Idology: Is Comic Jimmy Iovine Hurting Idol's Ladies? Plus: Lazaro and the 'Courage' Card

Season 12 Top 10 Week of American Idol almost had it all: Several championship-caliber vocal performances, a righteous voting result and unexpected references to the deliciousness of Aunt Jemima Syrup.

The only things missing were a laugh track for mentor Jimmy Iovine’s absurdist musings and a bucket of confetti for the singers who dubiously chose to sing former Idol victory anthems.

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On this week’s installment of Idology, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I talk about whether Mr. Iovine’s commentary might have a negative effect on some of Season 12’s female front-runners and dish whether it’s time for producer Nigel Lythgoe to adopt some new and more exciting theme weeks. (Spoiler alert: The answer is “HELL YEAH!”) Plus, we dig deeper into the show’s struggling male contestants, questioning the musical taste level of Paul Jolley and Burnell Taylor, and whether or not the judges should be discussing Lazaro Arbos’ “courage” at this stage of the season.

Finally, there’s a breakdown of the three faces of “I (Who Have Nothing)”! So press play below for all the warm, waffle-y goodness of Idology, and for all my Idol-related news, interviews, commentary and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dan says:


    • Beautiful way that you compare the 3 different outstanding performance of “I Who Have Nothing”. I didn’t even think at how different each one of them sang that song but they all did it in such a different and distinct way. Very interesting. Also great way to say that Burnell is using his hands like he is sculpting in the Lionel Richie “Hello” video. That’s just perfect right there. Great Idology this week.
      -I am anticipating good song choices for Lennon/McCartney week but we have had years when the contestants actually admitted to not knowing Beatles songs, so let’s hope this group either doesn’t face that problem or at least isn’t foolish enough to admit that they don’t know one of if not the best band in the history of music.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        Yeah, we have had three amazing I Who Have Nothing, with all three types of interpretations.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I’m with you on the “I Who Have Nothing” comment. Normally, repeating a song that was a shining moment for an Idol, or a couple of Idols, in the past doesn’t go well at all, but all three renditions of this song belong high up in the record books. This is part of the fun of the AI fan fictions I write; when the same song ends up in multiple stories, they aren’t always in the same context and can be part of very different situations, as is the case with this song.

        • Joanna says:

          AI fan fictions? Really??

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Yes, I think I mentioned it in another thread. Every year I take all the songs the finalists record (yes, I buy every single one) and build a big, long story around them. I have one for all 11 seasons (#12 is still developing), and each one has a different theme. I can elaborate further is anyone is interested.

          • rockgolf says:

            “I’ve been hoping someone would build a story around all the songs selected by contestants over an entire season. I’d love to read that!” said absolutely no one.

          • Dayrah says:


          • LeahKittyS says:

            @rockgolf Hey, the people I’ve shared these stories with actually really liked them! It’s a hobby just like any other.

        • COA says:

          I think that sounds very interesting! Are the stories posted on line?

      • darcy the slutty twin says:

        Candice delivered an awesome vocal but I think my problem is that she didn’t seem to understand what she was singing. She was alternately saying “he” and “she” when singing, as if the singer were bisexual. Only goes to show that you don’t have to understand what you’re singing, you can sell it with side-eyes, runs galore, high prolonged notes and stink faces.

        • Name That Tune says:

          It’s interesting that you caught that. When a girl sings the song it’s usually “You can take her anyplace you want” or “she can take you anyplace she wants”. When a guy sings it, it’s “He can take you anyplace he wants”, Candice sang the Tom Jones version but nobody at AI caught it because she sang it this way on both the live version and the studio version. Both Haley and Jordin sang either she or you.
          It wouldn’t be so noticeable but she followed it with “He’ll never love you the way I love you.” So she literally sang the Tom Jones version.

        • Erika says:

          Maybe she is bisexual? Is that a problem?

    • Kim R says:

      I looked all day for this!! Ahhhhh….now I can go to bed. Excellently done M & M! :)

    • carlyrose says:


  2. John says:

    Terrible awful song choices this week. There are some great songs on post-Idol albums (Sober really needed to be performed :( )

    Also, I think the song choices for Lennon/McCartney are going to be just as overdone. I.e. expect Come Together, Let It Be, Imagine etc.

    Fresh theme weeks Nigel PLEASE!!!!

