American Idol: What Should the Top 7 Sing for 'Classic Rock, No Ballads' Week?

american-idol-classic-rock-no-balladsNo, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke: American Idol has cooked up a fun, fresh theme for next Wednesday’s Top 7 performance episode.

Yeah, I kinda wish Nigel Lythgoe & Co. hadn’t added the “Classic” modifier to “Classic Rock, No Ballads” night — why not let the kids go current, if they’re so inclined? — but still, we won’t get seven consecutive ballads. (What-what?) And as long as Nigel isn’t maniacally offering a meager list of 15 or 20 pre-approved songs, it’s a pretty broad theme, too, with plenty of opportunities for brilliance and/or catastrophe.

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Because I already spend half my day daydreaming about The House That Kelly Clarkson Built, here’s my dream set list for the episode. (And yeah, I’m not sure if some of those ’80s ditties qualify as “classic,” but they’re mostly older than Idol‘s desired screaming-teen demo, so I figured “why not?!”)

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Burnell Taylor: Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime” or Donovan’s “Sunshine Superman

Janelle Arthur: Three Dog Night’s “One (Is the Loneliest Number)” or Guns N’ Roses’ “Paradise City

Lazaro Arbos: Bruce Springsteen’s “Tunnel of Love” or INXS’ “Need You Tonight

Amber Holcomb: John Mellencamp’s “Paper in Fire” or Prince’s “When Doves Cry

Angie Miller: Pat Benatar’s “All Fired Up” or Yes’s “Owner of a Lonely Heart

Candice Glover: The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” or Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman

Kree Harrison: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ “Don’t Do Me Like That” or Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry

What do you think of my picks for “Classic Rock, No Ballads” night? Genius? Deranged? Worthy of a crisp slap? Sound off in the comments, then sound off with your the fruits of your own brainstorm! And for all my Idol news, interviews, recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Matt says:

    “GImme Shelter” for Candice is brilliant, although I wonder if it would be a bit too similar to her last two performances to stand out for her. I wish contestants got all of the themes ahead of time because Candice did a rock song two weeks ago and then did a sort of blues/rock version of her song this week, so now next week’s theme won’t be as fresh for her as the others.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      I’d like to see her maybe cover Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ “Give It Away”. Not sure if it falls under the umbrella of classic rock, but it’s an awesome song, and she’d kill it.

    • Angel says:

      They do actually know at least 1 week in advance what the next theme will be and they pick their songs which very often the outed Idol will tell what they’d planned to do for the next theme week.

    • Lee says:

      Well, it is kinda stupid how Nigel is doing all this. First, it’s Beatles week, which is classic rock, then it’s Motown week, and finally it’s back to classic rock week. What is an R&B or country singer supposed to do?

      BTW, aren’t Tunnel of Love and Gold Dust Woman ballads?

  2. Scott says:

    Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane) would be great for Candice or Kree — they could slay the high notes. I would love it if Burnell would sing something from Damn the Torpedoes (one of my favorite albums).

  3. Blinged Up says:

    My, my, no ballads night. Where have I heard that suggestion before? :)

    It’s about time! Here’s hoping for a good one (or at least an entertaining one) next week…

  4. Kenya says:

    I never know any of these songs you pick, Michael.

  5. TB says:

    I would murder for Amber to do When Doves Cry, but I don’t think Prince lets Idol use his music.

    • deedee says:

      No, Prince is tight with his catalog. I was stunned when he deigned to appear at the finale in season 5.

    • JR says:

      Exactly, Prince would not let Idol clear his music. Last year, Jessica Sanchez wanted to do “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore” (which she later performed in their tour), which was written and originally sung by him.

  6. Lauren says:

    Anything Tom Petty would be great for Kree! I think Janelle could add her own spin on “Jack and Diane” that would be pretty great.

  7. just saying says:


  8. Valerie says:

    Michael I think Uncle Nigel is listening to you! Now get him to clear more and better songs!!

    • MamaLis says:

      Or “more better” songs. ;)
      But seriously, I honestly thought it was just more of the running joke/lament in this room when I saw the “No Ballads” addendum to the theme. Do not tell me that it was serendipitous that Uncle Nigel just “happened” to include that based on his own observations! No way! Either Michael’s not telling us he’s on the AI Payroll or Uncle Nig has figured out where to look for the best & brightest AI insight!!

