Vampire Diaries Recap: Hung Up on a Girl

Vampire Diaries Katherine Gives Elijah CureOn Thursday, The Vampire Diaries descended on small town America as Elena and Rebekah tracked down Katherine – and bumped into an unexpected visitor to the ‘burbs: Elijah!

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Elena and Rebekah arrive in Willoughby, Penn., and realize that Katherine has compelled all of the residents into letting them feed on her. Unfortunately, she didn’t account for her doppelganger showing up. The three gals head off to talk cure business at a diner. Katherine’s not giving up the magical do-over’s location, since she plans to give it to Klaus in exchange for her freedom. Elena and Rebekah snag her cell phone and find out that Katherine is supposed to be meeting “em” that afternoon. New plan: Elena decides to pose as Katherine for the meet-up, hilariously mimicking her insults and stealing her jacket and heels to play the part. (Rebekah’s right, she needs more eye makeup, but what really gives her away are the limp curls.)

Whoever Elena thinks “em” is, she certainly isn’t expecting who shows up… or what he does. Elijah greets her, planting a kiss on her. Allow Katherine to explain their relationship: “When I say friend, I mean friend.” Rebekah, Stefan and Damon’s priceless reaction: “Ugh!” It soon dawns on Elijah that the person before him is not his beloved Katerina, who hopes that Elijah will broker a deal with his brother for her freedom.

“You fell for her trap like every other one of these idiots,” Elena replies. Katherine is using him, and he’s too blinded by his feelings to see it — just like Stefan and Damon once were. However, it looks like he’s waking up to the real Kat when he finds out that she killed Jeremy.

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Meanwhile, the Salvatore brothers break up Rebekah and Katherine’s bonding session fight and force the brunette to take them to the cure. In her pad, Katherine pretends like it’s missing from the safe, but Damon spots a treasure chest in a fish tank. The giveaway: There’s no fish in the tank. But there is vervain water in there, which is what he gets a face full of via Katherine. As she’s about to escape, Rebekah captures her and threatens to kill her. Seeing a no-win situation, Katherine throws the cure at her and skedaddles. At last, Rebekah has her magical potion, but psych! It’s not the real one. Turns out one of Katherine’s compelled minions is keeping it at her home. The vamp eventually gives the vial to Elijah with no demands to convince him her feelings are real. Now, he decides their next step.

As the Original siblings head back to Mystic Falls for a family reunion, Elena meets up with Damon and Stefan and gives them a warning: Accept her as she is or there will be consequences. But they’re not ready to give up on her, even though Stefan admits to his bro that once Elena becomes human, he plans to get a life of his own. And Damon, though his attempt to stop Rebekah from taking the cure was half-hearted, truly does want it for Elena even if he loses her, he admits. Plus, as he explained earlier, without her humanity, Elena “is a stone-cold bitch” that they can’t trust. Her reaction to their defiance? She kills a waitress and says there will be more dead bodies on their conscience if they don’t stop trying to fix her.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 RecapAnd what about Klaus, you ask? He’s still suffering from the world’s worst splinter, not to mention, Silas is taking on the form of Caroline to torture him even further. Eventually, the real deal blonde shows up. Not knowing it’s her, Klaus lashes out.

“I’m supposed to be running three different prom committees right now and you keep phone stalking me!” she responds. That’s our girl.

Caroline tries to broker a deal of her own with Klaus: She’ll take out the White Oak stake if he lets Tyler come back and promises not to hurt him. Maybe then, they’d actually be friends, she reasons. But like always, the Original can’t get out of his own way and do something decent. The two get into a screaming match and then kiss (it seemed like it was going to happen, right?)  Klaus’ pain stops: It was all in his head, and Caroline took his mind off it. Although he no longer needs to make a deal with her, he still points out that he hasn’t exactly been scouring the Earth for Tyler. And gosh darn it, Klaus’ smile as Caroline leaves definitely says, “I think we’re BFFs now. Maybe.”

Vampire Diaries fans, did Elijah and Katherine’s returns live up to the hype? Were you surprised that Elijah is still so hung up on her? Are you scared of the killer new Elena? And how would you grade her Katherine impression? Hit the comments!

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  1. ollie says:

    awesome episode.

