Revenge Recap: A Secret Kid and a Turtle Head

Revenge Season 2 recapThe good news: Mason Treadwell appears in this week’s Revenge, and he drops a giant revelation (as he is wont to do.) The bad news: The delightfully spiteful author doesn’t show up until the very end of the hour; until then, we’re forced to watch as a character we met last week gets revenge on a character we meet this week – oh, and Emily lets Nolan down in a major way. Let’s review the major developments that took place in “Victory.”

FOSTER MOMMY DEAREST | Emily’s foster brother Eli has been in touch with Mrs. Hayward, the woman who treated them terribly (withheld food and water, threw them in a dungeon-like room in her basement) and scammed the system when they were children in her care. He wants the Amanda Clarke Foundation to give Hayward some money so she can keep her home… even though, as Conrad and Victoria point out, Amanda nearly burned it down years ago. Eli spouts something about forgiveness and redemption, and that’s enough for the Graysons to back his plan. Conrad also sees the gift – and the press conference at which it will be presented – as a boon for his gubernatorial campaign. When Em asks Eli what’s really up, he says that Mrs. Hayward withheld letters from David Clarke to his daughter and he’s just making good on his promise always to protect her.

Nolan fills in the gaps: David’s letters to Amanda refuted everything in Mason’s book; when she didn’t respond to them, he started keeping the journals that Nolan later delivered. Emily says something along the lines of, “If I had had those letters then I might not have lit the fire and I might have had a better life and Amanda might not have died and yadda yadda blergh.” Yes, or… things would’ve turned out exactly the same or worse. Live in the now, Ems. She accompanies Eli to Mrs. Hayward’s home, where we – and not Emily – hear Eli and Mrs. H have a conversation that makes it seem like they’re in cahoots to fleece the Graysons’ foundation. But at the press conference to announce the gift, Eli pulls the old switcheroo on the foul foster mom when he denounces her mistreatment of her wards – and has even gone as far as populating the audience with his fellow foster siblings. But then she outs Eli as the one who actually set the fire for which Amanda/Emily took the blame (he restarted a blaze she’d let die down, for those of you as confused as I initially was). I get the feeling the show wants us to be very excited about these twists; am I alone in feeling kind of meh about them?

VICTORIA’S SECRET | Before he leaves town, Eli somehow tortures Mrs. H into telling him that she told the letters to “some guy” years before. (Side note: Anyone else think this part of the narrative seemed a little rushed? I mean, I didn’t need to actually see Eli pulling out Mrs. H’s fingernails or whatever he did, but maybe we could’ve gotten a little more than just a faceless whimper coming from her basement torture chamber?) That sends Emily to visit our favorite “true” crime author in the clink. “What, no cake?” he snarks as they sit on opposite sides of the glass. Mason Treadwell, I heart you. He reminds her that the letters – like everything else he owned – went up in flames when she set his house aflame last season. But he remembers the gist of the missives, in which David feared for his daughter’s well-being in a system that he knew was not great… because a close friend who’d gotten pregnant as a teenager also had had to give up a child. Yup, he’s talking about Victoria and her first kid, to whom she gave birth when she was 16. With a mischievous smile, Emily promises to exploit that info for all it’s worth.

DADMA IS ALIVE! | A video proving her father is still alive impels Padma to go along with The Initiative’s directions to bring them Carrion. Noles begs Emily for help but she pawns him off on Aiden, promising to be there when the exchange goes down. But when The Initiative moves up the meeting time, she can’t come because she’s… at lunch with Daniel.

Wait, what? Even if I buy that Emily is indulging Daniel’s cloak-and-dagger meal plans (what good is it to refer to her by a different name on the phone if you’re going to dine at a very public restaurant?), I’m supposed to believe she couldn’t make up some excuse to slip away and help one of her closest friends? While we’re on the subject of stuff that I just couldn’t get behind, let’s talk about Nolan and Padma’s “I love you” exchange. Gabriel Mann and Dilshad Vadsaria do a lovely job with the characters, but they just haven’t had enough screen time together this season for me to get broken up about them never seeing each other after Padma and her pop go on the run.

