The Bible Producers: Satan/Obama Comparison Is 'Total Nonsense, a Foolish Distraction'

Bible Satan Obama ControversyThe producers of History’s The Bible are smiting the controversy that erupted after this Sunday’s episode of the scripted series drew comparisons between its Satan character and United States president Barack Obama.

“This is utter nonsense,” executive producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey said in a statement. “The actor who played Satan, Mehdi Ouzaani, is a highly acclaimed Moroccan actor. He has previously played parts in several Biblical epics — including Satanic characters — long before Barack Obama was elected as our President.”

Downey added: “Both Mark and I have nothing but respect and love our President, who is a fellow Christian. False statements such as these are just designed as a foolish distraction to try and discredit the beauty of the story of The Bible.”

Though the freshman series has previously offered glimpses of the Satan character, the sixth episode, titled “Hope” and also offering the first depiction of Jesus, gave viewers a prolonged look at the devil. Glenn Beck was among the first major media personalities to suggest a resemblance, opining via Twitter Sunday night:

A statement from the network itself reads: “History channel has the highest respect for President Obama. The series was produced with an international and diverse cast of respected actors. It’s unfortunate that anyone made this false connection. The Bible is meant to enlighten people on its rich stories and deep history.”

UPDATE: On Monday afternoon, Beck clarified his position, posting:

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  1. Well, it certainly isn’t the first time Glenn Beck has compared Pres. Obama to the Devil. But, really…maybe resembles the President a little in about 30 years. What nonsense.

    • Edward Fox says:

      I totally agree with you and sense that you are a spiritual (Not Religious) person within. The energies and thoughts promoting such nonsense proves to me ‘ the example: That with all the schools of Higher Learning, it often is the unwilling and unlearned whom challenges the BLESSED’……

  2. stephen says:

    What do u expect from these right wing nut jobs like glenn beck.. They look nothing alike to start off. Glenn beck and his ilk have a right to say what they say but who says fox and others have to give them the air to spew there hate filled crap.

    • Trista says:

      If you guys are seeing Obama’s face in the devil – then maybe you are the wack jobs.

    • David Francis says:

      The F.C.C. does moron.

    • as524 says:

      So…because you don’t agree with them, it’s hate filled crap…wow…sad but totally expected, unfortunately

    • Libsrchaff says:

      Look like him, only in his true self. I dont think it is coincidence, either.
      Read the book of Daniel and you will find perfect descriptions of the marxist messiah
      and his activities. Liberal socialists always ridicule the truth.
      Truth will always slap liberals in the face. Sux to be you libs.

      Oh..btw, “I saw satan fall like lightning from Heaven (baraq ow-bama)..” Luke 10:18
      You bought it, now you can eat it.

      • D. Taylor says:

        Please don’t use the bible to spew your negative remarks! May God have mercy on your devil soul!

      • mc says:

        umm thought ud appreciate the actual greek translation of that passage lol.

        “de epō autos theōreō Satanas hōs astrapē piptō petō ek ex ouranos”

        Sorry ‘baraq ow-bama’ isnt in there… However much i see his resenblence to the AntiChrist, you still cant take the WORD out of it’s context & try to replace certain words with others. sorry…. :/

      • JKaczor says:

        That is in Aramaic language! Yes i looked it up to a couple of years ago.

      • Lauretta Dwyer says:

        LOL – Marxism began about 1800 years AD.

        • mamamitzvah says:

          Actually, while Marx was born in 1881 the concept of socialism has been tried and was a constant failure since time began. The first settlers to come from Europe to what is now America all died in the socialist experiment that failed. So while Marx did not exist until the 1880s, the philosophy he expounded did.

          • mamamitzvah says:

            Sorry, my fingers are too nimble today :) Make that Marx was born in 1818. His philosophy, a re-hashing of collectivism, really took hold after his death in 1883.

          • Lauretta Dwyer says:

            Don’t tell Sweden or Norway – they think their systems work. BTW, Jesus was a socialist.