    • shuaib says:

      I agree! The best part of this episode was that there were no witchy wooodo and even though I like Bon bon, I’m glad she wasn’t in this ep! Katherine was always a plot device. I am glad that Julie made her more than that. I hope we see her in The Originals.
      Elena is just as annoying now as she was when she was human. Damon and Stefan must always save her. And this time they have to save her from herself. I really hope Stefan goes through with his plan to leave after they save her.

      • Cathy O. says:

        I agree about Stefan going through with his plan.

      • Faster says:

        But they don’t “have to” save her, for some reason they’re choosing to…In other instances, she really has needed saving because she was a human, but now she can take care of herself, and they keep trying to shove this cure down her throat.

        • Cathy O. says:

          They are trying to save her because they want the old Elena back. She is not the nicest person right now. Plus Stefan and Damon really love her and I think they both want to know who she really loves (especially Damon) and they will never know that if she stays the way she is.

    • luli says:

      Ditto!!! Best scenes go to Rebekah, Elena and Katherine hands down…. they need to use this messed up friendship/partnership more, they are hilarious and they bring the life back to tvd and I’m so glad Rebakah didn’t take the cure, I know she deserves a chance at it but if turns to human she is not going to be that much needed in the show and she is by far my FAVORITE character including Katherine (she needs more air time).

  2. iMember says:

    An Elena without emotions is literally the BEST thing that has ever happened to Elena. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    • MaryAnn says:

      I have to totally disagree. I cannot STAND the emotionless Elena. I’m just watching so I will know what is going on when we get the real Elena back.

      • JA says:

        ^so this. It’s like the soul of the show has disappeared. So sad. What was good about TVD was that Elena was always the moral compass. Even when she quavered or made a misstep, she was still trying to do the right thing or trying to help others be their best selves. Without her emotions, she’s as cold and calculating as everyone else, and all the others in the show who have, at one time or another, have been changed for the better by her, have lost their anchor. I know the writers really want us to feel the pain and devastation that Elena without a soul can cause, but it’s excruciating to watch. I can’t wait until her emotions come back on and we can start to watch her try to unravel the mess she’s creating for herself. Right now, it’s hard to watch every week.

      • Cathy O. says:

        I agree MaryAnn. I was okay at first with the new Elena but now I am ready for her to get her compassion back. This version is ruthless and we already have that with Katherine.

        • alaneferguson says:

          Once again, I agree. It was fun to watch Elena mimic Katherine (see comment by iMember) BUT it’s time to bring the ‘real’ Elena back. Right now, there is no one to root for, which is a dangerous place to leave us rabid viewers. Katherine already fills the role of ‘mean girl’ perfectly, and emotionless Elena is wearing thin. I don’t like her. So TVD needs to hurry up and get-their-fix-on Elena so that I am once again emotionally invested!

      • Katy says:

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one annoyed by inhumane Elena. Totally agree that she was the moral anchor of the show, even if she was kind of a goody toe shoes sometimes. Now I’m just … irritated by her mean girl ways, which are too similar to mean girl Katerina and pathetic mean girl Rebekah. Either make her into a full blown big bad, or turn her back into someone relatable. In between just isn’t very interesting any more and makes me yearn for her to leave the screen.

    • lovebug says:

      UGH – huge pet peeve. Elena clearly has emotions…anger, resentment, hostility, aggravation, jealousy. She has no HUMANITY! They used to call it turning off their humanity and that made sense because they just didn’t care about hurting people. Now they keep saying her emotions are off – but it’s quite clear she is still being ruled by her emotions only she has no morality to do the right thing.

    • Faster says:

      I love it also.

  3. Elyse says:

    love TVD!!!

  4. S says:

    This was a great episode. I really didn’t see that ending happening at all so I was as shocked as Damon looked LOL

  5. Reward says:

    I think I LOVE Katherine and I’d like to see her more than now.
    I think that Julie Plec doesn’t understand how Katherine is GOOD for the show.
    I think that Katherine Pierce must be come back as regular.
    I’m sorry for Nina Dobrev, but the facts are these.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m confused – why would you be sorry for Nina Dobrev? Am I missing something?

      • Sam says:

        Probably because she’s already one of the main characters and giving Katherine a bigger role would mean Nina would have to film a lot more.

  6. Lauren says:

    So does anyone else think that Silas is turning into a lame version of The First from Buffy?

    • Rrrrrr says:

      OMG I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. I thought that as soon as they revealed that he had taken Shane’s likeness. Only whereas The First was scary and awesome, Silas is boring.