Anyway, the exchange goes down — with Carrion housed in a GPS-concealing flash drive that looks like a giant turtle (did Nolan think an international terrorist group would be charmed by its sense of whimsy?) Of course The Initiative grabs Padma, too, and ditches the flash drive’s GPS component. Based on a text he gets, Nolan figures out that the Falcon is now working for The Initiative. (Wait, wasn’t the superhacker working for the Graysons last week?) Emily apologizes for not being there when Nolan needed her and promises she will next time — y’know, if she doesn’t have brunch plans or whatever.

Along those lines, Daniel receives a photo of him and Emily at their allegedly covert lunch, and there are two bullets in the envelope. Cut to Victoria putting away her jewelry box, which holds a box of ammunition that’s missing two bullets. Vicky, you sly little minx, what are you up to now?

PORTER WANTS PAYBACK | Things between Jack and Emily? Still chilly. Things between Jack and Kenny? Heating up, after Declan steals Trey’s cell phone and uses it to set up a meeting between Jack and the surviving Ryan brother. (So Jack did believe Nolan last week about Kenny buying the speedboat? I could’ve sworn Porter was just playing along.) Kenny says he doesn’t know anything about the boat or anything Nate had planned, but he does know that his brother taped all interactions between Conrad and himself as insurance. After Jack hears them, he’s even more sure that the Graysons need to go down for Amanda’s murder.  So he accepts Conrad’s offer to become the Grayson campaign’s equivalent of Joe the Plumber – working from the inside and all that.

Now it’s your turn. Were you happy to see the Red Sharpie getting a workout this week? Were you surprised that everything seemed to be OK between Charlotte and Declan after her flirtation with Eli last week? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. a says:

    Emily couldn’t help Nolan because she was at lunch with Daniel in Cape Cod, and it would have been impossible to make it to the meet-up because they made the time much earlier. I thought they spelled that out very clearly.

    • Jules says:

      I thought she said It was New Haven, Ct. At least an hour from NYC.

      • Chloe says:

        Jules is right. She was in New Haven & said she couldn’t get back in time. It wasn’t her fault since the time for the exchange was suddenly moved up at the last minute.
        It bothered me that Nolan seemed to blame Aidan for Padma’s kidnapping. He made some comment about how Aidan needed to find a new line of work. Well, if Nolan hadn’t whacked Aidan’s arm just as Aidan was about to fire the shots, then perhaps he could have stopped the kidnappers.
        I don’t care if Charlotte & Declan are getting along or if Declan falls in a black hole. If he does, I wish he’d take boring Jack with him. Definitely the wrong Porters have died – I’d so much prefer if the brothers bit the dust and Amanda and Sammy were still around.
        [Have to add that I just read the little “rule” above! Darn, I’m so sorry that I don’t have any discount leather goods to sell!!! LOL]

  2. anil says:

    Great episode. Even though its more and more questions every week, it’s a fun ride. Watching the show is a fun ride cause you never know what twist is coming or who had a secret baby in the past. It’s a soap opera – but with good acting.

    I cant wait for the masquerade party next week.

  3. david says:

    I tjink you mean victoria and her first kid not Charlotte unless i am wrong

  4. Lyndsey says:

    Good Lord, VICTORIA gave up a child at 16, not Charlotte!

    Emily didn’t “bail” on Nolan because she didn’t want to leave her date! Her conversation clearly spelled out that the meeting had been abruptly moved up so it was in only 36 minutes and even if Emily had left right then she would have never made it in time. There was nothing she could do about that.

  5. Kathryn says:

    Under “Victoria’s Secret” wasn’t it supposed to say “Victoria and her first kid” instead of “Charlotte and her first kid” (who, on a side note, is a son)?

  6. Gina says:

    I think you meant to write that Victoria gave up a kid she had at 16, not Charlotte. Also I second the earlier comment, Emily couldn’t get to Nolan because she was too far away and would not have made it in the shortened amount of time after the initiative changed the meeting time.

  7. jerrired says:

    Am I the only one who is trying to figure out if it’s possible that Nolan is Victoria’s first son? It may be implausible but, to me, it only makes sense to introduce that ‘twist’ if he is going to have a big connection to a character/or is a character we already know.

    • anil says:

      I kinda agree with this. And with the season finale being ‘Nolan-centric’ (according to the actor), I say its def. a HIGH possibility.

      And it would make sense because Nolan was close with David while he was imprisoned and always helped him. David probably never told him but he did become close with him.

