Report: SNL's Seth Meyers Eyed to Replace Tonight Show-Bound Jimmy Fallon

Late Night with Seth Meyers 2014NBC’s alleged plan to dump Jay Leno and turn the Tonight Show reins over to Jimmy Fallon in 2014 creates a vacancy at 12:35 am — one that’s reportedly close to being filled.

Longtime Saturday Night Live headwriter and “Weekend Update” frontman Seth Meyers is the odds-on favorite to succeed Fallon as host of Late Night, according to the New York Post.

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A source told the paper that SNL boss Lorne Michaels (who also produces Late Night) “wants Seth to take over from Fallon. It would be perfect for him.”

Although NBC has yet to officially confirm any changes to its late-night lineup, widespread reports claim Fallon has already received an offer to not only succeed Leno but to move the show back to the east coast.

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Thoughts? Do you like the idea of a Fallon-Meyers one-two punch? Cast your vote in the comments!

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  1. Esaul says:

    Not gonna lie. Fallon/Meyers is better than Leno/Fallon. Could be as epic as Conan/Fallon were in the seven short months they were on together.

  2. Alex says:

    Please no…Seth Meyers has made this season of SNL horrible, he doesn’t need to be on every night.

  3. Isaac says:

    If it means Seth Meyers is no longer the head writer of SNL, I’m all for it

  4. Megan says:

    Meyers is the last person I would want to see on late night. And if Fallon takes over the Tonight Show and loses the uniqueness of his show, no ones going to watch. Why not Tina or Amy, anyone but Meyers! He’s not funny and doesn’t seem personable or nice.

  5. PB says:

    Well now we know why Seth didn’t take the Live with Kelly co-host job. Also, I hope Fallon has a better contract than Conan and Letterman that will stand up against Leno’s. Its obvious again that Jay is not going to give up without a fight. He will not go gently into that good night…

  6. TV Gord says:

    I think he’s funny (his tweets are funnier than Weekend Update, which is an odd career choice, incidentally), but when he was in the running to replace Regis, he wasn’t very good. He was wooden and didn’t add much to the interview segments. I think he’s better to stay with SNL (but save you best material for the paying gig, Seth)!

  7. Bob says:

    Great for fans of SNL (as head writer, he’s ruined the show), but not so great for late night entertainment. I guess Craig Ferguson’s ratings will be going up when/if the change happens.

  8. Derek says:

    Well this certainly is not good news. I figured this would happen… Seth is just so.. not funny. I agree with Bob, Ferguson will definitely be on the rise (as he should be).

  9. Joey says:

    Seeing as corporations are people, we are literally watching a person (NBC) kill themself, and its just too damn fascinating to try and prevent.

  10. Babybop says:

    I think he’s funny, so I wouldn’t mind. I kind of want Joel Mchale to get a talk show at some point…

    • Ali says:

      I would so watch a Joel McHale talk show. He gives off the same sharp witted vibe that Conan had throughout his best years. Pre-tonight show and pre-TBS. May its just me but I prefer a host still in his unpolished, carefree early days.

    • Finchy says:

      Oh, I would love to see Joel McHale hosting talk show, but I think his humor is a little too caustic for it.. Celebrities appear on talk shows to promote their awful movies and pretend they’re interesting and relatable, and Joel has made a career out of mocking Hollywood. I don’t really see him sitting down in front of (name of currently hot star), acting like he gives a crap about anything they say.

  11. A says:

    Why not a woman?! The networks really are disappointing at keeping the late night shows a boy’s club.

  12. ggny says:

    Perfect. I think he is more suited to take over The Daily Show when Stewart decides to retire but this works

  13. Seth Meyers should be a good choice to replace Fallon to host Late Night. As for SNL, it looks like it could be in serious jeopardy if the show is going to reach 40.

  14. J.W. says:

    Maya Rudolph is trying to get a variety show… Has anyone thought of offering her “Late Night” instead? Because that time slot is supposed to be for weird, sometimes experimental humor, which is sorta the antithesis of Seth Meyers.

  15. april-ann says:

    That’s great news. Love Seth Myers. I was hoping he’d get the Kelly job but this is a much better fit for him, and just much better for him in the long run I think.

  16. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    At least he’s not Howard Stern.

    • JASon says:

      You believed that Howard Stern crap? He’s too big for the 12:30 slot. The tonight Show maybe but they’d have to shell out a lot of duckets to get him. They’re already paying him $20 million dollars for three months of work on AGT? He’s earns $100 million on his radio show per year so they’d have to match that! Never gonna happen when they can get Meyers for 3-5 million.

  17. Mike says:

    I’m be up for giving him a shot, as long as he leaves SNL, his writing is bringing the show down.

  18. yankeesrj12 says:

    I also heard Late Night would just end. The late timeslots (after 1235am) aren’t making money like they once were and one day it would be unprofitable.

    If anyone had to take over though, I’d really like to see Chelsea Handler. Her contract with E! is through 2014 – a coincidence? I think not. Bring some young female to the big times and gain a new audience. Seth Meyers is the same old same.