  9. Johnny says:

    Just want to say first it sucks Devin had to go. It was like it was written in the stars before he even chose his song that week. Anyhoo if he was still there I had “Only the good die young” by Billy Joel for him.
    Candice-Superstition by Stevie Wonder
    Kree-Some kind of wonderful by Grand funk
    Burnell-Jamming by Bob Marley
    Angie-Hit me with your best shot by Pat Benatar
    Lazaro-Rock the casbah by The Clash
    Janell-Crazy little thing called love by Queen
    Amber-Free Ride by Edgar

    • deedee says:

      Ooo, I like Free Ride for Amber, even though it’s a cheesy song. It’s melodic, and she needs that for her voice to shine.
      Superstition and Crazy Little Thing Called Love — overdone.

      • Johnny says:

        Yes Superstition and Crazy little thing are overdone. Just trying to be a little realistic of what songs they may have at theiir disposal and what I think will fit thheiir personalities best as well as be easy for them to pick up and do with all the other things they have to do there in a weeks time.

      • Brenda says:

        Absolutely agree.

    • Ben says:

      You picked the better Pat Benatar for Angie, but I’d actually go Heartbreaker. Anything from her, though, would really suit Angie well.

      • Johnny says:

        Heartbreaker is pretty awesome too. I chose Hit me though because I think with the natural way she poses, smiles, and gestures when singing it can work with a little sex appeal in that song.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      Please not “Only The Good Die Young”. I’m still recovering from Deandre doing it last season.

    • Johnny says:

      Oh, and on the topic of past alums wouldn’t it be great since its a girls year and all if they were to reunite the 3 divas of season 3 with all the controversy that went on with them not making up the top 3 that year? I specially want to hear Latoya London voice again and see what she been up to. Also how about letting Laz sing with Sanjaya so that Sanjaya can take a break from singing on the subways? I also want to see Doolittle,Syesha Mercado,Pia,Justin Guarini,TaMyra Gray,Constantine to name a few.

  10. forwarddad says:

    Superstition – Classic Rock?

    • MB says:

      It’s been done too much already. I don’t think it would be a good move for her anyway.

      • Johnny says:

        One thing I think we should have noticed with Candidates so far is that she not going to try to be anything outside of what she just is. Plus with her own admission I feel being a shy type, I think she will likely do Superstition and slaughter it once and for all if she had it available to her this week.

        • deedee says:

          There’s also Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”, which has a rock edge, and is not overdone like “Superstition”. Candice can do that one justice.

          • JASon says:

            Stevie Wonder is funk! Not rock! MAybe if they do the Red Hot CHili Peppers Funk rock version!

    • Johnny says:

      Do a search on 500 greatest classic rock songs and you will find Superstition on that list.

      • Brenda says:

        Superstition is a fantastic song .. no doubt about it….. but …. is one of the songs that should be laid to rest on AI because it’s been done, done and overdone for many years now.

        • Johnny says:

          Frankly, I think they need to lay their whole musiic department or whoever is choosing the songs and themes to rest because they are killing the show, really. I love the fact that they went to a rockk theme even though pretty much none of the singers up there strike us as a rocker. It makes it more interesting, even though, I have a crazy feeling that Charlie would have kicked butt on this theme week ijs.

        • houster says:

          Someone could try Stevie Ray Vaughn’s cover of “Superstition.”

  11. If they were going to pick a week where they couldn’t sing a ballad I’m not sure this is the greatest week to do it, but that said, I’m happy they’ve chosen that theme.

    • Markus says:

      Yes! Rock ballads are the least boring ballads. At least that would give some variety. They should have done a “current music, no ballad” kind of week as its own theme. That way, Janelle could go country, Burnell could do R&B, etc., and we’d get different genres without ballads.

    • Julie Taylor Says says:

      yeah, you’re basically taking away almost everything Heart did in the 80s with this theme. Which, with an almost all female cast, would’ve been great for them to sing. But….

