Report: OLTL Actors to Return to GH In New Roles 'That In No Way Resemble the Current Ones'

ROGER HOWARTHSeriously, we’re approaching weather machine levels of daytime-TV twists here — and off screen, no less.

With One Life to Live set to relaunch on April 29 with new episodes on Hulu/iTunesMichael Easton, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson — each of whom relocated their Llanview alter egos to General Hospital‘s Port Charles after One Life‘s broadcast TV swan song — will in fact return to and stay with ABC’s lone surviving soap, but as different characters “that in no way resemble the current ones,” TV Guide Magazine reports.

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Prospect Park, the producer of the new OLTL and All My Children episodes and thus the licensee of both shows’ rosters of characters, “has been extremely difficult to deal with on this issue,” a source tells TV Guide Magazine, “so GH basically said, ‘Screw it! We’ll create all-new characters!’ It’s the only way GH can get past the problem and get on with business.”

Shortly after its second bid at rebooting AMC and OLTL gained traction, Prospect Park said in a statement that characters such as Easton’s John McBain and Alderson’s Starr “are obviously essential to our production efforts, and a large reason we licensed the program. We also understand that legions of General Hospital fans have grown to love these actors and characters … So even though we are paying ABC millions of dollars to license the shows, we have been and continue to be willing to equally share the characters with General Hospital and ABC.”

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GH and OLTL fans, what do you think of this seemingly official wrinkle? And is anyone fretting over the phrase “that in no way resemble the current ones”? Will Howarth dress in drag to play a Haunted Star chanteuse? Will Alderson return as a plastic-surgeried Nicholas “Domino” Van Buren?

UPDATE: The new OLTL has released ths first photos of Roger Howarth’s (temporary) return as Todd:

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  1. Stupid. They should have never brought the characters over and made them so integral without having the rights to them. Now either they will have to play super camp and make fun of themselves for having 3 all new characters, or they will have to try super hard to make us all believe that they are different people. Either way it is going to be painful. And just when it seemed GH had really been hitting its stride. UGH!

    • dude says:

      They did so because the deal with Prospect Park initially failed and this was the only way to continue those characters. ABC and General Hospital were being nice and giving these characters a home when it looked like they wouldn’t have one. PP should have been more understanding and allowed these characters to continue on GH. OLTL could have always recast them (as they’re likely to now) and let two iterations of the character continue on-air.

      • Gillian says:

        Many fans don’t want to acknowledge it but the fact that GH incorporated characters from Llanview is one of the reasons that OLTL has been revived. GH has been doing fabulous in the ratings and, because it worked the Llanview characters into the fold, PP reincarnated OLTL. Then PP wanted control over not only Llanview crossovers but, according to reports I read, non-OLTL character storylines such as Sam and Caleb. Sounds like they were seeking far too much control and left GH no choice. The actors want to stay on GH. PP thanks them for years of loyalty to OLTL by banning them from working on GH. PP comes out like the villain here. Let’s see how many fans they alienate. I am a fan of both shows but must admit that it seems like PP was trying to saboatage GH by trying to take creative control of GH storylines and GH characters. And before someone attacka me with the “ABC killed our shows” argument, yes they did. But they tried to right things by allowing GH to place three OLTL actors in contract and incorporate our favorites from Llanview into the Port Charles canvas.

        • Sorry but you are highly misinformed. ABC knew PP continued to work on getting these shows up and running, PP “loaned” GH the characters while doing so allowing OLTL fans to be able to have some part of Llanview and with nods to AMC keeping them alive in the hearts of millions while they continued to get it together. the OLTL actors helped GH ratings, not the other way around. PP has said on many occasions they are willing to share, it is ABC who will not play ball. Just another way for ABC to mess with the fans.

          • amichelle says:

            im calling kirsten(starr) as the quartermaine heir or the new serena baldwin but im leaning more for the quartermaine heir

          • Jules says:

            The PP deal was dead when these characters came on the GH canvas. It was revived after the GH ratings increased and yes, maybe they helped but for me, as a long time GH viewer but one that never watched OLTL, it was the return of a bunch of GH vets that increased the ratings, as well as a new head writer and EP. I think PP is being unreasonable and the fact that they were trying to take creative control of GH story lines was ridiculous.