    • xxxx says:

      everyone in TVD are too lame if we compared with Buffy…

    • martina says:

      yes!!!!!!! i coudn’t agree more!

    • luke says:

      yeah but The First has that awesome super-vamp and that misogynistic Caleb (played perfectly by Nathan Fillion)…. Silas has Bonnie
      So yeah, the First was way better.

    • Katerina Better than You says:

      I agree, Silas is totally impersonating the first from buffy. I mean, first, he goes all Willow on Bonnie, then wigs Klaus out, like he did Faith, with “Buffy will never love you,” and stakes Klaus with a white oak stake in his head. And then much like Spike, anyone could be any evil thing of the first at any moment and ot know it? True Dat Lauren

  7. Delenafan26 says:

    Katherine is not sticking around. She is not the main character and read the books and you would know why. Elena is the main character of the show even though she has her humanity on I think the one thing that would make her feel again is of she lost someone else she loves once that happens she will feel again. I’m sorry you feel like that but Katherine is not going to be a regular I know that because its not possible . The story is about a girl named Elena not Katherine. I do like Katherine’s feisty personality but it can’t be done with her being a regular. I think Elena will be back to normal in no time. If what happens in what I think will happen turning a certain someone human like the books and if that someone dies Elena may be back to normal by turning on her humanity back on. I’ll always love Elena and Damon and Stefan and the rest of the cast I don’t want any of them gone. I love this show and I love the books. This is my opinion and part fact but this is what my thoughts are

    • Alex says:

      Shut the hell up

    • Terri says:

      Real nice… someone gives their opinion and you tell them to “shut the hell up”. It’s people like you who make these comment boards impossible.

    • Nicole says:

      The show has nothing to do with the books.

      • dmac says:

        Sorry to break it to you but the show has been following the books pretty close. They embellish a bit here and there but the main storyline has been pretty spot on.

        • Jamie says:

          Did we read the same books!? Aside from having some of the same “characters” and plot points every once in a GREAT while, the show is NOTHING like the books (a fact that I am incredibly OK with). Dopplegangers? Hybrids? Originals? Searching for a cure? Silas? Jeremy? Jenna? Alaric’s relationship with them all? Caroline being friends with Elena and co and being a vamp and at heart a nice person? Tyler being a nice person and a hybrid? Nowhere in any of the books. Katherine is killed off within the first few, and the only thing with her and Elena is that they look strikingly similar, but not identical like in the show. Klaus is killed shortly after he is seen for the first time. The rest of the “Originals” don’t even exist. The show does not follow the books “spot on” in any way, shape, or form.

      • Faster says:

        Thank you. People need to can it with the book talk. They suck, get over it, watch TVD.

  8. Amy says:

    This was one of the best episodes of the season. I hadn’t realized how much I missed Katherine or Elijah, but man, having both of them in an episode together really kicked things up a notch. It was like Christmas and Birthday all in one!

  9. Rrrrrr says:

    Why do the writers treat Katherine as awfully as they do? She is, without a doubt, the best thing about this show, and to leave her on the sidelines for weaker characters like Klaus is upsetting. Whenever she’s on, the show is a thousand times better. But it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any more of her this season :(. Part of me wants this Originals pilot to fail since its a terrible idea, but part of me wants it to happen because that means Klaus will leave and Katherine can come back for longer arcs like in season two.

  10. michelle says:

    Can we please give the cure to Rebekah please? Her and Matt can be human and have cute babies and leave that curse town.

  11. katrina says:

    I loved the Klaroline scenes. Sure hope that they don’t kill off Caroline in the finale!

  12. I might be the only one but Katherine never lives up to the hype of Katerina so I always find her episodes rather dull because I expect it to be more. Loved Elijah coming back, would have liked more interaction with his sister though. Elena is much better stone cold bitch but still I wish everyone would keep trying to save her, for me shes always been the weakest of the 3 females on the show, let Caroline and Bonnie be the leads, that would be a better show. Speaking of Caroline, I LOVED her Klaus scenes, seriously there is no one i haven’t shipped her character with, I liked her with Damon back in the day, Matt, Tyler, Klaus and even Stefan, but back to her Klaus scenes, I thought there was guna be a kiss because this is TVD and relationships either go way too fast or too slow but thankfully there holding off on it for now

  13. Manda says:

    Our heroes need to lose this quest so that Silas gets his cure and supernatural beings come back to life and wreak havoc on our heros for next season. im sure elena will eventuallynturn it back on but they need to set up what the issue will be next season. with revenge and long lost loves and whatnot with all the people that had died at the hands of klaus, Katherine, Damon, etc I’m sure that would make for an interesting season. Just me?

