Pilot News: Regina King Joins ABC's Divorce

The Big Bang Theory Season 6 SpoilersAnother day, another Southland star making contingency plans.

Regina King has booked a role in the ABC comedy pilot Divorce: A Love Story, our sister site Deadline reports.

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Based on the Israeli format, the multi-cam comedy centers on Kenny and Robin, a recently divorced couple who were bad together but are even worse apart and can’t seem to stay out of each other’s lives. Mike Sikowitz and Daniel Lappin (Rules of Engagement) will executive-produce.

King will play Cassandra, the diva-minded wife of Ike (Adam Goldberg, NYC 22), Kenny’s best friend. Jason Jones (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart) and Andrea Anders (Better Off Ted) were previously cast as the central couple.

So what does this mean for Southland, which is again on the bubble? For King, Divorce is in second position to the TNT drama; if it gets picked up for a sixth season, she’ll continue in her role of Det. Lydia Adams. However, two of her co-stars — Ben McKenzie and Shawn Hatosy — recently booked their own pilots… which makes the cop series’ future look rather bleak.

“Of course we want [Southland] to come back,” King recently told TVLine. “But there are just certain things that [make us think], ‘Are we?’ No one’s told us that we weren’t, but there are enough things that haven’thappened” – like promotional support — “to question, ‘Are we?’”

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  1. Nikki says:

    I love Regina King, but don’t watch Southland. So I’m kinda hope it is cancelled and the pilot is picked up. Sorry Southland fans! :)

    • But she’s too good an actress to waste on a sitcom.

    • Ruby says:

      Orrr, you could just watch Southland and not wish for tons of fans’ hearts to be broken?

      • Meg says:

        So last fall, I watched the entire series of The O.C. I enjoyed Ben on it so much I wanted to catch up on Southland so I could start watching that show since I hate jumping into shows 4 or 5 seasons in. But it’s not on Netflix and it’s not in syndication anywhere (at least, not that I could see) so short of spending about $50 on a series I don’t even know I’ll like I have no option to catch up on the show. If they put it out on Netflix it would be at the top of my queue to watch.

    • Raynedazr says:

      Oh my I am sorry to hear that Regina is leaving Southland because I enjoy the Police drama and I enjoy her class acting. Along with the other two male stars, I sure hope they will come back another season.

    • Edgar M. says:

      First i’d like to say that Southland is the best show on TV. The biggest problem is that we have to wait what seems like a year before we get new episodes. Then the network moves the day and time on us. With that said I still have seen every episode since its NBC days. As for Regina King leaving, I am ok with that. For me Ben McKenzie and Michael Cudlitz are the heart and soul of the show. Even if we lose some characters the show can live on with new actors. (i.e. Law and order)

  2. mooshki says:

    :( Noooooo…

  3. Douglas from Brazil says:

    What I think is that Southland won’t be renewed for a sixth season because until now 3 actors booked roles in another pilots,the show isn’t safe,TNT isn’t promoting it and the ratings are down compared to last season but still is a toss up for renewal or getting cancelled.

  4. dude says:

    Regina King should be the star of the show and Andrea Anders should be the sassy best friend. That’s how the world is suppose to work.

  5. Cici says:

    I didn’t watch southland even when it was on NBC and I definitely don’t watch it now.

    So if it gets cancelled, no tears will shed for it.

    What I am really concerned about is the boondocks.

    CN has confirmed that is coming back for a fourth season.

    Wouldn’t TB be second position, If Southland gets canned and this divorce show doesn’t get picked up?

    I hope this divorce thingie fails fast, TB wouldn’t be the same without RK.

  6. joseph says:

    Wow, Cici, that’s pretty selfish. Regina King has been a working actress since she was a pre-teen and has steadily built her fan base. Those fans DO like her on Southland, which for the record, is one of the best shows on TV. That’s not based on my personal opinion; that is based numerous critics, all of whom whole-heartedly support the show. So, you might not shed tears, but others will. As far as hoping “this divorce thingie fails fast,” please get over yourself. Clearly she’s been working on both The Boondocks and Southland for years. There are different rules with cartoons that allows her to do both – and would allow her to do “this divorce thingie” as well.

    • Cici says:

      Just because a critic says that a show is good does not mean that is actually good or even an hit.

      That’s up to the viewer to decide and Southland stinks.

      When has that show not been on the chopping block?

      If the show is cancelled, then the show just gets cancelled. The fans will get over it.