          • They were never trying to take creative controll the only thing they asked was for them not to be on screen on both shows on the same day, they both could have worked that out if ABC would play ball, they are the ones being unreasonable! Being as how the ratings went way up starting when OLTL characters came I find fault with that line of reasoning. I am not trying to discredit the vets coming back giving great ratings because they are, (well were last week was way down for all soaps though,) I know thousands of OLTL viewers who tuned in to GH for no other reason than to watch the OLTL characters that were there and I am one of them, I have been enjoying it. for the most part anyway. I do not appreciate ABC playing with the actors and the fans in this way though!

          • also the deal was not dead, they had only suspended
            it for a time while continuing to gather investors. do you really think they would have brought on OLTL characters if OLTL was never going to return? Throwing out hints and shout outs to characters from both AMC and OLTL? absolutely NOT. ABC knew they were still working on this and just didn’t care!

          • Jules says:

            Isn’t the Q heir Jake? And when Jake died, his shares past to his other so really it’s Elizabeth? Yes Monica knows about Jakes paternity but not everyone else does. It’s feasible that she never shared that with AJ.

          • Gillian says:

            Nope. I’m not misonformed. Thanks. ;)

        • Ladydivadynasty says:

          Well Said!!!!

        • Mary Ann Traino says:

          The reason I watched GH is because John, Todd, & Starr came over to GH from OLTL. I miss them and hope they return soon.

          • Sandra says:

            I have been watching gh for a long time, but this new change is it for me. No longer interested.

      • Cathy Philipps says:

        ABC is the whole problem! If they hadnt canceled AMC and OLTL in the first place none of this would be an issue! PP did the impossible and is giving us a chance to have our shows back!

    • Isabel says:

      KEEP MCBAIN as the cop he came in with as long as the vampire stays out-solved! You definitely created chemistry with SAM!!!!!
      comment by Isabel in Brooklyn. Love you too TODD

    • dora cozert says:

      I am with you on this matter imagine my surprise when I had not watched it for a few days
      and there was Starr with a different name and poor Michael who was pining over her act just like
      I have never seen that face before,GOOD GRIEF in the name of am I dreaming this up ?????

    • I most definitely agree. I cannot wrap my head around these new characters since all I see when they appear are John McBain, Star and Todd Manning….UGH! Is right

    • Wendy Burke says:

      WHERE DO I START?! I agree dumb on Abc part not to get permission. This whole thing has been handled so badly. Soap fans aren’t stupid . Far from it. First Starr , Todd , and John leave at the same time, then they all return together a few months later. During their absence. No gh character utters their names , because of the lawsuit. Again abc and prospect park SOAP FANS ARE NOT STUPID,.roger Howarth is a great actor, but he’s simply not believable as Franco.
      Kristen Anderson, and chad duell were a great couple before now they are cousins??????????
      I don’t know what gh is doing. I just don’t get it??? Gh has worked it’s ass off to get back to being the best soap out there, now this screw up??? , take a page from DALLAS…. Make these past few weeks a dream, and get back to giving us the gh we all love.

      • MAXINE says:


        • Wendy Burke says:

          There have been some positive changes (although even by soap standards, a little silly… But all good things take time…lol) now Kiki ( pleeeeez GH can u please start calling her Lauren , hate Kiki…. ) is John … Silas’s daughter . Still not happy with the whole FRANCO thing.. But I love Kathleen Gati. As the mother of all mothers..she’s hysterical to watch! And of course the BIGGEST news : ROBINS COMING HOME!!!! So hang in there, GH will get good again, but if it doesn’t ,we will never let frank Valentini hear the end of it , lol.

  2. crochetowl says:

    Beyond stupid – ’nuff said.

  3. kat says:

    This makes no sense. Also, another incarnation of Michael Easton? What now? A zombie?

  4. ee says:

    But but….what about John and Sam?
    I mean, I will love RH and ME in any reincarnation but I was really getting into John McBain being on General Hospital. It’s kind of a bummer I must say.

    • Meg says:

      Whether it’s Caleb/Livvie or John/Sam, Easton & Monaco have great chemistry. Based on what’s happened over the last year, I have full faith in RC & FV to give us amazing soap.

