Glee Poised to Finish Season 4 Without Finn, as Cory Monteith Enters Rehab

Glee's Cory Monteith Enters RehabGlee star Cory Monteith has entered rehab for substance addiction, and as such Fox’s musical dramedy is prepared to finish production on Season 4 without the actor.

Finn’s sudden absence in the season’s final two episodes will be explained on-screen, our sister site Deadline reports.

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News of Monteith’s rehab stint broke over the weekend, when his rep confirmed to that he had “voluntarily admitted himself to a treatment facility for substance addiction,” from which the actor has previously suffered.

Immediately, well wishes from the Glee family followed. “I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this,” Monteith’s costar and real-life girlfriend Lea Michelle told People. “I am grateful and proud he made this decision.”

Series creator Ryan Murphy shared on Twitter Monday morning, “I am so proud of Cory Monteith and love and support him 100%.”

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In a statement, Glee producer 20th Century Fox TV said, “Cory is a beloved member of the Glee family and we fully support his decision to seek treatment. Everyone at the show wishes him well and looks forward to his return.”

Glee — which because of protracted negotiations has yet to be renewed — is set to air its Season 4 finale on May 9.

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  1. Steve says:

    Any Finn-less episode is good news as far as I’m concerned.

    • hh says:

      I hate Finn and Finchel so much, but don’t be an asshole. There is no Finn because that guy is in rehab, you can’t be glad for that, man. That’s awful.

      • Mike says:

        I personally am glad he’s not there to be in rehab, as opposed to being there and still using. It’s good he’s in rehab because it means he’s getting help.

      • Steve says:

        Of course I wish Cory the best and hope he gets well, I just think the CHARACTER of Finn is terrible and brings the show down. So the more Finn-less episodes, the better for Glee.

        • Oy says:

          Just stop talking, Steve.

          • Santana Lopez says:

            Aren’t addicts supposed to be skinny?

          • Sg. Grant says:

            I tend to disagree. Cry me a river. “I have a hot girlfriend, and get paid lots of money to star on a popular show where I get to goof off, sing, and dance. I guess I must go use drugs.” Any ridicule he gets from the internet he brings upon himself.

          • Michael says:

            @Sg. Grant…yes, any ridicule that he gets, from spineless pusses who wouldn’t have the guts to say such things in real life, he brought on himself. If you think that money solves all problems and that it should prevent all ailments and dependencies, you are dumber than any other idiot posting on these boards. And, you don’t have much of a heart either.

          • July says:

            I don’t like Finn, but I have nothing against Cory Monteith. And although I think that some celebrities has everything and theyre still fall on drugs, maybe Cory Monteith has been passing through rough moments in his life. Of course he wouldn’t go on drugs by having a hot girlfriend and starring on a popular tv show where he sing and dances.

        • Ally Oop says:

          Cory’s having a hard time living life In the big city. When you try to adjust to big city life, especially the Hollywood life, it can drive you mental if you were raIsed in a small town. Cory is from the Canadian North. For those who haven’t been there it is unimaginable how different things are there. People who go south from their all too often turn to substance abuse and/or get depressed.

          • Ron says:

            Seriously? Small town Canadian north? He was born in Calgary, one of the countries biggest cities then moved to Victoria BC, just outside Vancouver, also a large city. He also started drinking and doing drugs as a YOUNG teen, long before he ever got into acting or Hollywood. Might wanna get at least a couple facts right… Google is your friend.

        • Destiny says:

          Well Steve you got what you wanted because Cory is dead. So i guess Glee can only get better for you.

    • Don says:

      You do realize that this is a real person’s life you are so casually commenting on. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Steve says:

        Of course I wish Cory the best and hope he gets well, I just think the CHARACTER of Finn is terrible and brings the show down. So the more Finn-less episodes, the better for Glee.

    • Cannot believe this is the first comment says:

      You really should be ashamed of yourself. SMH. This is a real person’s life you’re talking about.

