Glee Recap: He's Been Telling Lies [Updated]

glee-season-4-feud-bye-bye-bye-schueGlee never ceases to surprise me with its ability to go from the ridiculous to the sublime, then back to the ridiculous with a couple more pitstops at sublime, in the course of a single hour.

You can knock its occasionally inconsistent character behaviors or complain that it should be giving more airtime to its New York City story arcs (while moving us away from Lima, OH) (and, yeah, it should), but how many shows can deliver a TKO Mommie Dearest reference, an inarguably guffaw-inducing Nicki Minaj sendup, a compelling Manti Te’o-esque subplot and a genuinely stirring salute to the transgender community all in a single episode? (Okay, probably The Real Housewives of Somewhere at Sometime Somehow, but I’m talking scripted programming, okay?)

If you were too busy stealing your friends’ pillows and comforters tonight to tune in, here’s what you missed on Glee:

* The kids of New Directions gave Schue and Finn an assignment — to perform songs by dueling artists — to defuse the tension caused by the latter advisor kissing the former’s runaway bride. The guys seemed to work it out in an N’Sync-BSB faceoff, but in the end, Will just couldn’t forgive his former student/erstwhile best man/forever protégé. (Not a very good example to his students, bee tee dubs! And anyway, it was just a quick kiss — and hardly the reason Emma didn’t go through with her vows!) Is it wrong for me to be Team Finn? I think not, especially when Schue continues to say things like, “You broke the code of a brother, Finn!” and “In the 1990s, the media pitted two of America’s hottest music groups against each other in an epic clash for pop-culture supremacy.” Um, way to talk like a 10th grader’s C- English paper.

* Later, as Finn cleared out his belongings from McKinley, Marley told him he needed to sack up, stop looking for Finn’s approval, and continue his path to being a great teacher. It proved an a-ha moment for the guy (even though said lightbulb should’ve gone off about three months ago) — now look for him to go get his teaching degree.

* After accompanying Rachel to the doctor’s — Ms. Berry’s home test was a false positive, whew! — Sanatana continued to pry into Brody’s shady activities. After La Lopez gave him the business at his place of work — Kurt: “Did you confront him at NYADA with a Paula Abdul song?!” — Rachel and Kurt asked her to move out. But Santana’s “psychic Mexican third eye” is never wrong! After stealing Brody’s pager, she “hired” him as an escort, confronted him upon arrival, and then produced an angry hidden Finn from inside the bathroom. Rachel’s former and current beauxs wound up having a fist fight — and trashing what had to be a fairly pricey hotel room — but we won’t get resolution on the blowout till next week. Up for debate: Was Finn’s exclamation — “Stay away from my future wife!” — hot, creepy or a little of both?

* Sue managed to coerce Blaine back on to the Cheerios squad with a forged contract, but it turns out Blaine’s a double agent, and his cheerleading stint is part of his and Sam’s plan to bring down the evil Cheerios coach. I don’t think I care about this story arc much, but if it gives us more opportunities to see Jane Lynch channeling her inner Nicki Minaj (or other OTT divas), I say bring it on! I haven’t laughed so hard during a Glee episode in 2013!

* Elsewhere at McKinley High, Marley convinced Jake that she was faithful to him — and that Ryder kissing her meant nothing. (Kudos to the show’s writers for not making her grovel — and for being honest that both she and Jake, as teenagers, are allowed to occasionally be flirty.) Unique and Ryder fueded when he wouldn’t refer to her as a girl. And Ryder eventually came around when his new online girlfriend told him he needed to respect Unique’s truth. Anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? That it’s actually Unique who’s been posing as saucy blonde internet paramour Katie?

Grades for this week’s musical numbers…
Brody & Rachel: Marina & The Diamonds’ “How To Be A Heartbreaker” | Grade: A- (loved those stairway shots!)
Ryder vs Unique: Elton John’s “The Bitch Is Back”/Madonna’s “Dress You Up” | Grade: B
Santana: Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted” | Grade: A- (Santana kind of wins always, yes?)
Will vs Finn: N’Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye”/Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” | Grade: C+ (I’m all for JT/JC puppetry, but the vocals lacked oomph, and I felt like the songs could’ve been meshed better)
Blaine vs Sue: Mariah Carey’s “I Still Believe”/Nicki Minaj’s “Superbass” | Grade: A
Ryder and Jake: Tegan and Sarah’s “Closer” | Grade: B+

Episode’s best zingers…
Santana complaining about Rachel being torn between “your flop high-school ex and that terrifying waiter with a pager.”

“In fact, your wide-eyed, Keane-painting approach to life makes my teeth hurt and my breasts ache with rage.” –Santana, leveling with Kurt and Rachel

This exchange!
Rachel (commenting on Santana’s dramatic exit): I’m pretty sure she stole my comforter.
Kurt: Bitch took my pillow.

Nobody ever said life was fair, Tina.” –Sue, after Tina agreed with Kurt that Sue cheated in their sing-off by using dancers, props and special lighting

Unintentional double-entendre: “I fumbled the ball this time, but you know I have good hands.” –Ryder, apologizing to Jake

“The real world is nothing like glee club, where you can join and rejoin, quit and requit, when you’re not crying or throwing confetti at each other.” –Sue dropping life lessons on Blaine

And with that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of “Feud”? Which story arcs worked best? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. steve says:

    Are we supposed to have forgotten Rachel also cheated and lied to Brody? She has no right to be mad. And Finn continues to be terrible.

    • July says:

      Not trying to defend Rachel but… what if Brody was in this before Rachel sleeping with Finn?

    • Debra says:

      She may have not been completely truthful about sleeping with Finn but that is nowhere near as bad as having sex with multiple women for money and putting her at risk for all kinds of STD’s.

      • kavyn says:

        Implying Brody has absolutely no idea of how to protect himself…

        • Fin fan says:

          They have agreed to an open relationship. Rachel is pretty much exclusive to only Brody, so her lack of information about Sleeping with Finn is no less deceitful than Brody’s. But, IMO, Brody’s side job is takes on another depth of danger and deceit of mammoth proportions.

      • Fin fan says:


    • Because cheating on someone once and informing them and being forgiven is the EXACT same thing as being a prostitute and not informing the other party. Get a grip.

