Criminal Minds: Shemar Moore Previews a Face- Off With an Old Foe, Teases Big Replicator Twist

Criminal Minds Season 8 PreviewThis Wednesday on Criminal Minds (CBS, 9/8c), the crime drama will reach back six years into its past to revisit BAU Agent Derek Morgan’s backstory, which originally surfaced in the Season 2 episode “Profiler, Profiled.”

The storyline — which brings back Carl Buford (played by Julius Tennon, Loneseome Dove) as Morgan’s childhood mentor-turned-pedophilic serial killer — resonates deeply with Shemar Moore, and for multiple reasons.

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Reflecting on his start with the CBS series, “On the surface, I was the tough guy and kicking down the doors and beating up bad guys — but I wanted Morgan to have some substance and some levels.” In “Profiler, Profiled,” “You learned that he had a secret that he had to divulge to get himself out of harm’s way and find justice. And that secret was that he had been taken advantage of and molested by a mentor.”

In that last run-in with Buford, Morgan managed to get the cretin locked up for life, for multiple counts of murder. But as revealed in this week’s episode, as the BAU team is led back to Morgan’s urban Chicago nabe, Buford “has figured out a way to play the system,” Moore previews. “He’s kind of reinvented himself as a way of survival, and Morgan threatens to bring that false identity down.”

But first, the BAU has a case to crack, “And in order to find justice, Morgan has to face off with his mentor again to get information.” As he picks at those old scabs, what presents itself, Moore says, “is a show about loyalty… a show about faith…. a show about redemption. It’s a show about dignity and manhood and pride.”

Helping with this ongoing saga’s continuity is the return of the aforementioned Lennon as well as Skipp Sudduth (Third Watch), as Morgan’s onetime Chicago adversary, police captain Stan Gordinski. “A lot of times for actors, it’s just a check — you go in and you use your skills and do the job and collect the check and you keep it moving,” says Moore. “But this one is more of a labor of love and passion. Everybody understands the delicacy of the subject matter, so they wanted to bring their ‘A’ game. This is not something I can do by myself.”

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Moore notes that while this chapter of Morgan’s dark backstory is one “told by minorities — the lead writer, [executive producer] Janine [Sherman Barrois], is African-American; I’m I’m half-black, half-white; the director Felix [Alcala] is Mexican-American; and you have a strong supporting cast [featuring] African-Americans — it’s not a story about color. It’s a story that touches all colors.”

So touched were some by the molestation saga’s December 2006 installment that they reached out to Moore and the show with their regards for tackling the topic. “People to this day say that’s one of their favorite episodes — whether from Twitter, Facebook, letters I’ve gotten…,” Moore shares. “They applaud our courage in taking on such subject matter. They were inspired by it, and they found closure through it.”

Though Moore, when we spoke with him this week, had yet to see the episode, which is titled “Restoration,” “The word on the street is that’s it very powerful,” he said, “so I’m excited. I just know if it’s done right, it is going to resonate with fans. They are just going to enjoy the entertainment of it, they are going to be touched by it. And then there are the people out there that have been victimized and hopefully will feel like they have a voice.”

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Moore says that since “Restoration” was fully focused on revisiting this particular story, the episode did not even attempt to move forward this season’s Replicator arc, in which the BAU team is being stalked by a serial killer recreating solved crimes. That said, as Season 8 draws closer to the finale — and with cast members’ contract talks holding up renewal — “I know one of us is going to be in harm’s way, because that’s how it always goes down,” Moore reveals. “I do know that one of us, who you may least expect, may or may not be taken out. And that’s all I can say. It’s an interesting twist that I don’t think people are prepared for.”

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  1. “It’s an interesting twist that I don’t think people are prepared for.”” the replicator is Gideon!! :P

    • Annie says:

      Oh my God that would be so fabulous. I confess, I’ve had that giddy (hee) thought myself since the introduction of that arc, and every time – oh, it makes my sick twisted little heart just sing.

    • Cara says:


    • Angela says:

      That thought hadn’t occurred to me right away when this whole Replicator business first started, but now that I’ve seen this idea floating around online, I gotta say, it would be a rather intriguing way to go… And Moore’s comment at the end about the team in danger and all that-oh, god, now I’m even more anxious/nervous for the season finale! Aaagh! And so the guessing game begins.
      As for this week’s episode, I too liked the “Profiler, Profiled” one so I’m interested to see how they’ll continue that story. Sounds like it could be pretty intense.