    • Valerie says:

      Oh, somehow, someway, ME/KM will be paired again. Of that I have no doubt. The kind of chemistry they generate isn’t going to be wasted.

      • Linda says:

        I sure hope that Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco get together on GH – they have excellent chemistry – please have them together !!!

  5. Sarah says:

    I’ll take them back anyway I can. I want Todd and I want John&Sam!!

  6. Not cool. Their departures were already abrupt and strange.

    But I’m happy GH is letting the actors keep their new jobs. I hope the new character’s entrances reference the craziness in some way.

  7. Robert Taylor says:

    Looking forward to the introduction of Don, Rodd and Moon over on “General Hospital.”

  8. Jenn says:

    Seriously?? I for one will not be watching OLTL! The show sucked long before it got cancelled and the only reason I watched til the end was because it WAS the end. Now you gave us some of the best characters from OLTL to GH and now you are going to take them away because you wanna prove yours is bigger… Stupid. All new characters? Might as well just leave them gone if you’re going to be stupid like that! You’re just going to ruin it now! GH was always my favorite but I was basically fast forwarding through the whole show until Todd, Starr and John showed up and made it worth watching again. GH seriously messed up when they got rid of Jason and now this. Guess it’s back to fast forwarding through all the boring parts aka the whole show! At least until I finally just give up and stop watching all together! The only thing worth watching is the Nurses’ Ball. After that. Well…. Why bother? Even bringing back all the old characters isn’t making it better.

    • meem says:

      They didn’t “get rid of” Jason. He left, His decision. And frankly, I applauded. One less mobster/killer “hero” to contend with. Now all we need is for Sonny to go, too.

      • Jules says:

        He left and went to Y&R because they’re giving him flexibility that GH apparently refused to give him. So yes it was his decision but GH could’ve worked with him. And really Jason could’ve used a reduction in screen time. Along with sonny, Carly and Sam.

        • Lyn says:

          And, if anyone has watched Young & Restless, I like him better on that show. He has more depth, more ability to show his flexibility in acting. Glad they gave him the opportunity.

      • Wendy Burke says:

        If you “get rid of sonny” you lose a major part of the show !!!!!. Where have you been for the past 15 years or so. Sonny aka Maurice Benard is a huge reason we watch gh. Many years ago mr. Benard left the show , they brought him back as soon as they could because we missed him !! The show wasn’t nearly as good without him!! . Get rid of sonny????? NEVER !!!!!!

        And, by the way we need Jason back !!!!!

        Message to gh and abc, and frank valentini ; what ever caused Steve burton to leave, FIX IT !!!!!
        Do what ever it takes to bring him back……. Offer more money…. Offer to wash his car……. Mow his lawn…… ANYTHING to bring him and Jason back………. . Once you accomplish that, we’ ll have a little chat about the stupidity of firing Stuart Damon , and killing off his Alan, and Emily .

  9. Robert says:

    As much as I like Starr, John, and Todd, I’ll wait and see how GH introduces these new characters before passing judgement. Glad the actors get to keep their job.

    • Laura B says:

      Agreed..I liked the crossover characters. Now that the new characters are introduced…I DO NOT like ANY of the crossover “new” roles. I think we were all getting comfortable with them as additions…now we are suppose to look at these 3 people in completely new roles. I am happy for those people and their careers….but as a 45 year old woman–who has watched GH on and off for over 30 years…frankly really getting back into it in this anniversary year…I am really bummed at the changes and will no longer be as interested now. I can’t just watch the air time these 3 characters are now getting…and wrap my head around it. I do not see them as these new characters and never will I am afraid. Way too confusing and completely disappointing. Best of Luck to All 3 of them….but I do not think I will be watching anymore.

      • T says:

        I have to say that I totally agree with you. I am looking at Todd Manning not Franco, and Star (Keekee) is now with Michaels brother. How confusing is this. I really did love the 50 yr anniversary special. Totally hooked.

  10. L says:

    Ugh! so mad that we will not be getting more Carly and Todd! or Starr and Michael!

