Glee Recap: The Guilty Pleasure Principle

glee chris colfer richard simmonsCall me crazy, but I don’t really understand the concept of guilty pleasures. Not to get all Lima Heights on you, but I likes what I likes — and I’ll tell ya what I want (what I really, really want) in my life and on my iPod, be it Spice Girls or Was (Not Was) or even Billie Piper.

And so it goes without saying that I had a blast watching tonight’s music-heavy installment of Glee, which centered around the New Directions’ kids confessing their hidden obsessions with Barry Manilow, ABBA, Phil Collins, Wham, Bobby Brown and the Spice Girls.

Yes, I’d kill for an hour that put the NYC storylines front and center and eased up on the less dramatic Lima proceedings, but I’m tired of bringing up that gripe every week. (Oh wait, I just did.)

So if you were too busy watching “Fondue for Two” on YouTube, here’s what you missed on an episode straightforwardly titled “Guilty Pleasures”:

IS THAT A ROLL OF BREATH MINTS IN BLAINE’S POCKET OR WAS HE JUST HAPPY TO BE HUGGING SAM? | Blaine, worried by the sight of Sam stealing pasta from the cafeteria, offered his pal $50, which prompted Trouty Mouth to admit his guilty pleasure/secret skill: He wasn’t hard up for food, he just digs making macaroni art. With Mr. Schue out sick with the flu, the dynamic duo took over New Directions and asked everyone to reveal their most embarassing musical obsessions via song. When Blaine, however, couldn’t reveal his dark truth — a major crush on Sam — Sam let him off the hook, revealing he’d known all year and, frankly, found it flattering. The duo hugged it out, and the bromance continued!

KITTY GETS HER CLAWS TRIMMED | Brittany called out Kitty for being “a two-faced lying slut who no one can trust” during an appearance on Fondue for Two, which prompted the catty underclassman to make more of an effort with her New Directions cohorts. In the process, she caught the eye of Artie — and since Sugar seems to have dissolved into a pan of boiling water — don’t be surprised if romance ensues.

JAKE SHOWS WHAT BROWN CAN DO FOR YOU | Jake got chastized for wanting to sing a Chris Brown tune (ewwwww!), then changed his mind under pressure from his female glee-club buddies. His subsequent followup on Bobby Brown didn’t sit well with Marley, either, but she forgave and they smooched and I hate to say it but they’re boring me silly right now. Give Ryder something to do, folks! What happened with the Manti Te’o business?

RACHEL MAKES BRODY AN OFFER HE CAN REFUSE | Despite Brody moving out of their apartment sans explanation, Rachel kept talking about reconcilliation, and so Santana leveled with her: He’s just a gigolo. Rachel promptly confronted him with a wad of cash, wondering if it was enough to buy his time for dinner, but from that dig bloomed a mature conversation. Brody said he knew Rachel had slept with Finn when she went to Ohio for Schue’s wedding — am I remembering it wrong, or didn’t she basically admit it to him (as part of what seemed like an open relationship) when she got back to NYC? — and he knew she still loved him. Rachel revealed his suspicions were true: She loved Finn and was maybe using Brody to make him jealous. And now it was over — well, after a rousing duet on “Creep” that Rachel pretty much dominated. Oh, and they’ll try to be mature and peacefully coexist at NYADA, so let’s not expect any more Brody drama. Rachel thanked her roomies for tipping her off, pronounced herself ready to audition for Funny Girl and maybe even ready to date older men. Say what now?

Grades for this week’s musical performances…
Sam, Blaine and New Directions: Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” | Grade: B+
Sam: Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” | Grade: B
Blaine: Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” | Grade: B
The New Directions’ Ladies: The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” | Grade: A-
Jake: Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” | Grade: B
Rachel & Brody: Radiohead’s “Creep” | Grade: A- (so happy to hear Lea Michele going for broke!)
Rachel, Kurt, Santana and New Directions: ABBA’s “Mama Mia” | Grade: B (why can’t the NYC folks ever do a song start to finish without Ohio butting in?)

The Week’s Best Zingers
“Just curious: Are you gonna go over to his house and straddle him while he’s passed out and rub some ointment on his chest?” –Sam, razzing Tina after her announcement about Mr. Schue’s flu

“Two things: That cat has about three weeks to live, and this fondue smells like hot, acrid barf.” –Kitty, making her introduction on Brittany’s internet show

“I like to fart around old people and watch the look on their faces because they just assume they did it.” –Kitty, confessing a guilty pleasure

Kurt talking about his boyfriend arm pillow and creepily/amusingly mentioning “Bruce’s warm, nonjudgmental embrace.”

“He beat up a windo at Good Morning America!” –Brittany, arguing to Jake why he shouldn’t cover a Chris Brown song

Your turn. What did you think of “Guilty Pleasures”? What was your favorite musical performance? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bethany says:

    I really really really love Sam. Such a good friend to Blaine. Also, he was way cool about the crush. Even though I didn’t like the way Against All Odds was used, Darren sounded FANTASTIC singing live. Awesome.

    • kavyn says:

      It’s probably going to get more awkward though. Blaine now knows that Sam knows, so it might make Blaine get a bit more confident (and leads to flirting). Sam will probably play along until it goes a bit too far and he realizes he might have given Blaine the wrong impression.

      • dude says:

        I don’t think that was the point of that storyline. Gay people generally understand that crushes on straight people are futile. I doubt Blaine is going to jeopardize his friendship with Sam and assume he was given a free pass to hit on him or confuse that for hope that he’ll switch teams like Tina did.