  12. Kree Harrison- Pat Benatar’s “Promises in the Dark”

  13. Jake says:

    Amber – “Sweet Child O’ Mine” (Guns N’ Roses)
    Candice – “Cryin'” (Aerosmith) . . . if this is considered a ballad, then “We’re Not Gonna Take It” (Twisted Sister)
    Angie – “Piece Of My Heart” (Janis Joplin)
    Janelle – “Crazy On You” (Heart)
    Kree – “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac) [stripped down]
    Burnell – “One” (U2) . . . if this is considered a ballad, then “Come Sail Away” (Styx)
    Lazaro – “Love Is A Battlefield” (Pat Benatar)

  14. Christina says:

    There’s bound to be a Queen song or two on a “classic” rock night. Not much change at all

  15. Pati D says:

    Amber looks gorgeous in that picture.

  16. Joe says:

    I know i’m going to Hell for saying this, but Lazaro doing “Movin’ Out” from Billy Joel would be an Idol moment like none other.

  17. teatime says:

    I love this theme. This is a theme they could repeat every year!

  18. BrazenSongBird says:

    This might be a little too obvs, but with that gorgeous upper register, Kree must do some old school Heart. Maybe Barracuda or Magic Man.

    And I’d love for Candice to have at some Jefferson Airplane. Or really go off on some of the Doors. “Light my Fire”?

    Janelle? She could continue the cool, sexy vibe she’s got going now and sing “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”.

    Amber needs to “get crazy” on a song, so I’d love to see her tackle “Me and Bobby McGee”.

    This is a little more obscure, but Angie’s voice reminds me of Annie Haslam’s from Renaissance. So going a little Boho might be good for her, since the sexy strut doesn’t seem to work. Also, she could lend some real drama to “Ashes are Burning”.

    Even though it’s been done quite a bit, I think Burnell’s tone would work well on Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Lazaro: I really don’t know at this point. I’m at a loss.

    • deedee says:

      Oh, I am so there with Heart for Kree, and I was thinking of Magic Man for her last night. Perfect.

      Lazaro can do the Jose Feliciano version of Light My Fire.

    • Molly says:

      OMG! You read my mind. As I was scrolling down the comments I kept thinking that Renaissance would be wonderful with this group of women!
      But please, do not let Lazaro do anything by INXS. I have always loved Michael Hutchence’s voice and I just do not want to hear that!

    • Adam Fachry says:

      Please no Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s layers are too myriad to be cut off. That’s why no matter how well a contestant sings that song, it would always be underwhelming to me.

    • houster says:

      If Kree does Heart, she should sing “Straight On”.

  19. I want Kree to do Crazy on You by Heart and Candice to do Separate Ways by Journey

  20. rwfblog says:

    Lazaro could take the Speed Racer theme song:
    Go, Speed Racer!
    Go, Speed Racer!
    Go, Speed Racer, go^o^o^oh!
    Admittedly it does not entirely fit the theme, but he’s likely to remember the words.
    (Sorry to be mean. I like the guy as a person, but as a professional singer, well, it ain’t gonna happen. Two have already left when he should have gone — sympathy vote being what it is. Devin likely got booted as a direct result of Lazaro not knowing the words for their group song. My sympathy has lapsed.)

  21. Joey says:

    Queen Bitch by David Bowie —- Amber, not because she’s bitch, but because she’d rock it.

    Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix—-Candice, she’d kill it.

    Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix—–Angie, because it’d make me laugh.

    Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow by Zappa—–Lazaro. The song’s a joke and so is Lazaro.

    Sweet Home Alabama by the group I can’t spell the name of—–Burnell. Louisiana is close to Alabama.

    Like Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan—-Kree. I don’t know why. They have two freakin’ hours, so let the kid sing a great song.

    Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger—Janelle. Why not?

  22. Shaun says:

    I think they should all stay with recent songs if they can.Maybe some Daughtry or Whitestripes(I think I’d love to hear Angie do this)or Evanescence?

    • houster says:

      White Stripes? Can Kree sing “Icky Thump”? Can Lazaro sing “I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”?

