Doctor Who Preview: Cybermen, Ghosts, a Cold War Caper... and a Time Lord's Secret Spilled?

With the next salvo of Doctor Who Season 7 now less than two weeks away, BBC America has released episode posters and spoilery details about the next four episodes.

The fantastical series returns Saturday, March 30 at 8/7c, with The Doctor searching for his companion Clara (played by the preternaturally pretty Jenna Louise Coleman). From there, they will battle monsters on alien planets (a given), get trapped in a Russian submarine, chase terrifying ghosts, face the Crimson Horror in Victorian Yorkshire and contend with an army of upgraded Cybermen.

And as the series barrels toward its 50th anniversary in November, “the Doctor’s oldest secret threatens to be revealed,” the network teases.

Here are the posters and episode synopses for the next four episodes, plus the latest trailer.

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  1. Any chance River Song is coming back? I need Alex Kingston back on Who!

    • Shiran says:

      She will be back in the season final :)

      • Which will hopefully resolve the end from the previous series. There’s no guarantee that the issue of Silence falling when the question is answered, or whatever that was, will happen in the span of the 11th Doctor’s life, but that is the expectation, right?

        • taliesin says:

          Sometime within the Doctor’s 11th life he will answer the question, but there is no way of knowing when that will happen. It’s important to keep in mind that the 11th Doctor has aged around 200 years between his first appearance and the current episodes. He could age 300 more before he needs to answer the Question – and it could be 200 more years after that before the 11th becomes the 12th.

          • Alan says:

            actually since the question will be answered at the fall of the eleventh its practically guaranteed that the question will happen in the episode he regenerates into 12.

          • oh, I forgot that bit. it’s been awhile since I saw those episodes.

          • hopefully it’s what leads into the special that rumor has it will feature all the Doctors.

          • Alan says:

            cant feature all the doctors though since 3 of them are dead, and i would assume some of the others probably dont want to do it anyway

          • Alan, the ACTORS may be dead, but that doesn’t mean that their CHARACTERS can’t be represented in new episodes portrayed by NEW actors. It happened before with the First Doctor, who has been portrayed by TWO actors, not just one.

            Rumor has it that the actors cast in the dramatization of the creation of Dr. Who to portray the actors that played the First and Second Doctors will appear as those characters in the reunion episode that will air later this year.

            As for the other actors, that changes week after week. One day they say they’re all in, the next they claim amnesia.

          • Alan says:

            i know of the recasting of the first doc for the five doctors but i just dont see it happening now, i do think a multi-doctor story is possible but i think its best that characters arent recast, especially ones who used to be the main character. if we cant have sarah jane or the brigadier back then we shouldnt have any of the doctors whos actors arent available.

          • I have no problem with recasting. There is precedent for it. They could use CGI to plaster the original actor’s faces on actors wearing blue screen masks, something they couldn’t do in 83.

          • Alan says:

            i have the opposite opinion on recasting, i think its a smack in the face to the original actor, as if they are being told that anyone can do what you did with the character which is usually not the case.

          • Only other option would be to reedit material from old episodes to make it seem like those actors are part of the new narrative. It would look like crap, though, lol.

      • Leigh says:


    • Shaun says:

      She’s busy on Arrow temporarily.

      • Erik Galston says:

        these episodes were filmed a while ago, so even though she’s on Arrow it doesn’t mean she can’t appear on any of these episodes. They are starting shooting the 50th Anniversary episode soon. The end of season 7 (which is what is starting in two weeks) has been in the can for a while so to speak.

  2. abby says:

    ahhhh can’t wait!!!!

  3. JJ says:

    So excited. I need my Doctor fix!!

  4. AuntieEm says:

    Who is back! ::does a happy dance::

  5. Emily says:

    Two weeks. TWO WEEKS!

  6. Paula says:

    Excited! I like the new companion and mystery surrounding her! The last Christmas Special was great.

  7. Plum says:

    She is pretty, right? Oswin isn’t just pretty, she’s the snappiest, most repartee-ish sidekick the doc has ever have; she’s like a Girl Doctor. Amazing casting yet again on Doctor Whot.

  8. Alan says:

    that ghost story looks to be really good.
    loving the casting of jenna-louise as clara, the fact that she can talk faster than matt smith (something that is damn near impossible) brings a whole new aspect to the dialogue. i used to rewatch episodes just because they were cool, now i rewatch episodes to catch all her dialogue, i love dialogue like that.

  9. Tusk says:

    So…will we ever get another episode featuring the Doctor’s Daughter? Another preternatural beauty?

    • Alan says:

      stephen moffat (current guy in charge) was the one who suggested she survive, indicating he did have plans for her but i think he may have changed his mind or its possible georgia moffet doesnt want to do it and since we saw her come back to life but not regenerate then it would be a little difficult to explain how she can now regenerate.

      • canadian ninja says:

        if they could explain her being able to regen – which should be easy, they grew a spare doctor from a spare hand fercryinoutloud – then is it possible she could turn out to be Oswin?

        • Alan says:

          thats a real possibility but i doubt it, seems like moffat has something more complicated planned for the character. still think it would take a real ass pull to explain her gaining the ability to regen after coming back to life without regenerating before; but then again regeneration itself was a real ass pull so what do i know.

  10. MoshiMoshi says:

    Sooo excited!!!!! I missed my doctor!!!! also looking forward to the 50th anniversary.

  11. Julie says:

    So how do we explain The Doctor married to River but kissing Clara ? I know he bacame cynical for awhile but it like River disappeared with no explanation

  12. Joseph Kerr says:

    Out of ALL THE DOCTORS my family’s favorite doctor and one we think got the shaft when it comes to fair air time and that’s Christopher Eccleston.
    Is the rumor that he is going to take over as the 12th Doctor true or are we being jerked around?

    • arianeb says:

      The latter. Christoper Eccleston was the first doctor for the reboot because the shows producers needed a well known actor to get the show off the ground. Eccleston left on his own accord after one season because he was worried about type casting. Being an actor who plays a lot of villains, he probably took The Doctor role as a way to branch out. He has very little interest in doing any DW stuff these days, as he is a busy actor.

    • Alan says:

      he left the role because he didnt want to be type cast, which is fair since i still have trouble buying david tennant as anything else, so i doubt he would want to come back; not to mention that they would never use the same actor for 2 different incarnations, it defeats the purpose of giving him a new personality each time, and not to mention he had his shot let someone else give it a go. all in all that has to be the most ridiculous rumour ive ever heard.

  13. tiger says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing