Exclusive: Smash Boss 'Saddened' By Saturday Move, Says Season Is Building to Series Finale

Smash Series Finale Spoilers Season 2Smash showrunner Josh Safran admits he was “saddened” by NBC’s decision this week to banish the struggling musical to Saturdays beginning April 6.

He was also surprised.

“I didn’t see it coming, being relegated to Saturday,” he tells TVLine. “We’re all aware the show is not successful, but I guess I had hoped we would see what happened when The Voice came back [or] maybe they’d move us to a better time slot. But I understand from the network’s point of view. We hit a number and we stuck there.”

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The number the show hit when it returned for Season 2 last month was a 1.1 demo rating, a decline of 25 and 39 percent from its freshman finale. It slipped further in Week 2, stabilized in Week 3, and most recently ticked up a hair to 2.9 million viewers and a 0.9 rating. But as Safran points out, going up a tenth of a point “is not really going up.”

If there’s a silver lining here for fans, it’s that all of this season’s remaining 11 episodes will air (the next three on Tuesdays at 10/9c and the final 8 on Saturdays at 9/8c). And, according to Safran, Episode 17 “was constructed as a series finale.”

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“I don’t want [viewers] to think they are going to be left hanging, because they won’t be,” he assures. “The season has a beginning, middle and an end… [And] it just gets better and better.

“Everyone here from the top down is incredibly proud of the work,” he continues. “I know that there are people who have their opinions and that’s totally acceptable, but that doesn’t change our viewpoint that we’re really proud and we love the show.”

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  1. Brandon says:

    Sad trombone. I really love this show and wish they could have waited to pair it with The Voice.

    • Carol says:

      I agree! I love this program! The singing, dancing & acting are wonderful! So much better than watching someone singing off-key! I’m going to miss this!

      • Claudia Swicegood says:

        I agree. Music is awesome. Cast is terrific. Storyline should follow moreso like Season I. The Jimmy episodes are terrible! He’s not enjoyable to watch as a character. What happened to Karen and Derek? Don’t let them drift apart! Whatever happened to loyalty/appreciation? They would make the best love match. He is mature, and by the way, taller than Karen! The match i mor reasonable/realistic.

        • Karen says:

          I agree. I think the chemistry between Derek and Karen would have helped the show had the writers chosen that direction with more than just a tease here and there. I’ve pretty much lost interest in the show at this point, but I would still be watching if that muse/director relationship were developing more fully. I do not watch television, but rather catch shows that I like online. So, I choose my bandwidth selectively based on my tastes, which are literature and theatre. While there is the latter in this show–and there have been some wonderful musical numbers–it just seems rather directionless at this point.

          • Claudia says:

            Looks like Karen is choosing the street boy. Derek will probably choose Ivy. I hate these choices but have loved the show. My interest is now dulled now. When Karen sang “our day will come” to Derek in Season I, I have waited ever since for them to get together. What a let down.

          • N says:

            Completely agree. They have managed to take the chemistry so carefully cultivated in Season 1 and flush it away. Unfortunately the character of Jimmy is completely unlikeable and has not provided a credible love interest for Karen making her choice seem stupid and also slowly killing her URST with Derek. Finally they have the two of them kiss and instead of it being hot it’s a complete let down. This season is fizzle more than sizzle :-( I had such high hopes for this show too!!

      • A.M. says:

        I’M HEARBROKEN! I LOVE SMASH! O.K. TV moguls– let’s put some more shows about killing, gore and psychopaths! Just what this country needs… : /

    • JB says:

      I really liked the show too. Finally we get a show with a decent story line, lots of talented actors, singers and dancers. A show that adults can enjoy and look forward to. And what happens? Yep. It gets cancelled. Bummer.

  2. j says:

    I personally think NBC should’ve waited until The Voice came back to premiere the season. But glad they aren’t gonna leave us fans hanging!

    • Rose says:

      That’s exactly what I thought! Wasn’t Season 1 on Monday nights after “The Voice” last year? They could have just waited to start Season 2 when “The Voice” came back. Too bad, it’s a great show, but Saturday is iffy!

    • Claudia says:

      Well-worded N. The song Jimmy sings in Kyle’s honor was moving and his first likable moment. I agree the love tension has not developed between Jimmy and Karen, as it had with the suspense between Karen and Derek. The Derek/Karen kiss was a let down. Then he lies to Ivy by saying he and Karen did not have a relationship because of his feelings for her (Ivy). Derek showed character by not wanting the play the night Kyle died, but with women, he does not. Clearly, Karen is the one he cares for, but the direction of the show has killed that possibility for his development.

  3. Rob says:

    I posted this on a previous page, but now it seems more relevant than ever, if they really want to save the show.

    Here’s my idea for a Series (season) finale for Smash. Josh Safran can steal it he wants and NBC should steal it for their ratings. Here’s how it works:
    Put this 2 hr finale behind a one hour Voice.
    The big idea is a live episode (I know a lot of these fail but hear me out)
    A 2 hr Live episode of Bombshell’s full opening performance plus whatever backstage business we might need to see to finish out the plot lines.
    It’s expensive and it’s a risk but as a fan of the show, I want to see bombshell come to fruition. The ratings could be great and the spectacle of it all could mean great things or NBC. They need to be in the risk-taking business and they need to do things outside the box. And these actors are trained to do live shows in theater and it can be a really excellent and precedent-setting episode.
    There it is. That’s my pitch.