    • Linda says:

      The song choices are really killing the show. Michael has been suggesting a “no ballads allowed” week for several years, and Idol really needs it this season. I’m tempted to power-vote for anyone who sings an uptempo song this week just to encourage some variety in song selection. (Yes, I’m joking, but it is tempting …)

    • Jose Matutina says:

      Do you really think that any of the contestants have the vocal chops to sing Sober? The notes of that song are insane!

      • John says:

        Sober is a difficult song but only really at the end when Kelly really goes for it. If they had rearranged it, it would’ve been manageable IMO

  3. EVPandHC says:

    Jason really loves Kree, huh?

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Every season he has a special lady. Season 6 was Melinda, Season 7 was Carly, Season 8 was Allison, Season 9 was Crystal, Season 10 was Haley, Season 11 was Skylar, now it’s Kree.

      • Dan says:

        It was Elise in Season 11.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          Yes, I know he loved Elise, but Elise didn’t receive the coveted bouquet that year. Skylar did.

          • noa says:

            that’s because Slezak gives away the bouquet. last year Josh was Melinda’s favorite, Skylar was Michael’s and Jason got it right- he loved Elise.

          • Miscellaneopolan says:

            I love that the Season 11 talent pool was deep enough for the three co-hosts (because, let’s be honest, Jason is the third co-host of this show) to each favor a different contestant. Usually they’re of one mind.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            Jason always gets it right. Last two seasons were clearly Elise and Haley. Melinda got it sort of close to right. Michael was curious last season hah. Skylar was OK but not even close to the league of Elise or Josh or Jessica. And I’d take P2 over her too.

          • HitTheGroundRunning says:

            It was mostly just the Skylar thing where he seemed to go nuts.

      • JM says:

        He was a giant Elise fan last season.

        • blehakohnoh says:

          But I hope Kree being awesome for the show and being Jason’s fave will not put her to the Allison-Haley-Elise trajectory wise since Kree hasn’t been place yet in one-of-the-early performance slots and I’m afraid that if she does she might hit the Bottom 3…then she might have lots of vacation in the Bottom 3 before finally reaching her finish probably somewhere from sixth to third. And sending her home will just be an another unfair elimination. Sorry, for being pessimistic, she’s one of my favorites but watching previous seasons that is the one I’m foreseeing for her future in the competition. Ugh, I hate myself. :(

      • JR says:

        Michael Slezak was the one who had Skylar as his “special lady”, he even gave her flowers when he interviewed her. I believe Jason’s girl is Kree, but the one who’s going to receive the flowers from Michael is Candice.

        Either way, I hope this girls really go far in the competition. People usually think a girl is always “safe” when she’s an early front-runner and I hope we don’t have to face a shocking elimination this season by one of this superb ladies.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          If Michael is giving Candice flowers, they better be purple. I LOL whenever I think about how much he ranted last year about her getting cut. See Mike? Some things are meant to be!

        • Billie says:

          You can’t have a shocking elimination when week to week they show you the rankings of the contestants (except for Top 3), JR. It’s not Candice might got no. 1 in vote rankings last week then next week she’s the lowest vote-getter. But it might still happen though, but very very slim…did you know that during Jennifer Hudson’s elimination (you can watch it on YouTube during Season 3 featuring a controversial, all-female, African-American Bottom 3) Ryan said the one who’ll be going home that week was actually the highest vote-getter the previous week? It was the week that Hudson’s hometown Chicago got a massive electrical blackout. So, yeah that might actually happen but with very very slim chances.

          • Teeny Bikini says:

            Billie, I love that you remember the blackout. Wowza. That’s some kinda fan knowledge…

          • Billie says:

            MY ‘IDOL’ THOUGHTS
            @Teeny Bikini
            I know right.?! Haha! LOL :)

          • JR says:

            I didn’t know but that explains some things. I knew Jennifer was the highest vote-getter in Top 9, when she sang Circle Of Life. But it’s also true that she had been in the bottom 3 twice before that performance.
            I know that showing the ranking may make disappear the shock of someone’s elimination but it’s not impossible for that to happen. People usually feel complacent when they feel their favourites are safe.
            Nigel said he was shocked when Jessica Sanchez was voted off in Top 7 week and I remember he even said the contestant that would be shockingly eliminated that week was who he thought would be the winner of season 11.
            As you know, Nigel knows about the rankings of the contestants, so he obviously knew Jessica was pretty popular in previous weeks and I believe she must have been always in the Top 3, at least. Actually, after her supposed “elimination”, she had never been in the Bottom 3 ever again. This means that week was different than the others. Probably her fan base thought she was safe since she was quite obviously one of the best that week (if actually not the best, “Stuttering” was amazing and unexpected!).
            I’m sorry for the long reply, but I was just trying to say that being in the Top one or two weeks doesn’t mean you won’t be in the Bottom soon. And the opposite is also true. Who knows if Devin is actually 4th or 5th place this week?

