Exclusive: NCIS Beams Up a New Mossad Boss

NCIS Season 10 Spoilers Marina SirtisMeet the Next Generation of Mossad director.

Some three months after killing off Ziva’s father Eli David (played by Michael Nouri), CBS’ NCIS will introduce viewers to his replacement — Orli Elbaz, to be played by Star Trek: TNG alum Marina Sirtis, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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“The search to replace Eli David as Mossad Director was tricky for us, but we ended up with a true find in Marina Sirtis,” showrunner Gary Glasberg says of the casting. “I’ve always been a Star Trek fan, but Marina really owns this part. And the cast loves her. She’s everything I wanted for the role and then some. We are lucky to have her.” Sirtis will first air sometime in April.

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Since her seven-season, four-movie run as TNG‘s Deanna Troi, Sirtis has guested on non-Trek series such as Girlfriends, Make It or Break It and a 2011 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, in addition to doing loads of voice work (most recently as Young Justice‘s Queen Bee).

TV’s most watched drama resumes Season 10 this Tuesday at 8/7c, with the introduction of McGee’s admiral father (played by Jamey Sheridan).

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  1. So excited about this…..loved Marina as Troi on Star Trek:TNG! Now, Malachi and/or Liat have got to come back to help Ziva and Team in the hunt for Bodnar!

    Thank you, Matt, for yet another good NCIS spoiler! :-)

    • Byl Holte says:

      Given that Mossad has never allowed a female to hold the top seat in real life, I guess fiction is the only way it could happen. Hope it won’t be as dreadful as when Lauren Holly stepped into the director seat at NCIS — I almost stopped watching! At least she won’t be a weekly character :-(

    • Kitty says:

      Love the idea of Marina on NCIS. She now can be a serious actress instead of a Star Trek playboy bunny. Also of interest to be is that I knew 2 Bodnar’s. Doctors from the Ukraine. The husband died at age 42 of a brain hemorrhage. So sad. But maybe NCIS could plan something similar for the character with a dart or whatever.

      • Ray Zillick says:

        Marina Sirtis deserved another chance after TNG. But I don’t think she is what the show needs.

      • marc henry says:

        Normally a Marina fan but she is out of her depth, rotten accent. Not convincing at all, much rather the brilliant Oded/Bodnar as the Director of Mossad, very authentic.

  2. jayy008 says:

    Thrilled with this casting! Love Marina!

  3. Zeph says:

    Cool casting. Will be interesting to see how they set up her history/relationship with Ziva….

    • Andrea says:

      I think it’s a terrific casting choice, and I’m hoping that she’s NOT enthralled by Ziva. I’d adore friction between the two.

      • The “Orly” role has a negative and phony vibe. Sorry I’m a
        Big fan of Core Di Pablo and her wide ranging acting talents. The dialogue and situations took on a whole new spark when she came to the show.

  4. Svenja says:

    A female Mossad director. I love this. Good casting. Cannot wait.

    • Nubie says:

      Hi Svenja – me too; this should be interesting :)

      Some things I’m pondering: What will happen when/if Orli & Ziva finally meet face to face? Will the new Mossad Dir. contribute in reeling Bodnar in one way or another, so that Justice can be served? Is she more on Bodnar’s side, or the side of Justice?

      Also, what will the potential twists be? Will the writers have Orli look on Ziva with a favorable eye (you know..do everything she can to help Ziva get Bodnar), or will they have Orli be someone who uses her newly-assigned authority to “get back at Eli” by giving Ziva a hard time? Will she use her power to throw in a lot of political Red Tape gobbledy-gook & complicate matters even more? Hmmmmm….

  5. cookie says:

    WOW!!that’s all I’ll say. Can’t wait. Break a leg-welcome.

  6. David says:

    Way to go Marina! The idea of a female Mosad director and to be played by Marina double score!

  7. sladewilson says:

    Very good and interesting casting call. I wonder what kind of relationship she’ll have with Vance? Personally I want Vance and Ziva to go off the books and take that murderous traitor out…

  8. Wow, this great news for us Marina fans! Marina Sirtis on NCIS!!!

  9. A very “Engaging” choice.

  10. Wouldn’t it be cool if she was Ziva’s mom.

    • Thanh says:

      Oooo…That would be so cool. Although, if being Ziva’s mom means she’ll likely die soon, like Ziva’s father, then ‘no thanks’. ;) I’d like to see Marina guest-star more often than that.

  11. estefania says:

    I am so excited for last epsiodes of this season and great guest cast we have in our dea show and I love mossad storuline in NCIS

    • susie carlon says:

      Hopefully the new director will have an affair with Bodnar and we will see more of him (Bodnar), It’s ashame he wasn’t framed then he could have been the new director. Oded Fehr was awesome as Bodnar, hope he is not killed off and we see more of his talent.

  12. Steve F. says:

    Whoa. Wasn’t expecting to see the former Counselor Troi as Director of Mossad – talk about moving on up! (And just when I was wondering whatever happened to Marina Sirtis.)

  13. Kevin in CT says:

    Great casting! I admired Marina Sirtis since the STNG days. Make it so!! :)

  14. Denny says:

    Who cares. Get Mossad off the damn show already.