    • Tom says:

      Wow. That’s kind of incredible. NBC, pay attention, you’ve got a winner here!

    • Kate says:

      As a huge fan of SMASH since the beginning of the show, I totally agree with this post. I want to see Bombshell and how it turns out. I know so many people who stopped watching after season 1 who would come back to watch a final live episode of just Bombshell. Someone needs to hire Rob or we could just do a kickstarter campaign lol

    • TM says:

      Absolutely great idea.

    • Josh says:

      Aww I wish but supposedly it’s ending on the TOny awards with Bombshell and Hit List nominated…Just a rumor I heard…and I can see that being true with the direction the show is going in so far. Skip months ahead, don’t show us the hardwork and just be like “Tony’s!”…Of course HIt List will win, Karen will win and Bombshell will just shrug and go home happy for doing their dream show.

      Though I love your idea sooo much..

    • Harmony says:

      I would LOVE if this happened!

    • Gah-Kai Leung says:

      This is an excellent idea! It would finally realise the potential the show had. You email Robert Greenblatt. I’m emailing Robert Greenblatt. Everyone email Robert Greenblatt!

    • Karin says:

      Love your idea!

    • I love that idea. I love that show and am really sad it probably will end. i think loyal fans deserve to see “Bombshell” in its entirety.

      • Kellibear says:

        I have been a fan of Smash since the first episode. Even though I like the music from Bombshell, I would really love to see Hit List in it’s entirety. The music for Hit List is raw and edgy. It really reminds me of RENT (which I totally LOVE!).

    • That is such a fun idea. Sadly, we have to remember that neither Bombshell nor Hit List actually exist in their entirety. There are a bunch of songs (not necessarily enough to stage a full scale show though), but, even more importantly, no book. Those things take a long time to develop. Rushing through just for a ratings ploy like a live show would invariably lead to disappointment bc quality would be sacrificed.

      However, I read that the original concept for the show Smash was to produce the musicals on Broadway for real, so I hope they continue to develop them & follow through with that!

  4. ddddddd says:

    Never watched the show but why is it airing at 10pm?? Does the show have a lot of adult themes or risque scenes or something?

    • Loo says:

      Not risqué at all… The show is really good at being sexy but not too sexy. (If you know what I mean). You just have to watch season 1 or at least listen to the music because it really amazing.

    • Leah says:

      My guess is that they think since people actually have social lives and go out on Saturdays, if they make it later people might actually watch in real time instead of DVRing it?

      • ddddddd says:

        No. What I meant was that why wasn’t it given a earlier time slot? Such as at 8pm or 9pm?

        People usually go to bed early during the week…

  5. Maggie says:

    I’m a major broadway fan and have been very critical of this season. Safran talked a big game going in, but I’m not sure anyone could have predicted the crash the ratings would take. maybe a mistake to not launch it with The Voice? But last year people were saying 3 hrs of singing (2 hr Voice 1 hr Smash) was too much, so it looks like a lose-lose situation.

  6. Jewels83 says:

    the problem with this show is the unrealistic nature of it which makes it more of a unintended comedy instead of a drama. yes, i know it’s a tv show but what makes a good tv show is the ability to come across believable in my opinion.
    It’s unfortunate though, the songwriting is on point.
    I agree with the comment about making a live series finale episode of Bombshell.

  7. TV Gord says:

    Performance-wise, the show was great; but dramatically, it was seriously lacking from the very start. Instead of fixing the dramatic flaws, they stumbled forward and never regained their footing. If everyone is truly “incredibly proud of the work”, I suggest they look a little further inward. A lot of creative people would killed for the chance to do this show right, and a lot of people would not have squandered it as badly as this team did.

  8. Mike says:

    I think it has at least one episode following the Voice, it will be interesting to see how it does with a lead in, Smash has had the disadvantage of New Normal as a lead in. Maybe following the voice, Smash will increase, if not give it a good ending for the fans.

    • I agree!! That episode had a higher number than previous weeks! I so hope they give us something…like a Derek/Karen ending…with “Finally’ being the theme lol…they are so good together :)

      • Claudia Swicegood says:

        I agree that Derek and Karen should be together. Stop the madness with Jimmy the Jerk! I don’t care if he changes! Who wants a boy with no social security number? It’s not realistic.

  9. Addison says:

    I’m just glad they are going to give it an ending! It’s so unfair when they leave the fans hanging!

  10. Jan says:

    The show has seemed less focused this season, but it is still enjoyable! I’m sorry to see it move to Saturday — but I’ll continue to watch and encourage my friends to!

  11. Larry says:

    NBC’s logic just doesn’t make sense to me. Push a struggling series to Saturdays and replace it with a reality show with no long range benefits. Smash would had undoubtedly had received higher ratings following The Voice -which could had salvaged this season. I don’t understand NBC at all. They are seriously grasping at straws to pull themselves out of the ratings hole since giving their top hits such long hiatus’. It smells of desperation.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      There is no benefit to putting it behind the Voice other than to try to inflate the ratings of an awful show. NBC is smarter to try and put something new there. If it can’t stand on it’s own, it deserves cancellation. That is prime real estate to launch new shows and NBC would be stupid to constantly put a show like Smash in that slot and try and prop it up. A show should get a season there and then moved to it’s own night if it can stand on it’s own. If not, goodbye. I laughed at the part of the article where he is talking about wanting to get in the slot behind The Voice or get a better time slot. Neither of those two things would have saved this show. Should have been cancelled after one season.