    • Amanda Ellen says:

      She didn’t cheat. They’re in a open relationship… Brody is (seriously) a whore. He sleeps with countless women. How would you feel if the guy you sleep next to at night and says he cares for you is a whore? He is lying to her face. I hope to God he’s using a condom. Rachel may have slept with Finn, but that is not nearly as horrible as being a whore.

    • may says:

      Are we watching the same show?. They were in an open relationship with no compromise and she asked him (I Do episode) “who do you do” .I know it is a horrible relationship and HE LIE TO HER (remember the flashback?) so dont get ofended because they dont even call themself boyfriend/girlfriend (remember she said they talked and the “no labels” thing?) . I dont know why are you so mad about but…wait…you hate Finn I got it now.

    • Jen says:

      I actually agree… I don’t think Brody was right in not telling Rachel that he was a prostitute, but I also don’t like the way Finn handled it AT ALL!! Kinda hypocritical of Finn wanting to “talk it out” with Will, but when it came to Brody he didn’t even let him explain… he just started throwing fists!! I mean, really Finn?? Grow up already!! Also, if in the end Finn takes all the credit for being the “hero” I will be soooo mad!!! Santana was the real hero!!

      • Daniel says:

        Actually Finn was walking away from Brody when Brody grabbed him. The punch was purely from instinct. So really there was no throwing of fists by Finn until Brody grabbed him.

        • Paul says:

          If you automatically punch everyone who grabs you on the shoulder so they can talk to you; you need to join Finn in his long overdue anger management class.

          • Curt Toil says:

            It’s not just the fact that he grabbed h

          • Curt Toil says:

            Him, but it’s also about how careless Brody is being to Rachel. He has no thought about how this could hurt Rachel. She could get an STD. Even if Brody is using condoms, it’s a well known fact that condoms don’t work 100% of the time. He’s putting her at risk. That combined with the fact that he doesn’t want to be in an actual relationship with her, and is lying to her proves that Brody has a very messed up sense of love. If I were Finn, id be pissed off that someone I love is possibly at risk for something horrible. And is being lied to.

      • Lyndsi says:

        What does Brody have to explain. He is sleeping with woman for money and is not telling Rachel. There is a big difference between that and kissing someone. Finn isn’t in love with Emma, he’s not trying to steal her away from Will. Finn loves Rachel, and even though they aren’t together at the moment does not mean those feelings get turned off. Brody is putting Rachel at risk physically as well as emotionally and Santana was right to call Finn. I think that shows how much Santana has grown up as well. She knew Finn was going to have to be the one to confront Brody.

      • Ana says:

        Oh, you didn’t like the way Finn handled it but loved they was Santana did, never mind that she was the one who called Finn to deal with Brody. And Santana didn’t let Brody explain his motive either. She told him to save it for Finn. She gave him no chance. But she was the hero and Finn was wrong? I guess you are the hypocritical here.

        • Ana says:

          In what universe can prostituting yourself be considered acceptable???? He could have been humbled and admit he was wrong and take the fall, but he didn’t want to explain for the sake of clarifying his actions. Rather, he wanted to excuse them. Santana gave him an out earlier and he didn’t take it. That was on him.

      • Harmony says:

        This! I agree so hard.

    • LC says:

      Not condoning infidelity in the least, but BIG difference between cheating with your ex and sleeping with other people for money!

    • Ella says:

      Au contraire. I thought this episode was terrible with the Marley + Jake (UGH) reunion and the appallingly bad mash-ups but Finn threatening Brody and kicking his ass was one of the hottest things ever. The single bright spark in an otherwise terrible 40 minutes.

  2. Dan says:


    • Stacie says:

      Word. Best part of the episode. Her lines were perfect and that song and her doing that song was crazy good. I wish that this storyline didn’t drag into next episode but I love everything about Santana. The reveal of her bringing Finn to NY to take care of Brody was great and I love that she is part of Coyote Ugly. In all aspects really well done by Naya Rivera tonight from a carryover of her great work last week.

    • Jess says:

      She was awful and unlikable and Rachel and Kurt were too nice letting her live with them,

      • Stacie says:

        She was trying to protect Rachel from a guy who is doing bad things behind her back. I wish everyone would have friends like that. She only has done what she has done because Rachel and Kurt either don’t believe her or choose not to believe her. Her methods might be out there but her intent and reasoning behind it is pure and right.

        • HB says:

          But it is her methods that are so horrible and why Kurt and Rachel can’t trust her. Yes she was great with Rachel but come on after year of insults and even an occasion near physical attack I can’t really blame them for doubting her motives?

      • luli says:

        Did you watch the episode? she was trying to protect Rachel from getting hurt… She is the reason i still watch glee, so no, she is not unlikable.

      • O-town says:

        You understand it’s a comedy most times and her actions are over the top for a reason. Quit trying to apply “What would Jess do?” to Santana. It’s supposed to be over the top but the underlying reason for it is she’s looking out for Rachel. How do you go from leaning on her to doubting her intentions? Santana was the only one that knew about the pregnancy test and went with her to the clinic. Geez.

    • Maris says:

      I used to dislike but she recently she’s become my favorite character!

    • Dane says:

      We need a “Santana” show spinoff. She’s awesome and can carry an entire show on her own.

  3. Bethany says:

    One of my favorite episodes this season. Glee remembered that it is a comedy! Blaine/Sue feud was hilarious. Although I’m not a fan of making Ryder into a douche. Also, Will needs to grow up. Clearly Finn was being the bigger man. We could just get rid of Will..

    • Becca says:

      Sue commits a crime against Blaine, but you don’t care, ’cause it’s Will you’re after. The actor’s got fans as viewers, thanks, and the students and staff have praised the work he’s done (remember the teaching award,) so do not be so cavalier about the character. People with runaway brides/grooms can be forgiven for acting less than rationally, and attacking someone they’ve supported many times in the past for kissing said runaway bride. Life may be perfect for you, and you’ve never lashed out, but for others, it happens.

    • Terri says:

      Ryder is becoming like Finn, they have always stuck Finn with the “inappropriate” saying, actions whatever…so now Ryder is the doing it. I am glad because acting ability wise he can do it. Most of the others can’t new kids can’t.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, can’t argue with you on Will here (though I disagree about getting rid of him, but…eh). I have no problem with Will being mad-he has every right to be upset with Finn. And I’m glad that they didn’t go the route of having him and Finn patch things up all nicey-nice by the end of the episode, too. This is the sort of thing you don’t just get over right away, that reaction was perfectly logical.
      That said, however, Will is Finn’s former teacher and older than him, yet the way he was acting, you’d swear he and Finn were the same age or something. There are plenty of ways to confront and talk out this issue, but the way Will went about it just struck me weird and kind of immature. People talk/joke all the time about how close he is to the kids, and how sometimes it’s a little TOO much? This would be an example of “TOO much”. If that makes any sense.