    • Marilou says:

      the fact that you even can write this O_O Shame on you!

    • The consensus is you’re a horrible person. How does that feel?

      • Ruby says:

        If he cared or had any sort of conscience, he wouldn’t have made the comment in the first place. Ah, the internet, where people come to show the very worst humanity has to offer.

    • Cory Fan Forever says:

      Only an idiot would trivialize his personal hardships with such an insensitive comment! Cory is to be admired and respected for recognizing when he needed help and taking the proper steps to get it on his own. It takes a lot of courage to do so. For all their fame and money, the life of a celeb is a very difficult one especially when faced with “fans” like the OP. Sending love, light and positive thoughts to Cory Monteith! May you come through this stronger than ever!

    • eak says:

      wow… no words really. this is a real person with real problems, how insensitive can one be to say such things?

    • Idina says:

      What an insensitive, cruel comment at a time when a real person is going through a difficult period. Is this what the online fandom has become? To those of us who are worried and care about Cory’s well-being, the show is less of a concern; what is important is that he is getting all the help he can get to overcome his personal challenge. If you can’t pull out any sense of humanity from your empty soul, at least give the man who is not the character, some respect.

    • cinematt01 says:

      And Steve is officially deemed Douche of the Day

    • DanO says:

      Come on, y’all…. Steve never said he was happy Cory was in rehab. He only said he was happy there would be Finn free episodes. Y’all are jumping to assumptions that he’s wishing ill will on the actor!

      • Steve says:

        Thank you! This was my point.

        • Kay says:

          Your comment is still tacky and ill-timed, Steve. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Santana Lopez says:

            I hope one day someone takes an opinion you say out of context and vilifies you for it. PS, Kay is the name of an early 19th century Ugly farm girl.

          • IHATEJUNKIES says:

            That junkie is the one who should be ashamed of himself. He is a junkie!

          • kavyn says:

            Stop being so melodramatic. It’s obvious what Steve meant and you’re talking poorly about him when you overreact like that.

      • Ana says:

        Steve is a huge jerk because he’s more concern with a fictional character than the health of a real person. I can’t beleive you don’t see what’s wrong on his comment. Most unecessary comment ever. If you don’t have better thing to say, just don’t say it at all.

      • Sharon says:

        What we all have to remember is….as Cory said when questioned about his character on
        Glee…I’m only the actor…I don’t write the script. How true is that. When I go to work, I don’t make the rules…I just follow them.

    • Alex says:

      Way to attack a guy for no reason! Steve didn’t say he was glad Corey was in Rehab, he was just glad Finn won’t be on. So Corey could be on vacation in Bermuda and Steve would still be glad. Way to show how classless you people are.

      • Steve says:

        Thank you! Of course I wish Cory the best and hope he gets well, I just think the CHARACTER of Finn is terrible and brings the show down. So the more Finn-less episodes, the better for Glee.

        • It wasn’t just what you said, it’s how you said it and why. It’s called tact.

        • Deej says:

          You can believe what you like about the character all you want, but there are other threads where that comment is more appropriate. Repeating what you said over and over doesn’t make anyone think it’s still acceptable.

          Tact is an important skill in life, which it appears you lack.

          • Para says:

            Lets focus more on the story lines rather than Cory’s issues. He’s such a nice guy and I’m so sorry it happened the way it did.

    • Santana Lopez says:

      I support you Steve. Finn sucks. Don’t let these PC-‘Too Soon’ Bitches get you down

      • Vetle says:

        I “support” him too, I know what meant/could’ve meant, but it was kinda out of line, given the circumstances. I don’t think Steve deserved this RAGE fest, though. Sometimes I don’t care for Finn, sometimes he’s kinda likeable for me. But I remember seeing Cory on The Glee Project 2, and he seemed like the nicest guy!

