Smash Recap: Hookups, Lines and Singers

smash-season-2-jeremy-jordan-jimmyThings got heated this week on Smash — in the bedroom, in rehearsal spaces, even in the offices of The New York Times.

Plus, a pair of supporting characters (sadly, not Bobby and Jessica) each got a musical number, frenemies Tom and Derek had another bonding moment, and Jimmy continued to act like a petulant manchild. (Where’s Eileen with one of her “throwing martinis” when you need ’em nowadays?)

Let’s recap the action (while collectively pretending that NBC isn’t really banishing the maddening/addictive musical drama to Saturday nights starting April 6).

KAREN FINDS OUT IF JIMMY LIKE-LIKES HER | The episode opened with our brunette protagonist and her playwright/costar naked in bed, but when the Lady Cartwright snuck to the piano to steal some sheet music, it was clear they were in character for a Hit List rehearsal. The duo crossed paths a few times at work — Jimmy huffing about how Karen lets Derek push her around; Karen getting drawn in to Jimmy and Derek’s pissing contest — but things finally came to a head at post-rehearsal drinks. “I’m crazy about him,” Karen told Ana (as I shouted, “Yes, girl, you are crazy — for being interested in this prat in the first place!”). Karen finally confronted Jimmy with a question that sounded a little too 11th grade — “Do you like me or not?” — and when he stalled, she let Derek walk her home. Here’s where things got interesting: Karen rebuffed the director’s request for a nightcap, even though they exhibited chemistry hot enough to melt TV screens. But when her buzzer rang seconds later, she changed her mind and buzzed him up (woohoo!). When she opened her apartment door — again, girl, you don’t do this without checking through the peephole first, sheesh! — Karen discovered a hot and bothered Jimmy (noooo!), and the two of ’em started going at it like two puppies at a bowl of kibble. Oh, Karen! Why’s it so hard for you to choose the right guy? And by “right guy,” I mean the one with the badly tousled hair, British accent, aloof exterior and bitchin’ sense of humor. (Sometimes we have to spell things out for Karen.)

DEREK INDULGES A CHILD | Poor Derek! He gives up a Broadway musical to do some underground theater, and gets repaid with whining and second-guessing — and mostly from the guy who’d still be waiting tables if it weren’t for his faith and support! Yep, Hit List rehearsals got off to an ugly start from Day 1, as Derek and Jimmy squabbled over the latter’s character motivations. “I guess we see the moment differently,” said Derek, diplomatically. “No, you see it wrong. No offense,” responded Jimmy. (Side note: Is there anything worse than people who say things like “no offense” at the end of a sentence that was clearly intended to offend?) Later, Jimmy had a tantrum over the names Derek had put together for a casting call. “Lea Michele!? Lea Michele!?” he screeched, before Derek shot back with the absolute best line of the episode (if not the entire season/series): “If you say it one more time, she magically appears!” (Can Derek be in the Julia/Tom sitcom spinoff of my dreams? This is a good idea, NBC!) Somehow, Jesse L. Martin’s chalk outline of a producer guy, as well as Karen and Tom, implored Derek to open his ears to Jimmy’s artistic vision — despite the fact that Derek is the person with actual, credible experience mounting a successful New York theater production. Derek eventually gave up the idea of LED projection screens (after even Karen gave them the thumbs down), opting instead to use dancers to symbolize “obstacles to love” in a silly production number called “I Heard Your Voice in a Dream” (which featured Jimmy writhing, snarling and singing, and Karen staring into the abyss like she’d taken a Lunesta three hours prior). Wait, are we supoosed to believe hiring a dozen dancers is cheaper than five donated LED screens? I’m choosing to believe this week’s Jimmy victories are mere setups for Derek getting his mojo back and reasserting authority in the weeks to come! #TeamDerek #YesI’mResortingToHashtags