      • Becca says:

        You contradicted yourself. If a reaction is perfectly logical, then it’s not really weird/immature also.

        And since Sue also “confronts” students, and acts “close to the kids” such as Becky, just accept the fact that the Glee writers’ intent is to give adult characters storylines that tie in with the students.

        If you’re looking for a realistic depiction of life in a high school, go watch a documentary.

  4. Amanda says:

    LOL are you dumb? Heartbreaker was soooooooooooooooo bad

  5. MF says:

    Finn was the highlight of ths ep!! tho I gotta say I actually enjoyed this episode (that was a first this season) the bsb/nsync mash up AWESOME, but WILL need to grow-up he’s supposed to be the adult and instead he puts down Finn…rachel is being a blind fool and I’m glad Santana tells it the way it is!! Finn defending rachel’s honor was SO HOT! i’m happy the end for Brody is near

    • Libby says:

      Finn is disgusting and creepily possessive. And if this were real life I’d be worried for Rachel’s life near that aggressive psycho. Abusive relationship waiting to happen.

      • MF says:

        right because since episode one creepy stalker Brody wasn’t a concern for rachel’s safety? Santana called Finn because being with a male prostitute is a danger to Rachel’s health (open relationship or not) so yeah he was defending his not long ago fiancee

        • Jin says:

          What is this idea that being a prostitute makes you more diseased than the regular equally disgusting in different ways population? He was apparently defending “his future wife” the freaking, possessive psycho. I hope he proposes again and Rachel says no and he throws himself off a bridge. He’s clearly not all there in the head on top of being a freaking moron.

          • RavenclawEncyclopedia says:

            I think Brody deserved that slug in the face Finn gave him, not telling Rachel that he was a prostitute (none of this escort crap, I’ve never liked euphemisms). He’s a liar and he needed a good butt-kicking, although the “Stay away from my future wife” from Finn was a little creepy.
            In other matters, I love that Marley told Finn to grow a pair and become his own man, and that he should get off his bum and become a teacher. When Finn said “I need a degree for that” and Marley said “so go get one” I was like “THANK YOU RYAN FINALLY” because I’ve been thinking that basically since Finn reappeared this season.
            Also, doesn’t Blaine’s arse look damn fine in that cheerio’s uniform? There are definitely some upsides to this plot arc.
            I think Ryder’s internet relationship with this Katie chick is super creepy. Like, almost as creepy as when Rachel was basically stalking Will in season one, and that’s super frackin’ creepy. I always think that if you are going to meet, in person, someone you met online, you should Skype with them (or something similar) and, if you’re a minor, get the okay with your parents prior to. Also, tell someone where you’ll be and when you should return. Then again, I am kinda paranoid…
            Mischief managed,

          • Cheri says:

            there are jobs out there, prostitution is unlawful. Lazy way to get money. As far as I concerned, Brody is deceitful and placing Rachel in harms way. I know that some of you think that he can just use protection. Wrong, what he is doing is unlawful.

          • Curt Toil says:

            Lol I don’t know how feeling pissed that some asshole could be transmitted diseases to her and lying to her makes him possessive. Condoms are always effective. I’d feel the need to protect someone I love from getting hurt.

      • Laura says:

        are you seriously? If he had done nothing about that you would say he didn’t care about her. If he goes and fight (literally) for her you say he’s possessive. You make me laugh. Nothing will ever satisfy you. Take a sit and stop with your delusional ship.

        • Jess says:

          Who are you talking to you paranoid psycho?

        • Dexterized says:

          WTF are you talking about silly child. You don’t have to ship whatever “delusional ship” you’re talking about to know Finn is a possessive motherf**ker who will probably turn out to be an abusive husband.

        • AJ says:

          I don’t even have a Rachel ship (besides Rachel/success) and I want her far, FAR away from Finn. He’s creepy, possessive, and the day Finchel gets back together will be a sad one. So gross.

      • Idina says:

        With all due respect, you’re using big words to describe a character that has shown nothing nor done anything to remotely fit that characterization. Please don’t let your bias against a fictional character nor your dislike for an actor color your appreciation of a story in a TV show. You need to live a full life before you can truly believe what you are saying; there’s no good that will come out of too much hate in a heart so young (apologies for presuming you’re still young at heart). Just a friendly advise.

      • AngieD says:

        If Finn was really possessive, he would’ve beat Brody in front of Rachel before Santana even called. As it was, he didn’t go see Rachel afterwards. He went home. Brody grabbed Finn 1st, Finn punched once. Brody threw a lamp at Finn’s head. Brody threw his shoulder into Finn, knocking him over. After that, they rolled around . FInn punches Brody once – if he had been ‘crazy’, he would’ve continued to pound on Brody. If not for Santana’s call, Finn would’ve stayed away. As it was, he felt he had to warn Brody off to prevent Rachel from falling for a gigolo.

      • Harmony says:

        “Finn is disgusting and creepily possessive. And if this were real life I’d be worried for Rachel’s life near that aggressive psycho. Abusive relationship waiting to happen.” This! I’m glad someone agrees. I’m worried they’re going to make him a stalker and somehow paint him as “looking out for her” instead of stalking the crap out of her. He’s s sociopath!

        • chistosa says:

          Overly possessive? A psycho? Really? Does anyone remember that at the end of the previous season Rachel wanted to stay in Lima and get married and it was Finn who out of love for her gave her up and drove her to the train station to make her follow her dream without him? That is not the act of an “overly possessive” male. And he discussed Brody with Rachel and made no attempt to convince her to drop him. He simply said they were meant to be and someday it would happen. How is that overly possessive or remotely psycho? Defending and protecting someone (friend or lover) like Santana and Finn are doing now for Rachel may result in misguided actions or reactions but in no way are the acts of possessive or sociopathic personalities.

    • Jessica says:

      So hot? really? Unecessary and unprovoked violence is hot? Wonder what will happen to Rachel the first time she really pisses Finn off. That level of possessiveness over some you are not in a relationship is not healthy, god only knows what he’d think he’d be entitled to if they were actually married. Run Rachel Run! Both guys are losers.