    • Sara says:

      Demonstrating the hate Cory gets as routine from Glee fans in his twitter feed and online blogs and forums, plus the abuse for his relationship. Even at a time like this you couldnt string a humane sentence together?

    • Hallie Zellmer says:

      no it is not good news he is going to rehab and fin and rachel on glee just got back together i m going to die because he is a big part of this show and if he is not on this show i will not watch it anymore.

      • Sharon says:

        I agree with Hallie. If Finn does not come back, I will also stop watching the show. He is a big part of that show. He keeps us on the edge of our seats. I hope that they bring him back. If not, I will be very sad. Everybody changes through life, maybe they can make his character become more mature. I would like to see him and Rachel have a relationship with less turmoil but who knows. Also, we all have to remember that we all have our own demons. If you fall, stand up, dust yourself off and try again and again and again. As long as you keep trying, that’s what is important. Until we walk in their shoes, who knows the path that they have to travel. I myself could not stand what these people have to put up with just to do what you enjoy. I myself have my good times and bad times and it can be easy to hold your head down and give up. It is a constant battle to stay positive in this hard world. He is a human being…lets all remember that. Lets give him and others strength and encouragement. Lets not be part of the negativity. Him and others (such as myself) need to know that they can make it, not negativity. Isn’t that what we would want for yourself or anyone else that you love. You go Cory, we’re waiting for your return to happiness and Glee!

  2. Esaul says:

    I don’t like his character much anymore, but good for him for getting help. Nice to see him doing this without getting out of control.

  3. Glee is the last one of my concerns right now. Cory needs to focus on himself and he’ll come out stronger again #WeSupportCory

    • eak says:

      THIS SO MUCH!!! I don’t even care about glee at this point, even though I’m a big fan, but Cory’s life is so much more important right now! I’m so glad he took this step to do the right thing, he’s been an inspiration since day 1 and I love and support him so much!

  4. Ti says:

    Sad news to know he has this problem. Good for him to get help and proper treatment.

  5. Cath says:

    Finn is my favorite character, so obviously I think it’s sad we won’t be seeing him anymore this season. But I’m glad Cory is getting the help he needs. I think he’s a wonderful person and I wish him all the best and hope he makes a speedy recovery.

    • Stacey says:

      He’s in episodes running thru Episode 19 and maybe Episode 20 (if he was able to shoot the performance number Finn was put in). So we are likely looking at the May 2nd and the season finale, May 9th. Cory needs to get better. But maybe they can shoot a scene or two later on… At least he’s getting help.

    • Sil says:

      Me too. Finn is my fav. None of us know the all the facts of his need to to go to rehab. Just that he entered rehab. We don’t know what substances he might be subjected to. Or even that he has done anything yet. He might be trying to prevent any increasing urges for the substances. I think Cory is a wonderful guy with a great heart, who remembers his roots, appreciates all the great things that have befallen him. I think he realizes what a wonderful life he has and is thankful for it everyday. He came from a troubled childhood filled with all the things that can ruin a young life. But, he changed his life, met his demons, made a successful life for himself. That is an accomplishment for sure. Many here have such damaging things to say about him when you don’t even know him personally. It takes a creep to extend condemnation to a real life gentle person who is need of help. I feel sorry to those who have such derogatory remarks for such a great guy. The thing is we all have faults, none of us are perfect. I wish Cory all good things of the heart and soul to reach and hold out to him in his time of need. I’m so glad he has such a huge support system in friends and family. And his Glee family.

  6. prince says:

    The last thing Cory needs right now is comments that disrespect his work. Show some respect and support him instead of being mean for once. I’m proud of this man and all the work he has ever done. Not many people would have the courage and self-awareness that Cory has, and he is a truly admirable person. I love Cory, and I believe he is strong enough to get through this.

    • Teena says:

      All of this!

