CBS Renews 14 Shows, Including Good Wife, Mentalist and Hawaii Five-0; What's Missing?

CBS Renewed ShowsCBS handed out early renewals to an additional 14 series on Wednesday, including The Good Wife, The Mentalist and Hawaii Five-0.

Also getting the green light for the 2013-14 season are NCIS: Los Angeles, Blue Bloods, Elementary, Person of Interest, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Undercover Boss, 60 Minutes and 48 Hours.

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Those shows join previously renewed Eye staples Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS and CSI.

Noticeably MIA: Criminal Minds (which is expected to return once new deals with the cast are hammered out), rookie drama Golden Boy, Two and a Half Men (see below), CSI: NY (which is now considered a long-shot for renewal), Friday-bound freshman drama Vegas (which had already been deemed a long-shot) and the death-defying Rules of Engagement (which you should never count out).

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Regarding Men, CBS is currently in talks with Warner Bros. on an 11th season of the comedy. All indications are that the show will be back — with Ashton Kutcher.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated with today’s pickups!

Thoughts? Which renewal are you most relieved about? Which non-renewal has you most concerned? Hit the comments!

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  1. George says:

    Surprised BOTH The Good Wife & The Mentalist were renewed. I figured on or the other would get the nod.

    • Kris says:

      Why the heck would you think that? The Mentalist is going strong, despite always airing at other times due to sports coverage, and the good wife has quite the fan following as well?!

      • JoyAnne says:

        I totally agree. They are both great shows. Just wish CBS would move them from time slots where you can never be sure what time they will be on. My DVR only did the first half of TGW last Sunday. I missed seeing Peter deck Kers??? Sorry can’t spell his ame. :-) I made sure I had all of athe Mentalist as it has a better time slot on a Canadian channel.

        • Name says:

          I missed 2nd half of The Mentalist but was able to view the entire show next day on the internet

        • r says:

          this is my biggest complaint with CBS right now! I wish they would do alternate programming during the fall and plan to not show new episodes when sports or other programming conflicts and pushes the air time later. I have missed so many mentalist episodes this season because of the delays!

          • Chloe says:

            Very good idea! I am so sick of sitting around waiting for the Mentalist to start. Ugh. One thing you might not know [and which might help you catch the entire episode] is that CBS’s Twitter feed announces when their schedule is running behind, complete with just how many minutes and in what market or time zone it’s happening.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            imo, that’s what ALL those sports channels are for…..that’s what happened to CSI:MIAMI….they moved it to sunday, and it was KILLED because of the sunday foootball games.

          • Debbie says:

            I too missed alot of episodes of the Mentalist this season. I’m starting to lose interest,because everything seems to be too messed up. I work nights,so I have to record it. Its very disappointing when you think your going to be watching the Mentalist and its basketball or something else.

          • GMom says:

            Last Sunday was the first time I’ve seen the Mentalist in AGES! And it was an hour late. I have Time Warner cable and it never records correctly. AND they don’t have it on demand either (or Person of Interest or Criminal Minds!!) CBS online doesnt work either! Too much buffering. So I am so glad CBS is renewing these Sunday night shoes!

          • Rhonda Roland says:

            I have the exact complaint /w CBS & their careless way they handle the Sunday night shows, I have seen so many good shows go by the wayside because of this conflicting scheduling so that I now figure it’s the death knell for a show when they move it to the Sunday night schedule. If you have a DVR then it is possible to get ALL of both shows by setting it to add several hours at the end as I do BUT it is a HUGE PAIN!! I think they should either cancel their sports programing or just put repeats or maybe repeats of old shows because every time this is mentioned here & other forums like this one EVERYONE feels the same as those of us who have commented here today!!!! Of course another solution would simply be tell the people in charge of whatever sports programs are airing that they MUST be finished at the end of their scheduled slot, personally that would be my solution but then I can’t abide sports shows no matter which sport it is. And really what other types of shows are just allowed to run as long as they see fit without regard to the other programing!

          • Ms. B. says:

            Amazing Race airs before The Good Wife. When they run over, the schedule is ruined. I don’t watch reality shows and I will NEVER deliberately watched AR! Cold Case, CSI: Miami both lost behind AR. The Good Wife is available On Demand. The networks seem oblivious to the wishes of the viewing audience. I refuse to buy their products when they displease me.

          • janet says:

            I totally agree about things getting in the way of a good show can hurt it! I loved CSI Miami and I feel it went away bc your DVR could never get the whole show. Amazing Race would always hold over and unless you thought ahead to record the News at 10 which would be half of the show, you would miss it!

          • Billk says:

            I set my DVR to always add an extra hour to Mentalist, so I do not miss the ending. Just change the recording options.

          • JOE COOL says:


          • Patricia Damewood says:

            I hate it that CSI Miami was cancelled. That was a great show. I hate it that the sports interferes with The Good Wife. That too is a great show.

            And as for Joe Cool, same thing applies. You can always watch sports on the computer (or better yet, get tickets for the games if you are that obsessed.)

          • keithandrews says:

            I would like all sports show on CBS Saturdays and Sundays to end at 6pm cause I want my 6pm local news and CBS Programming from 8 to 11pm saturdays and sundays 7pm to 11pm. Now Basketball or Football Saturdays or Sundays after 6pm. If Golf goes a little long thats okay. I hope one day soon thanks.

          • jessie says:

            I agree with you and seem to always miss the second half and can’t always watch the show on internet.