          • MB says:

            Do you remember on xfactor Vino was always in the top 3 every week but then he was eliminated without ever being any lower than # 3 previously. Anything can happen. I kind of like them showing the rankings but I do think it is wise that the top 3 aren’t shown the ranking only that they are in the top 3.

        • GG says:

          If we don’t want to see shoking elimination, the voting has to be changed such as two votes per hosehold. If the young girl viewers continue to text text text we will only see young white male winners

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Not this year, we won’t. Do you really see Paul winning, after some average performances and a trip to the Bottom 3? The girls clearly aren’t behind him like they were for the last few winners. It would appear they’re putting their weight behind Lazaro, and he’s Hispanic.
            Even if a man wins this year, it will be a different kind of man than what we’ve had for the last 5 years. It will either be a black guy, a Hispanic guy, or (if the rumors about Paul are true, and there is evidence), a gay guy. None of whom are known to play instruments.

          • My Alter Ego says:

            “Not this year, we won’t. Do you really see Paul winning, after some average performances and a trip to the Bottom 3?”


            LeahKittyS, stranger things have happened (and, yes, I’m thinking of the Season 9 “winner”).

          • LeahKittyS says:

            @ My Alter Ego: Lee was never in the bottom 3, and Simon was pushing hard for him. Plus he never gave off a hint of being gay. Paul has seen the Bottom 3 and probably will again before his elimination, none of the judges specifically like him, and rumors of his gay status have circulated since his first audition.
            Final point: I’m sick of people dissing Lee. Yes, Crystal did better that night. Yes, she outsold him. But it’s not like he did nothing to deserve it. And I am not ashamed to say that I like his album. (I have hers’ too.)

  4. Callum says:

    OMG Melinda, how dare you say it should’ve been Devin? His vocals were better than Paul, Janelle, Lazaro, and Curtis’s vocals!

    • noa says:

      she didn’t say he should have gone home, she said she thought he was going home.

      • HitTheGroundRunning says:

        exactly she did not at all say he shoul dhave gone home she said Lazaro should (by vocals) but that she feared Devin would because it was all so well sort of very good and yet just sorta well that sorta says it all.

  5. dj says:

    I hope the contestants are watching Idology and taking some notes, such as Angela figuring out she can’t say she sings as well as Kelly and Devin realizing he needs to put some feeling in the song. And I especially hope that Nigel is watching and figures out some good themes. It’s not hard, as long as they can clear the songs. Could we have a Pink week, please?

  6. GumboTonyMcGee says:

    As much as I want to gloat about the failure of this year’s Idol and heap scorn upon the tired, fixed and tedious franchise. I never considered the impact on Mr. Slezak & co. Please people, click those banners and disable your blockers on this site. Idol may be dying, XfactorUS may be dumpster-bound and The Voice is more meh, but we must band together to support your local recapper.

    Its either giving them the ad clicks they need or we have to get a scrappy gang of local kids to put on a breakdancing show to save the local community centre/recappers hospice.

    • karen says:

      How can Idol be dumpster bound when last year’s winner had the biggest hit single of the year and went four times Platinum?

      • John says:

        I say this as an Idol fan, but have you seen the recent ratings???

        A 3.0 in the 18-42 demographic is a record low.

        • teatime says:

          That was for last Thursday’s results show, right? That’s because Wednesday was such a snoozefest no one really cared about the results. Ryan didn’t say last week that there was a new voting record for this time in the season, did he? They made it super easy to cast 50 votes at a time, and yet I don’t think the total vote was any more than last year’s top 10. There’s just not a lot to be enthusiastic about yet this year. *sigh*
          I hope it gets better. I hope knowing the vote ranking will put a fire in the belly of some of the lower ranked contestants.

  7. marv says:

    There are 11 Idol winners who covered a lot of good songs, recorded a lot of good songs. Did we need 3 by Kelly, 2 by Carrie, all the girl winners, only two of the guys, only one winner (Scotty) from the last five Seasons? No wonder it sucked.