    • Alex says:

      The show is a failure. Your idea of airing it after The Voice is ridiculous. Why waste a prime slot on a ratings flop?

      • Havoc says:

        This comment is ridiculous and unintelligent. The ratings are down because of several factors, not limited to the fact it’s in a timeslot which is essentially doomed to fail (on NBC). Do you even know what you are trying to talk about?

      • The bigger issue is they need a way to count DVR & online streaming in ratings. I don’t watch anything in real time other than sports, but I, along with a lot of my friends & family, faithfully DVR “Smash”. I’m so sad to see it go.

  12. crystak says:

    I love smash but I miss the season 1 writing, you can tell it was a,new team for season 2 there is to many detrations , it should be all about bombshell, what happens to Julias pergency? The guy from gossip girl should be dropped and bring in the season one team again!

    • crystak says:

      Sorry for my grammer errors I write it in a rush

    • Erin says:

      I actually think they should have put it out of it’s misery season 1!

      Oh the potential, but potential is not good enough to keep watching or even hate watching. This Karen love-fest is ludicrous, can she be more of a Mary Sue? And Jimmy although good looking and a magnificent singer is actually worse than Ellis! I actually don’t care what happens to Bombshell or whatever they’re going to call it anymore.

    • Havoc says:

      What more do you want to see from Bombshell that wasn’t already shown in season one? Even now it’s clear that there’s very little more to show about Bombshell and they’re just stretching it out.

  13. JJ says:

    While it’s tempting to call Saffron the Eric Balfour of show runners, it’s not really fair. He fixed all of last years problems. Sure, he created some new ones of his own, but overall I feel this season has been a great improvement.

    The blame here lies entirely with NBC. The shows audience had shrunk by the end of last year but it was enough to sustain on this network. Where they ruined things:

    1. Holding the show off the air for almost a full year.
    2. Not releasing the DVD until a couple weeks before the premiere with no promotion and an outrageous price point.
    3. No hiatus streaming (Hollywood, have you yet noticed that almost all shows that have a strong second season were on Netflix and or Hulu during their hiatuses?
    4. Premiering after the tired Biggest Loser
    5. Preemption immediately after the premiere
    6. Extremely weak New Normal lead in

    No wonder NBC is 5th place on their way to 6th.

    • just saying says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head with all of your points. It’s so hard to understand why network execs are paid such big money and can’t see things that the layman with basic common sense at home can see. After watching shows about behind the scenes power grabs at networks (eg Episodes), all i can think is that these people’s heads are so far up their own arses that they don’t understand reality. If networks were smart, they would restructure their organizations completely. People who don’t watch tv and don’t know “real” people outside of LA/Hollywood, DON’T KNOW how to run the entertainment business. If you need to hire focus groups and consultants to tell you the obvious- things that you or i know- you really shouldn’t be in the business.

    • the girl says:

      I suppose they kept the show off the air to give the new showrunner time to figure out the new direction and craft a plan for Season 2. Which is understandable but I totally agree that not coming back in the fall was a mistake.
      I look at Scandal which is a show in its second year that started last year in the spring with a short run – very similarly to Smash. Yet Scandal premiered in the fall with a very strong lead-in and has been promoted like nobody’s business – and in the last few months has actually gained viewers and increased in the ratings in a way that no one expected.
      Now I realize that some of that is because Scandal is an excellent show, and Smash has some issues that just can’t be ignored – Jimmy being the biggest one of all. But I would feel better about the network moving the show to Saturdays if I felt they had done everything they could to give Smash the best chance possible, and they didn’t. Not even close.
      I have truly enjoyed Smash, both seasons, and I didn’t hate most of the changes they made this year, with the exception of Jimmy, which bears repeating. I’ll be sorry to see it go, but I am thankful of this new trend of musical TV which has brought me Nashville. You win some, you lose some.

    • LMAOOOOOO @ “While it’s tempting to call Saffron the Eric Balfour of show runners”
      I’m sorry but I too use Eric B has my tv-kryptonite measuring stick (as well as Megan Good and Christian Slater) so that observation quite tickled me tyvm!

      • Erin says:

        What about Andrea Anders? And Chris Egan for pilots that never take off (good luck to Gothica but with Melissa George now cast I don’t really care for it to suceed). I was looking forward to Poe!!!! Instead I got The Following…

    • Thereasonsy says:

      And THIS ladies and gentlemen is a slow clap worthy post. It is exactly how you destroy any chance of a show getting any of the audience back. All that was missing was releasing HALF of the premier episode on iTunes and not making a bigger deal over the fact it was HALF of the story.

    • Tina says:

      I think Safron is a problem…he didn’t have the right vision for the show. He also hurried the so called “fixes”, rushed the newbies and gave them too much screen time, hired Jennifer Hudson and created a pointless character for her, paired Karen with Jimmy when the fans want her with Derek etc. I do agree that NBC was idiotic too! Bad lead in, waiting too long to release the DVD, the pre-emption, the year off and showing the premiere online a week early which killed their momentum! SMASH is the only show I watch on NBC because usually their shows and decisions are awful. SMASH is still a great show…it’s the network and showrunner who are awful!

