The Good Wife Recap: Shamrock Shake-Up

The Good Wife RecapThis Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife was ostensibly set at the white-tie Shamrock Dinner, where Peter hoped to cop a hug from Cardinal James (and embrace the 800,000 Catholic votes that come with it). And while two big “events” took place at the gala — a supreme overture and an “epic” blow to a nose — much of the action (including one sobering realization) took place at the Chicago PD, amid reveling, crooning figures.

Because no sooner had Alicia begun to get her drink on at the dinner — including giving Mike Kresteva a taste of her new “honesty” policy — than she got summoned by a detective (Smash‘s Will Chase), with news that a litigious longtime client of hers, Matthew Ashbaugh (Fringe‘s John Noble), had been shot dead in the head at point-blank range, on the street.

Did the victim have any enemies? “Many,” Alicia informs. While walking the fine of attorney/client privilege, Alicia flashes back to moments with Matthew, including their introduction (via Will), her begging for the client to fire her (“No, you’re not getting away that easy,” he countered), his explaining the rational for toting around a Jambox that plays Bach on a loop (to elude eavesdroppers)… and the time he forecast, “One day, you’ll be identifying my body in a morgue, and you’ll know that everything I said is true.”

Adding a grave wrinkle to the case: The detective reports that the shooter’s car has been found, and Alicia’s address had been programmed into his GPS. Alicia promptly calls home and has her mother Veronica take Zach and Grace to her hotel, though they never come close to making it there. Instead, Veronica and the kids make camp at a pub, where grandma inadvertently spills that Alicia was pregnant when she got married. Oops.

Amid the mess of her client’s brutal murder and managing her mom, Alicia also fields a request for advice from Laura, who’s angling to hook up with Will. “Does he know you and I are friends?” Alicia asks, before urging her gal pal to ask him out. Alicia then plays anti-Cupid by interrupting Kalinda’s cruising of a comely massage therapist with a call for help. (“Right now…?” Poor kid.) Meanwhile, Alicia’s memories of Matthew turn to one that threatened to throw cold water on one of her shteamy assignations with Will; she is noticeably flustered by the recall. Later, Will comes to the station to be at Alicia’s side, setting the stage for a needed heart-to-heart. “We’re keeping each other from moving on,” Alicia states. “I’m being selfish…. I’m back with Peter. And now this has to end.” “Can you just decide that?” Will counters. Alicia responds, “I can. I have to.”

After coaxing some intel (and a li’l hand-hold) from Cary, Kalinda in short order divines that the shooter’s car could not have been equipped with GPS (Um, he can’t buy an after-market TomTom…?), ergo Alicia was lied to, to keep her in the station. Kalinda also deduces that “dirty cop” Nozowitz was not the person behind Matthew’s killing; instead, it was a dog owner he had sued. “Have you ever met a dog lover?” K asks the incredulous detective.Death of a Client

Meanwhile at the Sharmrock Dinner….

Kresteva tries to turn Alicia’s business with the police into a “thing,” putting the bug in the cardinal’s ear that the Florrick son has a drug problem. (Peter’s opponent knows the lie cannot be struck down wholesale by Peter for fear of revealing his incident of intimidating the Madison County trooper who found shake in Zach’s car. Eli’s retort: “This will be a battle to the death.”) Later, Eli apprises Peter of the sordid sitch. “How do you battle a lie? With a bigger lie,” he tells Peter — who then follows Kresteva into the men’s room. There, the men have a brief exchange of taunts, until Peter pops Mike in the face, sending him to the floor. Peter’s drink crashes to the tile next, painting a comprising picture — aka a bigger lie. Somewhere in all of this, Peter and Eli found a quiet moment to invite Diane to submit herself for the Supreme Court seat vacated by the guy who died last week. “I am bowled over,” a visibly touched Diane responded. With just two-and-a-half hours to tender her decision — which would dictate her giving up her partnership — she confides in Will, suggesting he could just go with “Gardner & Associates.”