    • Meg says:

      Just because we can’t have Carly & Todd or Michael & Starr doesn’t mean we can’t have Laura Wright paired with Roger Howarth or Chad Duell with Kristen Alderson

    • mp says:

      i like having cole and starr better than michael and starr. We all know Cole and Starr have a long past at OLTL and having a child too and their parents knew each other for the long time for Michael and Starr i see no chemistry sure Sonny is a mob boss and Todd always have mistakes both fathers always in jail. My point is Todd is a journalist and runs newspaper office but Sonny is a mob boss and took away Michael and adopted him and AJ is his legal father working in corporate world at ELQ. ELQ is better than BE anyway.

    • D says:

      I think prospect park is being foolish, they could share since GH was keeping these people employed, Greedy people!!these actors had to work…bringing characters back as someone else is stupid…they were great on GH as they were

  11. Bridgette says:

    I’m a fan of all three actors. I’m just happy they get to stay on GH. Even if they’re playing new characters. I love GH. It’s better than it’s been in years. If anybody can pull this off, it’s Ron and Frank.

  12. Daniela says:


    Prospect Park once again proves that they really are difficult. They didn’t get the relaunch done last year – as promised. ABC gave these characters from ONE LIFE a home again, only to be completely screwed over in the process.

    PP should have used this to cross promote the new ONE LIFE with GH together. And now? The popular actors in the roles are gone & the character’s history completely messed up. It says a lot that we already know that Todd doesn’t mention one bit about his time in Port Charles when he’s going to visit Llanview.

    GH fans are going to have a very bad feel out of this too. Three new characters portrayed by actors who were seen in other roles just a couple of weeks ago? This is messed up.

    Thanks to the powers that be … no one got out as a winner here. And the biggest loser, once again, is the audience.

    • I just have to ask how any fan, given the history with ABC (we remember this whole mess started with cancellations, right?) can blame Prospect Park. The relaunch last year had NOTHING to do with PP being “difficult”. However, it did have to do with difficulty from other parties, and a number of issues. Fans are fickle, as well as short sighted. Two years of working to save AMC and OLTL, and as soon as fans aren’t happy with one thing…they react negatively. Laughable.

      • Jen says:

        I think it’s fine that PP has been working to save AMC and OLTL. But to take back the characters just because they legally can seems like they are being difficult. The three characters don’t really seem that essential to the OLTL relaunch anyway. It’s likely going to be a very different show than we remember, so why are these three characters so crucial? It seemed as though Roger Howarth was willing to play fair by participating in the relaunch. But I thought it was just to get the new OLTL off the ground and not permanent. PP should be grateful that he was willing to do that..that would have been good press. Now it’s only bad press and they seem like schoolyard kids who want their ball back.

      • Nichole says:

        The way I heard it, PP was very difficult during the failed relaunch last year. They were saying that actors weren’t signing new contracts because they were holding out for whatever and then it turned out that said actors were never approached. I bet this is the reason they have not been able to nab LaLucci. I will watch AMC and OLTL because of the history of the shows, but I am not yet convinced that PP won’t screw this up again.

        • Kristen says:

          Agree completely with this, ” they seem like schoolyard kids who want their ball back.” The relaunch is going to end up being different than it was when it went off the air…it’s been a while some ppl have moved on, gotten other jobs etc. So characters are bound to be recast, written out or just different than they were. There’s no reason that these 3 specific characters absolutely HAVE to be on the show. The schoolyard kids analogy is just so perfect. They want to have the market cornered on OLTL fans. If Starr, Todd and John are on GH PP is afraid they’ll lose viewers.

          I’ve watched GH for almost 15 years, just started watching OLTL around the time Ryder and Liam were born. When OLTL went off the air I was more invested in it than I was GH. I, for one, was ECSTATIC that S, T & J came to Port Charles. I would have loved to see PP and ABC share the characters, the story lines crossing over from GH to OLTL and back. The way it has ended up is disappointing. I think both shows are losing out in this situation. I love the actors but how much of that is due to the characters? And I love the characters but how much of that is due to the actors?

          Are we, as fans, just supposed to forget the last year of Starr, John and Todd on BOTH shows?? Terrible. A way to ruin exciting news of OLTL returning.