  15. Natalie says:

    Ugh. I love her! And NCIS. Genius casting bit. Thanks so much for this scoop, Matt. :)

  16. Crystal says:

    This is so great!! I love her! What a great surprise!!!

  17. Crystal says:

    On another note, I always thought Gates McFadden would make a great 3rd ex-wife for Gibbs lol.

  18. taliesin says:

    Now Marina just has to hope that Cote re-ups for Season 11 else she will probably never make a return appearance. :)

  19. Thanh says:

    Great casting! Love Marina since TNG! I saw her guest-starring as a Middle-Eastern lady on both The Closer and Grey’s Anatomy, and she was awesome, and very convincing. Can’t wait to watch her first appearance on NCIS…and hopefully, more to come! Does anyone know when is her first airdate?

  20. mandyiam says:

    Yes! Awesome choice! I love love love Marina Sirtis!!

  21. This is fantastic news! I cannot wait for this episode to air and I’m really hoping she’ll be back for the next season.

  22. Friendly Frank from Frisco says:

    Please don’t scare me like that !! If Zeva leaves so do I !!!!!

  23. no worries – Ziva won’t leave…I’m sure of it….a female Mossad leader- that is gonna be good !! I’m like Tony -but I really mean t….’oh good the Isrealies are back !!!”

  24. Mark L says:

    Cote’s Hebrew accent is bad enough. I hope Marina’s is better

    • JM says:

      Marina does a great Israeli accent (also: Tracey Ullman does a perfect Israeli accent, she would be great for a guest spot on the show).

  25. michael says:

    bring on the red/head ,ooooooo ,ya .

  26. Sharon Berg says:

    She will be great, but ummm her face, too much work.

    I barely recognized her. It looks like she can hardly smile, kinda sad.

  27. emcee says:

    The Goddess of Empathy!

  28. lily says:

    The title of this article was pretty cheesy, but I love it. LOL!

    I hope she and Ziva have an awesome backstory that results in a great reunion! SOOO exicted for the next few episodes of NCIS, but also don’t want the season to end; it has been so good this year! :)

  29. Kathy says:

    So glad they are continuing the Mossad story. It’s my favorite. Great casting.

  30. Cindy says:

    Excellent. Great spoiler. Will be waiting to see some more great acting scenes by Cote.

  31. Jeo X says:

    I really hate the Mossad storylines. I don’t think even the lovely Marina could convince me to watch this. Is there any more of Ziva’s tragic angst even left for them to still mine? Yawn.

  32. kenya says:

    Fantastic new, love mossad story, I cannot wait for this episode to air.

  33. mindy green says:

    I’ve done Marina’s make-up many times and I can tell you she hasn’t had ANY work done!

  34. Zoe says:

    I knew when the headline was riddled with Star Trek puns that it was going to be someone from Trek, and when I saw Marina, I squeed. TROI! I’m so excited!

  35. TVDIVA says:

    Fantastic casting. Cannot wait to see her back on TV again.

  36. Edossa says:

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  39. SHERRI says:

    I really hope to see Tony & Ziva get romantic, I know it is against Gibbs rules but his track record needs more to be desired. Practice what you preach, Gibbs. But I still think you are the backbone of the show, I love watching all the reruns on the other channel, Many more years of NCIS # 1.

  40. Ray Zillick says:

    I’m glad to hear that Marina Sirtis is going to come aboard the NCIS crew. I will wonder about the accent though. She is awfully British. On TNG you could have cut her accent with a knife.

    If Ziva doesn’t come back it would be like loosing Gibbs. There is a lot of character to use yet. She and Tony haven’t really gotten together yet. The last time she and Tony got close, his voice changed a bit after she found out that he was enjoying the under covers work too much.

    • Rdereniak says:

      This is the 5th time u have sent this, please change something in it.

    • susie robbo says:

      don’t really find new Mossad director very authentic, rotten accent, much prefer Oded/Bodnar in that role….not into bad casting & I like the actress but she is out of her depth. Ziva’s accent isn’t that great either but she can get away with it. Oded is brilliant as usual, should be new Mossad Director….

      • Peggy Carlon says:

        We agree, new Mossad Director not convincing, rotten accent, out of her depth…Oded/Bodnar is much more authentic should be Director of Mossad..

        • marc henry says:

          Oh yes, Oded/Bodnar for sure as new director, we are big fans of talented actors & Oded is up there with the best….have to say I agree that Marina is out of her depth, not at all convincing, bring on Oded as Director of Mossad.

    • Patti says:

      I was under the impression that Marina created her own accent for Counsellor Troi. Marina, when I’ve heard her on interviews has a very spirited Cockney accent!

  41. Greg says:

    Will Tony and Ziva finally admit they love each other ?

  42. Rdereniak says:

    Nerther one has to die, the show will go down with out them.

  43. Kathy says:

    saw her last night, knew right away it was her. she was awesome.

  44. Wendy says:

    Don’t know if I will continue to watch if they kill off Zeva or Tony. NCiS is my favorite show and Zeva and Tony are too much fun.

  45. Dick says:

    Sirtis – great choice – do not lose Ziva – & please keep Jammie Lee Curtis – she is great too

  46. Marilyn Ingram says:

    I miss the humor and warmth combined with serious investigations of prior seasons through 10.
    Cote DiPablo has qualities that will never be matched by any one actor.
    These new episodes have no humor built into the nature of the