          • Lynne says:

            record the news time following mentalist..prob solved

          • Jacob says:

            go to your dvr episode options and set the mentalist to run over at least an hour. I run the mentalist over an hour and a half just to be sure. I do get sick of fast forwarding the good wife though.

        • Heather says:

          Global shows TGW on sundays at 10:00. I realize that this is the time that the mentalist is on but many DVRs tape two shows at once. The global feed is not preempted liked the cbs feed. Hope this helps

          • Rhonda Roland says:

            Excuse my ignorance but where exactly would we find the “global feed” seems very interesting to me. I have DirecTV if that helps.

          • Dougie says:

            This problem can be eliminated by using a PVR feature called “Time Shifting” so we on the West Coast can record The Good Wife Three hours earlier Pacific Time and record it at 9 PM Pacific time which is midnight on the East Coast. One of them is the complete show. Global, by the way, is a Canadian network that is sometimes picked up by US TV networks.

        • Mary Ann says:

          I record The Good Wife at the time it’s supposed to be on, and then I record the Mentalist, using the add an extra hour option. This way I always have all of both shows, although TGW may be split over two different recordings.

        • Vince says:

          Always give ur DVR extra time I’ve been doing that for years on Sunday night

        • Mark says:

          Hint…don’t set the DVR to record Mentalist…just record TGW and add 3 hours to the end time. Set it this way for series recording and you’ll never end up with half an episode.

        • Karen Watts says:

          I agree but I did catch the Good Wife on the On Demand channel and was able to see the whole show. I’d would be sooo disappointed if this show is taken off the air.

        • Karen says:

          Couldn’t agree more! My TVGuide says The Good Wife stars at 9pm but it didn’t come on until after 10pm RIDICULOUS!!! The “Amazing race” isn’t amazing!! Get it into its own time slot and NOT A SECOND MORE!

          • ruby says:

            everybody talks about TGW…what is she good about…she’s got the hots for the other guy,maybe they should change the title to The good wife…b4 the other guy came along!!!!!

          • Robert Zich says:

            It’s called sports . I tape all shows and news on Sunday .

          • Heather says:

            Why are people always blaming 60 minutes and The Amazing Race for why their shows are late? It’s the sports running over, just because you don’t like a show it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the right to air. Talk about being self centered, all of you complainers. For the record I like all the shows on the Sunday night lineup, but Ruby’s right, Alicia is nothing but good, she’s a sl*t. lmao

        • Kathy says:

          Set your DVR to record the next show or an hours worth of shows after and you will always have the full espisode recorded.

        • Kathy says:

          I learned my lesson after missing a couple of shows. Now I record the next 2 hours after the Mentalist. This way I make sure I get both shows. good luck

        • gg says:

          I am sick of trying to watch the Good Wife and Mentalist CBS is so greedy they make basketball (which I don’t watch) and other programs run over even the stupid commentary. The problem is that CBS does not care about the consumer they care about their agenda. I am sick of it. We have to schedule around or watch on computer. We all need to get together and tell CBS to quit messing up their schedule and put programs on as planned

          • Lynda says:

            Their only “agenda” is making money. Sports events draw many, many more viewers, and thus, advertisers and their dollars, than either dramas or reality tv. Sports events, whether it’s football, basketball, or baseball, are unpredictable with regard to the time they’ll take to complete, so it’s hard for networks to predict if they’ll run over they’re scheduled time slot. That said, the networks DO have some control over the length of the games because they insert a TON of commercial breaks into them (see above related agenda) that aren’t ordinarily there or so long. The athletes don’t like them, the fans watching don’t like them, and obviously, those of us who have to put up with them interrupting prime-time programming don’t like them. So, my advice AND request to the networks, especially CBS, is that they stop being so greedy and decrease the number of commercial breaks they add to a sporting event. Seriously, it gets beyond tiresome to have to go to a 2+-minute commercial break every time a baseball team brings in a new relief pitcher or every time a basketball team goes to a 20-second timeout!

        • Lou says:

          I have learned on Sundays: ALWAYS set extra time.
          Or watch it on Global/CTV.

        • Cindy says:

          I also am sick and tired of recording TGW and only being able to see half of it because of the stupid amazing race! If the guide says shows are on at a certain time, they ought to be on at that time. Are the executives who work at CBS too stupid to get this or to fix it?

          • roses says:

            CBS is not stupid, they look at ratings, which means $, and that is all they care about. No matter how many times they say ‘CBS cares’, they really do not.

        • What you need to do is for DVRing The Good Wife and The Mentalist is manually DVR it. Set your DVR an hour before The Good Wife comes on and record CBS for 5 or 6 hours! That way you do not miss our favorite Wife and Mentalist.

        • jbnj says:

          I tried to watch it on the internet, but I gave up because of too many commercials…there were tons of them, drove me nuts

      • The reason for concern is that CBS has been so spoiled by success that they cancel shows with numbers that other only dream about. ( Cold Case, Without A Trace, etc) The Sunday struggles combined with the fact that the audience for both shows is aging were troublesome.

        • John Moshier says:

          yes las vegas gets tens but cbs as you said are spoiled nbc has a show like revolution barely getting 8s and its consedered a hit

          • Emily says:

            Revolution may have less total viewers, but its 18-49 demo number was 2.6 on Monday, whereas Vegas gets ~1.5. That is the number advertisers pay for.