    • Havoc says:

      Most intelligent comment I’ve seen on this site.

  14. loyalt says:

    NBC is stupid!!! They cancel/submarine all of the good shows and put reality/comedy shows that people are sick of in place of good, entertaining dramas. There is a reason that CBS is kicking their butt! Keep Smash and bring back The Firm…most dramas, like ER, NCIS, etc., took more than one season to reach number one and stay there!

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      This show pulled a 0.9. That is not network acceptable and there is NO chance of recovery from that. None.

  15. Nicole says:

    Karma is a bigger bitch than Blair Waldorf Mr Safran !!

  16. Josh says:

    I’m saddened that he failed the show…so yeah sadness all around.

  17. Playhouse says:

    Tough to come back after all the negativity surrounding the first season. The show’s actually better this season, but I know I was hesitant to watch it again. In fact, I just caught up with the first five episodes last weekend. Imagine most of the audience is in a similar position.

  18. Alienate says:

    Wow… He is happy with the results? He took an exciting show and turned it into an unbearable boor. I am one of the millions who left in the last couple of weeks.
    Well Done, Sir!

    • Josh says:

      I’d like to say “Boo, bad fan!” but you’re not…The show was a mess in a half and I stuck around because there is nothing else I watch at 10pm and I love half the cast…which was pointless because half the cast has been regulated to the sidelines(IVY!) while new and horrible characters(Jimmy!) took their place…so yeah…I totally understand. Safran really did NOT do a good job on this show but is it a surprise? According to Gossip Girl fans, he didn’t do a good job there either.

      • Ava says:

        You can definitely see similarities in the characters of GG and Smash now. Jimmy, the druggie who is emotionally abusive. Karen, the girl who is so into the him that she doesn’t mind the way he pushes her away and treats her like garbage. Then there’s the oh, he’s high so lets bring him in to be a part of Jennifer Hudson’s concert plot. Really? Is that cool? Seriously? In truth, it is insulting to the audience’s intelligence.

        • Harmony says:

          This! Horrible!Jimmy annoys the hell out of me. He deserves to get punched in his arrogant, misogynistic face! I don’t know why the writers think people like him, but they don’t.

          • Claudia Swicegood says:

            The character of Jimmy is disgusting, so I agree with the writer. The character of Karen should be too mature/in charge of her destiny to ever consider the drug-induced, arrogant. immature Jimmy. It’s stupid. Where is her loyalty to the person who lifted her to success? Even if Jimmy changes, he is a misfit for Karen. She needs Derek, a man who has earned success and finds her special. If the show survives, Karen should realize this. The fact that Jimmy showed no gratitude towards Derek is unrealistic. The Derek in Season 1 would not have put up with the childish behavior either. I do look forward to the competition between Bombshell and Hit List. While all characters are transforming/transitioning, one would hope they would be moving in the right direction. Karen appears not. The true natures of the individuals should surface (like Season 1) for the show to survive. Ivy should have to fight jealousy as Karen rises in HIt List because that is her true nature. Karen’s appreciation of Derek should resurface and she should realize he is the one she really loves. Believe me, everyone I talk with feels the same way!

        • Havoc says:

          You do realize Safran didn’t create Gossip Girl or the characters, right? And he only joined the show in later seasons.

          • Amy says:

            Sorry, but you’re incorrect. Safran started out as a writer on GG during the 1st season. (He’s a much better writer than a show runner, tbh) He later became a producer and then the showrunner in S4 and S5.

          • MB says:

            The point that Safran didn’t create any of the original GG characters is correct, though. And while he actually was decent as a writer (back when the writing as a whole was much better) he was a terrible flop as a showrunner- which begs the question of why, exactly, a struggling show would hire him in that position?

  19. A says:

    NBC is such a fail of a network. They should have either delayed the premiere and premiered it at the same time as The Voice or they should have waited at least until The Voice premiered and seen how well the show performed with it as its lead-in for a few weeks or maybe they should have kept it on Mondays. Any other option than moving it to Saturdays to die.
    What angers me more than them moving it to Saturdays is what they decided to replace it with: a dumbass reality dating show. WTF! At least replacing with something intelligent or funny and worth watching.

  20. Lois says:

    I only watched the first episode but knowing how Safran handles things from the 4th/5th seasons of Gossip Girl, can’t say I’m surprised it’s gone this way for Smash. Actually I said this would probably happen as soon as I heard he was joining the show.

  21. Shar says:

    As a mature woman who loves the Braodway theme and the music, I am increasingly turned off by the way the characters are being written… females who are insipid and make sad choices re the men in their lives and the men being whining and now drunk addicted losers. Bring back Ellis – at least he had a clear-headed vision for his life regardless of all of his back-stabbing. Yes, I hated him but at least he was interesting.

  22. For all the people who keep saying NBC should have waited to premiere it with The Voice, I ask what would that prove? Is a show really a hit if it can only manage to get good ratings when airing after the network’s highest rated (not counting football, of course) show? People had an entire season to get acquainted with the show, so if they cared about it by now then it should be able to survive on its own and not just because it’s the show that airs after The Voice. Networks should be using their biggest shows to try to springboard new shows into hits, not keep middling shows alive that have proven that they can’t make it on their own (and for the record, I am a fan of the show, but I’m looking at this purely by the numbers).