        • kavyn says:

          I don’t mean to say that as Blaine is going to try and hook up with Sam, but rather Blaine’s going to get more comfortable and start doing things that’ll make Sam feel uncomfortable. I don’t see the point in bringing this storyline up just to have it end as if nothing happened. I’m thinking the writers are trying to form a bromance between the two.

    • weak says:

      Urgh too much Blam and this is from someone who cares nothing about Brittana. Just waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.

    • stacy's mom says:

      ugh…more delusional Darren Criss fans. God help us all.

      • Bethany says:

        Come on, you can’t deny his singing talent. He sings live very well. I don’t like when they auto tune all of his vocals.

      • Zayne says:

        Point to another member of the show that has sung live on it twice now and they’ll be my new favorite character.

  2. Kimmie says:

    This is one of the worst Glee episodes this season because the Lima side was so poorly written. Can we take a moment and think about what really happened in Lima this week? Answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was no continuity from the previous episode and every in this episode are not going to get carried onto the next episode. Random topics that weren’t Glee related came up out of nowhere. Ex: Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Bobby Brown. ??? What is going on? The Lima side this week is just like those Christmas episodes where they take a step back from the storylines they have manages to continue writing about and completely made this into a special about nothing. Everything was so jumble and didn’t make sense. They did this just so they can do those musical numbers.
    NY did have continuity. THANK YOU! Brody-Rachel’s storyline continued and actually transitioned very well. They had GOOD drama and humor.
    There is really not much good to say about this episode. It was flat and had so many flaws. If NY wasn’t part of this episode then, I can honestly say viewers can skips this entirely and still know what’s going on, on Glee if they watch the next episode. It was that useless.
    Sam/Blaine’s storyline was the main focus of the episode and it was excruciating to watch. How can we possibly revisit Blaine’s crush on him if in ‘I Do’ he was all over Kurt and they sang Come What May in the following episode. Chord Overstreet, as handsome as he is, CANNOT lead this show. He cannot act, sing and dance as well as the other cast, and those cast are all in NY right now. He’s talented but fans don’t connect with him. That’s why he left at the end of season two anyway. He chose to leave cause Glee didn’t make him a regular BECAUE FANS CANNOT CONNECT TO HIS CHARACTER. So Glee needs to stop pimping him out.

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree with the whole Chord thing. I thought I was the only one. He also sucks at lip singing. This season wouldn’t be as good if they didn’t have New York in it. By having the old cast come back once in a while and by keeping Lea, Chris and Corey. They are the show. Their story lines are my favorite. I know people my not agree but we are all entitled to our own opinions.

      • Dan says:

        Santana is the show.

        • wasted potenial says:

          I love Santana but even she needs people to work with. Finally her getting NY made them start writing’s comedy for them. I have no idea why they waited to get her there or why they chose to not write any comedy for Kurt and Rachel while they were there by themselves.

        • dan says:

          Santana brings life to the show. I was confused about her living situation: didn’t Kurt and Rachel kick her out of their apartment last week and there she was living with them again this week?

        • Erin says:

          It’s not the first time Santana got kicked out of something and just returns without reason (see begin season 3). But they did mention that she pays part of the rent now so maybe that has something to with it.

    • AJ says:

      I am not understanding all the chord overstreet hate. I think he is a terrific actor, singer and dancer. I was so upset when he didn’t come back for the start of season 2 and then so glad when he came back later that season. Also while you are right that Kurt and Blaine did hookup at the wedding, them singing Come What May was all in Kurt’s head as he was watching Moulin Rouge, so that has nothing to do with Blaine and his feelings. I think it is possible he could still have his crush on Sam even after hooking up with Kurt at the wedding.

      • overload says:

        Chord is on ok singer and actor but terrific not really. I think most are tired of him getting so much while the terrific actor get little.

        • O-town says:

          What terrific actor isn’t getting enough? Sugar Motta? Dreadlock Guy? Artie? Unique? They’re characters. Not much could be done with their characters other than overplay it. Otherwise, you get some bland characters that become wallpaper. Sam’s doing the best with the material he’s been given this season. That’s not his fault though….

    • Ian says:

      My main problem is, I agree, the Blaine crush on Sam. What are supposed to think of this exactly, that it’s just a physical attraction/infatuation, but how when Blaine’s singing Sam heartfelt Phil Collins’ ballads and moons at Sam every episode, and that contradicts what the show’s seen doing to maintain that Blaine’s heart belongs to Kurt? I think they’re just cheaply trying to give Blaine a plot, excuses to sing, and take advantage of the time apart from Kurt to gain more romantic experience so they can commit those 2 forever when they reunite. But Sam’s straight and even considers them ‘bros’, so it’s not threat at all, and the show spares themselves Klainer wrath.
      They’re doing the same thing with Kurt, in the fact that he just appears to have another love interest in Adam, but they aren’t actually taking him seriously as such, and so Kurt’s been sleeping with a pillow that cuddles and tosses Blaine’s name around and makes no mention of Adam, the guy he’s dating.

      And it’s ridiculous and boring, when they could have just made more of a major storyline and love drama with Kurtofsky, and I’m sure Darren Criss would appreciate another serious love interest of his own that his height or shorter.