        • Bobbi says:

          Also “Unforgettable” was cancelled by CBS, and it had 8-10 million viewers. Ugh. I hate when CBS does that.

          • Kris says:

            Unforgettable was not canceled. It will be back in the summer.

          • Anita says:

            Actually, Unforgettable was canceled then the network reversed the decision and decided to bring it back this summer – almost 1 1/2 years between episodes. Definitely not setting it up for success

          • Jacob says:

            Unforgettable will have a ending this summer for the fans. I hope Vegas gets a ending.

      • KoshN says:

        It takes DEDICATION to watch The Good Wife and The Mentalist. I’ve been catching part of The Good Wife just because I make DAMNED SURE that I never miss The Mentalist. Normally, if a show moves to Weekend Sports Preemption Hell, I DROP IT. Not so with The Mentalist. I am SOOOO VERY HAPPY that The Mentalist got renewed.

        Now, if CSI:NY, Rules of Engagement and Criminal Minds would get renewed, my gotta have it list would be complete. I’d also kinda like to see Vegas renewed.

        • I would love to see Vegas renewed. Really enjoyed the characters and story lines.

          • Phocus Please says:

            I agree, Vegas is fun to watch. Renew it.

          • Lynda says:

            Agreed! Dennis Quaid is perfect for that role and it’s a good show. They may need a few more female characters, but it’s a fresh, fun take on the ubiquitous crime procedural that all of the networks, and viewers apparently, seem to love. I always think it’s interesting to see how forensic technology and police procedures have changed since the 60’s before the addition of so many protections for suspects/criminals. Miranda warning? What’s that? Lol.

        • RK says:

          I’m with you on your gotta have it list. Why is this so difficult-all these shows pull in viewers every week. Otherwise why would we complain????

      • Chris says:

        Both shows have fairly low demos by CBS standards. George makes sense (even though he was wrong); you, Kris, don’t seem to know the ratings basics at all.

      • Judy says:

        I hate the sports preempts…every week it gets so confusing. I end up recording the whole evening and the labels are so wrong ….why cant they schedule them on a different night and just do reruns on Sunday after the sports.

    • Glo says:

      CSI NY has come a long way, I did try Golden Boy but just couldnt get into it.Vegas was OK but I cant see watching it every week. Why cancle a long running show for one that will bomb in the end, makes no scence to me!!!!

      • The season finale looked an AWFUL lot like a farewell…

        • Alisa Neely says:

          tptb of csi:ny has the last 2 seasons written their season final to be a possible series final….that’s what upset me sooooooooo much with csi:miami… would be sad if they don’t come back.

      • Bernadette says:

        I Agree..Get rid of Golden Boy and Renew CSI NY…Vegas is much better than Golden Boy!!

        • suzi says:

          I agree. I tried to enjoy Golden Boy–love Chi McBride–but it just wasn’t happening. Vegas has a better story to tell, and CSI:NY deserves a season 10.

          • Debra Alexander says:

            I absolutely agree CSI:NewYork deserves another season.Would really hate to see it gone.Don’t need so many relity shows.

        • Vicky Crawford says:


          • Vince says:

            I agree more so since my teen hood was in the 1960s plus Michael is a great bad/good guy.
            Too bad they didn’t do an ep about when the Rat Pack was in town to shoot OCEAN’S 11.
            Too late as it’s now 1961 on the show. Now if it was 1971 just maybe we would see when
            they came to town to do Diamonds are Forever.

          • Karen says:

            Please don’t cancel Vegas or The Golden Boy both were very GOOD, EXCELLENT shows!!!!!! You kill these shows because you put them in time slots that are terrible. I am very glad to see the Mentalist back on because I figured the time slot you put it in was going to kill it!!!!!!!! Take off these stupid shows like Two & a Half Men (if you can even call them that!!!!) or some of these other shows that show how degrading men & women have become!!!!! Unforgettable was not an unforgettable show either!!!! Why do you take off the good shows?


        • Tania says:

          I’m hoping that CBS is bold enough to renew “Golden Boy” because there is a great deal of potential there. I get that NYPD Blue vibe from it which I like a lot. I’m thoroughly enjoying that series. “Vegas” has yet to find its voice. As a fan of CSI:NY, I have to say that it has gotten to the point where the writers are just mailing it in. I want to see the hardcore, twisting series that it was when it first started which made it so much more interesting than the original and the cartoonish Miami.

          • Joe Jarrell says:

            I also enjoy Golden Boy. It was slow starting, but now it has become intriguing. How it continues.

          • Rick T says:

            I have not and will not watch The Golden Boy – CBS already has several “police” shows based in NYC – CSI – NY, Blue Bloods, Elementary why another one. IMHO Vegas needs to come back!!!!

          • KoshN says:

            I’d like to see CSI:NY turn down the volume on tbe distracting music and get their science right.

          • Flora says:

            Ditto, hope they renew Golden Boy too! Tons of potential from a great ensemble cast!

          • Joanie Molnar says:

            I didn’t want to “like” the Golden Boy, but got hooked immediately. Love NYPD Blues, Vegas, CSI NY. Really enjoy “cop” shows. Very upset that Rules of Engagement isn’t coming back. What a downer. Really could get a good laugh from watching it every week–without missing. If we were going to be out, we would tape.. What will we be watching next Fall? The seasons are getting shorter and shorter.