    • teatime says:

      This was my biggest issue with last week, too. They could have made the theme “Songs of the Idol Winners” (i.e. from after the show) and there would have been plenty of songs to choose from.
      In 11 years of this show, how often has a winner ever performed a song that a previous winner had performed as a contestant? It has not happened too often. The winners are usually contestants who look for fresh songs that have not been on the show before. Trying to research this, the only examples I could find are that Carrie and Taylor both sang Elvis’s Trouble and Lee and Phillip both sang The Letter by The Box Tops. Last week’s theme did not require that they rehash a cover from the show. They all could have picked post-Idol songs from the winners. Just think, we could have had an entire show of songs that are less than 12 years old!
      I am also a bit perplexed that they did not sing songs from more recent winners. Should I give them praise for not pandering to the voters? Unfortunately I think what happened is that they were more concerned with praise from the judges and producers and coronation songs and songs from Kelly and Carrie seemed to be the safest route to get that approval.

      • My Alter Ego says:

        “They all could have picked post-Idol songs from the winners.”

        Maybe…. while that was stated when the theme was announced, I suspect that Idol didn’t have the clearance — and more importantly, didn’t want to have to pay what would be necessary — for the contestants to have access to those songs.

        We know about and think of the “possibilities and missed opportunities” while the contestants know a reality that is likely far different than our thinking.

        • dj says:

          I agree. I think Idol is cheaping out and giving the contestants a short list of songs. It’s the only explanation for the fact that the singers chose good material for their auditions and for Hollywood week and Vegas, and then the live shows start and they’re singing crap.

        • teatime says:

          Two of the contestants did performed post-Idol songs. So at least some of them were cleared.

          • John says:

            But, no offense to Carrie’s fans, but Temporary Home is far from her strongest material.

            And Breakaway has been done of the show before, so I wasn’t surprised it was there.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            That Julie girl from a couple of seasons ago sang “Breakaway” in her little prom dress. She’s the pretty brunette that went to school with Casey Abrams and kind of looked like Lea Michelle. She got sent home and didn’t make it into the Top 12 or whatever it was that season.

          • deedee says:

            Is clearance a forever thing, as in once they clear it it’s always cleared for use on Idol? Or do they have to clear a song each time it’s performed?

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Good question, deedee.

          • Mary says:

            I could be wrong but since all the winners were under the 19 management all their songs are own by them at least on their first album, they have clearance. I believe Nigel just gave them a very short list of who he wanted covered on the show. The theme should of been songs on winners first album and everyone pick someone different.

        • rick says:

          but arent the idol winners under contract with 19?

    • John says:

      It’s for sure song clearance. Maybe with ratings down, and ad revenue following as much as 30% for the show, now more than ever they don’t want to waste money clearing new songs.

      Song clearance was an absolute issue. If the theme had been restricted to post-Idol songs, the theme would have been INFINITELY better.

      Also, with the exception of Lee, every winner should’ve been covered. There’s absolutely no reason that everyone should’ve been covering Kelly and Carrie. Draw straws then if contestants are so desperate, but Kris, David, and Phillip all either covered good songs or have good songs on their albums, so this theme absolutely rubbed me the wrong way.

  8. Scott says:

    OMG, you had the perfect setup to close with a vid of Kristy Lee Cook singing 8 Days a Week and you blew it….

  9. Harvey says:

    We really need a a dance or top 40 week STAT. Especially if we get Hey Blackbird, Let It Imagine Jude this week.

  10. lemon says:

    Kelly Clarkson tweeted two people, Amber and Kree, to tell them how amazing they were this week. Go Kree and Amber!

  11. Laura says:

    I really, really like Burnell. I wish y’all spoke more about him.

  12. Sherrie Richey says:

    Love Idology every week! I think Idol voters did get it right this week. I agree that Candice, Angie, Kree, and Amber are the top 4. And I also think if Idol doesn’t stop with the ballad snoozefest, this will be their last season.

  13. Rose says:

    I love Lazaro, and I want him to stay as long as possible. (Please, please vote for him)! So as an ordinary TV viewer I’m writing here, in the very faint hope that any Idol people will see this.

    1: For the love of God, don’t ask Lazaro a question that requires a very long answer on live TV, especially not just after he’s sung. It clearly stresses him out, and it also stresses the viewers out. I’m worried people will stop voting just to get rid of him and make the show go faster. Ask him questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no” on the live shows.

    2: Pronunciation. They MUST work on the pronunciation on the studio recordings. Lazaro’s studio version of Breakaway had a good chorus, he did a very good job there. But some words in the verses needed some work when it came to the pronunciation, especially in the first lines of the song. I understand that there’s a time issue when they record and it has to be done quickly. But an extra few minutes could make the difference between having a hit or not.