  19. Leah says:

    I think this would be great. He’s hilarious. I find it so annoying when people claim one person “ruined” SNL. Get a grip, SNL is a massive team operation which none of us are involved in and know the inner workings of. Also, nine times out of ten, the people or persons who “ruined” the show were the new cast members/writers that took over after the cast they first watched left. Even when SNL goes through a slump, it is still successfully pulling off something that no ones else has.

    • Mike says:

      The show needs a change in writing leadership, the writing is not solely Meyers fault, but the show needs new writers.

      • JASon says:

        What is up with Lorne Michaels? He fires Abby Elliot (the best woman on the show since Jan Hooks and Molly Shannon) and he replaces her with Aidy Bryant, probably the worst cast member in the history of the show. She had not had one funny moment on the show.

        • Sg. Grant says:

          They are trying to capitalize on that segment of the audience that thinks heavy-set women like Melissa McCarthy are funny. Bryant is not McCarthy.

          • JASon says:

            Yeah I guess we owe Bryant to Melissa McCarthy’s awesome SNL appearance last year and Bridesmaids. But Bryant is painfully unfunny and dying in every sketch. Time to pull the plug on that one! He’s lucky that Cecily strong is killing it in every scene she’s in!

          • JASon says:

            MAybe they should hire Melissa McCarthey’s couisin Jenny!

  20. Jacqi says:

    Love seth meyers!

  21. John DeMayo says:

    How about Brian Williams?

  22. This company is not being run correctly - it's not right says:

    The day is coming, and I assume Bob Greenblatt won’t be there at NBC to see, but the day will come when someone at NBC will have to take on Lorne Michaels. These things happen, it’s not to say one guy is a good guy, the other a bad guy. Everyone is trying to advance their careers. I get that. It happens when a company becomes weak, and they believe they have to depend upon someone or something that is deemed ‘successful.’ So, a power shift emerges – that’s what we are seeing at NBC.
    The wildcard is all this is Comcast – their management team, and how they will want deal with Greenblatt, and whether or not Comcast will want/need to deal with Lorne Michaels directly, or via the people [like Greenblatt] that they hire to do this work. But eventually, inevitable, someone is going to need to take on Lorne Michael head-on. That will not be a good day, but that day is inevitable.
    The real sad irony here is that Seth Meyers may actually be a better fit for the Tonight Show than Jimmy Fallon, but in the ‘SNL ecosystem’ that Lorne Michaels has created and ‘owns’, everyone must wait their turn, and everyone is given their ‘chance’ based upon what Lorne Michaels decides.
    Comcast is a publicly traded company – they have a board of directors and a team of executives who are responsible for the well being of their shareholders and the success of NBC. I don’t believe Lorne Michaels in on that board, or a member of the NBC executive team, although perhaps he is. But Comcast has as responsibility to their shareholders to ensure that NBC is run by the people who are in charge of decision-making, and held accountable for those decisions. They have the hiring and firing responsibilities, based upon the performance of that network/NBC.
    When these Fallon/Meyers moves fail, and they will fail, who will be held accountable? Greenblatt? Michaels? Who will get fired, because someone(s) will need to go at that future date.

    • JASon says:

      What does Lorne Michaels have to do with the Tonight Show? He produces SNL right? He doesn’t pick the host or make decisions for tonight show!

      • JASon says:

        Oh I see. He produces the LAte Show! No wonder SNL sucks. Michaels is spending all his time producing the LAte Show!

        • This company (NBC) is not being run correctly says:

          Yep, and I don’t want to come across as bashing Lorne Michaels, which I probably have done, and I do feel bad about that – I don’t mean to bash him or SNL. I love SNL, I love Lorne and his team – they are super talents. The problem is that sometimes we all start stretching ourselves too thin, trying to do too much, trying to keep everyone going and successful, and it becomes a house-of-cards. NBC is in trouble – make no mistake, NBC is in trouble.
          They need to get the best ideas from everyone (Lorne included), and then carefully select the best option available. If Jimmy and Seth are the very best candidates available for these jobs, fine – bring them aboard. But if not, then NBC must go in a different direction, and Lorne needs to be okay with that decision. We need to be team-players here.
          All I ask is that if NBC/Comcast want to make this change, fine, but let’s keep all options open, lets let everyone who wants to interview for the job get a chance – I don’t think NBC wants to simply pick the first guy offered. Let’s take some time here and select from a wide group of possible, qualified candidates – men, women, black, white, etc. Let’s make the right choice and have no regrets later on.

  23. David4 says:

    Why not anyone besides Seth? He is too wooden.

  24. Lauren says:

    I would actually see him fitting in for Leno better than Fallon. He was so good with Kelly Ripa. He knows how to appeal to a wide audience.

  25. Monte says:

    Wait I thought NBC was “grooming” Howard Stern to do that job, wasn’t that the rumor 2 week ago?

  26. I kind of want to see Brian Williams host The Tonight Show. Rock Center is often funnier than Weekend Update these days if the clips from The Soup are any indication.

  27. Annette says:

    I couldn’t ask for anything more, love them both.I’ll be there every nite.

  28. JASon says:

    If you’re gonna go with Update hosts I’d much rather see a Fallon/Norm MacDonald lineup.