      • MF says:

        am I wrong or Brody was the one who threw the 1st punch?!?! Finn just warned him to stay away from Rachel before Brody could seriously hurt her he didn’t inicitated the violence

        • FinchelForever says:

          Finn was walking out the door when Brody grabbed him.

        • Dexterized says:

          Yes you’re wrong. Brody didn’t throw the first punch, Finn did. Just like he’ll do when he’s married to Rachel and she pisses him off for something silly, or goes out to have a drink with a friend and he locks her up in the basement.

          • murley says:

            it feels like I shouldn’t have to point this out but Finn isn’t a real person. He doesn’t have the ability to take actions that aren’t written for him as part of the storyline. This idea that he is going to do this or that in the future is completely absurd. Because again- not an actual person.

      • Julie says:

        Brody was the one who grabbed Finn first. Open your eyes.

        • Mas says:

          Grabbing is the same as punching now? Somebody better warn Rachel so she doesn’t accidentally grab him the wrong way one day.

          • Dexterized says:

            Apparently punching something is Finn’s “reflex”, according to his fans. Let’s hope Rachel doesn’t marry him to test those “reflexes” herself!

          • Jude says:

            you guys are aware this is a FICTIONAL television show right? these people and thier relationships aren’t real

          • Mandzie says:

            @Jude its true its not real, but there are people who really look up to Finchel as an idolized relationship. (Which hopefully most of them will grow out of at some point)

      • Harmony says:

        “So hot? really? Unecessary and unprovoked violence is hot? Wonder what will happen to Rachel the first time she really pisses Finn off.” I have been predicting Finn to get mad and hit Rachel for a while! He has a temper and can not be trusted. The only good that would come from that would be revisiting domestic violence, but I doubt Glee wants to go there again. I am seriously worried that he would do something like that. Especially after he kissed Emma because he thinks that all woman can be calmed down by a kiss and then beating the crap out of his ex’s boyfriend. He ought to be arrested for that.

  6. steve says:

    Oh God, I forgot everyone here is madly in love with Finn. He is the worst.

    • Jax says:

      I don’t love him at all. After this episode, I don’t even like him. He was really freaky this episode. Absolutely the worst.

    • Rita says:

      Yes, Finn is a well-loved character among those who can appreciate the real story that Glee is trying to tell. It’s unfortunate that you and your minions are unable to go beyond your hate for a fictional character and continue the hate mongering and character bashing. Get out and mingle with other people and learn how real people live and interact with one another.

    • xx says:

      Finn’s why I don’t watch Glee anymore. Maybe a little bit of Schuester, too. But Finn blows.

    • kavyn says:

      Finn is the absolute worst character, and it’s so annoying to watch him get praised every episode (not in the comments but on the actual show). Leading ND is just a stupid story line that they needed to keep him on the show.

      It’s especially infuriating when he genuinely insults people (eg. Calling Sue’s child the ‘R’ word) and getting praised for that by his fans. I mean, come on… I didn’t even hate him in the first 3 seasons, but in this season he is just a despicable person and just seems like he’s faking everything. Like he feels like he has no future in one episode and then takes complete control of New Directions in the next one.

  7. John K. says:

    I know these are just bullet points, but I’m shocked you didn’t mention the whole “Rachel isn’t pregnant” thing.

  8. Julia says:

    Finn more like the entire fandom! hahaha I just loved that fight scene. And now he’s in NY I hope he stays there! I can’t wait for 1)Finchel reunion and 2) Brody gone, now everyone find out (except Rachel) he’s not that fantastic person.

  9. Tom says:

    Heartbreaker was beyond horrible. At least let someone with talent sing it if you’re going to use it. D for that song.

  10. lalala says:

    I agree that glee should move away from the Mckinley plot. Since Santana’s move to new york, the NYC side has been refreshing. She adds a humour to the episode that is needed and her dynamic with Rachel and Kurt is gold. Sue vs Blaine was funny. I am only interested in the current senior class at Mckinley. The newbies stuff is very cliche. Could Marley be anymore annoying. I really want her to have some type of character flaw. No one is that nice and perfect (although I did like the scene with Finn).

    I wish Finn had a backbone against Mr. Shue. I like that Shue told Finn the truth, but there is so much that could be blaimed on Shue for the problems with Emma, like the fact he left her for his own selfish desire for self fulfillment.

    I am glad that Finn has found a direction to move towards. I wish Rachel and Kurt were in th episode more.

    • July says:

      Nope, Glee should have McKinley and NY. Otherwise what would be the point of calling Glee, Glee club is fun and the McKinley is fun. NY just became tolerable because some fans couldn’t stand Santana being out of the show so they brought her there.

    • Becca says:

      Did I miss something – Emma supported Will’s going to DC to help fight for funding for arts programs in schools – you know, like the GLEE club at McKinley. What the heck is selfish about wanting to help millions of kids across the country get desperately needed money for music programs?

    • FinchelForever says:

      I agree. The Mckinley side needs to go immediately.

    • Sara says:

      Will left for a job opportunity, and Emma passionately supported that. I don’t get how that makes Will selfish.

    • Esaul says:

      This is pretty late in the commenting…but I’m pretty sure bulimia’s a character flaw. Sure she’s not going through it now, but she did. I don’t think I’d call that perfect either.

  11. Mady says:

    Finn/Cory was amazing in the last scene. Definitely one of my favorite episodes this season. I can’t wait until Rachel finds out the truth, and hopefully Brody will be gone for good.

  12. Bobbie says:

    I hated every characters actions this episode. Mr. Schuester was whiny and being completly unreasonable–as if Emma called off the wedding because of Finn and their “kiss”, it was a multitiude of things, I didn’t get Mr. Schue’s behavior, he knows Finn doesn’t have feelings for Emma and he apologized. Like geez. Finn was too whiny too and the end “fight” scene with Brody was so unrelastic, breaking tables and knocking over furniture and no one is bleeding? Ok. Rachel’s character continues to deteriote every episode! The old Rcahel Berry would have gladly snooped with Santana about Brody. Speaking of Brody when is his last episode? I hate Marley and Jake together. I feel as if Ryder’s “catfish” buddy is Jake or Unique. The only mashup I liked was the NSYNC one and it was ruined by Schue acting like a silly schoolgirl in the end which confused me–didn’t before the music stopped he hugged and smiled at Finn? Then decides not to forgive him. Ok. Lastly, RIB where is Glee’s Mariah Carey tribute episode? It needs to happen.