    I normally don’t get this invested in a contestant, but I am completely sold on Lazaro. I have never even voted for anyone, but after seeing him I just had to vote.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Yay! I’m not the only one who likes him! Did he deserve 4th after Breakaway? No. But he has the most room to grow out of the guys who are left. And good points there, Rose.

      • Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

        I like Lazaro too and threw him some votes. He shouldn’t win I don’t think but I hope he sticks around a couple more weeks for the experience he’s getting and the example he’s setting.

        • LOLOL says:

          Plus he’s really hot too. He would pass for a porn star.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Porn star?! I get where you’re coming from, he is wicked cute, but that idea is just wrong. Even if he didn’t have the stutter, a God-fearing sweetheart with a penchant for pastels and bow ties would probably clam up if a porn actress type even made eye contact with him.

    • Mary says:

      To each their own, but my god he did not sound good. The only song I think he was decent on was his audition. He should not even have made the top 20 let only the top 10. America needs to concentrate on his singing not back story.

    • harnack says:

      I wrote just for folks like you. See my post below that leads with:

      RE: How gullible is the American Idol public???

    • harnack says:

      It would be nice if folks commented and voted for Idol contestants based on their singing ability, rather than their looks, gender, ethnicity, background, handicap, etc. The contestants career opportunities may very well depend on a ‘proper’ vote. Lazaro getting by again means someone more qualified is gone–its a shame and unjust. Period.

  14. Teeny Bikini says:

    America did nail the top 3, but I do like Angie better at the piano. She was born to do play that thing. It really is amazing to watch.
    But let’s be real, Candice exploded this week. I wasn’t a fan of hers until now. And she is smiling more and looking beautiful.
    But I love Kree. Kree is my waffle too. MINE. Okay, Nicky? ;)

  15. LeahKittyS says:

    Great show as always, but I have one minor complaint: why did you not touch upon the sing-off for the tour spot? Surely Melinda had an opinion about which one should go on tour? And I was looking forward to another blown-up metaphor from Mike regarding his impressions on their performances. Personally I’d like a crazy twist where both Aubrey and Charlie go on tour, but that’s not very likely. I don’t care who it is either way; I’ll just go to see my home-girl, Angie.

    • Teeny Bikini says:

      Ohhhhh yeahhhh, the singoff was muy importante. I totally forgot about that…. I think it’s gonna be Charlie on tour, but I guess it doesn’t really matter… I don’t know. I just like the kid. He seemed a lot more composed this time around and I think the piano suits him. I wish he could work on controlling that voice, but he is still so so young.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I agree about Charlie’s composure. Last week I was really scared for him after he almost broke down, but now I think he’ll be okay. No competition pressure and being surrounded by friends would be good for him. And he’s a minor, so he’ll have a parent with him anyway.

  16. D says:

    Loved the editing this week…..the Justified clips were perfect!

  17. HitTheGroundRunning says:

    Kree and Candice tops this week and then Amber and Angie (perhaps even in that order) and then the rest were all far behind and some way behind.

  18. Kelly says:

    “Sculpting the head in the Hello video”… LOL. Perfect.

  19. Mari says:

    Idology is everything I need in life!!

  20. Lunakit says:

    I am not understanding Melinda’s love for Paul… what am I missing? He has had clunker after clunker to my untrained, average listener’s ear. Maybe his vocal prowess can only be understood by music professionals?! I wish MD would dissect one of his songs and teach me where the ‘good parts’ were…. it’s not obvious.
    He seems to have good credentials as a back up singer, so that’s something…

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      she has commented that she liked his tone.
      Close your eyes, listen to “Amazed”, and pretend you like the song. :-)

  21. Name That Tune says:

    Here is the rankings of the top 9 on Twitter and YouTube.
    1. – Angie 57, 000 (up 17, 000 since last week)
    2 – Lozaro 38, 000 (up 13, 000)
    3 – Kree 23, 400 (up 9, 000)
    4 – Candice 22, 700 (up12, 700)
    5 – Burnell 21, 200 (up 9, 000)
    6 – Janell 15, 900 (up 5, 900)
    7 – Paul 15, 000 (up 6, 000)
    8 – Devin 12, 900 (up 5, 000)
    9 – Amber 12, 000 (up 5, 500)

    1 – Candice (IWHN 302, 000)
    2 – Amber (AMLT 197, 000)
    3 – Angie (I Surrender 141, 000)
    4 – Kree (Crying 84, 310)
    5 – Burnell (Flying 58, 192)
    6 – Lazaro (53, 240)
    7 – Devin (TH 50, 899)
    8 – Janell (Gone 41, 203)
    9 – Paul

    At some point last night, Amber, Paul & Janell’s performances become “private” so they’re not increasing in views on YouTube. Amber has been a strong #2 since AI uploaded them last week.

