Supernatural's Misha Collins Previews Castiel's Angry Reunion With the Winchesters

Goodbye StrangerCastiel returns to Supernatural tonight (The CW, 9/8c), but his state of mind and his relationship with the Winchesters are both in precarious shape.

However, all three — as well as demon Meg (guest star Rachel Miner) — will have to pull it together to complete a mission.

“They’re hunting for a tool that will help them decipher the demon tablet,” previews Castiel’s portrayer, Misha Collins. But “that statement, while true, is also misleading,” so don’t be surprised if there’s a twist or two — and a couple of lies unraveled!

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Below, the actor talks about the “anger” coloring Cas and the brothers’ reunion, the toll of Naomi’s mind games and a surprisingly “tender” moment between two characters. Plus, Collins reveals what terrifies him about directing an episode next season (hint: It’s very, very tall).

TVLINE | It’s a been a little while since we’ve seen Castiel. What state is he in when he resurfaces?
He’s fairly thoroughly programmed at this point by Naomi for her bidding. So he is, for all intents and purposes, an automaton, but he keeps up appearances pretty well. Sam and Dean can tell there’s something a little off with him, but it doesn’t seem like he’s full robot.

TVLINE | The last episode ended with Dean praying for him, and Castiel not responding. So how do the brothers, in particular Dean, react to his reappearance?
With caution and skepticism for the most part. In fact, I would add one more adjective: Anger. It’s not exactly a warm welcome, but they have a shared objective, which they collaborate [on] to achieve. In spite of the fact that Sam and Dean don’t trust Cas and are pissed at him, they know that he’s a valuable ally in pursuing this objective.

TVLINE | There are a lot of secrets and lies between Cas and Dean and Sam right now. How is this episode going to shake up those relationships?
Some of the lying will come to light. There will be some resolution.

Goodbye StrangerTVLINE | Meg is also back in this episode, and she and Cas have a complicated history. What’s their dynamic like in this episode?
They are actually happy to work with one another again and actually have a remarkably tender moment between one another, as well. It’s unusual for the show.

TVLINE | Will we see Cas make more of a push to fight back against Naomi’s control?
Part of what we’ll see is the losing side of Castiel’s head fighting against the programming.

TVLINE | She’s really messing with his mind. So will there be a psychological or physical toll to what she’s doing to him?
Pretty much everything that Cas goes through has a psychological and physical toll. I was going to say I’m surprised he’s still alive. But he shouldn’t be. He’s been killed four or five items now on the show. But yes, as per usual, there will be some scar tissue.

TVLINE | Since she’s messing with his memories, I’m imagining a scenario where he can’t really tell what’s real and what’s not anymore. Is that something he’s dealing with?
Yes. And that’s something that we will learn even more about in subsequent episodes.

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TVLINE | Benny’s also coming back soon. Is there going to be an opportunity for Benny and Cas’ paths to cross again?

TVLINE | I was wondering: Does Cas know about Sam and Dean’s Men of Letters history? Is he aware of that?
It’s something that he will learn about. But it’s not something that, as far as I know at this point, is either forefront or [that he] knows about. Or maybe [he] is only peripherally aware of it or maybe doesn’t care about it. I don’t know. But it’s, so far, not something that’s been in…Cas’ storyline.

TVLINE | So he doesn’t get to spend any time in the bunker?
I didn’t say that.

TVLINE | And on top of being a series regular next season, which is great news, you’re also going to direct an episode. What excites – or scares – you most about directing the show?
What excites me most…is that I get to direct an episode of a show where the whole crew is going to be really supportive and I know them. They’re going to be happy to help me along the way. To me, it’s very comforting to know that I’ve got an entire crew that has my back. What’s stressful about it is that, unfortunately, Sam, played by Jared Padalecki, is in every episode. I’m going to have to direct Jared, and he’s going to do everything in his power to make my job a living hell. [Laughs] That’s what excites me and scares me most.

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  1. Dilys says:

    Extremely unhappy about the Meg scene Misha is talking about. Extremely. But I’m absolutely thrilled Cas is back and continue to hope that Cas and Dean will be back like they were at the beginning of this season. I want Profound bonding, Dean hugging Cas back. Please show? Cut Cas a break. So not looking forward to the Meg scene.