As the incredible, oft-moving hour drew to a close, Peter did not get The Hug — though neither did Kresteva (“We’re in uncharted territory!” Eli bleated to his candidate, wholly disinterested as he danced with his gorg’ wife.)… Alicia assured Grace that she wasn’t “a mistake,” saying through a breaking voice, “I loved you before you were born. And I love you even more now.” (“And Dad?” Grace asked. “I love him,” her mother confirmed)… and Alicia flashed back to a meeting with Matthew about the dog owner, where he observed of his litigious leanings, “Suing because I like being with you would make sense.” Oh, Walter — always the charmer.

What did you think of the episode “Death of a Client”?

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  1. Kayla says:

    Alicia is hopelessly in love with Will and even though she put an end to them, there never is an end to them. There never will be. She can say she is with Peter but even her kids know she is in love with Will, always has been. I really hope her and Will end up together, they deserve happiness.

    • Angel says:

      I totally agree. Peter knows Alicia is in love with Will.

    • Cate says:

      I’ve kind of always hated Grace and her “kidnapping” from breaking up Alicia and Will, but now I kind of like her for letting her mom know that she should be with the one she loves. Loved this episode!

      • Tina B. says:

        Agreed Cate! Thought Grace was a brat too and her going missing but now she seems to be growing up and she is taking after mom with the bad boys!

    • Tina B. says:

      Well said Kayla and I totally agree! So excited we got to hear that Alicia settled for Peter because of the kids! Loved what Grace said “I don’t want to be the reason you can’t be with who you love.”

    • blancaster60 says:

      No, Alicia doesn’t love Will. She lusts after him. She will always be attracted to him, but love? No. I think most TGW fans want Alicia to end up with Will because of their hatred for Peter. And that really is kind of baffling. It’s been years since Peter cheated on Alicia. During that time, she has had considerable more action outside her marriage than her husband, but that of course is different, I know. Alica will always get basically a free pass no matter what she does. And the Kings (series creators/writers) will never be able to resurrect Peter as far as a large number of viewers are concerned. I have always wanted to see Alicia and Peter stay together and rebuild their marriage, something you seldom see after one or both spouses have had affairs. But it does happen. Seeing Peter “become a better man” is much more interesting to me than Alicia running off with Will, who I believe really cares about Alicia, but still will always be a player.

      • vismara says:

        yes it would be convenient for peter and alicia to get back together, but I for one, believe as many others that Alicia wants to be with Will, as evidenced by several times the word “love” pops up. For me, Peter has always been smarmy. Will fon’t give up.

      • Ella says:

        Very, very well said. Moreover, I find Will to be far more smarmy than Peter.

      • James Butler says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more blancaster60. Too many fans justify Alicia’s bad behavior on her husband who slept with other people, went to jail, was aquitted; ran and won SA and now running for Governor. Episode 18 finally told the alicia/will worshipers the reason she was doing the cheating. Being shelfish, not what Peter did who is TWICE the man will is. He has tried to mend his image, let his wife have the money to be a partner in LG, buy back their old house and everything possible for redemtion. She was spending so much time with her scumbag paramour that when her daughter was missing it was because she didn’t answer her phone when she called because she was in bed with a leach. Son has girlfriend in bedroom studing, son helping dad with his campaign, someone researchings condoms on computer, Grace cutting class with smoke in clothing; found it hard to thank Kalinda for finding Grace and doing everything possible to hid her affair with a false facade, I find it disingenerious to wish alicia to be with a man who is contrite and self absorbant and disrespectful to her and himself. By pursuing a married woman and hiding and lying about it is unforgiveable. He lead Diane to believe he called off the affair the first time when it was Alicia who said she couldn’t it anymore, it was too much after diane told him to call it off. Will has no integrity and is a womanized and bad thing about that is Alicia know it. Don’t justify Alicia’s moral decay on Peter and empathizing with her. Give her husband credit for trying to reconcile his family and be magnaimous towards him in his efforts. He is a MUCH better MAN than will.

      • Kiki says:

        Exactly! Alicia lust for Will, always has. Is Peter who she loves, and that’s why she has never truly been able to let Peter go. I mean all you have to do is listen to Alicia words and even her action, she never let Will into the most important part in her life because she never saw herself long term with Will. It’s never been love for Will.