TOM CHOOSES DICTATORSHIP (BUT NOT BEFORE GETTING SOME LIBERAL ACTION) | At Bombshell, new director Tom discovered the perils of treating the show like a democracy, or as he prefered to call it, “an intellectual salon.” (Ha!) He started soliciting cast ideas, and when Sam returned to NY for a sabbatical from his Book of Mormon tour, Tom sought input from “Little Tom” — if I’m not being too subtle. After Sam performed a rousing rendition of “Let’s Start Tomorrow Tonight” during a party at Tom’s apartment — be honest: Didn’t those penguin figurines on top of the bookshelf upstage everybody? — the twosome fell back into bed, with promises of Bombshell getting tweaked to include the song and a new role for Sam as Nat King Cole. (Whoa! Say what you want about Derek’s indiscretions in a position of power, but at least dude stays in control of his work when he’s being lecherous!) After Sam quit his job, Julia made Tom realize there was no way the new number could fit into the show — “that promise isn’t even 12 hours old!” she balked — and set up a Tom-Derek meeting to drive the point home. “How do you sleep at night knowing everybody hates you?” Tom asked, earnestly not comically. Derek pointed out that having the respect of your cast is more important than having its love. And so Tom dropped the bombshell that the now unemployed Sam isn’t getting a job in the Marilyn musical after all. Ouch! Is that the end of Tom and Sam? Not if the opening credits tell us anything.

JULIA & EILEEN & ANA & KYLE DO SOME STUFF, TOO | Eileen hounded an arts editor at the times to try to get some coverage for Bombshell that didn’t pertain to it being “a hot mess” — even though that should probably be crazy publicist lady’s job. This led to the idea of getting Ivy Lynn’s theater legend mother to come out of retirement to play Marilyn’s mother. Crazy? Maybe. But if it gives us a few more Bernadette Peters musical moments — and maybe even a duet with Megan Hilty — then I’m 100% sold.

Julia, meanwhile, did the whole “here I am 15 years too late saying I’m sorry” for dumping Jesse L. Martin’s character as the director for her first play, choosing to bring it to Lincoln Center (and taking up their offer to hire Mike Nichols) instead. Is there a romance brewing? These are good looking people, but I haven’t seen any chemistry yet.

And finally, Ana decided to go after the Lea Michele role in Hit List by performing Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy” on the top of a bar — and it worked! She sounded pretty good, I guess, and it lets Karen off the hook for stealing the lead role from her roomie, right?

And finally, somebody (Ana, knocking it out of the park this week) finally noticed Kyle mooning over Jimmy and told him to get a clue. “We’ve all wanted things we can’t have,” she said. Hours later, Kyle was all up in lighting director’s tonsils. That sure was easy!

Anyhow, over to you! What did you think of this week’s Smash? Are you happy that Karen and Jimmy got it on? Did you buy Ana getting the diva role? Did you miss the Liaisons subplot? (Yes, that last question was a joke.) Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Haie says:

    “Oh, Karen! Why’s it so hard for you to choose the right guy? And by “right guy,” I mean the one with the badly tousled hair, British accent, aloof exterior and bitchin’ sense of humor. (Sometimes we have to spell things out for Karen.)”

    Karen and Derek should just hook up. ASAP.

    • Jill says:


      plus, loving the word “prat” to describe jimmy. such an annoying chararcter; if the show gets canned this season I am totes blaming him.

    • Naazneen says:

      First this: “Here’s where things got interesting: Karen rebuffed the director’s request for a nightcap, even though they exhibited chemistry hot enough to melt TV screens.”

      Then this: “Oh, Karen! Why’s it so hard for you to choose the right guy? And by “right guy,” I mean the one with the badly tousled hair, British accent, aloof exterior and bitchin’ sense of humor.”