  22. Robin says:

    I love Lazaro and am just praying he doesn’t do Imagine this week. Please!!

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Oh heavens, if someone does Imagine I’ll cough up a hairball! It’s been done on this show at least 4 times already (Jennifer Hudson, Blake Lewis, the unforgettable David Archuleta rendition, and Joshua Ledet just last year).

  23. karen says:

    MIchael, can you get your webmaster to fix the site so that when we post, it reloads straight to the post and not to the top of the page? It’s really annoying to have to scroll back down to where I left off every time.

    • LeahKittyS says:


    • Dayrah says:

      Hmmm. When I post it DOES reload straight back to the post. As long as you wait a moment and don’t touch anything for about 2 seconds. It must be your browser or something…?

    • Tahoe Mike says:

      If you are going to fix things, please put the click through links to the later pages (Next 1,2,3,etc) at the top of the comments as well as at the bottom. If I know that my post is on page five, I have to scroll, click, scroll click, etc, and it’s a pain in the butt.

  24. Kelly says:

    The song choices were horrible last week…so much that I can’t help wondering what goes into this process? Does anyone really know? They may get a very short list of songs to choose from. Perhaps it was heavily stacked with the victory anthems (how many did we have, 4?) Could it be AI’s way of showcasing those hits and reminding us all of the show’s heyday (which it did, but not in a good way). But this wouldn’t explain the choices by Kree and Candice, who appeared to dig a little deeper to choose their less obvious songs (and with outstanding results). But why wouldn’t anyone out of the top ten pick a (more current sounding) David Cook or Kris Allen song? Even their ballads are at least better written than “i believe in a moment like this without wings.” It baffles me…..for that matter wouldn’t anyone want to attempt the quadruple platinum P2 hit “Home”? I’m not necessarily saying that would have been a slam dunk for anyone, but it would’ve been better than all the sappy confetti shower type songs and mid 90s ballads, so I’m sorta surprised no one attempted it.

    • Name That Tune says:

      I actually think that reflects the knowledge base of the contestants. Both Candice and Kree are more experienced and seem to have a better feel for what it takes to create an interesting vocal. Angie is on the right road, but I didn’t quite buy it.

  25. reen says:

    Oh, I wish there was a “like” button! Some great responses here. (: And another insightful Idology. Thank you Michael, Melinda and Jason.

  26. LeahKittyS says:

    One point I really liked this week in Idology: Melinda’s friend talking about how happy her son was to see someone like him doing well on Idol. I felt the exact same way two years ago with James Durbin. I have Asperger Syndrome like James, and seeing him perform and America warm up to his eccentricity made me really happy (plus he does the kind of music my dad likes). So I understand why Lazaro is still popular despite giving not-so-hot vocal performances, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is the last man standing (that’s man, not person overall).

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Except back when JC was walking around in his sandals there was a very famous country singer (Mel Tillis, “Google” him if you’ve never heard of him) that stuttered but sang beautifully (in English). This is nothing new.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I didn’t say it was a new thing, I just said it was touching. I’ve heard about Mel Tillis, but I’m too young to know that era.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          For the life of me I don’t understand why Lazaro is popular. But then again when I was young singers performed live on programs all the time and were expected to be able to sing live. Katy Perry would never have survived the 70s. Nor would Rhianna.

  27. robinlemke says:

    Ok, I’ve been working on this. Here’s what they should sing:

    Lazaro -With a Little Help From My Friends (please, Laz, please!!)
    Janelle – I’ve Just Seen a Face (lends itself well to country)
    Kree – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (beautiful song for her voice)
    Devin – All You Need is Love (I almost want this for Lazaro – tough decision)
    Angie – A Day in the Life (while at the piano)
    Brunell – Across the Universe (perfect for singing while grooming hedges)
    Paul – Shoulda Known Better (nice and poppy)
    Amber – I Wanna Hold Your Hand (reminds me of early Whitney)
    Candice – You Really Got a Hold On Me

    • LeahKittyS says:

      “Grooming hedges?” I love “Across the Universe,” but what do hedges have to do with anything? And I didn’t think “You Really Got a Hold On Me” was a Beatles song; I thought it was Smokey Robinson. Also, “A Day In the Life” is not meant to be cut down to two minutes. Remember when Michael Johns did it back in Season 7?