    • mofrombrz says:

      hahaha, very good!!!!!!!!!!!

    • All tongue in cheek aside, a more likely candidate would be Greenaway. She already killed once.

  2. Shoot. Now I’m even more anxious for contract news, especially for AJ Cook and Joe Mantegna. This might just kill me until then.

  3. J V Smith says:

    I’m wondering if it’s Hotch’s girlfriend who moved to NYC; Gibson is also up for a contract renewal. Yikes.

    • Dixie says:

      I’m hoping beyond hope that it’s Beth. It would be the perfect way to get that Bimbo off of CM. It would sting our dear Hotch for awhile, but then maybe he could find a woman who is worthy of him – not some “stalker” who he “picks up” at the park.

      • MJ says:

        I get that all you Prentiss/Hotch shippers hate Beth but could you at least come up with a halfway plausable reason to dismiss her. “Stalker?” not even close. She thought he was cute so she checked him out and then approached him to introduce herself. Happens every day all over the world and it’s normal human interaction. And “picks up” at the park? It’s not like she offered him candy from the back of a van. They were both training for a marathon and she used that opportunity to meet someone who clearly had a shared interest. Again, perfectly normal behavior. You don’t like her, fine. But stop with these absurd accusations. I mean really, there have been several episodes of this show that demonstrate true stalker behavior. You would think a fan of CM would be able to tell the difference.

        • Dixie says:

          Hi MJ – first of all, I’m not a shipper. I loved Emily, but I’m probably one of the few people who don’t think that she and Hotch would make a succesful pair. They are both too intense and too similar in personality (in my opinion). That being said, I stand by my comments about Ms. Clemmons. Didn’t you ever have a bad or uncomfortable feeling about someone from the start? I mean, really, who goes running in the park with business cards in their pocket. She really whipped those out fast at their first meeting. But I think what turned me off most about her was on her first date with Hotch (GAG) when she had to get that first kiss “out of the way”. Forgive me if my romantic side is showing, but I don’t think there is a woman (or man) in world who doesn’t remember her first kiss at the beginning of a great relationship. Those first kisses are magical, not an annoyance.

          • MJ says:

            “who goes running in the park with a business card…” Someone who was planning to make a move. Like I said before, she knew he went to the park to train so she made a plan to introduce herself. It’s OK for a woman to find a man attractive and plot ways to “run into them” either at the park or coffee shop or grocery store. It happens all the time. As for that whole first kiss thing, I think she was just trying to releave the nervous tension. Maybe it wasn’t romantic but it’s hardly a reason to call accuse her of nefarious intentions. Look, I’m not trying to pick a fight or anything. If you don’t like her cause you don’t like her personality or think she’s not right for Hotch I get that. In fact, I would respect anybody who just said “I don’t like her. End of story” and leave it at that. But I think it’s a bit insulting on a show about serial killers to accuse someone of being a stalker when they are just doing what thousands of normal, perfectly harmless human beings do every day.

        • Dixie says:

          I never thought you were trying to pick a fight. I love this interaction with fellow CM fans. But when I mentioned on another website that I wasn’t crazy for Beth (I still don’t think she’s all that harmless) – and didn’t elaborate – I had ten people jump down my throat asking me to explain myself. I guess that old saying is true: Damned if you do; damned if you don’t. Enjoy tonight’s episode MJ.

          • MJ says:

            Enjoy the episode…..I think we can both agree to that. :-)

          • Mary Leick says:

            U never know with TV she COULD be he 1 stalking the team & recreating murder cases, made it a Point 2 “meet” Hotch 2 be on the “inside” as well as being their stalker. It is TV & drama after all.

  4. Eric Svenson says:

    They already know who’s renewing they just don’t want to make it public so the finale will have a bigger impact

  5. angela l kemp says:

    i think shemar is a great actor and could pull off anything handed to him i think that show was done with class and shemar pulled it off great job i think that was one of the best keep it up god bless love ya

  6. sofia says:

    It’s AJ, Shemar and Thomas who need to renew this season, correct? Judging by the last time this happened, I’m guessing Thomas isn’t making the negotiations any easier again, so I believe it’s Hotch who is going to be put in harms way or maybe even leave the show which may lead it to cancellation, which is something I’ve been saying since his DUI arrest.

