Ratings: Last Man Standing and Malibu Country Rise With Finales, Touch Up, Grimm Steady

TOUCH-208_SC48_0048On a Friday when not one piece of original network programming dropped versus March Madness, ABC’s sitcom send-offs saw significant gains.

Last Man Standing, with 7.85 million total viewers and a 1.6 rating, rose 22 and 14 percent week-to-week, hit its best numbers since the season opener and led the night in audience. It also tied 20/20 for Friday’s best rating.

Malibu Country meanwhile was up 25 percent to 7 mil/1.4.

Next week: Happy Endings returns to fill Friday’s 8 o’clock hour with double scoops of fresh episodes.

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Fox’s Touch reversed a downward trend, rising 26 percent and a tenth to 2.8 mil/0.7. Next week: Annie Wersching guest-stars in a fun li’l 24 reunion.

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* NBC’s Fashion Star (2.9 mil/0.7) added a handful of viewers, while Grimm (5 mil/1.4) was steady.

* The CW’s Cult was flat at 715K/0.2.

* ABC’s Shark Tank (5.75 mil/1.4) delivered the show’s second-largest rerun audience ever.

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  1. Maggie says:

    last night’s Grimm was so good!! the sandman was definitely one of the creepier villans they’ve had on the show, yikes!

  2. Karen says:

    I have a feeling Jonathan Taylor Thomas aka JTT aka every girls biggest crush in the 90’s, had something to do with the numbers in Last Man Standing :)

  3. John says:

    I hope Malibu Country will get a season 2.

    • Rivera says:

      Rating seems good if you compare the ratings with other new comedies this year – i have a good feeling about it. I still feel though that this show is more suitable for ABC family. ABC should have kept more edgier and quirky sitcoms like Don’t trust the B. in Apt 23

    • Sharon says:

      Bring it back. Its one of the shows that you don’t have to close your eyes & ears on some scenes. It’s a decent show. Not smut like most shows on TV

      • casimir kuklinski says:

        shows like this should be twiited and you have a winner. think about the many people will love.

      • melody says:

        yes bring Malibu Country back…it’s one of the only good shows on any channel!

      • diane says:

        I can’t believe another clean funny and decent show cancelled!! I think it’s awful and the show should GO ON!!! Reba sang in this show and this is good. We love REBA!!!! I think you should give it another try! PLEASE!!!

    • AMK says:

      agree totally. Comendy, fun, and music. I’ll watch it

    • Lou Patton says:

      That was one show I watched every week. You are jerks for cancelling Malibu Country.

    • Nancy S says:

      I absolutely loved this show. Please reconsider and let her come back with some changes. We just loved her and her mother, Lily Tomlin!!!

    • sam says:

      I hope this show gets another chance too!

    • martha combs says:

      yes I will missed it/it was a good show I loved Reba and Lilly Tomlin together as mother & daughter good together the humor why oh why would you cancel it give it another chance

    • John Dornellas says:

      I’m with you. There are very “Few” FAMILY Shows available anymore, and Malibu Country was one of the good ones. So sad that everything today evolves around “$$” and not more around moral values. This show dealt with real life family situations and how one family dealt with them. I hope that perhaps another station (one the supports family values) will pick it up. It was good to see Reba back in a sitcom again, but it was “GREAT” seeing Lilly Tomlin again.


    • Dora says:

      Malibu country was the best. I like Reba they are very funny I hope they’re get a 2 season. love the show.please bring it back.

    • Alana Marini says:

      Malibu Country was one of my favorite shows!!! So sad that it was cancelled!!!!! Reba is wonderful and Sarah Rue was also excellent!!!!

  4. Mike says:

    I think LMS is a lock for renewal, I mean 1.6 is good for a Friday night comedy on at 7, unfortunately I see Happy Ending doing much worse.

    • Not to sound OLD, but I don’t think Friday is a good move for Happy Ending, it’s really not their demographics. LMS I love love love and it’s a pleasure to watch a family comedy and Tim Allen has such brilliant timing. The wife is great, and the kids are so different that they are fun to watch, although Mandy is my fave.. I was a bit nervous that it could be the end-end because they tied everything up. I hope NOT.

      • Mike says:

        I’m a casual fan of LMS, I love Mandy, Eve and Vanessa, but could care less about the rest of the cast, but alas you are right Happy Ending demographic are not watching TV on Friday.

  5. kirads09 says:

    “Fox’s Touch reversed a downward trend, rising 26 percent and a tenth to 2.8 mil/0.7. Next week: Annie Wersching guest-stars in a fun li’l 24 reunion.”

    Annie – yes.

    Last nights episode was really pivotal and sort of redeemed Season 2 for me personally.

    This is all good news. :-D

  6. Kresh says:

    Woooooooooow what a powerful ending there was on touch! :O LOVED THE ENDING SCENE AND THE EMOTIONS THAT WERE POURED OUT—– AMAZING —–

  7. Dustin says:

    NBC, renew Grimm already!