      If this is cancelled, PLEASE let it fade out to a fabulous old hollywood-esque shot of Derek and Karen because really, their chemistry is ridiculous. #TeamCartwills

  2. TobyG. says:

    I’m finally caught up with Smash and despite some of the big bumps on display so far this season, I’m enjoying it. Tom is still the best character overall on the show. I’m finally able to tolerate Julia this season and I’m actually rooting for Ivy for a change. Nice to see the dead weight lifted, although I do miss the actor who played Frank. He would’ve been great in another role. It’s also fantastic to see Jesse L. Martin! I hope they don’t hook him and Grace, I mean Julia, up, though. Karen still sucks the life out of almost every scene she’s in. Jimmy’s annoying, but interesting. I am also Team Derek!

    • marta says:

      I LOVE HIT LIST and would pay money to see it on Broadway! With Jimmy and KAREN singing and Derek directing. it’s gonna be a HIT! and as I saw on twitter – I want a Derek, Karen,Jimmy Smash sandwich!

  3. L says:

    This season has been pretty terrible… Last year was at least fun… this season is mostly borring with too many characters… the whole “Hit List” production is terrible and I dont know why Karen would quit Bombshell for it….

    • Summer Syn says:

      The worst part about that is the songs from “Hit List” have been the best numbers of the season. Last week’s “rewrite” gave me chills. That said, the characters are just the worst. A brutal combination of “awful writing” and “awful concept” that leaves us wanting to throw things at our televisions in the vein hope that it will hit Jimmy.

      • Josh says:

        Bombshell has only gotten two new songs too…And one song they did get where supposed to be “not as good”…as the original. I think Ivy’s “Hold the Line” has been my favorite original number, though I do like the songs from “Hit List”, I hate everything else about it. I mean Ana gets a whole number and Ivy doesn’t? And I’m sorry but I know she’s on broadway but I thought she sounded rather weak and was a bit too theatrical. Probably my least favorite number of the season, even Karen’s serenade to Jimmy was better. Maybe the song just didn’t fit her.

    • Josh says:

      I hate Hit List…I’m so much more invested in Bombshell. It’s funny because I see Bombshell as the underdog story, while Hit List is a story about an undeserving douche getting what he wants. And it’s so sad that a whole recap goes by and Ivy isn’t even mentioned…because she didn’t do ANYTHING! Jimmy has more lines in two episodes then Ivy has had the whole season. Who thought that would be a good idea?

    • Lou says:

      I agree. The plot progression is all over the place, the writing is completely unrealistic and we see much less of Megan Hilty. It is also harder to pick out the discrete ‘show’ numbers in each episode (last season there was always at least one per episode).

      I am sorry to say that although a very talented singer, Katherine McPhee is a poor actress. The new guy Jimmy is nice looking, but how unbelievable is it that he is arguing with Derek’s every word instead of kissing his feet in gratitude? In real life his show would be in the bin by now with that attitude.

      What a shame, I loved the first series.

  4. Lisa says:

    I loved seeing Sam again. The Sam and Tom story was an interesting one from last season. Why did they send him away?

  5. Maggie says:

    while I wasn’t keen on the staging, I actually kinda dug “I Heard Your Voice in a Dream.” It sounded current and like something I’d hear on the radio. I don’t really listen to Something Corporate or Jack’s Mannequin so I didn’t hear the similarities (since the lead singer, Andrew McMahon, wrote the song) but I liked the song.

  6. Allison P says:

    I was happy with the direction of the Jimmy/Karen storyline. He’s finally starting to soften around her, which makes it easier to understand why she’s into him. I still wish they’d made Jimmy more likeable a few episodes ago, but what can you expect with the way this season’s been going in all storylines…

    • josiej says:

      I’d almost prefer it if Karen had just decided she wanted a bad boy after ‘nice guy’ Dev ended up being such a douchebag, and was just being reckless, because I just don’t get how she can be so crazy into him when he is the way he is, ALL THE TIME! I guess he has softened around Karen a little bit, but like you say, it kind of all feels a little too late now, because Jimmy has been made so unlikeable it’ll be hard to turn that around, even when we get all of his inevitable backstory. And you just know Karen will go running to Derek for comfort when everything comes crashing down in their relationship!