  23. sdexta says:

    Thank goodnes Uncle Nigel has realized that we need more uptempo songs! Clearly banning ballads is the only way to ensure that this will happen. Though with two weeks in a row of older songs, I was hoping that they’d get to do more current stuff this week, so I wish it wasn’t restricted to “classic” rock songs. Oh well, you have to pick your battles I guess!

  24. JKR says:

    Kree – I Love Rock and Roll. Show a little sassy, rocker chick vibe.

  25. MB says:

    This going to be a very interesting week. There are a couple of contestants that don’t know or do anything but ballads. I can’t wait to see how they do. I think Kree and Candice are going to shine next week. Though we may see sides of some of the others we never imagined possible.

  26. deedee says:

    Ok, my attempt at Rock picks for the group:
    Burnell – “Steamroller” – James Taylor
    Lazaro – “Light My Fire”, Jose Feliciano version
    Angie – “We Belong”, Pat Benatar
    Janelle – “One Way Or Another”, Blondie
    Amber – “Heartbreaker”, Pat Benatar
    Kree – “Magic Man” – Heart
    Candice – “Brass In Pocket”, The Pretenders

  27. gary says:

    American Idol needs to dump Nicky. Who tell a contest to flat out get off the stage and the things she say behooves a judge, she does not give fair judgments to a singer she flat out insults people , bring back last year’s judges

    • Brenda says:

      Good Lord, man. She is the best thing on that judging panel. She knows exactly what she believes and she’s not afraid to say it. Kudos to her. And as for the judges last year ……. I consider the use of the term “judge” to describe them very loosely. They rarely critiqued anything. Everyone’s song was “beautiful”. They rarely ever constructively criticized anyone .. even when they obviously had a bad day. It was beyond irritating. Give me a judge who knows how to compliment as well as how to constructively criticize anytime. Sure Nicki was frustrated with the trio’s song, but damn, they really did sing like Hollywood week. It was like a bad high school glee performance. She called it as she saw it and I think she’s a refreshing voice on that panel. Praise to the judges who actually JUDGE.

      • Lisa says:

        Thank you Brenda. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • JR says:


      • JASon says:

        Plus she calls out Randy and Keith on their BS and pretty much ignores Mariah (which has got to be driving her crazy) while completely showing her up. Mariah is awful though. She needs to go with one thought. Not 10 thoughts in a row and keep telling the contestants to stick with what they do every time they try something new.

        The bussing of Angie started last night. She was very good yet got criticized!

      • houster says:

        I don’t call them Judges. They’re Stooges, because they mostly act asi nstructed by the Producers. Besides, on the original panel, Moe fit Simon like a glove, Curly fit Paula, and Randy was Larry by default.

  28. Mellie says:

    I’d love to hear Candice do “Let Me Entertain You” by Queen. Damn that would be amazing.

  29. karen says:

    Dirty Laundry for Kree Harrison? Michael, what planet do you live on? Also, “When Doves Cry” by Prince is hardly classic rock. Definition, please.

  30. ali427 says:

    Janelle–Caught Up In You, .38 Special; Jack and Diane, John (Cougar!) Mellencamp; I’ve Got a Rock & Roll Heart, Eric Clapton

    Burnell–Late in the Evening, Paul Simon (except he’d have no idea who Paul Simon is) or Brown-Eyed Girl, Van Morrison

    Kree–Waitin’ On A Friend, Stones; The Waiting, Tom Petty; Winning, Santana

    Candice–Glory Days or Hungry Heart, Bruce; Down on the Corner, CCR; Summer of ’69, Brian Adams

    Amber–Edge of Seventeen, Stevie Nicks; Shadows of the Night, Pat Benatar

    Angie–Come Sail Away, Styx; Give A Little Bit, Supertramp; Say That You Love Me, Fleetwood Mac

    Lazaro–Rock and Roll All Night, Kiss (very few lyrics); Just A Gigalo, David Lee Roth :)

    Girls’ Trio encore–Queen, Somebody to Love

  31. ThatBob says:

    I don’t know why people are having a hard time finding something for Lazaro. Bachman Turner Overdrive’s “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” would be perfect.

  32. Mark says:

    I don’t know what you people have been watching Wednesdays evenings, but it sure hasn’t been season 12 of AI. There is no originality on this cast or this show. You are going to hear the same tired songs that are heard every year. Forget the “no ballads” qualification. If I know anything about this season, it will be ALL BALLADS.

