Ratings: Voice Predictably Lifts NBC Sitcoms and Smash, Sinks Splash; Body of Proof Tops 10pm

Ratings The Voice Go On SmashThe Voice on Tuesday night did what it was supposed to do — give a boost to NBC’s struggling freshman sitcoms, which in turn helped hoist Smash to best-since-premiere numbers.

With 12 million total viewers and a 3.9 rating, The Voice was down 12 and 19 percent from Monday’s opener yet easily dominated Tuesday in the demo. Come 9 o’clock, Go On (5.64 mil/2.1) enjoyed gains of 200 percent and hit its best demo since Dec. 14, while The New Normal (3.6 mil/1.4) surged 170 and 200 percent. Smash closed the Peacock’s night with 3.11 mil/1.0, up 17 and 43 percent (to a six-week demo high).

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The hardest hit by The Voice’s return to the Tuesday battlefield was ABC’s Splash, which after a solid enough premiere plunged 26 and 38 percent to 6.7 mil/1.6 (besting only The CW’s Peter Cottontail). Leading out of that, Dancing With the Stars (13.1 mil/2.3) was up 10 percent versus last season’s first results show and Body of Proof (9.6 mil/1.7) rose 13 percent to win its time slot in both measures.

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Over on CBS, NCIS (18.1 mil/3.1) dipped 9 percent and a tenth, Part 2 of NCIS: LA’s planted “Red” pilot (14.3 mil/2.6) was down 15 and 10 percent but led the 9 o’clock hour and Golden Boy (8.1 mil/1.4) fell 13 and 18 percent.

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Turning to Fox, Hell’s Kitchen weathered The Voice‘s return by retaining all of its week-ago audience (4.6 mil) and dipping just a tenth in the demo (to 1.9). New Girl (4.3 mil/2.2) likewise ticked down just a tenth, while The Mindy Project (2.8 mil/1.5) slid 8 percent and two tenths.

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  1. Babybop says:

    Yay Go On! Hope this pushes it to renewal.

    • Luminosity says:

      Ditto! Go On seems to get better every week. It has become my favorite 1/2 hour comedy so I hope NBC shows it some love.

  2. Stacey says:

    Body of Proof might just be renewed, and escape death. I do really think it’s a better show since it’s been revamped. Although maybe a little too serious. But I guess they needed to be.

    • Tamera says:

      I hope Body of Proof is renewed too! It has a large audience, just not the demo they want. I like the 2 new police officers compared to the last two, and it seems like the writers are mellowing Megan out a bit from the first couple episodes where she seems VERY condescending.

    • shuayb says:

      I agree! Body of Proof is so much better. I hate that they killed Peter. But the show is doing well. I hope we get a normal season 4. Abc should invest a little more in the show they have and don’t go for shows like 666 & zero hour which are bland n done better on other networks or cable.

  3. Amanda says:

    I also think Go On was pushed by the fact that Courtney was on, and that definitely drew in some viewership.

  4. Chloe says:

    Yippee for Body of Proof!! Last night’s show was the best yet!

  5. Len says:

    I am continually amazed that in 2013 people still turn their tv to a channel and leave it there for the evening.

    • Esaul says:

      The only reason I have my cable still is because of CBS, USA, and ABC Family. CBS doesn’t offer current shows on Hulu (nor Netflix at the start of season like a lot of the networks), USA’s shows have a major delay going onto Hulu and only one episode at a time, and ABC Family works similar I think? I watch shows across all the major networks. xD

    • Jane says:

      I’m continually amazed at how people can be so condescending and ill-mannered to people they don’t know.

      • Will says:

        I don’t see how that’s ill-mannered. It’s just a statement that, given the technologies available today, not to mention the vast number of available channels, leaving your TV on the same channel because of what was on before it seems incredibly old-fashioned.

      • Len says:

        It wasn’t condescending or I’ll mannered. It wasn’t even a critique of the practice. It was a simple observation that with the channel selection out there, and all the ways to change channels (remotes,programmed switching) that I continue to be surprised ratings are still affected by the show on before it.

        I’m not implying anyone is lazy, just surprised at how people still determine what is on their tv with all the information out there on what shows are, when they are on etc.

        It has nothing to do with Netflix, dvr, or watching what you watch live or recorded. Simply the practice of channels staying on after a show affecting the shows after that surprises me with today’s technology and information. There are clearly valid reasons why it still happens, because it does happen. That it happens is what is amazing and intriguing.

    • Elyse says:

      i DVR pretty much everything except for shows i don’t want to wait to watch!