  14. Sunshine says:

    Elena use to annoy me now she just pisses me off. How am I to root for a psychotic heroine?! she’s like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum but since she’s a teen & a vampire cant be put in time out. I no longer feel sorry for her character. They need to get her daylight ring & start playing hardball!!!!
    on a other note….While I like TVD I find it humorous that they try (& fail) to recreate much of the magic & genius that Joss Whedon had with BTVS. Silas is no First, that was a laughable attempt but still I grant you I was entertained which is why I watch… To be entertained. (Caleb Morley on GH was more deranged than Silas & that’s on daytime so TVD … kick it up a notch will ya.) Bonnie is no Willow but is still somewhat impressive. TVD is overall good solid entertainment & has improved since the ever so predictable season 1.
    Lastly, the Salvatore brothers are like 150 years old and letting a teen’s temper tantrum control them?!?! Really?!?! Rebekkah is even older & she doesn’t have an ideas on how to one up the silly girl?! They locked Stephan up but they let a murderous Elena run rampant…… Makes no sense!!!!!

    • sara says:

      Right!? I don’t get why they don’t just snap her neck every now and then! But no they just give her free reign and let her tell them how it’s gonna be when she has been a vamp for like a month…they need to both grow a pair and stop letting her control and walk all over them!

      • Anthony says:

        She isn’t controlling them, they’re trying to control her. She’s just sick of it and will do anything to make them stop. Girls are always the bad guys in a triangle. and its women who usually hate the girl! Yikes. I’m glad I am rational and like every character on the show and don’t go crazy and bash a fictional character.

        • Terri says:

          Liking every character on the show does not make you rational. I think it’s pretty normal to dislike a certain character at some point in time- isn’t that the point of a show? To experience the ups and downs of characters along the way? Sure sometimes people take their dislike a little too personally, but I don’t think anyone is in the post. Stefan and Damon may be trying to “control” Elena but I can understand why. She has said numerous times that she didn’t want to be a vampire and her entire personality is supposed to be about caring for people. So they’re trying to get her back since she has no control of her situation right now. Not to mention that she did the same for both of them. Can it be annoying sometimes? Sure. But it makes sense to me. And I don’t think your comment about women doing the hating was very nice and completely true either.

          • Anthony says:

            From what I’ve seen from the comments on the recaps is the women doing most of the hating. I’m just stating what I’ve seen. But hey, I understand getting sucked into a character, but to take is so personally like most of the fans, is a bit much.

          • Terri says:

            No I agree with you- people DO take it way too seriously and most are women (but don’t more women watch this show than men??). I just don’t think in this particular post they were.

    • Faster says:

      The main character of the show does not always have to be “good” or the “moral compass.” The best shows are with main characters who are not those things and who challenge you to like them. Elena was good for a long time, it’s time to see her have more fun. Plus, if you’re watching a show full of vampires and looking for someone “good,” then it’s doubtful you’ll find it.

  15. Brandy says:

    Awesome episode.Loved seeing Katherine again.Elena at the was exciting but I dont like no humanity Elena,shes a brat ans just like Katherine, its hard to root for her.

  16. 80s says:

    Am I the only one who believes that a little bit of Katherine goes a long way?

  17. Tobi says:

    Is it weird that Elena annoys the hell out of me but I love Katherine. They’ve pretty much became the same character

  18. Fran says:

    Does EVERY guy on this show have to be hung up on Katherine at some point in time (and for so long)? I love Elijah but wanted to see him back for another reason.

  19. anil says:

    The new Elena is the BEST thing ever. Its been two episodes and not ONE complaint or whining. Its like a miracle. We all know Elena will be back to her old ways eventually – so stop with the they ruined the show and her character thing. While she’s like this, im definitely enjoying the ride till she becomes whiny Elena again.

