TVLine Items: Once Fave Cops SVU Gig, JWoww Wows OLTL, Syfy Summer Schedule and More!

Law & Order: SVU Cast Eion BaileyBook ’em, Pinocchio: Once Upon a Time‘s Eion Bailey is headed to Law & Order: SVU.

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The actor, who until last week recurred as the ABC drama’s grown-up “real boy,” has been tapped to guest-star in an April episode of the NBC procedural, per The Hollywood Reporter. He’ll play a PTSD-suffering veteran who witnesses a crime at a club.

Ready for more of today’s TV dish? Well…

• Jersey Shore vet Jenni ‘JWOWW’ Farley has joined One Life to Live‘s upcoming iTunes/Hulu revival as Nikki, a bartender at Blair’s nightclub Shelter. Take a peek at her debut here.

Sinbad and Primeval: New World, Syfy’s latest acquired original series, have joined the cabler’s summer lineup. The former, which follows the epic sea journey of the titular hero, and the latter, which centers on a team of animal experts investigating paranormal events, both premiere Saturday, June 8.

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TNT has given the green light to Nashville Confidential, a docu-drama set in the country-music capital. The eight-episode series is slated to launch in early 2014.

TLC has renewed My First Home for a 20-episode fifth season, to bow Saturday, April 6, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?

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  1. ladyluck527 says:

    I love Eion Bailey, been a fan since Covert Affairs..

  2. Scott says:

    Isn’t he kind of in limbo as Pinocchio, (probably) not quite written out (b/c flashbacks) but not the current portrayer since he reverted to little boy?

  3. kirads09 says:

    Excited for Sinbad on SyFy. Naveen Andrews is in it ♥

  4. Cici says:

    J.Woww on OLTL? That will be a hoot.

    Stunts like that will surely get the show cancelled AGAIN.

    If that’s their plan to recapture the younger audience, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

  5. I fell for Eion during Band of Brothers. Give me more!

  6. Mary says:

    Bring Eion back to OUAT where he belongs. Last week’s episode was horrendous, and that was such a terrible way of writing out a truly interesting character. A second chance should not equal a complete loss of agency.

  7. Kristoffer says:

    I don’t mean to sounds mean but why do shows hire these trash reality show people? Surely there are more deserving actors out there that would love to be given a chance to have a part on a soap. Does she have such a huge following that OLTL just ‘had to have her’?

  8. kathy says:

    Off topic..I HATE the fact that they made him a little boy!! Really doesn’t make any sense!

    • mia says:

      Agreed! I get it in like the way that now Gipetto + Pinochio get a second chance at being a family….but we’re never going to see him again. August was a great character, I’m going to miss him.

  9. mia says:

    You are going to LOVE Primeval New World…its better than the first British series, I swear. And the dinosaurs look fantastic.

  10. AddictedViewer says:

    I thought Primeval: New World was cancelled after 1 season?

  11. jm says:

    After Alphas Fiasco, i won´t give any other chance to SyFy tv-series. They let you hooked to a series and no reasonable end

    • Simon Jester says:

      @jm – Neither Primeval: New World nor Sinbad is an American series; Syfy is simply the US distributor.

  12. I am going to get to the point!How can the writers of svu season 14 make Benson’s love interest Cassidy?!EWWWWW!This guy integrity is always being questioned,On the episode undercover Blue,he was once again in the spotlight for rape!He got off but!At some point Nick and Olivia seemed to have doubts about his innocence. Cassidy realize this too,he call Liv on her lack of trust in him at the end of the show.My point is,that these two have major trust issues already.And that was not the worse part,Olivia had to sit in court,and listen to Cassidy admit to sleeping with prostitutes!NASTY!The look on Benson’s face was priceless!Tell me,couldn’t these people not find a better love interest for Olivia?Cassidy is screwing around with WHORES for God sake!A lot of people did not like David Haden because he is no Stabler,but believe me,I bet they wish it was Haden after hearing about Cassidy’s nasty encounters with prostitutes!All I can think of is STD!This guy has no class.On top of that he did not age very well,he looked old,and haggard,his face is really wrinkled!His body,nothing to shout about!I am not Anti Cassidy,just stating facts!The only thing the writers got right,is not to THANK GOD!let Cassidy and Olivia kiss again or God forbid,do a bedroom scene!I have indigestion watching this as it is!No wonder the ratings are plunging tremendously!People are so sick and tired of the mind games,especially when it comes to Benson’s love life or lack there of!If they can allow Benson’s character to sleep with a man who have a fetish for whores!Then they need to stop talking about conflict of interest,better yet,they could have just as well let her have the relationship with Stabler!She would have been happier,and safer with her health!What next?Are they going to make Olivia contract Aids from her many encounters and then kill her off!WTF!It’s about time that she has a solid,respectful relationship,she earned it for F…K sake!We get that the love of her life Stabler may never return,why make her character suffer any longer.Its bad enough that she has to pretend to love other guys,knowing they was only one man she fell in love with,trusted completely.She knew that Stabler was in love with her as well,you would have to be blind not to see it!Which is so sad.From the conception of the show through to season 12,that unbreakable bond,love and chemistry was there we can’t deny it.But we have to move on,and realize that from the time Stabler left,whether some of us believe it or not,the show was just not the same.They took the true essence from the show,by breaking up the best team ever.Benson/Stabler was a package deal.I strongly believe that the show should have ended after season 12 smoked.What they could have done,is film a two hour finale,to satisfy the viewer’s curiosity,of what happen to Stabler after the shooting,and how the others handle it afterward.Just saying.The show still have some good case files,but again,because of the dynamics of how it is set up now,especially when it comes to Benson’s private life outside of work,I strongly believe for the most part,that that situation is what is killing the show.We all have to keep open minds where Stabler’s coming back is concern,if he ever will.A very large number of viewers feel he should be with Olivia,I agree one hundred percent,but apparently the writers are not seeing it our way,all we ask,is for the writers to stop discrediting Benson’s character,they fail to understand,that they actually have people who combine the Mariska/Benson personalities,not that they don’t know how to separate the two,the fact that they see so much of Mariska in the character she play on the show,It is making a lot of people upset,because to me Mariska is a lot like her on screen character and for that reason,here is a woman who is intelligent,dedicated to family,respectful and classy off screen,she is also the same on screen, the show character is then contradicting who she is on screen,making her out to be by some a slut!because of her many failed relationships,knowing there was one man whom she wanted and knowing he wanted her too!Damn!We all knew they wanted each other!This is what,is pissing people off!KNOWING!Don’t get me started on the he’s married!Stabler’s marriage was dead for years,Olivia in a some way,only have herself to blame,because there was a time that Stabler really seem to want out,but in step Liv and her morals,even though she too knew she would be sacrificing herself in the process,she did try on occasion to save Stabler’s marriage.She is one hell of a woman!Anyone who watch the show faithfully,will see that every time he separated from his wife kathy,the only reason he ever return to her was because of his children,he love them enough to sacrifice himself in a loveless marriage.Yes he loved Kathy,but he was no longer in love with her.I think the writers allow this marriage to continue because they probably felt that as soon as Benson and Stabler get together,the viewers would lose interest in the show.Of course I beg to differ!I think it would have work out!If the writers knew,that they never had any intention of ever letting El/Liv get together as a couple,they should have never mislead the viewers in the first place.Anyway,if Stabler never return,and I hope he will!PLEASEEEEEE!For the love of God!Hook her up with some one decent!Even though they will have to settle for being second best to Stabler!It’s about time.Whatever the out come,BENSON/STABLER WILL ALWAYS BE FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR!

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