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Not everyone can afford cable. Some people still depend on antennas. I don’t think they should be judged for it.

  6. ollie says:

    I like go on but with nbc stupid moveing it to thrusday I wont be able to.bc I already watch poi. and I dont have a dvr not everbody does.

    • ollie says:

      glad new normal # were up. thought I would hate it but I like it. it grew on me and last night ep could have ben very preacy with the boy scout/ gay subject but dealt with it in a mature adult way. hopefully the scouts will change there mind about gays in the scouts.

  7. I am so happy for Go On! It’s one of my favorite new shows. Hopefully it gets renewed.

  8. ojie King says:

    So, clearly,it makes no sense why ‘Smash’ was moved to Saturdays as ‘ The Voice’ would have been a fantastic lead in as it is doing now

    • Esaul says:

      People aren’t watching the show enough, with or without The Voice. And eventually The Voice will become exhausting like American Idol. Two cycles of it a year? Plus there’s only so much a single show can do to help a network. NBC relied on The Voice for Revolution (which is why it was pulled for four months, though I think it would’ve done fine on its own), and for Go On and other sitcoms.

    • KJ says:

      The people at NBC have screwed over Smash. First by waiting til February to debut new episodes, then by giving it crappy lead-ins (I’m sorry but Go On and The New Normal dont cut it). If they were waiting til spring to debut new episodes why not have it start when the voice started?!?! It worked fairly well last year. NBC is a sinking ship and have no one to blame but themselves!

  9. I’m glad the audience for Smash grew last night. In my opinion, it was the best episode of the show this season. (Waiting for the “that’s not hard” comments…)

  10. gm465271 says:

    Glad to see Smash go up a little bit but I was hoping it would hit 4-5 million viewers last night. Really love the show and will follow it to Saturdays! I think that NBC should have split the season in 2 – airing 6-7 episodes from November to December and then airing the final 10 in the spring. I don’t think that waiting until February to bring it back did the show any favors,

  11. Boiler says:

    New Girl was great last night!. It blows my mind how many people watch SPLASH. This is why ABC dumps shows so quickly

  12. Norah says:

    So happy about Body of Proof. Love that it’s been going up every week and even won it’s time slot! On to Season 4!

  13. yes yes for Body Of Proof, season 4 here we come. ABC needs to just keep it with DWTS. Why not move it to mondays in castle place and move Castle to tuesday on Body of Proof place and I think that can work out. I believe Castle can beat nbc and cbs tuesday 10/9pm shows with DWTS result show and I think BOP demo can always reach higher then a 2.0 if its on mondays after DWTS.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, the show seems to average a good 3 million more viewers when it follows DWTS; I know last season it was hovering right around 10 million an episode, which is a far better number than ALOT of ABC’s dramas hit. However, I suppose the almighty demo is the important key and that seems to be where it falters in relation to some of the network’s other programming.

  14. rebecca says:

    So happy for Body of Proof…it is getting better each week…hopefully it will be renewed!!

  15. Zak says:

    Disappointed in Golden Boys ratings. Decent show imo.

    • Maggie says:

      I know!! Golden Boy has really grown on me. LOVE Theo James & Chi McBride and more Kevin Alejandro on my tv screen is never a bad thing :)

  16. Butch says:

    I DVR everything I watch as well. Tuesday night is a hard night because there are some many good shows. No matter what, NCIS is first, usually NCIS:LA, had to watch The Voice, Smash, Body of Proof, Justified and still haven’t gotten around to Golden Boy but it’s recorded and waiting.

  17. Jessa says:

    Having watched a couple episodes of NCIS, I found it decent but nothing I haven’t seen in other procedural shows. What is it about the show that has 18 million people tuning in, out of curiosity?

  18. KenM says:

    Go On’s ratings big ratings boost came despite being pre-empted by local programming in at least one major market (Detroit). The Courteney Cox stunt casting may have helped, too.

  19. eridapo says:

    To anyone that says that lead-ins do not matter, I submit Go On’ results last night –heck the entire post Voice NBC lineup last night. Shows which were dying last week suddenly jump 200% in the demos..

  20. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Yesterday was my birthday, so I gave myself the best birthday present ever. A Justified marathon of the last three episodes leading up to last night’s new episode of Justified. It was pretty dang good. I freaking love that show.

  21. kirads09 says:

    So can we say “Splash” took a dive? (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

  22. Eric says:

    Glad to see The New Normal rising so much. Go On too. I don’t watch The Voice, but I appreciate what it does for my shows’ ratings!