      • Lily says:

        Blaine is in Ohio, Sam is in Ohio… Kurt is far away in New York… No contradiction here heart can belong to many people… you just act on one…

        • Ranwing says:

          Blaine’s problem is that he acts on multiple. It’s been months (since Dynamic Duets) that he’s even mentioned Kurt to anyone unprompted. Tina was the one who brought up Kurt as a reason for Blaine rejecting her, and apparently Blaine’s friends in ND needed to remind him after singing AAO that it was Kurt that he was supposed hung up over. Wasn’t it only Valentine’s Day when Blaine was going on and on about them being together and not letting Kurt minimize what there was between them?

          Using the fact that Kurt is supposed to be the love of his life to cover up his crush on Sam just made Blaine look like a shallow idiot with the sense of fidelity that the Gods gave a cricket. Sure he’ll be all over Kurt when Kurt’s in the room, but once they are seperated, he’s contantly looking elsewhere now. I really hope that they don’t try to force this pairing back together because this thing with Sam has been dragged out for too long and Blaine’s feelings for him are too deep to just ignore the next time Kurt is around.

      • musicalsguru says:

        I think Blaine is the kind of guy who’s more in love with love, than in love with everyone he’s with. Remeber the store clerk? Blaine just get’s overly sappy/fixated so the Sam crush isn’t that out of character. That’s not to say that he doesn’t love people. I think he and Kurt were really in love.

        • KevyB says:

          These are supposed to be teenagers, people! They fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat! Honestly, it’s the closest thing to reality that happens on this show!

    • Lily says:

      Love Sam, can totally relate to him because he reminds me of my father’s gentle laidbackcharacter…

  3. Rebecca says:

    I agree with you with the whole thing about NYC seeing a whole song start to finish w/o Ohio getting in. Mamma Mia would have been 1,000 times better WITHOUT Ohio.

    • Jos says:

      Mamma Mia was so good until the ridiculous Ohio scene started. In NY the performance was feeling like a genuine moment, but the Ohio stuff was just a ridiculous music video.

    • blah says:

      There is song overload in Ohio and it is always the same the kids running around . They got to run aorund in costumes with Wham it was just so unnecessary for Mamma Mia.

    • Anissa says:

      Seriously! The 3 of them were plenty (vocally and visually) and much more real than the Ohio crew and their costumes. Not to mention that something was off on their choreography…it felt like they weren’t together or just a step behind. It was really jarring.

  4. Lalala says:

    The way that Sam was looking at Blaine through the ENTIRE episode though….I find it very hard to believe that he doesn’t harbor any romantic feelings for him

    • Leslie says:

      I totally agree. You can feel the tension between them as each watch the other in the auditorium. This is Sam’s moment of revelation for Blaine while watching Blaine sing AAO, the same moment for Blaine watching Kurt sing Blackbird. This analogy is so good. I’m hoping they don’t drop this storyline like it never happened, be it romantic or platonic. Would it be awkward between them from now on, that I would like to see. This actually shows Blaine finally getting over Kurt and being his own person and not be clingy to Kurt for his existence. I think Blaine has started to move on now like Kurt has.

  5. Rexxie says:

    I need more Ryder/Blake!!! Please tell me there’s gonna be more of him!!

  6. maru says:

    Darren singing live!!! that was truly great!! i hope some others can do the same in the upcoming episodes!!

    • Michelle says:

      yes!!! it took me a minute to realize it was live – so amazing! i love glee for what it is, but hearing him live was great!

      • ana says:

        yes, his voice was great but he needs to do something about his face’s expressions. They are terrible

        • O-town says:

          Yeah, he should try singing without opening his mouth? Without taking in oxygen so that he could hold out those notes for more than one beat. You know what a beat is, right? And that when you sing a note for longer than one beat you kinda’ need air. You know, the thing you inhale so you can sing…live. It sorta’ requires you to open your mouth to breathe it in. It also helps to get a lot of it into your lungs when you’re singing in general. Kinda’ allows you to sing like Darren Criss without passing out midway through your song. Just a thought.

  7. WayneInNYC says:

    What does it say about me that I LOVED “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go?”
    Sam was super-awesome to Blaine tonight. I wish I had a ‘bromance’ like “Blam” (what I call Blaine + Sam) ” when I was in High School.

  8. A says:

    I know this has been said time and time again by many people but lately the New York storyline is the most entertaining and consistent (by Glee’s standards) part of the show. And bringing Santana their was the best decision they’ve made. I’ve read somewhere that Ryan Murphy is gearing up for a finale that will ultimately lead to the show’s focus next season being in one location. I hope its New York.
    Also, even though I do enjoy a lot of the songs they do, I miss the days when Glee used to sing songs that actually fit in with the plot or had to do with what the characters are going through and not just a part of the theme of the week that his been this whole season.

    • Bethany says:

      The only two that really had songs that worked with plot were The New Rachel and The Break Up (but only certain songs for The New Rachel, like It’s Time and Chasing Pavements)

      • A says:

        I think some songs here and there were good and I did quite enjoy and thought fit well with the what was going on with the episode. For example, I really loved All That Jazz, Love Song, Home/Homeward Bound, and Rachel’s performance at the Winter showcase, but the rest of the season while some of the performances were good, they were just completely random. I mean the whole Fanilow thing this episode was just ridiculous and then all of them agreeing and saying they all love him? They’re all lying!!

      • Rod says:

        The original concept of Glee was and is about the Glee club in the Midwest. What they should have done was maintained that focus with only doing occasional NYC visits from Glee members to former castmates rather than trying to tell 2 different stories and concepts. They really should have done a separate spinoff because dividing everything rarely gives the show any central focus. There are only a few episodes left and the Ohio cast hasn’t even gone to regionals yet. And nothing has really developed regarding Kurt and Rachel in NYC. Both storylines deserve better, but at least the musical numbers are still delivering.