      • Sharon says:

        I am not saying fans are fickle, but clearly this paragraph from above says “Prospect Park said in a statement that characters such as Easton’s John McBain and Alderson’s Starr “are obviously essential to our production efforts, and a large reason we licensed the program. We also understand that legions of General Hospital fans have grown to love these actors and characters … So even though we are paying ABC millions of dollars to license the shows, we have been and continue to be willing to equally share the characters with General Hospital and ABC.”

        What else can they do? I am a fan of both shows, so of course I want to see the 3 go back to OLTL where their characters originated….and why can’t PP and ABC share them? Especially if they are paying millions to ABC? ABC should have kept them as separate shows in the first place and this wouldn’t be happening to us yet again!!

        • Aurora says:

          As a fan of GH and past fan of OLTL my observations are that the characters of Starr, Todd & John work better on GH. GH expanded the facets of these characters whereas, OLTL has kept them in a stunted time warp.And side by side GH is a better soap than OLTL. IMO. There is a reason GH is celebrating 50 years and counting. Their success is not a fluke.

      • Denise says:

        I second that.

        • Denise says:

          I second that was meant against ABC. I was commenting on CJohn’s comment that PP is not the one everyone should be mad at. He’s right…ABC cancelled our shows. They want to see our shows fail. They brought in two new shows to replace our soaps and they suck. One of those shows was already cancelled. ABC learn from your mistakes. Work with PP and in return maybe they’d let you use some of “THEIR” characters. Oh wait…they already lent you their characters and you stole them. ABC can’t be trusted. PP did the right thing by letting you borrow “their” characters. You sold them to PP right? They were PP characters. ABC, you made the biggest mistake cancelling AMC and OLTL and you are blaming PP. ABC fire the person who did the cancelling of our beloved shows, don’t be angry with PP. They did nothing but save your ass by buying the rights to OLTL and AMC. I like GH but feel bringing our favorite characters back as new ones is a DISASTER! ABC learn from your mistakes already!!!!

  13. Jen says:

    I’m happy the actors can keep working on television rather than online, since television is likely their preference, but this makes no sense for the stories on GH or the actual characters. Prospect Park appears to be selfish and greedy. OLTL recast Todd once before and while I wasn’t a fan of Trevor St. John in the role, many people were…meaning they can recast again. As much as I didn’t want to see AMC and OLTL go, they’re gone now, and I’m not broken up about it. I don’t see the online shows lasting very long anyway, so it’s a shame that Prospect Park is being a bully about it. They seem to be ruining it just because they can.

    • C says:

      I dunno how PP are bullies for wanting what they paid for – i.e. the rights to use those characters.

      • Jen says:

        They’re certainly bullying the actors. The actors either have to take part in their bush league online soap, or be out of job? Seems like for just three characters, they can make do with the actors who are ready and willing to be there. They are burning bridges. I’d be fine with it if they wanted to use the characters for the launch, and then have them leave town.

        • Meg says:

          The whole situation was messed up. PP had the right to the characters but GH holds the contact for the actors. I don’t mind not keeping the characters as long as we can keep the actors!

  14. Anastacia says:

    Let’s face it: the nature of soaps is to suspend belief. There is always a hokiness to it, so is this really that far fetched? Personally, I believe it will be intriguing to see how they make it work. It’s really the actors and the way they play their parts that makes it fascinating. Having the actual actors is what really matters.

  15. Flo says:

    Dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    • Cici says:

      This is not going to work.

      In fact this is the stupidest idea that ABC and PP have had since they even decided to bring the folks over from OLTL to GH.

      I can just see the new characters now.

      RH will be the new Steven Webber.
      ME will be Sam’s long lost brother.
      KA will be the new Serena Baldwin….but I think she’ll need plastic surgery and better acting skills to pull that one off.

  16. Robert says:

    I for one have been impress with new producers and writers at GH. I am very curious and excited to see how they will make the characters work; its a serious gamble. I will be cheering on their side of the GH crew to make it work.

  17. wasabi says:

    Is Michael going to wake up and see Not-Starr walk out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and tell her he just had a weird dream where she was a failed singing star running a nightclub whose father was some kind of kidnapper-publisher, and then just go on as if she’s always been the new character?

  18. Maggie says:

    Man, this is a bummer! I really like Starr and Michael together :(

  19. Jaime says:

    So because of these two shows not being able to play nice, Kristen Alderson has to give up the role she has been playing since she was six? Does anyone else find this awful?