  8. Lynne says:

    I wont lie, Jonathan’s all too brief appearance had a big effect on why I watched it for the first time since last season. Love that both he and Tim poked fun at their Home Improvement days. :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I hope they renew Last Man Standing. Such a good family show.

  10. robinepowell says:

    I tried watching Malibu County but after the first two episodes, stopped. It wasn’t as good as Reba and the ditzy blonde neighbour is something she already had before. Not to mention being a single mother, bitter ex-wife, former country singer, etc…..

    Reba was a much better show.

    • Mikael says:

      It definitely does seem like a retread of Reba, but the biggest difference is Lily Tomlin. Her performance as Reba’s mom carries this show. They need more of her.

      • Carol B says:

        I agree, Lily is great! I loved Reba show, glad Malibu is on, but miss, Van!!!!!!! He is sooo funny! Sure like to see him back!!!

        • Barb Knight says:

          I LOVE REBA!!!!!!! She is such a gifted actress and singer!! I loved Lily Tomlin as her mom. I love the entire staff of ”Malibu Country.” I looked forward to watching it every Fri @ 8:30 and now she won’t be on ABC anymore….I’m really sad :(

        • They need to give malibu country another chance I loved that show ! Abc is dumb for canceling it hopefully another network will pick it up

    • Beverly M. says:

      I totally agree. I love Reba, and enjoyed the first two seasons of ‘REBA’, but after that, so many of the shows were totally rediculious, with ‘Barbara Jean’ taking over the shows. (Could that have contributed to ‘REBA’ being cancelled???)

      I tried watching ‘Malibu’, but as it was so much like ‘REBA’, I soon became bored. So disappointed, although I did enjoy Lilly and Reba working together.

  11. Gail says:

    I love LMS and Malibu Country Please keep them on next year.

  12. DavidSask says:

    Follow the networks suggestion and please save HAPPY ENDINGS and give them the same ratings as what it replaced or better!

  13. KB23 says:

    Why is there no recap for Grimm? My DVR keeps cutting of the end of the show so I miss the last minute at least! I keep forgetting to change the settings on the DVR – this is the only show it happens to!!! WOuld love to know what happened at the end of this ep without having to rewatch the whole thing on a website and having to wait thru commercials etc.

  14. AMK says:

    Need Malibu Country back.

  15. Carol B says:

    Last Man Standing, great show!!!!!Good laughs, clean entertainment! Political jokes are great!!!! I laugh & sure would like too see more seasons!!!!!! Carol B

  16. She is not that good of a singer or actor.

  17. Sandy Z. says:

    I love Malibu Country! Don’t cancel it.

  18. Andrea says:

    My family love’s Malibu Country! it’s a great show with great actors! don’t cancel it!!!

  19. Regina Williams says:

    Please do not cancel Malibu country I love this show !!!!!!!

  20. James says:

    please don’t cancel Malibu Country, My wife and I really like the show.

  21. not at all . it was a good family show

  22. bob says:

    very sad to see malibu country canceled. reconsider ….one of the best new shows last year

  23. Mike says:

    You are doing a bad thing cancelling Mablibu counrty. My Father and I watched it every week. There was nothing good on friday nite but this on and Tim Allen show.Please lets get another station to bring it back, but the two shows should be together on same station.

  24. Billie Jo says:

    I am very disappointed in them canceling Malibu Country. I really liked that show. I am sick of them canceling the shows that I like. I think that I am not going to watch any more new shows that come out. I really got into watching Malibu its cancelled now and also Emily Owens MD cancelled now. I am so disappointed. Now more new shows for me.

  25. Shirle says:

    I’m sorry they’ve cancelled Malibu Country. I really enjoyed the show; Reba and Lily Tomlin are great. There are so few good, clean comedy shows on TV today. Hopefully another network will pick the show up.

  26. Tamara says:

    It’s a BIG mistake to not bring back Reba and Lily for a 2nd season it’s the only good thing on Friday night that is worth watching.

  27. Jeanne says:

    What is wrong with ABC to cancel Malibu Country Reba has great timing and you put Lily Tomlin in the mix you have a great show……………….If CMT was smart there should pick this show up

  28. louise says:

    Please bring malibu country back. If not then reprise Reba Hart in a 7th season. Reba is good on tv and deserves to to act. Shes funny sweet and amazing please dont do this to her

  29. Darryl Blankenship says:

    Bring back Reba and Lilly.!!! The best new comedy on TV. I am so disappointed in ABC

  30. debi says:

    Keep reba on. I don’t watch alot on abc, but always did reba.

    • diane says:

      I agree! They rather keep stupid shows with cussing and sex scenes in the show on TV instead of family comedy, like ”Malibu Country” which is CLEAN and funny. PLEASE give it another shot. Please Reba do it fir your fans

  31. Carlene says:

    Bring back Malibu country last man standing should be cancelled so give it another chance

  32. Douglas Dickson says:

    Please bring Malibu Country back….Reba is so awesome and she sang on this show..Who wouldn’t love that??!!! She is so talented!! Loved LilyTomlin,Sara Rue and Jai Rodriguez…great cast!!!! Give it a chance,please!!

