Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Spartacus, 90210, Liars, Glee, Bones, Castle, Teen Wolf and More!

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Question: Is Puck ever going to get a real storyline again on Glee? It feels almost like he’s been completely written off the show and he’s my favorite. —Sarah
Ausiello: Funny you should ask. Word on the street is he plays a significant part in the episode that is currently shooting. (Hint: We’ll get answers to the questions, “Where is he living?” and “What’s the deal with him and Kitty?”)

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Question: Any interesting Glee news you can share with us? —Sebastian
Ausiello: Does the prospect of Coach Roz wresting control of the Cheerios from Sue sound interesting?

Question: Do you have any scoop on Castle‘s 100th episode? —Kathrin
Ausiello: It airs Monday and “there’s a lot of Castle/Beckett fun,” previews series creator Andrew Marlowe. “It does focus on aspects of their relationship, but what we wanted to deliver is something that was classic Castle and Beckett. Something that felt like it could have played in [the] first season, or now. We were looking for something that was really quintessential, and we were really excited to have found it.” And perhaps on a related note — or quite possibly not! — Jon Huertas teases, “There’s some lingerie” featured in the milestone outing. “It’s not on Esposito this time, but there’s some sexy attire. And there might even be a celebration.”

Question: Aus, come on. It’s the final season and you’re showing no love to Spartacus! —Naazneen
Ausiello: Jupiter frak me, you’re right. Apologies. Hopefully this will make up for lost time: In next Friday’s penultimate episode (this Friday is a recap special, FYI) Spartacus (the character and the show) pays glorious tribute to Crixus and, at the same time, introduces a much-despised character to the mystical power known known as Karma.

Question: I’m crushed about 90210 being cancelled, and the only thing that would mend my broken heart is a Silver and Dixon reunion. Will my heart be forever broken, or is it a possibility that these two find their way back in the end? —Natalie
Ausiello: All I’ll say is that at least two of the show’s star-crossed duos will reunite in the May 13 series finale — with one of those couples getting full-on engaged. Also, rumor has it much of the swan song revolves around the aftermath of an explosion.

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Question: Is Jenna back for good on Pretty Little Liars? An what about Shana — is she around for a bit? —Lori
Ausiello: According to exec producer Oliver Goldstick, “You’ll see both around,” adding, “We saw [in last week’s finale] that they’re a weird trio, like Macbeth’s witches, with Melissa and Jenna and Shana plotting. So the four girls start Season 4 questioning what the alliance is between those three. Is one of them actually giving orders to the others? What bonds them besides their antipathy toward Alison and the Liars?”

Question: Is Colton Haynes really gone from Teen Wolf? If so, are they going to recast the part? –Kriselda
Ausiello: Now that Haynes has been upped to a series regular for Arrow Season 2, his days as Jackson are definitley over. And while there was talk that his character would be killed off for the Season 3 premiere (airing June 3), Haynes himself has heard nothing to that effect. “I don’t know, actually,” he tells us. “I’m still really good friends with everybody, and I’m sure that [showrunner] Jeff [Davis] and all the writers, whichever way they go [with Jackson], it will be epic and true to the show. I think that Jackson will always be alive, somehow. Whether they kill him or not, Jeff will find a way where everybody is happy.”

Question: Veep‘s second season is right around the corner — got any new intel? —Beth
Ausiello: Anna Chlumsky’s chief of staff is getting a new love interest and he’s going to look a lot like onetime Office worker Zach Woods (Gabe).

Question: Any scoop on the New Girl finale? —Amber
Ausiello: I have three little nuggets of info for you: The episode is cheekily titled “Downton Abbey Christmas Special” (a nod to the fact that Fox tacked on an extra “bonus” ep to its Season 2 order), it takes place on Cece’s wedding day, and it features a guest appearance by a living, breathing, out-of-control badger. I kid you not.

Question: Scandal scoop? Please? I’m obsessed! —Jeff
Ausiello: The Grim Reaper will be putting in another appearance soon. No recurring character is safe!

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Question: How long before Neal figures out Tamara’s real deal on Once Upon a Time? —Kelly
Ausiello: Not any time soon, so everyone there in Storybrooke — both magical and “Muggle” — had better watch their backs. Because make no mistake, Tamara isn’t pulling off her dirty work using any ol’ $99 stun gun. “We did not just kill a magical creature with an off-the-shelf Taser,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz affirms. “The Taser isn’t what it seems at first, and we get into that soon.”