        • Lily says:

          Maybe the schoolyear is split over 2 years.. they will go to regionals in season 5.

        • give me the characters says:

          The original concept was about the people who happen to be in a glee club. The actual glee club part and competition is boring. Many people are invested in the character not the premise of a club.

        • JJ says:

          Glee started out as a show about a high school Glee Club, but shows and characters must evolve and grow with the audience. The audience spent three years getting to know and care about the original cast members–the audience wants to see where their stories lead, not a bunch of new characters. Why do you think shows like 90210 follow the characters to high school? Because it’s the characters that bring the audience back week after week. Not the concept of the show.
          They didn’t do the spinoff because Fox realized that they needed Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, and Cory Monteith to keep people watching. None of the characters on the Lima side are strong enough to carry the show.

  9. mili says:

    the best part of the episode? NYC and we finally can ssay BYE BYE BRODY!! Rachel finally was honest with herself! Ohio sucks!

  10. strachpa says:

    I too was looking forward to the Manti Te’o catfishing storyline. Not the Manit Ye’o

  11. Dan says:

    Ohio… Why do you have to ruin everything?

  12. Nicole G says:

    I don’t mind you bringing up the fact that NYC needs to dominate the hour because I think exactly the same thing!

  13. T25 says:

    I hear you about the needing more NY focus. Lea, Chris and Naya are the best thing Glee has going right now, add Cory to NY and it would be even better! Lima has gotten old and tired! One pointless musical number after another and nothing else. Mama Mia should have been ALL NY.

  14. Angela says:

    Fully agreed on your thoughts about guilty pleasures. It’s entertainment. This idea that we have to be “too cool” for certain types of music (or shows or movies or whatever) is ridiculous. Hearing the Spice Girls song made me happy-I don’t know if the girls’ version here had as much…pep, maybe…as the original, but it was still fun nonetheless.
    Also, I am completely agreed with the girls’ rant on Chris Brown (and I’m no fan of Bobby Brown, either).

  15. S says:

    Can someone at Fox force Ryan to get rid of the high school side?? The NY side is the ONLY thing that has had a point to it this season. It’s been a complete filler, boring, and absolute TERRIBLE season.

    The fact that they keep shoving Chord/Sam and McKinley down our throats is killing them.

    What was the point of forcing the McKinley side during Mamma Mia? It had zero connection.

  16. What is this relationship, twilight?!! says:

    I love how they completely retconned everything the Brody and Rachel relationship was to pander to that open sore known as Finchel. Ugh. Whatever, with you on more NYC and less of the filler crap going on at McKinley. And Creep was awesome.

    • Inigo says:

      I don’t think you can call it retconning when the character was set up as dubious from his very first appearance. A taste for ingenues, pursuing her despite her considering herself having a boyfriend, convincing Rachel that she’s not special enough without a makeover or that she has to show her boobs, Cassie (did she have to pay, by the way?) and making Rachel feel foolish for being hurt by it. I’m sure there’s more if one went back. Everything the Brody and Rachel relationship was was rotten.

      • What is this relationship, twilight?!! says:

        Lol whatever. You Finchel stans are completely, disgustingly ridiculous and delusional. It’s sad that after everything they did with Brody, he’s still been better to Rachel than Finn. Pathetic for an endgame couple

        • Angela says:

          You DO know that people can criticize a relationship without automatically being “stans” for another one, right?
          I don’t really do the “shipping” thing with this show and I agree that Brody gave off weird vibes from the start. I think that was kind of the point of the character/storyline, though. If you liked them together, more power to ya, but others will disagree and they’re not automatically “delusional” for doing so.

        • You know, I’m not a Finchel fan at all (nor am I a Brochel fan), but can we PLEASE stop calling each other things like “disgusting” because of which fictional people we prefer to see paired up with each other? It’s great that we’re all fans that are passionate about the show, but we’re also human beings who don’t need to be throwing callous insults around.

          Just sayin’.

          • Para says:

            Agreed. Also I don’t like blam.. But I love Blaine and his dreamy eyes and I don’t think Sam is disgusting . People can voice their opinions but please don’t attack

        • Inigo says:

          One doesn’t have to be a Finchel stan or fan to see what’s there, just clarity of vision. Still and despite the name-calling, good to know that you can’t support your contention that there was a retcon. As to who’s been better to Rachel, that’s a matter of opinion and, I suspect, on that we differ.

        • heyang says:

          Rachel turned to Brody after she imagined herself and Finn together in Grease – she was clearly on the rebound from Finn. How can you say Brody’s been better to Rachel? Yes, Finn has hurt her, but he’s been honest with her. He also let her go, instead of marrying her after graduation because he knew it would hold her back. Brody chased after Rachel even though he knew that Rachel still had feelings for Finn and he lied to her the entire time they were together – when someone invites you to move in with them, it’s time to admit that you’re a gigilo.

          • heyang says:

            Forgot to add…. It was clear that RM never intended for there to be a long term Rachel-Brody-Finn triangle because we never got a lot of character development for Brody.

        • O-town says:

          At least Finchel fans can spell. Brody was a trick when he started, beginning with being up so early to shower, rinsing the stank of middle aged women off his body, to sleeping with the teacher, who prolly got a freebie for getting Brody into NYADA. True, it must have sucked for you to watch him be taken down by Santana and Finn but you can’t tell me that realistically, if you found out your bf was a trick, I doubt you would be so gung-ho about looking past the fact that he presses flesh with women old enough to be his mom’s friends. Eww. Please don’t embarrass yourself by continuing your little tirade. Act your age.