    • Jen says:

      I completely agree with you! The only way she can continue in the role is if she agrees to 30-minute web episodes? Seems so unfair. She’s clearly been loyal.

    • Yes, why can’t they just work together .John,Todd,and Star can have a OLTL set on GH and play their part than OLTL can work it in the story line,show someone playing them from the back then use then to react to whatever that way keep them from long distant traveling .send it to OLTL .or PP and use the tricks the cameras can make them seen like they are in lanview or port Charles .too bad they moved the studio so many miles away .to bad GH moved to LA because before they use to cross over and did not have to hop a plane just around the corner and down the street.WHY OH WHY !! ..east coast and west coast so far apart.

  20. Greg says:

    Unreal. This is just stupid and makes no sense. They have driven this fan away from GH and the reboot. Those characters were reason why I switched to GH and to do this just is nuts.

    • dude says:

      It’s not GH’s fault. They didn’t want to do this, Prospect Park is forcing them to by not sharing the characters with them.

  21. This is exactly the kind of foolishness that turned the genre into a joke.

  22. Meg says:

    So much negativity. The characters just left our screens last week. Their last tape dates were February 8th. So we probably won’t see them back on screen until May. Let’s wait and see what happens before we all break our necks jumping to conclusions.

    • laura says:

      ^^ what a logical thought! I agree with you. I will miss what could’ve been for John McBain and Sam McCall, the 2 actors have amazing on screen chemistry. But it is their amazing chemistry that will contiue and this third time will be just as charming!

  23. april-ann says:

    LOL. This is getting sillier by the minute. I’m sorry ABC felt it had to cancel those two beloved long running staples of its daytime lineup. Once they did though, I think the best fans could have hoped for were proper endings for both. Based on how AMC had so beautifully handled all its heartwrenching moments, I got all set up with a box of kleenex to watch its finale. Sad that I got through the entire show without the need to ever even reach for a single tissue. Too bad there ever was such a thing called Prospect Park.

  24. This just pisses me off. I was a fan of all 3 characters on OLTL and loved having them integrate so well into GH. I was kind of over having lost my other 2 soaps and had moved on. I kind of don’t care about the reboots at this point, as it has adversely affected GH. I just feel like this move just endangered GH in some way. I was already ticked off about the McBain Caleb thing, as I didn’t watch Port Charles because of that stupidity. Thanks Prospect Park for ensuring your footing by disrespecting continuity, although it was your legal right to do so. Kudos to GH for your determination to stick with 3 beloved actors, although I am not happy your hand was forced.

  25. Renee says:

    Really glad the actors will get to keep their jobs, even though they’ve probably been without any income while this has been screwed around with.

  26. Darlene P. says:

    Like the idea of the two shows sharing the characters as they are, that makes the most since!!

    • Meg says:

      On screen, yes. In real life, no. OLTL tapes in CT while GH tapes in Los Angeles. It’s not fair to the actors to make them keep flying back and forth across the country.

  27. No thank you! I’ve never cared for any of Michael Easton’s characters, but Howarth and Alderson are Todd and Starr! It’s just entirely stupid. It would be better if all the characters just left town and were never heard of again – as well as the actors.

  28. christine says:

    i might be in the minority, but i dont believe these characters are necessary for GH. These three characters/actors were never really blended well into the current canvas (especially Easton’s McBain) that they are necessary to bring back as “new” characters. I don’t understand what is happening behind the scenes, but plenty of long term characters/actors I do care about are leaving (too many to name) while too many new faces are being brought in and shoved down my throat. I think after the 50th anniversary I am done with the show. I have too many wtf moments watching as it is already.

    • Bellaz says:

      No they are not, I wonder how forgiving GH fans would be if the shoe was on the other foot and were losing MB (Sonny), TG (Luke) characters that have been on the show forever to OLTL. While I can understand GH fans being upset, how about OLTL fans. Who knows down the track GH may be cancelled and end up being saved by PP.