Question: I’m ashamed to admit I watch (and enjoy) Anger Management. Go ahead and judge me, but do it after you give me some scoop. —Jenna
Ausiello: FX’s Charlie Sheen comedy is currently shooting an episode titled “Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan In Trouble,” which tells us two things: Lilo will be playing herself (which we knew). And the show is going to have some fun lampooning that pesky image problem of hers (which was inevitable). I also hear Lohan will find herself shooting a commercial for a Japanese gum for alcoholics called Number One Happy Whiskey Chew (which I’m pretty sure we didn’t know). And with that, the judging of Jenna begins!

Question: First off, I absolutely love TVLine and tell everyone about it. All we have at our small office is a bunch of Justified lovers. I do research on Justified for everyone in the office. They are constantly asking for more news, more news. Please give me something to hold off the horde? —Karen
Ausiello: You call your co-workers whores? Where exactly do you work? Nevermind. Trying to be less judgmental (at least until after I answer Qs). Don’t have any gossip on the finale, but I can tell you that Boyd and Ava’s pursuit of Ellen May reaches a violent climax in tonight’s penultimate episode. In possibly related news, the crackling hour also features a pivotal-ish death. Quick, go tell the whores!

Question: I have not heard anything about Bones‘ penultimate episode this season. Do you know anything about it that you can tease? I know Chad Lowe is directing and that, apparently, they’re shooting something big on Tuesday. —Amelia
Ausiello: Today’s Ask Ausiello is (apparently) brought to you by the word penultimate! Regarding your query, I defer to exec producer Stephen Nathan: “The penultimate episode involves shutting down the lab because of an unknown and highly contagious disease which has killed a blogger. One of our own is also afflicted. The only way to save this member of ‘our family,’ who I will not divulge, is to catch the murderer. It’s a pretty intense and emotional Bones.” Which member of the team do you think gets cooties? Jump to the comments with your most educated guesses! (Then jump back and read the rest of AA, please. There’s some good stuff below.)

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Question: Any shot at all for Smash? Any discussion out there from DirecTV, Bravo, etc. about co-producing or picking it up entirely? I enjoyed Season 1, but I’m really loving Season 2 and really disappointed to hear that it’s pretty much already been canceled. —Nick
Ausiello: It hasn’t been officially cancelled, but the writing is on the wall here, and here, and here. That said, the show must go on, and so must the scoop: Dylan Baker, in addition to his imminent encore as The Good Wife‘s wily Colin Sweeney, is due back to NBC’s musical drama next Tuesday, as Karen’s dad. “My wife Becky [Ann, who plays Mama Cartwright] was not available, so I had to come back solo to check in on Karen, see what she’s up to,” TV’s go-to guest star tells us. And did daddy’s little girl make him proud? “She has this killer song in the episode” — Hit List‘s “Broadway Here I Come” — Baker reports, “that she knocked out of the park.”

Question: I’ve been waiting weeks for any news on Game of Thrones and still none! Any spoilers you can toss my way? —Laura
Ausiello: After screening the first four episodes of Season 3, I’m ready to declare it the Year of Jaime and Brienne.

Question: Just loving Arrow. Any hope for Laurel and Oliver? —Clare
Ausiello: Though in this Wednesday’s episode Oliver is there to console Felicity in the wake of this tragic incident (for which she blames herself), know that by hour’s end, the tough guy bravely reaches out to his ex, having decided he’s “tired of living on an island.”

Question: Big Bang Theory season finale scoopage, please? —Carlos
Ausiello: Producers are eschewing a big splashy event (like last year’s Howard-Bernadette nups) in favor of “an intimate” episode, per exec producer Chuck Lorre. “[It’s a] small story that’s meaningful to the characters and to us as writers on the show.” Adds fellow EP Bill Prady: “It’s a really good character story.” Hmm… Are Sheldon and Amy about to — don’t do it Michael… it’s too obvious… you’re better than that… you’ll be judged as harshly as Jenna… — bang?

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  1. Cheri says:

    I adore Puck and have missed him. Glad he’ll be back and hope for more episodes.

    • Ace says:

      I like Puck too, and after seeing Mark in a few episodes last year, he’s got a lot more depth than people think. I’m glad he’s coming back…but I could definitely do with less him and Kitty. The whole idea of a dude who’s graduated scamming on Sophomores in high school seems gross…not as gross as him and Shelby, but still gross.