    • Ricardo A Salazar says:

      Your answer sounds hate-filled even though Beck is entitled to his opinion just like you are. So what if there’s a resemblance? Obama looks like the actor, but hey, that actor would not be on the series if he wasn’t good enough to play his part. At least he’s not using a prompter, I think. He has to learn his lines, right?So what? Besides, Obama says one thing today and says the opposite the next. He got elected because he knew what to say at the right time. So the similarity goes beyod just looking like this actor. Obama’s getting paid a lot more!

  3. Trista says:

    I wonder if these are the same people who were gleeful at Game of Thrones “accidentally” using President Bush’s head staked out on a pike.

  4. Mark says:

    If we keep paying attention to Glenn Beck, he’ll never shut up…

  5. John says:

    Someone needs to check Glenn Beck’s magical underwear. I think they’re too tight and cutting off blood flow to its head.

  6. Jen says:

    Is anyone really surprised Glenn Beck thinks all black men look alike?

  7. Deanne says:

    On screen he did not look like Obama to me – or at least I did not notice any resemblance until this morning when I saw the still shot. This is ridiculous!

  8. yankeesrj12 says:

    Obviously Obama isn’t the antichrist (I’m no fan of Obama) but it does kind of look like him. Who cares though?

  9. Leigh says:

    So why is Jesus Aryan-white and Satan is North African brown? It would be MORE historically and geographically accurate to have a “browner” Jesus (that is if he even existed) rather than the European/Nordic white Jesus… Why couldn’t Satan ALSO be white?

    • Edward Fox says:

      Truthfully speaking Leigh, the Description given in the Bible for JESUS is that of a ” Bronze Jewish descent, with brown curly hair” !!!…. So truth will always prevail over lies, whenever one simply seks it….

      • Lauretta Dwyer says:

        The bible says his hair was like “lambs wool” not “not brown curly hair” – his feet were burnt like brass – not a bronzed surfer.

  10. Cory Myers says:

    It does resemble him, before I even knew what the photo was, I thought it was another Obama photoshop image… but it doesn’t mean it was done intentionally… how many faces in the world look identical? Especially when it comes to famous faces? Watching the Mini-Series Tin-Man on Sy-Fy, I could have sworn that was Katy Perry instead of Zooey Deschanel playing DG… it happens. People just need to quit making such a big deal about little things.

    • ... says:

      But it’s one thing for one actor to resemble another and it’s another for an actor playing Satan to resemble the President of the United States. In a conservative miniseries designed for conservative viewers, that seems to be no coincidence, especially considering how long it takes for a television project to go from development to the screen. Either everyone at History forgot what the President looked like or this casting was made for very deliberate reasons.

    • Edward Fox says:

      What is truly disturbing for all thoe whom choose to believe this lie, is that somewhere upon this Planet; We all have a twin resemblance! ! ! So even (if)(NOT THAT THEY ARE) resembling one another, should the rest of us change “identities with our simular counterparts”?DON’T THINK SO!!!!!

  11. kirads09 says:

    Much ado about nothing.

  12. meem says:

    Look up images of this actor. He looks NOTHING like the President. And yet, in this show, he is made up so that he does. How can that be a coincidence?

  13. jbigness says:

    Will somebody just let the secret out to Glenn Beck, and tell him that it was actually an actor and not the real Satan?

    That poor guy is defecating himself right now.

  14. jh says:

    The resemblance is NOT “nonsense.” People are not imagining it. At the very least, the producers failed to notice it themselves, and have only themselves to blame. But I’m not so sure it’s an accident. The History Channel has become such a Jesus freak channel with all their tendentious “Biblical Archaeology” (which plays into Christian fundamentalists’ insistance that the Old Testament is literally true). As long as that network is pandering anyway to people who (many of them) already think Obama is the Antichrist, I’m not sure they wouldn’t do a dog whistle to the religious right by casting an Obama clone.