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      I should have read down farther! I posted the same thing in reply to someone above. This post is exactly right. That post Voice spot should be the springboard slot for new shows. Not a place for a middling show to try to survive because people don’t turn the channel when the Voice is over. You should get one season with a huge lead in like this and then moved. If the show can’t make it on it’s own then it gets cancelled. It would be a flat out waste of The Voice lead in to have Smash after it for several seasons in a row. That slot is the prime place to put new shows for exposure. Don’t get why so many fans can’t wrap their heads around that.

  23. David in the O.C. says:

    You can’t remove half the cast from the show, basically start over, and expect everyone to jump on board. There was no reason to get rid of Julia’s husband and son, or Tom’s boyfriend and the boyfriend’s family. Now all we have are a bunch of cardboard cutouts running around with no personal lives to speak of. Then you added the gay/straight duo that no one cares about — including forcing a stupid romance between Karen and the jerky guy. Even though the entire point of all the changes (getting rid of the actual creator of the show) was to focus on Bombshell… which NOW isn’t being focused on at all. Is it any wonder why the ratings have tanked?

    • Maggie says:

      what happened to Sam?! Leslie Odom Jr is still in the opening credits but he hasn’t been around since the premiere. Hoping to see him back soon!

    • Roger says:

      i totally agree with what David said! I tuned in this season expecting to see the continuation of the end of season one but it wasn’t. The show for me was interesting because i was watching a Broadway show develop from a behind the scenes point of view. Bringing in that other show written by the jerk who bites that hands that feed him was a big mistake as it took the focus off what season one was all about. Viewers don’t want to watch three shows develop, They want to follow the ONE they were hooked into following and the characters and their personal lives behind the scenes!
      My opinion. Tank one if not both the other developing shows and bring the focus back to where it first was! Roger

  24. greysfan says:

    It sucks it really does. NBC is to blame here. They killed a great show. The good news is that we will get a proper ending. I hate when shows are cancelled and we never get an ending.

  25. animorphed says:

    The thing wrong with the show this year is that Eileen hasn’t thrown a single drink in Jerry’s face. If she starts doing that again, the show will be back on track!

  26. j says:

    I’m not at all surprised by Smash’s precipitous decline. I watched a few episodes of the first season, and thought it was pretty good. I kind of lost interest for a little bit, but I had always intended to catch up. That is, until I learned that Josh Safran was becoming executive producer. The fact that NBC actually hired him shows why it is a struggling network. Safran’s work on Gossip Girl was, to put it bluntly, an epic failure. He turned a show that I and many others eagerly tuned into each week something that no one would admit they watched. His inexplicable Dan-agenda, along with the worst TV couple in history, aka Dan and Blair, ruined what had previously been a decent teen drama. Not to mention the fact that he was a complete and utter jerk to fans. The CW, the network with the most issues at the moment, basically fired him. And then he gets hired for NBC for its pet project Smash? It boggles the mind, truly. In short, both NBC and Safran have gotten what they deserve with the flatlining Smash.

    And Josh, you’re “surprised” that Smash is being moved to Saturdays? Is this comparable to your surprise that the “fun and delicious” Dan and Blair didn’t save GG? LOL forever.

  27. Polly says:

    It’s obviously a move to start save the money they’ll have to give Fallon when Leno will claim the tonight show again xD

  28. Mick says:

    If anybody read the buzzfeed article on what was going on during Theresa Rebeck’s time at the helm, no one would be complaining about Josh Safran right now. Safron was by no means great but there were some fundamental problems with Smash that just couldn’t be fixed. First being (though I like her) Katharine McPhee being cast to go up against Megan Hilty, girl got knocked out of the water by Jennifer Hudson, how exactly would she compete against a veteran Broadway performer. Not to mention the producers saw this problem and preceded to fight over whether they should get rid of Hilty, that story alone should tell you the core issues with this show.

  29. Carola says:

    I am so sad about this. Seems like there will be no more Smash after Season 2.
    Bummer. My favorite show that I look forward to every week and waited anxiously the whole summer! Damn.. So depressing. NBC is so screwed..

    I´ve enjoyed the show this season too, BUT really think the addition of the the two new guys was a mistake. No one cares about them and Jimmy is so obnoxious. No one stands him.. I also hate what they did to Karen having her behave like a teenager crushing on a guy who has serious issues, on drugs and will never treat her right. Also I am pissed they are not pursuing Karen & Derek.. That´s what many fans wanted to see..

    • Rob says:

      I actually don’t want to see Karen and Derek. I prefer their brother/sister relationship to a romantic one.

    • John says:

      Agree, adding Jimmy and sad sack Kyle was a huge mistake.

    • Leigh says:

      I wanted to see Derek & Karen too. I can’t believe they suddenly have Karen in love with immature Jimmy who she has no chemistry with. The chemistry between Karen & Derek was one of the few good things the show had going for it storyline wise besides the great original music and talented singers.

  30. Rob says:

    The only way to fix the series at the start of Season 2 would be to shift focus from Karen to Ivy and make Ivy be the lead of the show. I don’t want to invest in a girl who never really worked hard and paid her dues in Broadway and got everything handed to her “innocently.” I’d rather invest in a redemption story about a veteran chorus girl who is trying harder than anyone to get her big break. That’s the story that this show should be about. I’m fine with Karen moving over to Hit List because, frankly, thats the kind of show she should be in as her debut. She hasn’t worked hard enough and felt the pain of rejection enough to warrant a big break like Ivy deserves. That’s how I would have panned out the season. In fact, if they were so desperate to add the Hit List guys to the show (Frick and Frack as Retta calls them) then they could have let Ivy discover them and let her have to choose between being a chorus girl or taking a risk with Hit List then they could pull the old switcheroo and have Ivy be cast as Marilyn last minute.