    • kay66 says:

      But I think they are only allowed to have a moment to seal off their MegandCas comic relief romance, with the possibility that Meg is killed in this episode, on her own, I love Meg, she’s been on spn since season one, I think the only character other than Dean and Sam to surrvive to this point.

      • Dilys says:

        I loved evil Meg. Truly loved her. I have really disliked the hybrid half evil, half ally she became in the past few years. And I really dislike the dynamic with Cas. Especially since we get so little Dean and Cas time, I just really am not looking forward to this.

  2. Lucy says:

    Meg and Cas? NO WAY! Please, I mean… she’s a demon, he’s an angel and btw, why Meg?? I hope it’s just that Cas is grateful to her for what she did for him in season 7, but please, nothing more!

  3. hlots11 says:

    I’m really hoping Carver kills Meg off for good. That the Winchesters have allowed her to live is an insult to their legacy and name – she is responsible for Ellen’s and Jo’s deaths, for starters. Cass can also see her true, ugly demon face.

  4. Minion says:

    Not happy about the Cas and Meg stuff, but I’ll wait until after the show to to really make judgments about that part of it.

    Otherwise, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO thrilled to have Cas back on the show and working with Dean and Sam, even if everything is not all as it should be. Always glad to have Team Free Will together!

  5. Guys, it’s just ONE moment, chillax won’t you? Cas and Meg have a pretty cool relationship imo and it saddens me that people dismiss it because she’s a woman and a demon. Like come on guys.

    • ec says:

      this! I think fangirls just don’t want anything to interfere with their dean/cas shipping. girls hate other girls – it’s like a biological survival imperative. unfortunately, it means that they trash pretty cool women. i love rachel miner as meg and always thought her relationship with cas was well done. excited to see her again!

      • Me too. As I love Anna & Bela & even Ruby last time. So much hate on the ladies that we missed out some pretty ‘normal’ stuff. I honestly don’t understand. Yet I’m quite these would be same commentors who have no problem with all the romance on Twilight, TVD, One Tree Hill, Glee..etc. Yet for SPN any strong female character appears, they gets the head chopping. Even the Krissy character are facing some hate. So far female characters are kinda off comic relief like Becky, Mrs. Tran and even Charlie.

      • hlots11 says:

        Oh god, the “girls hate other girls” fallacy. How about because Meg has killed a lot of people, been party to some of the Winchesters’ biggest adversaries’ plans, is a demon who possesses people against their will (including the girl Castiel kissed, if she’s still alive), she was responsible for Ellen and Jo’s deaths, etc., etc. The original Meg talks about the horrid things the demon did with her body when she came back as a Witness. Meg is a truly terribly creature who the Winchesters should have killed already.

        If we’re talking about women involved with Castiel, what happened to Emmanuel’s wife? Once he remembered who he was, Gamble never mentioned her again. Gamble used relationship tropes as bad plot devices – Meg included.

        I would like to think that, as a good guy who can see the demon possessing the girl (who the demons rarely kill, because the torture’s half the fun), Castiel wouldn’t have actually done anything with Meg. Especially if Jimmy’s still hanging around, since that was originally a borrowed body, too. (Does consent mean nothing, here? Meg can’t consent to anything if the girl is still alive. If Cass goes along with this, it damages the character almost irreparably.) The “relationship” between them was not well written, well developed, or well done – it was based solely on the chemistry between the actors in one scene, made no logical sense in the plot, and came pretty much out of nowhere. I hate it when people accuse those critical of bad writing of hating other women because they like slash or whatever.

    • mommyyidol says:

      Totally agreed.! I personally LOVE the relationship between Cass and Meg, and if any girl is to stay on the show… It is Meg for me, all the way.! I love Meg, she was cool even when she was truly an evil bitch.. LOL now she is kinda good and I think she is AWESOME.! TOTAL Meg fan right here, I hope she isn’t dead, now that would suck. P.S. I hate the fact of “my” Cass ;) with any girl.. LOL but if it has to be, I hope it is Meg, she truly cares for her “unicorn” =)

  6. Dee Dee says:

    Glad Cas is back, but like others here, I am NOT HAPPY about this whole Castiel/Meg stuff. Meg, like Crowley and Ruby, is a DEMON, and she is inherently EVIL. I don’t at all enjoy the idea of them attempting to tone down that integral aspect of her personality just to give her and Cas a couple of “tender moments!” It was cute back when Castiel was insane, but now it would just seem somewhat out of character for him to just forget/ignore what she is simply because she once looked out for him for her own selfish reasons. She didn’t babysit him when he was institutionalized because she cared, she did it because she was alone, scared and needed protection from Crowley! Left to her own devices, Meg is an interesting and entertaining character, but this whole Cas/Meg thing is ridiculous! I used to like it when she showed up, now I just hope they kill her off.