      • Cheri says:

        Too close to statutory if you know what I mean. Puck has swagger, a little badboy but soft as jelly.

      • dude says:

        It was grosser than him and Shelby. Him and Shelby at least had the sweet factor with Beth. I still hold out hope he’ll reunite with Zizes.

        • Sil says:

          I thought Puck with Shelby was outlandish and in orbit nuts, but Puck with Kitty is just almost criminal since she is a sophmore. But Glee has a way to write some characters with out of this world stuff and some that is gross. The gross was Jacob Bin Israel in Britanny/Brittany s2. I couldn’t watch that episode after that. It was tainted and awful.

  2. Babybop says:

    Sheldon and Amy sleeping together? For some reason that seems so wrong. Ha ha.

    • Shester says:

      It would feel kinda rapish to me if they did…

      • mia says:

        Sheldon said he’s open to the idea of taking it further with Amy. I think if its handled right by the writers/actors their first time could be sweet and rather honest. They couldn’t write Amy super forceful or it won’t work. And Sheldon needs to be active in it, and somewhat eager. It would take skill, but it could work and be not creepy

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        Sheldon has spoken of sex as being purely for reproductive purposes. I can see them concocting some storyline wherein he finds the need to breed immediately, and, obviously, Amy will be game. The funny turn of events will be when he finds he rather enjoys sex and turns into a raging horndog. It could make for some funny television. And if he really is trying to reproduce in the process, it could be a season-long storyline. It could work!

        • PPPG says:

          I said similar on a TVGuide string and I added how his addiction would be humorous with his Vulcan-like logic justifies his actions or how Amy might play on his OCD of not wanting to leave things …. unfinished.

    • Bob says:

      Michael, Michael, Michael. Always have to go straight to sex. How could you possibly conclude that based on the creators statements? “[It’s a] small story that’s meaningful to the characters and to us as writers on the show.” “It’s a really good character story.”

  3. Elly says:

    Once Upon a Time needs to cool it with the new characters. Take a page from Glee and True Blood- it gets too befuddled and fan favorites get pushed on the backburner. That said, PLEASE keep Neal, <3 him!

    • Nelly says:

      Neal is the only new character I care about. I love him.

    • ej says:

      Agreed. And what does “not any time soon” mean? There’s only 4 episodes left this season. Does that mean we have to endure Tamara and Greg well into Season 3? I’d rather see more of other characters than those two, especially Neal who has been under-represented (and not especially well-written either) since “Manhattan” and his interactions with Emma which are oddly few considering their situation. OUAT has filled their plate with so many supernumerary-type new characters that they have too little time left-over to devote to characters who are actually important to the interpersonal relationships that are supposed to be the core of the show. Regina suffered from this most of all, I think, with the 3 universes stuff taking up so much time that her journey toward redemption leading to relapse into darkness pretty much entirely happened off screen. Now we have the ‘dark heart’ thing AND Tamara as another villain with the Brigadoon-type “Welcome to Storybrooke” subplot involving Greg and his father. OUAT is now very convoluted. They need to kill off some of these new characters toute sweet and get back to the reason people loved the show last season: focusing on the dysfunctional family aspect and the well-known fairytale flashbacks.

      • Danyelle says:

        Who knows it could be the next episode since isn’t if off the air for a month? LOL

      • Cassie says:

        Completely agree.

      • Mike says:

        If it makes you feel any better, at least the next two episode focus on regular characters, Lacey is about Belle, who though I’m not crazy about her character, I don’t think we’ve seen her in a large capacity since January, and then ep 2.20 The Evil Queen, which should focus on Regina, I assume, and then the two part finale.

      • Rose McCreary says:

        I soooooo AGREE!! If they don’t get their act together with this show then IT’S OFF MY DVR!!

    • dude says:

      I’d agree if this wasn’t a show about fairytale characters. The charm is seeing how they work in all the familiar fairytale characters into Storybrooke. I also really like Tamara if only because the actress who plays her is AMAZING.

    • ginnefyr says:

      Neal is just boring and adds nothing interesting to the show.

  4. iMember says:

    I need REVENGE scoop, Aus. The show has been sooooo good lately and I’m hearing big things are coming up for the two-parter finale titled “Truth.” Can you tell us more, please?