  2. MGL says:

    Very good episode, but could not help but be disappointed with what seems to be Alicia closing the door on Will. TV guide magazine ran the article a week or so ago on TV best couples. ER’s Doug and Carol (Julianne M.) won, rightfully so, but if anyone read the next 25 couples, Will and Alicia were listed, not Alicia and Peter. I will always be a Will and Alicia fan, and as good as an episode it was, thank god it was late and I did not miss Revenge for it!

    • rowan77 says:

      The operative word here is “seems.” It’s clear that she’s still in love with Will (and he with her) so while they have the shelve it for now – I am sure the relationship will crop up again. Right now, she has to help Peter get elected and frankly, he’s been a good boy for four seasons, waiting for her to come back. This show isn’t ending this season, so there’s plenty of time for more Will/Alicia goodness to come.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Agreed, though if the show is indeed closing the door on Will & Alicia for good I wonder where they plan to go next season… and actually keep viewers interested (personal life-wise).
      Alicia reunited with her philandering husband, becoming partner at LG, the election finally concluded; that leaves things in a pretty boring state. So she’s the successful wife of a politician with 2 kids and a big house; where’s the intrigue, the drama, the dilemma? Also factor in that Alicia and Kalinda’s friendship is basically dead (biggest mistake); what excitement is on the horizon? Sure there’s the Cary/Kalinda romance angle (still waiting for an actual kiss!), except they’re jerking the audience around with them as well. So… why do I watch this show again?

      • Lucy says:

        Could someone find for Cary a love interest who actually gives a damn about him? I mean, someone who’s not constantly busy flirtling with someone else and saving Alicia’s ass?

  3. Rrrrrr says:

    I’m conflicted with this episode. It was a little bit too odd for my taste. About the whole Will/Peter thing, I felt like she WANTS to truly put an end to this whole Will thing, even though she obviously still loves him. But then the whole thing with Alicia being pregnant when she got married- I feel like that was kind of put in there to make us feel like Alicia felt forced to marry Peter. I don’t know. I’ll ship her with Will until the show ends but I wish they’d just give us a clear choice already.

  4. nikki says:

    Will sucks.

  5. Kiki says:


    • ha says:

      Try not to make a comment with a similar name right after the first one you made. Kinda obvious, and calm down; we all have different opinions.

    • rowan77 says:

      I like them together too (I also like her with Will so I’m happy either way). I like that Peter’s smart and being faithful and patient with Alicia for these past few years while she tries to get past what he did. He also seems like he’s a good, honest State’s Attorney and a good parent. What parent wouldn’t have called and thrown their weight around when their kid gets sited for having shake in the car, when there wasn’t any (if you remember the cop prompted the dog to bark). I like that he punched Kresteva over spreading lies about Zach and turning the tables on him.

    • shar says:

      I agree. I don’t like Alicia and Will together. I think she really does love Peter and will realize that one day.

  6. Flo says:

    I loved the episode! I laughed a lot! Alicia is getting to a new, very independent and honest state of mind! Which makes for a fun ride! And I get the feeling that just NOW, she realized she DID love Will, even though she said she didn’t to her brother. And I truly think she meant it then. But not anymore! And I’m looking forward to what feelings this new “thing” with Will and Laura, will overcome Alicia.

  7. P.M. says:

    Major disappointment. Yawn & boo. More Will & Alicia!! John Noble was fantastic though. Alicia needs to be a bad girl.

  8. AS says:

    Alicia should be with Will: Peter cheated on her with a prostitute and Kalinda and, other than their kids, it’s not clear what keeps them together. But I like that Alicia is developing her sense of self and her own life first without really being with either of them entirely. They probably put that being pregnant when marrying Peter into the plot line to make you think that Alicia had to marry him – but then maybe that’s her – always being practical and duty/honor bound rather than thinking about her own needs and wants. It’s fun to watch her grow as a person and figure out what her own needs and wants are in the complicated framework of having kids with someone and what is the best choice to make given the realities of her life and her wanting what’s best for her kids versus what’s best for her.
    But you get the feeling that Will actually loves her whereas Peter just wants her because she’s his wife.