  7. charissa29 says:

    Admittedly Karen and drug-boy are booooring, but I love his voice (even when “snarling”) so seeing him sing at least made a nice change. It didn’t feel as pointlessly soapy this episode, at least until drug-boy and Karen ended up together at the end. Julia and Joe having an affair last year was really badly thought out, but Debra Messing is SUCH fun to watch and she and Joe had chemistry, so it was fun to watch. No hook-ups are entertaining this year. Sigh. Plus, Karen is involved in more plot than singing, and her voice is wonderful while her acting is ehhhh so that doesn’t make sense. Megan Hilty can act and she was so good last year as the struggling actor trying to make it, and recently all we get from her are the occasional songs. Her Dangerous Liasons song was amazing though. Why is Karen acting and Ivy singing? Wrong!

    • Maggie says:

      wait Julia and Joe? You mean Julia and Michael, right? haha. Yeah their chemistry apparently ended up offstage too as they’ve been dating for over a year…poor Brian d’Arcy James (Frank) got screwed in the storyline dept. last year, he’s so much more talented than the material he was given.

  8. Neither of these guys is the “right” guy.

    • astrid says:

      so true! Can’t believe people actually think otherwise
      both guys are horrible and no woman in their right mind should have anything to do with them EXCEPT for WORK

  9. josiej says:

    I really enjoyed this episode – one of the strongest of the series so far for me, and I LOVED the Derek/Tom scene. Also Derek came up with some priceless lines, like the Lea Michele one and “isn’t he charming” – talking about Jimmy. Oh and Team #cartwills all the way for me. Karen and Derek really do have some good chem going on, especially in the scene outside Karen’s apartment. It seems that Derek’s developing genuine feelings for Karen, which is giving me (probably futile) hope that they really could end up being engame, and its not jsut some sort of passing attraction!

  10. forwarddad says:

    I don’t like Karen/Jimmy together. I also think it’s going to spoil the intensity of Hit List. I don’t see them together long. I love Derek.

  11. A says:

    Maybe I’m alone in this, but I just really don’t like Tom. I find him very annoying. And how is it possible that Sam can just up and quit his show like that. Wouldn’t he be under contract? That made no sense to me.

    • marta says:

      i too don’t like the annoying Tom. He and Ivy are just too over the top, too dramatic! Not natural as actors

  12. Jessie says:

    Jimmy is so unlikable, just a total brat. What kind of idiot would speak and act that way to a room full of professionals. The way he ran to the producer to rat on Derek was ridiculous. I have no idea why Karen likes him. Team Derek all the way!!

  13. Markus says:

    The Karen/Jimmy pairing is such bad news – Jimmy’s a good-looking guy, but he’s temperamental, moody, and addicted to drugs, and he acts so entitled. What exactly is the magnetic force here?
    Also, whatever happened to that Peter guy, the writer Julia worked with to revamp the musical’s writing? I thought that was going to turn into a love interest, but the dude sort of just disappeared a few episodes back.

  14. 777 says:

    I finally realized why the show is not working ( at least for me).. They tried to change all the mistakes from season 1, only problem is that in the process they ruined the best thing about the show.. It was easy to see last year that the best episodes were the ones headlines by megan hilty. This year, we barely see her.. One of the problems of the show was the fact that the lead actress is not “up for the job”, so they fixed the problem by giving her more screen time at the expanse of megan.. Good thinking

    • jc says:

      The best episodes last season were Ivy ones? Disagree. Eps 6 & 7 especially were pretty much the WORST! I cringe still thinking about them. I like Megan Hilty but I’ve never been much of an Ivy fan, although ironically I actually liked her more last season when she was at least being b!tchy and scheming. Much better than the self-pitying Ivy we’ve had so far this season. There’s no spark to her anymore. I do think there is now too much focus on Jimmy though, which would have been fine if they hadn’t made him so unlikeable. Having said all of this, I am really enjoying this season. Definitely an improvement and this episode was especially solid. Plus it has given me a glimmer of Karen & Derek Cartills hope. Come on Safran!! We’re like 23 episodes in already and still no kiss!!!