    • Andrew says:

      That is a possibility I haven’t even thought of. That could explain why Victoria faints, because she can’t believe it’s Nolan (who could hand her proof). They would at least save money by not having to hire another actress to play the part…LOL.

    • iMember says:

      HOLY COW! I didn’t even think of that. It would explain how David had a connection with Nolan and Nolan would also be just about the right age too from when Victoria had the child. Wow!! This will be a really interesting turn if it comes out this way.

    • dude says:

      Wouldn’t that throw a huge wrench in Nolan and Emily’s partnership though? It would be super dramatic but I feel like it would hinder their relationship and make him question Emily’s revenge which would suck seeing as this season has gotten away from Emily/Nolan as a team enough.

      • Andrew says:

        I could see how it could be harder for both of them, but they’ve come so far that I don’t think they’d let it get in the way of their relationship (IF he does turn out to be her half-brother). Personally, after watching a few episodes of the first season, I thought they’d find out that they were brother and sister, eventually.

    • Jake says:

      Well thanks for giving away a major twist if that is what is going to happen, lol.

    • VCK says:

      Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t they say in the past that Nolan lived with his father until his aunt took him in? Wouldn’t the fact that he grew up in the foster system have come up before now? I’m thinking Falcon is Victoria’s first son.

      • jerrired says:

        I thought about the Falcon theory a lot last night, because many people think that. But that one makes less sense to me than the Nolan possibility. Because Falcon worked for the Graysons first and I doubt Victoria would want her secret son working for them. Yes, there is a possibility that she didn’t know who the Falcon was, but it seems kind of unbelievable that the Graysons wouldn’t research someone in charge of keeping some of their secrets. And if they did research, him being adopted should come up. Her son could be Falcon, but I hope he is not, because that seems like kind of lazy writing, at least if Victoria is clueless that him being her son. If she knows, it makes more sense, but not why she would be so reckless and have him work so close and could expose her secret. But i don’t know Victoria does love her children (at least in her own way), so maybe having him close was worth the risk.

        As for Nolan, I considered that too. But if Nolan was adopted as a baby, he wouldn’t remember being adopted, and there is no law forcing his father to disclose that he was adopted. So Nolan could be clueless about it. I’m not saying Nolan is her son. I was just trying to figure out if that was possible, because it would be one heck of a twist.

        • VCK says:

          I like the way you think.

        • CaptainOats says:

          But the point isn’t just that Vicotria’s son was adopted, but that he spent at least some amount of time in the foster care system and it was horrible. That seems like something Nolan would remember and have spoken to Emily about. Of course, it could conceivably be played off as just something he doesn’t talk about, not even to Ems.

          However, that still wouldn’t make them related in any way, as his father certainly isn’t David Clark, and her mother isn’t Victoria. They don’t share a parent. It may just possibly give a reason for David’s interest in him. But that’s really thin. Sure, he was in love w/ Victoria, but he took an interest in the son she gave away years before she met him after she totally sold him out and left him in jail to rot? That makes little sense.

          I always thought that it would turn out that they had the same mother, or that Nolan’s aunt would turn out to be Emily’s mother, before that whole Jennifer Jason Lee thing became such a mess. I’m still hoping for a Heather Locklear type to be cast as Nolan’s mother. (Though she’s probably way too young.)

      • Andrew says:

        No, you’re right — he lived with his dad while he was going to MIT. Then, he got kicked out, and his father told him to leave (and his aunt took him in). That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have been adopted, though. It could also be — IF he was/is related to Emily — that he was so young when he was put in foster care that he doesn’t remember it.

        The Falcon could be anyone, but I really don’t think it would be Victoria’s first son. Why would he help her (or the whole family) get away with framing David Clark when she gave him up all those years ago? And even if he would, wouldn’t Conrad have to know who he was before he was hired to do his computer tech?

        I think The Falcon is Marco Romero: Sure, he would’ve been really young back in ’93, but: As we’ve been shown, he called it one of the greatest pieces of computer code he had ever seen, which means he knows how it works. I would also think that he would have some knowledge of how Nolan does his hacks so he can block them at every turn.

        It was also shown that Marco regretted the way their relationship originally ended and last we saw, if I’m not mistaken, he wanted to reconcile with Nolan.

        IF it is Marco, then he and Nolan can hash it out in cyberspace and then meet (much to Nolan’s surprise), but not before Marco learns the truth. Then, they reconcile and Marco joins the “revenge” fold?