    • cathiecat says:

      I disagree. All season we’ve seen Alicia in sexual encounters with Peter, many times on her initiative. That doesn’t feel like something done just to reconstruct a “happy family”. Both kids will be out of the house soon,. anyway. I think she’s always loved Peter, and his path to the governorship (and White House in Eli’s dreams) doesn’t hurt his appeal.

  9. samfz says:

    I always thought Grace was the youngest?

    • Linderella says:

      Me, too.

    • Maddie says:

      Zack is two years older than Grace. In this episode, Alicia’s mom spoiled to Zack that she was pregnant with him before they got married, but they moved the date up so it’d be less obvious. Similarly with Grace, her grandmother also implied that Grace (their second child) was an accident/mistake. Alicia reassures Grace that she wasn’t a mistake and she wasn’t the reason she stayed (and is staying) with Peter. Then Alicia speaks to her mother, almost threatening her but not quite, saying she can’t use the truth against her. This to me meant that Grace was indeed a mistake/accident and may be one of the reasons they’ve been married so long.

  10. dlr929 says:

    Loved this episode. Each flashback brought some new emotion to the forefront. If Victoria had been my mother with my children, I would have clocked her. LOL
    The chemistry between Will and Alicia is palpable, but she belongs with Peter for now.
    No one has mentioned the weird connection between Bach, John Noble and Victoria’s guest appearance. Is her father dead? Did he leave the family? Could it be Noble?
    I find the writing to be so smart and the acting so real. This is the one show out of way too many that is my “must see” tv each week. Alicia is played with more honesty than any character on the small screen today. The way her voice breaks at just the right moment.
    AH, perfection.

  11. PB says:

    The end is near. You can feel the writers wrapping everything up and fitting in all the guest stars from current and past plot lines that they can (Dylan Baker and Morena Baccarin next week). My call is this will be the last season of TGW and that may be a good thing because the character of Alicia has stalled out and backslid. She has slipped back from her burgeoning independence back into what is comfortable. She’s always been written as sort of dreamily nostalgic and this will fit into the happy ending that fans want, even if it’s incredibly boring.

    Everyone gets what they want. Diane gets her judge appointment. Eli gets his big election win and Chief of Staff job. Cary gets his partnership. Kalinda gets her true friend. Will gets his firm and a new lover (Amanada Peet). Peter gets the governorship. And Alicia gets her white picket fence back. It’s a terribly boring, hackneyed and lazy way to end things but I’m sure some folks will be happy with the cliched ending. All tied up in a nice, white bow tie. What a terrible waste of the great John Noble. It was a fun ride though, even if the ending looks like it’ll be a letdown. Hope I’m wrong and they do something gritty, compelling, and thought provoking, like the show started…..

    • Kate says:

      Hi PB. You must be new here. Welcome! A little tip for you: TGW is in no danger of being cancelled. Not sure why having guest stars reappear makes you shriek “the end is near!” but step back from the ledge. You don’t have to keep watching, but the rest of us will be. CHILL.

      • Tina B. says:

        Thanks for saying this Kate! Yes TGW is in no danger at all of being cancelled, it is the top drama for CBS. Also Josh Charles just signed on for another year, so Will isn’t going anywhere either! Sorry Will haters!

        • Katherine says:

          The top CBS drama is NCIS. TGW is actually their 2 lowest rated one. (Not including freshman dramas) after Mentalist so there is a slight (thought completely improbable)chance it will be cancelled.

        • Emily says:

          Thanks kate and Tina! The good wife is in no near of danger what so ever to be canceling. Even the writers are saying that they are wrapping the season up as if they were coming back … so that means a cliff hanger finale! Also so happy that josh charles signed for another year! Dont hate will guys, he’s the boss now!

    • A says:

      And also if you are actually familiar with TGW you would know that they constantly bring back past guest stars each season which for me personally I find really great. Not many shows do that.

    • Bob says:

      Hey, Peanut Butter, you’re way off. No way this show is getting canceled. They’re consistently in the Top 20 overall, although they’re not in the Top 25 for the ridiculously “all important” 18-49 age bracket. So it skews older. Most of CBS does. They’re still getting the ratings.