    • Phil says:

      While I don’t have official sources Sofia, I understand from a variety of industry articles posted over the last couple of years that all the cast except for Matthew Gray Gubler (who signed a two-year contract that started with S8 and will continue into S9) are up for renewal. A.J., Thomas and Shemar renewed with two year contracts starting from S7, Jeanne Tripplehorn has only signed a one-year (with another year built in if she and CBS mutually agree to continue with Alex Blake in S9), and Joe and Kristen’s current multi-year agreements are up at the end of this season.
      Personally, it makes me wonder if Garcia will be put in jeapoardy given Shemar’s choice of phrasing.

  7. thee sharp says:

    Giddeon is not the Replicator that I do know. Hitch is not going anywhere. I believe the unsub is a woman. May it be Strouse Beth or Ellen.

    • thee sharp says:

      Hotch that is :)

    • Angela says:

      There was a recent episode where Strauss used the phrase “over my dead body” when discussing the Replicator with the team. I’m really wondering now if that wasn’t foreshadowing.
      Also, yeah, given that the guys in the group generally don’t seem to have much luck with the women they love staying alive for very long, yeah, if I were Beth I’d be looking over my shoulder a little more often.

  8. Callie says:

    I hope it’s not Reid that will be in harms way cuz if it is I have no reason to watch again he’s the only reason why I watched a show

  9. Barbie says:

    Am I the only one who least expects JJ to be on harm’s way because of Henry? I keep thinking, “They wouldn’t possibly kill JJ! She’s a mother and the heart of the team…” But then… That scares me :(


    • Willow says:

      In harms way doesn’t necessarily mean getting killed. If the purpose is to give the show an out incase the actor doesn’t come back they can always have her injured or decide the job is too dangerous now that she is a mother and leave. I certainly hope she doesn’t leave (or any of the others) but CBS dumped her before and with less reason. She wasn’t even negotiating and trying to get more money then!

  10. Beth says:

    My predictions:

    The Replicator

    1. Beth (Hotch’s girlfriend)
    2. Jason Gideon
    3. Section Chief Erin Strauss
    4. Elle Greenaway
    5. Kevin Lynch (PG’s Boyfriend)

    In Harms Way

    1. SSA Alex Blake
    2. SSA David Rossi
    3. Section Chief Erin Strauss
    4. Analyst Penelope Garcia
    5. Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner

    • Dixie says:

      I just had a horrible thought. If Beth is the Replicator – and maybe even Foyet’s sister – do you think she would go after Jack Hotchner, just to finish off Hotch’s entire family as Foyet wanted to do? I always thought she got too close to Jack way too soon.

      • you just gave me chills!!

        • Dixie says:

          I gave myself the chills when I thought of it. But it certainly is a possibility. Jack would be one that we “least expect”. What a horror this would be for our beloved Hotch – to take both his wife (and love of his life) and his child. For that reason alone, I’m hoping the writers go in a different direction.

  11. Susanna Kate says:

    Hotch’s girlfriend Beth is a series regular on Scandal as Mellie so I doubt she will be back as such a big reveal as the replicator.

    • Dixie says:

      I’m against anything that would keep Beth/Bellamy Young on CM for another season. Let’s finish her off (one way or another) and let Hotch get on with his life. I’d love to see him smile again like he did with Haley (remember the way he looked at her?). Even when they were fighting, Thomas Gibson and Meredith Monroe had such on-screen chemistry.

  12. Eric Cravtree says:

    I believe the Replicator is the coroner we saw. In harms way sounds like it’ll be Reid since his incident .

  13. Leonada says:

    All of the cast members have been in harm’s way and have been either stabbed or shot except JJ and Rossi. We’ve already lost JJ for a season and had her return, so my guess is it will be Rossi’s turn. I like the idea of possibly bringing back Gideon as the Replicator or even letting it be Strauss. Both of them would have details about past cases and would be able to trace/track the team members without them knowing.