  7. Lil says:

    I like that Dean apparently is going to remember he’s suspicious of Castiel, as he certainly was last time the two had a scene together. I thought the prayer scene last episode was well done, but weird. Why try to put vulnerable Sam into Castiel’s care when you don’t trust Castiel? I would think the whole Wall issue would resonate pretty hard if Dean is worried about Sam’s well being.

    I’ll wait and see how the Meg thing works out. On the one hand, I think Castiel and Meg have an interesting dynamic. On the other hand, she did kill Jo and Ellen. I think that probably matters more to Dean and Sam than Castiel, though. He had no relationship with them.

    I’m hoping we get to see a lot of Sam and Dean’s evolving feelings about doing the trials, not just Castiel angst. This season has done entirely too much of raising issues that really matter and then dropping them.

    • “This season has done entirely too much of raising issues that really matter and then dropping them.”

      Now that you mentioned it, I felt the same way too. I hope they will tie it up somehow. Even Cas so called craziness last time was solved without much explanation why. Or even Daphne. I never actually believed Daphne is an ordinary person. Or Amelia fiance appeared out of nowhere. Just as Dean got out from Purgatory. Coincidence? Or it never ever showed Sam train of thoughts when he decided to just let Dean fate go. What was his reasoning? Who stood outside Amelia’s home? Was it really her fiance? And why Crowley never killed the boys when he got so many chances? And why Dean put so much faith on Benny in the first place? And what the heck with Meg’s new hair?

  8. I am extremely nervous right now. I was not before but as I read this interview I just feel disappointed. Arghhhhh………

  9. Carrie says:

    I’m just excited that there’s a new episode. It was a short hiatus, but still painful.

  10. Wow. I do not understand why so many people dislike Meg, or her relationship with Cas. It’s like when people freak out about Dean and Sam knowing other people besides each other. You can have more than one person in your life. And if you’ve been watching Supernatural since the beginning and still think that Demons can be locked away in a neat evil box, nothing more, then we’ve been watching differently. Meg isn’t necessarily an evil character. She’s in that gray area. She finds a purpose and she serves it. That has benefited Team Free Will in the past. I, for one, am excited to see her back, whether or not she can be trusted this time around.

    • Elizabeth Mallard says:

      I think you need to watch Meg in the first season when she slashed her victim’s throats without so much of a twitch. She is 100% evil.

      • Oh, come on. You cannot judge Meg as a whole character off of one season. The idea that anyone, even Lucifer, is evil or bad for evil’s sake is short-sighted and close-minded. Meg herself said that she found one thing out to be true about this world, “that you find a cause and you serve it”. Alliances shift, attitudes change. Meg now is not the Meg from season 1, or even season 5.

    • kate says:

      Meg’s relationship with Cas has gotten all of 5 minutes of screen time in, like, 2 years. People act as though it’s been front & center for multiple episodes. It’s too bad because it’s a funny relationship, really. Themes that have come up over and over on this show is that there are shades of gray, people and other creatures are capable of both good and bad, and that very few things are an easy choice. I like the idea that maybe Cas could save Meg. Maybe not all demons are hopeless. They were humans once, after all. It doesn’t have to happen frequently, but it’s an interesting prospect.

    • mommyyidol says:

      Very VERY much agreed.!

  11. Kay says:

    “but his state of mind and his relationship with the Winchesters are both in precarious shape.”
    I always find it interesting how most interviewers write “the Winchesters” as a single entity with respect to Castiel. But then, I read
    “The last episode ended with Dean praying for him, and Castiel not responding. So how do the brothers, in particular Dean, react to his reappearance?”
    So, really the Winchesters as a single entity should have been praying to Castiel, right? Also, the brothers, as a single entity, should react exactly the same to him, of course.