    • Sam says:

      Look, I like Cory as a human being and think he’s a great person from what I’ve seen (met him once during the first glee tour too-so nice) but I think it’s a little dumb to sugarcoat it if someone
      a. doesn’t like his character
      b. doesn’t like his acting
      c. doesn’t like his singing
      d. all of the above
      i feel like people do this about dead people too. like once a person is dead or has some serious personal problem we can’t say anything bad about the quality of their work? saying you don’t like someone’s acting doesn’t necessarily mean you wish death and hellfire on him. it’s not like his acting is suddenly better because he’s in rehab. but i sincerely hope he gets the help he needs and comes out of it stronger. you never know. the whole ordeal could make him a better actor and not ruin his career.

      • I think you do this discussion a disservice by defending the indefensible. I’m not a huge fan of his or his character, but disliking him to the point of enjoying his downfall is really sick. He is not Paris Hilton or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or even Jennifer Lopez. No one should be glad about this news. Besides, Finn and the actor who plays him is the least of Glee’s problems.

        • Sam says:

          wait can you read? who said i enjoyed his downfall? who said i was glad? i said he’s a great person, i’ve met him before, but saying you don’t like his work doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person who wishes ill on him. i honestly hope things for him get better.

          • I didn’t say you said that, but you seemed to be saying it was okay for other people to. It’s okay to be critical of anyone, especially if it’s deserving, but this isn’t the time or place to do it, is it?

          • Sam says:

            you’re still not really getting it then. what i’m saying is it’s completely valid and ok to say you don’t like the quality of someone’s work but still wish them well in their personal life. being critical of someone’s work and being critical of their personal life/personality/etc are two different things which most people don’t seem to get.

            i think people are just mad sensitive. carry on then.

          • No, I get it, I just completely disagree. What I’m saying is that there is a time and place and this is the absolute wrong time and place to be critical of someone. It’s kicking him when he’s down. It’s like, when John Ritter died and someone says they hated Three’s Company, 8 Simple Rules and pretty much all his work, what you get from someone saying that, from needing to say that at that point in time is that they’re glad he won’t be working again. It might not be exactly what they’re saying, but what exactly does one accomplish from bashing someone then and now? Why does this need to be said at this point in time? Whitney Houston was a drug addict and she killed herself. Everyone knows this. But most people wait until after the funeral to publicly state the obvious. Otherwise, you’re just going, “Hey, look at me! My opinion is unimportant but I’ll share it anyway because I’m full of hate!”

          • Sam says:

            *rolls eyes* when is it ever the right time and place to criticize someone let’s be real. this could have been said at any point in time and there’d still be an argument.

          • Do you just not understand the very concept of tact? The right time to criticize someone is during, say, an episode review or in a message board thread about them or anything like that. The wrong time is in response to tragedy and hardship. What’s the point in that? It’s so masturbatory and pointless.

        • Molly says:

          Am I the only one who is highly amused this person placed Paris Hilton and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the same level?

      • Ruby says:

        You really don’t realize that actors are actually PEOPLE who could be hurt and offended by these “opinions” they see online, huh? They’re just puppets on a screen for your amusement, right? Ugh.

        • tripoli says:

          Not too sure why a person who is a complete stranger is worthy of an excessive smount of love and support simply for entering rehab. He’s not your friend or your relative. You like him for who he plays on TV. Sure, wish him well, but come on. For many, he is just an actor, there for entertainment. Even those whose comments have focused on his acting or character said nothing that implies they wish him any ill will personally. This isn’t his first time at the rehab rodeo, and I imagine he’s well versed in the world of celebrity negativity. And if he’s not, he should find another profession or stay off the internet.

    • Esaul says:

      I don’t like his work anymore. But I like the actor’s personality. I do wish him nothing but the best.

    • Gil says:


  7. Jessica says:

    OMG, you are so stupid, Cory is a wonderful person and I am so proud of him for making that decision! I’m not worried about Glee right now, I just want to let Cory get well soon! I’m sending all my love and prayers to him and if you do not want to do the same, SHUT UP and keep your opinion to fool you!