    • Lucy says:

      I like that theory, except that it would make Nolan really old, since I assumed he was just a few years older than Emily and Daniel, and Victoria had some semblance of adult life (with her painter dude) before marrying Conrad and having Daniel.

    • Pat says:

      I think the “Falcon” is Victoria’s son……….

  8. It was a very good episode, though I don’t know how many times I’ll say it…Jack is starting to piss me off! Just let bygones be bygones and get together with Emily!

  9. Bea says:

    I just hope that the writers will get back to why Emily is there in the first place and stop these stupid subplots with random characters. It needs to return to its original level of excellence. And especially get rid of Aidan who in my opinion is not believable as a tough guy nor a romantic interest for Emily, and I barely understand what he is saying. Zero chemistry there. The best chemistry on the show is between Emily and Nolan and they are rarely together anymore except by cell and an occasional side comment to each other (with the exception of the boat scene). I hear the show is getting back on track, which will make my suffering through the last 10 or so episodes worthwhile.

    • dude says:

      If the show was just Emily getting revenge on the Graysons every episode, there’d be very little life left in the series by season three. She needs to go off-course and refocus every now and again. People complain that there aren’t enough takedowns, they give you a takedown, then you complain that takedown wasn’t Grayson-related. The show has been making huge strides and getting back to basics. They’re trying to bankrupt the Graysons and the Initiative is barely even a thing anymore. Give them a chance before you complain, they can’t correct the entire show in an hour.

  10. Alichat says:

    This episode was rather meh for me. I’d have liked it better if we’d found out that Padma has been playing Nolan all along, and is really the Falcon.

  11. Cate says:

    I’m I the only one who’s not buying Nolan and Padma as a couple? I hope they get rid of her for good and hire someone who has actual chemistry with Nolan.

    (I was hoping it was really her head on that box)

    • anil says:

      or have Nolan go gay again. That was way more interesting and hotter.

      • Alé says:

        Definitely interesting and more believable.

      • iMember says:

        Oh my gosh, the next time someone says “or have Nolan go gay again.” Nolan was never gay. He has always been bisexual.

        • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

          You know what they mean. They mean male love interest instead of female. Don’t get your panties in a twist.

        • Jake says:

          Why is that an important distinction?

          • Lena says:

            Why is it so important that Nolan have a male love interest? I did not see any chemistry with Tyler. I also did not see it with Padma. So having a gay relationship does not mean it is “hot” for everybody. I want Nolan to just have a love interest–male or female–he has fantastic, off the charts chemistry with.

  12. Crystal says:

    What if Padma is Falcon??

    • Crystal says:

      Or better yet, ashley?? Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

      • kavyn says:

        I would LOVE if Ashley were Falcon. I wish they didn’t reduce her character into some prostitute, season 1 Ashley was awesome.

        • Inmyopinion says:

          I read somewhere before that Ashley’s parents died in the plane crash and she’s really out for REVENGE too…I think that’s what the twist should be! All this computer hacker/Falcon/The Initiative/Carrion stuff is so overdone and boring! Is this a nightime sudser or Alias? Get on with it people!

        • dude says:

          Season 1 Ashley was a party planner/Victoria’s bitch. What about that was awesome?

          • kavyn says:

            She was clearly more than that. Do you remember how she jumped along with Tyler in order to screw over the Graysons of their money (but obviously failed)? She had her own agenda in season 1, trying to take whatever she could from the Graysons. No, it wasn’t a revengenda like Emily Thorne’s, but she clearly had an endgame.

            This season she’s just some slut that’s sleeping with whoever she has to. I’m pretty upset they took her away from her driven goal to turn her into such an annoying character. My hope for the end of the series (back in season 1) was to see an Emily/Amanda/Ashley trifecta working against the Graysons, but clearly that will never happen. Aiden and Eli both suck as allies.

      • Russ says:

        Nolan said he first encountered Falcon during David Clark’s trail. Ashley and Padma are to young, unless they are Falcon Jr.

  13. Michael says:

    well, if Vicky’s kid does turn out to be Nolan, he may get the buddy he’s always wanted in Daniel. But somehow I don’t think it’d play out that way.

    This episode was waaay too rushed. How did the foster monster know that Eli re-set the blaze? Why not toss him into detention at the time?