  33. tom says:

    Well well i see getting a good rating isnt worth keeping a great show… Abc will lose rebas fans for sure… That she has alot of hmmm record sales… Bring reba back….better yet maybe nbc can pick it up for season 2…that would be better

  34. tom says:

    Lets boycott ABC…. No Reba …. Turn to NBC….

  35. Paula says:

    I loved watching Malibu Country not only for Reba but Lily too cuz Reba and Lily make the Show absolutely hilarious! I heard that the network was worried that Malibu country was going to take away from Nashville which is crazy cuz they are two completely different types of shows. Go figure I fall in love with a show and the network drops it. I think Malibu is ten times better than Reba (which I only watched for Reba cuz others characters were annoying) at least with this show Lily is just as funny and one hell of an slapstick actress. I watch Malibu when I want too laugh and Nashville when I want a new age soap opera.

    • vicky says:

      Malibu Country is Fantastically amazing and should not have a Sereis Finale!(. I belive that if MAlibu Country gets Trace Adkins and, then Taylor swift, and, then Blake Shelton again, And last Miley Cyrus that it will not get a Sereis Finale! who Agrees. If anyone Agrees with me then comment and write I agree my Son watches it and thinks its Hillarous. So it should stay for at least 8 more seasons. Just comment and, type Agree now!

  36. pl weatherby says:

    I am sooo disappointed to see that Malibu Country is being canceled? I love Reba & the entire cast. It’s a shame that there are so few “family friendly” shows these days. I watch very little TV because of the trash & trashy commercials. I am happy they have decided to keep Last Man Standing & Subgatory.
    Disappointed in Roswell

  37. Bring malibu country back! Maybe another network will pick it up! Abc is dumb for caceling it!!

  38. Malibu country is way better than the girl in apartment bsee I can’t even remember the name of that show.

  39. And Malibu country is better than suburgatory

  40. trish greene says:

    Malibu Country was a great show with potiential to be one if those shows I could get into for the long run, so that wont happen everytime I find a decent show that isnt all trashy its cancelled is society really that selfish it all has to be erxy or has to go? UGH Hope a smart station picks it up I still watch her Reba episodes :-) thanks 4 letting me vent

  41. Carol says:

    I would like to know where the TV stations get there ratings from, obviously not from the people who watch the shows. I am sick you them cancelling shows that people love. I am also sick of all the “Reality” shows that are so stupid, there are too many of, they take off good family fun shows
    and put those kind of shows on or ones that are completely inappropriate for family TV. I bought all the CD’s of Reba and my family watch them over and over and over, and even though we know what’s going to happen we still laugh and enjoy it. Reba needs to be on TV she is “FUNNY” and that’s what the world today, not a bunch of CRAP”…

    • Carol says:

      Sorry for leaving some words out of my post, but I am mad when I’m writing about this. But I think you get my drift!!! The world needs Funny not CRAP..

  42. LSH says:

    I’m very happy about Last Man Standing, but sad about Malibu Country. Was a nice simple pairing for Friday nights. I say give it another season. Please

  43. Kellie says:


  44. Sara tv watcher says:

    Malibu Country was funny and refreshing. It was one of the few shows worth watching. It made you feel good after watching. So tired of the spinnoff reality shows. Give it another chance first seasons sometimes need to be tweeked a bit. I did not think so but I do think Reba ‘s closes where great. Very down to earth and the average woman watching would wear it. Please, if they can keep trying to save shows like Two and Half Men oh please that one is pathatic.

  45. Lisa says:

    I can’t believe Malibu Country is cancelled. I hope some network will bring it back and give it another chance. Obviously, networks are too eager to scrap really good shows. I don’t know if it’s due to greed or stupidity. Probably both.

  46. Dana says:

    I was so surprised Malibu Country was cancelled! That was a great show. It says a lot about are moral values these days. So sad. Sure hope someone else picks it up! I’d surely watch!

  47. sta says:

    great show that brought some creativity to our lives so must be they need to add violence for ratings?. bring show back.

  48. Annie says:

    Sorry to hear abc is canceling Malibu Country and Body of Proof. Seems the powers that be want to entice the younger generations into staying home to watch (duh, ain’t happening). The demographics of those who really stay home and watch the boob tube are older generations, who enjoy entertainment, not stupidity. It’s tiring getting vested in these shows to have them cancelled. It would be nice for a series to stay around for more than a year or two.

  49. Karen says:

    I think Malibu Country needs to come back for season 2 by another network because Reba and cast were hilarious, good show about real life issuses.Please bring the show back.

  50. Lois Masrl says:

    How can ABC have cancelled 3 good shows? Malibu Country was hilarious. What is wrong with good clean fun? My husband & I love Body of Proof & Red Widow! Why is it that all the shows that have a good storyline, get cancelled when mindless shows stay on? If I see one more stupid reality show I will tune out. It’s about time that the over 40 crowd, who are the ones home watching TV, get a voice!