    I can’t predict the singers, but here are the songs (including group numbers):

    Elton John – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
    Heart – Alone
    Billy Joel – New York State of Mind
    Phil Collins – Against All Odds
    Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
    Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee
    Journey – Don’t Stop Believin
    Foreignor – I Want to Know What Love Is
    Bob Seger – Against the Wind
    Jackson Brown – Doctor My Eyes

    • Brenda says:

      Against All Odds, Don’t Stop Believing, and Don’t Want to Miss A thing belong on the list of “songs that have been done ad nauseum” to me. I hope to never ever hear these again on Idol.

  33. teatime says:

    This thread makes me happy. Now I have all these great tunes running around in my head.

    • stm says:

      If we’re stretching the years of classic rock to include older stuff i would love breaking the girl by RHCP for kree

  34. whatshouldbe says:

    Uhm, let’s see.

    Amber: Fire – Bruce Springsteen (The Pointer Sisters cover)
    Angie: You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi (Demi Lovato’s version) or Knockin on Heaven’s Door – Bob Dylan?
    Burnell: Walk This Way – Aerosmith or Are You Gonna Go My Way? – Lenny Kravitz
    Candice: Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin (Tina Turner cover)
    Janelle: I Hate Myself for Loving You – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
    Kree: Piece of my Heart – Janis Joplin (Faith Hill cover) or Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd (Jewel cover)
    Lazaro: One – U2 (but that’s a ballad), Somebody to Love – Queen. I have no idea, I’m sorry.

    I can’t see them doing the more “obscure” choices, if you know what I mean.
    But I’m hoping for the best. Hello everyone, please take risks. Thank you.

    • duranmom says:

      Demi Lovato has a version of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name”? If you want to be classic, stick to the original.

      • whatshouldbe says:

        Demi has a version, but it was live. They don’t necessarily have to adapt the classic rock way of singing the songs. They can make it their own. I think Angie can do that pop version of that rock song justice.

        Actually, I Hate Myself for Loving You seems a better fit for Kree.

    • houster says:

      OMG. Lazaro can sing the Robin Williams version of “Fire” as Elmer Fudd!

      And, if he sings a U2 song, it has to be “Sunday Bloody Sunday” or “Pride In The Name of Love.”

      Amanda Overmyer retired “I Hate Myself For Loving You.”

      Please, no Piece of My Heart, especially the Faith Hill cover. Way overdone.

  35. JP says:

    Candice: Rod Stewart “Jane” she would rock it out …
    Amber: Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”
    Angie: Pat Benetar “Love Is A Battlefield”
    Burnell: Michael Franti “Say Hey I Love You” cool vibe for Burnell
    Lazaro: Huey Lewis “Power of Love” or Eddie Money “Shakin”
    Janelle: Jessie James “Wanted”
    Kree: Heart “Magic Man” or Joan Jett “I Hate Myself For Loving You” Kree has a strong upper register to sing these song!!!

    GOOD LUCK to all contestants on ROCK WEEK my favorite genre of music …

  36. JR says:

    Angie Miller – “Call Me When You’re Sober”, Evanescence
    Amber Holcomb – “Edge Of Seventeen”, Stevie Nicks
    Burnell Taylor – “Folsom Prison Blues”, Johnny Cash
    Candice Glover – “Cry Baby”, Janis Joplin
    Janelle Arthur – “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”, Credence Clearwater Revival
    Kree Harrison – “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, Bob Dylan
    Lazaro Arbos – “Waiting For A Girl Like You”, Foreigner

    • houster says:

      “Waiting For A Girl Like You” is a ballad. Lazaro should sing “Hot Blooded”, “Jukebox Hero”, “Head Ganes”, or “It Feels Like The First Time”.

    • Mafs95 says:

      Angie should definitely sing an Evanescence song!!! I’d prefer “Everybody’s Fool”, though.

  37. robinlemke says:

    Does Friday I’m In Love count as a ballad? I think Lazaro could do that on well.
    I think Candice will want something gospel-ly after Nikki told her to go back to that…

  38. Timmah says:

    Nigel is reaching out to his younger viewers with this theme…meaning the 50 year olds.

