Exclusive Walking Dead Finale Pics: Fight or Flight? Plus - [Spoiler] Returns to the Prison

It’s the Walking Dead episode we’ve all been waiting for — and also kinda dreading, because it’s the season’s last one — the grand finale!

But will we actually get the jailhouse vs. Woodbury battle that’s been looming for so long, or will Rick and Co. decide that it’s safer (and saner!) to get the hell outta Dodge?

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While you ponder that question — and what you would do in Team Jailhouse’s shoes — take a gander at these three exclusive images from the hour. What do you think is going on in the pics (aside from the Governor giving us the evil eye, obviously!)?

Walking Dead Season FinaleWalking Dead Season FinaleWalking Dead Season Finale

photo credit: Gene Page/AMC

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  1. ddddddddddd says:

    Is the spoiler referring to Tyrese and the other girl or Daryl?

  2. Ana says:

    Tyrese is back to the prison??? Please let it be!!

    • Ashley says:


  3. Alan says:

    i know its time for the gov to go out with style but i dont want him to go, david morrisey has been utterly fantastic in the role.
    my only fear is that norman reedus is the guest on talking dead this week and that spot is usually reserved for cast members who have been killed off in the past, so im a little worried daryl could be killed off. hopefully they know we know that and are trying to throw us off the scent of something else.

  4. rockgolf says:

    Considering which arm The Governor is using to hold his machine gun, that gunsight on top ain’t gonna much use to him.

  5. majamababe says:

    I think that Tyreese and his sister are going to go back to the prison to tell the Grimes Gang what the Gov has planned. Then, the Grimes gang (plus Tyreese and his sister) will leave the prison after they set a trap for the Gov and his people leading them into the Tombs so the Bitters can take care of them. I’m probably wrong, but that’s what I see from the pictures, the episode title, and last Sunday’s previews. Wish they would expand the season to 22 episode instead of 16. But, will take what they give and love it!

    • D says:

      Trailer shows lack of walkers in the yard. Rick etal lead them into the prison. Trailer shows Allen about to breach the door but it unlocked. Rick and gang will be behind them. Walkers in front, the Grimes team behind squeezing them. Daryl will kill the Gov for Merle by taking his head. There can be only one!

  6. Greg Moliere says:

    SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 27 people will die in the season finale!!!!!!!

  7. Chad says:

    I hope that they don’t kill anybody off this season finale. One of the main reasons that I love this show is becuase you never know who will live or who will die. But, I would like to be truly shocked by this finale and see all of the “good guys” live.

  8. Vi says:

    Other sites are saying there are 2 main cast members dying in the last 2 episodes. So Merle dying in last weeks means there is still one more main cast member dying. It says those in danger could be: Maggie, Glen, Andrea, Beth and the Governor. Although it also said the only one guaranteed to be safe is Carl. Reports say by the time the episode is over, jaws will be on the floor!

    • Alan says:

      you said main cast members so that rules out beth, she isnt a main cast member; and for some reason i just cant see glen or maggie being killed off, those two are the emotional centre of the show and i cant see one of them going yet. i think its going to be the governor, mainly because its the right time for him to go.

  9. Judith says:

    Andrew Lincoln was obviously exaggerating when he said 27 people were going to die. It’s like when someone says they have a million things to do. Two main cast members are likely going to die, and with the info we’ve been given, my bets are on Hershel and either Beth or Judith.

    • Teag says:

      Neither of those 3 are main cast members.

      • KB says:

        I would say that hershel is a main cast member.

        • Alan says:

          he isnt. his name isnt in the opening sequence so he isnt a main cast member

          • scott42444 says:

            He still is a main cast member. Everybody in the prison group is a main cast member. I know that they are technically featured players, opposed to starring cast members, but they are considered main cast members. If Hershel dies it would count. Michael Rooker counts, too. That isn’t indicative of their character’s status as much as it is a financial or contractual situation (referring to who’s name is during the title sequence opposed to the crawl during the episode, or the “also starring Melissa McBride…” part).

          • Alan says:

            also starring is given to every other important actor in the episode even if its the only episode of the show they are ever going to be in. anyway by guild rules the guys with their names in the opening credits are the main cast, anyone who isnt named there is the guest cast/recurring cast and thats how they need to be refered to by people connected to the show and the media.

          • Josephine says:

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    • Faster says:

      Maybe not, it could be all the Woodbury people…

    • KB says:

      Maybe not. The bulk will likely be Woodury guys so the number could be that high.