  12. That Guy says:

    Do you people not believe in the whole opposites attract thing? Yes Meg killed Ellen and Jo but that was when she was rolling with Lucifer. Since Lucy is in a cage Meg has no one, she’s like a fallin angel(but demon) She can’t go back to hell Crowley wants her dead. And Cas is a fallen angel…Do you see where I’m going with this. Cas/Meg’s relationship makes sense to me.

  13. oppar says:

    i kinda wish old meg and cas were paired off rather than what seems to be the new incarnation of meg. i miss gleefully “evil” meg

    i think if the characters resembled more of their 5.10 selves i’d be more on board. the parallels between the two with their devotion to their “father” and their blind faith in them combined with the seeds of fear and doubt that they willfully ignored to remain blindly faithful… yeah i can dig it

    the new meg who plays nurse for castiel and spends more time being tortured or running and hiding is just not as interesting for me and as such doesn’t seem as interesting when teamed up with castiel.

    or conversely they could’ve played up more the bitterness and isolation that comes with a “fallen” since meg would have been rebelling against crowley and hell much like castiel rebelled from heaven. that sometimes the thing you ordered your life around is snatched from you and what then? where do you go?

    it would’ve been a nice narrative to have them explore that through castiel and meg as it would’ve mirrored sam’s story of losing his way and finding a new purpose quite nicely. even more so since purgatory seemed to allow dean to find some purpose in his life and he would’ve served as the foil for these stories.

    so sam’s distrust of benny could’ve had another angle than “monster bad” but also of him not being able to understand dean’s new purpose and outlook on life because he is still in the midst of his purpose/outlook falling apart

    • Ella says:

      Agreed. Putting aside the fact that I am Destiel to the core, had the old Meg been the one utilized here, I think I’d hate the idea of Megstiel less. No, I’d still hate it. Meg is annoying in whatever meatsuit she’s wearing.

  14. Madeline says:

    I like the idea of Cas and Meg. Cas needs a “friend” outside of the brothers, even if it is Meg. I like the dynamic. Meg did care for Cas last season while he was in the mental hospital. I can see why there is a connection there.

    I really hope the show re-focus’ on how they use Cas’ character next season. I don’t want Cas around solely as Dean’s friend. I want the show to increase his interaction with Sam. If Cas is going to be around more, the writers need to work on balancing his relationship with the brothers so that Cas’ interactions are not related to or revolving around Dean.

    I think Cas and Sam have a very interesting relationship and history – from Cas letting Sam out of the panic room in season 4 to Cas breaking Sam’s wall and then taking Sam’s hell memories. There is so much to be explored there. And I get frustrated that we never get to see it.

    • lady edith says:

      You took the words out of my mouth, Madeline. Sam and Castiel’s relationship has so much potential. I’m tired of Sam always being somewhere else so Dean and Cas can be alone. Mix it up. writers! There are many Sastiel/Sassy fans. Cater to us for a change. Not all of us are into Destiel.

  15. God says:

    I have spoken: You all make me sick.

  16. Mikael says:

    I liked the original Meg better. I wish they could’ve found a way to keep her in that body. She had better chemistry with the boys. But I do think the show needs another Meg/Ruby. The bad girls are fun.

  17. Meg says:

    Ok I have to show something, many of you are saying that because Meg is EVIL And Cas is GOOD they shouldn’t be together. How many of the ANGELS are inherently evil because they do not have free will. Serving any cause completely 100% and taking it to extremes is bad. I like Meg and Cas simply because it is showing a deeper side to each char. It is expanding. Also remember, Meg explained her taking over the girls body, the girl was brain dead, she was in a coma. Meg did not take someone who could fight. I kinda sympathize with her.

  18. Beth says:

    I love watching Supernatural! I think that Cas and Meg are cute together. I would like to see her change tho. I was wondering if a demon can become an angel. Just a thought!

  19. Vanna says:

    I think meg is a pretty cool character. And I’m sorry but I don’t ship cas and dean anyway. Deans whole air would change if they did that. He was always the ladies man…I really wanted to see him with Jo ):

  20. Splashstorm says:

    Please no Meg. MISHA PLEASEEEEEEEEEE??? Reading this just ruined my happiness. ;(

  21. liezl says:

    All the way from South-Africa I would just like to say I love this show! Castiel is just the most sexiest angel that I have ever seen! Keep on bringing the good stuff!!!