  5. Will says:

    So glad to hear the taser will be explained!

  6. Diana DeFeo says:

    I’m obsessed with Beauty & The Beast. Please tell me that this series will be renewed and back for Season 2. It’s well written and very well acted. It has everything and it has been fantastic. East episode has been exciting. I can’t bear it if it gets cancelled. So not fair this is one of the best series on The CW.

  7. Ace says:

    As much as the show Glee kind of makes me cringe now, considering where they’ve taken it and how badly they’ve butchered characters and story lines, is there any scoop on whether Dianna Agron is coming back as Quinn? Or are they just going to leave her last appearance on the show as a random one night hook-up with Santana? (also, didnt make too much sense in the scope of things) I really enjoyed her character and I was hoping they’d give her some closure instead of leaving her as the character who the writers apparently hated and wrote the most ridiculous story lines for. They’re tying up loose ends with Puck and the rest of the older graduates (or at least gave them a decent send off) except for Quinn…

    • Danyelle says:

      Has Ausielo ever answered a questin left here on the board? Or must we E-mail him?

    • Ace says:

      See, and I’ve tried emailing & tweeting him to no avail. He’s always got scoop on Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Blaine and Santana but nothing on anyone else (except for this one about puck)… I guess I was just either hoping he saw & would respond here or if anyone else had heard anything about Dianna/Quinn. Kitty just isn’t the same…not even close. I liked Quinn & what she brought to the show, I wa just wondering if there was any scoop on bringing her back or tying up her loose ends (aka actually giving her a decent story line instead of random stuff here and there). Anyone have scoop?

      • Boiler says:

        More than any of the others I think Dianna has more going on away from Glee. Who knows for sure but maybe she doesn’t have the time for Glee that other alums may

    • Cheri says:

      Yeah, Quinn was their voodoo doll to do anything to as a tool for another character. She was intriguing season 1, season 2 she showed a different side of her, s3 she was crazy then became the most profound sage, now she is in oblivion. The writers tortured Quinn into doing some of the most ridiculous and saddest things for a character.

  8. Bones sounds soo good :D!!!

  9. Kitty says:

    What I need to know is if Santana is going to get a storyline of her own that doen’t involve being Rachel and Kurt’s prop. She’s the only good thing about this show lately.

  10. Sarah says:

    I think either Hodgins or Angela gets sick.

  11. Karen says:

    that castle scoop i wont survive Monday ep nope

  12. sarah says:

    I bet that Liam and Annie get engaged and I would say that Dixon and Silver get together OR Max returns and he and Naomi officially get back together again.

    • Win says:

      Silver gets cancer. Navid and ADe get back together. Lannie is on. The end.

      • Spencer says:

        Liam and Annie are so incredibly boring (Riley was probably Annie’s best pairing), but the writers are obsessed with them, so there’s that. Max and Naomi were probably the best couple on the show, and Navid and Adrianna were pretty awesome in their prime. But Silver and Dixon really do need to get back together. I have been hoping for that reunion for a while.

        • dude says:

          The writers are obsessed with them because they have the best chemistry of anyone on the show and are the only reason to watch post-season four.

  13. shadester says:

    i like anger management too i love that his dad is on there., but i am not happy that lindsay will be on there. ugh.

    maybe on big bang penny proposes to leaonard??

  14. Astrid says:

    Can’t wait for Castle!

  15. Amy says:

    Glad Puck will be back but they did the story with Roz taking control of the Cheerios from Sue last year, so that sounds like a boring repeat.

  16. SylwekG says:

    Karen singing “Broadway Here I Come”, right… Maybe she should just sing all the songs from Hit List? And play all the characters in Hit List? And every character in Smash should be Karen? Because she is such a star!
    I have never hated any other fictional character as much as her. Ugh.

    • Mike says:

      I don’t watch the show, but it’s clear that the creators/writers made the mistake of making a character too perfect.

    • Melissa says:

      Ugh. Agree. Karen is my least favorite on the show. I think Smash could be so much better without her.

  17. Linda says:

    Bones sounds good! I’m thinking maybe Cam. She’s usually the one who deals with the body (flesh) first. She hasn’t had a really good storyline this season, so it would be nice. Her character is sorely under used.

    • Katie says:

      Nah, not Cam, she was sick, almost died in season 2 and then Arastoo would be running around the lab screaming at everyone to find the cure.