    • interesting statement: all the cast members have been in harms way except Rossi and JJ.
      JJ has been attacked by wild dogs,clubbed on the head by a bipolar vampire wannabe and Rossi, well… yeah it looks like Rossi is due to give some skin and blood to the cause. Even though, we have dealt most with his ghost. Maybe it is one of his ex- wives…that would be OMG moment!

    • Michele says:

      I agree I think it will JJ or Rossi as nothing has happened to them yet!!!!!! I can’t wait!

  14. Lorri says:

    My vote for the Replicator is Elle…I really miss her character…I have always thought that she would resurface at some point….why not now?

  15. JEANNIE says:


  16. Jackson says:

    Since he uses the phrase “who you may least expect” I’m guessing it’s not one of the agents because you would expect them to be in harms way. I’m thinking it may be Garcia or Strauss. The way they keep adding Strauss to the new episodes I’m thinking they are setting her up for something.

  17. Willow says:

    Reaction to Jeanne Tripplehorn joining the cast has been a bit teppid but it certainly wasn’t the unmitigated disaster that Rachel Nichols turn out to be. I have to think that as long as Jeanne herself wants to continue CBS will be happy to keep her and avoid any other PR disasters.

  18. How awesome it would be if Jason Gideon were the Replicator! BUT, considering what Manny Pantinkin has said about CM in interviews I doubt he would EVER be associated with the show again. I think the Replicator is Kevin Lynch! He now realizes that Penelope has moved on and dating again. PG will be placed in harms way, DM, realizing that KL is the Replicator will attempt to rescue her. Cliff Hanger for Season 9: We hear a gunshot. PG screams: “Derek!!!” and we: FADE to Black and we spend the summer on pins and needles!! NOTE: this will only work if the actors sign their new contracts! LOL…

  19. Lola says:

    Although I think Gidion being the Replicator would be awesome, I’m almost 100% certain it isn’t him. There is a lot of bad blood between Mandy Patinkin and CM. He has been pretty vocal about his dislike of the show and I can’t see him going back for a guest appearance after complaining about it so much. Also, he’s pretty busy on another hit show and I can’t see why he would want to come back.

  20. Jackie W says:

    I heard Hotch’s brother Sean is supposed to be in the finale, along with Beth. Anyone else hear that? Maybe it’s him! And remember, just because they say one of their own is in harm’s way, they also said “one of their own” would be taken hostage last year and it was Will.

    • MJ says:

      True enough. That’s why I’m thinking it will be Strauss. Technically speaking, she is “one of their own” but she’s not really a main character. That way they can build up all the excitement of “someone we know wil die!” without having to actually kill someone important to the show.

      • Mike says:

        I would guess Strauss as well, especially since she did a spot on the Following and could easily be written in as a semi-regular there. I realize that she did 24 and CM concurrently, but maybe the logistics won’t work this time.

      • Dixie says:

        Strauss is definitely a possibility, but I’m curious to hear what you all think of my other idea. If Beth is the Replicator – and the Reaper’s sister/cousin/whatever), do you think she might go after Jack Hotcher just to finish off Hotch’s family – as the Reaper wanted to do? Jack would certainly be someone we “least expect”.

    • OMG, I’m so happy! I’d totally forgot that last year’s finally had been JJ-centric! This year will be totally someone else’s turn! JJ should be SAFE! Yay!

      Now all we need is Rossi and I’m happy :)

    • Dixie says:

      Yes, I read the same thing, and it makes me nervous. Would they eliminate Hotch and have his brother Sean raise Jack. Remember, Cade Owens (Jack) is growing up (in real life). Maybe his real-life parents want him out of TV and leading a normal life. Eliminating Hotch would also be a way of getting rid of Beth (a dream come true). Again, I’m asking my fellow CM fans – could there be a Season 9 without our beloved Hotch? This is not a happy thought.

      • Angela says:

        It would be very, VERY strange to imagine the show without Hotch. I think the show would go on at least for a ninth season, but I don’t know if it would last very much longer beyond that.
        I hope that your fears are unfounded. Jack’s already lost his mother, I don’t like the idea of him losing his dad, too.

  21. Nese says:

    if anyone, other than the lady who so-called replaced Prentiss dies or leaves, I would simply quit watching CM.. enough already, every season, messing up with the cast and therefore, the viewers.. the entire team is great in the way they are and none of them are replacable.. just leave them where they are..