      Shows don’t stay on forever or else L&O would still be airing.

      As for that divorce thingie, it’s doomed to fail.

      The show is going to be on ABC for heaven’s sake and that network is filled with unfunny and overrated shows.

      It will probably last 10 episodes and then be canned.

      • Tenney says:

        Wow! A show stinks because you say it stinks. Hoping a show fails before it even airs? Saying a network if filled with unfunny and overrated shows because you don’t like them. Who ate your bowl of sunshine this morning?

        • Britta Unfiltered says:

          And funny enough, Cici has deemed Southland a terrible show while simultaneously admitting she’s never seen a single episode of it in her comment above Joseph’s comment. Those damn critics. How the crap would they know if a show is good or not? Just from their countless hours of viewing and studying and deep thinking about everything they actually watch? Bah. It’s the VIEWERS who never try a show out who get to make those kinds of judgments! Only Cici has the right to make those decisions based on shows she’s never seen! We must take her opinions as gospel truth, because she certainly seems to think that’s what they are.

      • Pat D. says:

        You are quite possibly, the only person I have ever seen say that Southland stinks unequivocally. Not saying you really dont feel that way, its just a unique point of view.

  7. darcywilson says:

    Happily Divorced minus the husband being gay anyone?

  8. TVDIVA says:

    Love Regina King. She was hilarious in her guest spot on The Big Bang Theory.

  9. Ruby says:

    Yeah, no. It’s over for Southland. This sucks.

  10. Arlene says:

    Southland is genius. It was voted fan favorite by TV Guide subscribers or followers or whatever. The show’s not cancelled just because the brilliant Regina King takes on another role. It’s an ensemble show. And just yesterday it won a Peabody Award.

  11. Britta Unfiltered says:

    This is making me sad. I really hope with their Peabody win yesterday that that can give it a boost for its renewal chances. (Incidentally, Peabody awards were also won by Girls and Louie).

  12. Mr.C says:

    Southland better return for season 6 the show is gotten so intense it would be absolute stupidity on TNT’s part if they don’t renew! The show needs to continue if not I will dump the TNT channel completely! In other words pull it from the channels I include on my dish. So do TNT a favour and renew the show for season 6!

  13. Matthew says:

    Ok, I’ll weigh in on the internet for once.

    I’m a law enforcement officer in the US. Southland is the best cop show that ever has been made, anywhere on this planet.

    Anyone who says the show stinks doesn’t actually know what their police and sheriff’s office experience day in and day out, and I suppose that means they have no appreciation for the work.

    That’s a spectacular statement, but Southland has dug up nothing but real stories that happen not only in the LAPD, but in other departments too. The scene in Season 4, where Officer Cooper (Michael Cudlitz) and Officer Tang (Lucy Liu) are being followed around by a camera crew, and they arrive on a rolling DV where an oversized lady in a muumuu has a butcher’s knife that she pulls out on Dewey, and then Cooper tackles her, with the knife going into her chest cavity—that really happened where I worked, verbatim!

    And later in the shift, those two same officers, who were being followed around by a COPS camera crew then rolled into a bar fight on the street, with a guy loaded on PCP who had been beating up people on that street all the way from his home. He grabbed one of those officers, and took a bite out of his neck.

    You can’t make this stuff up, because it really happens. If nothing else, that should be the reason everyone loves this show.

    But then again, I guess we live in a brave new world where three chatty, ignorant Persians putting on fingernail polish is captivating.

    Thanks for the reviews geniuses.

    • CJ says:

      I agree with everything you said… Except, it was Tang that tackled the knife lady, not Coop. #southlandforlife

  14. Angie schubert says:

    We love southland in my house. We have watched it since season 1. When TNT picked it up I was so happy. If I remember correctly it was cancelled on one of the major networks and they put something like Leno or someone along those line in south lands spot. I think it lasted less than a month. I remember thinking I hope the network realizes what a big mistake it made!!! We love southland. My husband and I work for our local police department and when you enter the police academy they tell you… You have just signed up for a front seat to the greatest show on earth!! Well southland shows a great show week after week!! Amazing!! I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled. If it does… I won’t watch TNT again. I wish these executives would stop canceling the good shows!!! Fingers crossed for a new season. And to the person who wrote it’s the worst show but never watched an episode… First don’t pass judgement until you’ve seen it… Second watch it!!! You will eat your words!!!

  15. Kathy Hoover says:

    Please don’t end Southland!

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