          • Marty says:

            I think CSI: NY should come back for any season I’ve watched this show from the begin and its gotten better every season, I don’t even understand CBS’s outcome! lets bring it back like it should of been. The same comment goes for Unforgettable !

        • SoFla says:

          I agree. I could not get into Golden Boy at all, I won’t miss it if it goes away.

          I love CSI:NY and completely enjoy Vegas. Wish they both come back, but have to agree the season finale of CSI:NY was really like a series finale … I know they have written them that way the last two seasons, just in case…but this one hit home a bit more than last year did.

          I too enjoy Rules of Engagement but am pretty sure it won’t be back, especially with David & Bianca having new pilots … they will end with the birth of the baby and hopefully the wedding, maybe a double wedding with Russell tying the knot too (that would be a hoot) IMO. I will miss it, that show always made me smile, if not laugh until it hurt. Glad it stuck around as long as it did with no real support from CBS.

          • Sharon says:

            Golden Boy is soooo good!!! Keep it on…

          • KoshN says:

            TV pilots often go nowhere.

          • Chris says:

            My wife and I LOVE CBS and so many there shows! We think they have something with Golden Boy; the acting is good the plot is good and the way they flash forward and then back to present day shows how he evolved as an officer. It’s a nice change to the same old same old.

        • norie says:

          I agree with u I really enjoy watching Vegas will be glad when it comes back.

        • glenda says:

          I like vegas hope, hope they don’t cancel it, like they have CSI Maimi, that was my favorit show, I watch all the CSI shows, and the Good Wife, the Mentalist, they can cancel Elementary don’t like the actors.

        • Chris says:

          I agree renew csi: ny get rid golden boy & Vegas. Also the cw should renew beauty and the beast that show is awesome and so is cult.

        • Yes I agree. First they cancel CSI MIAMI and now NY…??? I like that they are bringing back Unforgettable but it’s only for a few episodes this summer so its not like it’s officially back for good which sucks. I really wish networks would stop moving shows around, that’s like an automatic cancellation!

      • gordon says:

        bring back csi miami

      • Frances says:

        I agree. NCIS NY was one of my favorite shows on F riday night and they have dropped it without so much of an explanation..

      • Anita says:

        I’ve continued to watch Golden Boy and it is starting to get stronger, episode by episode. It is still not the greatest show, but it is better than a lot of other tv that is on the air right now (seriously, ABC, Splash? – I know, different network, but come on!)

      • scastle says:

        Bummed that CSI NY may be cancelled – REALLY ENJOY THIS SHOW as well as Criminal Minds, Hawaii Five O, and other CIS/CSI shows. . .

      • Debra says:

        Get rid of Golden boy and keep CSI: NY!

    • Dee says:

      The Good Wife is a very superior tv show. Writing, acting. production values, etc. are all top quality. TGW and The Mentalist both perform very well considering all of the Sunday obstacles.
      No network, least of all CBS, would cancel a show with the awards and critical acclaim of The Good Wife just because the ratings predictably suffered on Sunday nights. The networks know that Sundays are tough. Bravo to CBS for renewing The Good Wife!

      • Vince says:

        One of the things about TGW how more and more we’re seeing actors from Law & Order.
        Great seeing LT Anita a few weeks back. Not to forget Abbie from E.R.
        I get a big kick how the show is shot in NYC but takes place in Chicago, matter of fact sometimes I forget they’re in Chi Town.
        The town the family lives in Highland Park was the one next to the army base (Ft. Sheridan ) where I served the last year of my enlistment, the other towns were Lake Forest & Highwood funny how two towns start with HIGH.
        I love this show, my late wife did as well. Julianna Margulies is a joy, Good to see Chris Noth always a big fan of his.

    • Natalie says:

      Yes! Me too. I’ve been worried about them both this season. But I’m so glad “The Mentalist”-an amazing show that’s having a great season!, and “The Good Wife” have been renewed. :)

      • Natalie says:

        Want to add, “The Mentalist” may have some crazy scheduling, but it’s been worth it to program my DVR an hour over for both it and TGW, this season. Otherwise I would’ve missed a lot of episodes. Sometimes it’s hard to stay up late for “The Mentalist” on a Sunday but, as I said, it’s been such a great season and show, it has been totally worth it. :) Thanks for the good news,, TVLine.

      • Laurel L. says:

        I happen to really really like TGW and The Mentalist. Why doesn’t CBS just drop Survivor?????????????? that show sucks so badly!!!!

        • Bobbi says:

          I also really like TGW and the Mentalist. I felt bad when the shows were relegated to Sunday Night, but those two shows had held their own. I do miss a lot of episodes due to the sports scheduling, but I watch them “On demand”. Glad the shows were renewed.

        • Joanie Molnar says:

          I totally agree. Survivor is dumb, dumb, dumb. We too enjoy TGW and The Mentalist.

      • Bobbi says:

        Isn’t it amazing that we worry about TV shows being canceled, when there are much more troubles in the world to worry about. Just saying.!!!

    • Stephen says:

      The Mentalist deserves to be renewed, because CBS had no idea that NFL Football will kill anything up against it. They could run NCIS and The Big Bang Theory against and lose. Move the show the numbers will be fine.

    • Bobbi says:

      Why the surprise, George. Both shows have faithful fan followings. I love both shows and very happy that they are renewed. I wasn’t surprised at all. Just happy.