  20. Anna Doe says:

    Loved this ep, the ladies rocked the heck out of it! I can’t have enough of new Elena’s brutal honesty and rebellion against the brothers.
    Re Elijah: having him still hung up on Kat is disappointing to me since I remember him saying that Kat reminded him of someone else. I’ve always thought Elijah was in love with the girl whose blood was used to created the Originals and not Kat. Besides, I thought Stefan was Kat’s biggest love. So didn’t she try to use her feminine wiles on Elijah in S02 when he found her in that tomb? Anyway, I hate seeing people taking advantage of people’s principles so I wasn’t pleased that Elijah got sucked back into Kat’s world. (No, despite her last minute gesture, I still don’t think she loves him.)
    TBH, the only people I wouldn’t have mind not seeing in this ep were Damon and Stefan. Aside from Stefan mocking Damon for having his neck snapped, the brothers were just annoying with their whole “we know better, we’re always right” attitude.

    • Faster says:

      He and Klaus were in love with the girl whose blood created the Originals, and it was my understanding that they both had feelings for Katerina as well. They’re so old that it makes sense that they would have a thing now.

  21. Fabe says:

    Another great episode in the latter half of season 4! Saving the best for last I guess. I would watch a show just about Katherine ’cause she’s so great haha! Also, I loved the interactions between her and Rebekah. And the expression Rebekah had on her face when she thought she finally had the cure was maniacally wonderful!

    • JC says:

      Yes yes yes!!! the latter half of this season is actually way better than the first half. Ever since they killed Jeremy off the show improved. I can’t wait for the season finale :)

  22. Chelisa says:

    Loved this episode, for the most part, and loved having Elijah back, but…he was kinda underwhelming. Maybe because it seemed odd or a bit random that he would be together with Katherine during his absense from Mystic Falls.

    • Lily says:

      Only this show does thing like characters getting together by simlpy telling the viewer they got together . Show don’t tell!
      And Katherine suddenly loving Elijah doesn’t make all that sense to me like this. Sure, I can fanwank it but mah. Also I never liked Kalijah because of how Elijah considered a betrayal Katherine saving her own life. -_- Whatever, dude. Sorry if she doesn’t want to let your brother kill her.
      They better NOT kill Katherine to give Elijah’s angst now. They seem to want to prop all the originals for their show and by doing so the writers don’t seem to care if they ruin the characterization of the charcters in THIS show so I don’t trust them very much now.

      If they kill Katherine that will finally make me quit this show.

  23. Shaun says:

    Q:Where did April go to?She was heavy in the story,now NOTHING!I wanna see someone freak out at seeing Elena and Katherine together.

  24. sls says:

    I’m totally over Stefan and Damon wanting to cure Elena. It seems lame now. It’s not enough to get her humanity back on but they still want her human. Snooze.
    They are pushing their “cure Elena” agenda but it doesn’t fully make sense. She has no family now and if she was human again that would be harder to deal with, no one to share life with, no family member at her graduation, wedding, birth of her babies, etc. On top of that, if she’s human then she can be used by Klaus to make hybrids. On top of that, she is much more likely to be killed, as she was almost killed by Klaus when she hit her head on the mantle and actually killed by Rebecca when she ran Matt’s truck off the bridge.
    Hello…anyone…a human Elena is a dead Elena. Period. Been there, done that a few times. Why’s it going to be different now? If it’s not an Original it might be Katherine or some new Big Bad, but someone is taking that Gilbert out.
    Stefan and Damon aren’t stupid, much. They should put these things together. I could understand why they want her humanity back on but at this point wanting her human just seems stupid. You couldn’t keep her alive before and you won’t be able to if she’s turned back.
    I DO NOT think that Elena will actually get the cure. For all the reasons above. I’m just really over those boys not seeing the bigger picture when they totally should.
    Something about this version of Elena is really making me enjoy her as her own entity outside of any relationship and it’s also making me not really care if she ends up with either Salvatore.
    Bring her a new relationship. Bring Damon and Stefan new love interests, too.
    Speaking of love interests…
    I love Klaus and Caroline. I have no idea if they are actually possible together with the Spin-off but I think it’s going to be crappy if it’s not explored fully at this point. He is a (somewhat) better person with her, for her. It’s been building a long time. I’m going to be really annoyed with the spin-off if this relationship isn’t given its due course, whatever the outcome.
    I have mixed feelings about the Elijah/Katherine relationship. Part of me loves it, loves the possibility of Elijah being a part of her redemption, of his love for her being so epic and lasting all these years. But it’s like Elena says…maybe he’s holding on to the old Katerina and isn’t really seeing the real Katherine. If the writers went all in with this as a real love for Katherine I think I would enjoy it, at least enjoy the journey of how it might play out. But if this is just one of Katherine’s manipulations then, meh.
    And that’s the thing about Katherine. We can’t trust her so my heart can’t get into the prospect of that relationship. I will admit I’m intrigued but I’m not going to let me heart get further invested in it at this point.