      • Sean C. says:

        A number of those things are examples of retconning right there: Rachel’s makeover was Kurt’s idea. Brody had nothing to do with it, and only gave his approval after it had been done; the show is now trying to claim it was his idea all along. He likewise wasn’t the one who suggested she do a nude scene, he only endorsed it once she’d already decided.

  17. Brian says:

    My favorite ep of the season so far! Loved all the songs and glad to see the NYC storyline actually moving forward like it has a purpose,

  18. 80s says:

    “(why can’t the NYC folks ever do a song start to finish without Ohio butting in?)” I find what’s going on in NYC to be more interesting than what is going on in Lima, but I strongly believe that the show should always be centered on the actual Glee club. The writers need to make it work, make a NYC spinoff, or do something.

    • kate says:

      Well I just watch Glee for the NY side now because the ND are super bored :(

    • Jeff says:

      But they are just throwing songs the ND and not giving enough time to NY. I say this show has one more season why not focus on the origanl kids like the audience wants.

  19. 80s says:

    Also, I disliked how the show handled the Chris Brown issue (and the side comments about Rihanna returning to Chris Brown) I still have No Air on my iTunes. Does that make me a horrible person? We’re allowed to like problematic things — granted we can even consider the music of a problematic person to be inherently problematic to begin with. The key is KNOWING that Chris Brown has done terrible things and not making excuses for it, despite liking his work.

    • Anna says:

      Wasn’t that Jake’s point? Did you watch the show?

      • 80s says:

        Did you watch the show? I certainly did. Jake’s viewpoint was dismissed by all of the girls, and in the end, they had their way without so much of an acknowledgment of the validity of Jake’s argument.

        • O-town says:

          They didn’t force Jake not to sing Chris Brown. Ultimately, Jake made the decision to sing Bobby Brown instead. Yeah, the girls didn’t agree with him and they made it clear to him that they didn’t. Whether they acknowledged his opinion can only be inferred from the scene…written by the writers and may or may not be wholly believable. Sorry, any number of reasons go into deciding to listen to music or not. And yeah, whether you choose to disrespect your girlfriend and beat the crap out of her kinda’ is a downer. No need to help support a man who thinks nothing of assault and battery.

          • 80s says:

            They definitely bullied Jake out of performing a Chris Brown song. Of course they did not accept his opinion in the end. That much was also obvious. Please refer to the conversation between Marley and Jake towards the end. Moreover, listen to your own advice — just the same, a number of reasons go into deciding to listen to music. John Lennon was a deadbeat dad to Julian, but I enjoy his music. Mel Gibson is probably a horrible human being, but Braveheart is my guilty pleasure. Whether or not I chose to listen to Chris Brown is not a reflection of my character, nor does it serve as approval of his behavior. I’m sorry you can’t separate the artist from the art (and I understand that), but that doesn’t make you any more moral than anyone else.

    • Inigo says:

      This is a fair point. I liked that they did at least put both sides of the artist’s work/artist’s character debate in albeit Jake was effectively bullied into changing his choice to keep the peace within the club and within his relationship with Marley. Perhaps that was validation enough that he was forced to. Would love for them to revisit it though.

    • Garret says:

      I agree, I thought Glee was being completly unprofessional with the Chris Brown thing. I am not defensing Chris’ actions but the need for the show to obviously show the opinion of the writers was uncalled for especially when they have covered his music in the past. Also, the majority of highschoolers do not feel that way about Chris Brown anymore, a few do but come on how many of them would freak out like the girls did? Just too much.

  20. Natalie says:

    I agree with everyone else. They need to cut the Lima side and focus on Kurt, Rachel, and Santana in NYC. Mamma Mia was fantastic until McKinley butted in. While we’re at it how about a break from Blaine and Sam? They’re really overused at this point. How about a NYC only episode? We’ve had at least two Lima only ones and they were awful.

  21. Amy says:

    I disagree with the above comments. I LOVE the newbies and their storylines. The Ohio scenes are fun and I love the chemistry between the cast. I think Sam has really grown and while he is no Blaine, he still brings a lot to the screen. Why is nobody talking about Jacob Artist? He is such a natural. I hope that NYC will regroup and remind me why I used to root for Rachel. Up until now, she has been unbearable. I do like Santana and Kurt’s banter.

    • felipee says:

      I can’t be more agreed with you, it pisses me off that everybody is all day complaining that they miss the old cast… give the oportunities to the newbies, they are soo good too!

      • Jos says:

        I’ve given them a chance for a whole season and they’re still boring me. After all this time I think it’s safe to say I just think they’re boring.

      • how much more time should they get says:

        17 episodes and they are still boring.

      • Para says:

        Respectfully, marley bored me into a coma and jake is a pop singing pop dancing outcast( does it even make sense?)

      • Lydia says:

        I shouldn’t have to still be trying to care about the newbies. If it hasn’t happened yet it never will, and the way this show is bleeding viewers I’m not the only one finding it hard to keep caring.

      • Erin says:

        The season is almost over, so you can’t still force people to give them a chance. If people don’t like them now, they probably never will. They’re all bland copies of old ND members anyway. (Marley = Rachel. Ryder = Finn. Jake = Puck + Mike. Kitty = Quinn + Santana. Unique = Mercedes + Kurt).

    • true says:

      Noobs are boring and none of them can act. Some may be able to dance ok or sing ok but overall they don’t pop.