  22. Terrie says:

    if its morgan i wouldnt watch the show again,, he makes the show…

  23. angela l kemp says:

    when i saw the show from 2006 thats what i was talking about now that show shemar should got a reward for and the show air today let people know that little boys be raped but jesus is the answere for the world today above him theres no other jesus is the way

  24. It really can’t be Beth.
    1: She is on an entirely new network(ABC’s Scandal), so the reason she left was because she was offered better billing elsewhere.
    2:I can only guess, this is someone, like Foyett, we have seen early on in the season, but never caught. Maybe the guy DJ Squalls played from the first episode or some other catch and release perp. I refuse to believe that Gideon or Elle would go this far off the deep end.

    • Angela says:

      I know, I like how everyone is automatically thinking the Replicator would be a former co-worker or a lover or something :D. Don’t get me wrong, I like those ideas, they would be very intriguing, unexpected twists. But MY mind personally started going back through all the unsubs the team dealt with over the years-I’m sure there’s got to be a criminal from their past somewhere who’s got a score to settle with them.

    • Dixie says:

      But that’s one of the reasons I think (and hope) it’s Beth. I’m thinking that Shonda Rhimes (Scandal’s writer/producer) may not want Beth/Bellamy Young (who is absolutely fabulouse on Scandal) hopscotching to another show; and having Beth be the Replicator (and taking her down) would be a way of taking her off of CM permanentely (Yeah!) so she could devote her time and talent to Scandal.

      • Jackson says:

        There is no way Young would go from a full time gig to a part time job. Not even part time. She would have a few appearances at best on CM. Shonda is not worried and even if she was she works for another show on a completely different network. She couldn’t do anything about it.

        • Dixie says:

          I agree with you and CM is definitely a part time job for Bellamy Young. Aside from that, Ms. Young, as I said, is beyond fabulous at Mellie Grant on Scandal; and on CM she is a total disaster opposite Thomas Gibson. The only way this would work is if they took her out completely as the Replicator. However, if the plan is to catch the Replicator and then keep him on several more episodes to study him (or whatever), we’re back to square one.

  25. When they introduced Beth, I felt that she was going to be a different drama for Hotch.
    She was the lawyer, that would aid in the fight for custody for Jack. A fight instigated by Haley’s sister or parents.
    Who does Jack stay with when Hotch is kicking down doors?
    She was building a case of endangerment and neglect.
    Opps… she fell in love with Aaron and couldn’t go through with the case? Just a thought.

    • Wheatlandy says:

      An interesting scenario Dixie, I too felt that Haley’s sister and Hotch would make a nice couple. Jessica seemed so sincere and caring, and while not so passionate and intense as Haley, she would have have been a wonderful support in more ways then be the person looking after Jack. But perhaps being Haley’s sister would have created too many ghosts in the relationship, not easy too overcome. Hotch did however really seem to respect her.

      • Dixie says:

        Those were my thoughs exactly. And Jessica would be a much better mother figure (for Jack) than Beth – who I haven’t trusted from day one. I also think that Hotch is the kind of man who would put his son’s happiness and welfare above his own. That might not make for much of a love life for Hotch (and that’s sad), but it certainly shows what a great father he is. Even if the Hotch/Jessica connection doesn’t work, I’m hoping the powers that be will bring in a better match for Hotch than Beth. Our beloved Hotch deserves so much better.

  26. mofrombrz says:

    it would be absolutely ok if Jeanne Tripplehorn doesn’t come back, woldn’t it?

    • Dixie says:

      I agree with you; but I really think the CM writers did Ms. Tripplehorn a real diservice. These actors can only be as good as the writers allow them to be; and there hasn’t been even one good storyline written for her. At this point, it would only be a plus if she disappeared.

    • Annie says:

      It would be more than OK with me if Jeanne Tripplehorn did not come back next season.

  27. Dixie says:

    What do all of my fellow CM fans think about Jessica Brooks (Haley’s sister) being the Replicator? Any thoughts?