    • lindalawrence1959@gmail.com says:

      those 27 he was referring to are most likely zombies….I’m thinkin’ the Govenor will die…..and Glenn…..only because he just asked maggie to marry him….we were all so happy….now time to be sad again…..

  10. Jacob says:

    I’m so srry to spoil it but glen and Hershel die it was killing me to say that also Daryl killed the governer slowly and painfully the prison group leaves the prison setting a zombie trap before the gov group even gets their 20 ppl in the gov group die by walkers

  11. gb says:

    Remember who said it first. Milton..we will find out is actually the governors brother. Milton will kill the governor and take his place. And everyone will get killed except rick..carl..daryl..glen..michonne and Andrea. They will be only survivors.

    • Scott42444 says:

      Thank you for posting after the other guy Jacob. Now, in my head, I can say “One of those guys is just messing with us, or both of them, but they both said different things and they are probably both wrong”

  12. Jacob says:

    Carol lives she has to do a big thing in Atalanta also Maggie lives cuz in season 4 Maggie has to see glen die by a guy named negon also Milton turns over to team prison so dose tyrees Beth lives also in season 4 she plays a big role Rick I think at the last minute of the finale will get shot people will think Rick died but then in season 4 he comes back cuz the gov only will shoot Rick in the shoulder oh ya season 4 is in atlanta

    • Richter says:

      If this is the same Jacob then your comments don’t add up. You say Glenn dies and then he has to live to be killed by Negan. Well for one, the show doesn’t follow strictly to the comics otherwise Tyreese would have been introduced sooner and Shane would never have made it out of Atlanta and a lot of other factors.

      • Drizz says:

        That moron’s just using the comics to make his predictions. Obviously, he doesn’t realize that the writers have purposely *not* done what happened in the comics so that the show is it’s own thing.

  13. Elliott Thorn says:

    Andrea should go back to ricks group.does she live or die?

  14. Elliott Thorn says:

    The season finally should be better than season 2 season finally.if glen dies the show turn into garbage I rather see Rick die than glen

  15. Jacob says:

    Srry didn’t finish or did ricks group set a trap at prison and just leave to go say back to the farm or city

  16. Jacob says:

    What is seson ends with ricks group at Woodbury and Woodbury ppl at the prison

  17. el_rosso says:

    To me it is a nailed on certainty that Herschel will die….all the scenes in the last episode reminded me of the lead up to the Death of Dale.

    Hopefully Morgan will make a return to help with the booby traps around the prison!

  18. Jason Walley says:

    I think tyrese and the girl know what the gov. is all about. Also are jaws might drop because daryl might be joining merle. Also andrea looks to be in a world of trouble.

  19. WhyWhatHappened says:

    Rick is gonna die.


    • scott42444 says:

      I think that Andrew Lincoln is THE one guy who should feel safe because of 2 reasons.
      1. His character is THE main character of the comics and television show, also there are so many stories that his character has left to tell that killing him off when the ratings are at record highs would be PURE SHOCK VALUE, nothing else
      2. With all of the changeover with the showrunners, the actor himself Andrew Lincoln seems to be a strong and consistent presence on set for all of the new stars and episode specific costars that arrive on set (from what everyone says). He is the face of the franchise. Like the Office without Steve Carell, TWD would start its downward spiral after Ricks death. The show is TOO popular and Kirkman probably plans on at least 6 seasons. MAYBE they would kill him off with 1, 1 1/2, maybe 2 seasons left to go. But it would be suicidal to have the viewers invest SO much into the main character and kill him off (and remove Andy Lincoln from the set).

  20. Regan Dixon says:

    I heard if they kill off any of the main characters( hershal Glen Maggie Carl mashone Daryl rick ect) there show I’d gonna lose a whole rating and is gonna piss off some fans me my family and my friends are included.. In my opinion its gonna ruin the series!! /:

  21. If they kill off Daryl rick hershal mashone Carl Maggie glen or any other of the main characters I’m going in a riot!!!! :/

  22. bb says:

    I think that we will just have to wait and hope for the best. I definitely would hate to see Daryl or Michonne go. I wouldn’t be surprised if they killed off Rick because his character has taken a back seat to some of the others character development this season. We just have to wait in anticipation…

  23. Ben Kirby says:

    in the comic book the govener kills hershal

  24. Angel says:

    I am very happy with the finale. I’m sorry kids, but if Ricks group is to survive and Judith grow up sane, someone’s gonna have to take Carl down a few notches or take him out.