      • 4theloveoffilm says:

        Lol! If it means more Arastoo and Cam screen time, I don’t mind him running around the lab screaming. But that’s funny. You’re right about Cam nearly dying from something similar in Season 2. So I doubt it will be her. However, she is sometimes underused and I’d love to see some juicy storyline for Tamara Taylor.

    • How about Finn. Cam would freak out because it’s her daughter’s boyfriend. She’d be even more serious than usual.

      • Katie says:

        If it’s Finn, hope Cam shows more consideration for him than when one of her employee’s recently slimed the FBI liasion in her lab. Actually Finn is growing on me and he seems like a very stand up guy, someone that Michelle could learn from…… not to sneak around her mother’s back.

    • I’m going to guess Angela – I believe she’s the only one in the core cast that has not been at risk… if I am remembering correctly. (Hodgins – buried, Sweets – shot, Cam – almost died S2, B&B – a lot)

      • You’re forgetting the drama Angela had carrying and delivering her baby and both Angela and Hodgins losing their wealth. I think it will be Sweets; his character have been suffering such nonuse it’s crazy. The only way the recurring characters would suffer a bad fate if one would have to be written off the show (seen Zake lately?)

  18. As much as I imagined that they would have Oliver and Laurel reconnect at some point, I’d really love to see them deviate from the comics and not have that relationship be end-game. I personally would love to see the relationship between Oliver and Felicity continue to develop, and I also enjoy Tommy and Laurel together.

    • Allison says:

      Right there with you. At this point if Oliver decides to speak to Laurel about some unrequited feelings it would seem really wrong. It’d be the fatal blow to the bro code. His friendship and business relationship with Tommy wouldn’t survive. I really care more about that than Oliver and Laurel getting together.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      same here

    • 2pala says:

      Me too! I was so disappointed Ausiello says Oliver reaches out to his ex, Laurel. Bleh. I was really really hoping the writers would see how much the fans dislike Laurel (aka Katie)/Oliver. There is no chemistry there. He could get together with her much much later, after he shows affection towards Felicity and Shado on the Island.

      • tee says:

        don’t be ridiculous. you make it sound like a fact that all fans hate the laurel/oliver pairing. when in fact, they have a fanbase. most ships usually do. i’m rooting for them.

    • Kat says:

      You are absolutely right. Love Felicity and I like her with Oliver. I would hate to see very predictable laurel/ Oliver end game.

    • dude says:

      Oliver and Laurel shouldn’t get together now. I don’t have huge feelings towards that pairing (although I do feel like they should eventually end up together) but I don’t think it’s a development that should happen this soon in the series. I would like to see them have a better relationship though because it strengthens Laurel’s ties to the show and it’s really painful to see them waste Katie Cassidy’s talent at this point. Can she be Black Canary already?

    • brenna says:

      Agree. Love Oliver and Felicity, just not too fast.

      • Bill says:

        I like Felicity a lot and think she is a great addition to Oliver’s “team.” But I have always seen her more as the girl Friday type character and not a love interest for Oliver. Actually, I had hoped from the beginning that he and Laurel would get back together, but when Mckenna (the police detective) came along, I was really enjoying that relationship more with every episode. However, with her being shot and moving away, it appears they have killed that budding romance. I agree that Laurel has little chemistry with Tommy and they have really turned her into kind of a bland character since she has been with him – except when she is interacting with the Arrow/Oliver. I think the the fact they have shown practically nothing that physical going on between Tommy and Laurel has been setting up her going back to Oliver – or the Arrow who she then finds out is also Oliver.

    • kath says:

      Add me to the list who don’t want to see Oliver and Laurel get back together. I don’t know if it’s the writing or the acting or the chemistry but in a scene together, they’re like a sailboat that is stuck in irons (no wind to move it along). Instead of grounding his craziness, as Diggle and Felicity do, she just kills his energy.

      I like the way Tommy/Laurel has been working out.

      • Katie says:

        I want to be added to that list too of NOT wanting Oliver and Laurel together. I agree they are just SO off. There isn’t much chemistry. It’s so stale. I remember starting the show and being put off by the fact they might be a couple. I gave Arrow a few weeks break, then watched again and “Hello Felicity” I just loved her! The geek, the quirk and the fact she’s beautiful – ponytail, glasses and ALL. Stephen and Emily just have very natural chemistry. Like he said in an interview, his character hadn’t cracked a smile until he met her. There is just something about the two of them that is GOLD. It kept me watching and then I fell in love with the awesome storylines. Just let Oliver/Laurel pairing die! It doesn’t work!