    I agree with Kim — we should have seen the foster monster being terrified by Eli; where was the … you know…Revenge?

    Mason seems to be handling prison just fine and dandy. I can’t believe a cream puff like him could handle his own in the clink.

    I so loved this show in season one; hadn’t had appointment TV in a long time. But this season has been a bit of a let down from the casting of Em’s mom to Em tossing the computer with the info that would bring down the Grayson’s into the ocean.

    It’s difficult to pace an entire season with the suspense that season 1 had and I do love these characters (Can Victoria threaten to ‘destroy’ someone please?) so I’ll hang in there, but I do hope it gets better and the plot holes start shrinking a bit.

    • Alé says:

      OMG I had forgotten about Em’s mom. Can we just pretend that, that time filler/weak twist never happened?

    • I agree, I enjoyed S1 focusing ONLY on the Graysons. The story was simpler, but more emotional. Nolan was better as a sidekick, not as a main lead on a very boring storyline. I’d put Padma, Eli, Aidan, Kenny Ryan and the Initiative on another show. We rarely get to see Victory anymore, and Conrad running for Governor has been weakly exploited, I have to remind myself that that’s what he is into, cause I keep forgetting. Ashley following him like a poodle. Daniel being kept in the dark, scared, drunk and dumb, it seems like they are writing him off the show. I need more ConVict drama and more Grayson Manor scenes. Revenge writers, get back to your main characters!!! I liked Vicky’s new son twist, that will lead into more of Victoria’s dark and difficult past.I don’t even care who the Falcon is. Perhaps is “Victor Harper” seeking revenge on his own.

  14. hmm says:

    does emily even have a plan for taking down the graysons anymore? this season has just been one irritating distraction after another, and it’s kind of getting to the point where emily should tie up the graysons and kill them. lol

    but seriously, though, what is emily even doing now? it’s just one random meeting with daniel after the other, and nothing really gets set in motion. plus, these days the episode-ending twists are way less interesting. victoria has a secret kid? unless it’s nolan, i don’t see why we should care.

    • Amelia says:

      Hmmm. I could see it being Nolan. That would cause every type of road block for Emily. I wonder if Emily will ever get Revenge on the Grayson’s or if the writers will let them off in the end but claim that “Hey she did get Revenge on these other people.” What Emily learned after last season from her father when she had the chance to kill the white haired man and didn’t makes me think that she won’t kill them but tarnish their reputation to nothing. I love Victoria but come on…

  15. Amelia says:

    I love this show.

  16. MaryAnn says:

    I really really loved the scene of Nolan and Padma saying goodbye, and yes I do believe they are really in love, and their chemistry in that scene really got to me. I just hope we have not seen the last of her, and that she doesn’t just die or disappear. Nolan deserves some happiness.

    • Tyluv3 says:

      Here Here. The writers have to slow it down and sell it better. But it could work. I like those two together…

      As long as it all ties to Emily (she is now going to help him with his revenge mission)

  17. MaryAnn says:

    Loved this episode! Lots and lots of tasty twists, plus we got to see Emily draw an X through someone she got revenge on. It’s been a while since we have seen that, and it was more satisfying than I anticipated.

  18. Erika says:

    Padma and Ashley cannot be the falcon because they would have been too young to be the super hacker at the time of David Clark incident nearly 10 years ago…unless Padma/Ashley is significantly older than Emily. It doesn’t appear so. Also, Ashley was introduced as a sex slave already and it wouldn’t make sense if she’d been hiding her hacker identity this far. The falcon was once, and maybe still is, on Grayson’s payroll – how can Conrad not recognize the falcon when he sees one (or is sleeping with one)? Padma’s father is a possibility, but if that’s the case, there are too many random coincidences from existing characters.
    Nolan was in his mid or late 20’s max when Emily was out from juvie at 16 which makes him about 10-12 years older than Emily. We can assume Daniel is about the age of Emily. Victoria’s first unknown son was born when she was 16 and probably Victoria had Daniel in her mid or late 20’s because she left another guy (Dominic?) to be with Conrad and that must have taken some time. That makes her unknown son about 10-12 years older than Emily/Daniel. Nolan’s age fits in. I’m skeptical, though. Nolan looks nothing like Victoria, with his light blond hair and baby blue eyes (both recessive genes). I mean…the guy could be adopted from Sweden.