  39. soxfan says:

    Thank God NO ballads – so many are sung that I am falling asleep!!! How about Proud Mary???? I’m talking THAT type of tempo!!! Let’s pick it up boys & girls ….. and remember the words!!! Good luck!

  40. Adam Fachry says:

    Candice – Tom Waits’ Big Black Mariah or David Bowie’s Moonage Daydream (the latter would probably be too R-rated for Idol though)
    Amber – Led Zeppelin’s Misty Mountain Hop
    Janelle – Neil Young’s Southern Man
    Angie – U2’s Where The Streets Have No Name
    Lazaro – Something not so bombastic like Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Burnell – Fleetwood Mac’s You Make Loving Fun
    Kree – AC/DC’s Shoot To Thrill

  41. Matt says:

    What do people make of Nicki blasting Devin on twitter? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised she has no class considering the footage of her going off on Mariah.

  42. Harvey says:

    I’ll pretend “classic rock” just means rock that uses the same style as the 70s and 80s and actually choose some current songs.

    Candice – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

    Kree – Bring Me To Life by Evanescence (Moment material)

    Angela – Move Along by All-American Rejects

    Amber – Flourescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys

    Janelle – Home by Edward Sharpe

    Burnell – Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake

    But if they’re stuck to U2, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac etc. these will do:

    Candice – Surrender by Cheap Trick

    Kree – Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) by Janis Joplin

    Angela – Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar

    Amber – Roxanne by the Police

    Janelle – Rag Doll by Aerosmith

    Burnell – Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

  43. Leah Hoffman says:

    I’d love to hear Angie Miller sing Pat Benatar! That would suit her perfectly.

  44. JP says:

    Burnell: Joe Walsh “All Night Long” Or Michael Franti & Spearhead “Say Hey I Love You”
    Lazaro: Don Henley “Dirty Laundry” or Huey Lewis “Power of Love”
    Amber: Shandi “Manhunt” from flashdance
    Candice: Bon Jovi “It’s My Life”
    Angie: Chrissie Hynde “Angel In The Morning” or Pat Benetar “Love is a Battlefield”
    Janelle: Stevie Nicks “Leather and Lace”
    Kree: Pat Benetar “FIRE and ICE” Kree would bang this song out with her great voice Or Heart “Magic Man”

    ROCK is the hands down the biggest/widest genre of music and my favorite! GOOD LUCK to all the contestants especially Kree my favorite to win this year (ړײ) (ړײ)

  45. Brenda says:

    Your picks are fine except for Burnell. both of those songs are practically ballads they’re so slow and laid back…………. rock……….. they need to ROCK!

  46. Adam Fachry says:

    80s U2 are the king of ambiguous ballads. They’re adept at delivering torch songs that are construction-wise, uptempo. Given how badly Angie butechered uptempo rock-esque arrangement with Shop Around, I’m starting to doubt her ability to do straight-up uptempo, that’s why I picked one of U2’s most deceptive song ever in terms of the “ballad or not” notion, “Where The Streets Have No Name”. i also doubt Janelle’s ability to perform uptempo songs, that’s why a midtempo tune like Neil Young’s Southern Man (which also suits her roots really well), would do her justice.

  47. Brenda says:

    I just want a week for “no slow songs” None. None. Absolutely none. Nothing that even smells like a ballad. Not one that is slow in nature. Nada. (I can dream can’t I?)

  48. Jake says:

    Amber is amazing, everyone please listen closely, she is the best singer in the competition and it should be a showdown between amber and candice

  49. JASon says:

    Candace – ANother Brick In the Wall – Pink Floyd

    Angie – Angie – The Rolling Stones

    Jannelle – Gimme All Your Loving – ZZ Top

    Burnell – Rock N Roll – Led Zeppelin

    Kree – Crazy On You – Heart

    Amber – Light My Fire – The Doors

    Lazaro – You Can Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood MAc

  50. JASon says:

    Here’s an idea for a theme night. Take a classic album like Sgt.Pepper, Thriller, Appetite For Destruction, Rumors and have the Idols cover the whole album!