  19. Alisa says:

    It is probably Angela. She’s the only one who has never been poisoned, kidnapped, stalked, shot, blown up, framed for murder, or buried alive. But I still can’t wait to see this episode of Bones!

    • Katie says:

      ITA, it would give Ang a storyline too. She and Hod have been seriously missing this season other than a few brief scenes in the lab.

    • 4theloveoffilm says:

      Hahaha. Love this. Now I’m trying to think back and remember what all has happened to her…

  20. Mike says:

    Glad to hear that Tamara’s Taser wasn’t a normal taser, otherwise tasing a wooden guy was just too far from believability even for ONCE, where I’ve learned to love it’s ridiculousness. I’m bettin it is some type of magic.

  21. zaza says:

    I’m going to guess that Cam is the one who catches the contagious disease on Bones, as she is usually the first on the scene. Plus, as the doctor of the team, having her sidelined in the investigation would add a sense of drama, from a story-telling point-of-view.

  22. Once says:

    I would like for Neal and Emma to have a good talk about their feelings for each other and maybe a kiss. Or at least an almost kiss and Henry walking in on them.. Maybe Tamara and Greg want to open an amusement park like Emma said

  23. Andy says:

    Isn’t Castle’s birthday taking place next week while he’s cooped up in his apartment? Could that be the celebration Jon is talking about?

  24. louise says:

    The year of Jaime and Brienne — Awesome!

  25. Jennifer says:

    This has been one of the best seasons of Justified, I can’t believe it’s almost over! And I may be to late in saying this but PLEASE don’t kill “cousin Johnny”! As grossed out as I am for the show going there with the whole “Ava, I love you”, that is assuming he really is in love with her and it wasn’t meant as a “love you like a sister” thing. He is one of the more interesting characters on the show.
    With Justified season almost over and Banshee (or as I think of it) Justified on an acid trip, season finale last week I’m just going to have to be happy with Vikings for a while.

    • Fran says:

      Jennifer I totally agree with you about Justifed. Every season makes me love it even more (although season 2 is still my favorite) and it’s always over far too soon. I also agree about cousin Johnny and hope he survives but I’m guessing he won’t. And I know Boyd is bad but I still love him and Ava together. That’s what I love about this show- the bad guys have so much depth and every character introduced has been just amazing.

    • Bobbi says:

      I love, love Justified. Just bought season 3 Justified. Johnny does love Ava. Johnny was even on the “Revolution” tv show, where he got killed. Maybe, he will survive “justified”

      • Jennifer says:

        Well, hopefully Johnny will make it to next season. I am SO glad that crazy crack-head got shot, if I had to watch him toss that hair again I would have shot him myself. And I’m SO glad that Jacob’s character was the one who got to do it, Jacob is another reason I’ve been loving this season. Between him and Timothy the good-guy badass factor has gone through the roof! I love those two!

  26. Summer says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop!

  27. Gotta Have 'Em All says:

    No recurring character on Scandal is safe, huh? That’s Hollis or James. I can’t think of any other recurring characters. Verna is already toast. I think David is officially a part of the main cast – if he’s not, then he would be up for grabs too.

    • JO says:

      The recurring characters are Hollis, David’s assistant Alissa (this character death makes the most sense), Charlie, James, Tom and/or Hal (Scret Service agents), CIA Director Osborne, Molly, my beloved CAPT Jake Ballard (don’t even think about it or the Internet will explode), Lauren, Baby Teddy, VP Sally Langston, Billy Chambers, the VP’s disappeared chief of staff, and Edison,

      • acegreys99 says:

        i feel like it could be Jake(sorry, please don’t kill me) -cy know fitz is “cheating” on him and when he finds out who… i think shonda might get a kick out of killing the same guy twice

  28. Brett says:

    Wait, I get that people only watch the TV show and don’t read the books for GoT, but why would you be ASKING FOR SPOILERS about it?

    • Julie says:

      Why not? If you don’t read the books then you wouldn’t know right? I don’t watch the show but does it follow the books exactly? Maybe I’m missing something here…

  29. Direwolf says:

    “After screening the first four episodes of Season 3, I’m ready to declare it the Year of Jaime and Brienne.”