  8. MM says:

    All the best to Cory and hope he gets well soon.

  9. All of my thoughts an prayers for Cory!! I wish him the best!

    • Linderella says:

      Ditto. It takes courage and character to admit your life has become unmanageable and to seek help. I hope he heals and returns to Glee healthy and hopeful when he’s ready.

  10. Winnie says:

    So happy to see Cory seeking treatment. Let’s hope this was a little preemptive and that things were not too out of control. I hate we have to endure more Finn-less eps but his health is mot important. I have to say this really surprises me as I thought he had things under control. I do wonder what part Lea plays into all of this. I know she supports him but it might be too much for her to continue to stick by him. I send my best to her too.

  11. Tess says:

    Everyone should be proud that he is getting the help he needs. Any person who speaks to the contrary is not a person we should even acknowledge.

  12. Lana says:

    Absolutely hate the character Finn, but Cory is a real person. Praying for him, hope he gets better.

  13. Nola says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing the end of Finn’s journey this season since it feels like he’s been a bit marginalized in favor of newer, far less capable actors, but it’s more important to me that Cory’s health and well-being are taken care of. Best wishes for getting back on the path to recovery, Cory.

  14. Iya says:

    I’m not a fan of the character anymore either (because of the writing), but Cory is a sweet guy and as someone who’s been watching glee and following the cast since season 1, I really wish him well and hope he finds the help he needs.

  15. N says:

    Glee isn’t the same for me without Finn. Glee without Finn is sad because Finn is the heart of it all for me so yes, it will suck to not see him on screen but more importantly, it’s sad to know why Cory can’t be there. Cory is way more important in all of this. I’m devastated he’s struggling but so damn proud of him for making the decision and going forth to get the help he needs. The bravery that takes. The intense commitment he must have to getting better, gosh that’s admirable. He’s amazing and I as a fan have nothing but love and support for him.

  16. SMH says:

    Stop talking about hating the fictional character, have some respect for goodness sakes. Even if it kills you to do it. I have nothing but admiration for Cory at how he has dealt with this situation. He’s better than all of you haters.

  17. Yoni says:

    #AprilFoolsDayMuch ?

  18. Babybop says:

    Glad to see his co-workers are supporting him. I hope he gets the help he needs!

  19. Rose says:

    I hate Finn with a passion but I would rather see Finn on the final episodes than be happy about Finn-less episodes because the actor is in rehab. Dont be jerks, people.

    • Angel says:

      And that is tact!! I respect you for saying this. Putting aside your character hate, unlike Steve. I love cory and respect him so much. He needs to take as long as he needs to get better without worrying about glee. Yesterday I was all pissed about how sidelined Finn has been and how I need him in NYC ASAP, but now I just want cory to get better. He can return when he feels it’s right.

  20. missyw says:

    Glee has lost its glee for me without Cory Monteith. Finn has been and continues to be my favorite character. But reading about Cory, and his real life and struggles has made me admire the real person tremendously. I hope he gets well soon!

  21. Lilly says:

    I really hate when people say, I can’t stand Finn or I’m not a Finn fan. Who gives a damn? Why do you have to say that? That doesn’t matter at all. Just say something nice and keep it moving. Nobody cares if you like Finn or not. This is about Cory.

  22. Lisa Stiles says:

    Inspiration. Very down-to-earth guy and I am rooting for him to come back even stronger! I always thought his acting was really top-knotch and he seems like a really smart and interesting person. He’ll be in my prayers.

  23. Rupaul engine says:

    Cory is the last person I would suspect with a substance problem. I hope he gets better and good for him for entering rehab.

  24. Amy says:

    Cory taking care of himself is more important than the show. I’m proud of him for seeking help.

  25. RB says:

    This better not be an April Fool’s joke because that would be mighty cruel… Anyhow, wish nothing but the best to Cory!

