13 Plot Twists We Wish Were April Fool's Jokes

TV Show Plot TwistsConfession time: We were gonna come up with a whole buncha silly headlines and stories to amuse (and possibly punk) you today.

But then we thought, “Hey, that’s a lotta work, especially when TV has already pulled a helluva lotta pranks on us – sometimes without even realizing they were!”

So instead of wracking our brains, we dove into the history books – well, the TV history books, anyway – to dish out a baker’s dozen of the plot twists that we wish – no, seriously, we really wish – were only April Fool’s Day jokes.


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  1. slizabeth says:

    Oh man, the Friday Night Lights murder takes the cake. :/

    • Elyse says:

      i so agree!!!

    • Jeni says:

      Agree. The show is soooo good. Landry was the best character and Tyra was written so well…and then THAT happened. AND it was the year of the writer’s strike, so they couldn’t redeem it, either. Ugh.

  2. Sabi says:

    I wish Blair’s ‘pact with God’ on Gossip Girl was a April Fools joke. But sadly, that was an actual storyline that actually happened.

  3. Paul says:

    FNL murder storyline was season 2.

  4. Tammy says:

    OMG… Beer Bad is one of my favorite episodes of Buffy!!!!!!

    • Me too! It was hilarious, and contained one of the best things I’ve ever seen – when things are being wrapped up at the end and Buffy is standing in front of the dumbass bad guy on the sidewalk – with Giles, or cops, or somebody, don’t remember, she’s still under the influence. She has a tree limb in her hand, swings it overhand and clocks him on top of his head, BAM, he goes down like a sack of potatoes.Loved it.

    • znachki says:

      Thing is – I wouldn’t call it a plot twist – just a bad episode. I see plot twists as unexpected occurances changing the direction of a show or episode. Buffy had a ton of those. This isn’t one of them

  5. DJ Doena says:

    I love “Beer Bad” It’s from the category “so bad, it’s good”. Especially since they deliberately lampshaded it with Xander’s question of what we learned from it.

    • Jessica says:

      Yes! Is it in the top twenty? No, but the show was going to have to address college age drinking at some point and I loved that they went over the top ridiculous, pointed out that it was ridiculous in the episode, and then just had them continue to drink from then on. Very fitting of the show that had an abusive boyfriend plot with an actual Jekyll and Hyde potion involved, for instance.

      • mia says:

        +1. And it was a bit of a throwback episode to season one; a barely-vieled metaphor for a real issue. Like ‘I Robot, You Jane’

    • mia says:

      Lol I agree! Its so bad its good! And all the Buffy episodes have a special place in my heart.

      • Mary says:

        Yeah I agree with all of you about the Buffy episode. Buffy was still able to save Willow (loved her chat with Parker in the episode and how she didn’t fall for his charms – of course there was a good reason for that) and I loved Xander’s line – “Giles, don’t make cave slayer angry.” or something like that.

      • Judith says:

        Agreed. At the time my friends and I would quote “beer bad” on drunken nights out, all doing our best deep voiced/hung over Buffy impression. Dramatically sound or not, i have such a soft spot in my heart for the episode due to all the good memories.

  6. Sarah says:

    FNL’s Scooby-Doo story was SO bad. Also agree with the Smoke Monster on TB. Season 5 was overall lackluster, but the Terry storyline was the worst of all. It’s a shame because all the actors are fantastic.

    • dude says:

      I never minded that FNL storyline. Fans of the show act like it was poop on paper but it was never as bad as people let on. Yes, FNL is a show that is very much rooted in reality about things people really go through and murder is more of an extraordinary thing but that doesn’t mean it was a bad storyline. It may have been their way of trying to be more commercial/attracting a larger audience but it did birth Tyra/Landry which was one of the show’s most interesting/entertaining pairings. Was it a “FNL storyline”? No. But it wasn’t awful either.