    • s says:

      You know Damon is only wanting the cure for a few reasons right? 1. He believes its truly what Elena wants. 2. No Humanity Elena was a mistake and he thinks the cure is the only thing to save her. 3. His brother Stefan. (Remember Damon had said he was fine with Elena either way but he’d do it for his brother?)

      • dmac says:

        Ah yes, he is quite saint.

      • sls says:

        I don’t disagree that they each have their reasons. I get that they do. I just feel like those reasons aren’t factoring in the other things I mentioned in my post. My point really is that Stefan and Damon seem smarter than those reasons and you couldn’t live hundreds of years without really being aware of the things that could get you, and your loved ones, killed.

    • Faster says:

      I completely agree. There is no reason for Elena to become human, it is all fueled by Stefan wanting to cure her because he thinks that is what she really wants, and Damon is going along with it because he feels the same. I don’t think Elena wants it though, whether she has her humanity or not. Being a human in Mystic Falls is not fun. Give it to Rebekah, call it good.

  25. bluegossip says:

    The brothers at his point especially damon is equating cured elena to emotional elena.

    thats the only way they know of to get her to her old self, also there is the thing with the sire bond…

    love love love katherine, so expected her and elijah to be together, i get it, season 2 he hated her more because she hurt him so badly in seeming never to return his love. Im hoping he does right by her and gets her, her freedom but i have a sneaking feeling they gonna kill her off in the season finale and if that happen im gonna be very very very upset, so upset im gonna stomp my feet every now and then when watching tvd. Kat is just awesome personified.

  26. bluegossip says:

    I aslo never found elena annoying, considering all the crap that happened to her, girl was tough. I love the direction they r taking her now though just brilliant.

  27. Anon says:

    I think the real power of the character of Katherine is that she is not on the show all the time. That is why she is always a welcome return and a fresh punch in the show. If she was on the show all the time her character would not be as entertaining, fresh or interesting and I am sure some of the things people love about her would become complaints if she appeared in every episode.

    • sls says:

      Agree. Though I would like to see more of her for a bit. Then she can disappear again and pop up later for more drama.

  28. JustJulie says:

    The new Elena is a yawnfest. I know I’m pretty much the only one that thinks she’s Katherine Lite. Not to mention that we’ve seen this storyline b/f with Stephan. It’s a complete retread. What happened to TVD I used to love? Fast paced, massive twists, compelling character arcs?

    The only fast paced action now is someone gets their neck snapped every episode, the big twist this week is that the cure wasn’t really the real cure and Caroline is still waiting for Tyler to return, yawn.

  29. Cathy O. says:

    I really liked last night’s episode but am ready for the old Elena to come back. This one is too ruthless although I do like the way she is showing her own independence and not letting the brothers run her life. My thing is this though, Damon took her humanity because she wasn’t able to deal with Jeremy’s death. What is going to happen to her when her humanity is back and she has to deal with the fact that she killed that waitress for nothing?

    I am still very much a Delena fan and feel bad for Damon because he is still desperately in love with Elena and she could care less about him or Stefan right now. And from the previews of episode 19 things are going to get even worst for Delena because she tells Damon she doesn’t feel anything for him and the look on his face. Rewind back to the Originals ball in season 3. How much can a guy take?

    I can’t wait to see what Elijah does with the cure.

    Always love Caroline and Klaus’ interaction, they have a lot of on-screen chemistry but don’t see a relationship evolving since the Originals will be beginning so I am not going to spend time investing in that happening.

    I don’t think Katherine was being sincere with Elijah when she said she loved him and gave him the cure.

    Another two week hiatus. Ugh, this is killing me!!!!!!!

    Episode 21 is called She’s Come Undone. I guess we all know what that will be about.