    • Jill McCuan says:

      I am very concerned about the possible cancelation of CSI:New York-one of my favorite shows

      • I am hoping CBS won’t cancel CSI-NY, love that show as for CSI-miami I didn’t really care for the character of H. Caine, too arrogant and never got any work done. Lol

    • Dan says:

      Anyone have any update on Blue Bloods? Didn’t see anything one way or the other. LOVE that show, can’t imagine them pulling the trigger on that show.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i believe it was on the list of those RENEWED…..which i’m thrilled about……it’s just CRIMINAL MINDS & CSI:VEGAS, that is in ????? at the moment.

        • KoshN says:

          CSI (Las Vegas) IS renewed. Criminal Minds will likely be renewed. CSI:NY is, sadly, likely not going to be renewed, though I *hope* it, Rules of Engagement and of course, Criminal Minds gets renewed.

        • KoshN says:

          D’oh! By CSI:Vegas, you must’ve meant “Vegas” (sans the ”CSI” bit.).

    • amanda says:

      I agree about The Mentalist and The Good Wife. I wish they would put The Mentalist on a different night because football is always screwing up the viewers on the east coast!

    • stewart says:

      I miss The Mentalist too beacause my dvr says its the mentalist that is on when it is really recordeing The Good Wife and then i have to hunt the mentalist down to beable to watch it. Please label the right shows on at the right times!

    • l williams says:

      It infuriates me when I set my DVR to record The Good Wife at the correct time slot, only to find that even though the heading says The Good Wife, in fact it has recorded some stupid reality show and only the last 30 minutes of the show I scheduled. Not Good at all..

  2. Jay says:

    Awesome news! The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Mike & Moll,y Two Broke Girls, Elementary, and Person of Interest… wow I watch a lot of CBS

    • dawn f says:

      LOl..Me too!!

    • KoshN says:

      (snicker) On CBS, I watch:
      The Mentalist
      How I Met Your Mother
      Rules of Engagement
      Mike and Molly
      Hawaii Five-0 (only occasionally)
      Criminal Minds
      The Big Bang Theory
      Two and a Half Men
      Person of Interest

      Compare that to ABC, where I only watch Castle and Last Man Standing, The CW where I only watch Supernatural, and NBC where I only Watch Grimm.

      I no longer watch FOX, because they are the absolute worst for cancelling my favorite shows. I also never watch TNT, because they cancelled the spinoff of my all time favorite show, Babylon 5. If it weren’t for Warehouse 13, I’d pay no attention to Syfy, either. CBS is by far, my most watched channel.

      • Craig says:

        Do you work? It seems like you watch a lot of TV. Go for a walk once in a while.

        • You do realize if you DVR a lot of stuff, you can have *new* shows all year long. They don’t necessarily watch all of them every week.

        • KoshN says:

          Heh, I work 6 days a week. The ONLY way I can watch these shows is to record everything, and marathon session them when I get a chance.

        • Rhonda Roland says:

          Way are you being so mean? Many people have mentioned about /w a DVR you can watch how much & when you want BUT why is it your business to tell another how much to watch–ever hear of the disabled, retirees, & probably dozens of the persons who could actually watch that much TV in 1 week & still have time for other activities that they are physically capable of!

          • A says:

            agreed! some people are so rude.

          • ann b says:

            agree with you -we watch the same thing and we watch over the weekend at different times we come in the house or with the crazy weather -the only other channel we watch is HLN

          • ade says:

            You people are wasting far too much valuable TV watching time discussing other people’s viewing habits!

          • Rhonda Roland says:

            so I guess you are viewing & commenting on this /w some sort of mind melt or something since you seem to think the rest of us are wasting TO MUCH time–what exactly ARE YOU doing, you’ve obviously read, you watch & you comment–so now explain to the rest of us JUST how you are different &/or better!!!

        • The Squatch says:

          Wow, a whole 17 hours of TV out of a 168 hour week. Less than 3 hours a day. I would actually say (s)he is on the lower end of viewing time considering how much a lot of people seem to watch these days.

          • Jay says:

            You’re right! I just did the math for myself, and I’m at 25 hours. And I don’t even have a DVR, just an old VHS player. If I had more money, I’d never leave the house!

          • Anita says:

            I know I am way more guilty – I watch a ton of sports and also a lot of regular tv. I happen to work for one of the tv providers, and hate I have to educate people all the time on how to use their dvr to deal with CBS on Sundays. Fox has figured it out – they have a football post-game show for an hour and that pretty much deals with football overruns. CBS did start pushing everything back 1/2 an hour this past year, but they really need to move one of the Sunday shows to a different time (and know it will never be 60 Minutes getting moved).

      • Bobbi says:

        I am with you. BTW, I do work fulltime too. I do watch Syfy; (Lost Girl) and USA: Burn Notice, Suits, White Collar, and Covert Affairs. FX: Sons of Anarchy, and Justified. I got hooked on Walking Dead too. Love my job; 7 days on, 7 days off, so I can watch my programs and exercise sparingly.

      • haukmoor says:

        I watch/Record more than that, have 3 kids, a job and a wife that keeps me up at night. It is possible. Exhausting, but possible. The best news for me is another season of Person of Interest.

      • Jane Rioux says:

        Like Hawaii Five-o, the Mentalist, Person of Interest, NCIS (my favorite of all), Elementary, Blue Bloods and NCIS-LA on CBS. I like Chicago Fire on NBC and Body of Proof on ABC

      • Guest says:

        That is a depressing amount of bad television. And fan logic about particular networks makes ZERO sense, and never will.