    • gdv says:

      I didn’t think that season 5 was that bad. The smoke monster thing wasn’t great, but overall I really liked that season. It felt more evenly plotted than some of the previous seasons. I only wish they had spent more time revealing *why* Bill chose the whole Lillith way of things. It felt so out of character for him.

  7. AT says:

    I’m going to add the Davis ending of season 8 of Smallville. NOTHING beats that, hence why the episode was nicknamed Failsday by the fans. Of course it was revealed that there was conflicting views about the story in the writer’s room. Too many EP’s. Anyway, some left right before the end, so we got an out of the blue character assassination from the two head writers left. All season long Davis was set up to be an Oliver Twist like foster kid seeking redemption for something he had no free will over. Plus his relationship was purposely presented as a Beauty and the Beast story that became hugely popular among many of the fans. So in the end when Davis suddenly turned into a psycho, didn’t get redemption, the future SUPERMAN decided that some people aren’t worth saving (an anti-Superman message), Chloe got crapped on again, Jimmy died not actually being the “real” Jimmy Olsen (another bizarre head scratcher of stupidity) and Davis died alone with everyone hating him, it’s no surprise that I wasn’t the only one throwing things at my TV. Even Sam Witwer, the actor, said that he had to act the scenes even though he didn’t agree with them. Yeah, too bad it wasn’t just a prank. To this day I do not know why they thought anything about that episode was a good idea. “I know, let’s change the myth and have “Beauty” decide that the Beast is just a metaphor of abuse rather than redemption. People will LOVE it. Not only that, let’s make the Justice League into vigilantes who are hunting to kill him. It will be original and no one will see it coming!” They’re right. No one did. Just because something is “different” doesn’t mean that it’s good.

    • cowcowmeows says:

      I agree. That whole finale was…don’t even have words.

    • Autumn says:

      I’m going to third this. Worst episode of any television show. I really wish it had been an April Fool’s joke. I would add of course that Chloe went back to Jimmy after the audience knew she had been settling with him, he told her she was the biggest mistake of his life, and he was trying to steal from her for drug money! Made no sense whatsoever.

    • John says:

      Smallville often had my head scratching and it was the textbook example of a show that you start watching when you’re younger but when you’re older (and wiser) you just can’t break the habit.

      I absolutely hated that finale. Sure, build up Doomsday, and the literally show the full transformed creature for like 8 seconds (I know budget was an issue, but then pick a different villain; same problem I had with S10 and Apocalypse). Hated season 8 so much

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      Doomsday was a HORRIBLE finale but I have to say that the episode “Power” with SuperLana was waaaaay worse in my opinion.

    • Em says:

      Agreed with everything you said! Failsday was complete character assassination, which is really sad because season 8 as a whole is my favorite season.

      • lll says:

        I loved season 8 too. It was such a better season that the convoluted 7th season. The season 8 finale was just…it didn’t make sense. One bitchslap from doomsday to clark and the next minute Clark takes him underground? Davis begging to be saved from episode one and turning into a psycho at the end? And thank you for whoever said that the “jimmy olsen” we knew from season 6 wasn’t the real jimmy. That was unforgivable in my mind and I still hate them to this day. I don’t care if they brought the real actor back…that scene was just awful. Aaron didn’t even see it coming. Crying shame. Failsday? Definately earned the tilte.

    • DJ Doena says:

      Oh yeah. I vented about that recently as well. Here’s my idea how Doomsday should have ended:


      The problem with these kinds of shows is that they create drama only for the sake of creating drama and don’t have a deeper agenda that makes a kife-turn at this point in the story necessary.

    • Jj says:

      SO MUCH THIS!!! ICAM!! I am just going to cosign your post!

  8. Lois says:

    Definitely agree with the ghost of Denny. I hated the storyline then, and I still hate it now. It just seemed like a cheap way of Shonda getting JDM back on the show (which if she wanted, she shouldn’t have killed him in the first place). I might have been more forgiving if it hadn’t taken so damn long for Izzie to ‘realise’ she had cancer though.