  29. leigh says:

    I don’t think It’s all Prospect Park. The actors knew this was a possibility when they signed on to GH. The writers knew this was a possibility when they added the OLTL characters in. Prospect Park should have foreseen this when the character move was announced last year. I haven’t heard any of the three actors say they want to break the contract with GH and go back to OLTL so where’s their support for OLTL? GH killed two integral characters (Hope and Cole) just to fit these actors in and are now celebrating because their appearance is boosting the ratings for GH. If the ratings are up why let them go? And prospect Park wants their new shows to succeed but it can without these three characters. There is selfishness all around not just with Prospect Park.

    • Lyndsey says:

      Neither Roger nor Kristen were originally signed on for the Prospect Park reboot so in order to have those characters they would have had to recast them anyway, something I doubt OLTL fans would have been happy with. And when they signed on to do GH, the PP deal was basically dead in the water. In fact, I would imagine that the money ABC paid them to use those characters on GH is what helped finance this reboot in the first place. All they are doing is ticking off a lot of fans. Personally, though I’ve been watching GH for 16 years I’d rather it be given a graceful finale than go to PP to be butchered.

    • Cavalier says:

      I thought I read that OLTL was forwarding 5 years, if so they could not have Todd, Star and John there anymore. I really liked the Star and Michael thing. I think Steve B made a mistake, he’s mostly like Jason, and his character seems dull, it’s like he’s still Jason underneeth it all. I think he made a mistake, he should have stayed with GH.

  30. Jessica says:

    I love all 3 characters of Todd, Starr and John, so I will be sad to see them go! I am also a fan o al 3 couplings that GH had: Todd/Carly, Starr/Michael & especially John/Sam. I hope PP comes around and lets GH have these characters, but this seems unlikely. If they do become new characters, I have a policy in that I won’t judge them until I see them. My wish is that they would come back to GH for good as Todd, John and Starr because not only do the actors seem to like it there, they were becoming an intergral part of the cast.

  31. Kiki says:

    I’m so over the OLTL actors on GH. The vampire drama was the worst thing I’ve ever seen and now they are all coming back as totally different people? This is a horrendous idea. I wish they wouldn’t come back at all!

  32. dude says:

    I honestly feel like all of them should play the exact same characters with the exact same character history and continuing storylines and just change their names. Ted, James and Moon, there we go, done.

  33. dude says:

    this is crazy but hopefully it will work out.

  34. Tina B. says:

    This is such a bad Public Relations move for Prospect Park! What morons! It will be interesting to see if GH can pull this off, but I have faith in them. I will miss Todd, Starr & John, although maybe John could be a little less cheesy,lol.

  35. Paul8148 says:

    I can see Alderson as Scotty’s Daughter Serra (Spelling?) with both him and lucy (who was her suggorated) on cavans. Some are thinking that Roger could be Tom Hardy.

  36. JASon says:

    Just let the Actors go GH!! Concentrate on Anna, Duke, Frisco, Felicia, Luke and Laura!!! Bring back Scorpio! Yes Todd was a great character and was killing every scene he had but if he’s not that character who cares! It’s like when they tried to have ANthony Geary play another character! No one cared! Star was a generic character/actress and can easily be replaced by bringing Jen Lilley back who was a much better actress! McBain was ok and I wouldn’t mind them bringing back Caleb!

    • Meg says:

      Maybe the actors don’t want to leave GH. OLTL films in Connecticut and GH films in LA. If they’ve relocated to the west coast it’s perfectly reasonable for the actors to want to stay with GH. Not to mention they’ll be on an hour long show that airs 5 days a week on TV versus a 30 minute show airing 4 days a week online.

  37. Mary says:

    I know it’s been done in the past to have a popular actor leave a soap only to come back as a completely different character but the results have usually been mixed at best (ie Carly/Claudia on GH and Chris/Roman on Days.) Keeping in mind that they were single actors with several years durations between their roles. Now Ron Carlivati is supposedly going to attempt to accomplish this feat with THREE different actors with a scant few MONTHS between their respective roles. Honestly, if he can pull this off, he is a much better writer than I give him credit for. Heck, he’d be a certifiable genius :) Seriously, it’s a shame it came to this point. I think whatever boost PP is going to get by featuring these popular actors on their original show is going to be negated by criticism of their legal but still arguably strongarm tactics they took to achieve their goal.