    • July says:

      ooooooooh, we got a rebel here.

    • Becca says:

      You try being stood up at the altar by a runaway bride, and then go on and act reasonably. Maybe adult emotions are too complex for you?

      • Bobbie says:

        Lol. girl, bye. In the previous episode he “settled” things with Emma and they decided to start “over”. Mr. Schue was being unreasonable, as he had talked to Emma about the situation and should have been preparing to move on from the incident. But I guess since you’re so use to plot and character regression from Glee you have become immuned to it.

        • Becca says:

          Still very likely, and understandable, that residual feelings of being humiliated in front of friends and family when left at the altar, anger at the expense of the reception that didn’t really happen for the couple, having trust issues because of lies told by his first wife, and therefore when having trusted and supported someone who then turned around and kissed his bride-to-be, let all the complex feelings get the best of him.
          In a perfect world, maybe people don’t get jealous, move on from things instead of brooding about it for days on end, or lash out at someone they have to work with who kissed their bride, but that’s not realistic.

          Agree with & had to laugh at your last comment!

          • Para says:

            Shue Needs to be angry at some one, he is left at the alter in front of everyone after all.
            I agree with you

  13. Jessica says:

    Is anyone actually going to address the fact that Finn’s behavior is outrageous and borderline scary? He has a serious anger problem in that whenever he’s angry he physically lashes out. Kicking chairs, hitting people, and so on. That scene with Brody was so over the line. Punching Brody like that essentially unprovoked and then wailing on him? And how creepy was the “stay away from my future-wife” line. Seriously felt like I was watching a scene from a lifetime movie where the abusive ex-boyfriend is attacking the girl’s current guy. I would rather Rachel be with a whore than an angry, violent, and possessive Finn. In real life you’d be telling Rachel to runaway from Finn because he has potential abuser written all over him.

    • July says:

      It was just a desperate way to make people like him again for being such a douche in all seasons, which didn’t worked for me.

    • MTE says:

      All of this!!! I don’t even understand what this show was trying to do with and if they even pay any attention to the sort of message this kind of horrible relationship dynamic sends to the young, impressionable idiots who watch?

    • Amanda says:

      You are an idiot.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh, yeah…it’s ok for her manwhore boyfriend to put her health at jeopardy by sleeping with numerous women for money without her knowledge, but not ok for the ex (whom she shares an unbroken connection) to defend her honor. If Rachel were my daughter, I would do worse than knock him around a little and give him a black eye.

      • Dexterized says:

        “Defend her honor”, bitch please this ain’t the 60’s. Rachel can do that herself, she doesn’t need her creepy ex-boyfriend who insists she’s still his girlfriend to go and beat the sh*t out of that guy behind her back. And you should do some research about prostitutes, by the way.

      • AngieD says:

        Without Santana’s call, Finn would not have gone to NY nor tried to warn Brody away from Rachel. So, I wouldn’t call him a possessive psycho since he’s willing to let Rachel experience life, even if it meant her being with other guys. As her friend, he is entitled to warn Brody away from Rachel – just as Santana did. As for the fight, Finn was walking away when Brody grabbed him

      • kavyn says:

        1. Rachel and Finn aren’t connected anymore. Rachel moved on, and it’s pretty clear.

        2. You really need to be careful around people if you think that it’s okay for someone to beat someone else up unprovoked like that. Did you actually watch the scene? Finn came right out of no where and told Brody, someone who is currently in a relationship with Rachel, to “leave tonight and never see Rachel again”. When Brody said he didn’t want to (a completely natural response to a threat like that), Finn BEAT HIM UP and told him to “stay away from my future wife”. That is PSYCHOTIC.

        I’m not defending what Brody is doing at all, I think Rachel needs to kick him out of her life. But seriously Finn was WAY worse in this situation. Way, WAY worse.

    • Marco says:

      I was remembered of Tommy Wiseau in The Room. “You are my future wife Rachel I love you so much.”

    • whosays says:

      I didn’t take the scene literally. I thought it was just Ryan Murphy throwing the hungry Finchel fantards some bait. When Finn said “my future wife”, the Finchellites sent shockwaves throughout the world as they orgasmed in unison, flailing in ecstasy as they once again got their assurance that Finchel is endgame.

  14. Heather says:

    I love Lima and think NY is a bore most of the time with way too much drama (although Santana at least injects a little humor). This is a comedy, not a soap opera.

    I hope “Katie” is really Sandy Ryerson! ;)

  15. Aleb says:

    Finn is an emotionally abusive, possessive, and violent asshole. How can anyone even think for a second that his actions are romantic and Finchel4life? Oh right, you have to be 16 and own the entire white collection of Twilight.

    • Aaron says:

      How can you be so deluded? I mean really, are you even watching the same show?

      • may says:

        Dont waiste your time. They are trying REALLY HARD (the same ones) to find ways to hate on Finn, They dont care about Rachel or Santana´s effort to keep away Brody (the prostitute STD¨S carrier) from Rachel because in their deluded mind Rachel deserve Brody….yeah right

        • Lizzie says:

          I don’t have to try hard, he gives me plenty of reasons to dislike him. Cory himself is a doll. That being said it’s not that Rachel “deserves” Brody. It’s that Rachel is an adult. An adult who can make her own decisions. She does not need Finn or Santana coming in an making the decisions for her, that is creepy and wrong and agency stealing. This is not friendship. This is not romantic. Rachel already told Finn once she can make her own decisions. Santana could have provided inalienable truth about Brody to Rachel, and RACHEL could have decided to either ditch Brody or not. Santana should not have called in Finn. Finn should have not assaulted Brody. Neither of them should have done this behind her back. I get that it’s a TV show and this is something that is used to move the storyline/drama forward but in doing so, for me at least, it takes away some of the back bone that Rachel has grown. That I find upsetting. Santana I know at least came from a misguided place of love, while Finn comes off as extremely creepy and possessive. Rachel deserves someone who doesn’t lie to her like Brody, and doesn’t make decisions for her like Finn. But eh, this is Glee I don’t expect good story telling.. or well.. good anything anymore… :/

          • Lizzie says:

            And also.. honestly… Santana could have gone Lima Heights Adjacent on Brody without Finn’s help. C’mon.