      • 777 says:

        I didn’t say that ivy Lynn is the best thing about smash, I said that megan hilty performance is. And it’s not just my opinion. She got great reviews from every critic. If you go back and check the rating for each episode, you’ll see that rating is higher when Magen is in the front

  15. loyalt says:

    Karen and Jimmy together way before too-old, sleep-with-everyone Derek. Jimmy will settle down and his talent, looks and “realness” are way better than Derek for Karen. I liked Derek and Ivy. I hope they won’t cancel.

  16. Liana in San Diego says:

    Well, if ridiculously stupid and vapid Karen doesn’t want Derek, kindly send him my way. I’d take him in a heart beat over any of the other so-called men in this show. But then I’m a sucker for a British accent, and quite LOVE Jack Davenport. As for the rest of them, including Jimmy, I find them intolerably boring, untalented, rude, self-indulgent and narcissistic. I thought it was just Jimmy, but I’m mistaken since Tom seems to go that route as does Kyle, Sam, etc. The only person worth saving out of this mess of a show is Derek/Jack Davenport. Someone PLEASE find him a decent show to be in!

  17. Ann says:

    My gosh…Katherine McPhee is such a terrible actress! She recites her lines as if she’s simply reading it sometimes! PLEASE give her less screen time! Heck, since she’s no longer on Bombshell…just get rid of the Hit List storyline altogether so we can get rid of the jerky Jimmy character. But keep Derek and bring him back to save Bombshell from being a trainwreck….

    • Crickey says:

      What an idiotic comment.

    • marta says:

      Ann, Ann, Ann gotta agree with Crickey

    • Chris says:

      I agree. I just don’t care about Hit List and Jimmy makes me cringe. The Ivy vs Karen story was more interesting. I don’t care about Karen enough to be interested in her love life.

    • ariana says:

      I completely agree with you! Send McPhee away and bring back the real talent! And by that I mean Messing,Huston,Borle,Hilty and Davenport. They ruined their storylines just to give more time to Karen and Jimmy. What a foolish thing to do! No wonder why ratings go down every week!

  18. Micaela Morris says:

    You’re right, this show is addictive! However, most of the characters are cliches and boring. Jimmy is actively obnoxious and should be eliminated. Jack Davenport and Angelica Houston are the only ones with any professionalism at all. He was great years ago in “Coupling” on Brit TV and has matured into a super actor….besides the sexy British accent! Ivy is insanely talented, but somehow I don’t like her. Karen sings and dances beautifully, but seems too mild for Broadway. Can’t wait for the next episode…

  19. Carola says:

    I agree !Tea. Cartwills all the way!

    Derek has developed genuine feelings for Karen and she still doesn´t get it.. Girl! Wake up! Choose the right guy not that druggie who will bring you more trouble.. Sigh.

    MY heart kind of broke for Derek right there. The chemistry between Jack Davenport and Kat Mcphee is too much to ignore. Please show, go there soon! That makeout scene between Karen & Jimmy was disgusting. So forced the actors just don´t have chemistry..

    Screw Jimmy! He ruined Smash..

  20. Ever says:

    Oh look, it’s this guy bitching and complaining again about Jimmy, a necessary dramatic charactor in a TV drama. Yawn. It’s boring, repetitive, and lame. Seriously. Just shup up and have someone who actually LIKES the show recap. Yuck.

  21. Kristi says:

    I prefer Karen/Jimmy over Karen/Derek. I’m glad that we actually saw Ana do something. I can’t wait to see how Ivy reacts to her mom being in Bombshell.