    • Bobbi says:

      Me too. Love Person of Interest and Elementary on thursday nites. I do not care if people know that I watch too much TV.

      • Kerry Keeler says:

        Love Person of Interest but last season it started to derail a bit. Still a fan! Elementary has a great cast and plot. They are both thinker type shows.

        comment by Kerry

  3. notesforthesitcom says:

    I love Vegas – know it’s a long shot but still have some hope. That was a good show.

    • carolinagirl says:

      Vegas is a favorite of mine as well.

      • kate says:

        We like Vegas in this house, too. Keeping my fingers crossed!

        • Lorie says:

          Ditto! I hope the move to Fridays won’t hurt them.

          • MaryAnn says:

            Seems to me the move to Fridays could only help. They will be paired with Blue Bloods (which attracts a similar demographic) and they will not have to have numbers as high to be considered a success.

        • Craig says:

          Both my wife and I leave everything else on the table for the two hour block of Vegas and Bluebloods. Two of the best programs on lately. Hope they both stay right where they’re at.

    • prish says:

      My husband is upset about the possibility of no Vegas renewal. I don’t dare mention the word cancellation. All I can say is that it is not, yet, renewed when he asks. Vegas is one terrific fun show. We both enjoy it, lots. I’ll keep holding my breath!

    • Elyse says:

      my boyfriend and I love Vegas!!! I hope it gets renewed as well

    • Steve says:

      Vegas has been my favorite show since the beginning. I only watch about 6 hours of TV per week and this show is at the top of my DVR priority list. Quality story lines, great acting. I also love the nostalgia of the old Las Vegas.

    • weep says:

      Vegas is one of our favorites!!! It’s one of the few shows geared to my age bracket (the bracket that pays the bills) unlike shows like two and a half men’s age bracket. Keep Vegas ON!!!

  4. BH says:

    The Good Wife was the only on-the-bubble show that I desperately wanted to be renewed. So this news has absolutely made my day! Thanks CBS

  5. J Bernard says:

    The Good Wife was always a shoo-in for a fifth (and possible final) season. The ratings may look weak, but between the high income of its viewership, beating the other networks in households and critical buzz there was no way CBS was going to kill it.

  6. queerbec says:

    What? No Golden Boy? Well, I guess there’s only room for one NY Police Commissioner on the CBS schedule.

    • dawn f says:

      I just told my mom no more Golden boy, and shes upset, come on CBS I i know you love your older audience!! I mean really older:) AND if you loser her then ,the channel will be changed to where it will stay until she falls asleep! you will lose out big ratings!

  7. kate says:

    what’s going on with Golden Boy?

  8. Nicole says:

    Nothing on Golden Boy or is that a toss up with Vegas?

    • Maggie says:

      sounds like it’s a toss up with Vegas. I don’t watch Vegas, but Golden Boy has really grown on me. Theo James & Chi McBride have a really great chemistry as partners, and more Kevin Alejandro on my tv screen is never a bad thing :)

      • Andy says:

        I’m hoping for Golden Boy too

        • cathiecat says:

          I love this show! Theo James and Chi McBride are a great partnership, more interesting each week. Better to keep both this show AND Vegas than add some new loser like Made in Jersey which lasts 2 weeks!

      • Larry McD says:

        I’m watching Golden Boy at least as much because Kevin Alejandro’s acting chops are blowing me away… he’s offering the most multi-dimensional character in the series. I was a fan, sort of, due to True Blood but never realized how under-utilized his skills were on that show.

        • Nunaya_Bidness says:

          So awesome to see Kevin Alejandro getting so much fan love and making new ones. I’ve been following him since Southland and still miss him on there. Hope he gets to headline his own show one day.

      • Name says:

        Love Vegas and Golden Boy……but not surprised about either

      • Holly says:

        Love Golden Boy, also…and hopefully it will keep NCIS:LA ratings since they moved it to Tuesday at 10 EST.

      • KoshN says:

        I like Chi McBride, too, but wish he was still on “Human Target” (FOX) with Mark Valley. Lacking that, I wish FOX had never cancelled “Keen Eddie.”

        • GMom says:

          Me too!! I LOVED Human Target! Putting those two women on the show just ruined it! They should have left well enough alone. Very glad to see Chi McBride back! Wish Mark Valley wasn’t on Body of Proof. Ugh
          I also miss Lie to Me. Great show!

          • KoshN says:

            I didn’t mind Janet Montgomery being added to “Human Target” but Indira Varma’s character was AWFUL. I COULDN’T STAND Mrs. Pucci (Varma)!!! If they had ditched Mrs. Pucci, “Human Target” Season 2 would’ve been GREAT.

            At least Janet Montgomery had good comedic chemistry with Jackie Earle Haley (Guerrero).

        • chistosa says:

          I too loved Human Target and was sad when it was cancelled but I am glad to see Mark Valley in Body of Proof. I didn’t like him in Harry’s Law.

      • MaryAnn says:

        Golden Boy is not available on line or on demand, so that means I won’t watch it til it shows up on Netflix. Sorry, but a show with a continuing story line like this has to provide a way for those of us without a DVR to not miss an episode. Otherwise, it’s just frustrating.

        • IndianaGreg says:

          You can watch Golden Boy directly from the CBS Website…I missed an episode or two on my DVR, and found full episodes on the website.