  30. A says:

    Whatever happened to Roz and Sue ousting the principal? I was actually looking forward to that when they mentioned it at the end of last season. Hate that they let completely disregarded that storyline, but I guess I’m used to it.
    Yay!! For Colin Sweeney returning to TGW!!

  31. Elyse says:

    did TVline report on Vegas moving to Fridays and I missed it?! I just saw on Vegas Facebook page that it’s coming back next Friday.

  32. Stevie says:

    I want to say it’s a squintern that’s afflicted in the penultimate episode. I would love to guess it’s Daisy since she’s more likely to dive into a case then others.

  33. You really want spoilers for Game of Thrones – read the books! I highly recommend them – they are fantastic! And seeing them come to life is it’s own version of excitment. They mostly follow the books (Season 1 follows Book 1 to a T, not so much with Season 2 / Book 2)

  34. Wrstlgirl says:

    These last episodes of Spartacus are killing me. Last weeks episode broke my heart, sniff.

    • Bill says:

      I feel exactly the same way. Now all that is left for me is to watch that miserable little SOB, Tiberius die a slow and painful death.

  35. Mari says:

    Oh Jon Huertas wants to kill me!! Can’t wait for the next Castle!

  36. is there anyone out there who does not like Laurel on Arrow at all? I find her story line and character so boring!!! ugghhh!

    • 4tris says:

      They are the OTP of the series, they belng together. Sorry to burst your bubble, you havent got a say in that. You either accept it or give up this show.

      • Peaches says:

        Sure, let Laurel and Oliver get together. Let them get married soon. They’ll divorce eventually anyway, JUST LIKE IN THE COMICS!

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          I like you!

        • 4tris says:

          Sure after 40+ years of being together why not?.
          You can wait for Arrow’s 40 seasons then. Oh I hope you will be alive to by then to get your wish lololol.

          Haters are gonna hate, they are soulmates, sour grapes. After this show is done, you will see them together again and again in something. I cant hear you over the awesomeness of my OTP.

          BTW Get your facts right, they never got divorced, but if those lies help you sleep better at night well go ahead. That stupid paper (which they dont have) means nothing anyway when you are soulmates.

      • Ala says:

        You’re pretty rude… It’s called an opinion. Stop attacking other people for theirs. No one is attacking yours.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      No, I agree with you. So now responders can be rude to me too, sheesh.

    • luli says:

      I don’t mind Laurel, but Oliver and Laurel together are horribleeeeeeeee!!!!! i hope they aren’t endgame! Olicity ftw!

      • 4tris says:

        You can toss and turn all you want, and say a lot of crap about Oliver/laurel., threatened sour grapes. Its happening. .Go ahead haters, abuse us and our ship, it will be worth it.
        WE WILL GET OUR TWO OTPs eventually. You will even be more sour grapes than you are now lololol.

        But of course, some of you will even join us and come to the true love and true OTPs side. They always do. I hope you see the light soon my fellow Arrowheads. The door is always open for you to come home, though you will have to apologies a bit, for mocking your ships and giving us such a hard time.

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re haters. It’s called a difference of opinion.

          • 4tris says:

            I know what a difference of opinion is and I know what hate is.

            Im tired of the Oliver/Felicity fans spewing hate about Oliver/laurel and their shippers, just because they are threatened by their comic history and their show status. How dare they have been together in the comics, how dare this show be based on comics. Whose fault is that, stop throwing your frustrations at them. You chose your own ship, be a grown up about it.

            And I say how dare you watch a comic based show if you arent going to like or at the least tolerate the established canon. Oliver/Laurel/Felicity are all comic book characters, whether you like it or not that is who they are. And their long term romances is a big part of their selves and story.

            You have scenes every other episode and no one has been hating on your ship, but the moment we are getting a single scene in a while you twist your knickers in a bunch. You are being very entitled, Oliver is going to have scenes with Laurel and Felicity will have scenes with a bunch of people too, get used to it. You are in for a rude awakening.

          • Julie says:

            Except no one is hating in this posting- they’re giving their opinion. There is no need to talk about “rude awakenings”. Everyone is being an adult about this- you’re not.

        • Bellaz says:

          Your assuming the show will follow the comics, it may be based on the comics but there’s no real certainty that Laurel/Oliver will end up together, it is up to the writers, they may go a different way altogether. Go Olicity !!!