    • Lynda says:

      I agree!! I feel more chemistry between Karen and Jimmy – I wish they would make him a little more sympathetic so we could like his character though. He’s an incredible singer.

  22. Ruth says:

    The music in Smash is really very good. It’s the story or stories that’s not clicking. There are too many of them and the new characters are not working. I can’t stand the two young songwriters especially Jimmy. I’ll say this for a show that is not going to be renewed, and is being shipped to Saturday, there are sure a lot of comments about it.

  23. Anna says:

    I still hate, hate, HATE Jimmy. Wasn’t Karen smarter last season…? Oh wait, no, she wasn’t.
    Also, YES TO THE TOM/JULIA/DEREK SITCOM SPIN-OFF! That would probably be one of the best comedies ever!

  24. Kn says:

    Loveeeeee Karen and Derek, please let them be together by the end! :( They have oodles of chemistry <3

  25. Jill says:

    I thought this was the best episode this season. It finally moved forward. That was last year’s problem & I think why I haven’t enjoyed it as much. See, I KNOW it takes a long time to get a play into production & eventually on Broadway, but my god, it’s a tv show…move it along already!

  26. Myokie says:

    I had “hope” for the first season – the about face of this season has resulted in a disconnected, confused and worse – boring – season. I keep hanging in there hoping against hope that all this is just because the “creative” team is trying to hit their stride. But really, what actress leaves a headlining role on broadway for off, off, off,….only slightly on the map off-broadway – you hang onto a role until someone pries it from you, even when you hate the director or how he wants you to play it…take the notes and then do what you want when the production goes up…hello? There are too many characters and they are boring and flat – except Derek – I agree #teamderek – except….Karen? Really?

    • Alice says:

      i do think derek actually deserves better than karen and i can’t believe i’m saying that about the hound – but he’s smart and she’s addled and stepford-esque – apparently someone dropped her on her head during the break. i’m also tired of making excuses for Jeremy and placing the blame for Jimmy’s unlikeability on the writers. The writing isn’t great but the actor’s line readings are horrrrrible – bad boys can be charming (uh, please see Derek the Hound) but this character is played so very flat and whiney- he’s not James Dean angry, he’s just peevish – in fact, I just realized he’s Leo’s spiritual replacement (Julia’s unable to act son). And his persistent nastiness makes everyone’s response to him perplexing. Derek humoring anyone – much less an unknown brat – is beyond unbelievable. Last season was so much more credible in how Karen walked on egg shells as the newbie in a big production. On another front, I thought they wrote the Tom storyline way too broadly – he might make the mistake of not taking a firm enough hand but he’s worked on so many productions that having him bounce around giving everyone everything what they wanted was not credbile. So did I like anything? lol. I DID! I loved that the Bombshell cast was back! And with an impromput party performance (oh yes) — more Ivy Lynn – back where she belongs – yea! Eileen dropping the hammer. I liked the Derek-Tom interaction. (I always hoped we’d get Derek’s father in town to explore that whole backstory). And the person who commented above about a spin off with Derek, Julia, and Tom has a great point – some of the very best elements of last season were the ones where those three were sniping at each other but then coming together with Eileen as a real team. I am #TeamDerek but that means I think he needs a love interest that doesn’t mewl. Which reminds me – that ‘torrid’ love scene with Jimmy/Karen was laughably and painfully unconvincing when they tore each other’s clothes off – yikes. I did appreciate there was less Hit List this week and am looking fwd to next week – esp if Bernadette appears and there’s Ivy angst – yes. (Hey I can DVR it on Sat nights – as long as it lasts I’ll hang in there. Sigh)

  27. Caro says:

    I want to see Karen and Derek together! If they don’t give us that pairing I don’t think anyone will buy the DVD!