    By the way, I’m a huge fan of Katharine McPhee. I think her voice is brilliant. I think she’s beautiful. I think she’s not terrible at acting. But when you have a cast of extremely brilliant actors, the lead needs to shine in her own way and Ivy stands out the most. That should’ve been evident a long time ago, but sadly, they missed their opportunity. Megan Hilty will have a huge career in Film and Television ahead of her (and also continue to have brilliant success on Broadway).

    • John says:

      I agree with you. They should have let Karen naturally find her niche with the audience. They tried to force Karen on us as the under dog, and wrote Ivy as the one dimensional bad guy. But there is something about Megan Hilty’s Ivy that made you root for her. Plus that voice!

      When it backfired, they simply removed Ivy to a side show with a farting Sean Hayes. Really? And suddenly Karen is the queen of Broadway. They forced it, and the viewers tuned out.

    • Matt says:

      Late to the party here, but I agree with this! Megan Hilty’s character has been de-toothed so much from what made her such a great sympathetic villain last season, and it’s such a disappointment to see Ivy’s character shoved over to such a weak subplot.

      My hope is that Jerry finds out about Karen’s little performance for Hit List and fires her like he threatened he would and they bring Ivy back in as Marilyn, while Karen goes to make her mark on the other show (not that Jimmy & Kyle have done anything to earn her support besides make her feel worthless)! Win-win for everyone, and Smash gets a relatively happy ending in its truncated run.

    • Havoc says:

      Your admiration of Megan Hilty has deluded you. Are you really saying Ivy, a drug addicted egomaniac, who ruined one show with her foolish antics, should have gotten the job, simply because she suffered?
      And no, audiences didn’t want to see that. All the promos leading up to the pilot of the show were centred around Katharine McPhee. Viewers only started to drop when the show began to focus on Ivy.

      • Claudia Swicegood says:

        The storyline centered on Marilyn the innocent (Karen) or Marilyn the sexy vixen (Ivy) in the first season. Director Derek opted for the innocent while director Tom chose Ivy who actually bore skin in her debut. Both girls are talented, but I think Director Derek was correct. I believe he will prove his supremacy in Hit List as well. Let’s just hope the Derek/Karen relationship gets repaired and deepens. There is no place for Jimmy (Frick and Frack as previous writer noted) except music creation. His arrogance is unacceptable and unbelievable. He’s the most ungrateful character imaginable. Karen’s association/connection with him lowers her footing in the show. I hope the writers fix this! I’d like to see the show continue —awesome music/acting/plot (except twirps in Season II). Derek will ultimately have to lift Karen again to the top. Let’s hope she comes to her senses and sees the man who is really behind her. [Hint: awesome director in the penthouse; not the bum in the slums with no social security card!]

  31. Ann says:

    For a series finale, can we finally see a complete staging of Bomshell starring Ivy as Marilyn???

  32. davey says:

    NBC once again shows they do not know what they’re doing. Pairing another reality show with the Voice on Tuesday night is a mistake when Smash is a the perfect tie-in with its music. The dating show that NBC is putting in its place looks like trash. I’m not saying Smash is a great show but at least it has some classy elements.

  33. John says:

    Josh Safran has to own the failures of seson two. Bottom line, he is the failure.

    He came in and splintered the characters into disparate storylines. I read it over and over on these posts. We all liked the way these characters came together in season one to create Bombshell. He ruined the fabric of the show. And its sad, because it was suc good fabric!

    Someone herein said it best…we rather invest in a story of redemption for someone deserving…..namely Ivy.

    • Gillian says:

      Your critique is spot on. My first response to Josh’s comments was to wonder how he could be proud of his accomplishments. He butchered Smash to the point that it is almost unrecognizable from last season. The magic is gone. Broadway was as much a character as Ivy and Karen last year and this year, like with Ivy and Karen, it is watered down. There is no excitement, no wonder. The new songs are mediocre. The new characters are unlikable. The chemistry between Derek & Karen has been squandered. The spark and unpredictability that was Ivy is just nonexistent. It is such a shame! Thus show had so much talent behind it and the season finale last year was incredible! Shame on Josh for his lack of humility. He should recognize that his changes did not improve Smash but rather lost viewers and led to its imminent cancellation.

      • Havoc says:

        The two of you are idiots. The end.

        • John says:

          All you do is trash people when they post intelligent insight. I see your snide comments all over this page. Guess that makes you the real idiot. Grow up and learn to appreciate other people’s perspective.

  34. lara says:

    I don’t know how people are possibly blaming NBC for this – this was a very expensive show that got more than enough chances. At the end of the day, the writing was not good, many of the characters were not likable, and the likable characters were either completely disregarded or written inconsistently. The first episode ever was amazing, and I think that the show had a lot of potential. But, if you don’t listen to your viewers and treat it like a CW teen romance show, it’s going to end badly.

    • bobbie says:


    • Fat McKee says:

      This is entirely NBC’s fault. Reread the Buzzfeed piece and get back to us.