    • Jessica says:

      Could not agree more. It is really sad and scary to see how many people “love Finn” after this episode. It seriously sickens me that young girls think that is a guy they’d want to be in a relationship with. I work with partner violent men and victims of partner violence(I have a masters in psycholog) and Finn has all the stereotypical behaviors I see every day. So so sad. I wish Glee would realize this or at least people in the media (looking at you Slezak) and comment on it.

      • Ana says:

        Perhaps you are over-thinking this. How many times has Finn raised his hand against Rachel? Because I cannot recall a single time. Santana tried to deal with the situation. Rachel threw her out and Brody ignored her. She wanted Brody gone and she needed someone to make that message clear to him. Finn went into that room to get Brody to leave. The man got caught red-handed and like the low life he is he asks Finn not to tell Rachel? Seriously? If Rachel was my sister I would not have been able to just walk away. But Finn did until Brody, still unrepentant, pulled him back. Finn reacted. As a psych major you should know that defending someone is not the same thing as being abusive. There is absolutely no merit to the accusation of Finn as a woman beater. There’s no evidence, no precedence and no substance to that charge. And I’m not saying this as a fan. I’ve never liked him. I think too many people here are projecting.

      • gabirol says:

        Of course Glee realizes it. They just present it in a way that splits the audience. It’s a thing they do.

    • Slate says:

      There can really be no other reason for someone to see that disgusting relationship, with Captain Freakshow Finn at the helm, as at all positive and desirable. Just awful.

  16. Steffi says:

    How To Be a Heartbreaker was the absolute worst, sorry. That scene couldn’t have been more off putting than it was. However, I’ll admit I would have liked it better if Cory Monteith would have had IWITW as a solo rather than having to duet with Schuester. In all honesty, the best part of this episode was seeing Finn take a stand and finally find his way. Brody needed to be taken down and I’m so glad Santana and Finn accomplished just that. I’m also intrigued to see who might be catfishing Ryder…my money is on Jake or Marley herself.

  17. Siren says:

    I totally loved Finn in this episode

  18. Lynn says:

    Where was Brittany in this episode?????

    • CultureVulture says:

      Okay I was seriously wondering the same thing the WHOLE TIME!! I was thinking did Brit and Sugar take a vacation together this week?!

    • Tutty says:

      I was wondering it too!!! no Glee episode is the same without Heather Morris/Brittany!!! :((((

  19. H says:

    Apparently the only way to make the audience prefer Finchel is to make Brody a giggolo. Hmm…Rachel, who would you choose? Creepy violent guy or walking STD magnet hooker.

  20. Mel31602 says:

    Maybe it’s bc it was the only song I knew, but i really enjoyed the NSYNC/BSB number. And i also thought Katie was Unique (if you look in last scene there is someone who could be her sitting on the other side of the library). If this is a cat fishing plot tho, I’m glad they are letting Blake Jenner show off his acting chops.

  21. vkaro21 says:

    team finn all the way and finchel too… I LOVE Santana in these episodes!

  22. Disgusted says:

    That was a truly awful episode, mostly because of Finn, Santana and Finn again.

  23. rowan says:

    I can’t wait to see more Kurt in the next episode! I’m honestly tired of the McKinley kids and hell, I LIKE Blaine…but give someone else a chance to shine! I did like Sue’s subtle dig at him about commitment (the break up, anyone?)

    Next week should be cracky and fun.

  24. Para says:

    Bye bye bye Brody!

  25. Finn rocks says:

    All these people are like, Finn is abusive. LOL Brody probably gave Rachel an STD that is so healthy right.

    • Idiot says:

      At least we know Brody washes his balls. And being a prostitute does not automatically make you disease ridden you ignorant twat. He probably takes better care of his health than you or Finn does.

      • FinchelForever says:

        Um, how do we know that? And yes, sleeping with so many people in short spans of time makes you more likely to carry an STD. He had no right to keep this from Rachel.

      • Inigo says:

        Actually, we know Finn does too ever since he got Emma’s pamphlet so…. Two potential boyfriends, both with clean balls and one’s a hooker. Tough choice.

  26. Horrible says:

    I can’t even judge Brody for what he was doing. We know nothing about his life or situation and this attempt by the show to just make us look at him and go ‘eww hooker’ and just judge him as an unworthy person despite how good he’s been otherwise, is really terrible and revolting in a lot of different ways. Lying to Rachel is really, really wrong, and that’s what I’m be upset about. But right now Finn and his disquieting possessiveness and unhinged, immature behavior, and Santana to a lesser degree, disgust me and came off far worse to me. If you have to go this to make Finn and Rachel a relationship worth rooting for, and still fail so abysmally… just give up.

    • broncfanwa says:

      Yeah, i can judge Brody. not necessarily for the “escort” job, but for the lying about it. if you’re doing something that you aren’t willing to own, that’s something you need to seriously think about. if you profess to love someone, but you won’t tell the truth about what you do when you’re not with her, there’s something wrong with A) your love, B) your job, C) you or D) all of the above. maybe, in some twisted reality, “escorting” is the only way he could make tuition (nobody waits tables anymore?) but if he’s gonna lie about it, he’s gonna get judged.

      Not that Finn was 100% right, either. I hope Finchel can find happiness together, but they both have to mature a lot first.

  27. A says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of this line –> “Stay away from my future wife.” WTF? (umm, creep much Finn?).
    I love how protective Santana has become of Rachel and Kurt. It really shows how far their friendship has grown. LMAO best line: “My breasts ache with rage.” AHAHA
    This was the first episode in a while where I wasn’t annoyed/too bored with the Newbies.
    And I actually enjoyed most of the songs in this episode.
    Side note: I hope they let Santana sing Can’t Fight the Moonlight with her new Coyote Ugly job!

    • Lyndsi says:

      The line you referred to “Stay away from my future wife” was in relation to the scene between Rachel and Finn in the wedding episode where he said to Rachel “we both know where this relationship is going to end up” I paraphrased it but mainly he said he knows they were going to be together again. He wasn’t being a creep, it was the writers way of reminding us of that scene.

