First Look: Last Man Tim Allen Reunites With Home Improvement Son Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Last Man Standing is hosting a pseudo father/son reunion on Friday, March 22 (ABC, 8/7c), when Home Improvement‘s Jonathan Taylor Thomas drops by Tim Allen‘s sitcom — and we have a first look at the “Taylor” men back together again.

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Thomas appears in the installment as the manager of a restaurant where Allen’s on-screen daughter Kristin (played by Amanda Fuller) is looking to work.

Watch JTT and Allen poke fun at their storied TV history in the videos below, then hit the comments with your Home Improvement love.

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  1. Sonia says:

    I miss JTT on my TV… Grew up loving him and can’t say I didn’t have a smile on my face when I saw those clips. Just that moment between Jonathan and Tim brings back all the chemistry they had on home improvement. Tim had the best chemistry with JTT than the other two sons. Ill watch this episode just to see the two of them reunited.

  2. Susan says:

    We will definitely catch this one!

  3. dude says:

    as a longtime fan of HI got to say this is pretty awesome and i say makes up (a little) for not being in the finale. now with al and randy already on maybe Taran or Zac?

  4. Adam Benson says:

    It says error loading media, file can not be found. Is this coming up for anyone else? is this video only able to be seen in the USA?

  5. Tiger Lilly says:

    Well that was a kick in the childhood….Had the biggest crush on JTT

  6. Karen says:

    I’ve never seen ‘Last Man Standing’ before, but since JTT was my first love, I’ll have to catch this one :)

  7. roman says:

    I love this show I hope it stays around a long time. i tell all my fiends to watch it I hope it last as long or longer as Home Improvement‘s did great show!

  8. Trina says:

    It is a really funny show. Much funnier this season than last. As a liberal with lots of conservative family members I enjoy the banter between Tim Allen’s character “Mike” and his oldest daughter’s boyfriend and baby daddy “Ryan”. I hope Last Man Standing gets renewed.

  9. Kim (@AD76) says:

    *SIGH* I wish I could watch LMS – it was so much better last season. This season it’s all about politics.

  10. Drew says:

    I am a Home Improvement fan and this would have been cool… if I hadn’t stopped watching the show this year. The new daughter is annoying. Her boyfriend is a pain in the a**. They’ve dumbed down the show and turned Tim Allen’s character into an annoying version of Tim Taylor. Last year allowed him to be conservative in funny ways. Now he is like a conservative written by liberals and it isn’t funny or intelligent. Anything I liked about season 1 is now gone.

  11. Jeff says:

    This show is great! It has become the All in The Family of the new generation. Keep it coming ABC with LMS!!!

  12. Ella says:

    Haha, those throwbacks to Home Improvement were hilarious. Though the middle child usually tends to be the odd one, not the hot, awesome one.

  13. felicia vigil says:

    Wow! Jtt looks awsome,lm starting to have a crush on him.

  14. Candy says:

    The real reason he left “Hollywood” was because of Home Improvement that whole College ordeal was a flat out LIE he left because he wanted to be a “Independent Actor” but when his movies flopped his mother forced College on him she suffers from ‘Narcissistic Sociopath Disorder’…The cast was happy they left the show all the hell they put everyone through. I’m not very interested in them sadly to say as they ruined a whole bunch of the HI experience for us all. His family has a history of Mental/illness problems ESP from his uncles side.

    Most of the time when we knew him we stayed as far away from him & his mom for our own protection he didn’t get a chance to learn to socialize because his mom is so controlling. He couldn’t bring friends to the set for tapings like the rest could. She always has had a VERY sick control over him that explains why no-one knows who he dates he’s that discreet. He’s a recluse doesn’t want to be bothered.

    He was never out going much he didn’t get a chance to learn to socialize other than to speak adult to adults to further his career. He wasn’t given a Childhood he wasn’t allowed to play Legos with other Children.
    My best advice is to leave them alone people, the last thing ANY girl wants is Claudine as a mother in law. I’m serious she’s sick. I’d hate to see any girls suffer by all means whoever or IF he ever gets married it will end in a nasty (Divorce) as long as his mothers around forget about it. It ended in a nasty Divorce with his her. He’s not worth anyone’s waste of time and energy at all.

    He’s Mentally not okay and is damaged and has psychological issues and is depressed it’s just sad. We just feel sorry for him and wish him the best we haven’t seen nor talked to him since the HI reunion what was almost 3 years ago.