        • Leslie Lilly-Johnson says:

          Golden Boy is available on-line. I watched a marathon last week to get caught up. Really hope they keep this show

    • 3dhouseofmagic says:

      Golden Boy is just getting good! Title could be better (not unlike Made In Jersey which was cute). I think it would be a great partner with Blue Bloods on Friday (even tho it is about the same job in NYC) or after Good Wife on Sunday. Too many competing shows on at the same time on weekdays – networks need to stop trying to make one win over another.

    • prish says:

      I want, both, Golden Boy and Vegas. They balance each other. Fun in the past, and fun in the future.

    • sarah says:

      I love Goldenboy it is so good! There is no reason they can’t have it back in the fall and then Vegas in the winter.

  9. MJ says:

    The renewal scorecard has not been updated.

  10. jackie says:

    Of course I am the most excited about the good wife! This news made my day!

  11. Zach says:

    This made e realize how little I care about CBS shows. Huzzah for more Survivor though! I will watch that show until the day I die.

    • KoshN says:

      LOL! Survivor is one of the few Fall-Winter CBS Primetime shows that I actively avoid. The others are 2 Broke Girls and The Golden Boy. I watch 11.5 hours of CBS every week, 1.5 hours of ABC, 1 hour of NBC and 1 hour of The CW.

      • Bobbi says:

        You do not have to justify your TV viewing status. It is Okay. I watch alot of TV. I do avoid ALL reality shows. No survivor or others….

  12. Lauren says:

    Yes! So excited for Elementary. That has become appointment TV in our house, which is funny because we don’t watch any other detective/cop shows. Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are dynamite together.

  13. Jay says:

    Criminal Minds?

  14. MJ says:

    Criminal Minds hasn’t been removed….NOOOOOOO!!!

  15. princessdeesha says:

    What about golden boy? It is too early?

  16. What about Criminal Minds?

    • shuayb says:

      Like Michael said- criminal minds will be renewed but they have to negotiate salaries amd stuff and there is a lot of negotiation to do. What I don’t get is how will they fit all of the current shows with the new ones. There are soMe interesting dramas in pilot mode!

  17. What about Criminal Minds my aunt wants to know? LOL

  18. Tricia says:

    Should we be concerned for Criminal Minds?

    • Spike says:

      im guessing the cast and crew is still negotiating

    • kathybrewster says:

      Considering how much it’s gone downhill? Probably. I’ll be surprised if it gets renewed, but it may for a farewell season. If it makes after next season? I would die of shock.

      • Jules says:

        Criminal Minds is in no danger of not being renewed, unless they can’t work out contracts with the actors, not because of ratings. I personally don’t like the show as much with Paget but continue to watch every week.

  19. No announcement for Goldenboy?hmmm well it has only been on for like 4 episodes.

  20. Bob M. says:

    Disappointed Vegas is now a long shot. Last time I checked the Renewal Scorecard it was showing “could go either way.” It was really strong going into the hiatus it’s on. I’ve been missing it in the meantime.

  21. Tom says:

    CSI NY should not be the one cancelled. the ones that should be is The Amazing Race, Survivor. they have worn out their welcome. i haven’t watched them since the 2nd season…

  22. Spike says:

    im guessing Criminal Minds cast has to negotiate yet again?

    • meem says:

      If I remember correctly, the two who renegotiated last year (Gubler and someone else. Mantegna?) signed for two years Everyone else is being negotiated this year.

  23. JJHotchForever says:

    No Criminal Minds??? W.T.F?

  24. Yvonne says:

    YAY! I’m so glad The Mentalist is back!

  25. skiki says:

    Who is watching Undercover Boss? Ugh. Blech.

    • KoshN says:

      Not me! There’s one Reality TV show that I used to watch, Master Chef on FOX, but now that I’m boycotting FOX, I watch absolutely NO Reality TV. It irks me that I have to catch a bit of Survivor before Criminal Minds, Dancing with the Has Beens (ABC) before Castle and Fashion Star (NBC) before Grimm.

      • Jay says:

        If you’re boycotting FOX, then you’re missing Bob’s Burgers, which is the best comedy on television right now. I pity you.

        • KoshN says:

          Generally, I don’t watch cartoons/animated. However, I did buy the Duck Dodgers DVD set that recently was released. Also, I have been known to watch The Simpsons occasionally, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast back when it aired.


  26. Robin says:

    Glad for both Hawaii Five-O and Elementary. :)

    • Peter Smith says:

      Two great shows! Why not more love for the always exciting remake of Hawaii Five O I wonder?

      • dawn f says:

        <3 <3 M<3 I <3 it too and ((hugs)) all for FIVE O

      • KoshN says:

        McCarrot (O’Loughlin has the acting ability of a carrot.), and the not so hot writing. I mainly watch for Danno’s snarks and the other humor between McCarrot and Danno, for Catherine (Michelle Borth) McCarrot’s GF, Daniel Dae Kim (who used to be on the Babylon 5 spinoff “Crusade” (on the accursed TNT channel. Damn TNT for cancelling that!!!), and the Hawaiian scenery.

        • melinda says:

          Why do you feel the need to be rude? Jealous much?? Alex can act and he says a lot with facial expressions as well. Sometimes wonder if he struggles to not let the Aussie accent through….

          • KoshN says:

            I gotta admit that Simon Baker and Owain Yeoman on The Mentalist are worse at letting their Aussie accent slip through.