    • seriously??? says:

      “while he is no Blaine”…
      Blaine is essentially a human jukebox with no soul, played by probably one of the weakest actors on the show, if not the weakest, and he has a lackluster voice (no amount of hype for him will change that), whose only appeal is the fact that he was on YouTube and produced a crappy Potter parody. He’s not capable of carrying the show, and he doesn’t bring any depth to his character like Naya and Chris do. The introduction of Darren Criss and Blaine, and the constant focus on him despite his lack of talent are the reasons why Glee lost its sparkle.

      • Maris says:

        I’m so glad someone agrees with me, I have nothing againts Darren personally, I think he has a great personality and whatever but I think bringing him on the show was ultimately a bad idea and I’m just tired of Blaine and all of his storylines

      • ProfKatG says:

        I find it so interesting that the difference of opinions on who carries/does not carry a show presents such a huge gap and becomes such an arguing point. From my perspective, some characters have great charisma – but need good writing in order to emerge as stars – and the entire cast need good writing and continuity – in order to maintain their status as a great show. Glee has struggled all season – perhaps it is impossible for one man to focus on three distinctly separate shows – and something had to give (Glee). To “fix” this show, I’d move Blaine to New York at the end of the season (mid year graduation due to extra credits) where he is a better fit, get rid of the patent leather hair, and return his character’s personality as a role model to out and proud gays. He seems to be the most misplaced member of the cast to me. Then I would refocus the entire program to New York – with some of the characters (Artie, Sam, Whomever) joining the New York side as soon as coherent story line permits. Obviously Finn needs to go to college in New York, where he gets a part-time job in the local pub so he has a story line allowing him to connect with Rachel whenever – as a singing bartender. Let’s get this show on the road!!

  22. Amy says:

    Yes! Not to mention Blake Jenner/Ryder needs to be on my screen every week

  23. DeeJay says:

    If the show was simply about the NY side, it wouldn’t be Glee anymore and they should change the name of the show. I personally want to see the show focus on the seniors that will be graduating and what they are doing for their futures. I want to know what they plan on doing for Nationals as well. Glee has never had good continuity, that is nothing new. Also, they need to stop with the whole Brittany calling Unique Mercedes. That is so disrespectful that it actually angers me.

    • Anna says:

      Nationals? They haven’t even competed in Regionals yet! I’m guessing since there are only 5 episodes left this season, they are not going to make Nationals.

      • DeeJay says:

        My apologies, their next competition. And the fact they do only have 5 episodes left and Originals such as Artie and Tina who are graduating are being ignored yet again isn’t right. I get that everyone wants the new and shiny NY scenes, and that’s fine, but I’d like them to properly give the remaining seniors a decent send off. Heaven knows the only ones they’ll still show next year will be Blaine and maybe Brittany. The others will be cast off just like Mike, Mercedes. and Quinn.

    • kent says:

      I want them to write decent stories about character I care about. I could careless if they are in the choir room are not. The bond is music wherever they are…The new kids are not interesting they are bland.

  24. crystak says:

    I agree with who ever write , this article one who hour yourk plz !

  25. kate says:

    why can’t the NYC folks ever do a song start to finish without Ohio butting in? You are so right about that….

  26. TB says:

    We are due at least 2 full NYC episodes. Tonight the Lima side was pointless. More NY and less Lima. Finn needs to be in NY.

  27. katy says:

    Yes, I’d kill for an hour that put the NYC storylines front and center and eased up on the less dramatic Lima proceedings ….You are so right I hope gets the memo soon

  28. TayMads says:

    Am I the only one that things that Lea oversang Creep. I’m not saying it was terrible. It wasn’t by any means, I just wouldn’t give it an A-. I personally think it would have been better if they sang it like the original. It would have been more haunting and beautiful. I mean Lea has a gentler side to her voice other than always belting it out. It has been proven time and time again. But that is just my opinion.

    • klim says:

      She was suppose to be upset and give it some edge. Too soft wouldn’t have made sense.

    • Me says:

      I would have liked it better if it was just Dean singing it.

    • lunacat1 says:

      It made no sense to be given the narrative of the plot and the theme of the song to have her singing it at all. The whole song is about feeling as if you’re not good enough to approach the object of your desire. It made sense for Brody to sing it (even if he didn’t have the vocal chops to pull it off) but Rachel is the object of desire here that Brody is no longer deemed worthy of being with. So why is she singing like her heart is being torn apart? Especially after she acknowledged that she still loved Finn and didn’t really love Brody that much?
      Totally agree that they’ve been having Lea oversing pretty much everything and it’s just too much. You start to get numb after awhile when it comes across like she’s screaming the songs.

  29. Carmen says:

    I really enjoyed the NYC scenes; the Rachel-Brody storyline wrapped up well and it seemed obvious to me that life in the Kurt-Rachel-Santana household promises to be a riot if the three characters’ storylines are continued in season 5 (hopefully with the addition of Blaine and Finn or at least Blaine, if not to the Bushwick household,at least to the New York City, with the further develpment of the relationships between Kurt and Blaine and Rachel and Finn).

    I found the Lima story dreadful. I cringed watching the unfolding of Blaine’s and Sam’s bromance in this episode. A friendship between them seems like a good idea, I suppose (although I don’t quite buy it–intelligent, high achiever Blaine and sweet but kind-of-dumb Sam?) but Blaine singing “Against All Odds” to Sam live, in a scene similar to Blaine’s deeply pained rendition of “Teenage Dream” in the break up episode?
    What?? We’ve watched Blaine and Sam have a few adventures and a very short conversation about Blaine getting back on track after his break-up with Kurt. Certainly there’s not enough there to justfify the use of “Against All Odds” in the context of this episode or as an expression of Blaine’s feelings towards Sam. Yes, Blaine has a crush on Sam but so far, we haven’t seen the crush develop into a situation in which Blaine is out of control, delusional or acts inappropriately.