      • A says:

        Yes, I do remember that scene and I knew where the line was coming from but nevertheless I still found it creepy the way he said it. They’ve been broken up for a while and yes I know he still loves her but him saying “my future wife” like that was just creepy and awkward. She’s not even his girlfriend at the moment. If he said, “Stay away from her” or “Stay away from Rachel” I think that would have been better. “Stay away from ‘my future way'” came across to me as very possessive and weird.

  28. Debra says:

    All of you screaming ‘Finn is abusive’ must have never been in an abusive relationship. Finn has never once been that way with Rachel in any way shape or form but because he hits a guy that lied to Rachel about what he was and put her at risk for STD’s, he a violent and abusive bully. I wonder how any of you would have liked the scene if it had been Jesse, Quinn or Puck that confronted him instead of Finn. Every last one of you are hypocrites.

    • may says:

      SO AGREED with you.

    • Amy says:

      And what happens if one day he does get angry enough at Rachel? He has anger problems always has eventually when you get older you don’t answer problems with your fist.

      • xxxx says:

        Do you realize this is a TV Show? There isnt a ” if one day” all the story are written by a group of man who want Finn and Rachel have an epic love story is not their problem if you can realize this is a fictional relationship.

    • MF says:

      they just hate Finn for existing! no matter how many great things he does

    • A says:

      I don’t think he’s abusive, however, the way he told him to stay away from his “future wife” was creepy and weird.

    • Dexterized says:

      Jesse, Quinn nor Puck have anger issues. They would talk like normal human beings instead of punching someone because they held them by the coat, lmao. None of the three are enraged wild animals that have no control over their impulses.

      • Inigo says:

        Yeah, because smashing eggs on somebody’s head, slapping somebody because you lost your chance at being prom queen and pulling a knife is something wild animals would never do.

        • Ross says:

          This. What even? I found his line a bit possessive, but everyone crying that he’s going to go all slasher on Rachel is a bit ridiculous. He’s never shown any signs of aggression towards her. In fact a lot of people point out that one of the flaws in their relationship is his tendency to walk away when things escalate without communicating with her.

  29. Jess says:

    That we take a moment to reflect on how this show has turned their main character into a pathetic little girl who needs her friends and ex to make all the decisions for her.

    • Inigo says:

      You know what. I think that’s rather the point. Rachel is a pathetic little girl right now. She has been for a while. And that happens. Rachel is as lost as Finn, just in a different way. If people weren’t so obsessed with the idea that every character must have full agency at every moment of their lives, they might see the story that’s actually being told.

  30. Para says:

    Question to all the Finn haters: Would you really not punch Brody if you found out the ‘boyfriend’ of your high school sweetheart who you still deeply love is an escort? I would, I would because He is putting my true love in unbelievably high danger. Finn, no matter how immature he is, knows he loves her more than anything. I would punch the guy if I ever loved the girl. I really really would.

  31. Terri says:

    Very good episode for most characters. The mash ups were great, but the BSB/NSYNC was sublime! Second favorite was Ryder/Unique.
    Yeah, false alarm, Thank you RIB…no teenage Mama Rachel.
    Finn…You are finally growing up. Usually Glee never has Finn’s punches land….I am soooo happy they did this time. I can’t possibly imagine what it was like to film that scene, but the guys did great. Maybe a little over the top with the “future wife” line, but whatever…I loved Finn punching the lights out of Brody and we all know that he sees Rachel as his future!
    I did kind of (very small ) feel sorry for Brody when he was taking the money from the lady,(that’s the most emotion the character has shown all season) but whatever. To do that and have a girlfriend that he sleeps with and not be truthful, what an a**hole.

  32. mili says:

    Finn is such a sweetheart. he was defending his girl of that stupid asshole! i will be team finn and finchel all the way!

  33. Para says:

    By the way, Does anyone think Kate Hudson paid Brody when She slept with him to spite Rachel?

  34. Sean C. says:

    Wow, that “future wife” line was incredibly creepy. And the show’s sexism shines through once again, as we get Santana, instead of just, I don’t know, getting proof for Rachel so that she can make her own damn decisions, she calls Rachel’s big strong man (even if the foolish woman doesn’t acknowledge it) to fly hundreds of miles to beat up Brody. I’m sure we’re supposed to think Finn is a big hero, and that was a huge romantic gesture.

    • Lizzie says:

      Honestly I really believe that Santana could have taken Brody out on her own. She didn’t really need Finn. I do agree that she should have gotten proof so Rachel could make her own decision.

  35. Lainey says:

    Holy crap Finn is a freaking psychotic stalker. Are you kidding me Glee?!!! Get a restraining order Rachel. Maybe change your name. Holy crud, this show jumped over so many sharks today.

  36. Rachel says:

    I swear to god. Some of you people need to just stop. These comments get more and more ridiculous. It’s called bias. Everyone is using it here.

  37. Finn rocks says:

    BTW Brody was never going to confess. Hence why he begged Santana and Finn not to tell Rachel. The guy is a straight up tool

  38. Eileen says:

    I weep for humanity at the people who are defending Brody. Really people take a good look at yourselves and ask yourself if you would be okay with a guy lying to your sister, best friend, ex girlfriend, first love….whatever. He is a male prostitute and has slept with several women while sleeping with Rachel. Really think about that.

    • Julie says:

      This. There are no excuses for Brody. Go out and get a real respectable job like everyone else who struggles to pay for school. Take out a loan. Figure something out. He’s a liar and a tool and I never want to see his face again after 4×17.

    • Sean C. says:

      Rachel had already said it was okay to have an “open relationship”, so merely sleeping with other women wouldn’t have been an issue. He was being dishonest about his job, and should have been called out on that. But that doesn’t give the creepy, possessive Finn license to beat him up to prove his manly dominance and assert his claim to Rachel.

      • Ana says:

        Good lord! Since when is having an open relationship a license to get paid to have sex with multiple partners. There’s a name for that: prostitution. And it is illegal.

    • Paul says:

      I’m not defending Brody. I think what he did to Rachel was terrible. It still doesn’t excuse Finn’s actions.

  39. Hannah says:

    Loved the Finn and Santana stuff. I just want Brody OFF MY TV. This season is so disappointing.

  40. Jump the Shark says:

    i hope they’ll cancel the graduates stories. this is Glee, not “college kid drama”. I’m starting to wonder if the show jumped the shark when it took focus off the Glee kids.

  41. FinchelForever says:

    I love Finn so much. Thank god Brody is gone after next week. I may not necessarily have loved the “Stay away from my future wife” line, but the entire Finn/Brody confrontation was entertaining.