  30. Kate'shomesick says:

    Oh how I miss Jeremy….(there would have been so many paths to explore…).I’m also still waiting for the Rebekah/Matt storyline…so I guess I’m rooting for her to get the cure. Also they should really fix the writing…the character developements are SO uneven it stink. Maybe they could revive Jeremy somehow and get Elena to turn her humanity back on by seeing him (or something).

  31. Jj says:

    New Elena was awesome… until she snapped that waitress’s neck like a twig. One thing is for sure though; Elena will not get the cure. If Elena was human, Klaus would never leave town without her. Since we know that Klaus is leaving without her, it stands to reason that Elena will not be human.

    Rebekkah will not get the cure either. We already saw her take the fake one, and it is highly unlikely that they would give her another chance at it.

    Finally, it is most likely that they will have Silas take the cure, simply because there is no other way to get rid of him. I’m surprised that Damon and Stefan aren’t more worried about him at this point, but that will come in due time.

  32. Red says:

    In all the Elena bashing, did no one else notice the writer said that Katherine had compelled the town into ‘letting them feed on her’ at the beginning of this article? Other way round, buddy.

    • sls says:

      LOL Yes I did see that and it made me laugh. That is a whole different story-line indeed. Thanks for pointing it out. I forgot to mention it in my way-too-long-anyway post.

  33. Cathy O. says:

    I am watching The Good Wife and surprised when Kalinda mentioned something about Stefan/Elena/Damon. She was reading an excerpt from some of the TVD books or either it was made up. Anyway she said something about Stefan and Elena getting married but Elena was still attracted to Damon and sleeping with him. Just wondering if that was made up or from a book because I know the books are different from the TV show. Can someone who read the books answer? Thanks

    • Lily says:

      No, that wasn’t about something that happened in the books it was about a made up- by The Good Wife- fanfiction. :)
      In the books nobody gets married.

  34. Cathy O. says:

    I watched Thursday’s night episode again and realized I didn’t hear Stefan say he was done with Elena and moving on after she gets the cure. I find that hard to believe. But I thought Damon saying, okay let’s get the cure & then talk about you riding off into the sunset alone was funny. I laughed and thought he’s making it clear that he’s not going anywhere without Elena. LOL! I always felt that Damon and Stefan both love Elena very much but Damon’s love always seemed stronger. I just can’t understand why Elena can’t make a decision and stick with for goodness sake!

    • Lily says:

      No, that was Damon jokingly remending Stefan about what he said about leaving. Damon knows that Stefan isn’t leaving now and he is glad of that.
      Oh, Elena did make a choice in the Season 3 finale, don’t you remember? Why do people always talk about as if for four season Elena didn’t know who she wanted? Elena knew who she wanted. And that was Stefan who was her boyfriend. Duh. It’s in Season 3 that after spending the summer with Damon and bonding over their worry for Stefan that things changed because now Elena felt grateful since Damon had been there for her but wasn’t sure whtere what she felt was friendship or something more now. And then in the finale she chose Stefan. She reaffirmed that she loved Stefan and that choosing him was the best choice she had ever made in 4×01. Then things got complicated because of the sire bond.
      I don’t ship neither Delena or Stelana so I’m just stating the facts here. I’m kind of baffled by you saying that “can’t understand why Elena can’t make a decision and stick with for goodness sake” since I don’t see how that has to do with anything.
      And right now all Elena wants is for those two two to stop controlling her and treating her like an object. And also have fun and since she has no conscience now that includes killing people (funny how Damon was ok with Elena not having a conscience and killing people until she started doing things he disagreed with. He is so controlling and can’t care less about what Elena wants.)

  35. Cathy O. says:

    I watched Thursday’s night episode again and realized I didn’t hear Stefan say he was done with Elena and moving on after she gets the cure. I find that hard to believe. But I thought Damon saying, okay let’s get the cure & then talk about you riding off into the sunset alone was funny. I laughed and thought he’s making it clear that he’s not going anywhere without Elena. LOL! I always felt that Damon and Stefan both love Elena very much but Damon’s love always seemed stronger. I just can’t understand why Elena can’t make a decision and stick with it for goodness sake!

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  37. latifah says:

    I love everything about d movie,,,, I felt bad and cried wen jeremy died…. I really wish there’s a way he can be back… He’s really perfect 4 bonnie and mayb dat can b an encouragement 4 elena to be back to normal…. Missed elijah a lot and katherina….. I really wish Elena will stick to Damon back to normal or not…