  28. i bet it is hotch’s brother sean and who we would least expect i think he does something to his brother =(

  29. Samantha says:

    I love all the cast (well, maybe not Jeanne Tripplehorn) but if it’s Hotch I’ll be so upset. If my suspicions are correct, I think it will be him though. HIs contract negotiations have always been tense and he seems to have kind of dropped off the media circut since his little arrest. I’ll be heartbroken….and they would leave poor Jack parentless….

  30. Dixie says:

    The latest MSN update on Criminal Minds indicates that Mark Hamill will guest star in the two hour season finale on May 22. The article didn’t say if he would be the Replicator; but it did say that neither Thomas Gibson nor Joe Montagne have signed their new contracts, making them the top contenders to be victims of the Replicator. OK fellow CM fans – what do you think? I love Joe Mantegna; but the real question is – could there be a Season 9 without Thomas Gibson?

    • Wheatlandy says:

      OMG please not, CM without Hotch would be like The Big Bang Theory without Sheldon. Not impossible but freakin awful. But when one gives it some thought, Shemar Moore has been flexing his muscles all over the place looking like a Hotch wanna be, avoiding any possible romantic connection with Garcia (I don’t think this is soley uninfluenced by Moore) I personally don’t want any one to die, but if it has to be my logic is, Stauss will be knocked off, Hotch will move into her job, Morgan will be the Team Head Honcho, and we’ll moan and groan watching year 9 go down in flames. If by chance it is Penelope who drifts into oblivion-now that totally sucks!

      • Dixie says:

        Thanks for introducing this scenario. Bye Bye Strauss. Hotch takes her place and Derek heads the team. But do you think Hotch could remain on the sidelines? He seems to really like the action, unraveling the puzzles and studying the minds of these criminals. Either way, Ms. Messer and her team have to come up with something great, or I think Season 9 will be the last.

  31. Criminal Minds is an absolute Must! Please if you choose to keep us do not mess with our Criminal Minds!

  32. Vanessa o says:

    People i think it’s the cop from the first episode were the team discovers that they are being stalk and they find them self having to deal with a cop who hates.F.B.I agents because his partner rejected by gilden.rember the guy expressed raged anger with all of them Morgen saved his life.from a bullet then he just vaished that’s who i think it is

  33. Fromthedeep says:

    I’m soo courius about the season finale. There are a few things in my mind:
    1. It would be freakin’ awesome if Gideon were the Replicator, although I don’t think it’s him. As it has been mentioned earlier, Mandy Patinkin wouldn’t return to the show. Another problem is about the character itself. Do you really think Gideon is capable of doing something like this? Why would he want to stalk the team anyway? He always has been the mentor, the best profiler on the show, he doesn’t have anything to prove.

    2. Elle is another story however. It is clear that she had some serious psychological problems, so it’s not completely impossible that she was the one who stalked the team. She’s a character who I think can do things like that. That would be absolutely mind-raping in a positive way of course.

    3. There’s another thing which is bothering me. It’s about Maeve. The whole storyline was so very well built then it ended so fast. It wouldn’t be a problem, but it hasn’t made any permanent impact on Reid. His character hasn’t been changed by the whole Maeve story. It was just over too soon so I think maybe somehow it will be very important in the future. I’m not saying Maeve is the replicator, but I think she may had been the victim of it. What if the whole abduction was organised by the Replicator. Or, even better, what if Maeve was the Replicator’s accomplice and they planned to destory Reid in an emotinal way. However the Replicator sacrificed his partner to made even bigger damage on Reid’s emotional life.

  34. Wheatlandy says:

    I predict, Erin Strauss dies, Hotch gets her job, Morgan get’s Hotche’s, and then BabyGirl and Baby Boy don’t exist anymore (can’t have the Boss Man flirting with the line staff). It’s been moving that way for some time (one of the writer’s recently said if he had his way he would have moved their relationship in a different direction) maybe this is it. They have been weakening Hotch’s role, pumping up Morgan’s role, and distancing Morgan from Garcia. Yep, cracks are appearing in the veneer, they have been for several years. It sucks! Hope I’m wrong.

  35. DENISE Parker says:

    Its sad to see him go, but the most shocking is he went back ward, yes back to a soap, he is in the limelight of his career and to see him play a wrong card well that just does it for alot of us its disappointing and he will be forgotten yes even with his babygirl line, im sorry to see this. I hope you find what it is you think you need to go back to a soap.