Bates Motel Hits a Drama Debut High for A&E

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Bates Motel Premiere RatingsA lot of people checked into Bates Motel on Monday night, as the dark drama took a stab at an A&E record.

With its initial 10 pm airing, the Bates family origin story drew 3 million total viewers, with 1.6 mil landing in the 18-49 sweet spot. That demo delivery marks an A&E high for an original drama series debut.

Breakout Kings was the previous record holder, with 1.5 million in the demo, while Longmire last summer delivered a larger premiere audience (4.1 mil) but skewed older, with less than a million aged 18-49.

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For the night, Bates Motel checked in 4.6 million total viewers, with 2.4 mil in the 18-49 demo.

Bates Motel represents the very best of quality storytelling with an incredible cast led by Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore,” A&E boss Bob DeBitetto said in a statement. “We are extremely pleased with the initial viewer response to this edgy and provocative series and are confident that it will continue to draw in new audiences.”

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As for Monday’s other big cable debut, the miniseries Top of the Lake, Sundance Channel is not Nielsen-rated so no premiere numbers are available.

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Comments (22)

  • This show was soooo good!

    Comment by Jason Lawson (@Snowballx) – March 19, 2013 11:55 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I agree. I thought it was excellent. The acting was top notch, and the story had me on the edge of my seat (in that wonderful mystery/thriller) sort of way. I’ll definitely be watching this series. On a side note, it made me REALLY want to watch the original Psycho again. I need to track down a copy for my collection.

      Comment by Jake – March 19, 2013 11:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I like it. Watched the premier On Demand before last night. Glad it is doing well. Freddie really must’ve studied Anthony Perkins. He has the smirky half smile, inner conflict and mannerisms down and does an incredible job. The incestuous implications I find far more creepy than the murders to be honest. Slightly reminiscent of Psycho IV in which Norman calls into a radio program hosted by the incredible CCH Pounder. He procedes to explain to her his mother and upbringing.

    Comment by kirads09 – March 19, 2013 11:58 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This show was amazing. Glad it did well.

    Comment by Alyssa – March 19, 2013 12:34 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Why is it set in today’s time frame, I’m confused?

    Comment by Kathy – March 19, 2013 12:56 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • That was the part that I really didn’t like. I read the answer in the link and, to me, they still didn’t give a good answer for making the change.

      Comment by Jane – March 19, 2013 01:44 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I’m with you on that one. I thought at first it was a period piece and then when they showed Norman at the bus stop with the ear buds and mp3 player I got really confused.

        Comment by elr – March 20, 2013 09:25 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • An even simpler explanation would be budget. It’s a cable show, they never have big budgets. If it were a true prequel, it would’ve had to have been a period piece, which would’ve meant elaborate costumes and sets that would’ve cost more money. Keeping it modern probably helps them stay within their allotted budget per episode.

      Comment by Andrew – March 19, 2013 04:00 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • See I hated it, and thought only Farmiga was the best part

    Comment by Kevin – March 19, 2013 01:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I found it really boring. Do I watch too many crime shows that nothing about this impressed or scared me?

      Comment by Sheila – March 20, 2013 06:48 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • FYI, this is equivalent to a 1.3 rating. That’s very good for a cable show.

    Comment by nick1372 – March 19, 2013 01:24 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Whatever…… Just bring season 2 of Longmire ASAP!

    Comment by Alienate – March 19, 2013 01:26 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Hope ratings stay up for next week (and after)

    Comment by Teag – March 19, 2013 02:48 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Freddie Highmore played Norman to perfection,even if his accent was coming through in some parts. If I’m being honest I didn’t LOVE the pilot but I’m expecting it to pick up in the next couple episodes. I’ll be sticking around for awhile.

    Comment by Jade – March 19, 2013 03:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I absolutely LOVED it. I think this is going to be my new obsession, actually.

    Comment by Ruby – March 19, 2013 06:49 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • No grading poll? I was curious to see what people thought of it. I didn’t watch. I’m wondering if I should try it, but I need peer pressure to make me do it. :)

    Comment by Britta Unfiltered – March 19, 2013 08:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I really liked it. I’ll be sticking around for sure…

    Comment by Hurley – March 20, 2013 03:32 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The question is: did the sheriff peek into the shower? I vote yes. Otherwise, out will be a very disapppointing show.

    Comment by Doug – March 20, 2013 11:59 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Loved it.cant wait till monday for next hooked!

    Comment by Louis Morino – March 21, 2013 07:04 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Omg so many annoying commercials.Thank god for DVR.Fast forwarded pesky ads. Another great episode,wish it was on 3 times a week. I love this show!!!

    Comment by Louis Morino – March 25, 2013 08:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • please don’t kill off emma she is a doll..great show i watch faithfully..almost as good as boardwalk empire.

    Comment by arnie – May 21, 2013 05:41 PM PDT  Reply To This Post

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