      • Adrienne says:

        I just googled “Oliver and Felicity” and I think I may change my mind about not watching the show. The pilot episode was dull (actually i’m not sure of i even finished it) and Oliver and Laurel had no chemistry and were obviously going to get together. But Olicity looks adorable!

    • mmac80 says:

      Same here. I tried to like her the beginning, but she just doesn’t pull me in. I also don’t see any chemistry between her and Oliver (even with Tommy, she has no chemistry with anyone!) Then Felicity showed up and then boom! She just brightens up the screen. It’s just an added bonus that Felicity and Oliver have chemistry. There’s just a spark in there. =)

      • Katie says:

        Yes! That’s exactly what I was talking about Felicity was just like SUNSHINE. It’s not that I wanted to dislike Laurel but she came off really snappy and mean. People (me being one of them) just took to Felicity. She’s just so awesome. She’s my favorite female character of the show. The trio – Oliver/Dig/Felicity are amazing! When he showed up in her car and revealed the truth I was like ‘yes, yes, yes, it’s getting sooo good’. Even the fact the Felicity was only supposed to be in one episode but the writers bumped her up to a regular shows they KNOW they hit gold because of fan response. I hope they continue to build on the Oliver/Felicity relationship, as we wait patiently and enjoy every look, touch and cute little moment between Oliver Queen and his personal internet research who he thinks is remarkable :)
        I don’t dislike Laurel anymore but I’m not rooting her and Oliver. She should stay with Tommy. Her family drama is interesting. I love her Dad and Mom (River)

    • dude says:

      Pretty much everyone gangs up on Laurel and unfortunately, Katie Cassidy. I don’t think they’ve written her very well this season, they’ve kind of put her on this island with Tommy and her father and have given her no worthwhile material which is a shame because she had the potential to be a badass lawyer. That said, none of this has anything to do with Katie Cassidy’s talent. She’s an awesome actress.

  37. Diliver says:

    Laurel & Oliver Reunion YES!!!

  38. luli says:

    Well at least we have some Olicity in this episode, I seriously hope that Laurel and Oliver aren’t endgame I just don’t see it… And thanks for the Caslte scoop, i’m dying!!!

  39. Sarra says:

    Felicity is my favorite female on the show so excited to see the episode of Arrow & yay for some Oilver/Felicity.I enjoy their scenes very much and I can’t help but ship them together .

  40. l says:

    I only care about Glee when Puck’s in it so glad to see him back.I reckon the bones thing has to be either Booth or Bones herself.Sounds like it’ll be awesome as usual anyway.

  41. Aleksa says:

    Karma on Spartacus, huh? Hopefully for the character my boyfriend and I have taken to calling “Bratticus.”

  42. Amelia says:

    OMG! Maybe a shamy kiss? Love shamy!!

    • Adrienne says:

      I hate Shamy. :( But what difference does it make really. Sheldon and Penny aren’t going to get together anyways and it’s just putting off the inevitable.

  43. Emmakingg says:

    That lingerie better not be on anyone else other than Beckett! Just sayin! Lol!

  44. luvprue1 says:

    Game of Throne is going to be epic this season,and I’m really looking forward to Jamie and Brienne ‘s interaction. I can totally ship them.

  45. Garnet074 says:

    Can’t wait to see Arrow this week! It sounds super intense. I’m really curious about what Oliver is going to say to Felicity after it all goes south. If anyone can understand how she feels, it’s him. I love their developing relationship.

  46. xim says:

    9O21O finale: Lannie and NavAde will re-unite. I hate the fact that Naomi will be with that new guy in the finale instead of Max, damn.. :(

  47. Kelly says:

    Thanks for the scoop. I’m rooting for Neal to figure it out and not be dumb. Can’t wait to he ditches Tamara and we get the show to focus alittle on his relationships with Emma, Henry and his dad then murderous Tamara.

  48. Noodley says:

    Karen’s going to sing “Broadway Here I Come”? Blergh. While I still love to watch “Smash,” I am so over Katherine McPhee and her terrible acting. Jeremy Jordan absolutely killed that song and there’s no need for Katherine to take it on.

  49. cjeffery7 says:

    Veep – EW. just ew.
    New Girl – WHO ARE THEY KILLING OFF?!!?!
    Bones – I feel like it might be time for Angela? (or Cam i guess, too) cause that would REALLY light a fire under Brennan’s ass to be a BOSS.