  12. Mary says:

    People! There is NO chemistry between Alisha and Will!

    • Lauren says:


    • cleo says:

      Thank you! I completely agree. I wanted to–but didn’t find their illicit love scenes (hotel visit etc.) or tonight’s flashbacks compelling. Whatever was intended, or whatever the outcome might be, the chemistry is between Alicia and Peter.

  13. Amanda says:

    Seems Noble was Alicia father… what a strange, but great episode.

  14. I love it when people try and play Peter and/or his family! He ain’t got time for that!

  15. A says:

    Lol at the random TGW review on TVLine this week.
    OK first thing: Alicia/Peter vs. Kresteva was epic. I love Alicia in bitch mode. She’s so kickass even if its just with words.
    I’ve never seen this John Noble actor in anything before I think but I have to say I like him and I really enjoyed the flashback. I don’t why but I was kind of upset about his death. I hope there will be more flashbacks in the future.
    It was definitely a different episode but I enjoyed it nevertheless and I liked the change in format and I hope they do more flashbacks. I’d love to see Alicia’s past and get to know her history a bit more with her mother.
    I really hope they take the Will/Alicia thing in one direction soon as it doesn’t matter to me who she ends up with because like her I am conflicted. I kind of enjoy her with both of them. But I’m getting a little tired of the back and forth

  16. miller says:

    Oh, WOW ! What a truly wonderful episode. The Good Wife proved once again that it IS the week’s best hour of television. At certain times it felt like a witty satire, a french romantic film from the 50s and a riveting thriller. Truly brilliant. Excellent writing, directing and acting…as always. Now let’s just hope that early word rings true and CBS will order that fifth season ! I know the ratings aren’t great, but they haven’t been for a while yet CBS sticked with it and to this day was very generous with their undoubtedly best show similar to FOX that was equally generous to the ratings-challenged Fringe and gave fans 100 great episodes. Ironically, Fringe standout John Noble who was criminally overlooked by Emmy voters for all five seasons, now could win for The Good Wife (Guest Actor in Drama Series). Oh, wouldn’t that be great ?

  17. Leah says:

    I really loved this episode. I just wish they had saved John Noble for another role so he could come back! I hate that Will and Alicia are drifting further apart, but I’m sure they’ll come back together eventually. Excited for the Sweeny ep, and to see more about Diane as a judge.

  18. Dianne says:

    Loved John Noble in this epi. Too bad he died on us so soon. I am not going to be happy when Will moves on to Amanda Peet’s character.

  19. Wendy Grant says:

    Something tells me that at the end of the season we will find out that Peter did actually sleep with the campaign worker. He and Alicia were over at that time, so the only issue is that it may look tacky that the person running for Governor was sleeping with campaign staff. That wrapped up too neatly for me.

    I think they have to change up somethings going forward. Making Diane a judge is a good idea. We can see her presiding over cases that have nothing to do with LG, Cary needs to become a partner. Didn’t they say that the only way that will happen soon is if one of the partners left? They need to do a love interest for Cary also. I thought it was crazy bringing in a new investigator and not have Kalinda have anything to do with hiring the new person.

    Diane and Will were talking about if she leaves what the firm should be called. Any possibility that the other equity partners vote for Gardner & Florick (sp) just so that Alicia name brings in big clients?

  20. forwarddad says:

    Wish the writers would stop pretending Kalinda and Cary will happen. In Cary!s dreams not so much Kalinda.

  21. Magically Suspicious says:

    Why was Will in black tie? Especially after Alicia made a point of telling him last episode that the event was white tie.

    • Bob says:

      Cause Will is a major d-bag?

      • cleo says:

        Yes. He is a bit of a d-bag. Who walks right out of a painful breakup with the woman he ostensibly loves to chat up the next love recruit? I keep wanting to like him but Ugh.

    • Ronan says:

      Alicia did tell him just a few hours before and Cary was also wearing a black tie. Will looked great in his tux so I don’t care that he was wearing the wrong tie.

