to make Ava his forever queen and give her whatever she wants – to forget her past by cracking thru to the high society or getting out of town – Raylan still has feelings for Ava as she was probably one of his first loves. 2 guys with guns 1 girl. longer seasons are needed – maybe 3 more episodes per & it will be interesting to see what Raylan uses as his opposite moral compass now that Arlo is gone – WWAD – Raylan will do the other!

  41. Rob Hansen says:

    Limehouse needs to be brought back as a big bad, he is awesome and there just isnt enough of him, they need to make him a regular at least

  42. Kevin Brewer says:

    As Jean Luc Godard said about American films-that they are about making families- so it is with most American tv, and Justified is no different. Which is why I don’t understand the dislike of the character Winona. To me she and Raylan are perfect together, unlike Raylan and either Ava or Lindsey. She is his lawman’s side, Ava and the others are the lawless. As he is the result of his mother Frances and aunt Helen’s raising, Winona is of course the sort of woman Raylan would marry. To do otherwise, he would have been like Boyd. And I think it is interesting to see him, who has killed about 15 people so far, getting ready for the birth of his child, and that parallels Boyd and Ava looking to buy a house together.and talking about 3 generations to legitimacy. As for sniper shoot outs, I don’t understand. The Detroit shooter was told by Colt not to shoot as Tim would have made their position and killed them immediately. The other thing that annoys me is the ‘what if they did that or that’ instead of what the writers, directors and actors chose to do. If you want to write the show, do so, just don’t bore us with the details. There are sites on the internet for fan fiction, annoy them.

  43. Edy Jo White says:

    Loopooooove this show please don’T take it off EVER!!!

  44. Amanda says:

    I cannot stand how far Rayland has stayed off the path. All he does is beat, bully and kill people with a badge. The only reason I still watch the show is because of the love affair between Ava and Boyd. If that stops I will quit watching in a heartbeat.

  45. fran says:


    • suzi says:

      Truthfully I got REALLY tired of Winona and her whiny “save me Raylan”. What a great woman! Cheats on Raylan with Gary, cheats on Gary with Raylan and when moving to Glynco may not happen, gets (OMG) pregnant. Hmm…always thought Raylan had SOME smarts. And stealing $$$ – this woman’s history makes her look like SHE was raised by Arlo.

  46. fran says:

    one more comment…i really miss Mags (she’s now on The Americans;another fine show)and i think Boyd and Ava are shaping up to be great replacments if the writers only are allowed to get there;we dont know how long this series will last…bring back Dickie…bata-bata-bata!

  47. rick lynch says:

    Art is dirty think about the money in the evidence room and there is a connection to drew thompson

  48. Police Humor says:

    Excellent overcome! I’m going to newbie as you fix your web site, how to sign up for any website website? The particular bill taught me to be a proper option. I personally ended up being somewhat well known of this ones send out made available gleaming see-through notion

  49. Paigntondi says:

    Season 4 has just finished over here in the UK. It was totally unmissable with great character development and some very black humour. Sheriff Bob was a great addition to the cast, but I did miss Dickie (no-kidneys) a former regular character. Hope he makes a reappearance in series 5. Walton Goggins steals the whole show just as he did in The Shield. What a fine actor he is. Roll on Series 5.

  50. Sally Skaggs says:

    I LOVE Justified so much. Raylan Givens is the coolest lawman on tv!!!! His relationship with Boyd is classic and watching the two of them interact is like watching a complicated dance. Tim was great in Season 4. I’d love to see more of him. He definitely has a dark side going on, but he keeps his cool as well as Raylan does. And Art-where would we be without his humor? I can hardly wait for Season 5 and then 6, 7, 8, 9 etc……