  29. I think Seth is great. Weekend Update is the only part of SNL I watch anymore. I’d definitely watch Late Night with him hosting.

  30. Rob Horine says:

    It’s like NBC was reading my mind. I asked myself, who could they get to host Late Night that’s even less funny than Jimmy Fallon? And the first name that came to my mind was Seth Myers.

    If NBC has any other bad decisions to make, like firing Mariska Hargitay or replacing Al Michaels, run them by me. If I have the same thought, it’s a BAD IDEA!

  31. jake says:

    Seth refused to be host of Live with kelly so I doubt he would want to do this. All these rumors are just that, I wish NBC would start addressing them. Leno should stay — honestly — the tonight show is still far and away number 1, why would a fifth place network would want to mess with that is beyond me.

    • I have a minor theory that he turned down “Live” *because* of this… that, along with the fact that he has a co-head writer (Colin Jost) as of this current SNL season, which could be some sort of grooming/preparation of a changing of the head writer guard-type thing. But, who knows?

  32. Ronnie says:

    Wow, what’s with all the Seth Meyers hate? He’s freaking hilarious, in my opinion. And as I’ve always been on Team Coco, I’d love to see Jay Leno finally LEAVE. Leno has become more and more unfunny over the past few years, while Jimmy Fallon is consistently becoming better.

    Haters be hatin’.

    • I have nothing against Seth Meyers, but just realize that if you’re judging him as “hilarious” based on the Weekend Update jokes, he don’t write ’em.

      • sarah c says:

        There are many odd comments here, but I really have to respond and ask a question regarding yours. Seth was the head writer at SNL… so who exactly is it that you think writes Weekend Update? I imagine he doesn’t write alone, but am quite sure he is largely responsible for a great deal of the context,
        I will not miss Seth or watch his new show. SNL got more sarcastic than funny, more jaded and VERY obviously political in favor of one political party. I hope SNL gets their act together and makes sure they have some good writers in place, I can only think of one cast member who makes me laugh after the MASS exodus last season.

        Oh crap, we still have Cecily Strong on “Update”. Oh well, hurray for the fast-forward button!

        • Check out SNL’s credits. Weekend Update is “produced and written by” Alex Baze, who Meyers just tapped to be his LATE NIGHT head writer. Seth may *look* at Weekend Update’s copy, but, as I said, he doesn’t write it.

  33. hannienoodles says:

    I think Seth is hilarious, not just because of his position on SNL as head writer and Weekend Update anchor but because he’s a fantastic stand-up comedian and is always funny in interviews. Perhaps a lot of your problems with him stem from the fact that he’s too intelligent for most of you to understand.

    He’d be a fantastic host and I’d certainly be watching.

  34. g says:

    Seth meyers and tina fey together utterly ruined snl. The reason for this is probably because they were using snl as a stepping stone for their careers. Seth and tina were quite good on THEIR segments (wkndupdte) but in turn let the rest of the show suffer every night. Although last season it was like they actually tried. Id give this last season a ‘B’ which is really good compared to seasons past, with a ‘D’ average and a ‘C’ high. They were awful after the christmas break, unforgivably bad, but lived to draw blood again.

    It’s hopefully the end of an awful era, from ’02-’03 to 2012-13, which was an abysmal aberration in the show’s history. Losing will ferrel was like the titanic moment for snl. Let the healing finally begin.

    • sarah c says:

      You wrote THAT MANY words and couldn’t be bothered to spell out “Weekend Update”? (I guess that was what you meant by “(wkndupdte)”. LOL!

      Tina Fey left so long ago, and she was a great head writer. And WILL FERRELL? Seriously, he stayed long enough. Why don’t you head to VH-1, they show re-runs, you can possibly catch the acceptable seasons there.

  35. john says:

    Seth Meyers is terrible in everything he’s been in. The jokes on Weekend Update are so predictable that I can usually guess the punch line from seeing the graphic they put up even before Meyers delivers the lame news story set up. Plus, he can’t read the damn teleprompter! He messes up the words on every third joke, I hate him, I hope his show fails horribly and NBC goes bankrupt and has to sell out to the Chinese.

    • Max W. says:

      You want to know how to write one of those awful Seth Meyers Weekend Update “jokes”? 1)Briefly summarize any story in the news during the last month which on its face seems kind of absurd. 2) Take an annoyingly over sarcastic tone. 3) Say, “Really? This actually happened? Really?” 4) Repeat the set up, but then take an even more sarcastic tone and make up an ending to the story that is slightly more absurd than the actual news story was but is also obvious and based on stale societal stereotypes.

      For instance: “Gov. Christie admitted this month that his staff was involved in a scheme to block traffic on the George Washington Bridge, but stated that he did not know anything about the plan. Really, Christie? Really, you didn’t know? Christie told reporters that not only did he not know about the plan to block the bridge, but since he grew up in the New Jersey public school system, he really has no idea who George Washington even is.”

      There, now you’re each qualified to host ‘Late Night’.

  36. Frakkin says:

    I won’t “frakkin”(Not a word) curse. But my co-workers sister-in-law earns like $250 an hour by not watching Seth Myers. Smart TV right?