  22. Tom says:

    Once again, I’m very happy to see TGW back on track. I thought this was another strong episode. The only real complaint I had was with the whole story line about the Ashbaugh killer now coming after Alicia. The GPS story sounded fishy from the start. Given Alicia already knew the police were trying to get her to divulge privileged information, it seemed out of character that she would be so easily duped. Then to call her kids/mother and tell them to run from their apartment and wander around in the street without any protection seemed lame — especially given the Ashbaugh killer had already acted in public. If the police weren’t willing to provide security, that should have been a pretty big red flag to suggest the story was bogus. I suspect much of the other stuff (Alicia’s flashbacks with Will) probably foreshadow the season finale.

    • Crixus says:

      I had the same thought. If the police felt the DA’s family was in danger, why not send someone to their home for protection? Alicia is usually sharp. This was very uncharacteristic.

  23. Don says:

    Excellent episode . Flash backs were great. They must bring back Kalinda’s new interest.

  24. champmav says:

    I would have sworn that Noble’s character said it WOULDN’T make sense of him to be litigious just to spend time with Alicia, echoing the statement Peter used to clandestinely confirm to Alicia that he had, indeed, punched Kresteva. I was delighted with that ending! I should, perhaps, have seen it coming. I had a moment of true, gleeful appreciation for the fantastic writing in this episode. Maybe it’s just me.

  25. Rinka says:

    First (and irrationa)l thought I had when I saw John Noble was – Walter! You made it back! Loved this episode.

  26. Fifi4life says:

    My heart dropped when Will and Alicia had that talk. You could see how excited Will got after she said how good he looked, then how it just died again when she told him they had to move on. He didn’t have to say much, the hurt was written all over his face.

    This is how I’m consoling myself. I have no fear that TGW won’t be back next season, but whenever in the future that the show does end, maybe Alicia’s role as “The Good Wife”, will turn out to be her being Will’s wife.

    Is that really farfetched?

  27. Morisot says:

    WHAT IS ON THE CD!!! (Not just Bach!)

  28. Phil says:

    So Cardinal James was the only cardinal in the world not at the Vatican on March 17th preparing for the next day’s inauguration of the new pope.

  29. Crixus says:

    I believed Alicia when she told Grace she loves her dad. The pause was not hesitation, more reflecting and giving in to her true feelings.

    Now here’s the twist for the Will/Alicia shippers:
    +/- 15 years ago Will and Alicia had a one night stand and roughly 9 months after that Grace was born.

    Wouldn’t that make for an interesting story? Saint Alicia cheating first, having another man’s baby (if I’m correct, one who doesn’t want kids), letting Peter raise the baby and staying out of guilt.

  30. Ella says:

    I loved Peter and Alicia in this episode, they were adorable :) Seriously hope Will/Alicia has been nipped in the bud, it takes up too much screentime and I hate it. Give that time to Cary and Kalinda, who are quickly becoming the most interesting and dynamic pairing on this show. Moreover, stop having Alicia have so many lovely maternal moments with Grace and none with Zach. He is easily the more wonderful, less annoying child.

    • 90vinitablog says:

      Cary and kalinda are more like BFF….the possibility of them pairing up is very less….Although it would be interesting to c if the writers turn them into a new leaf…..

    • Pam says:

      Writers are jerking us around with Cary and Kalinda. They did hook up off-screen. They’re cooling off off-screen. And they’re likely going to solve everything in a one “we’re just friends” big scene near the end of the season. And they’re jerking us around about that partnership storyline too which is progressing too slowly and it’s just becoming the new excuse to keep Cary out of every court case in the 2nd half of the season.

  31. Craig says:

    Not sure why but I always thought that Zach was the oldest.

  32. JoyAnne says:

    Brief comment as because of timing I missed a good part. Didn’t see Peter deck Kresteva. I’d loved to have seen that. :-)
    As for the Will/Alicia/Peter triangle. I’m voting for Alicia and Peter.
    Loved seeing John Noble on the show. Wish they hadn’t killed him off. Would have loved to see him again.

    BTW. If the ratings for TGW & the Mentalist are down. Blame the time spot CBS has given them. Not the shows themselves. 2 really good shows being wasted there.