    • maxfabien says:

      I agree 100%. I am trying to like Smash, I really am. But there is not one likeable character on the show. I wouldn’t want any of them for a friend.I really don’t care for any of them. They’re either too arrogant or too whiney or too one-dimentional.. If I don’t care about a character then I don’t care what happens him/her. If I don’t care what happens, then I have no interest in the storyline, so why watch? Jimmy’s and Derek’s arrogance makes me cringe. Karen and Ivy are a couple of spoiled brats. Julia’s “oh woe is me” act has exceded it’s shelf life. Kyle is a wimp and a rug for Jimmy to walk all over. Eileen and her husband are made for each other. And Tom’s know-it-all attitude is a big turn off. Just my opinion, i know. But that’s what I think is the problem with the show. Give me some characters that are likeable so I care what happens to them, so I will come back for more.

  35. bobbie says:

    I don’t think networks are really risking that much to try new things – if they fail, well so do soooooo many of the “tried and true” things they keep pushing on us. I’ve always thought some network would give josh whedan or bryan fuller free rein, and we would have amazing stuff. (will never happen, but I can dream!)

  36. Grace331 says:

    Whoever said that Tuesday at 8pm is a bad time slot clearly hasn’t heard of NCIS! Doesn’t matter when smash is on it’s bad! The premier was great and I wanted to love it but its not working. Better to wrap it with a series finale and move on. Hopefully Megan gets recast stat she’s amazing

  37. Rjrtist says:

    Smash has a major writing problem. It had a problem the first year and went south in it’s second. Such a shame because there is some great talent there.

  38. Kelly says:

    The marketing choices made, whether by NBC or Smash’s execs, left me confused and worried. For instance, it would’ve made perfect sense to have Kat and Megan perform on The Voice’s finale. What better way to showcase incredible voices while self-promoting the new season? As much respect as I have for Jennifer Hudson’s talent she should not have been the advertising focus. Smash is about Karen and Ivy. Promote them. Put Kat and Megan front and center as the amazing talents they are. I’m disappointed in the move to Saturdays but I’m not surprised because despite its Golden Globe nom for season 1 Smash doesn’t get the support its warranted. Yes, there are flaws but what Smash brought to tv is worth fighting for.

  39. onlyakb says:

    it’s a tough one and tricky as well, cos on one side you have this very talented cast and beautiful voices and good premise, however for some reason I can’t put my finger on and clearly neither can they, the plot never seems to work as expected! I love the musical numbers can’t help and Megan and Katharine have great voices!!

  40. Allyson says:

    I am so sick of networks not giving shows a chance. They give up so quickly. Smash is just trying to find direction, and if given more time, it will become successful! I am so disappointed with this news!

  41. I blame NBC Execs and Josh Safron. Getting rid of Theresa Rebeck was a big mistake and NBC got rid of her because those idiot execs, who don’t have experience with producing, directing or managing a show decided they knew how to produce, write and direct and decided that their opinions mattered more than Rebeck’s.

    Rebeck even told those execs that the writing changes they wanted done would not make sense and that those characters would never act in such a way. So, what did they do? They brought in Saffron, who had too many radical ideas for the show instead of sticking with what worked so well for the first season.

    This is why I don’t watch anything produced by NBC anymore. Their execs keep interfering with every show their network produces once it becomes a ratings hit. Here’s the problem:

    If and when an NBC show becomes a hit, the execs in the top offices decide that they want to add their own ideas to the show and so they start becoming more involved, their ego kicks in. As always, these shows begin to suffer when this happens. And again, an NBC show suffers and its near cancellation.

    If NBC execs had left Smash alone, it would not be in the trouble it currently is in. If Hollywood actors and actresses were smart, they would blackball NBC and refuse to work for that network. Those who do, should put stipulations in their contracts that NBC execs are not allowed to interfere with the show once it begins production on the first episode of the series.

    • Havoc says:

      No one gives a damn about Rebeck. Get over it.

      • John says:

        Here we go again with the snide comment. Seems you are a Safran fan, and thats fine, but dont get offended that we all are not. You cant argue that the show is suffering under his guidance. Lash out all you want, but he has to own it.

  42. jrh says:

    Smash happens to be the only program I watch on NBC. I hope the Producers try Cable.

  43. Marshall Axt says:

    It does not have to end. CComcast bought NBC from GE and they own a Cable Company. I think John Roberts owner of Comcast. Should talk to Steven Spielberg money man behind Smash and work out a deal putting Smash on a Cable Channel.Since I was on the show. I do see where it can improve add a lot of humor to it and bring in stars every week from other Broadway shows. I got to say this show employed a lot of background extras.The words of a song says There’s no business like show business and the end of the song says “The show must go on.”

    • Really!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering how come no one mentioned Steven Spielberg in any of this…seeing as he CREATED the show :) I wonder what he is thinking and what he is going to do about it. I do think it’s a show worth saving because it is the FIRST of its story. I LOVE Jack Davenport & Katharine McPhee, I think they have crazy chemistry and that should have been explored and not hindered by the man-boy Jimmy BUT if it’s gonna give us an ending, I hope it’s one of Derek finally getting the woman he loves…Karen :) But other than that, I do think the characters were 100% not themselves…so that needs to be fixed too!!