    • Drew says:

      There is a lot of Biblical Archaeology which is a fascinating area to study. For centuries, people have been trying to prove or disprove the Bible, so why wouldn’t there be a good number of documentaries on the subject? The area becomes more interesting once you realize how many pieces of evidence seem to support Biblical stories which many thought were nothing more than myths.

      It is far from being “Jesus freak” topic. The Bible, whether you believe in it or not, is one of the oldest and most enduring pieces of human history, which has had a great impact on the world for as long as it has existed. It’s not like people are dedicating their lives to researching Harry Potter here.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      No one forces you to watch the History Channel. There are about 400 other channels that pander to your needs for sex, violence, abuse of women, drugs, and the list just goes on. But no, you aren’t satisified because one channel has an interest in the history of the bible. Liberals are such jokes. Just intolerant as can be.

  15. Larry says:

    Perhaps Mark should call out the people who are making the comparisions. tt is conservatives like Glen Beck who started all of this. They are the ones who made this an issue. Put the blame for this controversity where it belongs.

  16. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Funny, but the Pope Sidious joke is funnier

  17. Andrew says:

    The History Channel is to history what MTV is to music.

  18. The Devil says:

    Last time I looked in the mirror, I looked a lot like Mark Burnett.

  19. Name says:

    hilarious! People, don’t take this seriously, it’s just silly

  20. Drew says:

    People, it was a joke. The actor does look like an older Obama (at least as much as Tina Fey ever looked like Sarah Palin and waaaaaay more than Will Farrell ever looked like George W. Bush). Nobody thinks that Obama is Satan or that he’s the antichrist. Seriously, he would have to be way more competent for either of those theories to hold any water at all.

    Putting George W. Bush’s head on a spike was a bigger oversight than this. I mean, it was actually a model of Bush’s head that people somehow managed to “overlook” when dressing the sets that day. All of this frenzy now is just about an actor in a movie who happens to kinda-sorta look like Obama from a certain angle.

    Neither case is the end of the world. It’s not proof that them darn conservatives are batty, and honestly, for anyone to get worked up as though this is a vast right-wing conspiracy just shows how silly the offended parties are. It’s a guy who looks like a guy. I personally have a hard time telling Shawn Ashmore apart from this one actor from Warehouse 13, but that doesn’t mean there’s a conspiracy. People looks like other people. It’s just a fact of life.

    (And yes, I know who Aaron Ashmore is. It was a joke)

    • taliesin says:

      All I can say is, based on some of the replies in this thread is, yes, please let the world end. Humans have finally reached the pinnacle of stupidity. :)
      We spend more time searching for conspiracies and finding ways to blame each other for everything that is wrong in our lives than we do taking care of our children or looking toward our futures: financial and ecological.
      Humans have reached the end. It’s time to see if the next batch of monkeys can do better over the next 100,000 years. :)

  21. Jen says:

    Can we discuss the real issue? Why is a scripted adaptation of a poorly-translated book of fables airing on the HISTORY channel?

    • Lena says:

      In your opinion it is a book of fables.

    • Drew says:

      There is more archaeological evidence to support the history of the Bible than there is to suggest that it is a book of fables. If you can find evidence to suggest otherwise, I’d love to see it. I mean, people have been studying the archaeology of the Bible for centuries and it still hasn’t been disproved, but I’m sure that you, with all of the time and effort that you’ve put into the hardcore research of the subject have managed to finally come up with the definitive proof that it’s all just a book of fables. I’d love to see your research sometime. The years you’ve spend combing through ancient texts (which have been translated many many times, so are you saying that they’re all poorly translated? Which version are you going with? You do know that there are copies of the Bible dating back thousands of years, in their ancient languages, right? We’re not just working from modern translations) and I’m sure you’ve actually studied the archaeological discoveries as well, so I’d love to see what you’ve done to disprove some of those findings.

      Why would you possibly think that something so easily disproved could endure for so long? Do you think that every archaeologist and historian is a complete idiot? Science demands that the evidence be explored and the conclusions reached must have solid reasoning. So, what brings you to your “book of fables” theorem?