  26. Gino says:

    Cory is an ACTOR. Taking out your personal vendetta over a fictional character and TV Show when the guy is facing his demons and made an honorable choice is disgusting.

    I wish that he comes back, even stronger, even bigger, even better. He’s done it before and he can do it again.

  27. Delirious says:

    Can’t tell if April Fools or real news… (cue squinting Philip Fry pic) O_o

  28. Helena says:

    I really feel sorry for you if your hate for his character or your favoritism for another character/pairing prevents you from seeing what a good actor Cory is. But I don’t feel sorry for you haters who are making awful comments about a human being who is trying to make himself better by admitting his actual problems. I pity you all.

  29. Mike says:

    If you go on tumblr or twitter, you’ll see an outpouring of love and support for Cory Monteith. He’s been one of the nicest, sweetest Glee cast members, always ready to talk or take pics with fans until now and fans are sending him unwavering love and support. Sometimes the Glee fandom can come together.

  30. charlie says:

    Cory Monteith has inspired me to be a better human being and right now he’s done yet again the right choice, and i’m just so proud of him and so in awe cause he’s so brave and self-aware. Sending him all my love and support, and i know he’ll get better soon ♥

  31. Fernanda says:

    I wish the best to Cory. It’s sad, many people hate Glee but they don’t really see the show and its content. Finn represents the ultimate loser on the show, for me, he is an important character, more than Blaine or Schue. Without him there is no chance to see a Finchel reunion. My hopes are to see a focus Rachel getting to Broadway without any guy along with her. At least for now

    My only fear is not see any happy ending at season finale. I still waiting about renewal news.

  32. It takes a lot of wisdom and courage to admit you have a problem and to seek help for it. I respect Cory for taking this step, and he is in my thoughts and my prayers, as is Lea. If there are no appearances of his character in the final two episodes of the season it will be a huge loss to the show — Cory is an exceptionally good actor and one of the show’s greatest strengths. At this point, Cory’s well-being is the most important thing. As I continue to wish him well, I’ll be looking forward to his continuing the story of Glee next year if we don’t get to see anymore of him onscreen in Season 4.

  33. sdexta says:

    Sad news to hear. I wish him the best and hope for a successful recovery.

  34. Liana in San Diego says:

    Well, let’s see how long this rehab stint lasts. Here’s hoping Cory Monteith has a stronger backbone than other actors who have done rehab, what, 4 or 5 times and still relapse? It’s not easy to overcome an addiction of that type, and the prognosis is not good. Prepare for a very different Glee without him. Despite all the unnecessary hoopla over hapless Steve’s comment, the character of Finn was central to much of the arc of Glee over the past seasons, so it will be interesting to see how they work around his not being there.

    • Stacey says:

      I actually think they can work without Finn in the short-term. Although it all depends on how Ryan was going to finish the season. Although there was rumors of it finishing with Regionals. And Finn is rumored to be going to university, either in the Spring semester or just taking classes. So I guess we just won’t see him. Unless Cory is out in time to do a scene or two in the finale. He needs the help, so I am glad he’s getting it. Even though selfishly I had hoped it would mean Rachel and Finn would get some conclusion by the season finale. So it doesn’t look like it right now… But as long as he gets healthy. And comes back much stronger. I can wait to see him in September…

  35. Mike says:

    At least he is entering on his own, it means he truly wants to get better, I have never watched Glee, but I wish him te best.

  36. mary says:

    Sad for Cory but I hope this means we will see more of Blaine and Klaine in the two final episodes.

    • Appalled says:

      Wow. Just, wow.

    • SS says:

      Are you serious? That is so utterly disrespectful I cannot even fathom why you thought it was okay. Something like this is not an opportunity for your favorite character (who is also my favorite character) to get more focus.

    • Marco says:

      Wow. Not only do you hijack the thread, but you hijack them for a complete Marty Stu and asshole and to encourage an emotionally abusive relationship! Wow, Klainers are pieces of work!

  37. Ashley says:

    I think it’s great he’s getting help, he’s been part of the ‘glee family’ from the beginning, he is what makes the show bad it’s sad to not be able to see him in the last few episodes but I’m quite proud that everyone of his fellow actors/actresses are supporting him. Get well soon Cory!

  38. Debbie says:

    Leave Steve alone y’all! Frankly,am happy Cory iѕ gone and glee’s finally gonna be down cause I’ve been looking forward to the downfall and end of this TV show…:) so happy;)

  39. Hector says:

    Wow really should Steve had said also in the post that he is glad he is getting help? He did not make any comment on the guys health in that just a character. It’s a show! They are in no way the same thing. Substance abuse is hard I’ve been through it but you act like he killed a puppy. He wished the guy well in his next post. Lay off. That’s the problem reading too much into his post.

  40. Jill says:

    I feel bad for thinking he looked so much more attractive this year.

  41. I love Cory so much and I’m so proud of him.

  42. Bob says:

    You’ll miss all of them when the show gets canceled.

  43. Lena says:

    I thought this was a really sick April Fools joke at first :( So sad to learn that it’s real. I’m glad for Cory and the fact that he’s getting help.

  44. wilma says:

    Cory Monteith is the one actor on that show who spoke the truth about the perils of the acting business. If you read the articles he did before glee, he commented on the nature of the business and how you need to work hard in order to even land a job and how incredibly hard it was to make a living at that profession. Cory spent 7 years as a working actor in Vancouver before glee even came into his life and knew and appreciated the huge break and opportunity this show provided him. He never took for granted the fans of the show and was completely honest about how he got the role. This openness is the very trait that some people use to bash him or discredit him. He has worked hard to make sure that the product you see on tv is the very best and he always struck me as someone who cared about the work and the craft. Cory seems like an our personality in a me centered business and when he was the focus in season one his broader acting style lent itself to a more positive environment and a show that was more watchable. The man is going through some tough personal issues yet again and the timing could not be worse for him, but he did not wish these troubles on himself and what are you suppose to do ignore them. Good Luck Cory and I hope the show gets the chance to finish the epic fictional story of two people from different worlds colliding through chance and learning to love and care for each other warts and all Finn and Rachel the ying and yang of glee.

  45. Marco says:

    If he checked himself in it’s probably not anything really big; he overcame this before, I have no doubt he will this time too.

  46. Rebecca says:

    At least Corey was able to recognize that he had a problem and he voluntarily went into rehab, unlike so many other stars in the same boat who are either still in denial and/or are surrounded by nothing but pathetic enablers who allow them to further spiral downward into an untreatable and unsolvable addiction. I give Corey a lot of credit for doing this. It takes a lot of personal strength to admit that there’s a problem and then get help for it. Good for him!

  47. Aino Mäkelä says:

    Lol, read just a few comments but decided to remind you of the fact that he was addicted to drugs as a teenager. So, as smokers and alcoholists, also drug using can make a comeback easily when someone has pressures (or whatever, like I would know).
    Hope that Cory gets better soon!! Loveable and brave man!! :) Though I don’t care about the character of Finn much.

  48. dont hate on cory or lea!! says:

    everyone who is dissing cory are a bunch of losers, i mean finchel are the whole show , you’d be mad not to like them!!!!!!

  49. Guess says:

    These last few episodes should be depressing 😔

  50. Bea says:

    Um, am I the only one who read the IHATEJUNKIES persons comments… They are ridiculously & hilariously stupid. As a person who is a “junkie” in recovery, it’s a long, long, hard road & something you must work on everyday. I would have been incredibly embarressed if the whole world was talking about me & my hideous decisions when I was going through what this man is now. Unless you’ve been an addict, you will never know what it’s like to get clean & stay clean, obviously. All I can say to him is, this too shall pass.