    • Lucy says:

      I got the impression Nolan was a wunderkind of sorts, and developed NolCorp at/right out of MIT, so very early twenties. I just don’t see him as an entire decade older than Emily (despite Gabriel Mann’s actual age).

    • GuyAwks says:

      That’s what drives me insane about the this story is being written. The timeline seems to corroborate Nolan as Victoria’s son, yet he looks absolutely nothing like her. Yet there’s some pretty striking similarities between Victoria and Jack (skin tone, hair color, noses).

      I don’t think Nolan has spoken two words to Victoria all series- if the son isn’t Jack I’d much rather it be a new person than Nolan.

  19. Erika says:

    By the way, I totally thought Jack was playing along, too, about Nolan’s attempt to cover up his rescue. Jack’s expression wasn’t so trusting as his words and I was surprised he actually believed Nolan’s lies so easily.

    And I second the comment on Mason’s so unbelievingly going well prison life. Seriously, the guy’s glasses didn’t even have a scratch. He didn’t seem to suffer other than making toilet wine out of boredom. Maybe Emily is looking after him to keep him alive?

  20. Gio86 says:

    A very good episode, its nice to see the red sharpie back, lots of twists and turns. The second half of this season has been really good!

  21. ollie says:

    I would have liked em and eli work together against the foster mom and if eli became parteners with em. what was the point of introducing eli on show just to get rid of him that quick? I would also liked to have seen what he did to the mom.

  22. MissGolightly says:

    When I heard that Victoria had another son, immediately that guy from the bar with whom Daniel almost got into a fight last episode came into my mind. Remember how he was asking Daniel all of these weird questions as if Daniel has lived the life that he too deserved and was meant to only if…. Maybe he’s that brother of Daniels ;)

    • Bob says:

      I was thinking that also. Alternatly, Kenny Ryan could be the other son. The dynmic would be he blames Jack for his brothers death. Jack blames him for Amanda’s death & both blame the Greysons for mastermining it. Unlike his brother, he hasn’t been written out of the show yet.

      p.s. I got a feeling we havne not seen the last of Eli yet either.

  23. NCSouthernBelle says:

    I hope Eli comes back for more episodes. He is a great character, filling the wild card void created by FauxAmanda’s death.

  24. ti_kup says:

    Does anyone think that maybe Victoria and Conrad are the commanders behind the initiative? After seeing she planed the bullets to scare Danial off. This idea is kind of possible. They created the initiative to front their masks and created sympathy if anyone ever find out about David’s frame. They seem to me always telling viewers how dangerous the initiative is but they always escape or live through every situations so far.

  25. RichieS says:

    Why couldn’t Victoria’s first born be the Falcon?

  26. Chicago Dan says:

    I’m sorry to say that after reading recaps that past couple of weeks, I’m glad I finally ditched REV after FauxManda was “killed.” Here’s hoping that the show truly rights itself for start of S3.

  27. Tyluv3 says:

    Maybe ” I love you” was a little too much. I know the relationship between Nolan and Padma is a bit too forced and too early for ” i love you”. However, the producers are trying to sell their relationship and i buy it- to an extent. I can buy that he wants to protect her, he cares for her and her life , however – i love you is too early. If the producers want to fix their mistake for rushing their relationship, they have to coast it slowly. So hopefully things will turn out fine, i just want Nolan to have a happy ending and someone who loves him- it could be Padma.

    Everything is tying to Emily just fine- keep it up Revenge

  28. Leanne says:

    I liked this week’s episode. It was a bit fast paced,one twist after another had me rewinding but on the whole it was better than the previous ones. Eli was a boring character imo, I never really saw him as a threat in the first place so I’m glad he’s gone. The whole Porters vs. Ryans scenarios are boring as hell, as is Conrad running for governor. The only exciting scenarios are the ones involving the Falcon,Nolan,Aidan and Emily. (I;m still convinced Padma is up to smtg). Btw, once everyone started talking about it I agree that Nolan being Victoria’s son would be an EXCELLENT twist and a good season finale, although now that we’ve figured it out it wouldn’t be surprising. I’m hoping for a mind blowing season finale like last season! (PS I’m also not missing Fauxmanda at all,she was annoying too!)