  9. Josh says:

    I actually liked the Marnie storyline because it showed how lost Marnie was…which is very realistic…I didn’t like how it ended up but I got what the show was trying to do.

    • Rook says:

      I didn’t mind the storyline but that “Stronger” performance was painful to watch. I hope they give her something better in season 3.

  10. Eran says:

    It was very kind (or absent minded) of you to have left our seasons 4-8 of Charmed. Or would that fall under the category of a Halloween nightmare turned reality?

    • James says:

      Killing Prue at the end of Charmed Season 3. You missed that one.

      • dude says:

        As I understand it, killing Prue was necessary in order for the show to continue as everyone probably would have quit had they continued to employ Shannen.

    • tvfan2011 says:

      Lol Oh come on. The show didn’t really go downhill until Season 5. The fairy tale nonsense was a big WTF, followed by Chris, the avatars, and Kaley Cuoco in a role I’m sure even *she* wants to forget.

  11. Rivera says:

    More than the Denny hallucination story, i wish that whole season 8 finale plane crash was a big fat april fool stunt – Lexie and Mark never dying.. ah Slexie! :(

  12. mia says:

    How about Cordelia sleeping with Angel‘s teenage son and then giving birth to a fully formed woman who was a mystical god?!? Ya, that actually happened. Granted it gave us Gina Torres, but come on!

    • shuayb says:

      I know! That was far more ridic than anything else. And also how Angel ended. With Fred being a godess and angel n gang fighting without knowing if they will die or not. That was bad.

      • Cici says:

        Gunn died but Angel gave up his humanity to save him and now he’s running the L.A Branch of AI while Angel is in London with Faith.

        Oz is living in China and is married and has the cutest little baby boy.

        Wesley died.

        Lorne survived and was later killed off in an issue that was a tribute to Andy Hallett.

        Nina is married.

        Connor is in college and has been dating the same girl for 3 months….her name escapes me right now.

        Faith and Angel are working together to resurrect giles after twilight snapped his neck.

        Willow broke up with Kennedy and is now trying to restore magic to a magicless world.

        Oh and sometime in the future, she will slit buffy’s throat.

        Buffy is a waitress in san fransisco who was once a jewel thief and recently thought that she was pregnant(it’s a long story).

        Dawn is going to die soon. When all of the magic in the world got destroyed, her energy went along with it.

        You can’t be a mystical ball of energy without energy.

        She is currently in a coma while Andrew and Xander figure out the dawn bot.

        Harmony is a reality show hasbeen and is back to sleeping with spike.

        Clem is her sidekick and he’s in love with her.

        Xander is still a useless loser and Cordelia is thankfully still dead.

        – I follow the buffy and angel comics.

    • JC says:

      Oh definitely this one. That was horrible.

    • Cici says:

      How about the fact that Connor was even conceived??

      Connor is the most hated person in the btvs fandom next to Glory and Dawn.

      I never believed that Angel would have slept with Darla while in his right mind.

      For heavens sake, he staked her and then set her on fire.

      • JC says:

        While I wasn’t thrilled with that particular plot twist, I could have lived with it if Connor had stayed a baby. But when he got taken and then returned as the most annoying teenager alive….yeah, no. I’d FAR rather have Dawn, personally.

    • T says:

      Fred becoming Illyria.

      • Cici says:

        If angel had been renewed for another season that was going to be thrown out.

        Illyria would have manifested into fred similar to how Angel and Angelus shared the same body.

  13. Amanda says:

    The Denny storyline was beyond annoying but it was explained – Denny was an hallucination of Izzie’s cancer brain.

  14. hello says:

    the death of Lexi Grey
    Smallville ends with Clark pushing a planet out of orbit, you know what, let’s say the entire tenth season.
    True Blood, everything after season 2
    Elena becoming a vampire on VD
    The Walking Dead season 3 finale
    Seymour Skinner isn’t the real Seymour Skinner
    Barney and Robin together, ugh

    • lll says:

      +1 for Smallville. They have so many things that should be april fools jokes that it’s a crying shame. Lex and Lana hooking up, Veritas, Lois and Clark taking the whole 10th season to get married and actually got married offscreen, Darkseid, Doomsday/Clark fight–ant that’s just a taste of it.