  44. Elizabeth. says:

    I was a big fan of smash at first but honestly the only thing i’m gonna miss about it when it’s gone is seeing Megan Hilty every week on my tv & hearing her sing. I won’t miss ‘Karen’ at all. Smash was pretty good at first but then when they turned a 100 degree angle and made Karen the center of the show, it went totally wrong. I’m pretty sure a lot people would agree with me that ‘Ivy’ should have gotten the role of Marilyn and that she should have been the center of the show because let’s face it, Megan Hilty has a way better and stronger voice than ‘Karen’ will ever have. I watched smash season 1, i watched the first 3 episodes of season 2 and now i’m done with it. I only watch Megan Hilty’s song scenes on youtube.

    • kenichi tanaka says:

      Hate to burst your bubble but the show was never about Megan Hilty, it was all about Katherine McPhee.

    • Smash lover says:

      sorry but people love KATHARINE MCPHEE more than megan hilty.you see if katharine was not the best she will not be the runner up of season 5 of american idol and as of now people believe that katharine is much better than taylor hicks and the finale should be kat mcphee vs. daughtry.sorry if i wake u up from ur dreaming of megan as the best in smash sorry honey you need to wake up and have water on ur face.

      • Elizabeth. says:

        I do realize that the show was never about Megan, and yes Katherine has a great voice, but when you compare the two voices: Megan will out belt Katherine anytime. And i do not ‘hate’ katherine, as a matter of fact i enjoy listening to her music as much as most people. But MY OPINION is just that smash made a big mistake. I love Katherine’s personality, she pretty goofy, much like me. But the character ‘Karen’ just doesn’t speak to me as much as the Ivy character does. And hate to burst YOUR bubble but i thought this was an article anyone can comment on with their opinion so it’s hardly fair that you go around biting everyone’s nose of just because their opinion doesn’t agree with yours. Good day further.

        • Elizabeth, I 100% agree with you, especially as season 2 has developed. I was glad Karen moved to Hit List bc the songs are more pop driven which suits her voice better. Meanwhile Ivy is killing it. Megan Hilty is such an insanely talented triple threat (I saw her play Glinda in Wicked in LA & was gobsmacked)- Katharine McPhee is sweet & has a great pop voice, but she’s not the actress or Broadway style singer that Megan Hilty is.

  45. Smash lover says:

    its so sad that america (the most powerful counrty in earth)loves trashy tv show than beautiful show like smash.they love and support jersey shore, keeping it up with the k family with no talent and other shows that are stupid and make people dumb.so sad for america..

  46. Everyone saying that,”smash needs to be cancelled because if it can’t stand on its own without the voice” ya need to shut ya face obvoously none of yhu idiots are smash fans!…lemme tell u something I was expecting smash to be on monday nights up against the voice…and I wondered why they moved smash to tuesdays its just pure idiocts because now I’m getting to where I dont want to watch NBC because after watching mercy and trauma which both were good shows,i cannot believe how nbc handles their shows! Its crazy! Smash shouldve stayed on monday nights with the voice the show is still in infancy and it needs more time to grow! You all think that after season 1 its grown!!! No it needs time to grow,now i agree joah saffron screwed up the show and now the show might not recover…i just hope a network like fox can pick up smash and have it next to glee,what makes glee thrive and smash on life support!?!?! No one should waste their time with NBC because if it dosent get good ratings and people bashing the show because of minor flaws there is just no point in producing a show on this network they dont know how to do jack with a shows,basically if a show does good than good for the show,but if it dont do good,then its tough toenails..uh uh that aint right and it aint fair…the money people waste on producing shows should be used to help with people in third world countries,and the nielsen ratings also are the blame for this show,WAKE UP!!! THIS IS NOT 19 FREAKIN’ 50 ITS 2013 not everyone watches tv people watch online and dvr shows…so i hate to say this but smash is just another victim to NBC not knowing how to handle shows putting them in the right timeslot and the “oh so effective nielsen ratings”,im not dealing with NBC and i hope the ratings make NBC go defunct!! Dont bother with NBC-Nothing But Cancellation.
    THE END.

  47. Gio Barressi says:

    *Sighs* I’m no longer watching new shows on Tv. What’s the point? The Network Execs are solely interested in money. They aire 2-3 episodes and then decide to cancel EVERY show I love. 2-3 episodes is NOT enough time. NOT pairing “Smash” & “The Voice” this year was just STUPID! Another GREAT show sent to “Tv Heaven” On a brighter note, Kudos for NBC to at least airing a COMPLETE season before ending the shows. ABC took off Zero Hour after 3 episodes!

  48. Michelle says:

    I am going to miss Smash. Loved the original songs & enjoyed Megan Hilty & Katharine McPhee singing every week. Don’t understand the writers’ decision not to put Derek & Karen together instead of bringing in new obnoxious character for her to fall in love with instead.

  49. Amelia says:

    You never know, it could survive on Saturdays. Fringe went two whole seasons (even though the second was short) in the Friday ‘death-slot’. Anything could happen.

    • Joy Fire-Ruiz says:

      As far as the musical ‘Smash’, I really think they needed new writers. They really screwed up.
      To so quickly change one scene to another, the rhythm and movement of the dialogue, was
      lost for me. It almost became like a bad- serious ‘slapstick’ comedy. I really did enjoy the
      first season, even though at the end the script became questionable. I loved the music.

      Joy Fire-Ruiz