      • kate says:

        science says that places that are mentioned in the Bible existed, how they lived, etc…they’re even reasonably certain that Jesus of Nazareth was an actual person. whether Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God, science has no word on. the “miracles” that happened in the Bible? also up for debate.

        • Drew says:

          Many of the miracles mentioned have evidence to back them up, but yeah, people will debate how they happened and whether they were miracles. That is still a far cry from being a fable.

          • kate says:

            name one miracle with “evidence” to back it up.

          • Ha! says:

            @Kate Most focus on the plagues that were brought down on Egypt in order for them to free the Hebrews. This is a miracle by many people’s standards right? Some scientist and people argue that the plagues started with an algae bloom that is not that much unlike the one killing the manatee in Florida. You can simply follow the food chain down the line to get the rest of them until you end up with the first born sons of Egypt dying due to grain spoiled by all the plagues that came before. (First born = most important= eat first, you get the point)
            The fish and bread miracle is often sited as well…If a small boy was the only person willing to give up his lunch to be shared by thousands, and you knew you had food, how would you feel? Many think this may explain this miracle. One boy’s kindness created a “pay it forward” action of sorts. It is still a miracle but it may not be divine.
            Now if you want to get into the “Virgin Birth” story…Keep in mind that the idea of the virgin conception was not a definitive part of the doctrine until the Nicean Council in 325 and the idea that Mary remained a Virgin wasn’t decided for another 208 years later. While these miracles have been taught to many of us for nearly 1500 years, it should be said that the “evidence” of it wasn’t even decided on until 497 years after when Jesus was supposed to have died.

            Having miracles involved or not does not take away the value of some of the historical stories shared through the old and new testament. Most importantly, even if Jesus was a real man and he didn’t walk on water…he was still a GOOD man with many lessons worth learning. Take it for what you will.

            But most of all keep in mind that this is a TV show and isn’t the BIBLE at all. It is just a show. But fascinating to watch if you are interested at all in today’s politics

  22. stever says:

    I can see a resemblance. but I do not know if this program’s producers intentionally cast an actor who resembles the President. Nor does anyone else besides people who actually worked on the program. If they say they did not, I suppose people should take them at their word.

    However, they have people talking about their program, which is a good thing. Producers of all kinds of TV shows, including informative shows like In View with Larry King, love it when the public talks about their shows. The In View TV series airs on cable channels like the Discovery Chanel and the Fox Business Network.

  23. Ha! says:

    A lot of people are watching this show. but I watched about 30 to 45 minutes of it and decided that what I was seeing was even more revisionist than most of the previous biblical dramas I have seen. I just happened to see the story of Lot and his wife. It conveniently left out HOW Lot helped the “strangers” and even offered his own daughters for rape to protect the two men. It also ended the Lot story at “and they never saw Abraham again” leaving out Let’s story completely. But without Lot, funny enough there would have never have been a Jesus according to the family trees!

    • Drew says:

      Did they really alter the story like that? That’s a shame. I mean, I know it’s hardly a PC book, but if you’re going to tell the story, TELL the story. I was waiting to see if this was going to be available on Netflix, since I don’t have cable. I might still watch it, but if they’re going through and changing things just because people might not want to hear it, I’m not sure there’s much point in the miniseries at all.

      • Ha! says:

        Yes, they seem to leave out all of the “sticky” points. But like I mentioned, without the (Like Paul Harvey would say) rest of the story, we wouldn’t learn about the birth of Moab, which would eventually lead to Ruth and then on to Jesus.
        This is where I find shows like this very amazing. Like you said, if you are going to tell the story, tell it. They are truly catering to those who view the Bible as a work of mystical elements and NOT as a collection of historical texts passed down. Take for instance Abraham, the bible states specifically that he is from Ur. This was a city that was for centuries lost and thought to be made up…until satellites found it under the sand!
        Before I go to far off point, this is a book about a tribe conquering land. It is their history and it will have embellishments. (Don’t they all?) If they didn’t like another group in there land, they would use propaganda to say how they came into being and say how horrible they are… But this show is focusing on the grand “battles”, leaving out the parts that would make today’s viewers say “WTF?!” and if you ask me they sure are doing a better than average job of highlighting just how many “evil/ bad” women there were in the Bible…