      • darcy the slutty twin says:

        Relax, I think the poster was referring to Burnell’s distracting hand movements.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Here here, sister. Besides, in regard to the comment about Smokey Robinson and the Miracles singing “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me”, they are the original artists; however, contestants have chosen songs by artists that were actually covers in past seasons. Casey James sang “It’s All Over Now” during Rolling Stones week, although arguably the Stones’ version is the most recognizable.

        • Dayrah says:

          I thought that Lennon/McCartney songbook meant songs written by Lennon and/or McCartney. I don’t think You Really Got a Hold on Me counts. Plus Haley already did that song on Idol and crushed it so it shouldn’t be done again! :-)

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            yes, I believe you’re correct – now that I think about it. It must be songs written by Lennon-McCartney, which takes out several of their earlier covers (“Twist and Shout”) and some other Beatles songs, Like “Something”.

      • CAS says:

        Yes, I remember when Michael Johns did it back in Season 7 and it was a disaster. No one should ever try that song again.

  28. Guitar Blue says:

    Interesting data on the Twitter/YouTube views from Name That Tune. Odds are high that either Paul or Devin goes out the door on Thursday, with no save….; the other finishing 8th………..;…………………….. Regardless of how the Judges seem to debate, that’s all for show……………….

    The real hidden battle this week will be between Lazaro, Burnell and Janelle for avoiding 7th place.

  29. James A says:

    Amber needs to go soon…If she leaves before the much more talented Angie and Kree thats BS!

    • duke says:

      What!!?? Amber is talented and has more room to grow than Angie..I wouldn’t mind Angie leaving before Amber

    • Mary says:

      I put Amber above Angie but not Kree. I actually agreed with Jimmy this week about Angie. I can’t explain it but she just seems stiff, plastic. I like her behind the piano, but her other performances have not thrilled me.

  30. Vice says:

    Burnell really needs to stop with his magical hands…so annoying…its like Slezak said “sculpting heads” lol!

  31. deedee says:

    “Burnell needs to stop sculpting the head in the Hello video” —
    Hahaha!!! :-D

  32. deedee says:

    I totally disagree with Michael and Melinda about Jimmy Iovine. Sure, he got it wrong with the comment about Kree oversinging. That was way off. But the pageant comment was spot on, imo. Did her leather dress really somehow make that much of a difference? Poodle in a leather jacket, as Simon once told someone.
    And was the bubble bath comment really that offensive? I dunno. For me, Jimmy is correct much of the time, and I just can’t muster enough disdain for him simply because he doesn’t always couch his opinions in 25 layers of cottony soft quilted snuggies.
    Having said that, I agree that the mentoring sessions need more meat. As Jimmy gets to know the contestants, he starts to have better feedback. Remember, he didn’t like either Haley or Joshua in the beginning of their seasons, and ended up loving them both a lot.

  33. lenna says:

    this will go down as the most boring season idol history. i only watch kree and candice. even other good singers are as boring as hell (angie, burnell, etc). we can criticize jlo and steven for not judging but they were far better at picking the top 12.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Oh, please. The judges did not pick this year’s semifinalists. That was all the producers’ doing, though perhaps the judges spoke up on behalf of some of their own favorites. The production team has a goal, and we all know what it is. That’s why they set it up like this. One thing I think is interesting is that in the live semifinals, the viewers alone decided the finalists, and the one guy who played an instrument was out. So this crazy experiment indicates that the instrument is not what the audience gravitates towards in regards to the trend in the last five winners.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      It seems as though every season someone writes, “This is the most boring season EVER”. That comment is a bit boring.

    • dj says:

      To be fair to the judges, I’m sure Nigel influenced the outcome. It seems obvious this year that they are trying to stack the deck in favor of a girl winner.

    • Dayrah says:

      I think season 10 was the most boring. That was the one with Lee and Crystal, right? Or was that 9?
      Although admittedly I never saw seasons 3 or 4 or 5 so they might have been more boring. I’ll never know. Unless someone knows where to find really old Idol episodes to watch or download?

      • deedee says:

        The one with Lee and Crystal was season 9. As for seasons 4 & 5 – not boring. Two of the best, actually, with Carrie, Bo, and Constantine … Daughtry, Elliott Yamin, Kellie Pickler, Kat McPhee, and Taylor Hicks. Good times.

        • Dayrah says:

          Oh I guess I did see season 5. I liked that one. The ones I missed were the ones were Fantasia, Carrie, and Jordin won. I guess it was 3,4 and 6.