          • KoshN says:

            It’s just that Alex O’Loughlin seems to be about the same on every show, Moonlight, Three Rivers and now Hawaii Five-0. It’s like I’m watching Alex O’Loughlin *try* to play a vampire, a doctor and a cop, but it’s really 99% O’Loughlin and 1% the character. Because of that, I never really suspend disbelief.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i agree, the name calling is UNCALLED….and makes the person come across like a child….and it’s sad, if it’s really an ADULT….that’s where the young bullies learn that kind of thing, the adults in their lives.

            i LOVE alex/steve….and i LOVE the chemistry he has with scott caan/danny…..alex is a DAMN good actor….i doubt, he’s get as much work if he wasn’t as GOOD as he is…..and scott caan is DAMN good as well….it bugs me, when i see nasty comments about him.

            as for the actress who plays catherine: her i CAN’T stand…..i’ve heard, she isn’t very nice to any fan that don’t like her or her character.


        • Bobbi says:

          I like McGarrett (McCarrot) and company. KoshN, you are very witty, not rude at all.

          • KoshN says:

            [shrug] “McCarrot” is something I picked up from Usenet ( That’s what O’Loughlin is frequently called over there. Sorry if it upset anybody. rec.arts.rv can be a pretty irreverent place.


          • KoshN says:

            rec.arts tv NOT rec.arts.rv. Typo..

  27. greenawaygirl says:

    no criminal minds? that’s the only cbs show i watch! i hope the replicator isn’t the series ending arc.

  28. Marybeth Mason says:

    I am surprised nothing about criminal minds love that show and csi new york has gotten really good this year i will miss them if they are canceled

    • Elena says:

      I stopped watching Criminal Minds a few years ago–just too violent for me. But I LOVE CSI:NY! Especially with Lindsay getting pregnant. Love the whole cast! I really hope it’s not canceled.

  29. Viv says:

    I literally screamed when i saw the news on twitter! I was so worried about The Good Wife. Now they need to renew Criminal Minds and everything is fine (at least with the CBS shows. waiting for the other networks :S )

  30. Mike says:

    Wish ABC would announce some renewals

  31. Lana says:

    Criminal Minds has come back…please??

  32. Andrea says:

    Ditch Golden Boy in favor of CSI: NY

  33. Samantha says:

    Hawaii Five-0, Elementary, and The Mentalist! :)

    • Sarah Jane says:

      Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Woohoo!!!! My favorite show — love the actors/characters, scenery and action. Doing the happy dance bigtime! Congrats Alex, Scott, Daniel and Grace and Peter Lenkov too — you deserve it for the very entertaining show you’ve given us for the last 3 years. Enjoy your summer hiatus and BRING IT ON next year!

  34. Alisa Neely says:

    i’m THRILLED to see that some of my favorites have been renewed….1) NCIS…2)NCIS:LA….3)BLUE BLOODS….4) HAWAII FIVE-0….5) CSI:VEGAS….as for CSI:NY; with them ending their season as “early” as they did….i would NOT be surprised, if they don’t come back…..look what happened with CSI:MIAMI, when it ended their early….it was pulled….i HOPE, that CRIMINAL MINDS could still pull out a renewal.


    • Mary M. says:

      My TV went on the blitz, so me and my boyfriend watch BOTH NCIS AND NCIS LA online…they’re only ones that he’ll watch with me! I like CRIMINAL MINDS, but it’s hard for me to see it though…

  35. Cheo says:

    So glad CSI and Elementary will be back.

  36. Mary says:

    Please renew Criminal Minds! One of my favorities!

  37. Beth says:

    Criminal minds must get renewed, hopefully it’s just the cast negotiations that need to happen, not CBS messing around with the show again… Seriously CBS don’t mess with the show again!

  38. Emily says:

    Hooray for Person of Interest! Am I the only one watching that show…?

  39. Patricia Flynn-Williams says:

    Criminal Minds is one of the best shows on television. What are they thinking?

  40. Kerry says:

    I don’t care about it – but I think you forgot to mention that Rules of Engagement wasn’t renewed either.

  41. wrstlgirl says:

    If I had to choose between Golden Boy and Vegas I’d have to go with Golden Boy. It has much more room to grow.

  42. kiki says:

    The Good Wife….MY LIFE IS COMPLETE~

  43. CD says:

    Still keeping hope that Vegas gets renewed, but happy that The Good Wife will be back!

  44. Gabe says:

    You forgot to mention Rules of Engagement, which is probably a goner.

  45. Bethan says:

    Wait EW state the Criminal Minds are still negotiating talent deals… So here’s hoping everyone signs on and we don’t get yet another cast shuffle!

  46. Billy says:

    Elementary , Yes thanks CBS, another season of Joan/Sherlock.

  47. Sara Kover says:

    i really hope criminal minds gets picked up soon!!

    • Herman Latimer says:

      I wish CBS picks it up for a FULL SEASON. You never know when a new episode is going to be on. I think by doing this they’re losing lots of viewers. Also, I really miss the earlier format. It’s sadly becoming like all the other cop shows. But my, oh, my, the guys on this show are SO GORGEOUS – all of them.

  48. Hawaii Five-0 renewed….woohoo…my favorite show !! Thank you CBS

  49. Marianna says:

    The Mentalist is my favorite! I’m very happy right now! :D

  50. jess says:

    WTF, not cool about CSI: NY