  15. TJ says:

    Agree with Grey’s. Would also like to add the Xena Warrior Princess time jump into the future 25 years. Anyone?!

    • Annie says:

      How can you agree with something that never happened? He was never a ghost, for Pete’s sake. He was a hallucination.

  16. I. Hate. Season. Seven. says:

    I’ll never stop being annoyed about Castiel being blown up, followed by the worst season of my favorite show to date (Felicia Day’s introduction being the exception). If that entire season could have just been one entire massive prank, so we could start it back over with CASTIEL being the big bad that season (as he should have been) I would be the happiest fan in the world.

    • Wilson says:

      Season Seven had its issues, but they were nothing to do with a lack of Castiel.

    • Regal says:

      See I actually thought Season 6 was the shows worst season, with 7 being marginally better. I say this in spite of the fact that Season 6 contains my favorite individual episodes. (But then I felt the same way about Buffy Season 6)

      • soundinfinite says:

        I just have to take a moment, since you brought it up and compared them, and talk about how similar season 6 of Supernatural is to Season 6 of Buffy. I kind of, I dunno, think it is flabbergasting. Basically Super is a rip-off of Buff (AND THIS IS FROM A SUPER FAN though also a Buffy fan)
        1) Both shows are coming back from the “original” intended endings of the series with both having the main character’s killed and resurrected.
        2) Once the characters are resurrected they come back “wrong” or “different”-Buffy being less human, able to be hit by Spike, and feeling not a part of humanity so she does “bad” things–Sam being soulless and not being a part of humanity so he does “bad” things-creating the characters main story arcs
        3) The good friend Willow/Castiel goes on a downward spiral through the season until in the end they become “the big bad.”
        There are more similarities such as both having a “real-world” episode where the characters leave the “false reality” of their shows. And other plot points themes but the three above are the main themes of the seasons and they copy each other.

        And no Season 7 of Supernatural is much weaker than season 6. Season 7 is, yes this is just my opinion, the worst of the entire series and actually almost lost me as a viewer. Season 6 had some very strong moments and stories, it is on par with season 1 and 2 maybe season 3 if you stretch. But yes clearly fell short of the seasons 4 and 5 that preceded it–though to be fair season 5 is basically a masterpiece.

        Buffy on the other hand came back with a seriously strong and worthy 7th and final season.

  17. WTactualF says:

    Billith from True Blood should definitely be in this list.

  18. noa says:

    So happy to have The Good Wife back from the land of misguided plot lines. This latest run of episodes has been perfect. please never mention that ex-husband ever again.

  19. Ais says:

    Wait – how about the time travel storyline in Felicity?

  20. Paula says:

    How about Luke’s daughter and ex girlfriend in Gilmore Girls. That should have been an April’s fool joke, her name in April!

    • tp says:

      That entire last season should have been a joke.

    • Mely says:

      Thank you. The April plot ruined that show. Then the breakup where Lorelai slept with Chris and then married him? What?

      That was my favorite show for years, but I’ll never forgive the Palladinos for the April plot. So. Dumb.

  21. Renee says:

    Hey now I liked Beer Bad!

  22. Annie says:

    ENOUGH with the ghost crap! He was NEVER A GHOST. He was a hallucination! There are SO many legitimate things to gripe about with Grey’s – why on EARTH would you insist on going with something that never happened?! You just look dumb.

  23. Mick says:

    How about on AMC when Josh Madden turns out to be Erica Kane’s displaced fetus replanted in another woman?

    • Cici says:

      You are talking about the unabortion.

      It’s probably one of the weirdest moments in soap history next to the EJami rape on DOOL and Casey the Alien on GH.