  29. Tina B. says:

    I was happy to see the red sharpie, but not to sound morbid but I do watch The Following too, there isn’t enough deaths happening. I REALLY needed to see the foster mom get tortured and bite it! I was secretly hoping in the end that Emily might ask Eli to stay. He has more of a connection to her than Amanda did. I don’t believe Nolan/Padma so I am not broken up about it but I am worried about the initiative having Carrien, I thought they were getting rid of the initiative. Victoria is back trying to control Daniel and hey, here comes another son to control! I do not like Aidan, he is proving to me more useless by the episode, and love Daniel and Emily getting closer, it’s too bad the exchange time got moved up, Em will be there next time!

  30. Ana says:

    Am I the only one that’s glad the foster brother is gone? What the heck was that mess last night? He appears out of nowhere and suddenly he wants to ‘do right’ by Amanda? Victoria taking him on as a co-chair for the foundation was just too quick to be credible. And if he wanted to expose the foster mom, why did he do it during a foundation presentation when it would only hurt its image? That made absolutely no sense to me. Just like the whole Padma exchange was orchestrated in such an amateurish way. Did anybody really believe that the initiative was going to simply hand over Padma’s dad in exchange for the program? I was hoping it would happen that way so we would be done with that terribly lame arc, but I knew it didn’t…

    • Ana says:

      Urgh! Just saw the ratings for this episode, how far has this show fallen! Hate it when networks screw up the original formula which is what drew people in. Ratings are now good for a Friday.. :-(

  31. Lightkeeper says:

    It seems to make sense that “The Falcon” is either Marco (Nolan’s ex) or Aiden. Marco has been off of the radar for a while; however, it makes perfect sense due to his tech background. Plus, I think there’s a really good chance that Aiden is Victoria’s son. His real-life age would make that a definite possibility. He has dark hair just like Victoria, and there is a lot about his past that remains unanswered. Maybe his sister was just his half-sister and maybe he is actually working for the initiative. Think about it – his and Nolan’s plans were compromised. Victoria knew about Daniel and Emily’s lunch date.

    • Mimi says:

      Victoria was born in 1956, so at 16 being kicked out of the house by her mother and having a child around that age, her son would be late 30s or 40 years old max, Aiden and Nolan are not that old.

      • Lightkeeper says:

        Aiden definitely makes sense as Victoria’s son, unless they’re going to be introducing a new character to the show. Plus……let’s think about the unique twist. He could actually pass for Daniel’s brother; therefore, you would also have two brothers who love the same woman (Emily) and who both sit on the board of Grayson Global. In the show, Victoria is most likely considered in her early 50’s and Aiden is probably considered in his early 30’s. It could be worked out in the storyline. Again, let us not forget the unanswered questions about Aiden.

        • Deme says:

          Soap Rule #2342 Whenever it’s revealed that a character has a secret child, the child is already on the canvas.

          I don’t think it’s a new character. And the only character that would generate the most story miles would be Aiden. He and Daniel have already been setup as adversaries. Vic has unknowingly set her son up to be taken down by the initiative. Which would be a 2nd time after her first run with the initiative resulted in Aiden’s life being blown apart (no pun intended). And after all this time of trying to get Daniel away from Emily, her eldest son is Emily’s partner in every way. She would be mortified. Can you imagine she and Connie dueling over their sons.

  32. Nicole says:

    Am I the only one that is completely over Jack? “Evil Jack” is just the worst, it seems forced and unbelieveable. I kinda wish they didn’t save him! I am a huge, huge, huge Aiden fan. I think him and Emily have great chemistry and should end up together. Although, I definitely feel like the season has gone off the tracks…I hope it gets straightened out soon (and that Nolan is NOT a Grayson).

    • Deme says:

      I was completely over Jack S1 E1. I don’t care for childhood, destined to be storylines. Not to mention I have never seen one ounce of romantic spark or fire between Jack&Emily. And that kiss over the body of a dead dog was just not too morbid.

  33. Deion says:

    Have they ever spoken about Nolan’s mother? I know there was an article on this site about introducing his mother, but if memory serves it was more speculation than spoiler. I think it would be a horrible mistake to make Nolan Victoria’s son.

    ALSO, Victoria is taking some risks taking these (figurative) shots at Emily when Emily is well aware that Victoria staged her own kidnapping at the end of last season. At least she realizes that if any woman can take her control of Daniel away, it’s Emily.

  34. jm says:

    If they want a fun twist… Let Jack being Victoria´s son.

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