  42. Bryan says:

    Please people, I say good job Finn. Brody was a jerk you could tell from the very start. Finn cares about Rachel hence why he traveled to defend her from a guy that was perfectly happy lying to her.

  43. suckit says:

    Lea called Finn Rachel’s knight in shining armor. You are all irrelevant.

  44. April says:

    Ugh. Finn is the worst.

  45. Melinda says:

    Take this show off the air. Despicable writing.

  46. Jennifer says:

    Finn shows how you can mess with him, mess with his life, make fun of him, whatever…BUT don’t mess with Rachel Berry. I was disappointed at Will’s lack of maturity shown here. Maybe the story will prove he did it on purpose to “set him free” but it still is disappointing. Amazingly, this season the fight scenes on Glee have been fantastic. Finn/Will (although disturbing) and Ryder and Jake in Dynamic Duets were very realistically portrayed. Brody should have just let Finn leave. He got his a*s kicked Finn style and Finn rarely loses it so completely. Yes, Lea, Rachel’s knight in shining armor did indeed show up.

    • Sara says:

      I’m pretty sure the Will/Finn “fight” was a fantasy sequence. That and the subsequent hug were in the characters’ heads.

  47. Aaron says:

    Finn remains the best part of this show. His character growth is unmatched (though Santana is finally getting close…) and he has the biggest heart of anyone on the show. Let’s not forget that he attempted to talk things out with Schue rather than going through with the “duel” and he also tried to walk away from Brody. In both instances, Finn took the high road. There are less intelligent portions of this fandom that rag on him no matter what he does. Those portions are best ignored, if you ask me. They twist every scene to fit their own agendas. Ignore them.

  48. Mis says:

    Finn was awful. He and Santana’s ridiculousness ended up making me somewhat more sympathetic toward Brody. And yeah I agree that Rachel should really look into getting a restraining order against Finn the psycho. Also, way to go Glee. You took Rachel’s story and made it about everyone but her.

  49. Daniel says:

    As far as I’m aware, Glee is just a TV show and all this ‘abusive’ chatter is ridiculous. Men fight and it’s not often pretty… I don’t remember there being any uproar/abusive talk when Quinn hit Rachel, or when Santana and Quinn fought, or when Puck and Finn fought, and the list goes on… Anyhow, I’m primarily a fan of Cory Monteith, and man oh man, he did a fine job tonight. he really makes Glee for me.

    • Dexterized says:

      Uh. Quinn is not dating Rachel. Santana is not dating Quinn. And Puck is not dating Finn either. Of course you wouldn’t know the difference between the scenes. Finn has a bad temper. He acts aggressively over ANYTHING, kicks objects and loses it. He’s possessive towards Rachel even though she dumped him. “We’re endgame”. “You’re still my girlfriend”. “Stay away from my future wife”. Sorry, but possessiveness mixed with violence is not exactly the ingredient of the perfect boyfriend or husband. If you think that the guy who almost pushed a girl out of her wheelchair doesn’t have the gut to beat his own wife then I’m sorry for you – but this is an wife-beater or abusive husband on the making.

      • Inigo says:

        Finn wasn’t dating Puck. Finn wasn’t dating Quinn. Finn wasn’t dating Brody. Those are the three occasions when Finn resorted to physical action that I can recall. As for “over ANYTHING.” You really think 1) being betrayed and duped into responsibility for a child by his girlfriend and his best friend 2) being gulled by that same now ex girlfriend to abandon his current girlfriend to help the former manipulate people by playing at being a cripple to become prom queen (his perception – he only saw her standing up) and 3) discovering the love of his life is shacked up with a prostitute who is lying to her is appropriately described as just “anything?” If “anything,” his outbursts have had much stronger reasons than say not being elected prom queen (Quinn slapping Rachel) or not wanting someone to poop in your bathroom (Rachel throwing a hair brush). Puck, Quinn and Santana and others have all had violent outbursts. Have you described them as having bad tempers or as spouse-beaters or abusive partners in the making? I seriously doubt it.

        • Paul says:

          Except Finn is the only one whose violence the show continually presents as ‘right’ and justified by ‘love’.

          Quinn slapping Rachel was a serious loss of control (also not just about losing Prom Queen) and she apologised immediately afterwards. Rachel throwing her hairbrush was indicative of the pressure and larger issues showing they weren’t ready for marriage.

          Finn attacks Jesse at Prom because Rachel dares to have fun with a guy who isn’t him and then Finn gives Brody a beating because he touched him on the shoulder and it’s okay because he loves Rachel even though both times they aren’t together? No, it’s possessive and creepy.

          • Inigo says:

            How is it presented as right? Understandable? For many, yes, but understanding a character’s motivation is not the same as condoning it. Right? No. There was nothing right about Finn lashing out at Brody “because he touched him on the shoulder” (in fact, Brody grabbed Finn by the jacket and pulled him back but I’m tired of expecting people to use what’s actually on screen when it comes to Finn). Finn had a loss of control in an episode where he was subjected to pressure and larger issues. If that makes Finn abusive, then Quinn, Rachel and the others are no less so.

    • Paul says:

      Context is key. In none of the examples you listed does the narrative portray the person who instigated the violence as in the right. Plus Finn put Brody through a table, this wasn’t some minor scuffle this was serious criminal battery.

  50. amg says:

    Loved Finn in every part of tonights episode. The “abusive” comments are over the top. Sticking up for someone you love is not abusive. I have not watched much of season 4 ( watched all of 1-3), have never seen Finn be abusive to Rachel. A immature teenage boy, yes. Abusive, no. BTW Cory Monteith was awesome!

    • Marco says:

      He didn’t stand up for someone you love. He was reclaiming his thing (note how he didn’t say ‘Rachel’ but a Tommy Wiseau-esque ‘MY future wife’). Brody might be a prostitute and hasn’t told Rachel out of shame or w/e, but Finn and Santana were AWFUL people in this episode. Santana has been since she showed up last episode. Rummaging through her friends’ stuff, trying to hurt their new significant others with mentions of their former ones (especially undobtedly emotionally abusive asshat Blaine), then launching into a shaming AT THE PERSON’S PLACE OF WORK, not to mention CALLING SOMEONE TO BEAT UP ON SAID PERSON… WTF Santana.