  34. Rochelle says:

    You know they’re just going to sing Lennon/McCartney songs that have already been done on idol multiple times. That’s all this show does is rehash songs we’ve heard a billion times. It’s like clear channel

  35. I gagged when I see Ms Melinda wearing her hoodie and sunglasses. Hilarious!

  36. darcy's evil twin says:

    As usual, a great Idology but I would have enjoyed some commentary about the “Sing-Off”.

  37. ChuckMe Forever says:

    Tired worn out show….last good season, Simon’s last. Thinking back that one was also bad… So lets back it up a bit. Season 6 was that last good group. Since season 7,well, it’s been a fast ride down hill.

    • deedee says:

      Season 6 was the last good group?! Season 7 was one of the best groups of the whole series, and season 8 wasn’t too shabby either. And last year with P2, Jessica, Josh, Elise, et al – was another talented cast. It’s an aging show, and yet it still manages to be more fun and more popular than XFactorUS.

    • Dayrah says:

      What about the season with Adam Lambert, Alison Iraheta, and Kris Allen?! That was the best!! Last year was good too, I thought!

    • teatime says:

      Season 6 is usually considered to be one of the less exciting season. Season 7 was great. Season 8 just had a wee big too much annoying judgery, but otherwise was also great. The biggest issue with 10 and 11 was the judging. Both had a lot of interesting and different contestants. Season 9 started off with a ton of promising contestants but it was quickly whittled down to a top 10 with a couple frontrunners plus all the rest. This season is reminiscent of Season 9.

  38. GMom100 says:

    What I don’t understand (about Idol in general) is the lack of any prize. The winner of season 1 was guaranteed a one million dollar recording contract. Since then, nothing is guaranteed. They DO get a contract but for how much? Nothing is mentioned to that effect. What I don’t understand is why does X Factor award a $5 million prize? None of the winners I have seen (IMO) deserved that much. As much money as Idol has made for 12 years, why can’t they up their prize? They certainly have improved their set, etc.

    • Dayrah says:

      Good point. With all the money Idol makes and all the humiliating crap the contestants have to do (Ford commercials, anyone?) they should get a bigger cash prize for winning.

    • Guitar Blue says:

      From a book I have on Idol, the winner usually gets around a $300,000 royalty fee when their album is released. 2nd place also usually gets some kind of a deal, but a lesser amount. That could have changed from when the book was written a couple years ago.

      • Mel says:

        This is not royalty, this advance payment that shall be paid when the album comes out.
        I saw a great article (link not preserved) about how and for what the contestants get money – Top-12 always receive the money when the live show begins, the Top-10 gets the money for the tour, all Top-5 in the last year earned money from Disney.
        Kelly told that she had not received 1 million cash, prize was about 200-300k, and the rest she received payment for work during the year.
        We don’t know what received Melanie from The X-Factor, Simon several times changed his words, but in the beginning I remember he said that it is a question about the “possibility to earn 5M for five years.” The winners of The Voice receive a prize, but I have the impression that this is all that they receive from the show.

        • Guitar Blue says:

          Yes, that is a better way to state it, as royalties are more related to a percentage of sales. ———- my understanding is that a payment is made, by contract, for the winner to complete the album and have it ready for release. ———–

          there is no stipulation about royalties if the album does very well and makes a nice profit —— not sure about this, but the song “home” may be making E19, Iovine and the songwriter big money —————–

          but PP may be getting nothing but the pre-arranged amount before the song became a hit and was purchased for commercial rights by Insurance Companies and many other entities.

  39. annehedonia says:

    Hey Michael, Nice “Super Slez” T! (j/k ~ love you, love Melinda, love Idology.)

  40. Johnny says:

    I am glad Slezak has someone of past AI experience on with him. However, I wish Melinda was able to shed some light on what likely is going on behind the scenes for the contestants. Such as do they really force songs on them? Is the song selection list super short? What’s the deal on wanting a song that’s not on the list? What other pressures are they dealing with from end of the results show up to the next performance day. THAT would great intel to know as a fan before we make our judgements on singers.

  41. Robert Harnack says:

    RE: How gullible is the American Idol public??? Lazora avoids even the bottom three! Why?
    Take your pick–multiple choice:
    a. Crying gets you a sympathy vote
    b. A speech handicap gets you a sympathy vote
    c. Lying about when and who chose the song gets you a sympathy vote
    d. Getting dump on by the judges for a poor performance gets you a sympathy vote
    e. Being hispanic gets you a large hispanic vote