    • Christine says:

      How do you know all this?

      • Yaz says:

        I second that question; How do you know all this?

        • Guest says:

          She’s knows this because she’s Taran’s mom.
          You know, the littlest Taylor boy who started out enormously cute, then slowly turned into a full fledged stoner when he grew up?
          This woman sounds like a bitter, vindictive soul, much like her husband who’s also been making the rounds on the internet.
          The two of them have been verbally bashing and degrading Mr Thomas for his past and his Mother’s issues as if he’s done something truly despicable.
          Personally, I can’t wait for his so called “Sociopath” mother to hear word of what’s been said about their family, and let loose on them.
          I hope you’ve enjoyed your pathetic, keyboard warrior status, ’cause honey, you’re screwed.

          • Michelle says:

            I went to school with JTT to be honest I believe the allegation of Jon is true with his mental illness. No one can save him except him and his mother would ALWAYS come see him at the library. Glad she’s not my mother in law omg all the hell they’d put you through. AVOID

    • Matilda says:

      No wonder he’s got psychological problems when freakos like you say he’s not worth peoples time and energy and also you say you haven’t seen or spoken to him in years so how in the hell do you even know what he’s really like you jerk

    • ADB says:

      Variations of this exerpt are all over just about every thread post about him. kinda crazy how many times I’ve read it.

  15. Taysha says:

    He dated my GF he’s very controlling very hypersensitive, Insecure, & dwells on his past a lot. He showered her with gifts took her to Vegas but he just wanted something out of it. His moms suffers from Sociopathic, I’d recommend any girls who are interested in him to AVOID him & his family not worth it all. His family has a long history of Mental/problems his uncle Jeff did. He also loves to Sabotage relationships he’s afraid of his mother my GF never met her because he’s afraid of her. He has the mindset of a 12 yr old boy because he wasn’t given the proper childhood growing up so sad really. We wish him the best. Avoid avoid avoid! I’m serious.

    • Lylah says:

      What do you mean “love’s to sabotage relationships”?

      • Taysha says:

        His relationships just don’t work out he dated my GF awhile back he sabotages them some how. They can’t handle his emotional issues I assume she couldn’t deal with it rarely anyone can because he’s messed up mentally from everything that happened durning the Home Improvement days. That’s why no one can put up all the drama that comes with it lies and so forth. She broke up with him for a reason not worth the energy it’ll only drain you emotionally long term will never last. If it were me I wouldn’t date some person with a Sociopathic mother unless he seeks therapy from all the damage and the control an over bearing mother has over a son. It’s quite sad what Sociopaths can do espisecally to the weaker ones.

        • Lylah says:

          Wait – so, what did he do to your friend?

        • Alex says:

          Maybe it wasn’t him? Maybe your friend is the crazy one?

        • Rylan says:

          What was the reason she dumped him for? Like why did she?

          • Taysha says:

            She just told me how the relationship started and how it ended but she did cheat on him. I think I’d know my friend better then you to know so. Jonathan’s way discreet he’s a recluse and just didn’t really seem to care much about her because he was always traveling.

          • Guest says:

            It’s her own fault. Why date an actor and expect him to be around all the time? Idiot.

        • Guest says:

          Ah, give it up guy’s; she’s had her 2 seconds of fame. She won’t answer ya’ll now.

        • Jaquie says:

          How did he meet her?
          Is this the same girl who cheated on him with his brother? She sounds like a freak in her own right anyways….

    • Guest says:

      You know his Mommy has found out about you and plans to hunt you down? Ha!!

      • Guest says:

        LOL LOL LOL! “Guest” you just made my week honey! As for you Taysha you’ll get what’s coming to you soon you loser!

  16. Hilary says:

    JTT looks weird to me- like not only has he emerged from being out of the spot light for 13 yrs but he’s also emerging from the basement after 13 yrs uhhhh! Dude looks a little cray cray is all I’m saying…Who cares Davids and his dumb ass family have what’s coming to them. There all drugged out low life’s.

  17. Bobi Pin says:

    I’m his girlfriend and you guys are full of bull. His family has been perfectly nice to me and normal as can be. We’ve been dating for a year and a half now so I think I would know if Jon was mentally ill. The rumors about him are so off putting, no wonder he wants to stay out of the limelight. Anyone would.