  33. TrickyGreyArea says:

    I don’t really have an opinion on who Alicia should/will be with. I enjoyed John Noble’s character, though I agree they should have followed up on the CD he gave Alicia. I’m wondering if that was planned and they decided it was too tidy…but even if that was the case, they made Alicia look pretty dense to think back on receiving the CD and not check into it further.

    I was skeptical of Ausiello’s tease about “physical intimacy” for Cary and Kalinda, so I was actually pleasantly surprised. The hand hold was lovely, but even more I enjoyed the body language during their conversation (leaning in, unable to stop staring at each others’ mouths). I really want to see more of their development, but in the meantime I am glad to see the show isn’t forgetting about them altogether.

    • Lucy says:

      Writers could have spent those 4 years to build up a serious love interest for Cary. Instead they’ve spend 4 seasons building up something they’re mostly solving off-screen and in a contrived and predictable way.
      The “physical intimacy” between Cary and Kalinda was nothing really surprising. They had sex but I don’t see any development as for those two. Cary is chasing over Kalinda again and Kalinda is pushing him back again. He was sitting alone at the table like she was flirting with someone else. She was asking him a favor to save Alicia’s ass while not giving a damn about what he feels. They keep talking about everything but about themselves.That with the usual awful screentime. And I can already picture how the all thing is going to end. She will give him the “we’re just friends” speech very soon. End of the story. Too bad I don’t buy any friendship between those two and I’m not interested in it. Especially because it would be just like a sop for fans for 4 years of teasing and building up about something else.

  34. iamkessuki23tw says:

    Honestly, i didn’t mind who Alicia chose between Will and Peter,but this season has made me think she is better suited to Peter. Sorry Will fans.

    i quite like Amanda Peet’s character ‘Laura’ and believe her and Will could make a very happy and fun couple.

    The Good Wife is undoubtedly my fave tv show – its perfect in every sense but tonight i felt john noble should not have been killed off. he was amazing and deserved another episode or two.

    Alicia’s mother Veronica omg i love her and would love to know more about her and alicia’s relationship and alicia’s life prior to settling down. the flashback scenes worked incredibly well and made the episode that much so better.

    Diane’s beaming smile when offered to take the Supreme court judge seat kind of told that she would leave L&G and its a good step for her character as the show needs change and this was also ultimately what Diane was destined to become and do, really. I for one am eager to see her character development from here forward and involved more with the politics.

    As for Will, i think its good move for him to finally part from Diane’s side and it’d be interesting to see him make decisions without her. hopefully their friendship and scenes wont be cut too short next season – i quite like their banter and will miss it.

    YES! smug Kresteva got punched. i wanted to see that for so long. thankyou peter, it also brought a smile to alicia which is a great thing. Julianna Marguiles/Alicia looked fab in this episode from the hair, make-up and dress.

    Also if the good wife writers are reading this, stop teasing us with kalinda and cary, i desperately want cary to have a girlfriend that loves him and treats him well and takes his shirt off hehehe. not asking too much.

  35. Debra Young says:

    This episode shows Alicia to not be the good wife. Alicia was the woman in red, the provacateur. Shows that Peter had a reason to stray. Alicia’s mom said she had been promiscuous when she was young; irresponsibly so, leading to an unplanned pregnancy. She carried on with Will at the jail. And did so in front of a female friend who had just expressed an interest in Will. Alicia’s last thought, while she was dancing with her husband, was of another man’s attraction to her. This man prolonged a lawsuit against a dog owner unnecessarily, just so he could spend time with his lawyer/Alicia. Kalinda believed the dog owner murdered the man. Alicia was complicit in this man’s death – flirting to keep her client on the case (so she could bill hours) caused the dog owner to become murderously angry.

    • Fifi4life says:

      Wow. I’ll remember not to wear red again for fear of being labeled a “provacateur” aka hussy, just asking to be cheated on . Since when is sitting and talking/laughing with someone considered carrying on? The main reason she told Will to move on is because of the conversation she had with Laura. And maybe her mind was on her client is because she had been dealing with his murder investigation all night?

      Maybe you can write to CBS and have them change the name to The Slut Wife, to be more accurate. Jeez.