  38. Bobbie says:

    This is how it should have been in the beginning. John, Starr and Todd should never have been introduced to the GH canvas.

    Prospect Park owns the three characters and since they are an integral part of the OLTL reboot, deserve to have them back.

  39. RichCD says:

    Matt, your ‘Domino’ reference made me laugh. Surely you had to look that up somewhere. I’ve been watching this show for too long, and I would have no clue that his first name was Nicholas. If not, then you are a definitely a super fan.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I am not happy with this. PP is still upsetting the fans and messing with the lives of the actors, I hope that the writers can pull this off. If this goes South I am washing my hands of watching my beloved soaps because quite frankly enough is enough.

  41. Stevie F says:

    This can’t be happening right now. Just Killing off these amazing characters? I know i speak for many when i say that I love these characters and as much as I love them on General Hospital, if they cant be Todd, Starr and John then I’d rather just have them back on the new one life to live. I just can’t see Roger and Kristen in a room together, even in the same city together, and not be todd and starr. I just can’t. This is the worst idea. i’m praying that this deal is recanted. It’s the history and the personalities of these characters that make us love these actors so much. Roger Howarth is Todd Manning. thats that. please dont take Todd Manning away from us. You can’t possibly bring these three back as new characters and expect the viewers to buy it. I can see if it was a character like trey mitchel for example, who was only on the show for some months. but we’re talking about Todd Manning, Starr Manning and John McBain. They have developed such a huge fan base over all these years. Please re- think this.

    • Brenda L says:

      I started watching General Hospital again, after 20 years or so, because of Todd, Starr and John. I intend to watch the new OLTL and AMC online. Let’s face it, the way we watch our programs is changing and there will be more and more online shows. That being said, I don’t care what they call him, Todd has to be Todd! His character is unique, as well as his personality. and the way he delivers his lines are what makes him so endearing. And Starr. We’ve watched her grow up and her relationship with her Dad has been so interesting and, I can’t think of a word that describes how deep and meaningful it is. I don’t want to give them up! Not only did they breath new into GH, GH brought new life to those characters. I agree with you Stevie, I want the same actors playing those same characters no matter which show they are on.

  42. A.D. says:

    Stupidest thing EVER…RH not playing Todd anymore hurts my soul!

  43. Tommy says:

    And what will happen when the reboot of OLTL flops? I have no doubt it will not last long. Will GH pull a “just kidding” and bring back John, Star, and Todd

  44. Sara says:

    Am I the only stupid person who didn’t understand a word in the article?

  45. Laughing says:

    I will lmao if they make Michael Easton the new Jason. That way they’d keep the KM and ME chemistry going and bring back a key character. They could even bring Jason back as a Q. lol

  46. Chicago Dan says:

    Bottom line – this is awesome publicity for both shows: 1) it continues the news that OLTL/AMC are relaunching; and 2) it gauges how popular (unpopular) the three actors and/or characters are with GH. It’s a publicist’s dream!

  47. Tess says:

    Given the fact that the three characters have grown and developed new lives and relationships in Port Charles, the decision to make them suddenly pack up and return to Llanview is just silly for both shows. Surely OLTL has enough characters to draw from that they can manage without these three -or they could at least just have them come back for the launch and then filter them back out to return to “their lives in Port Charles”. It just seems silly for GH to bring all three actors back in new roles and it seems greedy of PP to not allow the actors to continue playing the roles they have just because they used to belong to OLTL. If the actors go back to GH, will OLTL recast all three roles or write them off anyway? If they’re just going to write them off, they might as well let GH have them so fans can be happy. They may upset more fans by doing this than if they don’t bring the characters back at all (I’m sure most OLTL fans watched for more than just Todd, Star, and John anyway).

  48. Kelly says:

    Todd belongs with Blair so him playing someone else with Carly on GH is ok by me.

  49. Jan says:

    Think there is more to the story here — have seen it posted in other places. ABC is the bad guy here, not Prospect Park. ABC will never learn.

    • Isabel says:

      LEAVE JOHN MCBAIN AS JOHN MCBAIN-A COP! The vampire was forgotten (I HOPE) so
      that caleb crazy character we didn’t need. BUt YOU COULD STILL have McBain hook up with SAM-NEW CHARACTER OR NOT