  24. Elyse says:

    LOL! i love this only because i had started watching FNL on netflix last year and i loved it! until the Landry/Tyra thing happened. after that i stopped watching. i keep wanting to watch the rest of the seasons but i just can’t decide!

    • dude says:

      I can guarantee you there’s nothing like that in the rest of the seasons. You may want to give up during season four (it was definitely their weakest) but season five is fantastic.

  25. I’d go with “Him” for Buffy.
    Beer Bad is not that bad

  26. Yanis says:

    House trying to murder Cuddy should have made the list.

  27. John says:

    Most of these aren’t plot “twists”, just bad episodes or poorly conceived plots in general.

  28. Babybop says:

    I wish the episode, and subsequent storylines, of Cam reuniting with her daughter on Bones was an April Fool’s joke. I find the whole thing to be really dumb, and that character brings nothing to the show!

  29. Mary says:

    Really? Dallas – Pam’s death over the whole season that was a dream ?

  30. SM says:

    This article is more of a joke than those episodes.

  31. How did House crashing his car into Cuddy’s home NOT make this list? Seriously? It was one of the biggest television blunders in recent memory…so big a blunder that it ultimately resulted in a great loss of viewers in Season 8.

  32. B says:

    The last half of season 6 on NCIS.

  33. Cindee says:

    BUT the FNL murder storyline gave me Landry/Tara scenes…

  34. Dominique says:

    As someone who has recently rewatched Lost again (mind you; fifth time already), I have actually come to the conclusion that Paulo wasn’t such a bad addition. It was the shallow, bitchy, one-dimensional Nikki who made it all the worse. I feel like Paulo had more story to tell. SO yeah; while their introduction and Exposé was one of the worst things, I’d like to have seen a bit more of just Paulo.

    • Ben says:

      @dominique – I’m a bit of a Lost apologist in any event, but it’s clear the writer isn’t – not for Nikki and Paulo, but the comment about the smoke monster (not a fan favourite? Really? Perhaps a reason why some people were not fans, but most fans I knew looked forward to more smokie mythology). But, I completely agree with you about Paulo. Nikki was the problem and if her character had been less annoying and more sympathetic people probably would have warmed to them. And at least Expose is actually a pretty fun episode.

  35. tiffany says:

    I wish we would find out in 9 Season Finale the plane was a joke Lexie & Mark are alive and in Mexico living their lives like Eric Dane said he they had in a recent said an interview with wet paint

  36. Beth says:

    What about the time travel/alternate universe nonsense on Felicity? Ouch.

  37. Marco says:

    Fake Jack in Profiler, the final season of Gossip Girl, Gravity going from being about a group for people who attempted suicide to a freaking insane cop…

  38. Sara says:

    I LOVED Beer Bad! It’s one of my favorite episodes of Buffy. And it wasn’t even a plot twist lol. To me, a plot twist is a twist in a season that continues on throughout more than one episode…this didn’t. It was just a fun episode!

  39. Wesley says:

    If we’re saying the FNL murder storyline was bad, then what about Matt dating his grandmother’s nurse? Or Buddy Garrity adopting that student? And Matt and Julie’s first break up? Or even Julie dating her college professor? And even though I’m glad we met Jess why was she with Landry that ENTIRE season?

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Friday Night Lights, but honestly I didn’t think that storyline was the worst one.

    • vanchocstraw326 says:

      Matt and Julie’s break up seems pretty typical for high school, honestly. Matt dating a pretty woman who’s in his house 24/7? More like: I can see this plot move coming a mile away. Same with Julie dating her TA (not professor): this happens for realz fairly often.

      I agree with the suddenly dropped “adoption” though–that was weird.

  40. Rose says:

    Am I the only Buffy fan who wanted Dawn to die? The sudden addition of a younger sister (albeit cleverly explained) wouldn’t have been so bad if the kid hadn’t been such a huge, annoying brat.

    • Cici says:

      A fair amount of the fandom wants her to die and the other part just wants her to be retconned from the buffyverse and never mentioned again.