    This scenario seemed inauthentic, hard to believe and totally out of sinc with what viewers have been lead to believe is Blaine’s continuing ( heart-wrenching at times) longing to reunite with Kurt, “the love of his life”. Also, there seems to be such passion and depth to Blaine (or is it what Darren brings to the character?). Chord seems to play Sam so light. I kept getting the impression that at least in this episode, Darren had to work really, really hard (work for two?) to make scenes between them come alive even a little. It was exhausting for me to watch. I hope Blaine makes it to New York. I hope Darren gets more substantial material to work with. I think he more than deserves it.

  30. JW says:

    I would have picked “Creep”, but MS…you’re way off on that grade or Blaine.

  31. Brilo says:

    I didn’t get the whole Blaine crushing on straight guy Sam, especially after Blaine so recently went thru the same thing with BFF Tina crushing on him. Also, anyone else notice the Cheerio creeping at the classroom door when Jake was singing “My Perogative”? Couldn’t tell if it was the one with the neck brace that crept into scenes earlier in the season.

  32. Nayomiifeoma says:

    Hell yeah finally Rachel and Brody broke up lets get some finchle up in here!!!!!

  33. Jos says:

    I DREAM of a week that’s all NY. The fast forward button would finally get a rest.

  34. Hopita D. says:

    Brittany demonstrated that she knows what a democracy is… Which is AMAZING! Why is her general fund knowledge sooooo non- linear?
    She said “and unfortunately because this is a democracy, we can’t force you to do anything.” That was the most sensical thing I’ve EVER heard come out of her mouth. I’m pretty stunned. That blew me away when she said that…

    • Delia E. says:

      I was expecting Brittany to just throw a one-liner at Jake that made no sense, but when she made sense I took a step back and said, “Wow, Brittany said something smart!” Lol! :)

  35. ctemd says:

    1. There is no way a Broadway purist like Rachel (and Kurt) would EVER watch Mamma Mia the film version. It was too awful to even be a guilty pleasure.

    2. Why doesn’t Schue ever get the flu shot??? Doesn’t he get sick every year?

  36. Anna says:

    Darren singing live was a true standout for me. Michael, I don’t understand your grading system at ALL. You’ll give the girls an A- for jumping and rolling their chairs around with mediocre vocals, but Darren showed true musicality not often seen on this show. Maybe it got a lower grade than it deserved because the context of him singing that song to Sam was a little off, but since when has context ever been a thing in Glee? His was one of my favorite performances in the past four years of this show.

    • jr says:

      that song was awkward and he didn’t sound that good, and it was not a relevant or good plot point.

    • klim says:

      Too much Blaine.

    • #swagbitches says:

      Maybe you’ve got your head too far up Darren’s arse to realise that he’s just simply not that good?

      Just a thought.

    • Erin says:

      Can the three of you please take your hate back to ONTD. Because so many people seem to realize how good Darren is, except for the people on that site

    • Leslie says:

      M. Slezak or this site for that matter has been known to constantly be bias against Blaine (or even against Klaine due to Blaine) so take it with a grain of salt. A lot of ppl really loves his live singing esp. with this song and TD, so just gloss over Slezak’s rating of Blaine’s songs or anything related to Blaine (songs or performance in the show). Just don’t take his word for it. As of right now, it is selling in iTunes ahead of the other songs in this episode. That should be something to go by.

    • Cheri says:

      I agree with Michael S’s grades on all the song’s. Personally, I liked Mamma Mia the best. And the Spice Girls next. I don’t see or hear the greatness of Darren’s vocals like you do. I was nicely done but not outstanding. Various opinions in all of us. I think that Lea and Naya have the best vocals. Darren is way down the list. Matt Morrison is the best male singer, and we hardly ever hear him sing. Darren gets the most solos and leads now which is good most of the time, but was really nice to see and hear Chord on lead tonight. He really has a beautiful mellow voice.

  37. Ross says:

    What is even going on in Lima? Arguing about Chris Brown for plot points? Jesus, is there really nothing left from Glee but to be controversial?

  38. Allyson says:

    Isn’t the whole Blaine/Sam story a recycle storyline from Tina/Blaine? I rather see Blaine develop a crush on some new guy. Yes he and Kurt are endgame, but I rather see Blaine crushing on a guy who plays for his team. A guy with a bit of edge. This episode was sloppy with a few good moments mixed in. I know bt every episode can’t be great, but this episode wasn’t impressive at all. It is nice to see Rachel, Kurt, and Santana settling in as roommates. I am liking this friendship between the 3. Finally Rachel knows the truth about Brody. I am hoping Finn and Rachel will spend some quality time together soon after this whole Brody ordeal. Perhaps a reunion is in the works. Who knows as much as Santana has insulted Finn and Rachel over the years, she would be the one to play a little matchmaker and bring these 2 back together.

    • lunacat1 says:

      Actually Blam is more a recycle of the Furt crush back in season one, but stripped of any depth or real character building. I also would like for Blaine to get a realistic love interest, if only so we can end this delusion that he’s so completely in love with Kurt. Sure he is… as long as Kurt is in the room. Otherwise he needs someone else to remind him “Aren’t you still supposed to be in love with Kurt?” while Blaine is swooning over Trouty.