  24. Geo says:

    It seems like nothing until you look at the list of who Bible miniseries producer Mark Burnett consulted to make the film, which reads like a “who’s who” of rightwing blowhards. Burnett even contacted the anti-gay group Focus on the Family for their input (because when you’re making a History Channel docudrama, one of the first places you want to turn is one of the most biased and bigoted organizations around). I guess working for so many years with Donald Trump has rubbed off on Burnett, or vice versa.

  25. MaggieC says:

    I am loving the irony of this. All you libs out there think Obama is the 2nd coming of Christ. You are completely blinded to the fact that he is absoloutely ruining our country. Thank you to whomever cast this actor as Satan, and YES, it was done on purpose. Duh

  26. Mark says:

    Liberals are supposed to be tolerant but they are only tolerant if you agree with them.

  27. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Glenn Beck didn’t start any of this and shame on whoever wrote the article to suggest he did. There were hundreds of thousands of tweets and comments on social media last night by conservatives and liberals both about this. The fact you sought out Glenn Beck and tried to attribute it to him, when I have read dozens of articles from actual trustworthy news sites that did not make this idiotic connection, is just disgusting. This site has become a tabloid not to be taken seriously. We get it, you don’t like conservatives, but that is no excuse to make things up.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      In fact his first tweet was at 2:52 am, hardly putting him anywhere close to being first. I expected more from you Mitovich. How disappointing.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Hi, Chuck! You would be hard-pressed to find anyone less political than me. Truly. I was going by multiple media outlets that credited Beck with being the first “big” media type to note the “resemblance.” (Even The Associated Press and Reuters went with this angle.) I am more than willing to hear you out, even as “disappointing” as I have been, and make a small revision to that graf.

  28. Mamamitzvah says:

    Come on people. This is really an issue? I cannot believe that every site on IMDB had the History Channel in full denial mode. I think some folks are protesting too much. Hmmmmmm, but the picture does look like the President. Sorry Charlie. Intentional or not…there it is. Let it go already. Capt Peacock, RIP died today. Much more important TV news.

  29. jenny says:

    The Bible series on the history channel is meant to be played as if it would’ been reality. We shouldn’t be Judgemental. As a matter of fact, the bible says as the prayer of saint ephrem: Help me not to judge my brothers and sisters O’ God. As we should know: Whoever plays “Satan” in the episode/series, it is just A mishap of who we thought it was. Barack obama our prezident, is a christian.

  30. ricsalazar says:

    Reading all your commentaries, I surmise that this show is very popular and controversial. Cha-ching ($$$$$$$) to the History channel and to the producers of this program! Good night

  31. Free says:

    You can’t argue with a liberal. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
    They swear that they are tolerant, but they are just a bunch of hypocrites, just like they say Christians are

  32. Tone LG says:

    Ironically, Glenn Beck looks exactly like Phil Davis who plays the Devil on the 5th season of UK’s “Being Human”,

  33. Carol Moore says:

    My comment is that, anyone who thinks that Satan looks like Obama in this movie, or has horns, is red or anything else for that matter is sadly misled. For years Satan or the devil has been portrayed as many different things. For people that don’t know Gods word or believe his word you are going to believe whatever TV or the movies put out there. For Christians that think that the devil looks like any of the things that I mentioned above, you are not reading your bible. The bible clearly lets us know that Satan or the devil is an evil spirit that you cannot see, just like God is a good spirit that you cannot see. So anybody that thinks that Satan or the devil looks like anyone or anything is flat out wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Lisa says:

    Why does everyone keep calling obama a black man he has one black parent and one white parent so he is neither. And why bring his name anywhere near this program? he is so anti God they would not want him anywhere near this production so maybe it is his people who created this “Satan looks like obama” bullsh*t. Grow up people.