      She’s just as annoying in S9 as she was in S5 to S7 and the fact that she’s dating xander doesn’t make any better.

      I always thought she could have been Bangel’s kid since she popped up 9 months after IWRY, but they couldn’t have created that sniveling little brat.

      Dawn has no powers, isn’t very smart and has a tendency to get into messes that she cannot get out of.

      The character should have been more buffy and less like a mini version of Cordelia.

    • JC says:

      Oh hardly. She didn’t really bother me that much, but most fans I know would agree with you. Dawn was pretty much loathed by the fandom, along with Riley and Kennedy.

      • Cici says:

        Riley and Kennedy were rebounds…naturally they were going to be hated by most of the fandom.

        Angel has always been established as that one true love of buffy’s life and in the fandom, no one can replace him.

        Riley was a nice and normal guy, that wasn’t going to end well for someone who hadn’t known nice, normal or sane since she was 15.

        Spuffy was sex that became a friendship.

        Satuffy was just a lesbian one night stand that sadly never blossomed into a real relationship.

        Bobin was never going to happen past the first date cause of pressures from the network. (that’s been a long standing rumor.)

        The whole thing with dowling has not gotten off the ground cause he’s in a coma.
        Oh and he’s a cop…a terrible cop.

        Willow wasn’t even allowed a whole season to grieve for tara before jumping into something with kennedy and thankfully she ended that mess in S8.

    • Jj says:

      NO, you are not. I hated her all the way through… that was such a fail.
      And it led to the storyline from Buffy that should have made this list: The Ben and Glory storyline. What an epic fail of a storyline!

  41. You forgot Alias Season 3.

  42. Trouty Mouth says:

    Why is the bile known as Bram not on the list?

  43. lll says:

    The ending of Lost should be an april fools joke.

  44. jane says:

    Joey and Rachael together on Friends should be on the list. Gross.

  45. Cici says:

    Why aren’t there any bad soap plots on the list?

    Off the top of my head, I’ll name a few:


    Ethan not finding out for 8 long years that it was gwen and rebecca who sent the proof of his true paternity to the tabloids and not theresa.

    The Ejami rape.

    The Liason/Sic ONS

    The Unabortion.

    Casey the Alien.

    The firing of Stuart Damon.

    Laura Spencer’s catatonia.

    Natalie the mutt turning out to be Viki and Clint’s kid.

    Nicole walker’s miscarriage and Stillbirth.

    Brenda barrett’s return in 2002 and 2011.

    Reva shayne getting pregnant near 60 and only a short time after chemo.

    Cassie and Josh’s marriage on GL.

    The shimi/shelle mess from 2006.

    Marlena’s possession storyline.

    Chloe Lane’s hooker storyline.

    Luke and Holly never getting a chance to fully explore an relationship.

    Rose dying on ATWT and then will turning out to be her killer.

    Tammy’s death on GL.

    When Hope turned into Princess gina a few years back and almost set Bo on fire.

    That stupid James Franco mess on GH.

    The balkan storyline.

    OLTL becoming GH and the couplings that soon failed.

    The departure of Victoria Rowell from Y&R.

    The rapemance.

    Adam taking Ashley’s dead fetus and putting in the incinerator and then lying for months about it.

    The marriage of Jack and Katie on ATWT.

    Brooke turning out to be Taylor and Nick’s surrogate on B&B.

    Any pregnancy that Sami brady ever had.

  46. Derek Johnson says:

    Very astute of you to pick Teri’s amnesia over Kim and the cougar. I think they had to do it at that time, but it was bound to do poorly. On a recent note, The Following’s twist when Claire decided to let herself be taken to Joe was pretty bad too.

  47. Adrienne says:

    Completely agree with the Dallas pick. Wondering now how they are incorporating Pam into the new Dallas.

  48. Steph says:

    The thing with Lost is they were supposed to have a larger story line, but people didn’t like them so they killed them off instead.