  39. Singing gal says:

    Is it so bad that I initially thought it was going to be TLC’s “creep”? That’s one of my guilty pleasures!!! But I do love ol school radiohead.

  40. LilAngel says:

    Once again, could they forget about McKinley and just focus on the NYC side, pleeeease

    • LilAngel says:

      one more thing, we can see all that goes wrong in Glee with the Mamma Mia number: it was fantastic with Lea Michele (she supports the whole show all by herself) and then it turned bad when they show that useless part with New Directions…

  41. Para says:

    No to people who says glee is about just a show choir and their competitions… ALL SHOWS ARE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS!!!!!!’
    And I love by story line and Blaine.. So the hope is to get the show to New York next season and Blaine Tina and maybe Artie Sam can join ..
    Marley is a character that just doesn’t work so get rid of her!

    Btw I wish Quinn to be back full time next year because…she is so pretty:)

  42. Igo says:

    I think we should campaining regularly to beg FOX to put NY storylines at front and center everyweek or at least give them a proper spin-off. and Who knew the simple yet full of chemistry performance of rachel santana and kurt would much more fun and interesting to watch than ND with all the costumes feathers and golden boots? Not trying to be mean but that’s just exactly how i felt when i watch ‘mamma mia’ performance

  43. Dani says:

    so over blaine, does darren criss really need to sing (or lead) 2 or 3 songs per episode? ugh. and why is he the one always doing live songs? let lea michele do a live number and show us what she can really do, or even naya OR BOTH. That’s what i really wanna see. Also more NY less Lima.

    On a more serious note, i hate how they made the whole fight thing that happened las ep be about finn ~defending rachel’s honor PLEASE that was a terrible thing to do and i can’t believe no one is acknowledging it. I can’t believe santana felt like she had to call him in the first place. The whole point of the finchel break up was that rachel wanted her independence, and yeah she changed a lot and brody wasn’t good for her, but if anyone had straight up told her about the gigolo thing instead of dealing with it behind her back, maybe she would’ve done something about it by herself. which is exactly what she should’ve done, but noooo leave it to glee to always have a knight in shining armor to solve all the ladies’ problems for them and then them falling for it. that sends a lovely message to young ladies…. not.

  44. LaShawna says:

    I call complete BS on this obsession with 80s music, TV shows and movies on this show. Granted, I love the 80s, but that is because I actually lived through them (even if I was a child). I actually remember when all this stuff was popular. Whereas, at most, the oldest kid in Glee Club would have been born in late 1994 (at least in show terms, since the real actors are obviously much older). All this 80s stuff would be the equivalent of my high school glee club (from the early 90s) being obsessed with stuff from the early to mid 60s. Yeah…that wasn’t happening.

    • Heather says:

      Actually, I’m a high school teacher and my students love anything 80s and 90s. My dance team begs me to play Spice Girls during warm ups, so I can totally see that (and even the Fanilow business because our music oriented kids like Barry and have sung his songs in Show Choir).

      This show is called Glee. It needs to have at least part of it set in the choir room because that is what is different about it. If you move it to NY, it turns into 90210 and if I wanted to watch that type of show, I would have. The new cast is superbly talented and it’s too bad that many people were already set against them when they joined because they are very good. The writing is spotty, but always has been and is not the new actors’ fault. I finally just started enjoying NY because they are writing comedy for them with Santana there and it’s not so angsty. If I wanted drama and angst, I’d watch Gray’s Anatomy, but I don’t. I want light hearted fun with some great music thrown in. NY is not delivering that for me, but Lima does (with a few misses on some episodes but that’s typical of the show’s writers).

    • Temperence says:

      The 80’s is the biggest trend at the moment – in music and fashion. And I have to say, out of the whole lot (from the 50’s to the 00’s), the 80’s has the best and most varied music to crib from.

  45. Tom says:

    First off, Billie Piper rocks! Also, I loved when Brittney told Jake to Shut his mouth after he spoke ill of Britney Spears. Very funny!

  46. alysonlaurel says:

    The best line was the one about Colin and the Secret Garden at the end!

  47. murley says:

    i loved the resolution of blaine’s crush on sam. i liked how sam was completely non-threaghtened by his gay friend having a crush on him and that the significance of showing that, and that it is perfectly “safe” to have gay friends, was more important than people seem to be realizing.

    • Lydia says:

      Actually it just went to show that gays can’t just be friends with straight guys, they will also develop a crush on them- a fact that isn’t true at all. Yes Sam handled it well, but the fact that they even had to go there was stupid.

  48. dude says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I loved the cheesey songs and it was really funny! Brittany and Kitty were hilarious in this episode. I understand that every now and again Glee has to slow things down and since the past 3 episodes have been nothing but plot developments, I’m fine with that. They can’t all be ripe with story but as long as it’s entertaining, I don’t mind if the biggest conflcit at McKinley High was “Jake sings a Chris Brown song”

  49. DM says:

    Really enjoyed this episode – great, fun songs which are what a Glee episode should be. Loved Blaine’s Against All Odds although it shouldn’t have been directed at Sam. Blam is still great though. I do agree there should be more development of the storylines in New York.

  50. Nina says:

    More NYC please!!!! Lea, Chris and Naya carried the episode again.

    Blam and the newbies are really sucking the life out of the show. Glee needs to give McKinley and the audience a rest. I say this as someone who really wanted to like the Lima side of the show. But it isn’t working out and I get so bored watching all of those McKinley scenes.