True Blood Exclusive: Brothers & Sisters Grad to Play the 'Jim Morrison of Vampires'

True Blood Season 6 Cast Luke GrimesBon Temps is about to bear witness to quite an anomaly: a vampire with more substance than style.

True Blood has tapped Brothers & Sisters alum Luke Grimes play the recurring role of James, a circa ’70s-made vamp who is smart, spiritual and emotionally deeper than any other bloodsucker we’ve seen before, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Picture a cross between Jim Morrison and Gary Clark Jr. with even more of a poet’s edge. The dude’s every women’s dream come true, and he doesn’t even know it.

Grimes, who spent two seasons on Brothers & Sisters as William Walker’s love child Ryan, is set to debut at the midway point of the HBO hit’s sixth season (which is slated to premiere in June).

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Also joining the HBO smash in Season 6 is acting vet Rutger Hauer (as a mysterious figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason), Rubicon’s Arliss Howard (as Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell), Friday Night Lights grad Jurnee Smollett-Bell (as do-gooder Nicole), 90210‘s Amelia Rose Blaire (as Howard’s onscreen daughter) and House‘s Karolina Wydra (as a badass vamp).

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  1. V says:

    Am I the only one who knows him from Outlaw Country?

  2. Frankieboy says:

    they should stick to the main core and not add so many new cast members! The show was all over the place the past two seasons.

  3. A says:

    This is just ridiculous. Two new castings in the same week? Guess I should say goodbye to any hopes of seeing more Sookie, Eric, Pam, Jason and Jessica.this season

  4. Amanda says:

    Can I return all the new characters and have Hoyt with his memories back?

    • Tammy says:

      Yes, I miss Hoyt. He added so much compassion and innocence humanity to the show, and Jason needs his boy back!

  5. SJ says:

    Brothers & Sisters alum? Any B&S fan worth his salt has forgotten about this guy and the horrific shark-jump that came with introducing his character.

  6. Jennifer says:

    This guy got so screwed over by Bros & Hoes, he never had a chance. All because the show absolutely had to put Justin and that God-awful Rebecca together, and look how that turned out. I may be in the minority but I liked the character. The show basically put the guy into a no win situation then throws him under the bus, they could have done some great stuff with this character..

  7. Lana says:

    Seriously? Like this show doesn’t have enough damn characters as it is. Scale back…give us what we want…naked Eric!!

  8. Violet says:

    Jurnee is in season 6…awesome!!!!!

  9. Brandi says:

    I get making your own mark but they are taking way too many liberties. They should stick more to the books. There are so many to chose from – the bomb at the hotel or the were-tiger fights, what about Amelia? Instead we get these pseudo political story lines and underused and underdeveloped characters.

  10. Faustiel says:

    so is this guy supposed to replace bubba from the books? cuz that character has never even been mentioned and he was an integral part of the books.cant wait for more from our friends in bon temps.SOOOOOOOOOKKKIEEEEEE!

  11. caron says:

    Only things I can remember from S5 is Alcide is pack leader and Pam and Tara are lesbivamps. They need to take chances and kill off some leads like the “other” shows. Used to be Team Bill, now he’s kind of uninteresting. Loved him in S1, Ep 1-2, sexy, mysterious, hauntingly curious. Liked Eric when he was mean, Jason when he was having all kinds of sex. Like the new Tara and old Pam. Yeah, bring back Hoyt, he is a lovable teddy bear. Jessica and Lafayette are fine as is. Sam is on the fence. Now Alcide, I want to see “more” of!

  12. eric says:

    Bill is going to KILL them all =)

  13. rosebiteyou says:

    this ticks me off how could they bring a fairy and not a weretiger? i mean what the HECK were they thinking? are they trying to get people to no longer watch this show due to cornyness? if so they are on the right direction… i mean who would you prefer a sexy weretiger or hmmm a FAIRY? just the name sounds ridiculous… a fairy really.. if they were going to pull a stunt like this then they shoudl have just left it to the guys fight for her not bring in some ridiculous fairy love story idea… this is not tinkerbell people…

    • Chrissie says:

      Have you even read the books? Fairies are a HUGE part of them!!!

      • dee says:

        True… but they have already massacred the fairy storyline too… afraid that they have strayed so far from the books that there is no coming back to many of the awesome storylines from the series

  14. M. Summers says:

    I will continue watching, but not with anticipation. This series has gone so far off the radar from the books we loved. They have extinguished characters that left their mark, ie: QUINN, Bubba. Claude & Claudine were suppose to be beautiful, sexy twins, well….THAT was squashed and they totally made Claudine a bad guy. DID NOT LIKE! Why in the heck do they have to change everything and add crap that just fills in empty storyline gaps. Instead of bringing in more male EYE-CANDY, which is what 98% of the viewers are waiting for, they keep bringing in insignificant NON-BOOK characters that are not appealing. Eric is losing his appeal for me, he is kind of wormy looking for a so-called VIKING vamp. BULK IT UP, ERIC!!! Alcide is the only hunky guy on this show. Bill, well he isn’t even interesting in anymore…just a bad buy wanna-be. Jason needs to shower more…he always looks so grimy. Okay, enough ranting. I still love the show. I just wish they would listen to the viewers opinions and complaints and do something WE want!

  15. anil says:

    Annoyed when ‘ true blood and casting new actors ‘ is used in the same sentence.

    There are already like 12 regular characters alone – we don’t need new ones. ESPECIALLY SINCE ITS ONLY 10 EPISODES this time. Ugh.

  16. Kellie says:

    Anna Paquin was pregnant throughout last season and I am sure that’s why all these other stories are happening.

  17. Tigerlily says:

    Looks like they are all set to ruin another TB season with wayyyy too many storylines and outrageous plotlines that no one cares about. The heart of this show is the core characters that we know and love, coming together at Merlotte’s and being sassy. Is the show even still set in BonTemps anymore? When was the last time we saw Sookie wait a table? We all fell in the love with the original characters the way they are — but the last 2 seasons it’s like the show doesn’t believe in its core characters being “enough”. Lose Eve & the whole Authority entourage, lose the fairies, lose all the “extra” characters, stop trying to make political statements, stop traumatizing everyone in some BS quest to be “more OTT edgy”.

    Lafayette eye roll, finger snap on all that. “Hooker, please”. Just let everyone go back to Merlotte’s, grab a burger and a beer and have some fun.

  18. Muccio says:

    je voudrais que la TV passe à nouveau sur nos chaîne le feuilleton car j’en ai louper pas mal et je s’est plus ou on ai. C’est jamais sur le même programme alors faite des efforts j’aimerais les revoir.

  19. Vitany says:

    I just saw the new character plays by Luke Grimes, James.
    And I already love this character ! He seems so cute !
    And I love the interaction with Jessica, it will be great I’m sure !

  20. Stormy T. says:

    I think this “James” character looks like a cross between Shiloh Fernandez and Johnny Depp when you see him on the show with the longer hair. Jim Morrison and Gary Clark Jr.?! No way! Maybe his character on True Blood acts like them a little but that’s about it. The show had to get their own Edward Cullenish character in a way.

  21. Lizzy T says:

    They have to keep James. He’s HOT and refreshing. I agree with Stormy T…he’s got that Johnny Depp look going on. Yummmmmmm.

  22. Anna says:

    I thought the new character of Luke is soulful n oh so sexy he bones Jessica and I swear I wished I was her
    Mmmmmmmm swoon!!! He lifts her up rips off her panties
    Loved it!!!!!