  28. Toia says:

    I’m going to quote some one from twitter “I’m watching Glee– Wait I mean Smash”. Yep that’s what last nights episode felt like. It was all so forced. And really can someone hit jimmy in his face, that’s a real question. At least we have the right Marilyn but I still don’t know about Tim directing. The whole Hit List plot could disappear as far as I’m concerned the idea is weak and I find my self checking my fb and twitter when ever they cut to it. I’ll keep watching but it’s not great

  29. Shawn says:

    Ana was no Nellie on if I were a boy I thought she sounded pretty bad to be honest Also I didn’t really see the need for the Sam drama

  30. sonja says:

    This was the first episode I actually enjoyed. I will keep watching!

  31. kenichi tanaka says:

    Smash Season 2 is turning out to be an abysmal failure and a very good example of why networks execs, pardon the pun, need to STFU when it comes to the shows their network is producing. This episode exemplifies the reason why NBC sucks worse than a two year old sucking on a Charm’s blow pop.

    Safron is the next problem with the show. He’s turn Smash into a mother frakking soap opera. If I wanted to watch Soap Operas, I would not be watching Smash, I’d watch General Hospital. Safron may be NBC’s saving grace for Girls but this man doesn;t know WTF he’s doing because his style does not work for Smash.

    If NBC wants to know why it’s ratings suck? They need to ask their executives who continue to interfere with the shows they are producing. This happens once a show they are producing starts to get higher ratings and a hit among viewers.

    Let me be the firts to say it, NBC simply sucks.

    • bobbie says:

      I totally agree. This was the worst episode so far. I have to fast forward thru some parts. I guess I really won’t miss it when it’s gone, since there will be nothing to miss.

  32. Kerrie Elizabeth says:

    Smash has been totally destroyed. Keep Eileen, Julia, Derrick, Tom, Karen, Ivy, all the great back uppers, bring back Nick and keep Jerry for evil’s sake. Get rid of the rest and all of the BS and give us our show back.

  33. Titina says:

    Jimmy needs to jump off a bridge. Seriously no hating on Jeremy Jordan but his character is one of the main reasons this show was ruined. The Jimmy Kyle storyline ruined the show. It´s just such a different dynamic.

    Josh Safran´s ideas ruined the great show they once had.. So sad.

    I am all about Cartwills! Karen & Derek please. They keep hinting on them and nothing happens! I need them to hook up one day! Please don´t waste the chemistry between Kat Mcphee and Jack Davenport. Is sizzling..

    Karen, seriously girl open you eyes! Why are you acting like a junior high girl cruhsing on that prick who is a drug addict? I will never understand, and no, his talent is not enough.

    I really hope Derek doesn´t get discouraged and keeps fighting to get her.
    He is just gonna have to work harder and make himself clearer. Watching him look at her you know he has developed real feelings for her.. Endearing. Hope Karen gives him a chance soon!

    • HG says:

      You mentioned that “Jimmy needs to jump off a bridge”? Funny you should mention that… Maybe Kyle should get hit by a bus then too? Would that make for good TV?…well, we’ll see. ;)

      • HG says:

        Guess we saw. And well, Jimmy didn’t jump off the bridge, but then I didn’t want to say anything and ruin the surprise. It’s fun knowing the future.

  34. Chris says:

    Did anyone notice that Eileen didn’t want to exploit her daughter but had no problem exploiting Ivy’s relationship with her mother? How does hurting your leading lady make the show better?

  35. Liam says:

    Katharine McPhee IS Smash. Her voice is just beautiful.

  36. ArunaAdvaney says:

    Your blogs are the best. :) I always look for yours. Your humor & snark take the edge off of my…awestrucked-ness. Thanks for sharing.

    I didn’t notice any penguin figurines?

  37. claudia says:

    I love smash….The second season is just as good as the first. I was wondering why the killed off the young of the writers of Hit list…he was a good addition to the show.
    I wish they would put Derrik and karen together…jimmy is not good for her. I like his character….just not with Karen. I can’t wait to see what they do for the third season.

  38. kristenj123 says:

    Am I the only one here who LOVES Jimmy?!